The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 16, 1913, Image 3

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srgeet Circulation Of Any
(xpti In Harney County.
.ocal News.
lyals Rheumatic Remedy.
Laythe is up from his
r Harnman.
y rotter maav an atuo-
run to Canyon City last
I home made lard 17c at
fs meat market tf
Zella and Myrtle Irving
guests of friends in this
llna Terrill who visited
sister, Mrs. John Cald-
San Diego, Cal.. and
ith friends at Med ford,
home last week.
Clemens sawmill is
its new location and is
to fill any order with
I dressed lumber, also fir
buck teeth and any
order given prompt at-
Aug. IS Burn flour
told at $1.50 per sack
Crane of Klamath Falls
through town this week
Iway home from mspect-
ke mining properties in
Ipter District
the Burns Steam Laundry
lieir Wet Wash for fami-
mning next Monday.
than having it done at
Statement Of The Condition
Of The
First National Bank
At Burns, Oregon, August 9th, 1913.
Loans and Discounts $325,535.83
U. S. Bonds ' 41.000.00
Bonds and Securities 50,380.22
Premium on U. S. Bonds 1,965.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8.S04.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,250.00
CASH 110,980.78
Surplus and Undivided Profits .
$ 26,000.00
Capital and Surplus S 1 00,000.
United State Depositary
1 Ferguson is quite weh
nth a very neat stone
on his acreage tract
jward the river. It will
ery comfortable and at
boOM when completed. ,
i Goodman has a 5 horse-'
aline engine and 2-inch I
amp for sale. 24-tf-1
I J. Johnson was up from
this week and was ac-i
home by his daugh-1
Uses Emma and Ella, who'
visiting in Burns for a i
liss fcJmma will teacn at
riew this fall.
IMcConnell has leased the
owned by Miss Nina
- ,
ear tne wm. rarre resi-
Ed is having it renovated
ired, pending the arrival I
Ife and children who will i
ike up their residence
Woman cook wanted on a! We do job printing,
ranch. Inquire at this office. Use Nyals Stonp Root (k)mp
Mrs. J. C. Carey is visiting for the kidneys. 10 tf
with her parents Mr. and Mrs, James Mahon has been in town
Terrill. i for a day or two.
Two-inch centrifugal pump for , Try Nyals Family medicine a
sale.- Chas. Wilson. , The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
fhey are expected before
lanley auto will return
lend tomorrow and on
C. H. Leonard, Dorman
Ike Schwartz and Prof.
will leave in it for
to attend the Develop-
ague meeting. Dorman
end his visit to Portland
ler points of interest be-
lurning to take up his
In high school.
Mrs. Curtis Smith who has
spent some time in Portland and
Canyon City returned home1
Monday morning.
You will find IT at the Burns
Department Store.
A. H. Stearns of Catlow Val
ley was here this week to con
suit a phvsician. Mr. Stearns is
suffering from heart disease and '
was advised to seek a lower alti
tude. He left for outside points
at once.
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar-1
Prof. Shaw, expert agriculturist
of the Great Northern R. R. Co. ,
will visit Harney County some
time in September and hold a
series of meetings and deliver a
number of lectures. The definite
dates will be arranged for and
announced as early as possible.
C. A. EHer, of Spokane, has
been looking over this section
with a view of investing and
making his home here. He is
more than pleased with the
country and says all we need is
people to handle this vast lot of
agricultural land to make it the
greatest producing section in the
entire Northwest.
Visit our bargain counters,
lere you will find the greatest
rgains ever offered in Harney
Whether you need the article
w or not, it will pay you to look
ler tnese counters, iou win
id some of these articles shortly
Id will never have this chance to
such bargains again.
General Merchandise -
latonlc Building,
Burns, Oregon
Chas. Johnson arrived home
from Portland last Monday.
Kodak Supplies at the Rexali
Drug Store.
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept.
J. R. Gould is building quite
an addition to his residence
Don't give up until you have
tried the Bums Department Store
- Lunaburg & Co. 29tf
John Robinson, who was quite
ill last week, is some better and
able to be about the streets this
Use Nyals Cough medicine
for baby's cough. 10 tf
Dr. Griffith again operated on
Mrs. L. M. Hamilton at the
hospital Wednesday and the lady
is now improving quite satis
factorily. Mrs. Sarah Burrage who has
been .here for the past month
making proof on her desert claim
southeast of town, left for Seat
tle Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Best came
in from their Silver Creek home
Wednesday, and Mrs. Best left
Thursday morning for a visit
with her people in Baker City.
