The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 26, 1913, Image 3

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    .mes-Jkrald CircuUlion Of Any
r In Hrn.y County.
Local News.
lyals Rheumatic Remedy.
Cobb was in town this
home made lard 17c at
I's meat market. tf
Marshall was down from
near Harney the first of
(you seen Williams Zogl-
Slothing Cos., ad in this
11 Cecil and son Pat were
during the week re-
bcquaintancesand attend-
Hne business.
len Jones w mow mere
Butter can be had at
chwartz store and Ches.
stage office. 33.
Egli and little daughter
rere in irom the larm
Iring the week, guests at '
ke of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
J. McKinnon & Son
has made a passenger
f$7.00 between here and
will also haul freight
its on all consignments
or over. liTtf.
Stinson. Prineville re-
Itive of the Oregon &
Colonization Co.. has
this place for several
ring come over to assist
jhnson, the local agent,
nd Mrs. Babbidge left
lorning for their claim
Bt of Lawen in the Valley
ict where they expect
their summer vacation, .
Proves It
Your check against your deposit
in The First National Bank not only
settles a bill as well as gold or cur
rency, But it Proves that the bill is paid.
It is the part of wisdom to have
indisputable evidence of the pay
ment of money. Carry a checking
account here and have it.
First National Bank
of Burns
United State Depositary
Burns Pennants at the Rexall
Drug Store.
Ralph J. Wilson made proof on
his homestead this week.
L. R. Had ley was here from
Portland this week, having come
up to look after his land interests.
He was detained for a few days
here on account of a Bevere attack
of lumbago. He has returned to
Woman cook wanted on a
ranch. Inquire at this office.
Mrs. Ira Mahon came in from
her Cow Creek home Thursday
accompanied by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. S. Wells, who were
returning to their home in Port
land after a few weeks visit with
her. They went out to Bend by
auto, Mrs. Mnhon returning home
from here.
We carry the Florshelm Bhoe
Williams Zoglmann Clothing Co.
Use Nyals Cough medicine
for baby's cough. 10 tf
You will find IT at the Burns
Department Store.
('has. Wilson has sufficiently
recovered from his recent illness
to visit his friends in town oc
casionally. A. 0. Faulkner of the East
ern Oregon Engineering Co.,
presented this office with one of
their new pocket maps the other
day. It is fully sectionized, cov
ering the entire county; and is
altogether a very convenient
pocket map with some printed
information about the country.
Kodak time is here. We do job printing.
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar-1 Use Nyals Stone Root Com p.
macy. fw the kidneys. . 10 tf
J. F. Mahon was in town this Isaac Foster was in from Silver
week and said he was very busy i Creek a few days this week,
in his hay harvest Your 8pring and 8ummer Buit
Don't give up until you have ' can be found at Williams Zogl
tried the Burns Department Store ' mann Clothing Co'h. . store.
Lunaburg & Co. 29tf
C. E. Murray
return about the 20th j down from Emigrant Creek dur
ing the week.
Dr. Griffith was called to Dia-
and wife were , mond yesterday evening on a
professional trip. We did not
learn who he went to see.
Clemens sawmill is
its new location and is burns.
to fill any order with
dressed lumber, also fir
buck teeth and any
rder given prompt at-
P. Kaletz. of Chicago, has been
in this section for several days
. Lampshire writes to .
o. o ko .k. .nH k aunng tne weex.
who went to Eugene
)ver the Cascade Moun-
iched their destination
fa from here without
ip. ine inp proveu
ling struck one of the
at the electric light
Hy Wednesday evening
it out of business.
Dwyre soon had a sub-.
lachine in place and
again. This is an in-
that we are now getting
rithout question. The
runs each Wednesday
convenience ol nouse-
io desire to use electricity
purpose. It is a con-
appreciated at this time
your f SAFE." accounts ' looking over the territory with a
invited. view of bringing in a colony of
ih narH .Inhn HVinz and C. ' PPft Hp ,eft tni'' morning for
B. Ausmus were among our visi- "tei P". well satisfied with
from the Lawen section w,,ttl ,,t: "uu nm"
here on land business.
For Sale Two broke general
purpose horses. Chas. Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sweek
They were Austin Goodman has a 5 horse-
lower gasoline engine and 2-inch
rotary pump for sale. 24-tf-
!..!.. i : ........- (i... r..i...
itciaiivca ifjHii i i ii. u .i wiui
Caldwell and family and his
have returned from an extended i mother have come to Portland
visit with relatives and friends
in Portland and Willamette Val
ley points. They report a de
lightfu' time.
