The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 23, 1913, Image 3

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    Lines- JJerald ClrcuUlion Of Any
r In Harney County.
ocl News.
lyals Rheumatic Remedy,
robes at J. C. Welcome
larshall was in the city
(home made lard 17c at
meat market. tf
Thorn waa over from
creek a few days this
Goodman has a 5 horse-
line engine and 2-inch
imp for sale. 24-tf-
loore was in town from
in Happy Valley -the
tof this week.
Johnson was over from
2reek during the week.
brts his crops heavy this
and wife were business ,
during the week. Mrs.
the children will move
week to be in readiness
siting of school.
Caldwell came in
id Tuesday evening in
with. Jay Salzman, the
She left her son
family in Portland.
tie Burns Steam Laundry
Iteir Wet Wash for fami-
inning next Monday.
than having it done at
Statement Of The Condition
Of Th
First National Bank
At Barms, Oregon, August 9th, 1.918.
Loans and Discounts $326,635.83
U. S. Bonds 41,000.00
Bonds and Securities 60,389.22
Premium on U. S. Bonds 1,955.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8,504.5)2
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,260.00
CASH 110,980.78
Capital $ 25.000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 78,720.70
larcuiaiion j,uw.uv
Ml ii,i(iitv: no Kr. or.
.... W... ... .... . . . ., ...........
1 l
Capital and Surplus 8100,000.
I nilrH Main HrnntifHrv
Loans and Discounts $325,635.83
U. S. Bonds 41,000.00
Bonds and Securities 50,389.22
Premium on U. S. Bonds 1,955.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8,504.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,260.00
CASH 110,980.78
Capital $ 25.000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 78,720.70
Circulation 25,000.00
DEPOSITS 410,895.06
Capital and Surplus SI OO.OOO.
lay was tne nouest uay
jmmer in Burns, tne
eter registering 98. A
yesterday morning re-
ke excessive heat.
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar
macy. B. F. Ausmus was in town
this week.
Woman cook wanted on a
ranch. Inquire at this office.
Geo. Cobb and Martin Buck
were in the city Thursday.
Twrv.inrh centrifugal mimi) for
iHuntley was among our. , -. wn
from the Valley View
lis week. Mr. Huntley I Walter Cross was down from
quite an interest in the I Trout Creek this week.
fall and will urge his
to make exhibits.
lay ClemenB sawmiu is
1 its new location and is
to fill any order with
dressed lumber, also fir
buck teeth and anyj
jrder given prompt at-
Long, for a number of
resident of Burns, is here
6k renewing acquaint-
We do job printing.
Scott Catterson was in town
this week.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Henry Richardson is reported
on the sick list.
Ross (Joodlow and wife were
I in the city yesterday.
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept.
Mrs. I. L. Poujade was down
home on Cow Creek
You will find IT at the Burns from her
Department Store. j yesterday.
W. A. Welty was circulating J Use Nyals Cough
among his friends in Burns dur- for baby's cough.
10 tf
ing this week.
Ora Hamilton is over from
Wallowa county looking after
his land interests in this county
and visiting with relatives and
Mrs. Millie Patterson
is well known to over
fnM Uo. hnmd nn Sitn
enry is wen Known io vc im . .....
the pioneer people of , Mountain inursaay uu iu
and he is finding many I business. Mrs. Patterson says
- I i" t ' .....1 ......... 1....1 llll. ,l .1
acquaintance, allhouKh ; tne nsning anu raw ""-
a marked change in the; ing is nne over mere.
Miss Ellen Geer expects to
leave in a few days lor bugene
where she will enter school for
the winter, Btaying with her
friend, Miss Susie Smith, who
formerly taught in the public
of this city. Miss Ellen
will accompany Mrs. Irving Mil
ler out and will visit in Portland
for a time before going to her
Sweek came over from
! the first of this week to
parents for a few days.
over on the stage which
on Divine ridge and
WI1 Ull J-MrillC l.UKV "" i
.. . . I .
ioht in the mai with i school
rig while the driver
pole under' the axle of
wagon anu Drougnt
Visit our bargain counters,
ere you will find the greatest
rgains ever offered in Harney
Whether you need the article
or not, ;t will pay you to look
3r these counters. You will
id some of these articles shortly
Id will never have this chance to
such bargains again.