G. B. Cozad, wife and daugh
ter, of Klamath Falls, who have
been visiting friends and rela
tives over at Canyon City came
in Wednesday evening and after
a short visit with the Wm. Miller
family returned to their home.
Harry Smith, Jr., was driving
their auto.
Prof. H. D. Scudder, of the
Agronomy Department of Ore
gon Agricultural College, accom
panied by M. M. McCool, soil ex
pert of that department, arrived
Wednesday evening by way of
auto stage from Bend, and are
making a tour of the experi
mental stations.
Miss Helene Swain, who has
beta attending the summer nor
mal at Monmouth, arrived home
Thursday evening. Miss Swain
spent an enjoyable period at
Newport after the close of the
school. She will teach at lauwen
again this year. Regina Schwartz
came back from Portland with
her. -
Married- In Corvallis, Satur
day, Aug. 9, 1913, Mr. LeRoy
Van Winkle and Miss Zoa Irwin.
The bride taught the domestic
science and art department of
the high school in this city last
winter and has many friends
here. Mr. Van Winkle is manager
of the Harney County Abstract
Co., having been associated with
that concern for Home time. The
young couple niiivcd lure Tues
day and are at present occupying
apartments at the Mrs. Arthur
Horton residence. Their many
friends are extending best wish
es for a happy and prosperous
wedded life.
Tonawama tonight.
Burns Pennants at the Rexali
Drug Store.
Beginning Aug. IB Burn flour
will be gold at $1.80 per sack
W. W. Scott, of Denio, one of
the big sheep men of the south
end of Harney County, was in
town this week.
Miss Anna Lennon, returned
Wednesday from a ten days' trip
to Portland, and has gone out to
her homestead near Princton.
C. E. I.e May. the painter and
paper hanger, left Tuesday with
his family for Juntura where he
has considerable work in hi", line.
J. J. Tupker and family left
Tuesday for their new home in
Kenniwick, Wash, wheie Joe has
a good position with a steam
laundry concern.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Terrill and
Mrs. Clarence Carey left yester
day afternoon for the mountains
with the latter's little child who
is suffering from summer com
plaint. Miss Mary Godfrey, a former
teacher in the Burns high school
arrived Saturday on a visit with
Mrs. Simon Lewis and other
friends here. She is now teach
ing near Los Angeles.
Mrs. Frank Davey drove to
Canyon City this week where
she met her daughter, Miss Lou,
who was returning from an ex
tended visit to her sister In Baker
county. They arrived home
Mrs. A- P. Elliott, mother of
Mrs. L R. Breithaupt and daugh
ter who have been visiting at the
Experiment station returned to
their home in Gresham, Oregon,
leaving Ihursday morning via
automobile to Bend.
Sheriff Richardson and C. H.
I -eonard returned Thursday from
a trip to Boise and Snake River
points. They report all very
quiet in that section, and that
the many recent water spouts
in Malheur County have left the
roads in a bad shape.
Dr. Griffith removed a finger
from the hand of Joe Hardy the
other day. Mr. Hardy is a sheep
man of the Steens Mountain
section and is suffering from a
very unusual and peculiar disease
known to the medical profession
as Raynand's disease. It affects
the blood vessels and had caused
a peculiar numbness of the fing
ers, in fact the circulation was
practically stopped with the re
sult that one finger had to be
The statement of condition of
the Harney County National
Bank as rendered to the Com
ptroller of Currency and publish
ed in this issue, shows its usual
splendid condition; that "Your
Home Institution" is taking care
of its patrons by expanding its
loans during the haying and crop
moving season, without effecting
its well known conservative
policy. This bank shows the
largest individual deposits and
its earned surplus has been in
creased to $40,000.00.
Zoeth Houser, Ex-United Stat
es Marshal of Oregon, arrived
here Thursday evening from his
home in Umatilla county for the
purpose of buying some cattle if
he finds the class he desires at
what he considers right prices.
Mr. Houser has vast alfalfa fields
in his home county and each
year he comes to this section and
buys stock to feed and put in
shape for the market He is
well known to the stock men of
this county where he has operat
ed for several years.
