The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 13, 1913, Image 4

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This advertised li.t of delinquent kMM
for the year 1918 is in pursuance of U
act of the State legislature, wMb hi
embodied in charter U75 of tlic
GanwralUwt of the 1 9 1 1 Session
The taxes on the foMowiiiK ''"' ' ' '
real property becnine delinquent April I
191S nd are tili.iect to n peimll.v sj 1"
percent, and interest nt the rate of II
percent per nnnnniuntd they ahull Inn.'
late a paid.
Any day after the expiration ol tU
month! after the tnxes chnrged nriiiiiBt
the foUowiiiK real property Ml SMB.
qaent the sheriH. i nuthoiinil. upon Of
maud of any person makiiiK jmttetloil
to Issue to them I certifieate of Ml
qnency upon payment of the
ty, Interest and co.t of advert. i. in
Certificates of delinquency shnll Ih.ui
interest from the date of issuance until
redeemed at the rule of 16 per cent SM
Ahsro, tie. lisU sec M tp W I, r M
890 sere. ",,
Aldrich. Nellie, Uweii Lots 1, -', li
4. 6, , 7, 8 in block 12 I 0
Arsmbnrn, Amos, sw quar M uur,
ssc 17, tp 40 s, r :18 o w m. 40 acres , I
Arsmbum, Krsnk, ae qusr nw qMt
sac 3, Mquar nw qusr Mt4, M aflttl
aw qusr sec 23. sw qusr w qunr sec 111
all in tp 40 s. r 38. Ml Mm ' '' 80
Aastin.Clsrk C.n hslf.ew quai
w qosr, ssc lft, nw MM nw MM m -'
tp 26 ., r 30 e w m. 100 seres M -'
Aultmin, W 1). n hall Ml M, M' W
THtws. Nacres W 16
Aesrill. Norrosn S, o half MM 10 tp M
s, r S3V. a w m. 32tl scree. 16 00
Able, W II, e half s quar sec 21, sw
quar sw quar sec 80, ne qusr OS quar
ate 14, tp 82 a, r 88 e w iu. 100 acres
14 HO
Acty, Herman, a half so quar see IS,
nw qusr ne quar sec IS, sw qusr se quar
aec 7, tp40e, rSOe w m. 100 acres 6 :il
Anamns, C B, se qnar so qusr, lots 7
and 8, s.-c 21, tp SB s, r Ht W . 70
acres -'"''
Ausiiius, Mrs. Daita, nw ipisr ne qusr
eac 20, tp 24 s, r 34 e w in. 40 acres 0 40
Baker, A B, n half sec 10, tp M I. t
28 e w m. 320 acres II
Baker, Mary J, s half as IS, IpMl
rSism. 320 acres ' '-' s"
Baker, Jas 0, shall sec 30. lp M s,
rSOowm. 320 acres. 10 61
Baker, Mabel S, n half MM 86, tp M I
r SO e w m. 320 acres. 10 50
Baughman, CSsM II, lot 1, lie quar no
qnar sec 18, tp84 s, r :10 e w in. M0
sere. M SO
Beary, 0, w half se quar; M qua' He
quar sec 18, nw quar ne quar tag LI, lp
S6 s, r 31 w in ItM) acres 1 1 SI
Bonham, Jay, n hall ne quar ; s halt
aw quar sec 12, tp M s, r M e w m. 100
acres W
Bennett, Jason (Hat.) nw quar sal M
tp 83 s, r BOH I w in. 1'.0 sen HI II
Bennett, Matilda, n half M qOM SM
27, tp 23 s, r 32,4. 81) acres 7 M
Beery, Ralph U, ne quar SSC SO, tp tfl
s, r 31 e w m. 100 scree II 71
Bchon, lieo V, w ball sw quar sit St,
tp 33 s, r 31 e w m. 80 acres. 0 00
Bordon, Co Chss, sw quar ass 0, tp 21
a, r 38 e win. 100 scree 13 OS
Boas, Chas L, s half ne quar , M quar
seqoar sec 30, tp 2S s, r 25 e w in (00
acres 5 00
Bradley, Chas. K. ne quar tec 21, tp
27 s, r 34 e w in. 100 seres 2137
Braum, CH.seqiiar sec 10, lp SJ ,
r 85 e w in. 1C0 acres. 5 08
Breedlove, J W, lot 3, aec 5, tp SO s,
r SI e in. 41 acres ,61
Bressler Bertha, e half MS 10, tp 30 s,
r 34 e w in. 320 acres. 10 10
Bressler, Fred K, n hull' sec lti, tp SO I,
r 34 e w in. 320 aires 10 10
Brown, J M, nw quar sw quar sec 22,
tp 24 s, r 36 e w m. 40 acres .77
Brown, It J, se quar sw quar lasSO,
tp85s, r 24 e w in. 40 acres SI
Banyard, LK,sv quar nw qunr mi IS,
saquar nw quar; n half sw quar; se
qnar sw quar sec 22, lp 21 s, r 32 e w m.