General Merchandise -
kasonlc Building,
Burns, Oregon
Supt GilcreBt of the P. L S.
Co., arrived here Wednesday
from points south.
Don't give up until you have
tried the Burns Department Store
-Lunaburg& Co. 29tf
Beginning Aug. 1 5 Burnt flour
will be told at $1.50 per sack
II. K. Donnelly, an attache of
the State Engineer's office, has
returned from Malheur county
where he has practically complet
ed the survey of the irrigated
district of the River. Mr. Don
nelly found some 38,000 acres ir
rigated by the stream and a total
of 660 miles of ditches.
J. L. Gault of the First Nation
al Bank expects to leave tomor
row morning for outside points
on his vacation trip. He will ac
company C. A. Haines to the
railroad. Mr. Gault had intend
ed leaving sooner but was de
tained on account of a large car
buncle on the back of his neck
that has caused him much annoy
ance. Profs. H. K. Shirk and -W. M.
Sutton of the high school and
public schools of this city, arriv
ed home last Saturday from an
extended vacation trip covering
a wide territory through the cen
tral part of the state as well as
Portland and Willamette Valley
points. They report a very plea
sant outing and both are ready
for school duties.
F. S. Murphy and family of
Salt Lake, passed through Burns
this week in an auto en route to
Portland and coast points. Mr.
Murphy is a big timber dealer
and is touring during the sum
mer months to points of interest.
He is most favorably impressed
with Harney Valley and states it
will be a greater country than
the Salt Lake Valley when once
developed. He expects to return
here later and make some in
vestments. Game Warden Mace has re
cently completed a tour of in
spection over the game preserve
extending from this place up the
river for several milcH and is
gratified to find that the birds
are receiving protection from the
farmers and that the China
pheasants, recently liberated on
the preserve, are increasing He
found evidence of this at several
places but could get no estimate
as to how many young were
really beiwr raised. However,
there are several broods in evid
ence. He found the native
pheasants increasing rapidly.
School Book will not be sold on
Money must accompany all mail
orders for School Books
L. R. Wilfong was up from
Lawen Tuesday.
Did you see those auto robes at
J. C. Welcome & Son's?
Beginning Aug. 1 5 Burns flour
will be sold at $1.80 per sack
Commissioner Bain was down
from Harney the fore part of
this week.
The Lunaburg Dalton & Co.
Department Store have cut high
pric. s and long credit 29tf
Those desiring the service of a
Jersey bull may find one at the
J. K. McKinnon barn.
i he nase ball hoys will give a
dance at Tonawama next Satur
day night after the picture program.
Dr. Carl was called to Silver
Creek this week to see Mrs. W.
L. Best. She is recovering from
her illness.
(ins Bardwell spent the week
over on Silver Creek with the
Williams boys having a little
hunt and vacation.
Dr. Babbidge has returned
from his vacation and will occupy
the pulpit of the Presbyterian
Church tomorrow.
C. M. Faulkner and family ar
rived home Sunday evening from
Lake county where they had
been for a short visit with rela
tives and to attend to Borne business.
Good picture programs tonight
and tomorrow night, tats of
comedy, "Alkali Ike" and the
"Rubes" among them. One of
those popular Indian pictures to
night. Usual prices.
M. H. Brenton and wife have
taken their departure for Win
nemucca going by team by way
of Steens Mountain. They will
make the trip slow and camp
where they can enjoy good fish
ing and an outing.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Schuyler Whiting fell off
the porch Tuesday morning and
dislocated her shoulder and broke
her collar bone. She was taken
to a physician immediately and
is getting along well.
The new thresher ordered last
season by the Williams Bros.,
has at last been started in from
the railroad and is expected this
week. This new machine will
be used during the season and is
one of the latest models.
