The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 20, 1913, Image 3

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    L-iv n i
Lrgrl Circulation Of Any
pnppr In Harnfy County.
UDAY. SfTTF.MBKH ill). 191S
I robes at J. C. W.
ior wm up from Virginia
m Saturd
home made lard l re ai
Is meal nmrUel. 1 1
George was a business
our city tins w
Cars was ami nS our
visitors during the week.
will be a social dance
picture BhOW tonifflit.
Turney was here from
on business during me
IMcl'liail was in town the
rt of this week i uting
lelene Swain will begin
of BCbool at l.awrii
km) Cossd took her de-
IWednesday morning for
in Canyon after i1
tat with Ik r an it r, Mrs.
Houser. the In.
cattle buyer, is
gamer up - ne oci .
lureiiaseu siiinc mi is in
it for more.
Statement Of The Condition
Of Th.
First National Bank
At Burns, Oregon, August 9th, 1913.
1 nesday.
Loans and Discounts
i . s. Bonda
Bonds and Securities
Premium on U. S. Bonds
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures
Five percent Redemption Fund .
. 1885,686.88
1,968 00
. .. 8,604.98
, .. 1,MQ.0Q
. 110.9S0.7S
Capital $ 86,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 78,720.70
Circulation 86,000.00
DEPOSITS 410.895.05
Capital and Surplus $100,000.
Did you see those auto rol
J. C. Welcome & Son's?
W. H. .lohnsou was among our
Silver Creek visitors this week.
H. Murkhradt was in from his
home near Saddle Hutte this
The Lunnburg Dalton i Co.
Department Store have cut
pile, s and Ions credit. 291 (
Mrs. Win. Cray was Up from
her home near llarriniiin Wed-
United States Depositary
Fun at Tonawaina tonight
If it isnt Eastman's it isn't a
a Kodak.
Pen Mutter was over trom
Sylvester Smith was in
fits and family were here cjty Wednesday.
being enroute to I
heir auto for an ou
ii. nv mn III. li' Tr It in
,j .ien.ri, ti.:.. -
bRivi.r before return nor. i'wo-ineii cenirmi;;i. pun.,, . ..t vn ...... ,.
P- . .. . ..
1 . I U .... W i --. .11
korun. the t hicaffo
. i .- 1,. , f-ilimi finn will
ni 'li,i ii'U :i .' : i. I nui"ii ......
I . I t.r .liieimr t ri UMiuVtilwr
k city, is here on one oi visitor w un wu m. .... . -
lie is week. P. S. Weittenhiller
Those desiring the service of a
Jersey hull may find one at the
I. K. MeKinnon harn.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelsay were
down from their mountain home
during the week.
Finest alfalfa, timothy and red
top hay haled may he had at the
Goodman feed barn is south Hums
Archie Forkm was in from his
Silver ('reek home yesterday and
reports he had n very good crop
on his dry farm.
Miss Pauline Locher arrived
here from Portland last Friday
evening and will spend a lew
weeks visiting her relative: and
many friends in Burns.
Dr. Carl and wife have moved
into the Chester Dalton residence
for the winter, the latter and
wife having taken their departure
Tuesday morning for Portland
where they will spend the winter.
J. L. Punish and wife, oi
Klamath Falls, were guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Win
Cowan last Saturday on their
way home from attending the
funeral of th.. late Charles Par
rish. R. D. Cooper, the civil engineei
and farmer, was in from his
Silver Creek homestead foe f '
days but he is so thoroughly
pleased with farm life that the
;i Hayes was up from Lawen
W. II. Morrison and wife wen
in town a fi W days this week.
oius Slsfmore was In from the
Warm Sprin section Thursday,
I; . BrO n and wife were
over from tlieii Diamond lunm
till i Week.
Wm. Harvey, the Lakeview
;. ii In this s ction oi
Eastman's Kodaks and East
man's Kodak supplies at rh
Welcome Ph irmacy.
