The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 04, 1913, Image 2

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Yes Sir!
We have a hat that will please
You, because our stock is so well as
sorted now that we are almost sure
to have exactly what you want in a
hat that will fit your head, harmonize
with your clothes, and at a price that
will please you.
Our fall stock is now complete.
Come and make your selection now
It's the best time.
You and Big Values are good
friends. So you and this Store
ought to be good friends.
Prices $2.0Q to $5.00
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
Unsurpassed Exhibit
At The Fair Grounds
fllif flimes-Mrrafd
1 at (cry, plead guilty and was
fined $75 and costs.
Very few eases have been dis
posed of iinally during the week,
although several have been up
for consideration. The following
have been settled:
2.oo Frank Clark vs. Frank Matney
1.00 i Recovery of personal property.
78 ! Settled and dismissed. This is a
dispute over the ownership of n
v I horse that has been in the courts
I a , a f 1 1 . a . .1 . . I 4 U M.k.i b . .
AJ el C-II- aL -- '" I'"-" Mi iiut-e yvnrti
naveuiici jciib viicopci
Oa. Ymt
Six Moat
Tar. Month.
The far sighted merchant is
not so much concerned in get
ting big profits on individual
sales as in getting a big vol
ume of business at reasonable
net profit. He realizes that if
he is to reach out and get and
hold business he must get the
volume of business so he can
sell on a smaller margin.
The larger the volume of
business the more the selling
cost is reduced, because every
concern could do far more busi
ness than they do with the
same selling force. Salesmen s
salaries and other expenses do
not materially increase as the
sales increase. It is realty
astonishing to know how the
selling cost diminishes as the
sales increase. One business
man who had watched the ef
fect of his advertising upon his
business for a number of years
said his advertising increased
the sales to such an extent his
selling cost was reduced to
one-fourth of what it was be
fore, and after adding the cost
of advertising his selling cost
was still less than one-half the
previous selling cost. This is
the experience of every mer
chant who has advertised his
business as it should be adver
tised. The merchant who increases
his sales and the volume of his
business buys more goods sod
in bigger quantities than the
smaller merchant and thus gets
a bigger discount. The pro
ducer can manufacture cheap
er if he manufactures in big
ger quantities. He is thus
enabling the manufacturer to
manufacture in bigger quanti
Now doesn't it stand to rea
son that the man who through
judicions advertising sells more
goods, buys his goods at a
bigger discount, and reduces
his Belling cost one-half could
sell cheaper than the man who
never advertises. He can and
Via Iiviu
v J
Tillson Harrison vs. J. C. Cle
; mens Recovery of personal pro
perty. Settled and dismissed
A. O. Faulkner vs Emory Cole,
let al Attachment. Settled and
C. H. Leonard vs Geo. Marshall
and ('. H. Leonard vs Carl Cox
let al Attachments. Both set
tled and dismissed.
J. C. Welcome Jr., vs Tillson
Harrison Attachment. Settled
and dismissed.
Jay Jenkins vs. S. F. Jenkins
Injunction. Judgment and de
cree on supreme court mandate.
Oliver Cobb vs. Lena J. Cobb
Divorce. Decree for plaintiff.
I. L. Sleeper vs. A. F. Jack
son. Dismissed on stipulation.
Nellie Shafer vs. E. A. Shafer
Divorce. Default of defen
dant and refered to official ste
nographer to take testimony.
Teachers' Institute Oct. 9.
Supt. Hamilton has announced
the annual institue of the teach
ers of Harney county will be
held in this city on Oct. 9 and 10.
He has securen the services of
State Supt. Churchill. Prof.
1'ittman of the state normal, and
Miss Ruby Shearer of Portland
Iftl instructors.
The programs will be most in-
teresting and both day and night
j sessions will be held. The music
for the institute is being arrang
ed by Mrs. J. L. Gault.
A general invitation is extend
ed to the public to attend the
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ench afternoon, in which the
Indians have taken a prominent
parti has amused the crowd.
