The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 14, 1913, Image 3

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eat Circulation Of Any
la Harnay Ceunljr.
k.Y. JUNK 14. ISIS
ml News.
for sale at the Blue
rniore Bpent a tew
during the week.
am cup and saucer at
& Store. 26tf
is Walk-Over Shoe at
isiactory owns.
larsden came over
ir Valley ranch the
ktylo and inside ease.
shoes, Brown's Satis-
Burns Hotel whan
where there is a fine
ry beat accommoda-
sons of Geo. Younp
itions at the hands
iBon Tuesday ior
aish-American war
111 hold a meeting in
ine at at z o'ciock p.
It the office of Capt
land son, Leland have
tr to attend the grad-
cises of St. FVancis
id will bring Misses
Ivelyn Fry home with
Report Of The Condition
o Tli.
First National Bank
At Burnt, Oregon, June 4th, 1918.
T lawflaieam
Loans and Discounts $350,632.31
U. S. Bend 41,000.00
Bonds and Securities 48,366.74
Premium on U. S. Bonds 1.956.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8,604.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,250J)0
CASH 124.44IJ.14
Capital $ 26,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 78,881.90
Circulation 26,000.00
DEPOSITS 447,212.21
Oapltal and Surplus $ 1 OO.OOO.
United States Depositary
for your Deering re
K wait until the last
fe will get any thing
ind have it here on
jwn & Sons.
Hayes has been
from Vale this week.
Bted in the Venator
He met with a
tome from old time
supply of good, clean
Ifalfa seed may be
lams Hardware Co's.
is the time to get it
y to sow when the
soil are right.
cil and his son Homer
wn Tuesday, miss
ras married in Port-
Inesday of last week
rere down for the
lplemenLs will be in
iber we dont keep
ell them and our car
i long, if you ask your
mi will hurry ana get
(car and be a Deering
Brown & Sons.
inson made a living
ik county the fore
week in which he
banied by Judge H.
Judge Levens pur
ine Ked roil duii over
iville country and the
pw on its way here to
Ine nerd oi pure orea
Kodak time is here.
Mrs. Fred Oakerman was in
town this week.
Walk-Over Shoes indoors and
out-Brown's Satisfactory Store.
Dr. Harrison operated on a
little child of Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Hibbard Monday for adinoids.
Your spring and summer suit
can be found at Williams ZorI-
mann Clothing Co's.. store.
John Carey and wife and his
mother were over from Crane
Creek during the week.
Root Com p.
10 tf
was in town
Mrs. James Lampshire and
daughters have gone to Eugene
for an extended visit with re
latives. They may be joined
later by Mr. lampshire.
The R J. McKinnon & Son
Stage Co.. has made a passenger
rate of $7.00 between here and
Vale and will also haul freight
for 2i cents on all consignments
of 50 lbs. , or over. 26tf .
Wrn. Stirling and daughter,
Miss Nettie, arrived home Mon
day evening. Miss Stirling has
been attending school atCorvallis
and was met in Portland by her
P. S. Weittenhiller arrived
home Wednesday evening from
a business trip to Portland. He
was a companied on his return
by Miss Gertrude Gerstell who
made a flying trip to Portland to
see her father. Mr. Weitten
hiller drove a new Ford run-about
back from Bend for Archie Mc
Use Nyals Stone
for the kidneys.
Fred Otley Jr.
Brad Moss was a
visitor during the week.
Every roll of butter made at
the Willowmere Creamery is
labelled 'T. Allen Jones."
Get one of those beautiful
Japanse cups and saucers at the
Rexall Drug Store. 26tf.
Mrs. S. F. Hutton was over
from her Wagontire home this
Walk-Over Shoes will take you
anywhere and back see them at
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
Thos. Hoswer was among our
visitors from Harney the fore
part of this week.
