The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 16, 1913, Image 4

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Thli adTertleedlitt of ilrlitiqur tit tuxes
for the year 1912 it in piiriuance of an
act of the State kgitUture, which If
embodied in charter ITS of the
GtmeralLawt of the 1911 Settlor
The taiet on the followiiiK b4tbi lis,',!
real property became delinquent April 7
1819 and are tubject to a penalty of 10
per eent, and interest at the rate of 12
percent per annum until they Khali have
bcea paid.
Any day after the expiration of six
tnonthe after the taxes charged iiKint
the following real property an- l.lin.
quent the ehcrift it authorixed, upon de
mand of any person making application
to Itaue to them n certificate of delin
quency upon payment ofthe taxes, ik-iiiiI
ty, Intereet and cost of advertivng.
Certificate of delinquency ihnll la-nr
intereet from the date of sNUBBM nutil
redeemed at the rate of IB per OHM nr
Aharn, tieo. e half nee N tp :!7 s. r M
820 acres "
Aldricb, Nellie, l.asren Lot 1. -'. ''.
4 8, , 7, 8 in block 12 1 On
Arambnrn, Amos, sw quar M quar,
MC 17, tp 40 I, r :18 e w in. 40 acres .71
Arambnrn, Krenk, s quar nw qusr
sac 3, sequar nw quar set 4, ne quar
aw qnar tec 23, tw quar w qunr sue M
all in tp 40 s, r 38. 160 acres IBM
Aottln, Clark C,n halt.sw quar,t quar
aw quar, sec 15, nw quar nw qunr toe 32
tp 28 s, r 30 e w m. 180 acres -0 M
Aultman, W D, n half sec :iti, tp 81 B,
r 84 e w m. 380 acres 10 Id
Arerill. Norman S, e half sw 10 tp M
a, r 32Vi a w in. 320 acres. M 01
Able, W II, e halt se quar see '.'7, sw
quar tw quar soc 0, ne qusr M quar
sec 84, tp 22 I, r 28 e w lu. 100 acres
41 80
Acty, Herman, shall ae quar sec l'J.
nw quar ne quar sec IS, tw qusr se quar
sec 7, tp40 s, r30 e w m. Ill acri's ti M
Ausmns, quar ee qusr, lot 7
and 8, sec 24. tp D s, r Iff n . 70
acres K 06
Ausaius, Mrs. Delia, nw qusr nu qunr
tec 20, tp 24 t, r 34 e w in. 40 acres II 40
Baker, A B, n half sec 10. tp Nl.l
28 e w in. 320 acres 12 SO
Baker, Mary J, shall ec Hi, lp24s
r 28 a win. 820 acres 13 SO
Baker, Jas 0, s half sec SB, tp M s,
r SO a win. 320 scree. 10 f
Baker, Mabel S, n half sec 30, tp M I
r 30 w in. 320 acres. 10 MS
Baughnian, Chat II, lot 1, neqtiur nw
quar tec 18, tp 84 s, r Wewni. SO
acres 14 SO
Beary, C. w hall se qiiHr; ne quai s
qoar sec 12, nw quar ne quar tec l:i, tp
16 t, r 81 e w ui. 160 acree 1 1 SI
Bonham, Jay, n half ne quar ; s half
aw qoar sec 12, tp 20 s, r ;(.". w in. 160
acres I 10
Bennett, Jason (Kst.) nw qusr BM M
tp 83 I, r 33'.., a w in. 100 tens M II
Bennett, Matilda, n half in- qoar aac
87, tp 23 s, r 32.Si- SO a. m 7 42
Beery, Ralph C, ne qnar tat IBS, tp 25
a, r 31 e w m. 1G0 acres 15 75
Bohon, lieo W, w half sw quar Ma 24,
tp 33 s, r 31 t w in. SO acres. 0 00
Bordon, Co Chat, tw quar soc I, tp 24
t, r 32 e w in. 160 acres 13 05
Bote, Chat L, t half ne quar ; ne quar
sequar sec 36, tp 25 s, r 25 e w in ll0
acrea 5 00
Bradley, Cbas. K. nc quar Ml 24, tp
27 t, r 34 e w m. 160 acres 21 37
Braum, C B, se quar sec 10, tp 81 r,
r 86 a w m, 160 acres. 5 08
Breedlove, J W, lot 2, sec 5, tp22s,
r SI e w in. 41 acres ,81
Bretsler Bertha, a half sec Hi, tp 30 s,
r 34 e w in. 320 acres. 10 16
Uressh-r, Fred K, n hulf sec 16, tp .() s,
r 34 a w oi. 320 at res 10 10
Brown, J M, nw quar tw quar SM 22,
tp 24 e, r 35 e w in. 40 acrea 77
Brown, It J, te quar sw qnar KM 80,
tp 85 i, r 24 a w m. 40 acre "-'
Bunyard, I, It, sw quar aw quar sec 13,
M qoar nw quar; n half sw quar; se
qoar sw qoar sec 22, tp 21 t, r 32 e w ni.