J. W. Buchanan was in town
this week visiting his daughter,
Mrs. L. M. Hamilton, who has
been very ill at the hospital.
The lady is improving slowly and
her physicians are hopeful of her
complete recovery in a short time.
James Dillon and wife, form
erly Miss Grace Carey, were in
the city this week visiting with
friends. Mrs. Dillon has been at
the home of her brother on Crane
Creek for some time and Jim
came up from Oroville where he
has charge of the store to accom
pany her home.
The first copy of the Juntura
Times reached this city this week
and is a very well written and
neat paper. The boys failed to
get their names in the paper as
publishers, but they have nothing
to be ashamed of in the Times
and if future issues are to come
up to the first they should be
proud of it We wish them
every success.
Died -David Richardson, a
brother to Sheriff Richardson,
died quite unexpectedly last night
at the ditch camp near Drewsey
where he had been working.
He became overheated yesterday
while at work on the ditch and
at supper time complained of his
head and neck hurting him but
went to his tent saying he would
feel better this morning. Later
he was found dead in the tent.
Deceased was 62 years old and
leaves a wife and large family of
children. He had resided in
this country for many years.
Miss Mary Godfrey, who form
erly taught in the high school of
this place, left Thursday morn
ing for Bear Valley where she
will spend a few days with Mrs.
W. L. Marsden before proceed
ing on her journey to Southern
California where she will teach
this winter. All her former girl
students, who could be secured,
were with her last Tuesday after
noon at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Gault They brought
their sewing and a very enjoy
able afternoon was spent Miss
Godfrey appreciated this tribute
of their friendship and left Burns
with a warm heart for her num
erous friends, She will stop in
Portland for a short time on her
way and visit with friends.
Those auto robes at J. C
Welcome & Son's are the best
for the money any where.
Hen Brown, Tom Stephens and
Chas. Johnson made up a party
of hunters to go out after deer
the first of this week.
Judge Wm. Miller and family
joined the delegation to the De
velopment League meeting at
Klamath, leaving here last Sun
day morning.
Dr. Grace Parker Osteopathic
physician is located at the Burns
Hotel. Dr. Parker is a graduate
of the American School of Osteo
pathy of Kirksville, Mo., and has
been connected with the A. T.
Still Infirmary of Ed Pasd. Texas
for three years. Consultation
and examination free.
Married- At the Burns hotel
in this city last Monday, Aug.
18, Mr. R. R. Vickers and Mrs.
Mary Pierce, Justice Patterson
performing the ceremony. Both
parties live at Oroville and Mr.
Vickers is quite well known in
this section where he has visited
from time to time. They will
make their home in the southern
part of this county, The Times
Herald extends best wishes for a
prosperous and happy life.
Assist Secy. McConnell of the
Fair Association and Frank John
son of the Oregon & Western
Colonization Co., have been quite
busy the past two days in the
field selecting exhibits for Un
fair. They make trips out in
Mr. Johnson's car and thus cover
the territory much quicker than
by team. The large room in the
rear of the Colonization and P.
S. Weittenhiller offices has been
made a store room for exhibits
and those who have displays
ready to bring in may store them
there where they will be pro
perly tagged and cared for until
fair time.
Contractor Woldenberg of the
Blu Mt. Stage Line spent the
greater part of this week in
Burns looking after his stage
business. While here Mr. Wold
enberg made a change in his
agent, Billy roren succeeding
Ches Carter in that capacity
Billy has been driving but
through his application to busi
ness and .ookinir after the wel
fare of his employer he has earn
ed a promotion. The writer
knows Billie to be a reliable boy
and deserving of such promotion
and is pleased to see him advanc
ed. Ches. is going to devote his
time to his farm. Billy and
family have moved into the rooms
back of the stage office where he
wi'l be continually on the job
working for the interest of his
Frederick C, Venator of Bakers
field Cal., was accidentally killed
last week when his automobile
was struck by the Southern
Pacific northbound flyer near
Tipton. Deceased was a son of
Mrs. Eliza Venator, and a brother
of Attorney J. D. Venator and
Mrs L. Vanderpool of Lakeview.