. If the manager, of this religi
ous weekly wasn't such an ex
pensive cuss its readers would be
better off if he were kept away
from home more. The Times
Herald was quite a decent sheet
last issue and he congratulates
the force. He returned, like a
bad penny, Thursday evening
and is again on the job. He'll
tell something of his visit in the
next issue. He left Mrs. Byrd
and the "flock" quite well, the
process of straightening Evelyn's
teeth progressing very satis
factorily. Wm. Hanley, James Donegan
and family and Mrs. Frank
Welcome left this morning for
Bend being en route to the
Development League meeting at
Klamath. They will take the
train at Bend and go by way of
Portland, spending a short time
visiting friends and relatives
during their absence. Mr. Han
ley received a wire from C. C.
Chapman yesterday stating that
Secy, of Interior Lane would be
in Portland and had promised to
attend the league meeting at
Klamath, therefore Mr. Chap
man desired that Mr. Hanley, as
president of the league, come by
Portland and accompany the
cabinet officer on the trip down.
Kodak time is here.
We do job printing.
Get one of those Dustless
Brooms at the Rexali Drug S'ore.
Finest alfalfa, timothy and red
top hay baled may ke had at the
Goodman feed barn is south Burns
Mm. Chris Lackman and daugh
ter, Laura left Monday tor a
visit with her daughter in Port
land. Stop at the Burns Hotel when
in this city where there is a fine
cook and very best accommoda
tons. tf 31.
Joe Barnes who has spent the
summer down on Otis Creek has
been visiting old friends here for
the past week.
A son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. William Walker, our Court
stenographer, at their home in
Ontario last week.
Packages sent by parcel post
to the steam laundry will be re
turned prepaid where the bill
amounts to $1 or over.
Our own Harry Lane, Junior
Senator, fills the Who's Who
and Why page in this week's
Saturday Evening Post.
Dr. Minnie Hand came up from
I iii wen this morning accompanied
by Mrs. Ruh and her young son
who is to undergo an operation
at the hospital this afternoon.
A. H. Kreul of Portland is in
the city. He has just closed the
contract for a piece of Harney
Valley land and will be a perma
nent fixture of this growing section.
Dr. Grace Parker Osteopathic
physician is located at the Bums
Hotel. Dr. Parker is a graduate
of the American School of Osteo
pathy of Kirksville. Mo., and has
been connected with the A. T.
Still Infirmary of Ed Posd, Texas
for three years. Consultation
and examination free.
M. Gerstel died at his home in
Portland last Sunday after an
illness covering a period of more
than a year. Deceased was
a highly respected citizen of
Portland and the father of Mrs.
Louis Schwartz and Miss Ger
trude Gerstel. Both ladies are
quite well known here, the latter
making her hprne here and is
employed as book-keeper at the
I. Schwartz store. The sympa
thy of their many friends is ex
tended to them.
H. Barth, a capitalist and real
estate dealer of Richmond, Cal.,
accompanied by Geo. W. Seay, a
realty dealer of Los Angeles,
are touring tne country in tne
former's automobile. They went
over the route of the new survey
for the Western Pacific branch
line from Winnemucca, Nevada
to Boise, and came from Boise to
Burns via Vale. They are well
pleased with the Harney Valley
and predict a great future for
this entire section.
Allen Biggs left this morning
for Ontario to see his mother and
other relatives. His mother ex
pects to leave soon for the East
and he desired to pay her a visit
before she went.
ItaJITetl 'T4TK I. AN). till t t i
hum, u egull, Am-tmi I MM I
Notlii. l Iiiii'Ih given (hat, Km i J M
II, i.tina ( l-rli un.llregiitl .Him. mi A lirll
10, IWI7. Kelt. HI I'll.' ami ll.i il. I'll' iriiii'.