Fortunately I lie weather has been
fine and those who attended have
not been annoyed by blustry
winds or cold went1, or. Had
then beeii any effort made by
the business men of Hums to
provide a big program of sports
in time to advertise it there
would have been a hig crowd
pn flit. We have the material
and opportunity of having just
us good or I 'Iter fairs in Harney
county us any other section of
Eastern Oregon and it could he
accomplished with the proper
energy and public spirit shown
by the people. Next year we
must prepare for the Panama
Pacific Fair at San Francisco
and Harney county must be re
presented in a manner that will
attract attention. To do this
properly it Will require the co
operation of every public spirited
citizen in the county. Steps must
he taken early to gather an ex
hibit from every section and at a
time that the products are right
forgathering. We should show
every resource we have and thus
it will be seen that all must
work energetically.
The award of exhibits were
made yesterday afternoon but
we haven't space to give the
awards in full in this issue. Dan
Varicn captured tin- Hill cup,
making three of them he has won
;it county lairs for the best
general exhibit; I. S. (Jeer was
awarded second plane in this re-
speet Mr. Gear also received
the fanning mill given by the
().- W. K. vV N. CO, for the best
exhibit of wheat. The harrow
given by the same company for
the best alfalfa was won by
Ralph Hibbard and the plow by
Dan Varies.
The amusement program of
yesterday afternoon was oi Mil
the most interesting oi' the w ek,
although others have been k xl.
Ihe Indian war nance WSJ DOtv
poned until yesterday for the
benefit of the school children,
and while there were but three
wariors who took part in costi.rne,
it w;is a real wsrdsnes; the doll
buggy parade was a very at- j
tractive feature and would have
Harry E. Thompson
Passed Away Thursday
Harry B. Thompson, who had
bten suffering from cancer, and
hud undergone two Operations in
the hopo of saving his life, died
at tho fnmily home in this city
early Thursday morning. His
condition has been serious for
Beveral weeks and his family and
friends realized the end was
only a matter of a little time.
Mr. Thompson has long been
identified with the business in
terests of Hums for many years
and up to a few years ago was
one of the most prominent and
successful business men in this
portion of the country. He was
progressive and public spirited,
always lending his energies and
business judgment tOSSy enter
prise that would benefit the city
or community Of late years he
had not engaged actively in busi
ness, having disposed of his
mercantile interests, and was
employed in the N. Brown &
Sons store until his health failed
to such extent that he was inca
Henry Edward Thompson was
horn at Thompson's Landing in
Linn county, Oregon, Oct. 2i,
1858. In his early life he came
east of the Cascade mountains
and engaged in business at Mit
chell removing to Prineville about
1874, later coming to Drewsey
where he conducted a very suc
cessful mercantile business, being
associated with the late Abner
Robbins. He removed to Hums
in 1HJK) where the same firm es
tablished a general merchandise
store which was later sold to ,1.
I Durkheimer. Mr. Thompson
then associated himself with I. S.
(ieerin the hardware business,
selling his interest later to ('.
Cummins. He then put in a line
' . . i .,..., ,.,t. ...... ...... ...... ii.. .......
"i . ui mnuiiiK.-. .urn veoi
inty business with It. A. Miller
that firm closing out its bsSMMM
alter a few years.
I let-eased was married to Miss
Funic K. Robertson at Drewsey
00 Sept. 16) 1880 and two child
ren were born, Joseph and Leona,
both of whom, with the widow,
survive him and reside in this
city. He is also survived by one
brother, J. W. Thompson, who
also resides here.
Mr. Thompson affiliated with
the Masonic. Odd Fellow.-, and
Knight of Pythias fraternities
In I lie Circuit Cmir! nl Hit' Kl nli ui I lie-
cull Im llii in v I 'mini y.
.i , K W.lkii, I'lnlnliff,
Osrl W. Willei. Ii.l. mlioil.
