The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 03, 1913, Image 3

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rh LarfMl Circulation Of Any
Newspaper In Harne, County.
1 :
Local News.
Jae Nyala Rheumatic Remedy.
A. Harlan was in from the
Ich during the week.
V. Reed and W. R. Dawson
i among our Sunset visitors.
fhe Burns Hardware Co., has
ih onion sets in any quantity.
24 tf.
F. Williams was over from
uyon this week in company
Ih L. Woldenberg.
rhe senior class of the high
ul is making preparations
the commencement exercises
Ich occur this month.
. Dunn will have charge of
wood business in Burns this
ter. Dry wood on hand to
part of town F. 0. Jackson.
5a tf
pL Gilcrest of the P. L S.
, came in Wednesday from a
to the company ranches in
heur county.
lie R. J. McKinnon & Son
ge Co.. has made a passenger
b of $7.00 between here and
e and will also haul freight
2J cents on all consignments
r0 lbs. , or over. 25tf .
Vm. Dunn and son were up
Hm their home near Malheur
e this week. Mr. Dunn, who
his shoulder badly crippled
ntly. says it is getting better
rs. (J. U uabbidge lett Mon
erening for Prineville in
panv with frank Johnson.
will visit several weeks nt 1
ide points before returning,
The Bank That Makes Your
United States Depositary
C. A HAINES, Vic. Pr...
J. I.. GAULT, Chi.r
Use Nyals Cough medicine
for baby's cough. 10 tf
Geo. A. Smyth was over from
Diamond this week on a visit to
his wife and son.
Link and Tom Hutton were
here from their Wagontire homes
this week.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Relinquishment for sale near
Lawen, inquire at this office.
R. H. Brown, the Steens
Mountain sheep man. is in the
city on business.
limited supply of good, clean
llimated alfalfa seed may be
at the Burns Hardware Co's.
Now is the time to get it
be ready to sow when the
ither and soil are right.
U. Carroll, of the vicinity
Sgli, was operated on for ap-
ndieitis last Saturday afternoon
Drs. Holland and Potter. The
eration was successful and the
ient is reported doing well at
S. Landis, freight agent of
Sumpter Valley Railroad,
in this section for several
fa this week in the interest of
company. Mr. Landis hopes
(secure a larger per centage of
freight business of ihis
C. Robinson, the Madras
dealer, is here this week
wing a new Hudson car that
one of the moat graceiui ana
etty cars ever seen in this
ction. Mr. Robinson has been
ite busy this spring in his line
has to get back to arrange
Iter deals now pending.
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Holland re-' The Canyon-Burns stage line
turned the first of this week from j will have its office in the Leila
a trip to the Agency and other Millar building near the French
points. ! hotel.
THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF j Roy c. Dwyer. of Boise, has
Ben Cozad and Henry Guernsey
came in Wednesday with the
teams and rigs of L. Woldenberg ;
to be in readiness to take the j
mail out May 1.
J. B. Johnson haa closed a very
successful term of school at
Diamond and has returned to
Burns to visit for a few days
with friends here before going
to his homestead near Iron Moun
tain. Mr. Johnson spent a por
tion of last fall in this place and
made many friends.
Frank Doty, who was here last
week for a time investigating
conditions and who returned to
Bend with Mr. Myers has come
back to Burns this week accom
panied by his son and they will
make their home here. Mr. Doty
states that this section is the
best he has seen in his travels
over the northwest and will send
for his family at once.
returned from a business trip to
Portland, Salem and other out
side points.
The Burns Hardware Co., is
preparing a big order for field
fence to be shipped the first of
May. Parties desiring any spe
cial kind should see this firm be
fore the order goes in as they
can thus save monev.
Your Opportunity Is Now
At Hand To Secure
Your Choice Of
The Latest
Kobe Silk, Silk Panama, Silk Pop
lin, Washable Silk Voile, Gaze Mar
vel, Serge, Lennox Poplin, Stripea
Messaline, Cambridge Zepher, Pan
ama, Messaline, Silk Ratine, Ver
ona Voile, Striped Taffeta, Windsor
Plesse, Vigeaux Serge, Laurette
Shantung, Rufflings and Trimmings
rs1." - 'r
j his Nifty New Line haa just arrived and will
be ready for your inspection the first of the
week. Come early and take your choice
while the variety lasts. Nothing later
will be shown in Burns this season.
