The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 10, 1913, Image 3

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rg..t circulation Of Any
r.papr In Karn.y County.
Local News.
Hembree was in from
Huffman came in from !
Iws this week on business.
rley Beckhouse was in town
', Nyals Family medicine a
felome Pharmacy. 10 tf
, hay, Bran and all kinds
lius at The Burns Dept.
Hereth was in
making proof
the city
on his
one of those beautiful
cups and saucers at the
Drug Store. 26tf.
in Goodman has a 5 horse-
gasoline engine and 2-inch
pump for sale. 24-tf-
Byrd went over to Bend
in company with Johnnie
nd from there he expects
o Madras where he may
ork in a printing office.
I Millsap, of Pullman,
was here last week and
sed a section of land near
an trom the Oregon &
Colonization Co.
e bmyth and wife were
rom their Happy Valley
or several days this week
at the home of Allen
nd other friends.
The Bank That Makes Your
$P P c r fl! G!
United State Depositary
C. A HAINES, Vic Pre.
J. L CAULT, C.hi.r
A C. WELCOME, Ami. C.hi.r
10 tf
R. J. McKinnon '&' Son
has made a passenger
$7.00 between here and
fed will also haul freight
tson all consignments
bs. , or over. 25tf .
Preston was up from
flck Tuesday. He and some
eighbors had considerable
winter wheat frozen and
ton was after seed oats
the same ground.
(Tse Nyals- Cough
for baby's cough.
Price Cochran was in
from Harriman this week.
Wm. Kriske was over from his
farm home near Harney Wednesday.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Bailey Hayes was in town
Geo. Calwfield spent a few
I days in town this week.
Relinquishment for sale near
G. 0. Hendricks was here from ! Lawen, inquire at this office.
Lawen Wednesday on business 25-29.
before the county court Try Alma Zada The Hygrade
THE first NATIONAL BANK of j Perfume-t , the Rexall Drug
$100,000. "THE BANK THAT MAKES ... .. . ,
your $ $ safe.- ACCOUNTS w- H- Robins was in from his
invited. Crow Camp home for a few days
this week.
A limited supply of good, clean
acclimated alfalfa seed may be
I. H. Holland and Mrs. j had at the Burns Hardware Co's.
illar gave a delightf u store. Now is the time to get it
n 500 party at the home j and be ready to sow when the
former Wednesday after- weather and soil are right
fed a large number of the
I of Burns were present.
Ie honors went to Mrs. L.
wn. Miss Hazel Cozad,
ringtonand Mrs. Murray,
refreshments were serv-
A. C. Welcome of the First
National Bank has gone to the
railroad to get his new auto.
Willie Keisenbeck and Elbert
George were in town for a few
days this week.
A. Duqn will have chageof
my wood business in- Hums this
winter. Drywood on hand to
recovered his health after a long any part flown F. O. Jackson,
illness during the winter. 52. tf
The little daughter of Mr. andl Supt Hamilton has been in
mis ween aitenainnr a meeting of
J. W. Buchanan was exchang
i ing jokes with his many old time
i friends in this city during the
week. Mr. Buchanan has about
encourftflnni? to note the
remente going forward by Mre- ""? nao to De uucen
ing citizens of this vicin- rortmna last Monoay to nave
the new land owners who a specialist treat ner ior eye
here to make their trouble. She and her mother
are doing some great work , haa Ju" returned a tew oays ago
w their confidence in the lrom ortiana ana it was at nrst
by at once beginning! thouht 8h.e had caught cold in
?ment of their holdings. er eye wnue curau. uver iivm
Kth capital are taking hold "end out later it aeveiopeo oi a
ilar.fl nr1 rp havinrr thpir more serious nature ana Brie was
leared and put intocultiva-1 taken to a specialist witnout ae-
rhese men should receive 'ay. John Hilderbrand, Mrs.
their Salisbury's young brother took
the child out
encouragement in
our Opportunity Is Now
At Hand To Secure
Your Choice Of
The Latest
Kobe Silk, Silk Panama, Silk Pop-
Washable Silk Voile, Gaze Mar-
si Serge, Lennox Poplin, Stripea
essaline, Cambridge Zepher, Pan-
ta, Messaline, Silk Ratine, Ver-
la Voile, Striped Taffeta, Windsor
xt n . t i.j.
lesse, vigeaux serge, ijaureiuj
lantung, Rufflings and Trimmings
Nifty New Line has just arrived and will
be ready for your inspection the first of the
week. Come early and take your choice
while the variety lasts. Nothing later
will be shown in Burns this season.