800 acret and Harney lots 7 and H block
11 77 22
Bunyard, Maud, ne quar nw quar; w
half ne quar ; so quar ne quar sec 22. t p
31 1, r 32 a w m. 160 acres 26 -10
Campbell, B K, ne quar ne quar; a
half ne qnar; se quar nw quar sec 35,
a half nw quar ; w half tw quar ; se quar
aw qaar ; nw quar nw quar sec 86, tp 20
b, r 28 e w ni 400 acres and Morrison's
Addition to Burnt Lot- I, 2, 7, 8 in
block 20 113 00
Canfleld, (.' W, se qusr sw quar;nw
quar tw qoar mc 20, e half se quar ; se
qnar ne quar; ne quar nw quar sec 20,
tp 40 1, r 38 e w m 240 acret I 20
Caraga, Pablt B, se quar ne quar sec
35, tp 40 s, r 38 e v. m 40 acres .70
Cawlflcld, Frank, lots 3 and 4 sec 27,
lot 4 tec 28, tp 26 t, r .11 e w m 48 acres
Chapin, Florence, n half Hwquar;se
qoar tw quar; tw quar te quar sec 18
tp31a, ritivm 160 acret 5.00
Chote, Babe, tw quar sw quar sec 35,
tp 40, w half nw quar ; nw quar sw quur
aac 2,tp 41 t,r 36 a w m 160 acres 17 51
Clark, Thot L, .' interest e half nw
qnar; aw quar ne quar; nw quar M quar
aac 27, tp 22 a, r 28 e w in 80 acret 7.40
Clark, John K, t half nw quar; n hall
aw quar, tec 6, tp 28 s, r 27 e w in 155
acret ill ill
Clark, Albert J, w half sec 16, tp 24 t,
r 27 a w m 820 acret luim
Coffee, Robt C, e half sec 16, tp us s
r ;5 e w in 320 1 1 60
Coffee, Olarritia K. lots 1, 2, 3, I, sir
16, tp 88 1, r 35 e w in 131 acres 4 78
Coffman, Thot J, w htlf sec 36, tp 37
s, r 31) e w in 320 acres 1 1 60
Conant, America K, s half MM 18, tp
30 s, r 82 e w m 320 acret 10 16
Conant, J L. n half sec Hi, tp 30 s, r
32 e w 820 acret 10 16
Cjnlrv, Jaa L, se quar sec 20, lp ftf, m,
r 81, tw qnar sec 36, tp 22 s, r H e w ni
820 a res ai 00
Carwin J W, se quar roc 16, tp 20 t, r
86 a w m. 160 acrat w
Cottam.C W, nwquar; w lialliiequsr ;
u half tw quar sec 16, tp 211 , r ,
in 320 acres 10 40
Cramer, Chas, Drewaey, lot 5 block
10 141
Cretton, H J, n half ne quur sec .'),
tp 24 t, r 27 e w in. 80 acret 5 00
Cretpmin, U II, n half, ate 36, tp 24 s,
r 28 e w in. 320 acres 10 00
Carbon, John O, lie quur sw quar,
n half w quar, tw quar, se quur sec 2 tp
36 e, r 20, e w m. 180 acres 15 75
Curtner Wm 8, ne qunr, sec IS, tp 26
a, r 28, e w m. 160 acres 7 00
Catlow, J J, lots 2 and 3, s half nw
qaar Mc 8, tp 40 t, r 35 e w in US
S8W 23 46
CatMWi Margaret!, a half ne quar,
se quar nw quar, ne quar tw quar, tec 4
in 40 t. r 38 e w in. 160 acret 6 80
Cook Howell, all, tec 16, tp 27 s
Ml w m. 640 acret 18 00
H'Anrit, Susie V, tw quar tec 81, tp
26 s i 81 e w m. 160 ncrea 10 00
Paris', J C, t half ne quar, e half
qunr, nw qunr se quar, se quarnw qnar,
W hull sw quar tec 32, lp 18 t, r 38, e
sj in. 320 acres H
Dark, Mnlliew S, n half nw quar, te nw qunr. tw quar ne qunr tec 14,
t i 30 s. r 35 e w m. 160 acret 8 TO
'ileal. Martin, lots 1 nml2.e halfnw
qunr sec Ml, tp 2 t, r 83 e w m. 18
acres 16 80
Death, Sinn C, e hnlf nc qunr. nw quai
nc qunr, ne qnar nw qunrsec 1 1, tp 27 s,
r :il I w in. 160 acres 20 25
lieniunn, Minnie V, nw qunr sec 12, tp
2 1 s. r 33 I w in. 160 acres 17 74
liriwiler. Clark Ii. M int e hnll nw
qunr, sw quill ne qunr tec 27, tp 22 t
r 2S e w in. 80 acres 7 40
Dickenson, B A, Horns s hall block
54 6 48
Diitikin, Hurry M, t half nw quar sec
4, n half n w quar ate 8, tp 22 t,r 27 e
in. 160 acres 20 60
Ihiiikin, C. O, tw quar tec 28, tp 22 s,
r 82 I w m. 160 ncrct 13 60
Lichncr, Nick, lot 4, sw qunr nw quar,
w half sw quar tec 8, tp 88 t, r 33 e w
m I ."! acres 14 40
Kkhorg, r.uttave A, e half ne quar
sec 18, w half n w quar arc 20, tp 24 t,
r 32' a w m. 160 ncrea 80 26
Llilcr, Willis J, e half se quar sec 16,
tpSTn, r80e w m. 80 acret 3 50
lilliott, Cortis K, se quar ne quar, ne
qunr se quar sec 33, w half tw quur sec
34, tp Ii a, r 32' e w in. 160 acres 7 00
Kvcrhnrt, John, e half se qunr sec 31,
t p SB s, r 29 e w in. 80 acret 8 70
Palter, Arnold, n half tec 86, tp 86 t,
r 30 e w m. 320 acret 1 1 20
I .ul hi . Mrt Alma, c half c half, sw
qunr se qunr sec 16, tp 26 t, r 38 e w m.
Jim ;.crea 7 00
IVllowi, Jas 1), se quar tw quar sec
18, tp 31 s, r 32lu e w m 40 acret 6 67
Fields, Chas, uw quur sec 24. tp 38 a,
r 34 e ni. 160 acres 65 07
Foster, Unora C, e half lie quar tec H,
w half nw quar sec S, tp 25 s, r 83 e w
ni. 160 acraa W 55
Fritch Wm II, t half nw quar. lots 3
and 4, w half nc quar, se quar ne quar,
nw quar se quar tec 6, tp 27 1, r 34
w m. 320 acret 36 00
liihson. Ceo F, t half te quar tec 18,
c hnlf ne qunr sec 19, tp 26 s, r 20 e w
in. 180 acres 13 05
Chi vis, Maud K, s half tec 86, tp 32 s,
i M e w in. 330 ncret 10 16
l.ooillow, Henry, Hurney, lots 1 nod
I block 0 10 33 Geo, s half se quar, nw quar
se quar -cc 23, tp 21 s, r 32 e w in. 120
acres 10 73
(Irecuhiilgb, Stephen, s half uw quar,
ne quar aw quar, nw quar se quar sec
21 , tp 20 s, r IB e w in. 160 acret 13 20
Greenlee. W C, s hnlf nw qunr sec 13,
ip 21 a, r 33 e w ni. NO acret 1 80
Qoodtow, K C, w half sw quar, se quur
ta quar, sw quar se quar tec 16, tp 21 s,
r 32 e w in. 160 acres 16 99
llalherson, R J, e half tec 16, tp 32 s,
r 24 e w m. 320 acret 10 10
Hamilton, I! W, Burns lota 3 and 4
Mock 14 20 42
Hammond, Kettle M, nw quar ir quar
ec 16, tp 25 s, r 30 e w m. 40 acret 3 50
llunley, E B, Burnt lot d block 2 16
Hansen, H. A, t half nw quar, w half
a quar tec 16 tp 38 a, r 33 a w in. 160
acres 5 20
Hansen, Jas C, n half nw quar, w hall
ne quar sec 16, tp 28 s, r 33 a w in. 160
acres 5 20
Hathaway, Henry, w half uw quar,
hit 34, e half ue quur seo 33, tp 24 s, r
St e w id. 160 acres 14 40
Henderson, 11. n half ne qoar, ne
quar nw quar sec 36, tp 27 s, r 29 e w ui.
