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hit Circulation Of Any
r In Harney County.
RDAY, MAY 31, 113
cr1 News.
won with full orchet-
the picture tonight.
U 7:40. The bairbnll
a dunce after iihow.
Mis Wnlk-Ovor Sinn's at
itisfurtorv Sloiv.
Hthors and Thos. lining
1 from Harney Tuesday.
nse cup and saucer at
Driiir Store. Mtf
rrison reports Mrs. Q.
Icks in town for medical
rer Shoes will take you
i and back see them at
tisfaetory Store.
rinj,' and summer suit
bund at Williams ZokI-
thinjr (Vs., store.
Altnow was over from
rsey section this week
sss and Kreetin his
Smyth was over from
this week to attend to
iness and was accom-
his return by Mrs.
So will spend the vaea-
on the ranch.
ed supuly of Kood. clean
alfalfa seed may be
Burns Hardware Co'a.
low is the lime to jrei il
eady to sow when the
id soil are rijjrht.
traps last Sunday Lon
Ml wrested the honors
ctuD irom ueu inooie
tliated him by taking
from him. Dell says
g to win it back at oi)C6,
Lllen and Chas. Waid
from the P Ranch dur-
reek as witnesses in the
Le Hanley Co., and Mrs.
h. Mrs. Allen is mak-
irations to po to the
the summer.
at my place on Rock
I four year old red cow
either H connected or
it the brand of Frank
fiah to establish owner-
limal. Parties interest-
accompany your
when deposited with The
I7ift ntatinnal Rank
f Rurnc
i Nil
United State Depositary
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Agency for Walk-Over Shoes -Brown's
Satisfactory Store.
Brown's Satisfactory Store has
konfer with me at once.
leman, Harney.
picture program at Tona-
snight and tomorrow
iree reels tonight and
arrow nipht. All koou
standard of the bouse
st. Some j?ood come-
tias, etc. une unusual
"Honor Thy Father"
kem tomorrow niuht.
Johnson arrived from
Monday evening ac
hy his wife and
who will spend the
Here 1 hey are at home
kidence recently occupied
Hodder. The family
ny olu time irienus m
ho are glad to welcome
Kodak time is here.
The Burns Hardware Co., has
fresh onion sets in any quantity.
24 tf.
Mrs. Fred Oakerman and son
Albert were in from Riley Thurs- the agency for Walk-Over shoes
1 day. G. A. Stoneman was over from
Outside style and inside ease, his Rock creek home Wednesday
Walk-Over Shoes, Brown's Satis- on business.
factory Store agency. Austin cjoodrnar. has a 5 horsc-
Loat- A child's jrold bracelet power gasoline engine and 2-inch
with the letter G engraved on it. rotary pump for sale. 24-tf-
Finder please leave at this office. j H ;arrett tne ol(1 pionccr
Miss Zoa Irwin of the domestic of Emigrant Creek, is at the
science department of the high hosoital in this city under
school, has gone to outside points medical treatment.
to spend the vacation period. the first national bank of
The Williowmere creamery n $100000 -the BANK THAT MAKES
Allen Jones will pay 25 cents a your $ $ a safe." accounts
lb for butter fat during the INVITED.
month of June. 29-30 James Brandon and family
W. C. Cecil and son Homer came over from Pine Creek the
were over from Silver Creek first of this week and were guests
Tuesday. They were accompani- at the home of C. A. Britting-
ed in by Homer's wife and lien ham and wife for a time.
Clay Clemens mill jh the near
est one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road. Call him bv 'phone.
52. tf
H. M. Horton and Chas. Wilson
have gone to Charley Haines'
famous health resort near the
lake to soak out some rheumatism.
The hot springs down there are
reallv fine for this purpose and
some day there will be a big
sanatorium there that will equal
any in the west.
our Opportunity Is Now
At Hand To Secure
Your Choice Of
The Latest
;obe Silk, Silk Panama, Silk Pop-
Washable Silk Voile, Gaze Mar-
, Serge, Lennox Poplin, Stripea
issaline, Cambridge Zepher, Pan-
ia,Messaline, Silk Ratine, Ver-
Voile, Striped Taffeta, Windsor
XT tTI T i -
isse, vigeaux serge, .uaureiie
intung, RufTlingsand Trimmings
,.. m.i i i .. : i i ...:n
us INitty new Line na jui rnm anu win
' be ready for your inspection the first of the
week. Come early and take your choice
while the variety lasts. Nothing later
will be shown in Burns this season.