The soda fountain and lescrssm
still are iniieh In de
mand in ilii.i town.
There sra now nine threshing
mschim al work In ths grain
fields of this Valley.
Those auto robes at J, C
Welcome A Sun'., are the best
for the money any when'.
John Weaver has heen in town
this woi If renewing acquaintanc
es am tins his many friends.
The Welcome Pharmacy has a
fresh supply of VsecJne. Bs
urc and Vaccinate j our calves.
M. 8. Davie., a substantial
, fsrmer and heep raiser of the
Prim ii Hon, is in the city,
Those knowing themselves in-
d ibfc d i" T. II. Short sre kindly
tu call and settle their
ii i,
Dwyre and bride arrived
home last night. The limes
Herald i mgratulationi
and In :l wise.'
C. I!- MeCoiiiiill has gone to
Portland o I business trip
ii. : , i aecompenied home b
Mi . Met lonnell and the children.
i ; Cobb ; Martin Bu h
and it.- i mg our visitors
from Valloj , i "v this week.
Inquire ai the Ideal Oonfsc
tionery al t ! tndy rsffls
now ' n Pi u . ii Ii every shsnee,
i , . nets of Burns,
uitable re
-. 1 1" pinie
Herald i I Btf.
let I ni iflli lal trip to
Wild Hoi ccompsnl-
ed b D. A . Dade.
Foi Sal l'uui bead of A-l
milk ir pure bred
Polat boars, Chas.
1 'I. i,. Cien us sawmill is
now at it: new location and i:
in pared to Ail any order with
rough or drei ed lumber, also fir
lumber; buck teeth and any
n prompt at-
Lamii orrti , i
", -I HUH. I -', I 'I I
i limy II. ILi.iii,
on, hi . i. on I'ik J, iwo, maiii
in ml I ii . mi 1 1'.1 , u ',
rV'.HK1,, I , tt ' NI-.1, iuhI
hi II. tuWDlblpM
. IUih rfl II. .ii. hii. Ill.-l
i Ill li'ml II. m '
I i
. Oil' I .Hi Kl.,,1
I . I I H'l, NI Hnri,.,
i l.ti... . ,.,.
William w. I., linn,
jii.iih I Hi ilrm i i iiukhii.
v i. I num. RtfoMfl
. .,. . ,
:..l ' .I! I
IfOlll UI.CI II i;ii I ll Mm. II
III I . 'I' . IU, Itllll lllmll
II I Kill ..'.' , loll .'i.
Iiiwnaliln ill., i . ii- Mit
'linn. I. hi. nil
llltlll I.'
I..I I'lll I
1,1 II,. II. I,.
I llll. 111. I ...
" .ii I.Hi... II. . I . .-.!. .Inn.
'I. Illl'llllll.
. . .nil, Ki'Kl.lul
.In hi In iimki'
.. . Illilil to i I"
I .:. mill
on- 7th iiii
HI ll AI'loN
l,et the special prices at the!
were Steam Sundry on dry family
ko iNvirm
.1, I . n "! Portland.
8, Civil Service Cum pep " of
Woman cook wanted on
nr,eh. Inmiire at this ottice.
Offlce had no iharms and will
hack to the soil.
the tr. 8, I ml Service ( om rep "i tno Coiontza-
mission announces an examina- tion Co., ol thai place, has been
tion for a contemplated vacancy here (r several days with men
l-annual visits. lie islweeK. F. S. Weittenhiller went to ;,,,.,,. Il(lft ..m,... at llaniman. to lm.kine a! land.
sed with crop conditions -ine picture programs tomgnt J untura yesterday to meet more i.,. ,.,,i ai that nlace on S. pt. ::7.
and tomorrow night at Tonawa- men desiring land. fhfl eompsosation of that office
ma, A social dance will bs given w c C(,cj aml S()M n()., as $184 last vesr. Information
the pictures tonight. were in from their silver Creek concerning this examination c
Mm Wails is here from Baker homo the first of this week. Tie secured from th
. . i .LIU .. ...,.1 - I...