'I'n i '.ii i w. Ui-ikn, iiir abort named
ilelrnilioil ; I n I In- iiniiir uf I ht SlnO nl
in nir luti'liv tiillili'fl lu lip
itill lonl illlmn r In I Im ti.iii il 1 1 ol lllril
iivo i 0Kt ynn in I lir uliiiv.i nil illi'il .nil,
mi in before Ihe last day oftas limr
prescribed in ill ilei ol i lie publication
ui I III-. HIIIIIIIII.IIH, iliwil, llll ill flllillll till'
i ."ah iinv of November. IBIS, wml date
betas ttli I'tpii ulitin of sil crk front
iiir Mini publication ol this summons,
nml If mi nil in answer, for want there-
i.l, I ' 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 will ;iiil In tin (null fin
(In- H-tiri ill iiimiiirii iii tin' complaint.
In-M II ,
I'm a decree oi iiiin Courl dissolving
the bonds of matrimony now existing
between Plaintiff and Defendant, aad
thnl I'lninlilt luivr ii ilrrnv ofdivOfOS
absolute from the DeSrndant;
Thai I'liiiniitl in. vi- the care, custody
..nil eontrol ol Catherine Caroline, the
iiiiiiur child of Plaintiff and Defendant!
That Plalatld have hMtgroeni against
the Denradanl for bet costs sad li
bufssmants hereiai
I'm hiit-li othei Mini llll I llll K-litl'flM to
- 1 1 1 1 1 v in. n icrtiiiii. Thin eummons i
pni.lisiii il by order ol' Hon Dalton
Hkk ' i" "ii ludge o( iiir Oth Judicial
I ist in-!, made aad entered on Ihe 4th
day oi October, 101 I, and the .lute of
tilt IiihI publication nl Ibis huiiiiiiiiii
il I 1,-Ii.Ik I llll, I'll.)
M. A. Uir.i.H,
Attorney fbi Plaintiff'
School Suits for B
At Greatly
RANGE Of AGES 5 to 15 YE A
. We are over stocked on the above
sizes and offer any suit in this
lot at a very low price
$2.50 and up for the entire I
The Quality Store 1
in tin' t Hi-nil Court ui (In- State i
inn Im lilt- ( mini v nl llnrilrv.
Klitiilu M array. Plaintiff,
Thomas Cecil Morray, Defendant
To Tlioinia Cecil Hurray, I uliiiiliint:
in tli" name of the State ol Ongeai
Vuii nir litii-liy itijinrril in nppcitr ill
iin' above entitled Court mi nr Uifurc
Monday the sixth dav ol Octobei IBIS
ami answer the complaint ilh-ii nMimi
von hi the above satitled cavsc, mul it
vuu fail to so appear aad answer alts
in the said tlnie, for anl thereof the
pl.lntii) will apply to the above entitled
finiit im the oiiii demanded In he
complainl . to aril!
I'm a decree absoluty divorcing the
pin i ni iii from mi ami forever ilt.imivit.u
i hr bonds "i " iiiiiiiniiv heretofore aad
nnw existing bet wean you aad tin plain
mi and im a iudgsseal im bet c i mnl
dlvbursemcnl hefda.
cuinmoos 11 set ved upon you hr
publishing tin- same once week for i
i-'iiim-i utive ereelts in tlir Timee llnalil a
evaeklv newepapei oi genera elrcalatloa
in Harney County. Ktata oi Oregon.
piiixniiiit in an ni llmi. iiinni
I lli'llipwntl, I 'nllllt V llil:
ni Harney. State ol Oi ', made and
entered on the Iflth daj ! Autuel ISIS
rhc date of the first publication ol this
amnions heine; Aaicusl '.' , ISlSand the
I. ni publi. sliii i i" in ' ' tobi i Iii. 1018.
A i ni in . for i he Plaintlfl
Don't misa the picture pro
KramH at Tonawama.