Austin Goodman has a 5 horse
power gasoline engine and 2-inch
rotary pump for sale. 24-tf-
and Chas.
to their real
fore part of
ur Opportunity Is Now
At Hand To Secure
Your Choice Of
The Latest
be Silk, Silk Panama, Silk Pop-
cashable Silk Voile, Gaze Mar-
rge, Lennox Poplin, Stripea
dine, Cambridge Zepher, Pan-
Messaline, Silk Ratine, Ver-
roile, Striped Taffeta, Windsor
Vigeaux Serge, Laurette
itung, Rufflings and Trimmings
Nifty New Line has just arrived and will
ready for your inspection the first of the
week. Come early and take your choice
while the variety lasts. Nothing later
will be shown in Burns this season.
literal Merchandise -
nlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
C. Albritton
Rohn made a trip
estate holdings the
this week.
Lost -A ladies' gold watch
Elgin works, monogram G. E. P.
Finder return to this office and
get reward.
Dr. Harrison was called to see
Mrs. James Pirie over at Cow
Creek the fore part of this week
and reports the lady quite ill.
C. E. Stedelman, a young man
who spent some time here last
year, came in Wednesday even
ing from Idaho. He was accom
panied by W. H. Gess of Boise,
who is looking over the country.
'Emmett Reed and family took
their departure Sunday for Port
land where it was their intention
to see the Rose Festival and later
go to Corvallis to visit with Mr.
and Mrs. B. R. Porter, Mrs.
Reed's parents. They wil be
absent an indefinite time.
Mrs. Tillson Harrison and Mrs.
Marray were hostesses to a party
of their lady friends Thursday
afternoon. Six tablos enjoyed
500" for a time which was fol
lowed by dainty refreshments
and some music on the Victrolla.
Those present report a most de
lightful afternoon. The table
honors were awarded to Miss
Lou Davey, Mrs. J. L. Gault and
Miss Gerstell.
The annual school meeting is
to be held next Monday and every
patron should attend the meeting
and have a voice in the selection
of officers as well as look into
conditions of the district in a
financial way. There is entirely
too much neglect shown in this
district and if we are to make
our school more Buccenaiul and
harmonious we should ul! toko
the interest the school deserve!,
There is a director to he elected
and a clerk Some of those.
mentioned far director are .). L.
Gault, Dr. I,. E. Hibbard.. Dr.
Elizabeth Ellis and I. Schwartz.
Let all turn out for the school
Ask for Walk-Over Shoes
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
We do job printing.
Use Nyals Rheumatic Remedy.
W. L. Best was in town this
Two-inch centrifugal pump for
sale. -Chas. Wilson.
Geo. CobB and wife were up
from Valley View Wednesday.
"w. H. Morrison has been haul
ing wheat over from his farm to
the flour mill this week.
Don't give up until you have
tried the Burns Department Store
Lunaburg & Co. 29tf
Born Wednesday, June 11,
1013, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oren,
a son.
Williams Zoglmann Clothing
Co., make a specialty of cleaning,
pressing and repairing.
Fred Gehrung, N. Henney and
C. V. Reed were among our Sun
set visitors during the week.
The Lunaburg Dalton & Co.
Department Store have cut high
prices and long credit 29tf
J. R. Turner of Vale was re
gistered at the Burns one day
this week.
It wouldn't be a bad idea for
the residence portion of our city
to be decorated on the 4th as well
as the business houses.
Clay Clemens mill is the near
est one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road. Call him by 'phone.
62. tf
There will be a meeting of the
Harney County Live Stock Pro
tective Association at the Court
House in Burns, on June 16th at
2 p. m., important business.
Grant Thompson, President
Sheriff Richardson left Thurs
day morning for the railroad
taking Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mickel
who are enroute to Fish Haven,
Idaho, to make an extended visit
with relatives.
Mr. Price Cochran writes that
Harriman is going to have two
days celebration the 4th and 5th.
They are preparing for a big time
with a big dance on the evening
of the 4th the music to be furni
shed by Miss Ethel Haines.