null i. ml I' lii.ii.i... i u i i i, n,.- n i -, i, mi ,N
The Harney County National Bank
Unit.d 1t fl.poallarr
Peetal Saving
Depositary Fe The
Stale ef Oragea
M " vMei, i Hi i. IUI nfc 'i I Sh ijinii
NK quarter r-K oimi l ii Sim N W qgaftel
' 1
quarter anil HK iiuartiT NW iiuml.t Hull
K, luwnllli 17 M . liana'. ,ilK, lllkntatla Mr,
I'llan,, Baa llli-'l null..' il Intention III mill. i
dual Mm. year I'l-nof. In . atalillall ilnlni In the
Inml ah iff. ilia ill ml. In Into lli'KI.HT ami llr
i-i-lvur, at Hum., iirrgiui, on Ilia M)i ilay nl
Viiii-rnlier. lull
claimant tiaiuva ai l lice. ;
Thintiaa H. Hmvmia, Matt liavl. Wllilam , Henri M. hit ml nl rrlm cituii, in
WM. KAa. Itr.fl.r
llilrna l.tal No. mi
Iliirna, Oregon, July II, lull) I
Nntii'i' ta hereby iiivini that Hi" Northern
1'aclflr Itallwav i nni.Htiy. w Iiobi1 luiat
aililri'aa la Ml fan I. M In mint a. linn ihla Mill Hay
nl July mill, lllail In ihla nttli n I ai.i.ll, atl.ui
to eelerl iiinler Hi, ,mlalona of the art nl
I'ongreie epprovnl Ji Iv I ikon ,t0Htal MI7, imi
1 I.oluaoil7 Hec II, V.'M, HHK W. H
All I It, " "
H7. " M
HKU ol NKU il, " "
NW1, ol Hfe J7
Kk ol "K .,
NKt.olHICi; :it ' ii
Lola J a, a, and 7 lift, " "
Capital Stock $ 26,000.00 1 .
Surplu. and Profit. 4 1 ,660.85 1 ,ny,mn '" "
NK'.ol NK",, Nit',
BW, si nk;
711 W)
40 00
40 1)0
li.n mi
Berlel No oumiu
Any ami all ueraona claiming adveraHy the
lamia ileariltwil or deilrliin to object l-
ol thainlonral the land, or lor am
other reaann to the ttlllxieal to ajiplliaiit.
ahould (lie their affidavits ol promt In Ihla
offlfa.on or before the nd day of Hapteintier,
Wm Kanaa. k(let.r.
DaTrfSB HTATea i.ani orrira. t
liurim. Orafjon, July 11, 11)1.1 I
Notice la hereby given, that Walter I k , ..
hirer, ol ItlU-y, Oregon, who on Januan p.
19(0, Bade booieairao entry, No. (Mini, lur HK1.
W)4JUiS)iandNlt!.iHC!4, bertlon IR Inwu
hip a if, Range l It vYlllauirttc Merliileli.haa
filed notice of Inioniton to tuaao final tlini
icar prnol, to catabllgh claim titthc land above
daacrlbed, before Heglaiir and Ho elver, at
Hurna, Oregon, on the IHIh day nl Augual llll.l,
Claimant namea aa wlineeaea
liana C. IMIilile, William W. Mm, .
William Mower, Ployd J. Keerlngcr. all of
Hi ley. Oregon
Wa.rAiiae. Heglater.
Minna, liregun, July 14, lllla. I
Notice la hereby given that frank Adolph
Horn ut l.avten Oregon, who.on lui.e 1 1, I'.l.'
tnade llomeeleed Kntry, No. onivi, fur K'vsv',, :i ami 4. Hectlnn rt, Tovinahlli H, I
Kanga VJ K Willamette Meridian, haa Died
notice of Intention to make final c.!,
I'reof to ealahllah claim to tin. land above de
a rlbed, before Keglaler and Net elver, al Hurna.
Oregon, on the lath day of AiiKUal, 191s.
I'lalinaut iiamceaa v,ltnraaea
llarivll Keech. Hherman N In v . .i... . . w
Dean, Pete i hrlateneen, all ol urn Oregon
Wm. I hu. Kettle er
bur ha No. - '
Hurttl. orpKuii, July .'
1 'It
Hcporl ul the condition of the
at Hurna, in the Mule of Oregon, at the eloee of
l.ilalncaa. Aug. V, HIS
aaaoeai aa.
iiiaiiaainl inacoiiuia IH.7W to
Overdralta. eecuied and uueec ured 410 40
II H lunula to uirum circulation lv.suuno
t; H omnia to MM foetal Havlnge &.SU000
Premium on r.K Monde
Honda, eccurlttca, etc . . . ..
Hanking huuae, furniture eud flilurr
Due from National Hauka (not re
aerve affeuta)
Due iiuiii approved reeerve egeuta
rliecka and oihvr raeb item
Not., ol other National BeBka
fractional paper curreacy, ukckeli
and u'lili
I'twrt'l. MoNgv Hgagavg m Hana.