200 acres and Harney lots 7 and H block
11 77 22
Bunyard, Maud, ne quar nw qusr, w
hall ne quar ; as quar ne quar see -', tp
21s, r 32 e w in. 100 acres '.'0 10
Campbell, II F, ne quar lie quar; s
half ne qcar u se quar nw quar sec IS,
a bslf nw qnar; w hall sw quar , se quar
sw qusr; nw quar nw quar aec 30, tp 20
s, r 28 e w in 400 acres and Morrison's
Addition to Hums Lots 1, 2, 7, 8 in
block 20 113 00
Can field, C W, se qusr sw quar;nw
qusr is qnar sec 20, e half He quar ; se
qosr ne quar; ne quar nw HMaaaSS,
tp 40 s, r 38 e w m 240 acres 4 20
Caraga, Psbls I'., ar qnar ne quar see
35, tp 40 s, r 38 e w m 40 acres 70
Cawlfield, Frank, lots 3 and I sec 27,
lot 4 sec 28, tp 28 s, i 31 e w m 18 acres
Ohapln, Florence, n half sw quai ; se
quar sw quar; sw quar su qanr an- 1H
tp 21 s, r 2) e w m 100 acres S.00
Cbote, Babe, sw qusr sw quar sec 35,
tp 40, w half uw quar; nw quar su qami
sec 2,tp 41 s,r 36 e w in 100 acres 17 01
Clark, Thos L, ,', interest a half nw
quar; sw qosr ne quar ; nw quar M quar
sec 27, tp 22 s, r 2K e w m K0 seres 7. In
Clark, John It, s half nw quar; u hall
SW qusr, sec 0, tpVSs, r 27 e w in 161
acres 10 04
Clsrk, Albert J, w hslf sec 10, tp 24 s,
r 27 e w in 320 acres 10 00
Coffee, Kobt s hslf sec 10, tp II s
r 36 e w m 320 II SB
Coffee, K, lots I, 2, 3, 4, see
10, tp3Hs, r 35e w in 131 acres 178
Coffman, Thos J, w half sec 30, tp 37
a, r 36 e win 320 acres II SO
Cooant, America K, s half kit 10, tp
SO a, r 82 e w m 320 acres 10 1 II
Conant, J L. n half sec 10, tp ::n s, r
Sic wm 820 acres 10 10
Conlev, Jss L, se quar sec 20, lp 25 s,
r 81, sw quar sec 30, tp 22 s, r 26 e w In
880 h res 3100
Carwin J W, se quar sec 10, tp 20 s, r
86 e w m. 100 acre 7 SB
(Jottam, C W, nw quar ; w half lie quar ;
n ball sw quar aec 10, tp 20 h, r 30 e w
m 320 acres 10 40
Crtmer, Chas, Urewsey, lot 6 block
10 H
Cretton, II J, n half ne qua i mi 86,
tp 14 s, r 27 e w in HO acres 6 00
Crespmiii, U II, ii half, Sj 30, lp 21 s,
r 26 e w in. 320 acres 10 00
Carlson, John t), ne quai sw MM,
n half se quar, sw quar, Be quiii nee 2 lp
S6t, r8D, e w m. lOOucres 16 75
Curtner Wm S, ne quur, sec .10, tp 26
s, r 2U, r w in 100 acres 7 00
Callow, J J, lots 2 ami 3, a half nw
quar sec 3, tp 40 s, r 36 e w in. 150
Callow. Margarett, s half ne quar,
sctpmrnwqunr, ne qnar sw qnar, sec 4
lp 10 s. r 86 e w m. 160 acres 6 60
look a Howell, all, sec 16, tp 27 s, r
:il , m i. 010 acres 18 00
i Anris, Susie V, sw quar sec II, tp
20 s i 31 e w mi. 100 acres 10 00
liavis, .1 C, s half ne quar, e half se
qunr, nw qtuir so quar, se quarnw quar,
si Mil mw qunr sec 82, tp 18 s, r SIM c
w ,n 320 acres w
I'.ivin, Mulhew S, n hnll nw quar, se
qunr nw qunr sw quar ne qunr aec 14,
tp 30 s, r 35 e w in. 160 acres 2 70
Heul. Mnrtin, lots 1 nnd 2, c hnlfnw
iin ii ne 3i, tp 24 s, rnttwat ir.7
acre. -8 ao
llecdi, Sain C, e half nc qusr, nw qnnr
ue qn.-n, ne qunr nw qunr sec 13, tp 27 s,
r M e w m. 100 acre. 20 26
Heniuiiu, Minnie V, nw qunr sec 12, tp
M , i is s w m. MS Mm 17 74
iviwilcr, Clark B, 4 int e hnll nw
qunr, sw qunr ne qnnr sec 27, tp 22 s,
i M w m. HO acre. 7 40
DkksnSOO, H A, llurn. s hnll block
0 4C
liuukiii, Hurry M. . hnlf nw qunr kc
4, n hnll' nw quar sec t, tp 22 s, r 27 e w
in. 160 Mm 20 OH
llunkin.C. 0, sw quar sec 2H, tp 22 s,
r 32 c w m. 100 neres II 60
l.ichner, Nick, lot 4, w quar nw quar,
w half w quar sec 8, tp 83 s, r Site w
mi 1. "ol acres 140
Khbors, tlustnve A, I half ne quar
s, , IS, hull ii w quar sec 20, tp 24 s,
i 32' c w in. 100 acres 80 26
Cider, Willis J, e half se quar sec 10,
I., in r .'to r w ill. HO acre. 3 50
r.lliott, Cortis 15, se qunr ne, qunr, ne
qimi se quar sec 33, w half sw qunr sec
31, tp 21 s, r 321, e w in. lilt) acres 7 00
lAeiliarl, John, e hnlf se qunr sec 31 ,
i ii -'r, r 2t a w in. SO acres H 70
l'lirbcr, Arnold, n hnlf sec 80, tp 20 s
i 86 c w in. 320 ncres 1 1 20
Furliei , Mrs Alma, e hall I hnlf, sw
qimr se qunr sec 10, tp 20 s, r 30 e w
"(III r.err 7 00
fellow., Jna D, se quar sw qunr sec
lii. (p 31 s, r 82'u e w m 40 ncres 0 0,
1 'telds, Chas, uw qunr sec 24, tp 38 8,
r 31 e m. 100 acres II II
Foster, Ignore C, e bnlf ne quar sec H,
u half nw quar sec , tp 26 s, r 83 e w
in HID acnes 17 55
Fritch Wm II, s half nw qunrlots 3
and 4, w hall ne quar, se quar ne quni ,
nw qunr so qunr sec 6, tp '17 s, r 3 I
in. 320 acres 30OO
liihson, IJeo F, s hnlf se qunr sec 1H,
I hull ne qunr sec IB, tp 25 s, r 2U e w
in. 100 ncre. 13 05
OlariS, Maud K, s half see 36, tp 32 s,
i 20 e w in. 320 ncres 10 10
OoasOow, Henry, Hiirney, lot. I nnd
I block 0 10 23
C.rnhnm, Ceo, s hnlf se qunr, nw quar
e qunr BSt 23. lp 21 s, r 2e w m. 120
acres 10 73
CreenhnlKh, Stephen, s hall nw quar.
ne ouai sw qunr, nw qunr se quar sec
81, lp 20 s, r IS e w in. 100 acres 13 80
Crcenlce. W C, s half nw qunr sec 13,
lp 21 s, r 33 e w m. HO acres 1 00
(i.iodlow, k 0, w hnllsw qunr, se quar
s quar, w quar se quar sec 16, tp 21 s,
, Si c w in. 160 ncres 16 00
llalhersoii, K J. r half see 10. tp 32 M
i St w m 320 acres 10 III
Hamilton, II W. Hums lots 3 and 4
block 14 20 42
Hammond, M, nw qusr te quar
M-e 10. tp 25 s, r 30 cw m. 40 acres 3 60
Huulev. E II. Burns lot 3hlock2 2 16
llaiiM-n, II. A, s hall uw quar, w half
sw quur sec 10 tp 28 s, r 33 a w m. MB
seres I 20
Hansen, Ja. C, n half nw quar. w hal
ne quar aec 10, tp 28 s, r 33 a w mi. 100
acres I 80
Hathaway, Henry, w half nw quar
nee 31, ii half uu quur acr 33, tp 21 , r
.:. e wm. 160 acres 14 40
Henderson, II. n hslf ne quar, ne
quar n quur sec 30, tp 27 s, r 2U e w ui.