He was 46 years old and is sur
vived by a wife and family. He
had been in the cattle business
in California tor the past twenty
years and reputed to be very
well to do. He was president of
the V7 Cattle Company and as
sociated with C. C. Cox. The
remains were interred at Bakers
field. Lakeview Examiner. De
ceased was a brother to A. and
Ira Venator, well known pioneer
stockmen of this county.
Stop at the Burns Hotel when
in this city where there is a fine
cook and very best accommoda
tons tf 81.
llMTKH 'TATa I..NI. HI I !' I
Hiirna, ori'tfoii, Aiigu. i a iv
Num. a given llial, kail .1, VV,
llor.liuaiiii of i'rli riiri-Kon I, iiii , , 1 1
10, 1W7. Writ. Hi IM. ill Mpiv II, HIS i, .......
Il.ll III Mild III Hill I fa-1 in' Or" . II.U, -ell Hi Nn
iuiMi Nil UxMJ, mill'i, Ini hK. 'ilium r Ml nliai
lur. SB iiuartr HK iiua'lir Hw. k;k oii.rlii
N'W iimrli'i. H hull NVY iillarlir, N lull MM
Mi' hit and "K quart.! 'W .pint r i lim,
ti.Tu iti 7VHki- I S , W'Hiiri ! Mt;
IiIInii., Iia. Rttftd Holla "I Im. ml, Mi III IIIHkl
final II vd )lar I'roOl, In .lulillal, rliilin In I In
iiimI nbuVH ! 01 il, ii.-iiii,. lli-KlalKr mill Hi,
i'1'lvi-r, mi HuriiN. orrKin I till .'illi .In) ,,i
Ji'lili'lnlM'r, IIII
( lalinalil limiifi, in ii I naaajaal
llioinaa M l'an, Mall Inula, nil. inn,
H llklna. Ili'iin Miaai ,-r nil i.l I'rln i'Iuii, nri
Hun a l.lal M. mii
liurna, oii'iinn, inly II mill
Niiiiru ia' iiiiiiiv kin n mat On- Northern
I'arlllr Hallway pany, u huai' ii. I ofltM
aililii'il la Ml Tali I. Mllini' haa il.l. nth ,li
"i July mm, Hi. "I in ihia iilllin I hi.iiII, i n
iii ai'li'i'l iiiiilin Hi,, iiiui iNlnn. ,,f ilo , i ','
( ongraaa npiiniMii July i, man HiiiHiai Mit. Mil
i im i ami . it ii(;
' l oi . II
I oi l NK.i,
NW, of MO.
MU4 of m;',
-I.', nl NK!,
NV, nl Mh",
MK'4 if HK'.,
NKi of HK'
I ...ii. a, s, ,1 mi
Messrs. McConnell and Frank
Johnson are gathering quite a
nice lot of exhibits for the fair,
but it will be impossible for them
to cover the entire country as
the croos are being harvested
rapidly and the territory is too
large to cover. Today there are
two autos out taking in the terri
tory toward Crow Camp and
around by Harney. Exhibitors
are invited to bring in their dis
plays at any time and leave them
at the Colonization Co. or P. S.
Weittenhiller offices, as the big
room in the rear is being used to
Btore them and they will be pro
perly labeled and cared for. It
is too much to expect the fair
board to go out and gather all
the exhibits, but them in shape
and the producer get a nice pre
mium bring in your own displays.
KamrrkabU Cur of Diaantery.
"I was attacked with dysentery
about July 16th, and used the
doctor's medicine and other re
medies with no relief, only get
ting worse all the time. I was
unable to do anything and my
weight dropped from 146 to 126
pounds. I suffered for about two
months when I was advised to
use Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. I used
two bottles of it and it gave me
permanent relief," writes B. W.
Hill of Snow Hill, N. C. For Bale
by all dealers.
