The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 27, 1913, Image 4

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Her. Are the ""sets, Although You Msy
Not Believe Thorn.
Wli.v slioiiMn'l ii i-i-p.-i'talilo out Hit
n th'o (MM mnl limvl wlu-n attract
tr.nn Km fnitill.v lii-tory WW toil
ThroHRhont tin' terUarj formations,
from tin- Bppor eOCCM oawart, lhare
IPPMTI iviii.'irl.Ml'l'' fi'intly Ol
Billi ll ili-nlltlx" Mttll mON spoi'liill'-'l
thnu that of tin- fellaa. His true ri
Ibm, retalolna olber aketetal reatiira.
Of n aiOW irltnltlv t- "I Ml
ThM wore lb niachaorodoDUnae,
rhicta survived until the pWitoMM
both in Burope hikI In America."
Tin- Information was found I" a
pool..!;! - 1 :..1.-.l - 'l'l'l. "Till" RvOltl
!l 0( the H 'in.-itli-ntoil Cat." Pit
liii.s iuii nre i little mv on Ml Ma
:,ry nnd foil I ml It iWHciill In reuiem
ber. Thli IHintiinattnR Ml "r i"1"1'""
iimi wPi in iun li i" your uiouiorj
l. p , .-rl "I wna the period
r the earolvrtni The retldn Inelmled
H. nwchiTnilcintd, iMttroddi nml
iii'Iur opals licaldea arletlea iinal'i
tons to the loopard ihd lynx. In tMa
ipoeh appeared Ihe atrvala (Kalla carta
toll). t the tin"' "f tin- Falta etarta
toil thore appeared alio the European
iviiii eat. Falta eatua The earlieal
MlM In America ri Falta Illinium
It appeared in the middle pMocana.M
Kanaai Industrialist
Buildinn R.iilrond Acroto tho loo and
Against Timo.
AN. n- tbO CoPPOT ilv.T vnlloy lion
a atandiird ajauoe railroad, 191 ailloa in
ten th, the bnlldlnf of which -n (Iliad
with romance It conatroetteB la ra
larded aa a ill-mint taat la worKTe
engineering The road croaaaa the riv
,.i- between two ulaclera CChllda awl
M .
The fBhte wort of the btldft waa
in ui on the i,i- in artater Mm ware
hired (' were: nielli nml day.. H. 1.
iii-ni-y. the contractor, tin- man who
built another npoeatteV' laaa Banai
the mouotalna from Bkafwa. and iii
Chief inirln.'cr. I 0. Hawkliia. COB
cettred the Idea f nsim; the rttar lee
for the brldflo acaffoldini
Aa the uprtns approached hundreds
r uini erere kept baa arerj mtnots
of the da) and niuht, for ir mt com
pleted i'.v the time too lea burat all the
work and matartal srooM taw taM
The lea wont "i. Mnrylaaj tha fis
WOrh Willi It. Josm than an li.ii.r after
tha spike waa drleM in tha eonnoetlna
span ami tin- work was completed,
The bridge coal 11,400,000, "AJaata.
an Empire in tha UaUng," by John .1
At Sea In r. Coflin.
It waa Uh- i i-.-ii-ii aaaaaatn Lnpl who
ps, -aped i" aaa from Caj anna In a cof
fin Hi- managed t" gal aoma n.ills, tar
ami cotton, anil 090 dark niglit In- Cot
Into tha "Hi" abed. Be selected a tino.
stanch and seaworthy Main ami fas
toned the lid In order ta torn it into a
lack, leasing cockpit aofnelanl ta en
able bin to crawl in Be calkad ail
i nu :ii well as ta eookl, and
whon i iii- work was flnJahrl ta made
a pair -,f uaddlaa out of two planks.
Then ta brought Ml bis -'raft with
Kri-at urecaotion, VfltbMt mack dun
c-uity be rco bed the water's edge si
lently and Slowly he proceeded la the
i of reaching either Venezuela or
British Ouiana, ISO nautical mltoa ills
tint Fortunately or unfortunately for
l.upi. the tcainer Abellle. ntiirniiiR
from the Antilles, off Parauinrlbo
picked iiim p half drowned and i
mool in a fainting condition, and faw
hours later ta waa In irons In his cell.
Licorice Root.
Very few paopla, saya I writer In the
Wide World sfagatmTt, have any Idea
when, tha familiar licorice root comes
from Aa I matter of fact, the hulk of
It balls from Syria Merc it la withered
snd piled l"t" gTMl stacks, where It re
mains until It Is ttMTOOgnly dry. It Is
than taken t., tha factory tn nadargo
certain procaaaas 'J'ho Bnlatad prod
net is used for Oarortag eaofacrioaary
ami taar, as well ns entering Into the
BBl I ap of many hninds of totaCCO
Some Idea of the extent of the Indus
try may ta withered when It Is stated
that M tha average 8.000 tons of dry
licorice root Is shipped from Aleppo
annually, while Unwind yields another
0,000 tons, Antloch 4.000 nnd llamas
ens Wjf) tons.
Lexington Monuments,
aii along tha road t" Lasingtoa from
Oambrldge, Mass., In the United St. it. m
of Anied'-.i. there are monumenta to
"rt-hel coIouIhIm" who slew British sol
dlers April 19, In 177.1, hut tho most
striking Is that which Is ralsisl to the
BMtnorj Of Samuel Whltteuiore He
was eighty years of ago tit the I line.
anil In- killed three British soldiers
With hli OWn hand. Tho stone rec
oiil, thai for this he received punish
merit of three kinds Ho was ahot
in- wu bayoneted nad ta au boa ton
lie wns tiiin, raaaonably enough, kafl
for dead I lis old fellow must have
had a BUgnlH eBl ' "iistltution and a
spirit win. li i in- most derated optimist
ml'ht em lor the Lnscrtptloo goes
OB 10 say Mini he n-overed and lived
to the nw "f ninety-eight IdOO must
have heen "I nood vintage" for men
- London i Ibronlcle,
fheir Passport.