120 acret 6 25
Henderson, John, nw qusr tec 16, tp
IU x, r 36 e w m. 100 ucies 5 00
Heritage, Francett V, no quar se
quur, e half ne quar sec IS, se qusr te
quar nw quar an quar, w half ue quar
ec 12, tp -.0 a, r 87 a w in. 160 acres
4 91
llarter, Wm, ne quar sec 36, tp 23 s,
r 26, n w quar nw quar tec 30, Ip 24 s, r
a aw in. 200 acret 0 25
Hester, Kruest, nw quar, n half tw
quar soc 36, tp 23 t, r 86 a w in. 240
acret 7 50
Hicks, Jaa L, lota 8-4 and 6 ae qnar
n w qnar tec 6, tp 20 t, r 81 o w in.
171 acres 1112
Hill, Mary L, a half nw quar, tw
quar ne quar sac 33, na quar nw quur
sec 28, te quar nw quar, naquar aw quar
sec 33, e half, w half w half tec 38, tp 40
n, r 37 e w in. 720 acres 33 60
Hill, Madaline L, te quar se quar; nw
quar se quar; na quar ne qaar tec 25,
i- half sequar; w hall nequar tec 24, se
quar i-u quar sec 13 tp 40 t, - 37 a w ui
320 acres 5 60
Hodge, I) A, se quar sec 16, tp 26 , r
28 e w m 160 acret 6 80
Hooper, C M, e half mc 86, tp 28 s, r
34 e w m 330 acres 5 20
Howell Harry, Lola 1, 2, 8, tec 2, tp
23 t, r 31 e w m 120 acres 1 1 87
lloyt, J 0, s half se quar tec 29, sw
quur sw quar mc 28, uw quar nw quar ;
e Ball nw quar; sw quar nequar; n half
se quur sec 33, nw quar sw quar; s hill
aw qaar I ne quar nw quar; u half ne
quar ; sw quar na quar sec 34, tp 30 n, r
88t a 610 acret 64 29
lloyt, 0 II, s half sec 16, tp 30 I, r 3"
w iu 320 acres 10 16
Huffman, Mail, ne quar sec 31, tp 26
I, r 31 e w in 160 acres 15 75
I lugliot, Lillie, II half nwquar; sequar
nw quar ; sw quar ue quar tec 9, w half
uw quar; nw quar tw quar; ne quar nu
qusr sue 10, uw quar ae quar : e hall se
quur sec 8, t half nw quar; i w quar sec
4, u half lie quar ; te qu.rne quar; no
quarse quar sec 9; M quar se qusr seo 6.
tp 27 m, r 21) e w in 880 acres and Hums
lots 7 an 8 block I 88 77
liungutr, F K, se quar tec 30 tp 26 t,
r 31 ew in 100 acres 11 70
I lurluas, Jennie, w half nw quar sec
16, tp 23 s, i 26 e w III 80 acres 5 00
Ireland, (1 O, ne quar mc 16, tp 19 s,
r 33 r w in 160 acraa, lota 1, 2, 8, 4, 6,
6, 7, 8, iu block 22, lots 3, 4, 6, 6, in
block 23 all in Morrisons addition in
Burnt .in 26
Jackson, Ama J, w half see 16, tpSOs,
i 30 e w in 320 acrat 10 10
Jenkins, John C, sequar mc 32, tp 24
a, r 33 e w ni 100 acret 16 00
Johnson, Ben C, a half m quar te quar
tec 6, tp 21 1, r 82 a w m 20 acraa 1 0;
Johnson, UK, aw quar nw quar; w
half sw quar ; m quar tw qaar mc 29, tp
19 t, r 31 o w m 160 acraa 10 00
Johnson, John O, Iota 3, 8 aac 20, e
half ne qnar ; lota 1 , 2, aac 28, tp 25 a, r
28a w m 168 teres 6 08
Johnson. Lewis J, ne qaar tec 31, Ip
24 s, r 31 wm 100 acraa 1136
Jones, Kohl, uw quar m quar tec 18,
tp 36 s, r 31 a w in 40 acres 8.60
Jiiiilun, .1 H, ne quar se quar aac 31,
aw quar nw quar mc 39, tp 89 a, tw qaar
'nw quar ; m qusr sw quar seo ft, se quar
sw quar sec 8, sW quar ne quai tee 8, a
quar tw qnar sec IS, sequar te quar sec
HI, tp 10 s, r 38 e w ni 820 acrat 8 81
Kane, K-thcr, s half mc 36, Ip39a,
r 84 e w m 320 acret 10 40
Keglor, Kale, s hall tec 16, tp 80 a, r
SI a w m 10 16
Keye ami Sttiilalitmker, n hall shall;
ae quar se quur sec 19, sw qnar ne qunr;
n hall'sc quiii, n half nw quar sec 29, na
qunr ne qunr seo 30, tp 81 t r 87, e half
no quur: uw quar ne qiitr see 16, tp
81 s, r 26, hull na quar mc 85, a
half se quar sec 26, Ip20 s, r 36, w
hall ne qiuo ; se quar nw quar;
nw qnar so quur soc 38, tp 19 a, lie qnar
sequsr;sw quar ne quar sec i , n nair
sw quur see 8, tp 20 t, r 27, n half nw
quar ; se quar uw quar ; nw quar ne quar
tec 3.1, n half nw quar ; se quar nw qusr
tec 16, sw quar sw qnar sec 1 1 , tp 81 t,
r 26, e win. 1355 acret 74 69
Mielln Many i , liil III half uw ipisr mi"2
Let I nee .'1. 1 1 a, r vt r w m ISO tores II TS
I. in,-. Oaat A w halt w half ssc 14, Ip . r
iui a w m mo aarai ' oo
Kit. in I Her, K II, w hall aee IS, Ip -J7 s, r a SW
in ICJOacrcl l 00
Kemiily 1.11, tliallsw quar; uiUar awq lar;
w-piar nw iuar: ue tjtiar see 1. lp 21 s, i S3 s
w ir. WW acrea 17 41
l.actt. Fraud-ten, se uuar sw qusr. see v.i,
hill nw tiuar, aw ipiar nw tjusr see M, Ip4i s, r
as a w in Mi) acres v II
I SwaMi J"la Miller, I hall ' hall se St, tp
a a, r aa, u w ni ISO seres I'l 01
Leak, Anna M, I hall se quar; n hall sequar
sac '.'a, Iu 2r a, r HI t w in HO sirs II TO
l.luby, Knitiia r so qnar see nl.lp'ias. rats
w in. ISO sersa M SO
Uicse, Nusls M. uw qusr; li hall sw qusr; uw
quar bii quar; aw qusr ne qusr ssc M, ip as s, r
air ill S-.M acres 10
Loraiiasns, Jus, na quar see tr. tp Sft a. r III s w
m lilli seres 7 6-l
l.mi,:li. John 11 i' hall uw quar; sw quarnw
quar sac a, ae qusr sw quar see A, tp 14 B, r tt.