. visit to ner emuinu .m.i p,, uj i',,b,. L f,. ., i nvnwMi,
iiii. kv.u vvv i i.-' i''i .-un ,
ither relatives, meiaa) is me R i.ffhorns. Rhode Island
ni HI
i . ..
1 ... ! I.I , "!'
. . i: ilstor.
. . I. ..I , . .
.. '.II '
I Nil ,
hi la
, -, . Hon i-.
mi ni- Mi .i
.. Iimki
. i li'lm I" Hi.
. jiu ' 'i. 'I
.'ll .'HI III
count', tnis on aim
Bou raged.
Wm. Farre and little
Kathrine arrived I
ht from an extended
Mi relatives and fr
ind, Corvallis Canyon mother of Austin (Joodman and. Re(j8 an(J yyujto pvm(n,(, Rodt,
lother placi
kt time.
Mrs. Ilenrv Richardson.
Prank Johnson left this morn-
Weittenhiller made a im for Prairie City to meet Mr.
k to Juntura Monday to Mien, one of tne neavy rsai as-
.i i l. l.l I.. U!t. , Vfr
Bme irelnl'inn v. ii n. iwiuud iii uiBwuivi "
ok at land He Btates Allen Is associated with I. S.
Election of Juntura was Weittenhiller.
Iday, Brass Byrd being There was a dance at the C. D.
ecorder and 1'. J Callag- Howard home out cast of to .vn
kmcilman, awo i Saturday night which was
mey. d, d by several young people
I !,.,, . 'IM.,. ilollKii ll'flU
Hissmr has i of ' ":l. """ " " '
hall to C. M. Fa ilkn r ;'' ::; :i wsfKranery.
charge of it I Dr. Tillson Harrison and wife
Ik. Mr. Hissnei turned to Hums last Saturday
tooints for a couple of evening from an extended visit,
lut will return to ormer going to London to
other interests. CI some special work in bis
is a very popular young profession, while Mrs. Harrison
. his success in the pool and little daughter spent the
Lured, as he will keep it time visiting with relatives and
Is present stand.' ,i.;. Dr. Harrison was called
class of trade that will to Pendleton Sunday, where
a paying busi l rank Dunten had been taken
r an operation.
A. Harstad, a susrd at the
: Pendleton, arrived
here Inn I nighl to convey a young
ned Erb. w ho had been
C poStllKI' 'II ,.,,,,,.,., ;, ,, ,,. ., u,.l
. I ' I j I 1 I f. , I 1 t 1 1 . I T . W til' I I - . I I I 1 II
W. K. Huston and eon Tsvlor
Visit our bargain counters,
ere you will find the greatest.
-gains ever offered in Harney
Whether you need the article
or not, H; will pay you to look
r these counters. You will
id some of these articles shortly
will never have this chance to
such bargains again.
General Merchandise -
ionic Building, - - liurns, Oregon
II. F.ichner, Buchanan.
A. H. Denman and wife, of
Iowa, who have been visiting;
their son near Harriman for a
time, left last Sunday for their
Win Gowan and wife arrived
home Saturday from Canyon i
where they had been called on
account of the death of Mrs.
Gowan 's father, Hon ('. V. j
E. M. Garber of the Indian
Service at Roseburg, arrived here
last night to look after matters
in connection with the Indian
allotments in this seetion. He is
busy greeting his many friends
and says he will stay for several
Some one has said the English
Sparrow is the natural enemy of
certain fi Id pests but the birds
seem to prefer staying in town
and eating up the apples. They
have a particular liking for the
Wolf River apples in the Hynl
yard and we'd appreciate some
one telling 'em of better picking
in the fields. .