General Merchandise -
isonic Building, - - Burns, Oregon
The R. .. McKinnon & Son
Stage Co. . has made a passenger
rate of $7.00 between here and
Vale and will also haul freight
for 2i cents on all consignments
of 50 lbs., or over. 25tf.
"A Day Off" tomorrow night
at Tonawama pictures the comi
cal episode of two truant hus
bands. Wives should see this
picture and then remember what
their husbands told them as an
excuse on certain occasions.
J. C. Leedy of the agricultural
department of the high school
took his departure Wednesday
for his home where he will spend
a portion of the vacation period.
He may return to this county
later and do some special field
work for Prof. Scudder.
The only reliable auto stage
line between Burns and Bend has
established a summer rate of $15.
Cars make the run in about H
hours. Those desiring quick
transportation combined with
comfort and safety should see
I). M. McDade, agent.
The Brown's Have Visitors"
at Tonawama tonight.
L Woldenberg, proprietor of
the Blue Mt. Stage Line between
here and Prairie City, came over
Tuesday accompanied by his
daughter, Miss Freda. Mr. Wold-
i enberg spends the greater part
of his lime on the line and re
turned the next day, Miss Freda
remaining to visit her aunt, Mrs.
C. H. Voegtly, and her many
former school friendH in Burns
where the family resided for
several years.
Walk-Over Shoes indoors and
out Brown's Satisfactory Store.
President John I). Daly of the
First National Bank of thiu city,
was over from Boise during the
week looking after business in
terests. Mr. Daly was formerly
a business man of this county
and has many personal tneuds
who enjoy p visit with him on
his occasional (rips to this place.
He is well pleased with the
advancement and development
of this territory, seeing changes
for the Ik tier every time he
comes in.
Ask for Walk-Over Shoes at
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
Use Nyals Rheumatic Remedy.
Dr. H. Denman came up from
Harriman Thursday.
We carry the Floraheim shoe
Williams Zoglmann Clothing Co.
Robt. Irving was in town a
few days this week.
W. B. Johnson was in from
Silver Creek yesterday.
Harmony Arbutus Compaction
Cream at the Rexall Drug Store.
(Irani Reynolds was over from
his Warm Springs home this
R. J. Williams and D. R. Thorn
were over from Silver Creek
and comfortable care, Mrs. W. T.
Lester. Burns, Oregon.
Don't give up until you have
tried the Burns Department Store
- Lunaburg & Co. 29tf
Miss Edith Witzell took her
departure Wednesday for her
home, going out by way of Baker
where she will visit for a time.
The Gayety Girls in the great
musical comedy success "Adam
the Second" at Tonawama Wed
nesday night. One night only.
Get your reservations in advance.
.. j ...j
wirs. r.,a auuiaru was over
from her home on Otis Creek
this week on a visit to her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.
W. C. Silvertooth, an employe
of the Woodard, Clark Drug Co..
of Portland, is in the city this
week, having accompanied Irving
Miller up. He is on a short
vacation trip.
'City Marshal Haines has re
turned from Portland where he
had been sick for several weeks.
He is looking very well and has
assumed his duties to which he
was re-elected by the voters the
first of March.
Wm. Dunn came up from his
home near Narrows Thursday
bringing in some friends in his
car. Geo. Simmons came up
with him to make proof on his
land. He has been quite sick
but has improved sufficient to
make the trip.
The light shower Tuesday
night was quite beneficial to
vegetation and it has responded
rapidly. A trip out in the country
the following day showed the
crops rather backward for this
time of year but it is now favor
able weather and there is hope
of a good yield. Some more rain
will be of ureal benefit at pre
sent. Try Nya Is Family medicine a
The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
' A towel shower was given at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Dalton Wednesday evening in
honor of Miss Alice Sweek who
becomes the bride of Robt Ben
nett tomorrow. A large number
of her former school mates and
young lady friends were present
and the evening was most enjoy
ably spent and all wished her a
happy voyage through life.
Martin Gallagher, who came
here last January in company
with his brother, expects to leave
in the near future and it is
rumored he has made a most im
portant investment in Harney
county one of our fair young
women, who will accompany him.