l' NIT Kit SlsUsl.4M.On It R,
HuruN, ori'Ktiti. Ksptnnhrr W, 111 1 f lirl) Klvrn Ihst J Mix. n(
Hums, OfMOM, WhO, OK Msf I, l'l.'. nHlr
M.MiHat.a.l Bntl7, St BfsOtl, for K'kW1 r
llfli 2 li.Hiialilp .' K . RlDM M Y. , WillatUrtfs
MurldUn, list flMd nntli r ul i u (fiit i. n in ii skf
fltiNl i 'xiiim ulMtlnlt I'riNif In I'S'sl'lt'ti U I hi in
tin- lai,. Ml.nv tra rltlMl I -rlor Kr-)(lt . r a nt
H Ii-f, hI llnrna, r''K"ii, nit llii- loth day of
NovvmlM t I ill
(IslltMUil hfmMM ' illM'MBt-B '
iill.rM Uisld. UOB I'- alliann. H ;,rf,- W :
Hi:, r, u illintii T. Mmt, all ui Htlina. i)rtaoii.
WW Pauhk. Hfflstir
l 'siikij ITAT0I LAWB OFftOI
lltirlll, Oftnjtllrpit.tilM r IT, ll
Nut I ci- is In i-b sIvFit that OtlO N)ilfniii. 0
I ruin' on, urtit" i. Wlio nn M I, l'sw, Mtl'I
hatl more rompotitors had th.-ttnu in'' IUI,(,,:" W!'s conaucttxi
ssthsr psmlttsi Six little ! ytt-rIsv I.y tho Masonic body
girls were out with their .IoIIh from rsslttSOOS, int.rm.-nt
and tin- prlSM were gifts W BMOsS is tBS saSSOBk OSR)s
Kathrlna Fair,' Mildrad Daltun tsiy, the funeral beinK intended
and Doris Sallle. by a large number of friends of
The reh.v rare between l,iKh' the fa,nilv
schoolboys and Indians was won1 Although not an old man in
by the high school team. This I yeirs, Harry Thompson had been
was an exciting contest at first iuite a useful and enterprising
as the Indians started ofT in the ' (,'tiz,, w,1 "" the confidence of
Lad Inn on the back stretch of ; th' P " Os an extent that
the track the KhOOl boys game.) ,H' WM accrdeil uniVSTSSl !
a lead thai the red men could s,"','t a,1,1 ,,is bosJBSSI judgment
not oveiconie. I was sought by many young men.
This alWDOOn does not pro- The influence of hishusin.-.s
BUSS from the weather tracer will M felt lor mum
standpoint but a good program !y,arH ' tl,iH community. Hun
has been arranged with a horse l'ls of our citizens extend .hep
race, wild horse race for which Sympathy to the bereaved family.
they have nine ,vild horses and
mules; three bulls to ride and a
foot nice or two.
Circuit Court.
An adjourned term of circuit
court has been in session during
the week with Judge Dalton
Biggs on the bench. Diet Atty.
Brooke has been attending the
grand jury sessions during the
week and that body will make its
final report to the court today.
But one new indictment had
been turned in or made of record
up to this morning by the pre
sent grand jury, that of the
state vs. William George, charg
ing him with larceny. He enter
ed a plea of not guilty and his
trial was set to follow state vs
Bunyard ras3s already set for
John Hobs, who was indicted
before on a charge of assault and
Elliott Wedded on Stage
The Klamath Herald reports
the marriage of Miss Vesta
Hunsaker of that city and Edson
Elliott on the stage at the Etna
Mills opera house on Saturday of
last week. The bride is a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hun
acker of Klamath Falls and has
resided there nearly all her life.
Mr. Elliott is a part owner of the
Foster-Elliott Stock Company
which was recently in Lakeview,
and is well known here, having
visited the town upon numerous
occasions while with the Margaret
lies Dramatic Co. It is stated
that the theater was crowded to
its capacity on the evening of
the wedding. Lakeview Examiner.
A Marvelout Eicapa.