Hpe.-lc ,'JO.Mrl'Jo
j-gal Tender Nolea 40 00 JO.IUM Jt uiptloii fund with I'.K Ireaaurar
(6 percent ul clrculetlou)
W.elil W
I,I4 78
n.t'j H
I Vflp
V76 0H
H.',.11.7 7l
i al.llal -loek paid III I'je.OUUOU
Hurplua Fund.. 40.1100 uu
Undivided proflta, leak eipeuree aud
taleapald I.IKWM
National Hank notea outetandlng lu.aoooo
Individual deooalle luliject to check JI,WM07
llemaud certltlcatca of depoalt
Time I'Kittflcatae of depoalt
feahler'e ohecka oulalendlng
I'oatal Havlnge Depuelte
'illi'.l to
i iiuiity ol llamvy, m'
I, I r,,u M llrown, Taahler ol the above
nemed bank, doaoleinnty avruer that the above
talemeut la Hue to the heel of my knowledge
a, il Ih-IU'I.
I. COM M. HaowM, lalhlir
Hulia lllie.l aildiworu to before inethla 14th
day ol Aug., IVI.i.
A. W. (lunik
.Meal) Notary fublle.
I'orrect Alleeti
r. r. MoKiaitgy
tl. A KeMiui.D
J. M nation
Kemrrkable Curo kf Dlaentery.
"I was attacked with dysentery
about July 15th, and used the
doctor's medicine and other re
medies with no relief, only getting-
worse all the time. I was
unable to do anything and my
weight dropped from 146 to 126
pounds. I suffered for about two
months when I was advised to
use Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. I used
two bottles or it and it gave me
permanent relief , " writes B. W.
Hill of Snow Hill, N. C. For sale
oy uu (icuierri.
Pacini- Hallway umpany'. wlioee poalofllic a, l
area last rant. Mtuucaola. haa till .'lh la
or jiny mia. nird in Ihla office Ha appu anon to
aelecl ubder the provision ol the act ol i on
greaa approved July I, lata) (SOHtal :ni7. ir.i
HK', of NW',, Mac. ;4 MM 3.. W M 40 on
Henal No OSVJU
Any and all pereoue claiming advenely the
lauda d,ai ur deelrliig to otijeel U-caii.e
of the mineral character of the laml, 111 lor any
other reaeou to thedlapoanl to applicant ahould nroleat In ttili. ,,rtl,,. ,,n
or belore the 1Mb dey ol NcptcmtH-t y
Wm H'-elater
I'miin "TATaa I.ANIi OvrM
lluitu . Oregon, Augtiat ,. 9
Notice I hereby given that Allen H Uraliem
of Harrlitien, Oregen, who on April ff, Iwlc
made llomreteed Kntry No 01 ... : for
W', He. I Ion 17. Townahlp 'JAM. IlimrUI.
Willamette Merldlen. hea filed nullcc of Inten
tlon to make flnel three-year Proof, toeatatillah
claim to the land above decrlUHl, liefore Keg
later and Met elver at Hurna Oregon, on the
1Mb day ol Heplem In 1 . 19M.
claimant natiu-a ea wllneagea
Thotnae Houtley, Mary A Oard, John Oenl,
all of lwen, Oregon. T 1' Albrltton of
Burne, Oregon.
Wm Farm. Itegiaicr
Chit, it HtaTIn LfcNB On h I
Hurui, ort'iiun, AiikurI m, I9ia.
Sotii U hrrrlijr fflvvn that t'lUi1t (' Davli.
ut Ml Juliift, Orafon. who uu May H I'M
lurrt I niti Kiitry No 0M7I. tor WU. Hcrlluii
K, TuwiiBhli it H . Rn0 Xi r , Wlllanu-tl,
Mm Ia1in.ii. tm. lllci, iiotlf of tutt'iiltui. lo make
dnal proof, to vatabteah clahn to the laud
ahove dfat'i'ttHMl, bfuri- Htg later and Iteralvvr.
at Hurua.Oraion, on the 17th dajr of hfiitem
bar, 1VU.
Claliiiant nauira aa wltiiraeea
Irs I. Hltaper, Howard N. Koaa Uilh of
lUrrluan. on gun tlleu I. lala, of M
Jnbna, Orrgou. John W. Hlenbery, ol hurnf.
W. Kaaaa. HelaUr
(.lata ts-afi... Bit.) yii.