John Robinson of Harney has
started overland for Denver,
Colorado, with his wife who is
suffering from tuberculosis. He
was advised by her physician to
seek another altitude and climate
as a means of prolonging her life
and they have started on the
Leo M. Humphreys, of Moscow,
Idaho, was here last week and
looked over some of the Oregon
& Western Colonization lands.
He selected a half section out
near the Hamilton and Loggan
places and has just wired S. F.
Johnson to closs the deal up as he
is coming with his family. Mr.
Humphreys will develop the
place at once. ,
Dr. Harrison removed an ovari
on tumor from Miss Agnes Sayer
on Tuesday night at the Burns
Sanatorium. The operation was
successful and the young lady
is recovering rapidly. Miss Her
bert assisted in the operation and
is nursing the case. Miss Sayer
is a most estimable young lady
and her many friends are pleased
to learn she is on the road to
'Elmer McMannus, who has been
with the Welcome Pharmacy for
several years, except when in
school, has resigned his position
and will go to the Bear Valley
ranch of By ram Bros., for the
vacation period and expects to
again take up studies in school
in September, taking up medicine
and kindred branches, Elmer is
a very ambitious young man and
will succeed.
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar
At this season of the year there
is always an effort made to get
the hunters and fishermen to take
out licenses. In this country the
sentiment is opposed to the
license because all the license
money is expended in the western
part of the state and the laws
are mil such as to better the
game and fish conditions here.
Recently there was a case in
Portland where a deputy got
away with several hundred dol
lars. The people in Idaho feel
about th same way, but they do
occasionally get a few trout plant
ed. Over there they do not pro
secute for anything except not
taking out a license, all other
offenses are overlooked, which
looks, on the face of it, like the
license money is the whole thing
now and some one wants it bad.
All sportsmen believe in the pro
tection of game, but are opposed
to petty larceny grafts. The
whole thing should be taken out
of politics. Ontario Argus.
Walk-Over Shoes at Brown's
Satisfactory Store.
H. F. Huntley was In town
this week.
Violet Dulcs Vanishing Cream
at the Rexall Drug Store, 26tf.
. C Volmer was registered
at the French on Wednesday.
Try Nyals Family medicine a
The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
'Jesse Vickers was down from
his home Thursday.
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept
Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Glenn
Garrett, Thursday, June 12 1918,
a daughter.
Relinquishment for sale near
Lawen, inquire at this office.
The Burns Hardware Co., has
fresh onion sets in any quantity.
24 tf.
Every roll of butter made at
the Willowmere Creamery is
labelled "T. Allen Jones."
Wanted to buy a second hand
mower and rake. Ed Maher,
Princeton, Ore.
E. M. Garber, of the Indian
sen-ice, who has been here for
several weeks, has returned to
headiuarters at Roseburg.
'Leonard Locher arrived home
Thursday evening from Corvallis
where he had been attending the
O. A. C. the past winter.
Get our prices on Studebaker
wagons and buggies. We will
positively make you prices that
will get the business and we
guarantee to sell you a Stude
baker wagon or buggie at rail
road price or less. N. Brown &
T. M. Allen and family, who
have been visiting at the home
of Dr. Hibbard's for several
weeks left last Wednesday for
Echo, where they expect to live
in the future. Mrs. Allen is a
sister to Mrs. Hibbard.
'Relatives and friends have re
ceived invitations to the graduat
ing exercises of the Monmouth
Normal school from the Harney
county graduates. There are
four young ladies of this county
in the class this year. Misses
Lenore Sizemore, Enid Cawlfield,
Emma Johnson and BessieSwain.
On the 4th instant the Com
ptroller of the Currency for the
third time this year, called on all
national banks for a statement of
condition. The Harney County
National Bank statement pub
lished in this issue shows the
splendid condition of "Your
Home Institution," with an in
crease of business over the last
'The home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Dalton of this city was the
scene of a very pretty wedding
last Wednesday evening, June
11, when their daughter, Miss
Ruby, became the bride of Ludwig
M. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Babbidgf
of the First Prctioytenaii church
performing the ceremony in the
presence of the relatives and a
few invited friends.