1 80 acres 5 25
Henderson, John, nw quar sec 10, tp
40 a, r 30 e w iu. 160 acres I M
Heritage, Frsncess V, ne qusr se
quar, e half ne quar sec IS, se qusr se
quar nw quar su quar, w hall ne quar
pee II, tp 40 s, r 37 e w iii. 100 acres
4 01
H.ii in, Wm, ne quar aec 311, Tp 28 s,
r 80, nw qnnr nw quar sec 30, lp 24 s, r
27 e w in. 800 acres II 26
Hester, Krnesi, nw quar, n hall sw
quar sec 38, tp 23 s, r 26 e w in. 240
acres 7 60
Hicks, Jas L, lots 8- and I se quar
nw quar sec 0, tp 80 s, r 81 e w in.
171 acres II 12
Hill, Mary L, a half nw quar, aw
quar ne quar tec 23, ne quar nw qunr
sec 28, se quar nw quar, na qnar sw quar
sec : 3, e half, w ball w hall sec 36, tp 40
n, r 37 e w in. 720 acres 3.1 M)
Hill, Mndallue L, se qunr sr quar; nw
quar se quar; ne qunr ne quar sec 25,
e half se quar ; w hall ne quar sec 24, se
1 u.n S quar sec 13 tp 40 s, r 37 e w in
320 seres 5 00
Hodge, ll A, se qusr we 1(1, tp 26 s, r
2H e in 100 acres 5 80
Hooper, 0 M, e half sec 30, tp 2H s, r
il e w in 380 acres 80
Howell Harry, Lola 1, 2, 3, sec 2, tp
23 s, r 31 w in 180 acre. 1 1 37
Hoyt.J I), s half se quar sec 20, sw
quar aw quur see 28, uw quar nw quar;
e hall nw quar ; sw quar ne quar ; n ball
se qnar sec 33, uw quar sw quur ; a q.ill
nwquur, ne quar nw quar ; n half ue
quar; sw quar ne quar sec 34, tp 80 s, r
2H e w in 010 acres 114 20
Hoy I, 0 II, h half sec 10, tp 30 s, r 35
e w iii 320 acres 10 10
Huffman, Mart, lie quar nee 31, tp 26
s, r 31 e w m 100 Seres 15 76
IIukImiI, l.illie, ii half nwquar; sequai
nw quar ; sw quar ue quar sec 9, w ball
nw qnar ; uw quar sw quar; ue quar ne
quar sec 10, uw quar se qusr : e half se
quur sec 3, s half nw quar ; i w quar sec
4, n half no quar; se quir ne qnar; no
quarse quar see 9 ; sa qusr sa qosr see 6,
tp 27 s, r 2(1 e w m 880 acres and Hums
lot 7 SO 8 block I 88 77
1 1 ungate, F K, se qnar sec 30 lp 20 s,
r 31 ew in 100 acres II 70
llurlesa, Jennie, w half nw
10, tp 23 s, r 26 o w m 80 acres 3 00
Ireland, 1 O, ne quar sec 10, tp 10 s,
r 33 e w in 100 acres, lots 1, 3, V, 4, 6,
0, 7, 8, iu block 22, lots 3, 4, 6, O, In
block 23 all In Morrl.ons addition in
Hums 30 26
Jsckson, A ma J, w bslf sec 10, tp30s,
r 30 e w in 820 acres 10 10
Jenkins, John C, sequarsac 32, tp 24
s, r 33 e w m ISO seres 16 00
Johnson, lion C, e half se quar se quar
sec 5, lp 21 a, r 32 e w in 20 acres 1 05
Johnson, I'. K, sw qusr nw quar; w
half sw quar ; se quai sw quar sac 29, tp
Ills, r 31 o w ui 100 acres 10 00
Johnson, John C, lots 2, 3 ssc 20, e
28 e w ru 108 seres 6 09
Johnson, Twis I, ne qaar see 31, tp
24 ., r 81 e w m 100 acres 1 1 28
Jones, Hobt, nw qusr ss qusr ssc 18.
tp 80 s, r 31 e w in 40 acres 2.60
.lordau, J II, se qusr se qusr sec 31,
nw quar nw qusr ssc 38, tp 39 s, sw qusr
nw quar ; se quar sw quar sec 6, se qusr
sw quar sec 3, quar lie quai tec , 8 sn quar .ec IK, so quar se qusr sec
111, lp 10 ", r 38e w m 820 acres 8 91
Kane, Rather, . hsll son 30, lp89s,
r 34 w m 380 acres 10 40
Kegler, Kate, s hall see 10, lp 30 s, r
31 e w in 10 10
Keye nnd Stndalieckor, n hnll a hslf;
se quar sn qunr sec 10, sw quar ne qnnr ;
ii hnlf ae qunr; u half nw quar sec 29, ne
qunr ne quar sen 80, lp 21 e r 27, o hslf
ne quai ; nw MM no qnar mic 10, tp
21 a, r 20, n half na qusr sec 3'.,
hslf se qnar sec 20, tp 0 s, r 20, w
half no quni ; se qnar nw quar;
nwquar sequai ' 38, tp 19 S, IIS qusr
so qusr; aw qnnr ne quar sec 7, n half
sw qnar kM H, tp 20 s, r 87, n hall nw
quar ; se qusr nw qusr ; nw quar ns qusr
sec 2.1, n hslf nw qusr ; ss qusr nw qusr
sec 111, n quar sw qnnr sec II, lpI s,
r 20, e w m 1355 ncre. 74 00
KIimIIs llaui I', let I, . hall nw quar SM .'