Austin Goodman is ready to
grind grain and has a building
in which it may be stored hv
farmers at any time. He will
grind one day each week and
farmers may store their grain
any day and get it when con
venient. He is prepared to take
grain as pay for grinding at the
market price. Special prices on
large quantities, 441 f.
A. C. Welcome and wife made
a flying trip to Juntura Saturday
evening returning home Sunday
evening. They report thai grow
ing little city quite lively. They
were accompanied home by James
Weston and wife who come for a
short visit with relatives. Mr.
Weston is running a barber shop
in Juntura and is also interest
ing capital in a telephone system
I to connect with outside points
from the town and also a local
Hied Wednesday evening in
IhiscityJoeBilyeu, aged 'M year.-.
Deceased had resided here for
Wednesday, Sep. 24
All ladlca Invited
III-... llldn 4 door, ml Peel hal
. . ... ? .. i particular add
Delos Gould, so,, oi Mr. and ..,,,, ',:,,,UI ,,,,
.MI'S. .1. K. liOUKI OI U1IS ni),
arrived here Thursday with his Mrs. Millar opens a most com-
arrivi d home the fore pari ol
this week Iron, a visit covering
several months to points In the
Willamette, the sea cost sad
i'. .Murray and Mi
Susan Riddli . the latter of Pit
tsburg, an d here from Blue
Mi. Springs i sly this week.
Mi Riddle will visit with Mrs.
Mm i a for a time.
For .';:ii'' 160 acres grain or
alfalfa land all ready for the
plow. Said land adjoins the
lln Idil inn to ni'W '
K. I;, ti wn of Wellington. For
Mrs. Mary
Anal in i
. . I I I J I III
.... k..lll
i I;. , l.'. l
i i i. i
I lull I I ! I
ll klilHIII II lH:
... Mm.!.
i.. i'. . 1 1 I Hi
UliUll Hi..
Itn ii. ihr
Kilt Dl.T Ml .1
11 III.- -"Ii ,Ny
It i often remarked that with money
you can make money, and yet only one
American in ten owns a saving pa book.
If cash in hand will enable you to earn
more profits is there any argument against
having a savings account at the HARNEY
When you make your first deposit your
opportunity looms up as a possibility; it ap
proaches nearer with every deposit you make.
Open an account; build a fund for profit
Harney County National Rank
"Your Home Institution"
Mil ! I
I Ul,l( A'llii.N
;. i 'i I . I . I
II ill..
i.f linn lUgUBl
. 'ill I , N.i im .
lit S)jNK'.
i. BSf I I"'
.i . . i nolle "i
;. r rruof i"
' ..i . .i.i rll.-il.
Il I'lvi r, it Hum.
i irMiiii, i ' ' '"I- i
i'IhIii i. ii ' n.i
K. e. K ' I' Bin kmel
I UMIK ll'KllT
. M. "I I II I .
ii' k I' HI.' k
mi- "! II" i ... i ..." I'i'i I in i . i .
..I I. u y, Ni.
,M '.mi.; '. K ,
v ' , 1. 1. mi:. I I
110 1 ll'l.'"-
. , , '..I. ... II.. . I ("I I "I I ... I III 1 I .1.1111."
I iraclical autl season- i .in.i, ir it .-
........ ... . ... it...
,,.. . . i - 1 . . llll -I B ' " S' II, "11 HII
ablf mnltnery including all the m
ideas and novelties. At i i : u H ivrti i i Knit mm
n iii-'iiki "it hi im 1 1... ii-'
n luiiu:, Hi'Hi.tiT.
friendH are glad to welcome them
back to their former home.
The covering around Austin
Goodman's wood saw engine
caught fire Tuesday nighl and
caused considerable excitement
as the tire alarm was turned in
about 11:80 and the individual
who bad bold of the rope was a
stayer. It was some time before
many found where the lire was
and there was much concern si
it watt fearo" a Are was raging
inside some huilding where it
could not be seen from a distance.