These young people are among
the most popular of this section
and they have a wide circle of
friends. The bride was one of
the graduates of this year's high
school class and is a very sweet
and accomplished young lady.
She is a particular favorite in
Burns having endeared herself
to her acquaintances by her
charming character. Mr. John
son is connected with the Harney
County National Bank holding a
very responsible position and is a
young man of high character.
He has been prominent in social
and lodge circles since coming to
Burns and has been most active
in the line of music, being a fine
tenor singer and also manager
of the Tonawama Band. He is
highly esteemed by all his ac
quaintances for his happy dis
position and business qualities.
The bride was attended by her
sister. Miss Helene Dalton, and
E, Music was best man.
An elaborate wedding supper
followed the ceremony and dur
ing the evening the "Treble Cleff
Club" a vocal musical organiza
tion of which the bride is a mem
ber, and the Tonawama Band, of
which Mr, 'Johnson is manager,
serenaded them. There was also
an impromptu serenading party
went to the residence after at
tending the picture performance
at Tonawama.
The invitations state Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson will be at home to
their friends after July 1st
The Harney County National Bank
United Stetei Dwaliu,
Portal Sarbtai
e,of Or
Capital Stock
Surplus and Profit.
InTaeraaeat f slockhold.ri
1 a SUM! ftn i'"' wlta sar S8Slea ll in the hands
Twweww i
$ 178. 103.40
of the people.
(Proof thai hundrode of Men and Women
f I
approve our standing and method,.
safely placed for active circula
tion In Harney County.
U. S. Bonds & Pram. 25. 025.84
Municipal Bonds A
County Warrants 55, 145.84 j Hith Grade inreatm.nt.
Furniture A Fixtures 3,852.77
Cash and Exchange 104,608.40
Total . 366,736.35
PUaaant, convenient accommodation for
cuato u. Securities and facilities for diepatch of business.
Raeatrra fond available to moot needa of
dapoeltora. Amount on hand 37 par cent
law require, IS par cant) remaining 22
par cant b eatra margin of security.
The Celebration.
Brown's Satisfactory Store has
the agency for Walk-Over shoes.
We carry the Florsheim shoe
Williams Zoglmann Clothing Co.
Testimony in the Venator con
test case was taken here this
week before M. A. Biggs as
Bpecial referee with Mrs. W. L.
Blott acting as stenographer.
The government agents at Vale
stated they had some important
testimony to be taken in this
county and Mr. Venator went to
the expense of bringing several
of his witnesses and his attorney,
Geo. W. Hayes, here with the
result that the government did
not put a witness on the stand.
This contest has cost Mr. Venator
considerable money and other
wise work to his detriment. It
would appear that some of the
field men in the land service are
pretty active in causing trouble
to men who are trying to secure
land. There has been complaints
respecting the activity of these
special agents for a long time
and it might be a good plan for
the head of the department to do
a little weeding out.
You will find IT at the Burns
Department Store.
James Lampshire has just re
ceived his first Indian Mote Cycle
and considers himself fortunate
in securing the agency for this
famous machine, beiieving it to
be the last word in motor cycle
construction. With its cradle
spring suspension, its silent
powerful motor, its convenient
and flexible control, its refine
ment of detail and the highest
possible grade of construction
makes the Indian supreme. The
cities have taken so kindly to the
motor cycle that they now have
not only a big field in the in
dustrial world but are rivaling
the automobile as a pleasure con
veyance. The small cost for a
high grade machine the great
saving in time even over the
automobile, the economy of both
operation and maintenance the
exhileration and pleasure afforded
in riding, in creating a pheonemal
demand for there machines, write
for catalogue to Lampshires
Garage, Burns, Oregon.