I w UI I'.h m ira II BJ
Ut tat, ion W. Lai II hall nw quar aw quar
ne quar see :ai, lit -i s, r Sfle w m IA7 teres II 96
l.i ir, H 0, ii hall BBJ is, In M t, r t w m
i.ii setea 10 0
Lyl. I.aura. s half ssc is, . -ft s, r Miwa
H'.J seres 100
l.tisk, V ('. w hall nw quar sue 10, tw qusr uw
qusr set- i.i, sw qusr na quar seo 17, IpSTs, let
1 as,- :hi, lp :, a, tie qusr M qusr seo 4, tp ts s.
at quar aw quar, aw unar ae quar see 7. tp 41 B.
r 'Af. ne qusr in- qusr sec 7,sw quar nw quar see
1:1, n w ipisr aequar w- I. It 87s, r ti, is qusr
bw qusr sec 10, tt sis, nw qusr sw qaar ase t, lp
.in s. r .11, ne qiisi ne quar sae I, lp SI s. mtl
na qusr uw qaar sue I. Ip ffi a. r 'Jt, sw qusr se
quar ase 1. Ip .10 a. r .", nw quar nw quar arc '.,
n hall ne quar, te quar lis quar Bee 0, s hail
aw quar sec n, u hall nw quar sac Iv, tp II B,
r :i.i it w in jtii arrra II .'
HadlaMi i.uiisn. a ball see is, ipass, m
w in .i-i) acrea io
Slaillaoli. Harriett II, s hall tec IS. lp '. . r
Stt a w ui. ...ii aeiva 10
Malheur I, A I, 8 i o., nwquar ue quar: i half
nw quar; ne qusr aw ijtiar set- T, lp is s, i 34 b
m in iu si ret 7 so
Martin, Mra Bttaa, lull Ut, I, 4, s hall aw
qusr, nc quar sw qusr sec "I, Ip za 1. r lis w
m -ns acraa 10
Mailit-raeii, j.hii. te .Ur, thai! tw quar:
halt nc iiar sac nr,, ipso a. r XI s w at fJOaeraa
10 II
Mi-aaiiir. Ih-lir) S, nw ijusr sec A),lp 26 r 14
e w in IMI seres ll
M il lei. Km ma, lut 4 tee .'-. t hall bw quai ; aw
quar ae quar ace ii. n hall uw quar; nwquar
na quar sec M, h.i I aae IT, ip .'" t. r n a w in
m aerea II 44
Morris, K n, uw quar ase its, rate w
laoaciei 7 00
Murrls. J II. a halt sec St, lp (I a, r So wn
.: sersa II SO
Murrla. I' II, n hall sec as, tp 77 s. r M
ilia. ie. X
Mull, H, w hall sec at, tp ." s. r Jl t w ra
::.ll aeies 10 II
Mysra, lliruisii I., aw quar tw quar ml, tp
11 s, r II e w iu 40 acrea 3 M
Myers,, sec III, Ip 17 a, r U e w m
.War., SO
Macr.iir, I! II, nw ijuar aee as, tp 'JS a. r Us
w in 1', u acres 1 .it
Mellrlile, ilaesr, nw quar ao 14, Ip 'Jl ,S
w in I1 'i airt-a JO 10
Mii'iins, (Ctt.) II K. a qusr nw quai: aw
quai nt quar: na qusr sw quar; nw qui r a
.(uar ate -j-j, t p J4 a. r M e w in ISO acres 7 SI
Mrlttiiialil, K II. w hall ue quar: a hallus
quar n-r jr., lp 24 a, r V? e w in 1141 acres It j.'.
HeBMowaar, Satta M.shsii mi M, tear a,
r J.I u w lit :rjll sores 12 40
S4.-K Waller, n hall tee m. tp M t. r II
o w in aju ai ret 10 :
Mi Mali.. n. Jaa, a hall nw quar tee 4, as quar
lie qllsr, lull I lull V see I, l, t, a. r J.' t w
ui ISO acres 41
MrNainsry. Ii .. ne aal aee I, ipsa a. r si a
w m, HO acrea II 26
Mchnla. fl K. u bslf tw quar; nw qaar se
quar. aw quar na quar lee is, lp ta a, r 24 w at
!) acres a 00
Northern i'acinc 11 lira., lots 1 and Jatcjs
lp 2Ss, r .'II, ne quar ue quar ase 2S, tp at 1. r 14
11 w in su teres ft 21
ran in Audio, 11 hall sec as, tp H s, r Slew
ill iiai acres 10 It
l'hllll.a, A II nw quar, w hall as quar; us
quar ne quar sec S3, ue quar ae quar Me 14, aw
quariee ... ipa. s. r24e w 111. 410 acraa 7 60
1'oweri. ('has, 1 hall aee M, tp'JOt, r SI a w ra
820 aerea 1920
Prt vit, Henry, sw qusr see 2V, Ip 24 s, r II s w
in ISO acres a
I'agh, H, w half sae M. tp 87 1, r U e w
820 auras 10 It
I'iikIi. Msry. se quar sec is, Ip 82 s, r 27 s w ra
IMIacrci lot
Kaiionaacn, illula I), us quar aee :i4, ip 21 a,
r SS e w 111 1(4) seres 24 76
Itasiiinason ami Barr, s hslf lee .., tp 12 s, 1
j-) a w 111 :tj) acrea 10 40
Meet, II s, n half sae 16, Ip JO a, r 86 a w B
.120 acret 10 It
Keti.c (trace, s hall na quar; aw quar us
quar; as quar uw quar aae 20, Ip 20 1, r I6t w
in ISO ... 1 . it 21 76
Heller, John I', w Iialficc26, Ip'.Iii, itliw
in 820 acres II 20
Hllay, Carl, llrewsey lots 8 4 block 0 16 W
Kobertsini, I mil J, litis 1 slid 4 see 7. lots 1, 1,
sen IS. ltl't, rMtW in 1 1., ail is SS0I
H.ii.ciiauii, Kva, w hslf aae 80, tp 21 a, r 10 a
w in 620 at res U IS
lluuiiii'Vllla, 'I'uanalla.a hallow quar; a hall
aw q uar aee II, w hall u w quar te qusr nwquar;
w ijuar nequar aee 10, lu40i, r ah, aw quar
uw quar, ae ipur tec 211, ip 8lt, r Ma w in ma)
hi ret 17 si
num. Jaa Won quar tec s, lp 24 1, r 12', a w