General Merchandise -
Iriasonlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
the high school and boundary
board. He is arranging to hold
a school fair this fall in connec
tion with the county fair.
The little twelve-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Tex Martin is
sick with spotted fever at the
home of E. E. Owsley in this
city. Dr. Harrison states this is
his first case of spotted feve,r
this spring.
It J. Williams and one of his
sons were over from Silver
Creek the fore part of this week
bringing in two wagon loads of
fat hogs for H. J. Hansen. There
were 15 hogs and they averaged
better than 200 lbs. , each. That's
the kind of farming to do.
James Mahon and wife came
over from Anderson Valley Tues
day. He reports the lambing
season about over and prepara
tions being made for shearing.
The weather has caused some
loss to the sheepmen, the in
crease of lambs not being as high
as former years.
M. Horton came over from
Diamond last Saturday bringing
in Geo. Simmons to consult with
his physician. It was feared Mr.
Simmons had appendicitis but
upon examination he was con
vinced it was not that trouble.
Mr. Horton returned home and
later came back bringing his
family and Mrs. Kobt. Reed. He
has purchased the Sid Comegys
auto and now feels closer to Burns
than formerly as he makes the
trip in much quicker.
With the encouragement and
good advice of the Experiment
Farm there is quite a large area
of dry land being seeded this
season that will be watched with
interest. While some are ex
perimenting on a small scale
there are others who exiM'ct to
get a good crop and have put in
considerable land. The improv
ed method of Irrigation is also
having a good effect and several
of the meadows have been brok
en up and will be put to better
use. The water is being drained
off rather than held as in former
years and it is expected to get
some good yields.
You wfh find IT at the Burns
Department Store.
Free Japanaerup and saucer at
the RexaJPDnig Store. 26tf
Roland Hankins and wife were
in the city Thursday.
The Burns Hardware Co., has
fresh onion sets in any quantity.
24 tf.
Fred Gehrung and N. Henney
were among our Sunset visisors
the first of this week.
LADffeS HOSBWAlT Private
and comforJMa$ care, Mrs. W. T.
Lester, Burns, Oregon.
The Williowmere Creamery of
Allen Jones will pay 32 cents a
lb for butter fat during the
month of May. .
Mrs. Chris. Lackman wishes to
thank the many friends who
were bo kind to her during her
recent bereavement.
Geo. Atwell was among our
visitors from Lawen this week
being up on business before the
county court.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
will order flowers for high school
commencement Leave orders
with the secretary. Mrs. Gault.
! A. Cote and family were over
from their home near the Warm
Springs this week. They were
in for dental work and to visit
XDr. J. W. Geary left Thursday
morning for Portland and other
outside points where he goes to
visit relatives and look after
business interests. He will be
away an indefinite time.
J. R. Walkup has returned
from a business trip to Seattle
and other outside points. Mr.
Walkup reports his former home
town nounsmng out not as
lively as he had seen it in former
The power line is being chang
ed from the grist mill to the new
power plant of Dr. Horton at the
Sweek dam and we understand
the light plant will be in readiness
for operation about the first of
next month.
Bert Dunten was in from the
Drewsey section yesterday on
Dusiness. Mr. Dunten reports
the death of John Wesley Miller,
an old time resident of that
territory, also the death of the
little child of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Miss Hazel Cozad came over
from Canyon City Monday in
company with the boys who
brought in the car load of Ford
autos for Archie McGowan. She
will spend a few days here with
her sister, Mrs. Curtis Smith,
and other relatives.
Kodak at The Welcome Phar
macy R. L. Hass was up from Nar
rows this week.
Chas. Newell and wife and son
Man nie, were in town Tuesday.
Violet Dulce Vanishing Cream
at the RexaffQrug Store. 26tf.
W. H. Morrison was in from
his farm near Harney Thursday.
Fresh horned-made lard 17c at
Hansen's rrteat market. tf
Tom Allen is over from the P
Ranch on a visit to his wife and
W. L. Best was over from
Silver Creek Wednesday assist
ing R. G. Hedges is making
proof on his land.
P. S. Weittenhiller wants to
purchase two work teams. He
also desires to let a contract for
some clearing and plowing. 26tf.
Miss Martha Hanley is ex
p cted home at once from West
ern Oregon points where she
has been visiting for a time.
A. Venator and wife were in
from their ranch this week. Mrs.
Venator visited at the Charles
Peterson home. -Ontario Argus.
Fqr SALE-7-year-ohVnorse
well broke weight about 1400 lbs.
tall, goooSactJertand suitable for
a drivers HPrice $136. -A. 0.