Phone orders for milk and
cream to the Willowmere Cream
ery and your order will be filled
and delivered promptly. 33.
Cashier Gault of the First
National Bank states he will
leave soon after the first of next
month for an extended vacation
trip. He will visit Spokane,
Seattle, Portland, Corvallis and
; lso spend some time at the coast.
Visit our bargain counters,
ere you will find the greatest
rgains ever offered in Harney
Whether you need the article
or not, it will pay you to look
tr tnese counters. iuu wm
d some of these articles shortly
i . will never have this chance to
such bargains again.
General Merchandise -
inic Building,
Burns, Oregon
from California. John's health
has improved considerably but he
is not yet able to work. They
may decide to remain in Portland.
Ginseng and Gold Seal raising
surest way to make Big Money
on Little Capital. One acre of
Ginseng yields about 5,000
;J pounds. Sells at $6.00 a pound.
We buy all you raise. Write to
day for free booklet. Ieo Richt
er. Auburn, Wash.
Williams Zoglmann Clothing
Co., make a specialty of cleaning,
pressing and repairing.
. ..-. . N
Archie Aicuowan leu mursuay
morning for Portland where he
goes to secure four more Ford
cars which have been sold to
people in this section. He will
be absent but a few days and
will drive the cars back from The
Dalles, being accompanied home
by Miss I .unci Smith and Nollie
Reed, each of whom will drive a
Kodak Supplies at the Rexall
Drug Store.
Dr. Geo. G. Carl and
came over from Canyon City the
first of this week to make their
home in Burns where Dr. Carl
will practice medicine. He is
not a stranger in this section as
he has a number of acquaintances
who speak well of him both pro
fessionally and socially. Dr. Carl
has his offices in The TimeB
Herald building.
Two-inch centrifugal pump for
sale.- Chas. Wilson.
Mr. Wayne, one of the owners
of the Intermountain Nursery
Company, of Payette, is in town
and will solicit business in the
city and throughout the county,
if you buy from them you will
get trees that are home grown
on irrigated land, trees that are
acclimated, you will buy direct
from the company, no commission
to pay. The Inermountain Nurs
ery Company is an old and reli
able company. They keep a
record of all varieties fruiting at
certain altitudes. Mr. Wayne is
a man with a great deal of ex
perience in growing fruit and
nursery stock in Idaho and Ore
gon. Save your order until you
see him. He will stop at the
Burns Hotel while in town.
The usual picture program to
morrow n i g n t at Tonawama.
Some good comedy.
Thos. Cleveland was over from
his home near Van this week
consulting a physician. He had
a yartial paralysis of the face but
it is not of a serious nature and
he was assured of complete re
covery. Mr. ucveiana lives in
one of the most prosperous farm
ing and fruit communities of this
section and reports good yields
this season.
Packages sent by parcel post
to the steam laundry will he re
turned prepaid where the bill
amounts to $1 or over.
I.'.... l. C K.4,M. .....I imltm .........
I l.uin .' i.iim i OIIU n in ' .11111
iii the lirstol the weeK and have
since been guests at the Chas.
Wilson home. They made the
trip in their Overland car coming
from Ashland by way of Crater
Lake. Klamath Falls, Bend, Red
mond, Prineville and then to
Rums. They will remain here
for a time at least, but are not
decided what they will do in the
immediate future.
A pearl hand-shaped breastpin
was lost either on the street or
at Tonawama the evening of the
4th. Finder please return to R.
F. Stillson.
The Times-Herald calls atten
tion to the communication of
Mrs. Gray on the first page re
secting the rabbit pest. This is
a matter that is of interest to the
entire country and is a problem
that we must deal with. The
rabbits may disappear as they
did several years ago and never
.t- a problem again, but we have
had three years of annoyance
and some practical relief must
be devised.
The Lunaburg Dalton & Co.
Department Store have cut high
pricf s and long credit. 29tf
This section has experienced
some of the hardest rain storms
for this season of the year in its
history. The precipitation for
the week is in excess of an inch
and a half, and almost two inches
for the month. It begun raining
on Monday of this week and a
heavy shower was experenced on
that evening and again on Wed
nesday night it began raining
and the next morning the mea
surement showed almost an inch.