Harlal No. mw.i'i
Any ami all iiiTaotia Plaintlng l inn I y i lir
lamia .liil'llliril in . I .-1 1 1 1 K to ohliil I, n
it 111,. Ill I III,, .. I . I. ,. . . I . . . I .1.. ...! ... I... .....
....... ......w. s. ... v..v, ,., , llr , in .. n ii j
oilnt ,...,.,11, o ,,. itiaiHHjai t aiilli anl.
an" to iiM'ir aninaviia oi iroiial in llila
ofll. i oi, or I.. Ion-Ho ;i,, .lav aaplclnlwi
Wm. I'.,iii. H,J(IIT.
limn. I.iat No. w
liurna. Oregon. July IS, miM
NoIIic la haraliy given lhal Ilia Northern
rarlfli- lUiltta) company, wlioai' poitolllii. ail
ilraaa la Hi. l-aul, Mlntii.nia. haa llila I Ii .Im
ol July mm, tiled In llila offlie lia ii.i. a to
ailelH miller Itie pmrlllolia of On a, I of loll
Hi, ..a approved July I, MM (lUIHlal. MI7. (Ml,
HK', ol NWl, Her. 14 MH SUK VV. M I
Hirial No lam'Ai
Any ami all rxraona rlalnilng adterrely Hie
l.n.l. ,1,., ill,,-, I, or .liahliiii lo ,,l., , l I,, ,,..
of l lie mineral eharaelerof Ilia land, or for any
oilier reaaonlo the dlapnaal to applliaiil .1 nl
file their affldavlla nl primal In Oil. off! i
or before the IMh day ul Heptemher. IMll
Wn. Fiaag. Iteaiater
Cnitmi htatkm I,ai OFPW.
l-ilili-, Orvifttu, Aflguit 7, tftf,
Null'.- is li.n.-l.y glvrti that Allttli H Orfthatn
t'f lUirlinan. (it. vm. who on Aj.til .1, -iu,
in tl 1 1 out! au1 Kuirv No MM for
SW4 Hwllou 17, Tonhtliip . Han, H I
N lllfttfletta MerhtUn. lit flit-.. DtI.O of It. tril
lion to make Aiiallhrvr rar I'mhiI. to rHalilinh
taini in Hi.' laud abotiMlei rllHil, btlor R
"' "'! itercirer, m nurtit (r.-ffoii, no (tii-
I.'ithdajr -il .-i-.i.-inl.i i . f 'I
1'iMiniHi.r iiamt'H aa wltnwa:
TiiHiima Kiniiii-v . Mary A Oanl. Jolni oar.i,
all of lawrii. OnKOii. I. ' Alhrltlon of
Wm Knm. Utr,r
Dffl I' HTATth au urrii K
Hlllti, UM'ltOtl, nUKMitV l'l.
Noik i bortby K'Vi-n thm Claod t Uftvla,
I Nl I. .litis, (in-iin, who oi Ma " 'Ml
Oaavrl Lain) Kntn s.. QMTI. for WW, linn
lowiithl .". H., Kaiiffr 3.1 K . Hlllamolii
Meridian, liaa fiK-'l mHIre of intention tninnkr
final proof, to etahlli clnlin to bf laml
abovt ilt i-rilH-.l. hofort Kef latf r and Kef-rlrer.
at Hiirn. Ori'Kun. on llif l?lh day of tien'ru
i.-'l . I'M..
rlatmanl tiantra a wtlntag
Ira I.. Hleiiir, Howard N. I-'omi berth of
Ma rlman, oraoti dlan I. DftVta, Of K
Jhhm, Orogon John w. Htaut-r, of Hunt,
Wm. KAHka, KeflfctiT
l.n's g w't.'). ant 'Jli.
