The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 22, 1913, Image 3

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I'll. Largest ClrcuUllon Of Any
Newspaper In Harney County.
Local News.
I'se Nyals Rheimiuti. Hwd
Chat. Owen is down from Sil
(!eo. A. Smyth has been
town during the week
Ijuiicsfine shoos in suede .tiui
ihite buckskin at Schwartz'.
Miss Ida Roberts, formerly a
teacher in the public sehxl here,
is now conducting a newspaper
t Star, Idaho.
A. Dunn will have charge of
Ihiv wood business in Hums this
Iwinter. Drv wood on hand to
lany part of town -F. O. Jackson.
52. tf
Tonawama Stock Company is
now rehearsing a good drama
rhich will be put on during Cir-
Icuit court week.
J. F. Conrad and E. B. Moon
ere among our Sunset visitors
the first of this week looking
ifter their taxes and attending
other business.
Parties desiring toilets cleaned
Br garbage removed should see
R. Potter during this month
he expects to go to the farm
the first of April for a time.
W. A. Goodman sells Rolled
Jarley at ljc. Rolled Wheat at
Uc. Clean seed Barley, lie,
pood Wheat ljc, at his barn in
Ihe west part of town. Gtf.
Francis Griffin was in the city
st week on the way to Nar-
)ws. His many friends are
bleased to learn of his return
MOM and that he is enjoying ex
cellent health.
The city authorities have made
Ihe selection of the nlot in the
Iew acreage tracts just surveyed
y the Oregon & Western Coloni-
itionCo. for the park which the
lompany gave to the town.
lie Harney County National
ink will be pleated to attend to
ic payment of your taxes upon
ceipt of your instruction.
At least one person has taken j
llfense at the article published
li The Times-Herald respecting
Ihe city election. No reflection!
Banking Business
With The
Brings Best Results
Try Us Out
Use Nyals Cough medicine!
for baby's cough. 10 tf
J. A. Lee of Pendleton, whoj
has been working for C. A. Haines
at Narrows, is in the city on his
way back to Pendleton.
Always ready for job printing
Fresh home made lard 17c. at
Hansen's Meat Market. tf
John Hopper was down from
Silvies yesterday on business.
New pumps for ladies at
Schwartz' in patent and velvet
Just arrived. See them.
YOUR $ $ S SAFE." ACCOUNTS ' Th. Mtttu r.u Lmmn rl,.-
1 decidedly blustry during the past
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. few days which is much better
Harry Witter is reported quite for crops and stock than to have
ill with pneumonia at the family spring to early.
home on Sage Hen.
The Bend Bulletin reports that
A. L Hunter, formerly of this
place, is going to open a furni
ture store in Bend at onee. Andy
has many friends here who wish
Attorneys J. W. Biggs and G.
A. Item hold have gone to Denio
to look after clients in water liti
gation in that section.
Blueprints of every Township him success.
and Range in Harney county.
as intended by the writer and j correct to date. Price $1.00 each ,
,e see no occasion to make any uurra. nurna Diuepnm. .i. . i for catte ( huy g, to, tne
xtended explanation. Burns, Oregon. 12tf ; . .. . ,," . fI .
, ...,. ..- .
There will be a rather different The Canyon Eagle reports that j if he couldn't find enough he
ethod pursued alone farming L- Woldenberg has been award-, would take roosters.
- r-, - - ..n .
nes during this year than in the .ine contract lor carrying tne
ople are doing a great work in
la l.irridii' .....I ..ri,U t 1. L' .
10 l, uitui v ailU Willi UM Tj.- :
riment Station co-ooeratinr Fnr alf K9 hnH nt mm
th the farmers results are go-' broke horses, weiehinfir from 1100
g to be more or less astonish-; to 1200 lbs. See Oregon & West
g. Last week Supt. Breithauptiern Colonization Co. airents. B.
F. Johnson at Bums, or J. R.
Stinson at Prineville. 14tf
$-4000. The
! was $1400.
old contract price
prepared and sent out a quanti
of seed to some 200 farmers.
this seed is the best for condi-
3ns here and he has asked a
ireful record be kept and a
mtten report turned in this fall.