"My little boy had a marvelous
escape," writes P. F. Bastiams
of I'rince Albert, Cape of Good
Hope. "It oc. urel in the middle
of the night. He got a very se
vere attack of croup. As luck
would have it, I had a large bottle
of Chamberlain'B Cough Remedy
in the house. After following
the directions for an hour and
twenty minutes he was through
all danger. ' ' Sold by all dealers.
This weather reminds one that
winter is approaching.
Mrs. C A. Harlan and little
son are in from the homestead.
Al Welcome and wife expect
to go over to Juntura this after
noon. Mrs. Qso. Cobb and daughter.
Miss Hazel, were up from their
home yesterday.
(J. W. Clevenger and W. Y.
King are in the mountains deer
hunting this week.
Tim Blue Mt Eagle says the
country newspaper is the great
est of all t rusts. It trusts every
body. One of those popular Indian
pictures on the program at Tona
wama tonight Usual program
tomorrow night.
F. It. Mrisley, representing the
Acme painty enamels, stainsand
varnishes, v. as here this week.
He arranged with the Burns
Hardware Company to handle
his line.
The family of the late Harry
Thompson desire to extend their
sincere thsnkl to the many kind
friends who showed their high
regard and esteem of their de
I by their acts and sympa
thy. See Hissner before you place
"OUT winter order Get prices
on Crocerii ... Furniture, Rugs,
Hetis, Bedding, Linoliuro, Roof
ing i'aper, etc. He buyH for you
at wholesale prices, adding a
small charge for his commission.
Hissner Purchasing Co., Burns,
In a. m. Sunday School. Join
our rapidly growing Sunday
11 a. m. worship and preach
ing 7:30 evening service.
They Malta You Good.
The pleasant purgative effect
produced by Chamberlain's Tab
lets and the healthy condition of
body antl mind which they create
make one feel joyful. For sale
by all dealers.
Appointment of Kircutor.
i n the inatlar t t ba etata ol
mat i Rna. Ii. ill i ss e
Noilas is ! ii' v kI '! i tint iha Badef
vtgaed wiii iiiii. iiiiuifii"! by ibsGooa
ty Court nl tliitiii v ( nunit .Ii,'iii, mi
i'iit. iii, isia, tin- .i'i iitur iii ii,.. last
will mnl ti'-t urn i.i .mil ni iha aetata ol
Siiiiiiiii Itoaeli, deceased sad liuiiiali
Hiil .mi poraons bavins etalass afjstaai
said "lain mi required in prsssal than
mill propst vouchees within u months
from data oj this uotlci, in thaonder
"lniil at Iii- if till-in . iii Silvias Y..llry.
rsf at t lio nlllr ill liU attnriiiiy, li, A.
iii'iiii.iM, ui Boras, Orssmn.
I iii'l Him 15th. iinv nl September IIU.'I
WALTER i Rsaeator.
Usivsa -!. i ipnOrni T .
Beret, nraguii, i i -. , ... . i; idii.
in ki.vii ihai , lirl, Brekana,
nl Inn, 1 1. .ii On mm ii i. i, . I, ,mi
mailii i...
. ami u ',V1 i, in -j - itii.-. i . iiuin,.tt,i Mrri
fat. i. ni ii 1., urn.,.
II i On . lalabltab rialm In
ii 1. 1 i, i ui...t.- .i, . ni.,. i. Ik fnre KaaUtai end
l..',ltl'l Hi IIIIMI,. On'K,., ,.. 11.,. '.l,. ,H) i.l i :
i it i in Hut namaf n, vlteeeei
III. linr-l i. ItHllir,. til Vavarll ami
I li'iltm. I . II. ,1,, Inim.-. A.niKlruiiK hm.I t.ll.i ,iti ,11 nl I'riiitrt.iit. Oregon
x ln, ReglsSH
1 MTstli ftTATBti 1.4 HI UlTKst f
ItiintH. OfftgOII I'li-mU r ig, ifu (
Not Irs is hrb) itu-i Ib-vl JinM s .i en sen.