NATIONAL holtr.-l
Nutlca la harahr glveu that tin lai da dfi rril.. d
talow, emhraelng JMO at-rea. .lOiln tin Mill
haul National Koiead oregou, will ba suit). I
toaattlatnant aud entrf under (ha roUlona
of the boiuaataad law nf tltu t'uluxl sulea an.)
theat'tol June 11. IVU. M hUt , Hi, at Ihi
'lilted H talcs laud olTli't) at Huruu, oig(iiit uu
Kvileuibfr :i, IW1H Any aeltler whoaam
lually and In good faith claiming any ..( auta
landi lor agricultural .urKa-i prior lojann
arjr 1, 1WM, and haa not abandoned saint1, lta a
I preference right to uiake a hornvsti-Hd
1 for the landa a luatly (MMOwd uld Ii.ii.i-
were lilted uptui the aiplii alloimof ttif uri(ii
hu'iiiIiiiumI eow, who have prsfaratii hkIh
aubjarl to the prior right of any auch aeltler.
firovldad aurh aeltler or applit ant li ijH.tliftr.1
o make homaataad auirjr and the preferam v
right la nerciaed prim to KptenilMr .1 t"l i,
on which date the laudi will w Rulgei I to
ueineo. ami miry u any ., 011.1..,
aafollewa: The NW'.of NK'4 .d
The landa ar aafollewa: The s w l . ..I N I- . ,
NK , IheH'-of NHU Ol NK'4 of NK4. M-e U,
sudNUol NWtaof NW1,, the h'tu7 KV4 ol
NW4 0i NWU.Oie HK4of NW4o. NW"., the
NKUotNW'g'llifHttnl NW'aol NK' lite
lha W't id KU nf HK',, of NW, th K' ol ,
ofiKof NC'4, the WUof SW4 of HK'4 01
NW, the KUol NK4o. HW4. Ihe K' of W
of NSW of HW, the NS of NK'4 of aKU ..1
HWl4, Bao 87, T. IVH . K.W K , W M . ItiUacrot..
acro, aupllcallou of w H. Mull, of Hum,
Oregon; ft No... The sh'4 of NK't .. t.,
theHWU of NW.theH'of Nof N rt ' . Hue,
10. T iOH., it xi h , litt gerea a plloatlo- of
Thomaa van ainh.ul Hurna. oicgon. lit
' ypi Approved July 11, HUH. r M urn 1 1.
Aaalitaut roniuilNaloiu r of the incal 1
CALIBER Repsatbig
Rif Is In ths WORLD
Maiin lii two iiuitlcli- one
for '.'.' Short It. T. ntr-
ti iili s 1 In- other fur .&! Lotur
Itlllo It K.
Ilaittllug 15 .
SI 11 ut Mud 19 .-
ImiK rlllo i-'irtriilm .1.
-ml for I. uuUiiii.i'ly Ii tilt- I'.ilu
lo;- hlul "How to Shoot
Order litgvon. Wftes -Plltols
anJ Shuli-o.i-j
rtiiin yuill ll.-uli-r
I. O. ate S0O4.
rmuK m
$8.00 Xs
f(' Jf
1 nt
272,236.86 J
Money with our name on it in the hand
of the people.
Proof that hundred, of Men and Women
approve our .tending and method..
$ 186.160.36
Monev aefely placed for active circula
' tion in Harney County.
25,025.94 ssss . Ceh.
U. S. Bonds A Prem.
Municipal Bend &
County Warrants 52, 976.22 j "s Ossis Inye.tment..
Furniture A Fixtures
Cash and Exchange
Pleeeant, convenient accommodation, for
3 852 77 ' cu.tomer.. Securitie. and facilities for
' prompt dispatch of bu.ine...
Reserve fund available to meet need, of
91,382.42 depositors. Amount on hand 33 per cent
law requires 15 percent; remaining IS
per cant ie extra margin of aecurity.
If Yon Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Rest Job Printing
leluflg mm'1- n
Mowers. Rakes. Rucks and
all kinds of Haying Tools
Machine Extras on hand
All kinds of Imple
ments for the farm
gas engines, pumps
wagons, shelf hard
ware, etc., fishing
tackle, guns, am-
I munition, campers
supplies, etc.. etc.
A Sa.
gegggggVVaW "I
-aTie;...M r
Get In Your Order for Binder Twine
We handle the right kind of
goods at prices that will appeal
to your purse. We are receiving
many consignments-more coming,
so ask for what you don't see.