- General Merchandise -
fUMonlf pudding, - Burns, Oregon
Sam Parrish was in from I tee
thia week for a few days. He
reports the range to be in the
best kind of condition in the Izee
country. The grass and the sea
son is backward but otherwise
everything is looking fine. Blue
Mt. Eagle.
A. E. Brown was in from his
Harney county ranch thiB week.
He says the past winter was an
excellent one for the stock and
sheep men of that section and
the losses very small. Grass is
now good and all the stuff is
looking well. Ontario Argus.
There was about two inches of
snow fell in Bear Valley Tuesday
night About an inch of snow
fell in Canyon City. It is not
believed that the fruits was dam
aged. Damaging weather reports
have, however, come from other
portions of the state, and some
of the fruit districts have report
ed serious loss. The recent storm
seemed general throughout the
state. Blue Mt. Eagle.
Miss Helene Swain closed her
school at Lawen yesterday. We
are informed by patrons that the
school has been very successful
this year and all are well satisfi
ed. Miss Swain will remain at
her home in this place for a time
but expects later to go to Mon
mouth where she will attend the
summer normal.
L. Woldenberg was here Sun
day making arrangements to
Btart his mail contract, the re
gular service being inaugurated
Thursday morning. He had all
hja equipments ready and the
transfer from the temporary
contract was made without any
delay or interference. We under
stand Ches. Carter is to be the
local agent for Mr. Woldenberg.
Frank Johnson and J. R. Stin
son of the Oregon & Western
Colonization Co., came in last
Sunday with two cars of people
looking for land. We under
stand they disposed of sometracts
on Silver Creek. Mr. Stinson
informs The Times-Herald that a
large delegation is expected here
at once from the Spokane office,
also quite a party will leave St.
Paul early this month for Burns.
He looks for quite a lively in
terest in the lands of this section
M soon as the weather gets
I mmmm m
You will find IT at the Bums
Department Store.
Arthur Thompson was over
from Harney yesterday.
Try Nyala Family medicine a
The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
Mrs. J. J. Patterson has been
quite ill this week.
There will be special service at
the Baptist Church on Mothers'
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept.
'The weather haa moderated
quite a bit and we may expect to
see crops respond rapidly.
Austin Goodman has a 6 horse
power gasoline engine and 2-inch
rotary pump for sale. 24-tf-
Dr. Griffith was called to Lawen
yesterday to see Mrs. D. S.
Graves. He reports the lady
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bennett
have been down from their Sil vies
Valley home this week on a visit
to their sons.
The base ball boys are going
to give another one of those en
joyable dances at Tonawama
next Friday night.
The boys who make a practice
of mutilating lithographs in front
of the Tonawama are going to
get in trouble if it isn't stopped.
Rolled wheat is the milk and
egg producer try it. Better and
cheaper than bran. Sold by W.
A. Goodman. Phone him your
The bereaved relatives of Mrs.
Grant K ester-son desire to extend
their sincere thanks to the many
friends who were so kind to
them in the illness and after the
death of their loved one
Sheriff Richardson went over
to Crane Creek this morning on
business. He was accompanied
by J. W. Biggs and Mrs. Ten-ill
and little daughter Violet, the
latter going for a short visit with
Mrs. Clarence Carey.
Harry Spangler, a young man
who was convicted in the circuit
court last fall and paroled, was
taken into custody this week by
the sheriff accused of robbing
the house of Frank Dunn. He
has had no hearing as yet
No one seems to want to assume
the responsibility of the weather
during the past few days. How
ever, it might be wore and is
worse in other sections. The
weather man of this office is go
ing to have a better variety in a
short time.
Mrs. S. Lampshire has moved
out to her farm again for the
summer. Mrs. Lampshire spends
her winters in town with her son
and daughter but prefers being
on the farm in summer time.
She always has more or less com
pany as she has many friends.
Sheriff Richardson, Joe Thomp
son and J. E. Sicemore are home
from their trip to Salem and
other outside points. They had
a very pleasant trip out, spend
ing some time in Portland, Mr.
Sizemore going up in Washing
ton for a short time. They had
no trouble with the prisoners
which they took to the peni
tentiary. Several local stockmen are
talking of shipping in some pure
bred Holstoin cows. This is a
good move as dairying has been
neglected in this section and it is
one of the best paying lines for
farmers. The Times-Herald
hopes the matter will be taken
up at once. We're going to raise
all the hogs we consume, more
chickens and we just as well
keep the money spent for dairy
products at home too.