It has interfered with the hay
harvesy and considerable was
ruined that will never go into
the stack. It has caused heavy
grain to fall, but with warm sun
shine this will likely raise up
again, so that at least most of
it can be cut by the binder.
Raled hay, Rran and all kinds
of grains at The Rums Dept.
The preparations are well un
der way for the big picnic at W.
H. Robins' Crow Camp farm on
Sunday, Aug. ii. Archie Mc
Gowan and J. M. Dalton, of the
Rod & Gun Club are looking after
the arrangements and they are
preparing for one of the largest
gatherings ever assembled in
Harney county outside of Rurns.
Mr. Robins has extended an in
vitation to all his neighbors and
they're all going to be there from
long distances. The Gun Clob
will sent over the traps and have
a shoot and there will also be a
literary and musical program. A
refreshment stand will be arrang
ed in the grove for the pleasure
of those present and no intoxicat
ing beverages will be permitted
on the premises. A truck has
been chartered to take things
over, alBO others for the convey
ance of those whohave no other
way of getting there. A special
mte of $2 for the round trip has
been secured and several autos
will take passengers at the same
rate. Those who desire to go
should register with either Mr.
Dalton or Mr. McGowan us they
want to ascertain how many want
to go and arrange transportation
in accordance. Mr. Robins fur
nishes free pasture, hay and
camping grounds to those who
como by team and wish to spend
one or more nights there.
Water Permits Filed
With State Engineer.
Tonawama tonight.
Several of our town people are
making preparations to go camp
ing next week.
J. W. Sayer and daughter Miss
Helen have returned from a visit
with relatives at Canyon City.
Mi'bs Hazel Cozad entertained a
number of young friends at her
home Wednesday evening in hon
or of her sister, Mrs. Curtis
Smith of Rurns, who is visiting
here. -Blue Mt. Eagle.
The program at Tonawama to
night promises to be one of the
most interesting and entertain
ing put on for some time. The
pictures are good and the comedy
with five in the cast is full of
energy and fun. Usual prices.
i a report of
in the State
The following
the water filings
Engineer's effice:
During the quarter ending
June 30, 1913, twenty-one per
mits have been issued by the
State Engineer for the storage
and appropriation of water in
Harney County. Among these
are the permits of C. B. McCon
nell and Leonard and Emory
Cole, covering water rights for
a large irrigation project in the
vicinity of Riley and Burns. It
is contemplated to construct two
or three reservoirs on Silvies
River where there are some ex
cellent sites. What is known as
the Lower Reservoir on Silvies
River will impound 90,000 acre
feet, while the upper reservoir
will impound 106,000 acre feet
and the proposed reservoir on
Emigrant Creek will store 67.5G0
acre feet In addition to these
reservoirs for the Silvies River
unit, it is proposed to store 2,380
acre feet of the waters of Poison
Creek. The Silver Creek unit
will be supplied with water from
the Silver and Nichols Creeks
reservoirs which will have im
IKHinding capacities of 97,700
acre feet and 2,215 acre feet,
resectively. The Silvies River
unit of the project includes the
irrigation of about 27,592 acres
and the Silver Creek unite 26.701
acres. Thomas and Walters of
Chicago have secured a permit
for the irrigation of 663 acres of
land with the waters of Colony
and Van Horn Creeks. In addi
tion to the foregoing, the follow
ing permits have been issued:
Tice Shull of Narrows, for the
irrigation of 160 acres of land
with the waters of Hole Canyon.
This land has been partially ir
rigated. Nena Haarstrach of
Waverly, for the irrigation of
1(50 acres of land with the waters
of Jim Creek, to be diverted in
Sec. 3. Tp. 29 S., R. 34 E. Adele
H, Paul of Smith, for the irriga
tion of 320 acres of land with the
waters of Jim Creek which are
to be diverted in Sec. 3, Tp. 29
S., R. 34 E. Chas. Books of
Harney, for the irrigation of 160
acres with the waters from Rock
Creek, in Sec. 32. Tp. 22 S. . R.
33 E. Eastern Oregon Engineer
ing Company of Bums, for the
irrigation of 160 acres with the
waters of CurtiB Creek, in Sec.
6. 23 S., R 34 E. Lizzie Books
of Harney, for the irrigation of
120 acres of land with the waters
of Rock Creek, being diverted
in Sec. 28, Tp. 22 S-, R. 33 E.