A aanatot t"ld at a luncheon
Ington a sonata story.
"We'd ta ii hard lot, Indeed, we Men
.-iti.i be Id "if wo were as black
as wg'ra pointed, 1 OJUM heard a
dreadful i tory agalnat us.
"Two I iilles. It appeared, came to
tin- vlitiis' willcry and demanded lid
ml hi Ion tiny Inn no cards.
ir yon tare no carda, indies,' said
flm doorl.e. -per. peiliaps you know one
of the senators and can get u card
from Mill '
" 'Oh. no. we ih'iit know any sella
l"i , the) said hastily.
' 'I lie ll keeper bow oil low.
" That I'lles,' he said, 'Is very much
to lour cm Pass right in."' Wash
ington .' Ill
Why Bhs Wept.
A leiin uini who Is very particular
al i his washing recently wrote a
ii .1 ,- to his washerwoman mid one to
bi sweetheart and by strange fatality
put (tie wrung address on each envel
op,, nil son! them off. The washer
woman was sept the Invitation to take
i. u nolo ride I he nejt day, but when
i:,,- yooag lady read, "if you crumple
my shirt bosom as you did last time
I'll go somen here else," she burst Into
I, . il she would never speak
to alia again aiotida Times-Dulon.
Well Described.
Small ladle was walking along the
it reel with tar mother waga a fero
clun looking hut friendly bulldog ap
il . With a little b ream slit)
d II to I. ii mother, crying, "Oh,
mamma, look at the dog with the tail
gleil fin !'" Chicago News
- --
3wJtSw B
Reeato llor fmii Is Bet fortune, I
V I'.illlli No; only half, Hlir
in i dfi eenta in n band
dotting Rid of tho Landlord.
I'lrst Siilnu-liiMiltP What il" Jon h
,h,'ii yon haven't your ri-nt whon t tit
landlord corneal Bocond luburbantta-"
l ,, I it- tin- iIok III the front yard
A Wolcomo Caller.
; ,
Collector I'm- boon eoaareg to this
ifflee for this hill for the -ast vi
Mr Nop.iy I want to compliment
ion Von ill, -is a., stylishly some peo-
,le thini. rou'rs wealthy customer of
tun, New fork Globe,
A Contrary Fathtr.
fililtoi Ho you think. lHhel, your fa
her will accept rue for a son In law?
Kllh'l I uoiildn't ta surprised ll
ilwaya goea eoattrary to my arhrieaa
Making Comparliono.
Mauwtrata (to priaonar who has been
LM-forq him many tbnesl
Hnookaa, aroat yoa aahsajad to bo seen
Is-le mo often ? Prisoner -Illess J er
art, Mir. this place Is ipilte respectable
rer some places where I'm seen!
i rump I, inly, kin
earn a breakfast?
lawn mower I. inly
do something to
I'm a in i rule
I o il way I You
look more ilka an aid rata.
One Itiorn "f oupei leii'-e Is worth n
whole wlldciiie - .,1 warning Lowell
"Con you supisirt my daughter In the
manner to wbioh shu is accustomed V"
"I don't know whethur I can or not.
i-'s willing to take a sporlliiK
eliuneu."- St. Llllla IjlolK- ) leiuoirat.
s w, -u
s &
" '"'W?HI5
aV tf
se, jr p yr
T r Try - ' i
Often tho Cass,
In the I'lii'ilil t'onit ol the State "I
i iragon, lor Harney 0 Af
MwIb Ii. Hill, rhaih't'e R, Sturui
Rota R, I'oaii, Mehin loiin, John
m,i Imhi, i red .Mien R .1. fallow.
V. M. S, In I,i . I'.ui' lielenbaiinh,
It II. ielenl""i'h. I el- I ielenbaiith,
ibim Utteiibengli Prank Adrian,
John n atly, and 'arl . Thoasaaan,
The American I. nml d i Ive is k Ooai
1 1 , a i "ipiiliilion. i i I'lioimiM
nnd Walter, a psi uierslilp -1' i nu
biisiio ia 1 bomai 4 Wuiicr, Joba
l',i imler, (' S Allgnnl, I'ncillc lave
I., i. i Iota MOV i poratloa, H J,
llliml'i.,1, W '"unci , .1. R. I!
ssvtlle, irali K Wlgjlna, Mtabai I (
I , I' . pli i.l lllk I'.l.'lnhe I VII
dull, I .1. Dean, O llenrv Oil", W
i. I ,(,'o uotlni .Miiiulevllln, Noi-
iiiHn .1. lio s. Harry Plough, o car
Cbrlatophi t mi, ufatorfalli William
I. Kenm dj . Lyda i Kryar, Unr'swi
U nli. 'II, I' K, t 'in 1 K, A- llonief,
Ibmiictii 0, Uataa, H tiding Rydaa,
Uoorga ii Millar, Uutaaa O, Bohral
bar, i U W lialply, Marj J, WnJateln,
Willi mi Kent, w ilium r SI J lea,
Ola i iii.rk, I-'. I r,,
Arnold i Archibald, l.swr noa
Clara, Vi li da W, Real, and Rolri
NCO t, Ik I' -lid.ilils
I,, i be Vim rli an t.andd Urestoek Oo.
ii eoruoral C li 1 1 mi , aaa
Walters, a nartnerablp doing bMlnaai
a Thomas and Wallara, li. .' Raa
lord, A '.ui" v, Saiiih K. W ig
gins, Mi, naol J i'"i-. joeepn ri li
nk, Blanch i vinhiii, R, J. Daan, 0.
ii,, o i v i, ii-, W, N it'll. Coraelini
Mnh'ieviiie, Norman J, Itoss, llarrj
Slough, Oaoar ChrlatoBlioraon, S,
Waterfall, William i Kaaaady, l.v lis
i ryar, llnrbert w nboff, I1. R,
Oar I ton, I- v llomae, Hanriatu 0
Itaie-, Mi .ling Rydaa, Baaraja H
Millet, i.'i-i.ive ii. S.-breibi-r, l'", L.