Skotterud. Burns
Mrs. C. J. Kurth. of Portland,
is here for a visit with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Short.
The lady will spend the summer
I.V...I !..,.... J n n.u
,-ii-is auu ueorire nail
are in town making proof on
their land. They are assisted by
Charles Laborence and John
John Gemberling went down to
the Glenlock section Thursday,
accompanied by Mrs. Belle Hart
who was looking for a suitable
homestead location. The party
took dinner with Miss Anna Mc
Kenzie and the lady proved a
delightful hostess.
p. S. Weittenhiller arrived here
last week to remain permanent
ly and look after his land inter
ests. Mr. Weittenhiller expects
some prospective purchasers
of land in at once from his for
mer home. He will also bring
his family down from Spokane
as soon as he can arrange suita
ble living quarters for them.
Prospective investors are com
ing in rapidly and those who
make a business of selling land
are kept quite busy. Every day
there are several who want to
look over the country and the
stages and autos are doing a
good business. With the pros
pect for good weather it is cer
tain there will be many new peo
ple to invest and make homes in
this big country.
L. A. Parker, of Burns, a thirty
year pioneer of that section,
drove to Payette Wednesday and
camped on some vacant lots. The
city marshal ordered them out of
town and they came to Ontario
and bought the Erickson house.
Tney were seeking a lower alti
tude and had gone to that city
with the intention of locating
there if given an opportunity.
Mr. Siler, a brother-in-law, is
with Mr. Parker and will also
purchase a home here. -Ontario
Fred Hramlett, for several
years a resident of this place
where made a specialty of fine
hand work on silver bridle bits,
spurs, etc., came in from his
stock ranch in northern Nevada
Sunday to visit old scenes and
friends. He came to The Times
Herald building Monday and said
he was looking for hii old home.
The building he occupied while
here was on the present site of
the office building. Fred states
he has changed his occupation
and is now an honest farmer,
raising fine horses, cattle and
chickens, for which he raises the
feed on his irrigated farm.
Dr. L. G. Holland was a pas
senger out on the auto Thursday
morning. We are infotmed he
went to Walla Walla where his
mother is reported ilL
Clay Clemens mill is the near
est one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road. Call him by 'phone.
Isaac Foster was minulinu-
with his many old time friends
in Burns this week. He states
everything looking fine in his
neighborhood and crops coming
on very satisfactory.
A marriage license has been
issued to Robt Bennett and Miss
Alice Sweek. Both are popular
young people of this place and
have a large number of friends
who wish them happiness.
' k letter from Henry Welcome
at Drewsey announces that he is
having a fine new stone store
erected in Juntura and he will
move his drug store to that point
in the near future.
I. H. Holland left Thursday
for Vale and from there he goes
to Boise to meet his brother and
wife who are coming here on a
visit They are expected in
Burns the first of next week.
W. D. Huffman reports that A.
Stone, an old pioneer of the An
drews section, died on April 11.
He was about 72 years old and a
man very mgniy respected in
that section where he had resid
ed for many years.
The death of Mrs. Grover
Gould occurred at John Day
Monday. Funeral service was
conducted Tuesday and interment
took place in the Canyon City
cemetery. She was a young
women, 20 years of age and
leaves a child two months old.
BlueMt. Eagle.
M. M. Addington, of Meadows,
Idaho, is here buying hides and
pelts. He was located in Burns
for a time where he represented
a large hide buying house but
later went to Idaho. Mr. Adding
ton is now in the business for
himself and may return here and
locate permanently.
The Harney County National
Bank of Burns, is- sending its
buyer to Illinois and Wisconsin to
purchase several car loads of Hol
stein cattle which will be sold at
absolute cost to the farmers of
this county. This bank inaugur
ated the bringing of high class
stock in to this county and is
keeping up the good work. More
will be learned about this ship
ment of Holsteins later when we
have space to devote to the sub
ject. The Times-Herald has been
urging the farmers to get this
bred of dairy cattle. V
Members of this Association
will address all business matters
to the undersigned, who has been
duly appointed corresponding
J. J. Patterson,
Burns, Oregon.
Mrs. Sarah A. Haskell died at
her home in this city on Tuesday
evening. Had she lived until
next November she would have
been 90 years old. "Grandma"
Haskell had lived in this phot
for many years and WOi one el
the highly respected poioncei
woman who cnrne to thin sect mi:
in early days and bellied to make
Harney county what It la Kin
was one of those determined
women of character that alwuyt
made a success of what sba
undertook and that wus necessary
for the pioneer life.