t.iil I nee 1. li'MI,l'Sa wa ISO SOrs. IS n
Kin.. OaSS A W hnll W half are 14, Ip W a. r
Us o w m UW acre" IW
Kltmilllor. K I', w hall aec IS, tp a, r a a w
IB lljoaena ISO)
Kernel- I, II, a hall aw ipiar; no.uar ui lar;
ae iplar tin iplar. ne iiiar see HI, 1 1 tat ., X! e
I sans, 17 41
l.ani. SrsaaiSSS, an ipiar aw ilU.r, BM , I
half n iniar, aw asjsj uw ipiar see se, Ip In. r
use w m Masses' II Julaa Miller, e half e hall aae M, l
.'.! a, i xi "' ii hi ii-o at era ' ' US
l.sak, Anna U . a hall aa BMfl hall ae iusr
aue is, lp XI a, r .11 e in mi seres 1 1 70
l.lhhy, SssmSOSS qunr are I. ip .'la. rims
w in Iihi acraa '! so
I 01 la, Huals M. nw aaajl n hall aw quar; nw
qnar ae qusr: aw quar ue quar ase :M, Ip ma, r
SI r iu Je aerea 10 40
MmMiaaua, las, na quar ane J. lp sa a, r U a w
in ISO serea 7 ' '
l.oliKh. John II i hall nw qnar. aw quar uw
quar aae a, ae quar aw qtiar Ma '. Ip '14 a, r W
e w ui Ii4i aciv. II 8ft
I nr, Qaa W, lea 1 1 nw quar aw quar
ne iiuai iste ae. lp '1 a, rl.1i in IA7 seres IS JA
I yle. K il, n hall BBS is, In a. r M a w ro
ssjaatss lo a)
I.) Ir I aura, a hall aae IS, l. .- . r ...i in
SHasrss io40
leak, 1 0, w hall nw quar sue i". aw quar uw
qnar aae UK aw 'i'iai na quar as 17, Ip 87 a, let
1 aae :ai. lp SB a, lie quar lie quar aec 4, tp SB a,
ae quar aw quar. aw quar aa quar see 7, tp 41 a,
ti, ne quar ne quar are 7. aw quar nw quar aae
n ii w asjM SSSBSrasa IS, ip.i7a, r sri't, a quar
aw quar aae IS. lp 31 a, nw quar aw quar Ben i'.lp
Xi a il , ne q'-isi us quar mf I, tp .u a. uril,
n. quar nw qaar are I, Ipsria. r .'. aw quar as
quar aee l: lp ;aj a. r is, nw quar uw qua! nee 2,
li hall no quar, la quar na quar ave 5, a hall
aw quar sec If, u hall uw quar sac I". Ip St a.
r II r w in IM0 serea 15 M
MaSlson. I.llllaii. ii hall aar in, ip.iu ., r SBs
w in .ijo arrra 10 Ml
Ma. II... li. Haul. II II, a hall aae III, SB I a. r
arte w III .i.ii aeiea 0 SO
Mall..-.n I. l.itf, ii w quur ur quar. t hall
nw qusr . nc quar aw quar are 77, I p IS a, i 14 a
w in I--1 aerra 7 so
Martin, Mia Mien. Ma I.J. I, 4, r hall nw
Bjaai ne qusr aw quar are HI, SaSSa, rl.'a w
iu iJi aerea -' l'
Mathrrann, Juhu, SS BSjari a hall aw quar. a
hall ue quar ase SA, IpSOa. r XI s w an nOarraa
10 K
ili.eiit llrnn S. ii w ijuar are U. Ip M a r S4
.. w in Ml arrra lA
Miller, Kmnia lot a are .':. a ball sw qua aw
qnar an quar are .i. u hall nw quar, nwquar
na quar see K. h.l I awe 17, lp . a. r m4 a w an
-MHacrra 144
Murrla, K D, uw quar ase SB, tp aft a, rlnr a
I'-o an. . 7 00
Murrla J II. a hall aae 30, lp r, a. r SA a w la
Mnula. I' K. u hall ari js. lp r, a. ISHS
.i.t asrss ii 'io
Mutl. W N. w half are sn, tp .') . r . I i w in
i.liai-ua l"IB
KfSSS, llrnnaii I., aw qusr aw quar H, tp
ti r .11 r w in SI ansa 3 A4
Myara. A 1. o hall, tt- In, tp 37 s. r M a w m
.Tjoarroa lies
Msegregur, it H, nw quar aae as, lp JB a. r SSs
w in ii aerea S
Mrllrldr. Qatar, nw quar ae 14. ip '.'i . t :: r
w iii ISO sere, J! 00
Mm line, K,'. II It, ae qnar uw quar; aw
quar in- quar, na quar aw qusr, nw qnar a.
saBreatSBi iiiii.r.Ham too seres 7fle
ML-lMniait!. I II, w ball ne quar: halloa
quar tee jr., Ip',14 a, r 77 W tti 160 artea II IB
Mi Klilewni y. Helen M, a ball an It., lp n a.
r .13 w iu IUI ao. re I'i 40
M.KI'.i.mi. Waller li hall ere 3B, Ip SB a r II
a w IU SJ0 seraa 10 AS
MrMahmi, Jas, a hall aw qosr ase 4, se quar
naqiiar, Iota ami -i see S, Ip 27 s, rllrw
iu Imi nerss IS 49
MiNamary. H K, ne quar ase., Ipsa a. r Sis
w in. ISO acres II ift
Mi hula, 0 V. ii ball aw quar, nw quar ac
quar. aw quar na quar are IB, lp SA a, r M a w m
160 arrra t 00
Norllirru I'aelflr It Ilea,. I. .la I and 'isua'JB
tptfta, r SI, ne quar ne quar see JS. Ip3s a, r S4
. ., ii, ro aerea A 10
I'arvlu Aihlh. ii hall see SB, Ip SB a, r il n
III .i.ll ae tea 10 IB
I'lilllll. A II. nw quar, w ball ur quar, us
qusr nr quar are ;IA, na quar na quar see 34, nw
quar are :al, ip'JB i r 14S w m. HO aerra 710
1'iiwera, I'has, I hall ' . ip'.ii a. r I a w in
:i.iiaio. 1190
I'rryu, Henry, tw quar w, lp'14s, r 31 a w
01 IIHI acres II8A
I'UBh, II, w hall aue an, Ip .17 a, r SS B w in
l-D ai r, a 10 IB
I'llKh, Mar,, ae quar aee IB, tp 3 a, r 77 s w ro
I "lie or 106
lUllil'lK,. li. i Mela I', IIS quar are .14. lp U n,
r :..!. w III toil Saaj 14 7A
Kaaruuhaeu nn.l Harr, a hall lee -v lp hi a. r
71 a w III 310 aerea 10 40
Kerau. II H, n half aee HI, lp 30 a, r ana w at
..11 air. i 10 IB
Ke aa. I.rai e, a hall lia quar; uw qnar nr
quar, aa quar uw quar nar 'SI, tp -JO a, r 3A a w
in lot) aire. "J 7A
Keller, J oli i I', w half arc 70, lp A ., r S3 w
in ill aire. 3)70
Hllay, larl, lirrwary lula a 4 hlork B IASS
Uuherlann, Krnil J, lula 3 and 4 are 7, lula I, J
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Kntiertauii, Kva w hall aee so, tp'JVa, r 80 t
w in SJD at re. UI IB
lliiiiuaeville Tuaiislla.e half nw quar; u hall
aw quar tec II. w h all nw quar ae quar nwquar.