in 160 auras BJ 26
Haulturii, F'nl K, nw quar sen 16. tp II a, r 12
c w 111 Mi atrca 10 00
"aiiltniii, Mamarui, e half aae It, Ip IS s, r 21
e w in BBJ acrst 20 00 win w, u hall to qusr sae IS, Ip
J.'i a, r -' 1 e w in Ktlttutea 8 61
Hearth, i,,u w, ta quar am as, tp as a, r 21,
uw qusr aee It, p 211 1, r 27 e w in 120 sursl
Helena, wm, e hall uw quar, uw quar ue
quar ane 16, lp M , r :i c tt in. 120 Biroa 16 M
Hhsw, Jas 11, a liallsuc lli. Ip27l, r 84 s w
::."' acre" S00
Hhaw, A suea A, 11 hall aee IU, Ip J7 a. r 84 a w B
',0 acrea 11 00
Hhtpsril, Jsne, (est) uwqusr is quar, us quar
tw quince 7, ip Ait, r 82 e w u. SO urea 1116
Hluipaou, W K, is quar ue quarituU, us qusr
nwquar, ns quar sw quar sau 84, tp24a, r 81
e a.m. laOaurei 7 M
i-keitll, I'liaa W, ta qnar auc HI, lp 2 a a. r 06 s
w iu. 160 aural 610
hiIukit, Lucy J, hall as quar tan 86, lp 27
r 21) a w 111 so acres h 60
HriIiIi, Mela, nw quar hi 10, tp 24 1, r 82 a w
in. no auras 11 06
Smith, Kllli, iw quar ten 10, tp'JO a, r M t w
B. 100 acres 7 M
Hnyder, Klla II, half ase Ut, lp 26 a, r 80 t w
111 820 aorta at 00
liuldtri, B0, IW qusr ase 4, Ip 21 a, r26 a w B.
loo sersa tola)
Hparllus, i'liaa L, ie quar sac It, Ip 241, in
e w ui, 100 sores 1104
HpsrllllB. Alllilu, us qusr isuia Ip24t, rltt
w iu 100 acres II 04
.(pin look, Chas K, uw qusr sec 20, lp JS 1, r SO
1. w in 11.11 aernt 16 76
Slatoe, ROM, u hslf sac IS, Ip 82 1, r 27 a w
Batiai 1011
llelli, I'sulliie, 11 hall sac is, tp at a, r lis w
in S20 teres 10 at
sirlcklint, (' ', w hail sae M. Iplvs, r 26 s w
m. . 'il aei-a 10 IS
HIHckllni, N M, a hall see Mi, ip S2 a, r 16 s
w m rat 10 is
Tartar, Viola J, s hall nw quar, w hall sw
quar sae 14, taw r 82 n w in, ISOaerra II II
isvlnr. Kil R, n hall aae ts, ip 24 s, rls t w ra
I 0 sersa 1 1 to
Ihslnai, We, taquir nw quar, n lislltw qaar
sae 86. tp aes, r 'JS t w in 1211 aciea 6 22
Tnkle, Christian J , hall lee 111, Ip M t. r M
a w m, NO acres 10 IS
Trusman, J II , w hall sac m, lp IS t, r 14 t w
in. rn acres 10 40
'1'urpln. Ktlllh, uw qusr see II, tp 114 1, r 81 s
w b isoacrsa II 26
Twesd, christian II, iw qiisrsee M, tp an 1, r
80 ew in. ISO auras 16 76
Veuslor. A.VIK, Hums B hall Muck M S 60
VI. acta, T J. Manic) lull land 6 block 10 PC"
Voai. A mo,, s hall see in, lp ass, r Its w in
820 acres to 40
Ward, 11 W, hilltop an, Ip94 s, rnj),aw in
1 1 aerrt as ''
Ward, Msrasrsll, nw qusr aee'JS.Ip 24 1, r 821
e w ni. BBJ arret 80 00
Washburn. Hsn II, half sae 86, tp 111 I. r 14 s
win a 11 act va 10 II
Weekler, W I', nw quar na quar, hall na
quar, nequar M quar sae II. Ip 'Jl s, r 82 s w in.
liiiaciea 1120
Wm herb) , II, hall 11s qusr, na qusr iw qusr
ac 28, lp 2S s. r 2s, a half too is, 1 pan a. r 82, nw
quar, 11 hall sw qusr, nw quar is quar, tw quar
ne quar seo at. tp M 1. r lli, lot 1 see IV, Ip 81 a,
r 82',, all ate at, tp as s, rlOs wm. 1416 auras
66 si
Wilson, II M. ae quar ta qnar aee IS, Ip at s, r
I e w a. 40 tores 2 60
Wood, W I', n hallase M.ipats, rSse w 111 8J0
acrsa 10 Is
WiHHlruir, M A, aw qusr ie qusr no 12, ns
quar nw quar, w hail ue quar sse 18, Ip ;l a, r N
a w in. ISO teres II II
Workman, W II, ne qnar sae , Ip 28 s, r 18 a
w 01. ISO seres 74 76
Wysii, rred I.. oc quar boo 12, tp'Jss, rltsw
ut ISO teres ' 81
Wyalt (sat) Clark. 11 hallus quar sec an. Ip22
1. r a-ji-t e w in. to aerea II 6
t.bla. Mora II, IW quar l"n IS, Ip 40 s, f IS s
W 111 liioacroa ICO
.oilers, W W.e ball seo 86, ip w b, r so a w m.
820 acres 10 is
Hllver Creek llo h.iiie en, 4J mllet of isle-
phoas Una. I M
shenii au.l Tax (.'..11.1 it. 1.
Haras (, Julr aa, ivis I
Nullra la hereby (Wan Ihtl Plora A ilardear,
nl 1 iiiinral. Soiilh liaanla, who. on AUiisl '.
IV07, Bads lioaorl lao.l hulry. No 0621, lor
HK'.NW'.. MC,"!)', a.UrrBM,Ma'laKlt.Me.
(I sud Hln.NW',. Suction 10, Ttiwnshlp 26 H
Itsufe 81 F willainatla Meridian, has flletl
nniiceoi inteuiloii to make Anal proof, to et
lahllah claim tu the land above daserlliotl. Its
Ittra Hat illar sittl Ket t-lv cr, at Burns, llroaoli.
uu the .i.ih 'lay of Auust, IVI8
claimant names ai wlluaasea
Archie Mcllowsn, W O llitlr, Waller
llitiltlei all. I A. W. Unit an. sll of Hill li. 1 u. im
WM. V i. Haalsler.