.il ltltia!.l. , tHrgon, U It... ii n .ii l.i. r ln
mails ItsaMH Isinl Knlrv No. QsVOst, fur Nl niluo I, I" I. liii- :i I , IUhk- M K Mttl'Msti, tins lllr.l BOllC) o(
itit.'iiti.iii to uu.k" rtusi proof, m ooUbllah
'Islm t.iiltp laiiil ftbOYS d btfoft Ui'g It.-.'fl v.-r, nt Hun. a, dn-ynii. on the
mi is .! October, il
i Uimnlit llssBM ns WIlNtNtrM
Imm iriisM'ii mud Tol Btowixrt botbnf Hun
tnini. "Mi ,ii Jdlm P. an. I (lirlsluiii
tifull I. Mill nl Id wisMr. (Ill's;. ill
V r'AM.t MrglUt. r
,1 v ml (",.11 II I V h l,,,, lie 1110, r'nfrl( .1) . Ill Mill II' lis I
uxniui uiii j. (,,. n.r VA-, w i I
M . ' . I ftl'd t. HW'.V ' , SH', ', KrMOtl I ToWDSblp r7M, ltai.Kaj
I , Ilintiii'Mf, tlAS filfl liuM.i-..!
llii. . i .... lo mske filial A TO 70. 1 )'( Iom
IftbMlh i lain. I.. Hie IsikI ntriivr dsocribOt. 10
l..f.-llii K.Klal.t niiI (r- .i.( nl Hur-a "f.
i ..M 'tiP .'.'ll'l m ..I H. .'tul. i i-i ;
i IsJmOllI DIPSIM tlti. ea. a
111. una r ll.aly, Krl J. W . Iluist n.atu.
Thorn m h sirvsns stct vs I lllmtn W Hblna silo
ItIih rl.m, Dri'sfiiti
W m. I assr. Kfflsicr
'. i, . r S,, 1 I'.uriia -rrlai N. Ol.'So.
Dims BTATSS 1..SI. ol'H. I
Hum,. OsssjBa. Issassabai .'ii'i. mi'i
Nnllrr II tirirtil.y nlvpn IliHt NhiiiiiI .'. H(n
rt-r. i. .11 n i.i i -I. u oi iiu. aetata "t ' Bsanloe
iliv. iif ' K Mmiiinii, a urn nr, iii Pari
i ...!.. i i . H.i.u.n. tl tli.. in. in rai-l. Wiii.u
null. Una. I'm. lau. I, OrafM. I.aa Mil- 'n.l .la.
otnpiHiiilr, ISIS, ftle.1 In 11.1,'iitit.- I,cr ,.
Sllrai Inn in anlart u.iilwr ttir. pro. laltma ... il.t
i l "I i ..iniraaa. H.i.ruv.'. K...ruair II I'M
I'aMIr ..; Iota I h.i.I I.. --. I T. '.
Mnulti It tlu I Hal M.
Any anil all perauiii i-lHlrolne atltrrtt-tt Ou
lantla ill ariii-.t, ee eeslrtne laoblect bocauM
nt m in 1 1. r al eharmetai of ii.,. lena, or lor any
o.lirr ri'HHOii to Ihr. tUipnaal loappllrau. altiuil.l
Slo Itn'lr HfTlrlnt lla i.l j.lttlt'at In Oil. ,.ftl. .'.
or tx'fiir thr '711i itajl ol orlttlMr. I'M.i
W Kaaaa, SesSeSI I
IMIKlhTATIU.I.ANIlorill'K, .
IlllrtiH. Ott'eun, ivptrnilrtr 10. ISIS. i
Notice II ltf. dial I ..1 Hlt.HH't.
of (IraaoB, Ml Jtn, i. .i
lltHttc ll.Mii, a', ail KlllrT ',., tllll l-.r ' .
S.., 1 1. .11 .'.!.. ..I .al.l).'.i II-.,,--- ..KV.llHi.lfHi
M. rlflUn. tin, n.r. I mil 1 1 i- ,.' I lilt-II tint, In ma V i'
flnnl llini' ir.r .r..l I lal.llah tlalm I.
iln- IhiiiI ain.t,. Seserlbed, hcfnrr RaetHei .