Thinly clad individuals were
hurrying here and then- rather
aimlessly until finally those who
bad been out to the engine came
back. No particular damage
was done.
Wm. (iray atid Allen Joni met
With quits a loss Thursday al
Cow Crssk when a tire started
ai the thresher while the cren
was at dinner. It is not known
how the lire started, live slacks
of rye was burned and the wood
part of Mr. (Jray's separator was
consumed putting Ihe machine
OUt of Commission until new parts
may be s cured. Mr. .lone,;' In.,
some six years and was employed i estimated at $:K). The loss to
family with the intention of re
maining all winter at least.
Delos was an employe in this newest
offlce at one time and spent his the usual stand with I. Schwartz
boyhood days in Hums where he in 'he Masonic Building. The
eniovsa wide acquaintance. His ladies of this vicinity STS invited NOTICE KOI PUBLICATION
wife has not been in good health to call Sl once.
for some time but is much itn- Lend seekers continue to coma
proved at this time. Their many ,,, til; ,ctjon ieeking invest-
a portion of the lime in the C.
A. Hedell saloon. He look sick
laat Sunday and had a raging
fever for several hour . before
his death. Joe was a jolly hoy
and was his own worst em my,
not properly looking sfter his
health. His parents live al Bdo,
this state, and wired to have the
body embalmed and shipped to
their home for interment. Kd
Roberts accompanied the body
out Thursday night.
Mr. (iray is unknown as it has
not been ascertained what the
parts for the machine will cost
It has entailed quite a loss in ihe
way of delay as he had a
amount of threshing engaged for
the machine. Neil Smith, the
local agent of the threshing i su
pie has wired to Cortland to lind
if the parts may he sent from
there and should the house there
be able to furnish them the de
lav will not be for long.
mentS and m almost every case
become interested. There
Immense amount of One
I ind in this county that will In-
Cl i a. S In Value upon thS advent
ni' the railroad and ths big crops
now In inn thre In d are responsi-
bls for the ready manner in
which investors take advantage
of the land offered for sale.
I M. I It ' 'i i
'. nil. r 111
S..U "ul I'. Dili
'I "11 lllj III 111
in . i, Hun Im st ,-w i ,
nl ' .. W ', W' Hull
llilji , , . H 1 1
Ii . I hiii'Miim
Hi Ii" k" "" til .'
lain la i .' . .I. i.i'hir.'
"... ii . I I'-i'i"
.11 II"'
Wlnfli leu Hu km. Karl II
I'liiiiiiiii, Ai.. i ..I Nsrruwi
M I'll'. Il'-ul.h'l.
Appoint I of Adiiiini.l rutin.
Ill till' Hl.'lll.'l ! I I"' i I it" 'if
Miii ilmwftseil.
Niitir" l lii'iiln i' m'M Hi" iill'liT-
i i.i i u i niv sppolntad lbs adnlnU
I lllm il 111" 1 1' 1(1' I'KllI I II llV til" CiilllltV
In. I l I liiriii'v ( 'niiiilv, l IrSfOn, "iiil
i.pli'l I" III il I'll".' WIH in, lllu Ill ll rllti'l-
cil mi Si'iIi'iii1ht I, I'.llll, unit liii liiii'
i'l:illlii.l ll" I'V Is I'l 'n I It lli All MT
I ii. list '" ' l llltSl Wl'l i'MiiI'
un. i 'I'm. a "in .'-i.i iliiiin, witli ru
i ii'hi ill liln "i Rtopi li io'iii" '.I i Iiihii.,1 ' , ii ssl'l a. I iii I ii i I nil 'ir,
nl I.i . i I I " ' , ItSftiP) iir
at III" ulllir "t liin iillin iii'V, A . lam
Illilil, ll! Illil l H, I III'!
P:ili"l ''l"il.,'i 0, ten
hiii. A.I I ki im 1 1 ,
AiIiiiiiii I r il"i' ul llii iiHtitti' nl
Nl.tti A. GsOTgPi ili'Ci'iini'il.
it. !m::mmumttmumm:mmusmiusi
Feed Barn
ll. BLUOTTi I'rop.