As I am moving my saw mill
I have four or Ave old buildings
at the old Bite that I will dispose
y following his directions farm- f at a bargain. Any one need-
s may gain considerable know- irK such material should see me
dge. at once Clay Clemens. 13tf
Your Opportunity Is Now
At Hand To Secure
Your Choice Of
The Latest
Kobe Silk, Silk Panama, Silk Pop
lin, Washable Silk Voile, Gaze Mar
vel, Serge, Lennox Poplin, Stripea
Messaline, Cambridge Zepher, Pan
ama, Messaline, Silk Ratine, Ver
ona Voile, Striped Taffeta, Windsor
Plesse, Vigeaux Serge, Laurette
Shantung, Rufflings and Trimmings
This Nifty New Line haa just arrived and u 'ill
be ready for your inspection the first of the
week. Come early and take your choice
while the variety lau. Nothing later
will be shown in Burns this season.
- General Merchandise -
masonic Building, - - Burns, Oregon
W. L. Best has been in this
vicinity during the week looking
Customers and others desiring
us to settle their taxes will please
send us sheriff's statement of the
amount due together with in
structions for payment of same
Emmctt Read is arranging the
portion of his building formerly
occupied by Ceo. Young into
office rooms. Two suites are be
ing put in shape to be occupied
by the Oregon A Western Colon
ization Co. and P. S. Weitten
hiller. They will be very com
fortable offices.
Two good residence lots, in
Burns, under cultivation with
some fruit trees and a large
number of small berry bushes,
under an irrigation ditch, fenced,
a well built barn on them that
will house 12 tons of hay and
stall room for H head of stock.
Inquire at this office. 16tf
Capt. Ixjuey inforns us the
Piute Indians have selected Wm.
Farre as their White Chief to
succeed the late Dr. Marsden.
Mr. Farre was a good selection.
The Indians have more or less
land matters to take care of and
Mr. Farre will look after their in
terests well.
J. L Hopper, who was down
from Silvies this week on busi
ness, informs The Times-Herald
that there is not as much snow in
that section as usual. He and
his brother have been working
in the timber on the high moun
tains bordering Silvies Valley all
winter and find the snow not
more than half as deep as in the
ordinary yeurs. Mr. Hopperdoes
not look for a very great flood of
water this spring as a conse
quence. Joe Morris arrived home Tues
day evening from his trip to Cali
fornia points after an absence
of some two months. He came
back much improved in health
and ready to resume his position
in the N. Brown & Sons store
Whore he h: I worked for many
years. He reports a lino trip
and most enjoyable visit with re
latives anil friends of former
mom but found after a short
tunc an inclination to get back to
Sums. His many mends are
pleased to see him looking well.
flWalter Simpson Is registered
at the Burns.
An experienced dairyman want
ed -Inquire at thfa office. IStf
Try Nyals Family medicine a
The Weloine Pharmacy. 10 tf
Mrs. N. A. Dibble spent a por
tion of this week out at her des
ert land claim on Silver creek.
and comfortable care, Mrs. W. T.
Lester, Burns, Oregon.
Ben Campbell is down from
his Emigrant Creek home on a
visit to his family.
John Carey and wife were vis
iting in this city a few days dur
ing this week.
The Galagher Brother have
opened an office on the second
floor of The Times-Herald Build
The present storms are rather
disagreeable but they are essen
tial to better crops are also pleas
ing to the stock men.
Supt. John Gilcrest of the P.
L. S. Co. has been ill at the com
pany residence in this city but
is again able to be out.
Four pure bred Poland China
boars and two sows, about five
months old for sale. Chas. Wil
son, Burns, Oregon. 15tf
E. M. Culler, who has been
here from Roseburg looking after
the Piute Indian lands, left the
first of this week but expects to
rctur.i some time in July.
For Sai.k 7-year-old horse
well broke weight about 1400 lbs.
tall, good action and suitable for
a driver. Price $135. A. 0.
Skotterud, Burns.
Equinoctial storms have been
giving this section the appear
ance of real winter during the
past week. It doesn't seem much
like Easter time when one views
the flurry of Bnow.
Fred Otley and C. A. Spurlock
were in the first of the week on
business connected with the con
demnation suit brought by the
railroad for right of way through
their lands.
K. I). Cooper has been promot
ed. He has been in the civil en
gineer business but has now tak
en up the catling or a farmer.
having left Thursday for his farm
on Silver creek where he will be
engaged in improving the place.
The Times-Herald learns that
the man wanted for stock steal
ing who escaped from a deputy
sherifF of Crook county recently
in the southern part of this coun
ty, has been caught in Nevada
and the authorities from Crook
have gone after him.