Keri tt.'r nt Kuril,. Ort'.it nil II.. 'Ivt il . i.l
Oi i. .1., I I'M .1
i latin itut iihii.,', aa h lit.- aaee
J. S l.-liafti Hint J, ,I,ii . ,il,l, u.n. ..r III....
alii,.. iir..,ii J. .Im 1l.i.,..,ivi,t hii.i A. K
f iiHlor Uilli ol I'Hiilmai,. Or. ..i..
W. Pahh. Haelatnr.
t'SITKllrlTATKS I .Nil OI'lll'K
liuriia, Oeesjea, i'pirmbar 17, 11S. ,
NtiMi'r Iff tir.r,.i elvell I tial I li.tinna . HeBlf
ul I'rlu. 1. 1. ui. I Im. i,ii May I, ItVTaaS
...-lunar 17. into, rafllyaly. iiiailn
liilrln, Kna. OZMI-U'ill'., lor I ..I, I
sK'.Nie., Hw II, r.i,S'V,i, aii.t N.i. .-.W,
s 'iinin '.'. Township .'7H . Itanet' Si K . Wlllani'
rttff M.-rl'llai'., 1.HH II fl Lull.-t- ..( I 111 rli 1 1,. ..
niHka llnnl II vi. yt'ar proof, In ralHtill.l. ilalm
Kith lan.l alxivi' daorrlbM, belore Heaiale.
ami K.-tTltiT, al Hurl a, Ort'lltili. oil I
.lay ol Oi, I'll :.
( laiiiiHui iiatiif, aa .ill in.,,.
Karl J. W. Iloratlontttl. Ttoomat '-. Sl.i.'ii,
Olio Nyali.nn ami II, in, Muaiiit i all ol 1'ilui-r
Ion, O.HKon
Wii Ihh,, Kiflali'i
And so is my full line of
Allover Lace, Embroidery, Flam
Woolen Hose, Lined Gloves, W
derwear and the
Work and I
For MEN,
and CH1I
I als... pack one of the Rest
ui i. 10 ne nan ami
A. K. Richards!
General Merchandii
Potatoes CaH
In iiu- i in mi ('unit ul tin- Hi. ii. u
OrcK"" for ll.iruey Count,
l.nurn llnnrv, Plaintiff, 1
vs Kiiiiiiiii.iih
Prank D. Haosr, Defcadantl
To I'mnk l. Hsaejr, tin bbots Bamatl
ilt'li' :
In tlio Bams ii dm Stats of Oregon.
von nit- lirrt'liy rt'iniiiil t. appeal mill
niiHHt'i' tu iii" complaint tilnl agalnai
-. ,ni in tin- above entitled nun, un or be
i. in. iiu. las! iinv ui tlin tints prescribed
in tin- ofilsr ol publication of this sum.
tllllllN t.iwll, nil I.l' ullllllt I lit- Il h il.i .
ul Dctnlirr, l'.tl.'t, Kiii.l il.ili Im'iiii! I In-
expiration til ma uitIih In. hi (In iiini
publication of this sumtnonsi and If eon
lull tu nnnwi'i . for want thereof I'lnin
nil will niiplv In Hit' ('mill Im tin- nli, I
ilriiiiiiiiltil ui tbe complaint to-wll
I'm- a asanas tl tali Oourl dbisnlvins
iiu- lunula ol uimI i iiiiuiiy now t'tiatiiiu
between Plsintiff snd Dsfrndant. nml
llmt I'lninlilt Im . - a ilt't-iri' nl ill v'.ir,-
absolnts from Oefendaat.