Died At the family home in
this city yeBterday morning,
Christian Lackman, age 63 years,
from heart trouble. Deceased
had been a resident of this place
for many years and was well
known. He had been in poor
health for the past two years but
was some improved. He had
been cautioned by his physician
not to over exert himself but he
had been doing a little work in
his garden and leaving the gate
open to the cow lot the family
milk cow had come into the
garden, Mr. Lackman drove her
out and in so doing moved more
rapidly than he should. He was
I seen to throw his hands to his
breast and dropped in the yard
and from an examination made
by a physician his death was
instantaneous. Deceased was
born in Germany and was married
in this city to the wife who sur
vives him in 1891. One child was
born to them, a daughter who is
in Portland. The funeral service
Will be held tomorrow afternoon
at 2 o'clock from the Baptist
phurch. The widow haa the
sympathy of her neighbors and
Kodaks at The Welcome Phar
macy. Alva Springer is up from his
home near Malheur Lake.
Fresh home made lard 17c at
Hansen's meat market. tf
' Born Thursday, April 29. to
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hotchkiss, a
Mrs. Sam Mickle has been
quite ill this week but is report
ed improving at this time.
Wm. Carroll is the proud dos-
sessor of a new wheel chair in
which he is able to go about.
The water is receding in the
river at this time but it likely
will come up again with warm
The Williowmere Creamery of
Allen Jones will pay 32 cents a
lb for butter fat during the
month of May.
Mrs. I. Schwartz wishes to
announce that a business meeting
of the Five Hundred Club will be
held at her home next Monday
Mrs. Geo. McLaren left here
the latter part of last week in
response to a telegram stating
her father was very ill at his
home at Grant's Pass.
Mrs. Irving Miller is here from
Portland on a visit to relatives and
friends. She is at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. S.
For Sale- 7-year-old horse
well broke weight about 1400 lbs.
tall, good action and suitable for
a driver. Price $136. -A. O.
Skotterud. Bums.
J. A. Reed, of Boise, who has
been making this territory for
some time in the interest of the
U. M. C. Cartridge Co., has been
in town for a few days. John
has many old time friends here
who are always glad to sec him.
A. S. Baker of Colorado, a
cousin of County Commissioner
E. P. Sylvester, has been here
on a visit to the latter for several
days. Mr. Baker is viewing the
country and will go later to
A Portland paper announces
the marriage of Alex Sweek to
Miss Florence Kelly. Mr. Sweek
is a brother to C. A. Sweek of
this place. His bride acted as
stenographer for Mr. Sweek's
law firm for 7 years.
A marriage license has been
issued to James E. Weston and
Miss Ruth Smith. We have not
learned when the marriage is to
take place but join many friends
in best wishes in advance. Both
are very popular young people in
this city, Mr. Weston being with
the First National Bank and Miss
Smith is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Smith.
Frank Johnson, of the Oregon
& Western Colonization Co., ar
rived here last night with two
auto loads of people, among them
being two Catholic priests, who
are looking over this section.
Mr. Johnson states Mr. Stinson
will be here tonight in company
with two more cars of prospec
tive investors in Harney county
lands. Mr. Johnson went to the
country this morning with his
people accompanied by several
local boosters.
Died -At the home of her par
ents, Hon. and Mrs. A. W.
Gowan, in this city on Tuesday.
April 29, Mrs. Delnora E. K ester
son, aged 32 years, 10 months
and 27 days. While her death
was expected from the dread
disease from which she was
suffering it was not thought she
would pass away so quickly.
Mrs. Kesterson suffered from
tuberculosis. Deceased was born
in Kansas June 2, 1880, coming
to Oregon with her parents tv o
years later and in 1890 cum to
Burns where she spent her girl
hood. She attended school in
this place and in 1996 was marri
to Grant Kesterson. She leaves
beside her husband three little
girls to mourn her, The family
had been living near Diamond
fpr several years and Mr. Kester
son and two of the children re
mained there but Mrs. Kesterson
came to the home of her parents
in this city several weeks ago to
be near her physician. Mrs.
Kesterson is also survived by her
parents, two brothers and four
sisters. The funeral was held
Thursday afternoon from the
Masonic hall, the Order of East
tern Star conducting the service,
assisted by Dr. Babbidge of the
Presbyterian church. Mrs. Kes
terson was a member of the
Eastern Star and also a member
of the local Women of Woodcraft
Circle, having an insurance policy
in the latter. The funeral was
largely attended by sorrowing
friends who held her in high
esteem. The bereaved relatives
have the sympathy of thiB com
munity where all have resided
for so many years.