The various committees have
about completed arrangements
for the big 4th of July celebra
tion to be held in Burns. There
are going to be three daysof fun,
beginning the day of the 4th and
covering over Sunday. Baseball
games, horse racing, sports on
the streets aed fireworks.
There will be many people in
from the surrounding country to
celebrate with us and it is the
intention to give visitors the
best time they have ever had in
this place at a celebration. Ses
display ad for the program.
Baptist Church.
10 a. m. Sunday school.
11 a. m. Church service.
8 p. m. Union service at
Presbyterian Church.
If Yon Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
-- Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
Presbyterian Church Tomorrow.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8
p. m.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Union service in the evening.
Cornelius Beebe will deliver the
Special music by the "Treble
Cleff Club" at both services.
Walk-Over Shoes at Brown's
Satisfactory Store.
No. 2M
Ktitorl of tlm ciintlltlim of lh
la the mine of Oragun, at Ike iloee ol dual
urea, June Uh tola.
loena and Dlsoouuts. imam) M
Overdraft, eocured and uuaec ured b.'AH uy
V. a. Buaea to Mcure circulation Jn.uu) IX)
U. . Boada taaeenr U. H. Urnualla
16.0110 00; n aerllre I'oetel Havlnga
other bonds to aerure ll H. Iiepotll
I .Uiaeriirel'oalIHvlul,iMK) I.00UUU
Premiums ou (! . Hvuda 1.SM00
Boada, aeeurlUaa, elo 47.HM 74
Hanking bouaa.furnllure and flsturve 7.SM Vi
Other Keal Katate, owned Sol 00
Da trow National Banka (nut re
eerr agent) U.IMi.M
Due from male ud I'nvete Banka
and Bankers, True' Contpaniua. aud
Having Bank WSJ
Due from approved reserve agents 7a,nul aft
Cheek aad oilier naah ItenS w as
Mole of other National Bauka I.1MIM
Fractional neper ourreni), ulikeU.
and oent. ' o
l.twrui Mumv mn in Hank
H,.ecli. WV 7J.1 Ml
Legal Trnder unto ft 00 aTPJH
Hednttlun fund with D. H Treaeur
r (ft par oant of alrouuttloa) 1.3M 00
Total Y.i..iiii ll
Uapllal alook paid In
Undivided profile Ui-a gpin and
uaeauald tsi
National Batik Note tiuletamlluK :'ft,tKi tat
liuotoultter Natloual Banka 7,417 .'.-.
Iiidlvtdualdpollauhjeol to shook -'I6,7U
i.,UOU ul
7Ii,000 UO
17 UN ft i
1)04 mi
J.'.'ltO ,.
it 'in .".
H ..mi ii
Demand urtldratea of depoall
Time Cerllnoata of depoalt. thoi-ka
I'eahlei aohaoka outstanding
United State IxpotiM
1'oalal Havings DSDoatt
t'otiNTY or Hahv, '
I.J.I, (lauli. tiaahlur of the ibov
bauk. do eolmuuly swuar thai tin1 abovu stain
liient Is true lolhe titiat of on Itnotvli'ilge and
J. I. Uaim i. raalin -i
Correct -Atleat:
Q, A. lUlNg
Subscribed audaworntu before me this (Olh
day of June. 11.
iHc.n Nclarr Public for Oreguii.
Ask for Walk-Over Shoes
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
itPrSPHvaaaafJ SSB' ''
. vy:TBrffeaTMfSBiaBaaaMB Bats I ii
.Tiu ,1. CvreMeieAwovraa2!Tj9eB
- Trr r ff ithBHT ' ' "SSkS
" 5 '
Get In Your Order for Binder Twine
Mowers, Rakes, Bucks and
all kinds of Haying Tools
Prepared to fill your Orders
All kinds of Implements for
the farm, wagons, engines, j
pumps, shelf hardware, etc. I
We handle the right kind of
goods at prices that will appeal
to your purse. We are receiving
many consignments-more coming,
so ask for what you don't see.
Burns Hdw'e
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