I'mtsii Sraias Last, iirrn s.
Hums, Draaon. July IS, ISI8
Nollea la hsraby tinea thai Ueorn W. raw
call, of Narruwt, orraoii, who on Rov 8, laus,
mule hutneatoad Ktitry No, 2S60. aerial No
ojuva, foi Lot 1. see .1 and l.otex.1 anil 4. Hactlou
.' Township 27 H, Ranta 2v B Wlllamrlte
Meridian, has filed uulloa of intention to make
final Ave year Proof, lo ealshllsh claim lit the altovct ilt-eetllicil. before deflator anil
llaeelvar. at Hums. Oregon, on the 2Mb day ol
A usual. 111!
claimant nsraoaas wllncsacl
James K Hltitmors. Auautl W tlnilburl,
lluh M Tipton, Kolh H. Sliillh. til at Narrows,
Wa. Kaass. 11. iui. r
ISITSli HTTK I,, Kit llllli . I
lltinia., July .'I. Ill
St.iUe la haroby alveu that Anauaia Haas
(rich, nl I'rtu. eton, Oreaou. w'.to on Detolter Is.
IV07, mails llolnaalead Knlri No 8271. Hvrlal
ns iiouisaiesti rmri no .1..1. m-nai
I, lor NIC1, MWl. SWl.NK', au.lH',
Miloii s. Towuahlp 27 H , ManfeMK.,
tie Meiidiaii, has Aled notice uu In
Nu. OJ.cit
NK'i h
isntlou 10 make Anal tlvarsar prool, Ut
eslshllah t latin to the land above described,
Italore Realatsrslid Itecslvar, at Hums, nr.-toi.
on the 27lh day ol A usual IB1I
IMaiBant names aa witnesses
Karl llorstmatiu, Ihomaa a. Htsvens, Nlus
llaaalilth, all ol I', 1111(011 II K.
Thsmptoa, Wsverly, Orefou.
Wm I tun Kratalt r
l.tirtia. DrvRnii, July 19. UU (
.Nutien la lit-n-li) Klv-tt tliHi Kuliy Itill.oU. of
lUrilntaMi, (rirt, who, on July iw, w, wAe Kuirt Nu util'j, for -iv,. Hrllon
It, TnvMiahli .' H KiniP K, ".llatnein-Mi-rldlati,
) AM liniitr uf Intelill.iti
lo liiMaiv Final I Ii ran' Year 1'iuof, In nUb iali
i I Hi ni In III laMIti aouvtt t- rlU-it, tfori
ih Hi'Mlatff Mid Mei-rir, ai Hu'ii-. Oftfynasj
on the -Villi 'ta uf ii(iiat lit
Uitnani tiBiii'B aa a Ii iifaacai
W K UrarTH.C l-r.n.b. Klla I'luri).
Vai. I. ' ruilon, all of llarrltitan, tireiciu
M KARHtt, Ki'UlatrT
I'MTIIl HTATRa I, A Mb limi
11111-us, OraifOD, July :t. IV13,
Nutlet la In-rah if lUail Ilia! Aaron Haealvt.
of Wiirtli , Oraguii. who, uu July V. 101(1, malr
lluinealaaii Kutry Nu (M'jt.4 fur HW',, Hetioti
. Towuahlp M H. Kallicr M K . WllUmellr
Mrrlillall. haa Mini ituth e uf inivnl hm 10 utakc
nml thra yaar proof, (u aUilU)i nlalut
to lb land iwhr d'aerllo1, btfor Ui'Klaier
ami liiiriiB.. nrrtatuii. on tin- i.ilnUt
HpUrabr IHIS.
I lalinai.l a m ... ,.m t, II
' iwiliiani iailiiaj saw) ev ihi-biib .
ii K Thomiiaon chaa. K. Hoaeocrana II. R,
Mcaaiier, Ii. A llrakeiuau, all ul Wsverly
Dragon. a
Wm. Psats. Realatar.
lliirns. August I. Illl
N.tlire II hereby (I vea lltat William W Ha In,
ol I'rluitelnii, oreaon. wbu, on Mar 1. W.
mails Husssstnatl Rnlry No. Str7S Serial, No
n.--'H. lor NI.',M.' Ml', IU; I'l.Hl.i,. See M ami
NV. j4W!,Hcllim J, Tiiwnalilli'.'t'H . Ilsii.c XI
K., Wlllsmstte Msrlillsn, bas rlleil notles ul
InteulioB lo tnaka Dual flva-yaar I'rntil. to
salsltllab cist in to lha Isml sIhivc ilcctll,...!.
bslore lha KsKtaier anil Hecalvar, al Hums,
iirnsou, uu ilia sib day olHeplaiu bar, lull
claimant names as wltnssasa:
Olio Nvsir.uii, A I.. Jackson, Karl llursi
msiin. 'Mntmsa Hlsiliaas. sll nl FrlDCetuti,
WM Kasss lleal.ler
llHITSli HT.TSa l.axlt orni , i
llurni, iircttiii, July W. Ills. I
Nollea Is hsraby slsi-u lhal Allliam M.
Ntawart, ul Hum.. (Iriigon, who, mi klsv II,
1110s mails liiitnealcstl snlry No. Hftlll Herlal Nit.
OJSIll, lor KUHW',, HK.'.NWl, ami HWl.NK'.,
ii-iiou wi. Tnitiia lie .-.' m . Baaaa II K. wn
araatte Marldlau, lias II letl milieu o( lulanllnii
to make dual live year l-rimf, tu i-aialtllaticil
claim to the lac I above ileo'rlbeil, lielttre l(c(
later anil Itccelici, al lltirna tin-ton on lliu
4th ilsy ol September, 11)11.
i laliiianl nslnca at wlltlttSBUS
Thomsa llskor, Krsuk Whiting, John Ncsill
ami KrBlik llsker all oi Htiins, liregon
Wm Kasss, H.isi.ici
Biirna l.tal Nu. HI
Murna. )rv., July 'lb, miu (
Nutlet) la barvl)' Klvrn thattha Norlhani I'ai'ili.