Horses Hourdcd by tht
Day, Week or Month
(iiiod Feed and
Iti-jiiuinable prices
: .mill Alii in Sl., Hums
i Unpomci. I
! Ill I 11..
. . 0 llll
i in 'i itio
hill-!,' I ( i mii, ,,i,-... l.iili , Stl I'. I , I.m Lulu .', '.'
, lid Q W..4KL,
I h'lHWIi. Him
i- l.u i i w iii r
ll Mill I ll ' . i . h llMlll i 'llllll
! lo.e Hi MIDI
il I Itt'i I'll 1)11 I'M' I" Ii ln
... 1,,1'iM
lit lllllllil lllll
.i.ii.i ii l, (invtu W, .i hiinii,
. r di Hgon
W I- t lirnlwli-r.
. Ill.l.ll
'I I. Nil I I." It., iVCtlull
II ' I I lll.lin'lli'
.M. '"ll ill IlltBlll lull I" imikr
ii un i iliri "Ii i luiiu i" Hi"
i"i ni ... . .i. .' i.tni ii"
, "ll. i , l.l I . . .Ii l"' . llll .!.. i.t
hl'l'li III! '
I IiiIiiiii'. I limn llll
M illiiiin . "in. Wiilli i
ul i., . Oregon.
. . i-ii'i
Kf. 1. 1. .1. .
Sl I" .il
I n.iiii'H
In il"- .hi; I "iin ul Hi
i in-, lor ii.'.
Ii, ll," M.i I i I 'Ii I lllll
Ph. hi, 1 1. 1 1 a ml
N.ili, iih mt lli" ni .ilm'
iiilliii' I ItS I""" ll .i i "ii'li'il I'lm-i'iilin
III till I (III "I l"l" ill ',1 I. "H . '1,111
tliu ah. in .nil I ' "ii i . All pal "ii
having .iii 'ii"l iihluli' SM
lii'iilii in" illi a in pi lein I1." . .i i ih
i,i, .i il. I ilttl) Kin lliil in ilic
lllillllli'i i'l"i!'l. I I'V I'm'. I" I Ii" llli'lrr
hiiiii il nl t "" i " . Or i" ni, in l"( hurli'B
W. Kills, 111 .ul I'.iin,.', i iir
uou.oiiui I'.'i'ii" i . niis from da's
l'.,l il ... I lli.. i ii iIiUmIiiiI "11 Iin' JOIli
.In ul , t v at ll i 1 ' ' I .' I .
til. I VIS PilAN,
I list "I
CI.. ul. .1 W. I. lli , miiiii lur Ivxniitui.
I ,, uUulU'fttloil I'll ii'lur -Mill, lUI.'l
III I Ullll llll
Tbs only up to dtr Hotpl in Marncy County
Hot mid told water, batby, toilets, wide screened in
porches; nice shany lawn, fishing and hunting near.
Accommodations for 60 guests everything for com
fort ind enjoyment, only white help, home cooking.
Peel Room and First-Class Bar in Connection
Spcciul Rates Given to Fishing and Hunting Parties
in oand New Patbons Will Find the Best Brands Hen
Wiiies, Liquors, and Cigars
Good i rvice, Courteous Treatment
DROP VN Main Street Burns, Oreso
II. lul.i-i IS I'.
i MM' 'i
Mowers, Rakes, Bucks and
all kinds of Haying Tools-
Machine Extras on hand
All kinds of imple
ments for the farm
gas engines, pumps
wagons, shelf hard"
ware, etc., fishing
tackle, guns, am
) munition, campers
supplies, etc., etc.
Get in Your Order for Binder Twine
Wo handle the right kind of
goods at prices that will appeal
to your purse. We are receiving
many consignments-more coming,
so ask for what you don't s e.