Whelply, Mary .1. Waletrin, William
Kelll illl nil I' Ml (Mi llltenie I''.
Chirk, I i. I', pat i , Arnold K. A" hl
bald, I iie I link, V,.,,,bi M
ileal nod it'll. .ri, above aa nod
In the n.ili.e ..I lie- slnle nl On'i
v..u hii la cU ol ) i i lierebj n a,vli -ed
i ijii" i mi ! anawoi the amaadad
, ..ui lain i Bh il lie o igalnstyoa, upoa
the i aplration la wreki From lha
publication ol the HummonJ horeln, t,
on oi be ! ' i war in, 1918 that
being the la t -i . n' tliotioie rsMtibad
in i m urdei ol Hi i ouH ..( the pab
icalion ..( thl iuuimona si d l yw
or any one "I V"l fail IO so nn, vr
,r ,i - . ' HI - I .p v I" he
Cairt tol the i- li.-l . i IJitl "r in Id
i I oomptaiut, uini,' u
1. i'.ir til a lb.' t in
I'Ol.l' V ill). Hi. ' I' II III lel.'l' i . I n d
against the delendsat J I RonuMteUa.
9 Kol .n m'uii . ,,f the tempo aiv
iiijiio-ii ii a. i..,-i tin- defendant John
I'olan i i, nd reetia nloi him
lurina Hie pen. Ian- ', . i iln - m It .in
a a) a in ".I.. -i Intorfei mg a lib
tha il ia .a aaten nl i rool Creek oi its
ii.- and I'-"', in any way dWult;
illg tie ,. parti heieof.
:l I'.o .1,1.1 .- il. t. Homing the re -.peel
ive lights ol tb.- parties bo this --nil
mo I ,-a. i. an i every oaa Iheraai t" the
I of Trout Creel nnd il- trlbn ar-
i, s i . i, i i, ... n itiemaelvaa aadaaah and
. to Ilia miters ol i root
Creek and IU trlbniariaa aa bate sen
i ban in i " h and avorj ma
i .1, , i.iuog e.n h oaa
I tin- plaintiffs i" ! thi oa ud M-
lllled to 1 1" " - "I 'he nter I" tl -
nl eacll and even .lie
Of till .. i. I 'I . in
5, i determining ilia
I priorities to ami in
il.,- aatsrs of ir, Creek and it trl
hiit.ii ie- "f each and ever OMOl the
pun. to thi- rail .
II, lol in I. .libel Slid further nllel
ss to thl i oorl and to aVally may aoom
propel and JU-I mil neiesssry III the
7. I "r Judgmenl againal the defea
daata (or plaintiffs i its and disbom
ill. -ills herein
Till- snionii lis is published by older
of i In- lion (Irani Tin mpson, lount)
Judge ..I 11,111. el l.'ilnl-, Oregon, dill)
made in i . iten d on ta toroboi -r., I8U,
direoiiug Ilia ubl call u i ha t for six
"iil.-e ill . -I III The i'lllies-l leisld
a newspaper publl bed In Burns, Oregon
nml tha date ol (ir--: poblli stion ii Hapt
'., i'ii ;. and tba date "I last pablleattM
Bill be Oi I IS, I91M
.1. W. i'.i' ..." d U A. Hi Mii.ii.n,
ft.-, il v h.r I'laiiilill's
Mil i i: rm: PUBLICATION
I M I I V -.1, nl I IU) I
, e,,-,i,. , i .
Sell I' ll . , ll ...i I -,, k i- nu, k
nii'i .... iiii, alio, en liei ' ,,.' i-i i.'
l"" medi lil'lltiunel lloluesleed Kiuiy.N,,
''.si ! , an.l M.i,
'- v n i ,i , ii-iu . - Ksafi i ;
lien i ii.-il nun. i nl inn i,
il. n i iir i. ml tin. .,,, Hrisl lesetsblleli
olaiai to tin- Inn. I hImivi I -. 1 1 1 .. . 1 . lajfore li.-g mi'l It. Iiii r ti. i iroenn, na il"-
no, a,, i , i
. lau I- nl im i.-i ,- . li .
I I I . i i ii K(flei en. I
s if .ii in v lit nl II i ' ni'iimi
M ,i ii. in IIi-kIhIit.
Iii'l yi- li iitit') riilii-M nt
.1. c. Welcome & Son'g?
A Hammi-rlcaa Gun with Solid
Easiest operating and amooth
eat action,
Repeating Shotgun
era everywhere aa
"Superb for Trap er
Made in liv.. stylos
and bin Inited unci
il, .Tibed In Sluvuns
.Sin, I, mi, , Ctttalug.
Have v our Deuler nhow
you u Stevens Repeater.