Uallway i:iuiiaity . v, liuai- puat uffluo aildrOaa la
I. I'aul, Mliiiii-aiiia, haa i hla 'iAtfa day uf Jul)
I'll. i film) In 1 1. ia uttli u Ita apiillcatluu Iu aalact
under tha i.rov.Hluiia uf th art uf ('uugruaa hi
iiruvud July I. Ihuh HU Htat. 6u7. atfol,
Mw'of Mk',. Hoi'. W'tlftH .(.lit W M. in oo
Httiiai No.tMVU
Any and all noriuiia I'lnluiluic advuraidv Ihu
lauda daacrltittd, ur dnalrlua to ni.Jurt iicciiim
(if thu in I iitirwl rharartiT uf the laml, ur fur
an y
it. hi
uilmr Ihn dlaituaaltiiHiinlli-aiit.ahui
lliu tbtlr alttdavlla uf urulaat In tbla uftl
or he lor a (ha lMh day uf Heniember, 11118.
W. raaua, Kualaiur.
Hums Oregou, July 'it, illln.l
Notlua Is hsisby glvsu lhal KUItli I alooii
sal sisaetsisa li.aiu.n ivhii tags llaAunt I. a. at al llghi
asutiiai, irtvajiita. nnu, was iravesMinii ", iwarir,
mails lloinultoail I'.nlry No 04001 Im SW '.Ml
HB',ao 1U NUNK't ami HK',NK',, Han-ll.iii .'I,
Township ., Hsnge'Jt K, Wllrauulta Mui
illan, haa Hied nolliis ol Intsnlluii to uisku
(Ins) Ibrss-ysar itrituf, lo ullabllib tilalni to Hut
land above 'let. ilbn.l, balore Hegltler sud
Itecslvar, at Hurlis, Uregou, on lha lib day
ol rietitamber, Illl
i Isluisii! uauict as vvitucsacs
John (' Iciauder. Harry M. Uouldla. Aiu-
ual W. lliu bun. sll ul Narrowa, Ursgoii. Wm.
U. llardwull, ol Hums, Oreflon.
Wm Kassi. Heglalar.
Hew (he Trouble Starts.
Conitlpation Is the ciuse of
many ailments and disorders that
make life miserable. Take Cham
berlain's Tablets, keep your
bowels regular and you will avoid
these diseases. For sale by all
In Hie Circuit Court of tlir State of Ore
gon for 1 1 in no v County.
Vein at. WrllterpiiilnllrT,
Curl W. Welkrr, Defendant.
To Carl W. Welker, the above tuuucil
ilrfenilanl: In I lie name of the State of
iinitoii, you tire licrehy reijulretl to ap
pear and iinawer to the cnmplalnt filed
aKilnst you in the nluivc onlitled suit,
on or la-fore the Insl tiny ofthe time
prx-M'iilieil in the order of the publication
of this tiinimoiit, towit, on or about the
37th day of September, llil.M, said date
U-inK the expiration of six week t from
the (mi publication ol thit tunimoot,
and if you fail to antwer, for want there
of, riainliir will apply to the Coart for
t Ii.- relief ilciii.tndrd in the complaint,
to-wit ;
I'or a decree of thli Court dissolving
the bonds of nml i imoii v now exIttlaR
between I'laintlfT anil liefendant, aad
thai riainliff have a tleeree of divorce
absolute from the Defendant;
Thnt I'lnlntiff hnve the care, custody
and control ol Catherine Caroline, the
minor child of I'luintill and Defendant;
That I'lniniill hnf jttd)iineiil axaiiist
the lieleiiiliini for her coeta and dit
hurscuirnts herein;
For such other and further relief aa to
o.ini v may per i .on. This summona la
publialit d by order of lion. Uraat
Thoitiptoii, Judge of the I oudty Court
of Harney County, made and catered
on (lie Stl duy of Augutt, 11)13, and the
date of the firtt publication of thia tarn
iiiinia is AiikuiI Kith lol.l
M. A. I'.if.s,
Attorney for I'iniiitifT
him irrias
il A Its K i olios . NO. 77, I.OO P.
Moots every similar In ld Pelle Mall
at 7 in in A. I'linn.
W V it.uihl. Heeletari H.O.
Dotroo work asluHow. Klrat Malurilsy lul, at iio, ! Halurtlav Plral l)ersa; IhlrJ
Hsturilsv, Haeoml lv,t.. louilh Haturdsy.
ITnrtl Hasroa.
HCHNHI.llllOK NO. 7. A r A M.
Mitatts every Aral ami third anmtlar In eaeh
in.. hlli I . ..still, W M
Sam Uitlhorahostl Hoerotari
Meets every an. I loitili. Inlay even
Int al I. H.i) r. Hall: all uelraeiirs Invlte-I
New applh sttta will receive t narlauus treal
"" "' M. A alias. V C.
W. T. Iler. i l.ra
HI1BNH i il ill) it ho. 40,o. r i
Mt. ia over, a. I an. I f.mtth koli.lsl a. Il)
Mtaaale Hail. t rankle W.loon... w t
Klla tweak, Bex relary
Msattssnol) 1st and Id Wotlnesttsi
8vr.ll.. Itall... I.oonsnl. Use aec'f.
N .11.
TIII.B CIKCI.K ao. lot, W. ol W
Meelt every t.turlli Ihiirttlay.
., Maud lloititn ,,.
Ileal., ......i, .1,. fieri.
ornciAi. Dnacroav
BTAT8 oaaeoa:
" H i.
I Jonathan Bourue Jr.
Ueo tt. chameerlala
IW It Kill.
i on . rsssiu.u
IKorn.y (iouoral
-e. rulsr, ol Hlalo ..'..'
Ittaaiti. I
Siitl I'ubllc Inadui Hit..
Htal. frlnler
W II. wl. ,
AM. craw lord
oawaltl Watt
. .. r v Hanson
I. B. Allien,.,,
W S Itilltlwat
i. ..I.- Baklu
1. A. Ucllri.lo
taarttte Jadata . tis..n Human
K a. Mini,
I A Moore
;'; " '"'" Daiiou i(.
IH.I.UI) l.ltt All) oa leoitai.l
i lo nil Itturl niccla lbs tral
April ami in. i MuniUi Oet.tbsr.
B Iu
luii.tHeii.i,,, paftawa
litllil Ke.l.s.l,lsllle w. r lli.iusn
("ii'sti- hiisii:
1 ttlllil) Jutlte
I Icaslii. i
oraiii I bnatnaun
H T llii.het
K A Miller
C a Hasry
A. K. Klcharilaon
J J. Duasaun
till ve
no tctiii
Hebool Hutsiliiteutleul
t .mi iii laal ia
I M Hamilton
il. w.c'lsraaier
Joba BoblDSon
IB. I', rtrl vaster
iinos nam
(.mill) itturl meets lha But Wednesday la
Janiiat), March. May. July, .4ei.le.mber tad
Hsassr r. t. i.asn errttt:
St .iali I
Wm larre I late,
tiTV. auaaa-
Mav.ii Ham Mulhertbeatl
Keeortlsr, .... AM. Byrd
Treasurer Mauls Winters
Marsbsl, ,.B. 1 . Ilalnc.