NATHtNAl. H'i'i-i
Not If. is bortbl flVOO that Hi. lai'ln ) . rlhed
Lolow, embrarliif : im. within th. Mi
bfU I National forott, ()rKon, Mill Ik suhje. I
to if UlftiM-iH ninl i-ntty utnl.'r the prorlttotil
of ih iiotiteatead law of iha Uoltod mmim ami
thvacluf Jtiuell, Iihm. (Mm'., Wt, at th
I nlle.l Htales land oltlre ! hm us. t Ihkoii uh
.-f.lrHib.r :i, I'll. i Any s.-liltr wliDnOHr
lually ami In kimmI faith clalioliif any of .i
irtii.l- lor Mtfrli ulliimi iinriH.a. i.rlor to Jaiiu
ary I, Iwjrt, and has uol alandoni-d anu-, haa n
nrvlareiico rlythl to maka a hotnt-atead . lit t
for the laudi actually OOOOOiod. Haid laud
wireilald liiMin the ainlt. ntlomor the irerst.m
muntloncd helow. who hae a nrefrroin e r in lit
ul.Jeci to (he (trior rlfht of mi)- mh Bettlrf.
ifo I'lt'.l sin It elllar or annlU ant u:n hlU'.l
to make humeatead entry Mini tin im'-i.h
rlfhi It. tlOfOIOBd n'ioi to .Miiieuiiri :t, ill.:,
on which date the Iam1 will ). mi Wert Idea
in iii.'im ami iiiir
: -
f lj
The size of this Bank is due to
the patronage of many small deposi
tors rather than that of a few large
ntlAI lA.T & 1l A ftlamA m A aHaJ i.i.t
; :l ' ., L"T .r . V .
me maiiesi aeposiior io reel as wel
come as the largest.
Harney County National Bank
tun "iur nomt MJUiiuuon"
In nn II
iniai - . I I
in n
iii no llll
' '
i, in .hi and eulry by any .iiaiiti,,l paraoti
In l.lnla are aa Inlloiu I'lie NK', 1,1
iK ., IhoHUof NKol NKi, ol M-.i,. mm SI,
lid N',ol N' V, ol NW',. tlie K'.ii! HW'.OI
, ', Dl N',, Ihe HK',of NW'.ol Ni,.o,e
On- ' . "I K
of HK'.of
hi iea, ai.plleal Ion
Oregon, l.lal o m...
.,... jia'i a, v.i, ..i v , i .....
K'.of HK', of Ml', in, I .i ol KU
NW'i, Hie Hl.ol SIM, ol HK',ol
), III!
... i he KV,ol NK(,ol H
I NF.l.olHW',, the NK,
v',. Her gg, f. I1IH . It. H
..I 1..I, . ' -.- . A
hi rii- mi- i.'iiii ,i .
of K'.. of eh', ol
K . W . M. In, an...
ii v n null, ol num..
The HK1, ol NK', .,
Hie HW, ol Ml',, HIV H', ol N'.ol NW'.se..
10, T J0H..II. SI K, IJO air,., applleallnli of
I lioiuaa N'an .audi, ol llnrna. Oregon. I. I.l
Wirt Approved July II, IMS.!'. M. Willi K
Aaaiaiant i oiniolaalonir ol Ihe oeuoral land
Uhitbii htatk I. anu OVfini
Huriii, OrogoOi Aiifnitti, im tt
In Koheit I. Htraiife, of t'aliforti in, ConlBUi
You are hareh) notified that t 'air le 1
Hate, who ftvea lieiilo. uraKon, urn h.-t pofl
nflh-e addrcaa. did on Aiheum 6, lVl.t. m- in
lit thli office In r duly OOTfobonttod Hi).lMn ami Mftaroth MQOOllBuon ol
your lliiiiieateed, Knlry -.rial no. Mtfl tip de
March nth., ln-ln. for lot '.', w 1. s',M ',
Her. I. I 4M H.. ItHioie HA R . hi .1 lot .,
Koo, t'. louiifalilp to.- , UHUae M r , W lllanictt.
Mertdlau. and aa vroutidH for her cinteel ibo
allefea that KoIhtI I., Mmiifie h in toially
abMiidnned natd Uml foi' uioie than nix moitihe,
that he never did erdahlmh arcaidelire IhOIOOl ;
that he never hullla bouae thareon; ihut h.
laid t -Won- he left Ihia pari of the otiQOlrj
that he had abandoned thin land; that he m- . r
undo nn I mpro. ciiieulc thervno.