P.O. BtMtOM,
cincoru laua, mm.
llunm, iiri'iii.n. Ausum "'. i Ml l
NaUee i h. raki Itvea tiit Jobl R. nrnr.
. ,,l I in In. w . Ihilil.i II. well
i snrs lilelienlenii. Iieiieai'lsrt nt im,, I, Hal.
iinil.ilii'i-iinl, he aii-il In line . ...
iilli'ntluli ". i lili'l illuli ' Ki'i in'"'
Oiliih . nl Iln' I nlli'il Hi nl.',, l he I i.l t.
i '., s . ii. an K , mi. I Lot ll sna
ns. II. HI R. W M. isonili Malheur bakei
srlal Ru
Any and all i .n i liiitnlna niivi-iei-lir I lie
llll,l ,!.-. ill, I'.I, "l ileslilnu I" "!). I I-.-. .".
,1 III.- in lilt' rsl . I noil. I. I "I Hi. I 'O i 'I. ..I fin Sill
iiini rsaioli. in il"' aii..Ml I" ei.ill.mii.
.linn lil III.. I It. -1 r .111. lAv,l ill in.l..i III llil.
,11,, ,,,.,, ,. i i,,.,.i,. Hi,. s, .layol in -loln-r, HUH
Wm. Kausk, RsBtstst
I ml I'lilillinilnh seplamtiei HI i i
In. I publlratlon llofobol li III,
Obivbb avavas lsmi Qmra, i
aillll, IMl-KHII, Hi .li'lillii I .1,11111 I
V.illei' In I I.) Klv.'li 1 lint I llenl.T K, 1 ,,l. III.
Ill lllliiin. Ilri-l win Il'lv I'.'. I1'! I. ll
M .in oieao'l Rnlrl Nn OSWIT. fin y',ii.l
.. s., ii.i.i Id, lownshlp .'is . Aai
l U llhoinlii' Meilillaii. lien niril
ti-iiiinii i eke linn) i-nmmutaUuti I'n.ei. In
.' elnli.i III Iln" land ehme . I. mill.. .1,
.1,, 1 1 Hesletiiraiiil Horslver,sl Hn run. I
..ii ii,. ..nli .Im ..I ni'iiiiier, en i
i iHlmniil unlink nn wltinn.'
I In I.l I nn Hers, nl Hill tin. Hi, anil. Win. II, '
iiii. I i i i ii. iiii). ii.iih ol Cawea, ni.....i
I in I. Slei',.'i . ill loirll. 1 In K'.l"
VVs I A Kill. Ili'slnli I
I SI I KP 1 All'.- I V N Ii nKHi:K, i
IliirSi. I o-a ;i-, .:,
s ill hereby alroa Ihsl MaiUs Wllsoa,
..I Borne, nieinn. iviiii, e'i lii-i'sinlsir 7. Iiaw.
in, nli- p.-nerl Land lull), Sn iiln, , ... NB'.
.ill, hi 11, Timiintil. M (I . Ilnmi. HI, Mil
IO- Mel 1 .11 ii n. Im. liutl'-n of Inli-in Inn
to make Hunt proof, to nlnlillnli ilellii III II,.
isnd skoiro itosrrlbeOi bolors id-sinii-r ami in.
t.lwr, nl llnit.n Hot. ,n, ". (lit, -nli .nv..l
i IniiiiHti I n it mi m it a M UnijtMf
Uhftrloi wiimm, bMtvrU 11 11 both I
Him .. trt l'imi. rlmrh n Ni-tlhniii. Iint ItltiKt-t
l.illi of NailnvM, l IrtgOfl
Wm. r'air,, UauUT. 1
1 ni rit" HtATMn I. a Hit orrn , f
lltiriin. UftNM, -'i.tMi.i 1 9 1
V.ilM I- InhuM h) Ml V'll hnt Allim I MIMMI, (IT
l'i liirnlnh, lirrKUli, w Im, ihi irll ,H,, i.', mi h.
'iiiinr-i.n.l Kutri No tx". roi -r'. Httvllnii
0 1 11. 1. ' Itaiiffo .LH K, WlltHim-n.
a ' I-I I rtn bJ fllt'l hOllCdJ Ot 1 11 1 1 HI Inn lt ii ilk 1
liMH.1 1 nniiniitHtliin t'loaif. Id 1 InIiIIkI iHhit It.
1 tin In In) b)Ihim titan rilmpil, U'for.. : Kll'r ti1
Itt-t 'i-lver, atl Itiirna, tiMK'Hl. nil ti" ' It dnt i.f
LH r, I'M 1.
1 Ulitmiil nanrtt-ana v il nraanre
Inn Im Krtkanii, Jaiimh A i iiiatrntiM
AiiKn'f i.Hloi-i, K ml Morn 1 111 mi 1 1 ul I'rliici
lull lltl-KOll
V KtHMI ItinUlrf.
I'MITalti HTATM l-A Nil I ( n l
lliiri'i, Ortuuh, AUKIial ", ! i
'...'!. .- i hi rb) urn n thai 1 it.') r
111) 11. oi MM nil. oroffon in 1 in in ui
'. h lli.nimh ml Kntr , So in-., ., In
Sh'i uini N'.ifc., Hii (Init ;;., )..u
Matllr ' f 1 faj r H K,, WlllHnil-di Ml"l
.lUli. Urn Hlwl mil f illicit. I1111 I.. Htfek
Dim I Hi H' v. air I'ftmf, in tfthlltb rlm lAJht
hti l UiVf dffterltM ' " lt'lal-r a)ii.
Urit'iYff. At Hurt) tlMHi'ti. mi !(' Itlt ilaty nl
(H-tolapr, 19)1 i.