aw quar nr quar sat 10. Ip40a. r 3A, aw qusr
nw quar; aa quar aue as, lp ID a, r SBu w in 830
hi i. . 17 St
lluali, Jaa quar aee s, q. li ,, , U', a w
in 100 aei e. 70 'IA
Nanliurli, K'ail 11, uw quai are 3ll,tplB, r 31
u w in li.u ai i. . II IN)
;-iilil.. li, Mnianiel.e hall .el III, I 11 III M, r .'S
e w ru lie aerea 7U0O
Nauileraiui, Will W, a hall ar quar aae IB, tp
JAa, r lis win soaorra 3 M
Sa.ireh, Use W, is quar aae 30, lp 70 a, r 7s,
nw qusr aae ;sl, lp TO a, r 77 e w in K ai rea
17 SO
Helena. Wm, u hall uw quar, uw qusr no
quai aee in, lp :m a, r 34 a w in. 170 aires I. no, a hall .ue III. Ip77s, r 84 a w in
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eh an li'iei A, 11 half .re s,a8! a r .11 e H III
svoacraa IB 00
Khepard, Jaur, (rail ew quar ae, jiiar, uu quar
aw quar tee 7, tp To s, r 87 s w iu so acraa II M
Hiiiipauii, W . , .aqiiar ue quar are nil. na qnar
nwquar, us quar aw quur auti ill, tp 14 a, r 81
a a in. ITOatirua j flu
Hkuall, I'liaa W, re quar aae IB, Ip 'IB a, r SA u
w iu 100 ne, e. SJ
HHiiner, l.ui J, a ball .a quar aae MB. lp iv .
r 10 n w in SU aerea 8 UI
Hiniili, Mela, nw quar see 10. Ip 14 a, r:rluw
in. im aero. 18 00
He inh, Kill., tw quar aee in, ip'JO a, r 80 w
in in) auras 7 to
Suydsr, Klla 0, a half aae .a,, lp '40 b, r 80 w
111. 870 aero. jsuo
Huldara, SO. fw qusr sso 4, tp II 1, r'lAe w in.
I'alairea SSaj
Sparllug, ( In. I., so quar are i'i, Ip 74 s, r 87
e w 111. 100 acres 18 06
sparling, Annie, uu quar aee 11 1,, 14 a, r in a
w 111 100 auras IB 06
spiirlueh, Chaa It, uw qusr aae'iB s, r SO
Slaton, Unas, n hall an IB, tp 31 a, r 17 a w in
SaO sores lots
Stella, I'sulliie, 11 hslf see IB, IpSB s, r SA a w
in 870 serss 10 40
Sirlrkllof, I' W, w hall are Ipsls, r 7As w
in . 11 a, 1 -a 10 III
rllrlcsllni, N M, e hall are SA, tp 81 a, r 16 s
h ui tun tots
Tartar, Viols 1. a half nw quar, w hall aw
quar aae 14, lp. '4 a, r 3? r w in. inuaerra Ills)
lavlur, Kd K, 11 half are sn, lp 74 a, 1 sn r w in
an aerea H
lllelnaa, Wr, asqiiar nw qusr, II hall aw qusr
san SU. In SB s. r ISr n 111 1. 11 aerea ATI
Tukle, rhrlallsii J, a hall aee in, Ip.TIa. r 14
a w in mo sores 10 in
Truemsn, J II, w hall sen nn.lpssa, r 84 a w
III .lllaeiea U' 40
Turplli. Killlll. nw qllsrsuelS, lilla,i :ll r
w in loo .eras
1 werd.i hrlailan 0, aw quar are so, Ip in a, r
so a win lo aerra in 7S
VrllBlur, A ill I K, Hums s hall hlnek 33 H Ml
U. .era, I J, Hartley lula Band llblni'k III ISM
Vusa. Anini, a hall aae in, tp is a, r 31 a w in
1J0 aerea "
Ward, H We halt aw Jn, MM a, rSJ'.aw m
30 serss "" "O
ward, Mararell. Iin quar aee'JB, tp '.'4 S, r Sll
a win 310 aerea ' ""
Waahhiiru . Hau 8, a hall aae 30, lp :il a, r 14 a
w in 840 aerra '" IB
Weekler, W I', nw quar nr quar, a half na
quar, ueuii.i ss qusr see II, tp II s, r 81e w in.
inn aerra '3 10
Waiherhy, H, Steal! nequsr, na quar aw quar
aa.- 78, tp at s r m, a hall aar , lp IB s, r IM, uw
qusr. n ball sw quar, nw quar aa quar, aw quar
ne qusr ase SO. tp is a. r int. lot I sec 10, tp III s,
r ai't, all see an, ii.'n,i . Hi aSM
Ml 88
WIImii, II M, so quar ae quai aee Is, tp jn a, r
31 ii w in 40 aee. I '
Wood. W I', Il ballsoe SB, Ipllia, r3Sn w in M
aerea " H
Wiunlrult, M A, an quar Be qusr aee u, na
quar uw qusr, w hall nr qunr aue 18, Ipll a, i ,18
a w in. ISO arras II 11
Workman. W II, ne quar M S, If '' a, r IB s
w in. 1.0 aerea ' 7A
Wfall, Kred I piai aec II, lp la a, r 98 w
in ISO serea A JB
Wyall (rati Clark, n hall ne quar aee 3u. l, .'.'