T. L. Vickers of Buchanan, for
the irrigation of 70 acres with
the waters of Curtis Creek in
Sec. 13. Tp. 23 S.. R, 33 E. C.
S. Ollgard of Andrews, for the
irrigation of 10 acres, with the
waters of a spring in Sec. 7, Tp.
37 S.. R. 35 E. J. R. Jenkins of
Princeton, for the storage of 368
acre feet of water in Wild Horse
Creek and to apply the water to
the generation of theoretical
horsepower. Wm. Bennett of
Seneca, for storage of 100 acre
feet in Bridge Creek, which is
diverted in Sec. 32, Tp. 17 S.. R.
32 E. Peter Clemens of Brns
for the irrigation of 80 acres
with the waters of Poison Creek
in Sec. 22, Tp. 22 S., R. 31 ft
Making Berry Juice
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Church service 11 a. m.
No evening service.
Travellers' Cheques
Letters of Credit
Harney County National Bank
'Your Home Institution
Sunday school all during
mer at usual hour 10 a. m.
The following simple and ef
fective way of bottling berry
juices was employed by Professor
C. I. Lewis in the laboratory of
the Oregon Agricultural College,
and is a sure way of saving
loganberries at a good profty on
the rainy day: Heat the berries
to as nearly the boiling point as
possible and strain out the juice.
Mix juice with one-third its
measure of sugar, heat as before
pour into sterilized soft drink
bottles, shove the cork about two
inches within the neck of the
bottle, and pour melted parafine
to the top. This process preser
ves the flavors and aromas and
keeps the product indefinitely.
Diluted with four times its mea
surement of water it is a delicisus
iFriun Our I'urtlnnil Correspondent)
That the policy of the Portland
Commercial Club to continue the
campaign of farm development
throughout the state is in high
favor with the business interests
of the city is evidenced by the
fact that the present campaign
has met with more prompt and
favorable support among property
owners of Portland than any
movement of like nature that
has been conducted in the past.
A few week ago the Commer
cial Club set out to raise a fund
of $160,000 to be expended in
development work throughout
Oregon during the next three
years and so successful has been
the effort that at the present
time the fund is well above the
$100,000 mark and it is believed
bv those having the campaign in
charge the full sum will be pledg
ed within the next month. In
the list of those who have given
definite sums are 160 firms and
individuals representing virtually
every branch of business activity
in the city.
The fact that onions from
Texas, potatoes from California
and eggs and poultry from points
outside of Oregon are being re
ceived in Portland in carload lots
while the farmers in the im
mediate vicinity of the city, as
well as those tributary to the
railroads leading to this market,
cannot find a market for their
produce at any price has led the
Portland Realty Board to actively
take up the question of establish
ing public markets where gard
eners and farmers may dispose
of their products direct to the
consumer with great benefit to
both. It is stated thai the fact
that farmers cannot sell their
own crops in Portland without a
license, and the further fact
that the commission men will
not buy from him except at their
own prices, is causing many
farmers to allow fruits and
vegetables to go to waste rather
that dispose of them at a lost
That the dairy business in the
coast counties has been establish
ed on a paying basis is evidenced
by the fact that the Clatsop
County Co-operative Cheese As
sociation has recently been pay
ing 7c more per pound for butter
fat than the market price. The
average amount of milk now
being received is nearly 6,000
pounds per day with a prospect
of greatly increased supplies in
the near future. An ice manu
facturing plant will be installed
before the adv nt of hot weather
next season.
Attention has recently been
called, by the Oregon Agricultur
al College, to the fact that many
farmers who are so unfortunate
as to have hay injurtd or spoiled
bv rain are making the mistake
of either burning it in the field
or allowing it to rot in piles. It
is stated that spoiled clover or
alfalfa hay is worth $8.60 to
$10.00 per ton as fertilizer it'
evenly spread over the fields and
plowed under, and that every ton
of hay so worked into the soil is
approximately worth four tons of
fresh manure. A ton of clover
hay contains 40 pounds of nitro
gen, 6 pounds of phosphorus and
30 pounds of potash, which, if
purchased in the open market
would cost the farmer about
$10.60, and as clover and vetch
is yielding about 24 tons per acre
this season, the plowing under
of the spoiled hay adds a fer
tilizer value of not less than $25
to each acre.
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