I laOntaht nmni'iai I' ih-mii
IUjM IMltnr ltl. mi. I til.. Moor l"':l
.until. Ort-KtiM, K J I m em MI M,
iKith of llboiton nrt;M.
V. W KARhK, Hi'tfl!. '
I'Miri. -1 ITU I .iM'l'lMi B.
Miitii-, imitnil. Migtci
N.iliit L h l. h) mIimi Ih Ml liti. H
etrMiVea, ifnjtnii. t.o. mi Son l(, I H
ml uHiat . .. I l : ft-Hi H.i'l. . ml
ih'litra!lrs. htililm. S..
1.. 1 HVt'4MI4l s v w , -. . Mi,. 1 Hj.J.K,
atn.l K'ii-:!,, i.-.(i..i.i. Tuwutalp vri.lRogf
19 I . lllaut n.- MorlilUQ, hiu ni. -i u.
u.i. 11(1111. t.. inwa.1' filial ihrtW )r-tf ...l. I.. . I
U hi lull t la, I in tu II. i' Ultl athovr .)-.ii'
i.irv ROglllOl ah I MtiHiai Urftil,
h .U) ..( -(.t. ml.. -r. I I
1 rt I m Kill MaVaaaOf M M llll.aWa
ItiHtai Kluajr i.f Naifnti, (iiratoli. MMI1 'I
Iln . 1 11, of Hum a. OrOgQO. JODB !'minN r a, ml
I . r ti. rt 11 Mail , hi' h i. NairruvkP. OffaMJn)
W at K khr Kt a'l f
iMHh ! I I I I.XSH fll I. I .
UnriiB UftMJOO, AUKUnl -' -. 191
'ii i bvrvttl ftVOU 'hnt J)im II Hit
It r . .11. ol MoaTrnwt, OtOftoM bo mi Kolniirj
S, -P liiea-lt lliiitiialfMil rutr Nn 0171, lot
-i'--VV1, - , l( .Ji I. , I-.!- I)
tut) i . -. . ii..,. ruwoihlj! I tUon I i .
WillMiin'ltn MorlatlOO iMl Hint iii.llirnl hit. u
UOD In innki- fill ui (hire or ff Hif . to t alathli -li
Ittiui in too Ui.. ittMivc iirasMiivii, bolora h'
i t. r fcii'l ll.- 'l .r. ul llnrita, t 'r r . 'ii U
Mil .4 Ol -..0 I.iIh r, IVl.l
I'ldlniaVOI IIMtOOf fta Mlthtk. a
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tfiaihl atn.l ride U atlllOU all til KaWroWl
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Hurt i ll, tfite, , ,l, ml,, I .'l, In ,
Notli-ell In ui.) lrt, Ads I I-
il Narrowe, nreS'iii, win., on Jul
i,.i, Ittimin'rad Kntrjr, i mi-, ji, i.niliii v. iinino .. i . ii
laBIOtle Merl, line, linn nl, .1 m.tlr. ,,l let. nil
i-i ntnki- loini . ..iiiitoiiniiiiii proof, I" ascslillek
. Inlm I.. Ibi l,ni, kbO.e .li-.. 1 1 l.eil lil.
l-ii'i.ii'l lle.'.-ii er. al llunm. Oregon, nn Ilia
-ih .im ..I November, leu
i '.alinnnl lin'tti n nn wllnrnnen:
llunn Ilii.K.r. K.lllli llllirei. Ilinl" M -1.
t limn. N, tdlinnt. all ul Narloan.
II ell
a. reaa, kaalil'i
I'MTHM HrATK l.sMHirl C '
Inn nn, i iM'Knii, atoptORlboi' 6 191
Noll I - la h. i.h atl v li 11ml UlJOri It r'( r
nf tin r lift, hi.'iiMi, vilin, ..ii VuKiif.1 hi,, j Q
mmlo A.l.lllii.linl ltnltrtt'N. t-.llll), N
' ', "'.. -V' t-l , i Hii.l S'l ,
T.i.hl. L'i Mi.urh, KatliK' ''
Wlllmuutii- MirnllMli. Iinh Illi'i) nuiii. ol in im ii k . Mntl llinc year I'm. if hi
tabllali iluiiii in tin land .. ! ' ilt i,
if Im ,- iln- r. i.l stti-l lii'iilu-r, hi Mill na.
Dragon, un th .4tb4a.yoJ Ootobor, IVU i. hiim'I ii a wIlnotataM
I- i KulMton I , lH'r. v V. iiin knn -It
i Hltttil, Nil (il Mimia, Ilriii.iii
Wh. I'lHIIK. H.-Kllt. I
I Nil .! -1 iTaU l-N. (Mini
Hutu . 1 1 logon. Mptoiuboi . I 'I
S., II . IH t. I., RWil II. HI I hill!' . Hill
iii ui Morrow.., On ki it, who oil 'y Ul, 112,
in inh- 1 1 nn,, ,i, 4,1 Kntry Noooom h.r k ,-w .
KK'aN-VL, kW'.M-.'. lid N W'lHK a,
ii, Tow n Kaiutli, Uniikc il Kum, W ii
I mot U Mm I -I tun. htm Die. I ...iiii .- n( .,1. nil,,
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fin I in In Iln- mint teOVaJ ... nli..!, l'i.i,,
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.ii Iln i.iih il) ol in inhi i i i
i'iHliitnnt iiHiMi-nna wltfUtfOPI
tVlUOOiiiH Unity, 'linilfH Hm knu I n.I II
I illinun, A 1 1 a nn. I. i Mt K ha-ii nil ..I iartuWt
I I r agon
Wm KAMnk, l(.-j i-i. i
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Mm im. 1 1 niton, MptAMBDoi Hi. - ,
I ii Hoborl I. o inn . , ..flunim, OrOjgOU, i ..i.l- I
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Halo, wiiti givai I'-i-1" Uarov itv.tira
gOQ, nn )i. i BOi) . Hi. t M.littm., ill. I in, huh ,,i.