a r avi, r w iii so acres is AS
nlde. Ihira II, aw quar tSS IB. Ip 40 a, ran s
w ui inuaerea niiO
ullna, w . ball aee an, iplsa. r ;S) e w in
.11 a, lea mill
Sllaerl leek Irlrphone ro, 41 mllra uf lair
phuiia Una, ' "I
A. K. kll'IIAIll'SiiN,
Sheriff and Tai Collector
I sitsi. HTaTaal inlillirii a. i
llurn. lireaim, Mi(ual al, in- I
Nullee la harehy alreu that I'nrry K
sin y Hi. ! Hinltli. iireauii. w.iu uujnnr II. lulu,
made Kuln Ku 0IS7V, lur HSSK',,
Ha-. 74. NK', aud .N'Hrt't. Haitian , Tiiwu
ahlp 30 H , Haass B4 IC , Wlllaunll, Me, I
.Hau, baa flla.1 nullee u: ititniiiiini in taaai
hnal liner ,rar I'rn.if. Iu ralahllab , lalln In III.
land above .It ..-Ml, eil. In lure Itralaler ami
HerelVer. at hum.. Oreai.a, Im the 41 li day ol
II, 1 1 iliei. I'll I
I lalnialil nam., a. wltneaa, a ami I ha. Minor l..,n, ,,l
Htnllb, Ore.un, K J. In, aud M. Unman
hoth ul AIIm-ibiiIi OfSBJeSI
VAa. I .aar. . lal,
rmtin HrATut.ANiiOrin .
Huriiw, ortKiin ,M M, Vl-i
SiMlrfi la hor.-tiy givr-j Hist itvA Mftlk. ol
Narn.wt, t)rrgm, wli, CM Nov lit, ln. Nov
iM. IWI 1 nnd Attnust .'.' 1 '1 rti-4j ilvrl, , uiflilti
Mituirclvosl Kntile. Nim HaiUV. tr . i.l i..v4h.
(or SW-.S',, N',SWl,,haT . .,.1 Mla-NK',
Ninl K'NfC. Htf H.tti A, lowuslilp XH , Alifi
H . rt UlsaiMi-lf. Is1twrl1ls.ii, has fllrtl SsOllM
in.i niuii. t.i i!....' flnsil Ihtrt- in I'f.i'i In
tnlihih i ! I in to lliv Untl stl.tin- tlt-Ht, !
for lifrf litrr ml KrMlvrr, at fturti. OragiiU
UU toe Ml, iUy uf m,.,,(, IMi r, Itil
I -Ml t nsniira lln.ast -
Koaa l.iiisTf. uf Narrows. CirtfKini, tsnotl M
HroMO. al Burns, tir -ajrui, John Ali'tvainlnr anl
MrruiMIl Mai . n of Narrovta, r.'i"ii
Wtt KtSKt Krtiist' i
Hurm tirpgon, Auitust li.. Ivtl ,
Notlt Is h.nlir ihfh thai Janus M llao
lrriip, of Narrows, orngstn whuuti Kwl.ntary
i. I'V ina'li' Moinoaii snl . him No "i'i
iiattl..H H. T jt. M . k .10 V. , ana Uitall
and li, tn tiui, i luwnshlji B Kancr ,
Wtllamrttc Mrrldian. haa rfltxl nolir uf litlrn
tlvo to make? dual lit ytiar i.rtMif, it,
i la iin to thn Uml tslMiVt d- t l(ttt. Iwfurr Hvh
Utrr and Itcorlvtr. al (turns. Oregon, on tin
.''III da Ol M-,l-nl-f - , I 'I
i laintaiii i.aiua tu wllnaissra
Kdwln i.rlffln.Nam Mldwluirr i liarlr- riu
rrald ami lladdi n Klhoit. all 1 Narrnws,
W hj. run. Kralat.r
1'NITpli sT4Tata (.AMI) Usru K
Until', Orcffufi, August 7, WIS
NolUe is linrtjlrf alviMi that Alirn K. (iraham
ol Harrlmaii, Orratcn, who m Ajiri) jn, tvlu,
trtftda llomralvad Ktiiit No. iH.w: foi
iH1, Hrntoii 17. lovtustnp A'. H , Itsnil U K
". lllamHttf Wril.llpii. has Hind lio'ti r ul liilm
iluu lo ina Kual rhratr car I'ttsol. to ial'Hsh
rlaiui lothn lalld n1o ilvrrlltrd, heftirt' l, g
later and Htxyilvar. at Hurtia Oragten, ua iK
I .11; day ol rtVdriii1.4i, I'd
i I at tn ant naint'a aa wltuaaaca
1'lioiuaa Koullrv. Man Uard. Jtdill Oaril
alt of I.awni, tiirgiiii. T. ('. Albrlllon f
Wm raa. Kvglsti r
Hurna l.iai No. 13
HkiTsnHr.T.a Ion, iirrn .,
llurn. ore.uu, July 1&. I. II
Nidlrn la harehy given ibal ibe Nurlheru
I aeine Hallway I urn pauy, wheat Inialunii a a, I
drsaa Is HI Paul, allnneaula. haa thla l.lh dai
ul July 1UIH, filed In till, ellle. Ila appli alum In
aririi nniiei ,n, .r,,iai.,u. or lee art ni i uu
.rea. .pprnved July I. Iv 1WHI.1 De7. SSSi
HK', ul NWI,. Hee. 14 .H .TIK W. M 40.UU
H.nal N,, la.'im
Any and all perauua i laitnlu. adverarly ihr
laud. tleaeilU -I nr deal 1 1 n a In ulilrel In'eauar
ul Ibe mineral i liaraeter ol Ilia laud, ur fur any
iilher reaaun Iu the dlapnaal toapplleaut ahuuld
nir inro amaavlla ul ,rural In thla urSir.
or iMilurn the day ul Hupteutliair. IVI.l
WM KtSSB. Ile.laler
Saras, Oregou, Auguat Is, lul.i
Sallru la buiuhy alu'ii Ihal lira H llaiulloiii.
uf l.awen. lire. .in. who, nil Hrpl I. 1'am, iiiailn
niineaieaii rilliy n liaai.i, Inimi', HiiUun
1.. I.iwnalilp .'4 H llalige :!', K, Wlllalnrllr
Meridian haa tiled nutiie ,il fulenilon In make
Atlal three rar pruOt Ine.lal hah elallll In tin
land alHiye draerlhed. lle.i.iei and
II, , al'.rr, al llurn., iire.un. nn the lllrd lai ul
.iplriuuer l-il .