You are, therefore, further mitllled thai t ie
ld allefatloni will In) taken liy litis OBOOU
hovtof beuti (-onfeiried h jou, and your mi I
entry will Im OBoeoiod tbeieunder wtihoitt yout
further rUht to Im hoard therein, either bffore
this otln e or on appeal, tf you fa'l to Hie hi
..ill. . Hiiimi i v-.ei.ty daya alter the KO P It I If
publication of iIiIm DOUro, aa Btiowo bolow,
ytiuraonwer. under oath, BpoolflOBJIy meat log
ami reifMimlluf to ihene atleKafhiut of i-onieil,
or If rpll fl' Within that time to (II,- Iii iho.
ofhce due proof that ynti have eerv.-d u 00p ol
poll euftwci OB the Mild cotileatant i ll liei in
perMin or hy icamteied tuall. If thin tur lea !
made hy the delivery of a eop of ynur aimwci
to the coiiici'mit in pt'mou, piool of mrn tot
vlremtiHt he either the Mid oontootoni'i writ ien
ii. knowli'ilfnirnt of hli receipt of the fop
allowing the date of Ilo receipt, m ibvalUdavl1
of the peraon hy w h.mi tBOdtllTe waa mud.
Mating hen and wharf tbtl ot) v. an ddlvei
eil. If liiHile h eulklciid luuil. I ol mh h
net vice ntllMl roimlHt of the affidavit of the pal
foil ly whom Ihe opy mm mailed, totlnj
w hen and the him( uflh e to which it wai mulled,
and thli altldavll uiiiKt he nceompanicd hy the
p'mtinaaier'a rorelpt fur the letter.
You ihould etale In your annwer the hhiiic ol
I ha poll to which you desire fii'iiic
nollccs to tie ecnt to ou,
Wm. KAHHK, heglsler
Date of lint puhllcatlou A tig tut , itn:i.
I)Ate of eeoud nublteatlun AukumI BO, Ivl8
Date of third pufdteallon Nptembfrtf, i.m..
I'u'c of fourth putillratliill Hepleinhei I. Int.:
Mum, Oiegou, Aiigimi It, hlllt. 1
Notice I hereby given thai Mhi. 0 Kol.cii
eoD. of Drawees , UragOD, wlioon Oct. 91 ltd
made Deaerl Laud Knlry, No. HUM, for N'l'-1
and mUNK14. Hci ,18, Tow n-l.i, In m mugertlW
h. WilUineita Merl'JaO, ban Hied noilr of
intention to make thin I proof, to Htghllfu
nlalin to the land above den-rlhed. before I.. ;.
Inter and Itecelver tit Hurui. t regon on the
'.Mud day of Hepiciiil r, Md;i
ciatinaiil iiuinrM m wltneeaea
A, I. Johunon. Arey Acton, Arch H. Drewelt.
W, J. (leorge, all of Drewgey. ttregon,
WM. Kahhk. HeglUler
UNiTKit HTATgg I. anu orrn a t
Itiirua, Oregon Auguet hi, Itll.l
Nollee la hereby given that William W hi m gen
ul lllley , Dregoit. who ull M..v In, MaW. mudc
llonuhliud Kutiy, No 01540, for NkN'y Hue
lion .tl, tow lmhli 'J.i H , Haiiati Ml K . VYll auuttc
Merldlau, bu filed notice f InlontlOO U make
Anal thti'c year proof, to eitahlUh claim to
the land above deaerlhed, before Itegliter iiud
Kecciver, at Humn, Oiagoii on the 1H1 ol
Heplumbcr lWltf.
Uliunut imnii'l aa w ltut.iee:
hred Hturgen, Waller KeMlnuer, Kloj d Kefg
Itiger, II II '1 hnmpMon, all of Itllay, tnegon.
wm. Kahhk, Keglmci
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