-i (.!. iiiIm-i . I'M:, (Ui- 111 HiIh nfln v t,, i rJul)
corroboratod tpiiHraiton i onlaal and
ih.- i mini nin.ii n( y.nii H.iMii'-lfH.l, Kutri
, mil "sn UlVWi mi. nil' Slm.'li ilth IVlO, Im lot -
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tu nliirt-.l Mil) Iimiiii,i t i-lila tiiin ii
1 inil Im hli ,ilii nl. il Mill-elf inn I i '
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VOII nir, I h.'i.'lm. I in tin I i in 1 1 II nl i ,,t tin
lid ii llcK'U In n w III In- iHkt'li hy I III a niin i- HI
hit lliy In ih KHOd h) )OU. Hint niii nul-l
tut l y III hi mi', i. ! I hi-1 mi luh i i ll hi ni I i ...j.
Oil tlui i mill III i.u lii'iinl linn in i ii I),
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nuhlitnllull ul llllri imlhc, tin ihowil h.lins
.iur itiiNW'-r uitdoroath, iniciaoaUy u
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uitieu .t 1 1.' (iiui.i ihn' you nova a- i v. 1 1 , 111S ,i
your avntwoi uu th Mid '-ut.iuki.iiit . ih i h
pel n in or by roaltturon mall lilhli aurvlnii l
nuiii,- by ii"' d llvor) "i h t), of umr anioiH
t.i I hu i ..' t. a nut In xi i it ii, proof ol inli gin
vi r niiu-l hi ell h. i I Im anhl . oiiti ajlniii's, i llli i
ii ktmw I. .iKMiuiit uf hlaj i.-i.ilj.l o ll,.- ...j..
bowing iho dgto of lu rooolpt, oi iiu Nitidis n
ui tba oaraou b) wh tbaoollvuiy wni inade
itatlngwaon mi'l wharoiha ooi) wnadullvai
iii, if innih' h) n'uiatuftil nail I I n' Hill I.
HI V Ire Ilium r. .Hula I l I he llfll lii v 1 1 , if I In. ).,-1
on I) whom tbt iuuy ninih,i, -inline
w hull nn d the (uini tifHee to w lit eh 1 1 Warn in i ii i
ii ml I hia ii Hi. In t It tntlVl he nreu ni n it I im hy I hu
lOMtuiaatar'i roualiM lor Ibolaitor,
Vuii i In ml. I at ii Ie In your atnmvcr thu iiniue m
i "Hli H I., ii hi. h ii ilihlie hi Iii .
mill, ih n he Melil lu I .Ml
hnte .if tlrai ntiblleiitlufi Heiifrinhei :i 'i;
linl.-ul Hi" Mild l.ilhlh ntlull Hrulniiibei Jll, IO.
Iiiilenl Ihlrd pIlhlH'utlnti Heuleinhei .'.,
I'm'.' ni (uitith i ..LU, uii tobui i
IhoI tfii caimi'd liy indiirostion
and roiiHliimtioti. and quickly
dluppearfl when IhambcrlBin'R
iiihiii!'. art) uiKcn. pnr nan' oy
all ili-.'llcrH.
ToMWeUM tonlfbt
in the (in nil ('.mi I ol Iln Si.ili of Off.
inn Im Hat inv ( 'mini v.
. i , R Walker, PlaldtUf,
'.nl V. WalksTi Helinihnit.
Tn ('ml w. Walker, lha above nnmed
defendant In tba aarni aftat Itataat1
( hi)'' in, nil (Mr in ell V It ( ill K (I t (l II l-
(cur mitt AQfWt r )' tin- ( -(in i phi iii t flic!.1
uHftiiiNi you in I Ik- ftltOYt iitiilfl auit, :
mi ni inf i lie ldi iiny oftiol unr
pit Rcribtd HI the Ofdcr Ol thr publication
nt thin MtlMiiiKHiN, tuvvil, on oi nlioiil (In rtnsa.Pfl
'J7lli dav i.rSfplctiilH'i, I'.H.'I, Mid iln(c V O-L A If! A M
iH'iiix llir cxpmilioii of ttl wrt-ka flrofl No- ' B,cr 5:aU A. M.
ih. lust piililitutinti uf thin -HiiiitiMina, SunipteJr 1 0:05 A. M.
.mil ii vim full tn iinnvvt'i.ini wiuit tiictr-! Arrivei Prairie 2:10 P. M.
ni, PUiatlfl win iippiv tothtCosii for '
"" tlUli ''' uU, m ,,,r "'i''.i"U Na Makes jjj connection
t,,,::,;;,,..,,e(, tU, r,, iioiviK:with 0..W. R. & N. No. Gleav-
lha lunula ..I i. iiii. ii iv ni.we.ieiinirine: Portland 0:40 P. M. and No.
ik-iwi-.ii riaintiir nml i, nml 17 from eaat arriving Baker 0:15
thai I'luiiitiii i.i. v.- ii decree ofaKtonai j
BbaolBtafrom tha Deamdaati No 2 ConnectH with U (Jrande
riiiii riniiitiit iiu. i in-care, eaatudy , . , v, . . . ,,
,.,,,1 .,..1 .., , ,,, .ri , ..,, I'l. nd No 5 arnv.nK in Port-
, iiiiii ,,.1 ii , mull uini iirii-ii.iiiiit; land 11:40 A. M. Alao with No.