Her maiden name muBroaded
and she was born in Milan, Ohio,
on ixovemoer zj, vsm neriatnei
was a native of Canada her
mother was the granddaughter
of Rev. Wm. Gurley, a Methodist
minister who was ordained under
John Wesley in Inland and left
uiui country uunnjr ine irisn re
bellion in which the Catholic.
and Orangemen were in conflict.
He was sentenced to death at
one time but was spared because
of his skill in work as a silver
smith and much of his work was
for the church all of which was
done with gloves, thus not touch
ing the work with hands that
were not consecrated. He lived
to be 91 years old. Deceased
was married to John IfeClintock
in 1839 when she was l(i years
old. Mr. McClintock went to sea
immediately after the marriage
and remained away for fourl
years, during which time she
served an apprenticeship and
took up the trade of tailoring.
They moved to Iowa in 1852 and
to them were born four children,
all of whom are dead except Mrs.
lone Whiting of this place. In
1860 she lost her husband and
the following year she started to
California taking her son Frank
and daughter lone. The latter
she left in Ohio to attend school
and continued her journey with
Frank, going by way of Nicaragua
and riding on mul s. In 1888
she married Thos. Haskell, a
native of Maine and to this union
was born one child that died in
infancy. Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
came to Harney Valley in 1881!
arriving here June 22, from
Long Valley, California. Mr. ;
Haskell, had froze his feet the
previous winter and she had to !
act as surgeon as well as nurse.
removing his toes and otherwise
caring for him. Mr. Haskell
went to San Francisco in Ins!) to
receive treatment for cancer
where he died. She leaves l'.i
grandchildren and 13great-gran1
children in this vicinity, 5 in
California and some in Colorado.
The funeral was held Thursday
afternoon from the Baptist
church, services being conducted
bv Rev. Beebe and many old
time friends were there to pay
their last tribute of reaped to
one who had been "grandma" to
them for so many years. Her
daughter, Mrs. Whiting, ex
pressed her gratitude that she
had the privilege of laying her
mother away to rest and that
she was not mourning. She la
deeply appreciative of the many
kind acts of numerous friends
who held her mother in such high
of this bank are broad and comprehen
sive. It receives deposits subject to check,
pays interest on savings accounts and
certificates of deposits, sells exchange
on all parts of the world, makes collect
ions in any part of the country, loans
money on approved securities, rents safe
deposit boxes.
Business and personal checking ac
counts invited.
Harney County
National Bank
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
Old and Nkw Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
ROP IN Main Street Burns, Orexor.
Presbyterian Church Tomorrow.
Services at the Presbyterian
Church tomorrow will be U fol
lows :
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Instead of themorninK pretch
ing there will be a anion service
at the Baptist Church in honor
of Mothers day.
Evening services in our own
Christian Endeavor at 7 i. in.
Preaching service at B p m
Subject: "Preparing for the
Gospel preaching, good sinn
ing, and a cordial welcome awaits
you. Come!
Baptist Church.
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Union service at Baptist Church
Mothers' Day program 11 a. in.
Evening service 8 p. in.
Theme: "Two Carpenters."
Union meeting for young peo
ple at Presbyterian Church 7 p. in.
Notice of Appointment.
In the nuttier oi I Ik- entitle "I
Andrew Stone, dcct'iwud.
Notice im lie ic by kIvcii tat nutlet
tgnetl lmi. Ik,-ii thin ilu.v iluly appelated
by the Comity Court ol lliinuv Coiiniv,
OreK"i tli' udtnitiimiiiti il ol the abort
incut ioucil MtatS, SMd lii" qualified
All Dertoiii liiiviun I'liiiins ayalutl laid
estate me required toiusiiii tUCUl aa
by lw required within mi month! Iioiii
date to aid ailiiiliiiHtralriv at JW rssl
dence near Andrew, Oregon, m at (lie
office ol O. A. Keuihold, lli'i iiUiiini'Y, at
Burui, Oregon,
Dated thi. 7th, day ol Mai l:l '
Buimoh KmioN, Ailinitiititiatrix
A Whole
Carload of
Just Arrived
Consisting of
Wagons, Disc Plows. Har
row Carts, Disc Drills. Disc
Harrows and Barb Wire.
Stone Coal. Coal Oil. Glass
Churns, De Laval Cream Sep
arators. Coffee Mills. Garden
Tools, Pans and Kettles.
We handle the right kind of
goods at prices that will appeal
to.iyour purse. We are receiving
many consignments-more coming,
so ask for what you don't see.
Burns Hdw'e
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