II J llanaen
ft. inn linn ii I A. c. Welcome
I Jsnua lampsblre
l n. J aicKluuun
Mauougs ol tin I'.tuiicll every Hccml anil
Ki.nrlb ..,,..i
Mrs. (irace B. Mcliose
Voice .ii ul Piano
McihoiN Uaetl In,
Ciaciaialli Canscr valor) uf MhIc
Wesldeiue Stutllu mil door weat
I'resbylerlan Church
$1500 Reward!
i'lti tlregoa, Cal
lliiriilaand Nevada
llvtt.4ln.-k I'rnlec
llnu AsBoclallouol
which ths under
Igusd la member,
will give li.OBt.uo
inward lor ayl
dsoos laadlag te
Hie arrest and oou
vlctlini ul any par
ly or uar Has Bleat
ing hones, ratlls
or mules belonging
to any ol Its inslii-
In sil'iiinii. lo thu ataivu, the uuderslgued
nlturs lha lams conilltloii IDoO.OO tor all boraaa
branded bona eliinl bar ou both or altbsr Jaw.
Ilraud reoorded lu eight cnuullat Hauge
llaruoy, lake and Cruttk citunllus. Ilnrsse
vnuted whan sold.
Noes but grown horses sold sud only la
srge huut'liea,
W W HHIlWN rile, (Irrsuu
1. 1st He. 7B
HHiTsnaraTasLasii orrtea.
Barns, Orasan, Julr lt, mil. I
Holloa la hsrshy tlvsn thsl Hie Norlhern
Fsolne atltwsy flomiieiiy, whote MBt offlea
ailtli.MltSl . I'aiil, Mlnnaanla. has Ihltl5.lay
ol July, nil, fllatl In this nfflcc Kb aittllcsiloii
to ssltet under Iho tirovlsloni ol tha Ml o
(imiirttl taprovsrl July I, Ism (tllltst. M7, oml
11 I, Bee, II, T. IS ., B. 14 B. W. M
aerial No. Mem
Auysndsll parsonB clannlnt a'trorial) ths
Isndiatsortcsrl. or elealrlna to obleot Itaotuse
ol theiolnersl ( hsrsctsr ol the laii' lor any
other raasoii, m Die iHiimsal to tiilleatit,
ahniilil His their arn.lsvlla nl protest In (hla
nlTlit, on or before ths Bth .lay ol Heptemher,
Wm. fasss. Haflsler
a QCOROa FOON liop.
Meals At All Hours. Short
Orders and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Rates
Give Me A Call
Opaaalle Tlsaea-lferaia Buiiai-a a
North Beach
Why not plan your Summer Vacation at
this wonderful resort, reached by
rail to Portland via
Steamer Trip down the Columbia via O-W.
R. & N. Steamers "J. T. Potter" or
"Haaaalo", daily except Sunday.
Surf Bathing, Fishing Tenia
and cottages for rent -Good
hotel accommodations
Excellent restaurant nervlce on boats
J. H. CORBETT, Aft., O.-W. R. & N. Bend, Ore.
B. BAKOUL, Aft, O.-W. R. A N. Redmond, Ore.
WHY NOT MAKE S200. A MONTH - - That's
sMbO.00 Week, almost IO. a Day
tteUlRtf Victor HaiVa aud flrc pniof boara
to ntervhanu, ductura, Uwra. dftitiala aud
well 19 ilutarmera.all t w imm rrnii.-1 MM
of aaatfe.bul do run know im ey it Utoowu
one. halramrii lclarr our pmpoaUlin ona of
tha btal, cut munrjr maklna; opuorlunl
lira ever raoelftnl Without Jir. Uiua rat- rl-i-nri'
YHJ oan duiillaata tiio auoceaa of oibrra.
Our handaomelv llluatrmUKl He.jM raUloft
Will eoaUe you to ..frarnl the aulijrct to ruav
tuinera la aa InU-mi mi a tuanner aa thouaTh
., . H...I..- Ili.n, I'lMll.ll 1,11 r I., fill
(TU1 WBTV IKIVMUB wiwtaa wBBaaa - - -
B. L a ..a-iu s.n.4 Inaitiicilnna
ri) .Tinolna tavUIna aoinia which tt la lmpoaalbl for prawpaaUvr miatomer lo deny. Why
r luu'l VOU ba lflrtrt t4 apply from your vicinity bafora aoiurona lac grta the wrrltory?
.. .. - - l. sxsaaA aatiiaiatn mil rtf aaBUlh laralltV.
n WM liV WV - - "lll "
' aa Max itetae. OaaasBW B0.000 Balsa AasMieete.
'Phone to Me for Your Doctor tails.
R. J. McKINNON, Jr., Proprietor.
You can buy no better gun
for target work and all
ainall game up to
0 yard.
Itsal rem eaeo
saail rear bed
v-caaei see
I). i.lniiDiiit, 8"il V. HTsi)sn,
A.M., M.I). M.lL.Opb D.
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Entrance on Main Hlreet
Burns, - Oregon
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Burnt, (iitfitii. Atiuai7, H)i i
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htrneaa shop, Main Hi.
I'ltoiie Main So.
ObbM) first door east pliotoj
Horns. Oregon
Brians, (laarioN
Office rooms H and II Maaonli.
Physicians and Sur
Calls ntwerial promptly hj,
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Happiman, Owgot
Or- Minnie liar
Physician and SyJ
IMrect Telephone ConneaJ
Lawen. Ore!
Attorney at Law
Voexlly Hldfc-., Burnt, OtJ
Attoriiey-at-Law j
Burns, Oregon.
Burns, (Inson.
RooitiB i! and 7 Mstonir Itfl
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Burns, - - Ore,
I'rartices in the Htate Conrti J
lore l In- I,'. S. I .anil Office.
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Done and Ki-al KhUIo
Hire In-iiran. .
Notary Public
BuKNa. OaaaaJ
State Courts and United I
Land Office Practm
Three doors South of
Harney County Nati.-uill
Burns. Orctriui.
Allorncy at Law No
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Civil and Hydraulic Ettfifl
IrrijTation, Water Supf ;
Sewerage, Water 1'ovtfl
Surtrityt, Mapa, Kitiniates, Siaafl
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Eastern Oregon Engii
Bins, OrtfM
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AStll. II. AM. I. K. I.
iiKchori, Keaarvoira, Final 1
Work, Hydro-Electric Po
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Sltid inspector, Uarwy
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Fine Watch Repairing A
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