ii, ii PlalatU ban ladgaamt agaiaal 18 for fiointH East.
tlie Urlciiilitiit I'm bar nml ills-
lllirwlllrltta herein; mmmmmmmmmimmmmmlmmmi
.11 ll tillli'l nil. I Illl I III I lellrl ll III
iiiniv .tin - pertain. Thia lumtnoBal
pabllahad bj ottan ol Hon. Oratrl
rhompaoa, Jodaa at lha i ..uuiv e..i.n
ul Hiiiiuv CoBBti in.iili' uini t'llU-H'il
nn the "'iii .i.i t.i vugnat, I'.H.'i, mni tba
ilale nl lli.' Ural iiil"lica(in nftliia mini-
iiiiiiih i AneiiHi n.tii i!ii:t
M. A Ii -,
Mlnrin v f. ii riiilnlilT. ,
IIIIMl I I J Illl I , Nil
Mi i ih evei - .i.u. !
ll 1 II p III
A W 'I -. . i. hi
It.'Si... u in li nn feileM i
i rand H:urita
i it ii r.
.1.1 l .I.i. Hall
1 Iiihiii.
i u.i Baturilaj Im
I iit ! ires; iitir.l
riin.i i
tnurth HnllltiUl,
hi us-1 i nn i
M... ia
er. Iral an. ii.i.-i ai.n.lai i.. sarfa
I . ,.ai ill. II M
III. Illl... I -
.1 mi RM aouUMRN Ol 1 it i li a
. n.lar eieli
Hit al I .1 il I Kali til II....I .r llivlti.l
-.. t.lli im. hi: , ,. t,.,,,,, :,!
.V. A al.ii, i i
ii nil ll NO, in, ii I
aeel sad Inartfe uu.laia, III
Kaaulili Hall. Iiatitl. .l.i...n,,. tt si
Klta ai
ll I.l I 1 111 HKK 111 tltdRJtl .. I
ataelaei.. . a- i 1,1 w . l.i,a.l
Ilt Hall.
la.l.'- I . ii I
ni nn. . ,.i
Heats i -" t- l...inl. f litiraila)
Maiel II. Hun
il. .in, t leark
nKI'li I A I. MRJK T.iK
"Till i
. nal.iia
I 'eita'hau Hiiurtie Jr.
hi... I i l,,
l It Kllla
I ' H lla i.
i M raafurd
llaaal.l Meal
. . I i .na., i.
..liar.aaiiii n
iii..rii.. ..i-iti .at
i.u .-I inn
hi ) ul , .al.
.i.l -Iil,ll. In. I,,.,
-tlate l-flnut
. .. T. II K.v
I. N. Al.lprmaii
IS - l'iitilva
IU, I, i Katln
I A lit llrlilt
' ..... II I nit. it
i... iei. lllilHea
a a tit ai.
l l M.Hir..
RIH1 H 1 1' UK 'Ml DtReUOT.
lialluu tf
Hlalth l i lie) w. II. lit... .ke
Btal i" l' II l.iiiianl
i In lilt ....III itiecla MM Oral at. .ii, la In ami llt-l M lai in I l,,U I
i.iini Heaatoi w I'.ni.ii
lull. I II. I.., iil.llvr ,,,,i,
liilliil) ll inaiii I liuliiiiaull
'lira ll I II ii. I,, t r u V Mill,,
turreroi . Beerj
ii. 'l'i A K. Klobsrdsos
atseasui j j ihiiii-u.ii
-. I..-I -.i i. ni. I. U llauiilliui
. .....i.. ii. w I'leti nasi
-lurll lt..iili.r .John K.ilili, aim
i. iiihiii. 1. 1' i ,K. I-. ryliral. r
I lima II. In
,.".. I' i .... i' I.i. . la llu Hi.' lit, 1 1, ia, lay In
laiiiim.. Ilatili. May, Jul,. .-. ,.iiiiIm.i an.l
N..t .inlM-i
llaaN. i i a i.rri. t
i. i w nt Parrs
K. ill M I rmib hair)
'It- I.I.H.'
.-am l..llnlali.a.
K. . i M II) nl
I rsasai i . Mstsl. m u.i. ia
M.i. I. i.l . r. I . II ,a
II I llllll.l-ll
f limes i . u.i.
..I ait.i.l.i r
i Hi l, i. i. mi
ISt nl 11 Hull ill:, M'l,,, .1,11
..,,.! I, 11 i .Iiu a. I
MetttltttlittmitUtt: ;:t:;: Haiti
i. , (iracc li.
Voice aiul Piano
M. th.. .is l s, ,l In
Ciiiciniiiitli CoiiMTvalury of Music
Wr i.lini.1- Miidln mil iloor west
l'i,-. In liii.ui
$1500 Reward!
i im in i ' i I
il.ll Mill Itll.l Nl' H. In j
lllllt k-.M Illl luh Oj
i hf itii.i 1 1
: m int'iiil.t'i,
Will IM' fl.tHHI IHI I
. i vrq im if
rl ,, L.taa.t i .... i .. I
. ?J ) 'I"" hi i I it i nl run .
' ' . h thin nl uu v par- '
I .. ... e.u..l I.... . , .... I
jiii tn i i t' pit-in
ur nmlu i.i'liMiiiiiiK
'ii Hiiy iii iii nil. iii
I., i a
lltttllMili liilhr illiiivr, llu' UHili mlKlltnl
I I lit' IK Hi'' no tin . i.ii.llt Inn IHOtMl fflf at 1 1 htimt'H
timiHli'tl bttfti N lt til ItHi tin tinlll ur ulllii'i Jnw.