Delightful Piano Recital
One of the most delightful
musical programs ever rendered
in Burns was given at Tonawama
Tuesday evening of thin week by
the piano pupil i of Mrs. C. A.
Rembold assisted by Mjrh Ixuel
Smith and Piatt Randall in vocal
numbers and Agnos Foley with
two violin solos. The entire
program was thornuuhly enjoyed
by a large company of people
that filled every available seat in
the house. Mrs. Rembold was
highly complimented and praised
for her efforts us the pupils
showed marked improvement in
the artistic work, some of them
renderind very difficult numbers.
Burns is certainly to be con
gratulated on having such an ub'e
lady to instruct the young people
in music and as Mm. Rembold is
a thorough artist she is develop
ing some exceptional talent in
her line of work. Such entertain
ments ub that of Tuesday even
ing gives Burns a decided ad
vantage by way of comparison
in musical lines and those who
took part are receiving the con
gratulations of all.
The Times-Herald published the
program in its last issue and
therefore it will not be repeated
thiB week. The character of
music and the manner of handl
ing it by very young pupils was
the wonder of many present who
are musical and fully appreciate
At this bank a place to deposit
funds, where they will be far safer
than in your custody.
You can withdraw these funds
at will, or pass them to others by
means of the convenient bank
check, one of the greatest business
helps of modern times.
It will cost you nothing to en
joy the privileges of a checking
account here, and it will help
greatly in the improvement of
your opportunities.
Specifications For
New Church Coming.
Dr. C. C. Babbidge of the
First Presbyterian church re
ceived a telegram Thursday from
the architect stating thut com
plete specifications for the new
church building had been sent by
mail and the plans would follow
on the next mail. The plans
and specifications call for stone
to first floor, brick above to win
dow heads and frame and metal
lathe and plaster above floor of
auditorium. The plans call for
the building complete.
The building committee has
been quite active the past few
days and it is expected to have
the old building removed and the
contract let for the new building
within a very short time. The
first assessment on the money
subscribed for the building has
been called and the committee
thus has funds to prosecute the
work which will be pushed to
completion as rapidly as possible,
making it almost certain the new
church will be ready for occup
ancy in the early autumn.
Presbyterian Church Tomorrow.
Preaching at 11 A. M. and 8
P. M.
Subject for merning: "God's
Picture of a Happy Man."
Evening Theme: "An iTgeut
Sunday school at 10. A. M.
Christian Endeavor at 7. P. M.
Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening at 7:45 P. M.
Our specialty is the old fash
ioned gospel.
A cordial welcome awaits you.
Baptist Church.
Young People's meeting 7 p. m.
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Services of worship and preen
ing 11 a m. and 8 p. m.
Choir Practice Thursday even
ing 8 p. m. at church.
Morning Theme: Contentment.
Evening Theme: A Puzzle Pic
ture. Resolutions of Condolence.
To the Officers and Members of
Burns Chapter No. 40. 0. E. S.
We, your committee appointed
to prepare a memorial on the
death of our sister, Annie Suyer,
respectfully submit the follewing:
Whereas, The hand of death
has severed another link from
our fraternal chain and taken
from Burns Chapter No. 40, our
sister and Past Matron. Annie
Resolved, That while we humb
ly submit to the will of our
Heavenly Father, we do not the
less mourn our loss.
Resolved, That the Chupter
tender its heartfelt sympathy to
the family and relatives of our
deceased sister in this, their sail
"They are not deud, they have
but passed
Beyond the mists that blind us
Into the new and larger life
Of that serener sphere."
Resolved, That these resolu
tions be entered upon the record
of our Chapter; that a copy be
sent to the family of our depart
ed sister, and also a copy be
furnUhed to the local news
papers. W. A. Uowan,
Frankie Welcome,
Mattie Miller.
Harney County National Bank
j The Bank Of Good Service j
Depositary For The
Stale of Oregon
United State. Depositary
For Postal Sarin;
If Yod Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Rest Job Printing
Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here -
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns. Oregon
A Whole
Carload of
Just Arrived
Consisting of
Wagons, Disc Plows. Har
row Carts. Disc Drills. Disc
Harrows and Rarb Wire.
Stone Coal, Coal Oil. Glass
Churns, De Laval Cream Sep
erators. Coffee Mills. Garden
Tools. Pans and Kettles.
We handle the right kind of
goods at prices that will appeal
to, your purse. We are receiving
many consignments-more coming,
so ask for what you don't see.
Rurns Hdw'e
Ail the news in The Times-Herald for $2.00