Mr. Gallagher is not fully decided
on where he will locate but quite
likely return to Canada where he
was formerly engaged in the
retail merchandise business.
Two-inch centrifugal pump for
sale. Chas. Wilson.
' Irving Miller arrived from
Portland Monday bringing Judge
Miller's new auto. The manager
of this great religious weekly is
not financially able to own a car,
therefore he is mighty well
pleased to see a trood friend and
neighbor get one as he stands a
chance of a ride occasionally. It
is one of the handsomest cars
owned in Burns and it will
certainly be a pleasure to ride
in it.
You will find IT at the Burns
Department Store.
It is an ill wind that blows no
body good. California has ex
perienced a drouth and live stock
is Belling cheap as there is no
feed and owners are anxious to
have them taken away. Lake
county farmers have the dairy
fever according to the Examiner
and many of them are taking
advantage of the unfortunate
owners in California to secure
cheap dairy herds. They are
securing some fine stock at very
reasonable figureB. lakeview is
the location of a new creamery
and the farmers will be prepared
to furnish it with considerable
Ask for Walk-Over Shoes at
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
The famous Walk-Over Shoes at
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
Fred Barron was up from Sun
set Wednesday.
Violet Dulce Vanishing Cream
at the Rexall Drug Store. 26tf.
R. L. II ass was up from Nar
rows during the week.
Relinquishment lor Bale near
Ijiwen, inquire at this office.
Walk-Over Shoes for comfort
and service Browns Satisfactory
Get one of those beautiful
Japanse cups and saucers at the
Rexall Drug Store. 26tf.
Henry Jennings and little son
were down from their mountain
home yesterday.
Williams Zoglmann Clothing
Co., make a specialty of cleaning,
pressing and repairing.
The Lunaburg Dalton & Co.
Department Store have cut high
prici s and long credit. 29tf
Sam Mothershead assumed his
duties as receiver of the local
land office today upon telegraphic
advice from the Department.
Dr. Harrison was called to the
Harney section early Wednesday
morning to see Mrs. C. W. Log-
gan. the patient is reported
much better.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Terrill and
Mrs Julia Cawlfield arrived home
Thursday evening from Medford
where they had been attending
the Odd Fellow grand lodge
There will be a meeting of the
Harney County Live Stock Pro
tective Association at the Court
House in Burns, on June 16th at
2 p. in., important business.
Grant Thompson, President.
Miss Georgia Ellis is home
from Washington where she has
been teaching, to spend the
vacation with her mother and
J. F. Mahon and wife came
over from their Anderson Valley
home Thursday evening and re
iKirt a very generous rain fall in
that vicinity the first of this
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Holland
leave tomorrow for Vale where
they accompany Mrs. Henry Hol
land and daughter who have been
visitihR them for a time. Upon
their return the Hollands will be
accompanied by Mies Vera Hen
dricks, who has been visiting in
Tacoma for a long period.
Dr. Griffith removed a very
troublcBom tumor from the throat
of II. K. Thompson Thursday
afternoon. It had grown to the
side of the windpipe and proved
a rather difficult piece of surgery
to remove it Mr. Thompson re
covered nicely from the shook of
the operation and is doing very
Miss Drusa Dodson arrived
home early Wednesday morning
from Boston where she recently
graduated from Emerson. The
young lady will begin active work
at once directing plays for
Tonawama, the local players
preparing for the celebration
week. The many friends of Miss
Dodson extend her a hearty
welcome home.
Will Byram and wife came
over from their home on Canyon
Creek the fore part of the week
and are guests at the home of
Mrs. W. L. Marsden. Their
little son, Cecil, has been over
for some time and yeeterday had
a large number of diseased glands
removed from his neck, Dr.
Griffith performing the operation.
The little patient recovered
rapidly from the operation and
is doing well.
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar
macy. The many friends and admirers
of Miss Mamie Winters are
pleased to learn that she has
been recommended as post mis
tress at Burns. The appoint
ment has not yet been made but
there is every reason to believe
it will be at once as J. K- Loggan
has asked the department to re
lieve him June 1. Mr. Loggan
has purchased Sam Mothers
head's interest in the real estate
and insurance business of Moth
ershead & Donegan and expects
to take charge of the office the
first. Mr. Ix)ggan has made one
of the most satisfactory post
masters Burns has ever had and
he leaves the office with the best
wishes of practically every
patron. Miss Winters, who is to
succeed him, is a very capable
and deserving young lady who
will certainly be satisfactory. It
isn't likely she will be ready to
t ike charge of the office by the
first as her bond and the many
sundry affairs incident to a
change must be looked after first.