I lal maul naluaaaa wltneaaea
laaa vary, Alln.rt (leorsa, Imlh mi Lassn,
iiieaiei l,en lliiehanaii nlllui hanan, iireauii,
r laiia r. i.nwai, i.l lluiiia. (irr.iiu
Wm Pabsb Hi ill" lei
Horn. Mat Nu. SI
llurna, llru., July it,, mill
Soil, e la harehy .ueu Ibalthe Norlharli I'mllle
Hallway Tn in a ii. . whnan pual orSer aildrvaa la
hi. I'auf, Mluiieaula, haa this 1Mb day ul Jul)
lull Sled Iu Una iiBIi Ita appllralluu Iu aelael
under the iirovlaluna nf the art uf Conirsaa an
pruved Jiify I, lass BO Hial f7 Biaij
Hw, UHK4. Hue HI mH UK M Iii i.i
Serial No.OtrlllU
Any and all prraiina elalmlllg advurael, tin,
lamia deaerlln il, ur ilealrlua In uhleel heeaiiae
ul the inlneial i haracter olfha land, ur fur any
uthrr reaaiili.lulhr ilia imaa I Iu applleam ahuuld
llln their affidavit. Ill nriile.l In thla,, 111
or helore i he irdh day of Meplombor, 11)1,1
Ws raaiiK, Itr.lalur.
llurna. iireauii Aiiauat III en i I
Slllll'lll. ll.I.lil uU..,ilh., U'lilt.... u. u....
nl llllry, Uraa wliii no May IB, I1SBI, made
lluunaleail Kntiy, No 0IM0, nrNljN', Hee
Hull I), li.w nalilii 1.1 H , Kalis. Ill K. Wlllauielle
Meildlan. haa II led mil lee nf liiluiiUini tu inakr
tlnal three year pruuf, tu eauhllah i lahu in
Ihe land bIhiv. daaerllied, hefnra Itrglaler ami
ItSorlver. al llurn., Oie.iiu oil Ihe II, I,, ,,
Heulrmher IMS
( lalmuut uuinea aa wlturaaea
Pred Htur.ra, Walter Keaaluaer, Klmil Ksas
Inner, II II I hiinipauii. all ul llllry , Uregua
Wm rasas. Heslaler
Uiiriia. OiuaoS, Annual 14, Ills. I
Niltlii. la hurali iri.uii Ui.) , u. .!.....
aou.of llrswari (Irr.uU, whu oil Hi I II .uu
am iapri. i.iiu r. nil j , n, ti.m.i niire.MI '
auillMjjlUC.Hii 1 .1 Tuwuebtp IUH , lanaa.l.ii.;
a , Wlliainaile Melli'lau, baa Iliad Holler ul
1 lite III I. , I, 111 i,l,i Ileal a....... ... ..u.u,ll....
elallu lulhe laud ahuvn ilerij Ihe, I hufure Ki K
"ii i mi'i nniaivur, ai nurna, iireaou uu Hi.
Hint lay nl Htiptmnhrr. lul.l.
i laiiuain nuiuea as wllueaaea
a. i jniiuaiiu. nriey A.oii. areu H Hr. well
w. J. iinur.e. all of lirewasy, Orrjoii
Wa. K.ans. Usf llalar
1 often fiuisi'il by inditrcntion
mi'i i-iiiiNiipiitiiin, and (juickly
(liMiiiifuis when ('.hamherlsin'o
Tablets are taken. For Hale by
all dealers.
Tonawama tonight.
In the Circuit OtTafl of Hie Slate ol Oie-
ou fin Unmet County.
Vein I W.lkii, I'lninliff,
Curl W. Welter, IMenilnnl.
'I'o ('ml W, Welker, t lie nbove nnmeil
ilrfeiiiliuil, In I lie inline of the State of
OllgOShj yon nre licrcliv ieiiiiiril to np-H-iir
ninl niiswer lo llm crnnilniiil flletl
iiiriini.t you iu Hie nliote i nlilled suit,
nil in Uliiie I lie lll.l liny ol tile lnnr
lirescrllH'l in the onlei of I lie imliliciilioii
oftllis suinilions, towit.on or nlioill Hie
Tthdey ol SepleinlKi, I'.ll.'l, sniil ilnle
U-iiiK the expiration of six week, from
the lir.l ptlhliciilion ol this suuiiiioiib,
iinil if you fnll to niiswrr, for want there-
nf, rininlill will npply to the Court for
the relief ill inninleil iu Ihe colllplnillt,
to-wit ,
I'or il ilecree of tlli. (Joint ilisBiilvinK
ihr lunula of ninl riiininy now existing
Itetwecii I'lninlilT ninl Uelcnilanl, nnd
that I'liiiiitilf huvr (i ilecree ol ilirorce
iilianlutr liotii till' Dt'lcnilmil,
Thnl rininlill hittc the cure, custoily
uml control id Cullieunc Cnroliur, Ihe
minor ihihl of rininlill ninl Urfcinlunt;
Thill I'lninlill hnvc juilKiiieiit u.eiiinal
tlie liefenilaut for her co.ts mul in
liursriiirnts herein,
I'or such other mul Iin din ulirf ns to
cipiity limy arrtuin. This hiiiiiiiioiis is
puhlishril ly order ol lion. Limit
Thompson, JMaSJfJ "f the t ounty Court
of lluinry County, innde nnd entered
on the Mh dny of Au,(ust, ISIS, nnd the
date of Ihr first publication of this sunt
mona ia Aiu-uai 1 lit la IBM
M. A. Ilioi.s, ,
Attorney for riuinlirT.
ilAKNKY I llln. k. NO It, I U U Si
Maria eyrr) Hlunlay Iu mid Krliow Mall
al 7 in p in Iiuiiii
t liniild Hi i titan N. II.
Iiearee work aa follow, 1 Irat Hal lll'lay III!
'laloi) aeeotid Halurdal rlial l (Irr . third
-atul.lai. Nvrund Deareel inurlh Halurda).