III Hint I. t tmlisl Iii ii Ik lit ii ill ti lien KttiiKU
Hitriifv, l.uku mill i im. k ...until', lluraei
m nli l In i' htii.l.
Si. nit Im! it row ii luimtti h 1 11 m ii tl mil) In
fga) hum Ih I,
w w itiuiw s in.'. QMflM
llsiTan HTATSK I.ASnill '
llunm, nrftnii, Kentrml'i.! J'. Il '
$; "7tK",'w".Hrlt
'iSK'i, 1W .UK1, an.iesi-;
w... ii.sii i i 'a s. ileum'
h tie Merlillnn, l.nn fllnd notice of lotsalloo
in iiiHki. Boel ays rear prom In ootsiiinii
inlm iii Iho land alsive rteee. limit. Iiolore
il,. iii.aisier and lleielver, at lliirnn, (iregmi
in, lha -iniii .inv nl lietolsyr, lata.
. inliitet.i naiiii.naa wllnrneoe
,rsi- Hiitlinnnli and Jiawplt lllirlianan
l... Hi of IliiPiieiian. orasiin. II 'I. Iiuekman,
of llaraey, Oreaaa W T. Vsnlieyiier,oll)re
Ssr, iires'io
Wm VAsss, Bea'stsr
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Depitlarc Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie
10:15 A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Baker 4:00 P. M.
miisi a-a e-K i aa iaait I li-i ir lint I'nimtil .XTVICI' e
wr.a.v ava-rttv -v B
Slock lisaeclar, HirNj Contv
Qsaaa liMiaaa
lliirns. I ir .
Send For The Folks
While the Fares are Low
September 25th to October 10th
Low wentbound Colonial fares will be In effect via
From Principal citiea in the)
Seattle and Northweat
$30 from Denver, Colorado Springs, Omaha,
Kansas City, St. Joaeph, St. Paul
Equally Low farea from many other Eaatern points.
Upon Deposit of amount of ticket with any agent of the O-W
R. & N. ticket will be furnished at any address in the Eaat
Full particulars on application of any Agent of the
O-W. R. A N.
L a.i.tJln.aM
You can buy no better gun
lor target work and all
small game up to
IW yard.
Tat tasd
M tmd
taaat 1 Itaaw. I ll iWa.
0I& r' r
aaafafeBas7sT'l , "jr
WWrr -Jffr
jG&SK I Tl
If You Want ALL The Home News
Rest Job
Direct connection! south via
A. H. CURRY, Prop.
Leaves Harrtman Monday and Thuredoy
and arrives Wednesday and Saturday
aeh week, connecting with southern
lias to Denio. Wlnneniutca, etc.
.Ittwolor. Opttolali aatid
Fine Waltli Kfi:iirin(4 A Spe
lll.OHtll. IOON 1'M.p. a
eMoala At All Hours. Short;
4 . . -. . e
. --.
With Reasonable Kates
Give Me A Call
e Oppeelle TtaasvsferaM BIsiIMIhb
a a
Eaat to Portland. Tacoma
Pacific Coaat points.
New York
New Orleans
St. Louis
change oi
mechanism it
handles .22 short.
long or long-rifle caitridgrt
perfectly. The deei Ballard
rifling develops maximum power and
accuracy and adds yean to the life of rifles.
fi.nta.Soa f aasi cajactia. cartfuajaa laateaa soeraW aaal
ZGP' Wii
ll-aabM blow back. Tba ank, ,Ktal Km Uu ,., il aUHa
rou. baad aad atoar, oKa. aouraa. l.l aHol.. Wuh .a.,ia lakr
I ' acaaatseita,- t-ii.taar .li iiulh.
.l.til ta liaaa. A anal nraaoa iila. Aii ana aua aVaiar.
41 WilUw New II....,,. Co.
a year
I'liyelrlsn ami
l. CU. Gl
PhyalHan ami (J
Burne. - - . I
tlffire in new IiujI.Iiik.
harneaa almp,
' Phone ,.,
PhyalcUin atet
la Tetta-a-a
OIBre Herond fltmr
Kntrsnrr on
ll. K.KTaNDASI), ' .11
a. ., a. i
.. ... tal I'uiMii.
-ursery Bl
Physicians anii
. alls answered arua
'I'lione llsrrlnisii
Dr- Minni
Physician anil
!- E. Hit
lllli.-a. firet iliH.r JO
w. c.
Oflire rooms h ami tl
M. A.
Attorney all
Voeglly Bldg.
Kiaiine ii ami
rami luaaa milrkly a ...
I'rarlicee in tin msm
line tha t. S. IjiuiI
Ohas. II
Attorn kv-
I Careful attentim
tiona and Real
Fire in
A. W. (i
State Courte audi
Land Otlioel
Three doors I
Harney Counts
Attorney al Law
.-a.v.y.nruie. Mom y I
AUl.a.l. II s I .
OJRJRbI l-ln... n Hani,
ami I jin, I iiiti,,.
i li r.-iim
aaau a a.. M , i
t-ivu ana nvdr.m
Irrigation, Wi
Sewerage, Wii
Hurveya, Maps, RstM
K. 0, Uu i. a k n
ri.rnuiu A,.i kn ,
i.i it. a Bestowal lee
Eastern Oregm I
i has. m. am a. a. .
Ditchea, Keservnir
Work. Hydr.. H
U. S. Dep. Ml
- CmtI Wart AS
KDgag.d la i; lit I
tioverament Sta