Thai Plaintiff has the cars, enstodj
mil eontrol nl Terence llniiry, liarrel
Haass sad LoVon Haney. mlnoi child
ran of Plaintiff aad Dessndant, and her
COStS hum iIinIiiiihi illt'liln lii'liui
'I'IiIh aiiuiiiiniiM ie . ul. mil, .1 lit iinltr
ni llmi Oram Thompson. Judge of the
I'.iiiui . t'l.uii ui ii.iini", County, mads
uml entered on ths Had day f Aunnat,
IMS, uml iiiu dats nl tin. Mint publica
tion ui thl summons U August ":;.!,
J. J. I'attkiiniin,
Attorney fit I'liiiulill.
We do job limiting.
Tonuwaiiia tomorrow niirht.
iiurna, oiuiiuu, SepteDtbei Ie, iain.1
MoUee Isberebi kIvou tiui wiuiam a Weltjr,
ol l.awt'ii, Orel i Im, mi ,iui.
Iliiiuiali'oil Kntrv Nu. ii,:.l. lor NKta, Kmilluil
'.'I, 'luwnallli'JI H,, Hhiik'k .!'.", K U 111. MM, II,
MeriillHu n Uil notice ul inn nth. i ii, i,iL,
Una! i Im. n ur p I lo i-alal, llali i.luliu to tin
lauil iltiat-iilii.l, .al.,i. Il.l.i,, ami
'i, al Hum. ori'Kon, in, iiu. Mnl ,,i, ,,
'li'lnl.Hr mill.
.'alumni naintia aa wllui.aai'a III. I'k ami All, ill Uoati liolli ul lan.n,
ort.unu l.luyil Oulli, ut lliiina, OiHuii i....
tea VV. tiuyt-i all, uf i.Hwaii, orveuii
Wn. I AMIlK. l:,',.iai l
W.1 huvi- iiiiiiljiiiil ur bunineMti entirely to the
While Front where we are prepared to care
for our tiiHlomiTH better than ever before
Baled Hay and (.rain for Sale at Market
Mam I.ood Hay in Stack $4.50 Per Ton.
Delivered in Hums, $0.50 Per Ton
Burns-Yale Stage Line
K.-lloui S. lutliilf front Railroad
Clone ( oiiiuttioiiM Made With Trainu Kast.
Cofortable ('onveyancea for inwenirera.
litre, $10. Careful Attention and Prompt
Delivery of Kxpreau and Freigha Entruat
ed to Our Care. Freight 2 l-2c. Per Pound.
R. J. McKinnon & Son
Railroad Rates Red
From Sept. 25 to Oct. 10,13
To Points On The ,
Atlanta, (in.
Boston, Mass
Buffalo. . v
Cairo, Hi.
Charlstoa, S. i .
Chatanoocca, Tenn
Chicago, Ii!.
Cincinnati, ' i
Cleveland, 0
Columbus. 0.
Detroit, Midi.
DesMoines, la.
Duluth, Minn.
Bvansville. Ind
Indianapolis, Ind
; l 60
Kansas City, Ma
Louisville, K.
Mt'innhis, T. i ..
llUwaukee, l
Minnt'tiHlis, Mini
Nashville, Ti
Now York, N. Y.
Omaha. Nebr.
Peoria, III.
riiilatloli.liia, I't
Pittsburg, Pit.
Richmond, Vi
Sioux City, la
St. I)uis, Mo.
St. Paul, Minn
superior, Ui
Corresponding reductions Iron, other points.
If you will ise the Oregon Trunk Hv. Agem thel
addresses ol your friends in the Kast who aiv oomii itl
win neve a representativo call and help plan their h-
ueposttain prepaynionl of ticket will be a,
Milt hL'iiIl .1., n. ... .1 .. . , .. a . . r
" s " uirvn o ui I'.isu'iii poinis hv telegrapl
for runner information regarding topovera, i e
i. n. tKUiitK, J. H. CoitxtlS I Past AK. nt, I'urllanJ, Ore. Bcn.l Oral
(araduata of University of Penaaylvanta
mm uiiram oi ssoraaa, sjattle and all other AnlsaaU
ii . i ,
. .nvc nrt iveti and we are now readv to
supply you with your requirements..
nave beia added and all goods will b
The Burns Department
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