Mrs. J. C. Welcome Sr.. died
at the family home in this city
last Saturday evening after a
long illness. The lady had btM
suffering for a long period and
everything possible was done to
relieve her and prolong her life.
Some weeks ago she went to the
home of her daughter, Mrs. H.
C. Levens, near town where she
seemed to improve but a few days
before she died she grew worse
and was brought back "' to the
iamily home, tier death came
peacefully and she was surround
ed by her entire family.
Mrs. Welcome's maiden, name
was Leona" Cromwell and she
was bom in Kentucky April 17,
1846, but the family moved when
she was very young to Illinois.
She was married to J. C. Welcome
in 1870 and in 1874 they moved
west and lived in northern Cali
fornia until 1888 when they
moved to this place where they
had since resided. Mrs. Welcome
was a most estimable lady with
whom the writer had been well
acquainted since she came to
Burns. She was a devoted wife
and mother, an accommodating
and helpful neighbor, highly
esteemed by her entire circle of
Besides her husband she is
survived by the following child
ren: Mrs. Maggie Levens, Henry
W., Jacob C, Alfred C. Frank
W. Welocme, all of whom are
residents of Burns with the ex
ception of Henry who is in the
drug business at DrewBey.
The funeral was held Sunday
afternoon from the residence,
Rev. Dr. Babbidge of the Pres
byterian church conducting a
short servise, appropriate music
being rendered by a quartet com
posed of Mrs. J. L. Gault. Miss
Nina Wiseman, Ludwig Johnson,
Dr. Brown, Mrs. Curtis Smith
organist The pall bearers were
all old time friends of the family.
The remains were interred in
the Burns cemetery, a large
number of close friendH attend
ing, i ne sympathy ot the com
munity goes out to the bereaved
Public School Closed.
Ifil"" "- Mara "
With adequate capital and mod- .
ern facilities for transacting all M
branches of the banking business,
we invite the accounts of indivi- vi
duals and firms. M
Harney County m
National Bank m
Brown's Satisfactory Store has
the agency for Walk-Over Shoes.
Considering the interruptions
the public school of Burns which
closed on Friday of last week
made an excellent showing.
While but two passed from the
eighth grade at the recent ex
aminations those who failed were
only conditional and with but
two studies (in some cases but
one) they will likely make the
necessary average at the next
examination to enter high school.
Prof. Sutton has decided to
remain until examination time
and assist those delinquents as
much as possible during the time.
He feels they will be able to pass
with a little review work in the
studies in which they failed.
The closing report of the
school year shows that but 147
days were taught during the
entire school year, therefore it
will be Been that those who pass
ed their grades with 7 weeks loss
of time have made extroardinnry
progress. There were a total of
281 pupils enrolled in the school
during the year with an average
daily attendance of 185. The
total number of tardiness report
ed is not creditable to the school
but no doubt this will be bettered
during the coming school year as
the pupils will be given siecial
credits for being on time. Then
again, if Burns could or would
have a standard time it would be
a great benefit as then all would
keep that time. As it is no two
time pieces in town are the same.
According to the report there
has been a disposition on the
part of the parents to take a
greater interest in the school
work and the visits were frequent
and a majority of the parents
visited the school during the
The following pupils deserve
special mention for being neither
absent nor tardy during the
school year just clesed:
First grade Adolph B y r d ;
Second grade Wellington Gault;
Fourth grade- Evalin Miller, liar
ley Hotchkiss; Seventh grade
Ella Elliott, Hazel Haines.
Special mention should also be
made of those ranking first in
their respective grades;
First grade Joseph Young
100 plus; Second grade -Wellington
Gault, 100 plus; Third grade
-William McHose, 98; Fourth
grade-Jo Cook, 96,; Fifth
grade -Everett Eggleston, 946;
Sixth Grade -Neil Miller, 98jf;
Seventh grade, Ilda Hayes, 9(5 5-7:
Eighth grade, Ellen Geer, 91
1-10 by State.
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