1'hlnl I'eariH.
ill SSSUtaSS Nil. 7. A 1 I JS.,
Mrrla rvrr) first and lhlr-1 uilur.lay In raeb
month I . i.aull. t M
Ham Muihrrahead Heerelan
tleela rr. ty a-i im i aul luSltl I inlay inn
Ins al I II il . Hall, all n, Irl.irii. Intlted
Hi w appll. aula will reeelvs ii,i,rle.iua trral
ni'ii' .M.A sla.a. V II,
Ml T., Ink.
llt'HNN i II til I 11 Su. 40 II r. i
Meets every a, e.iii.l and fnurlh hondaia. Iu
tlaa.mli Mall. I lank !. U ,;. .,,,.. tt tl
Klla Swerk. tn rrlsry
kii'ifini tkiaiidkd We.lue.da
llirdle Hall.. i s II
tladar l.roiiard. H.h' nen'v.
n ik i no i i h ii ... vt ,,t '
Metitartrr, I,, mil, Monaday
Maud lloiton
Heater I Ink
nrriiiAi. iniiKi i.iic
STATS iia.iii.H
PI Hrual.ira I Jonalhau llolirne Jr.
i I i liambarlaln
I W It I I ha
uusressmrli .-WMawle) i. en, ,., A. M I rawtonl
Outernor ,,, oawald vle.l
"virtual) ol Mala K M l-.ruaoii
Itraann-i i, II Ka
Hupl I'uhlle llialrueliori. .. I.' K Aider man
Slate Printer vt a liunlwa,
I. kakln
I L A Mi Htlih
Bjasssaa lud.ra , I Ua. iiurneii
i. Mean
i P. A. Mease
NIN1M JKIIIi 14 1. I'lHlllli T
.li.u,, i Ju.itfi Haliou a.a
lalrlel in.,,,,,., w II RreuTa
1'. i.uly Mat All i !..,,. ,.
'i, "It I ourl meeta tbo (ret Muudai In
April anil met Monday Iu ii.ioi.ei.
lolnl Heualer ,: y, ..,
lulul K..i,a.i,tall.e w " II,, man
i'oi'stt iiAHHar :
ii.iint, attSSS i,i.i liiuinnsuu
'.'"ik K i Huahel
Ireaaine. K A Mlllit
-iin, ,,,, , j, Bw,r)
nherlll a K. m, liar, la., i,
Aaaeaam j j lM,nrall
HlitMil HtllHirleUiuilelil I..M llalnllluii
UoroBar (i, w . rieveuK,.
Meet InauiHiur John It.. I, main,
, mum. .al ia ,. , HylvsBler
i lima lain
lullnl) I'nuil rnetla II, e In., We.lne.ila, In
Jauuai). Maieli. Mar, July, aaSStJSSSaal ami
Kuan i'. a. t.ann nrni . .
I miller n m K.rr
Km ulv nr IrmiUi.iii
' ITI anaav
Mayoi. Maui M..II., ,.li,...
Keeurilar, . A. M II) Ml
lieaaurer Mamie Vt Intera
Marali.l ,.H I . Ilulm .
Ill Han. i n
I'lHlliellini ii l A. I Wei. ,
I liiiin . I aniialil,e
I II. J all K l in...
Msalinai al Iste iiaaaell steri Heeumi ami
Kuurlli M. .I... ..i
Mrs. (Iracc li. McHosc '
Voice and Piano
Method Used In
Ciscissslli Cossmilory of Musk
Ucaltlenic Studio Jml ilmir not!
'reabyterian Church
$1500 Reward!
I hn Of MM i I
llmiilamit. NtaU
Ufa itook ''" t
Hi. u Aatsin Ini inn i
whiiii tiu under
lullOtl l(t
Will KIM' ii.imi ml
ruwanl for uvl-
ili'lliai li-a.l I no In
I In' must iii'i ton
Viciliiii iii th par
ly ui Niiita sioai
lug Dtirata taUls
Uf llllllt'H tavlUlIIIfllltf
tn Hiiy ul lis mum
1 ii a1t1 ititiu in Ihn al'OMi, llm uniloiilguoil
uffor tlin samti Uiimlllluu nU).U0 loi all liorsti
liriliiji'il iiurau aiiuu uai uu iiuiii ur i iiiiti jaw
lirsaiiat rocunlwl In oIkIiI luunilrb Hangu
lUrnuy, l.tsat) ttiul i'mmiL nnintlca. Iliimotf
...,ail...l LA, till II Blllll
Nutiu hut urowu lioiata t.ol-1 ami mil) In
' iV'mr&d
llHiTsnHTTsa I.AMiiiiprn ..
llurna, ure.ori, Aiiiu.i n, ... i
Nullee la flran that, Karl J W
lliii.linaiili of Irlnorlnn, Hreaoii wbo.on t.rll
in, lvs'7, til lull, and May II, l n1 rssnai
l,i. 1 1 in., I e Iiiiinralrad ililrlra IHMI . I'rllsl Nu
;,MI. ISI4, fur HK ,iiarlar N K. ,,uar
l.r. MC uuarlrr SK nusrlerSSO. s. NW ijliarlri
NW uiisrtsr, H ball NW uuarier. N hall Hit
.illarlar and HK uliailrr HW oual'rt,
li. 'I'own.blp 17 H ,11.11.1' 114 K , wllissirll. Mnr
idiaii,, haa filed mill f luiaiitluti to make
final (Iv. year I'rnol. In sslshllsli i lalm I" tSS .I,,.,, ileal .11 e,l heforr llrul.lrr and He
i river, at llurna, iire.ou, on the loth day of
Heiilrmber, ISIS.
ri.lmsnl uamaa aa wliunaara
I li.iroaa M Htayena, Mall list la. VVIIIIaui
lllliia. li.u iv Meaaiier all nl I'rlin elull, Ore
Wm. Kasri . Ile.laler
(II.OIMll: I WIN I'rop.
At All HourH. Shorte
a Ordern and Prompt ItWVSM
With ReaHonable lOil-.s
(live Me A Call
a OaSHseli TlaaiM-lf.raia Baaliains a
a a
Sept. 22nd to 27th
Ticketi sa Sale
Sept. 24lsi. 25th 1 26b
A Spectacular Reproduction of
Pioneer Days
Emigrant Trains. Stage Coaches, Incians, Cowboys
Cowgirls, Racing roping and Broncho Busting
Full particulars on application of any Agent of the
O-W. R. & N.
H . " JagttaalaC lrt al
. aaSBlBSHEP jvim? ' '
'Phone to Me for Your Doctor Calls.
R. J. McKINNON, Jr., Proprietor.
You can buy no better
lor target work and all
small game up to
200 yards.
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