C. W. Linebaugh. a post office
inspector, has been in this sec
tion during the week. We under
stand the gentleman is in on spe
cial business and has no authority
to take up our complaint respect
ing the service between here and
The Times-Herald is informed
that W. W. Gould, who has been
deputy under Post Master Log
gan here for a long time, is going
to Vale to act as agent for It. J.
McKinnon & Son when they
start the operation of their stage
line. Will is a fine young man
and his selection was certainly
fortunate for Mr. McKinnon and
the patrons of the line.
Frank Fister was in town this
week on business connected with
the suit for railroad right of way
over his land in Crane Creek
canyon. Mr. Fister thinks the
matter can be adjusted without
going into court, as he is willing
to settle on a basis of what has
boen paid his neighbors for right
of way, although his place is cut
in two and all the water would
be fenced off by the railroad,
leaving it most inconvenient so
far as stock purposes are concern
ed. Julian Byrd, who has had the
greater port inn of the town clock'
fund us trustee, has received a
proposition from the Presbyterian
church building committee to the
effect that the committee pledges
its to build a clock tower on the
church and furnish whatever bal
ance is needed to get a good four
dial striking clock. It was origin
ally intended to place the town
clock on the court house but as
the building of a new court house
is not considered in the immedi
ate future and as the church is to
be a modern structure, centrally
located on high ground, he is in
clined to accept the proposition
unless some valid reason is
brought to his attention why it
should not be thus disposed of.
He is tired of being responsible
for the fund and as we greatly
need a uniform time in Burns it
will be a convenience to all.
Fred Hereth was up from Nar
rows this week.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kldneyB. 10 tf
Mrs. W. R. Dawson is up from
Sunset a guest of friends.
A. E. Murphy was in from his
Iron Mountain home this week.
It. II. Brown was over from
Diamond on business this week.
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
supplies at The Welcome Pharm
acy. 10 tf
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept.
Pure bred young Barred Rock
Cocherels. a new strain, for sale.
Chas. Wilson. 10 tf.
'Born -In this city, Sunday
March 16, to Mr and Mrs Chas.
A. King, a son.
For Sale - White Fall Barley
and Alfalfa seed. See Fred
Haines at Harney or L. Woodruff
Drewsey, Oregon. 18-20
Rolled wheat is the milk and
egg producer- try it. Better and
eheaper than bran. Sold by W.
A. woodman. Phone him your
Clay Clemens mill is the near
rat one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road, ('all him by 'phone.
James Weston has accepted a
position with the First National
Bank of this city. He will as
sume active work the first of
next month but is now familiar
izing himself with his duties.
The biennial crop pest and hor
ticultural report of the Oregon
Agricultural College has reached
this office. It is a valuable pub
lication that farmers and fruit
raisers should have and will be
sent on application.
Dr. Harrison removed the toes
from both feet of an old gentle
man by the name of Johnson the
first of the week. The old man
had his feet frozen sometime ago
and was brought here from
Crowley recently.
J. T. DeGork, the tailor con
nected with the Williams-Zogl-mann
clothing establishment, has
been up to his farm for sometime
and has just completed improve
ments. Mrs. DeGork is making
her home there all the time.
ak& people returning from
outside points where they have
been for a period state there will
be a great influx of homeseakers
and invoBtors in this country dur
ing the present spring. They an
ticipate greater activity in Har
ney Valley than has ever been
witnessed before.
Mrs. P. M. Cheney and daugh
ter Tillie arrived here last Satur
day from North Yakima and the
family will at once begin house
keeping in this city. Both are in
the best of health and their many
friends were pleased to welcome
them back home.
The county has another board
er, making six in all now being
cared for by Sheriff Richardson.
The latest arrival is Thos. Mur
ray who was brought over from
Alberson yesterday by Harry
Clendenen. He is accused of en
tering the post office at that place
and rifling the till of money.
"Farmer" C. B. McConnell of
Burns, is reported by a Portland
paper as being present at the
meeting last Saturday held at the
Commercial Club in that city to
further the extension work of
the Agricultural College made
possible by the passage of legis
lation of the recent session just
'' Bert Bower and family have
gone to Harney to remain for a
time. Their little son is not in
robust health and his physician
has advised he quit school for a
time and recouperate. Bert
thought by taking him out now
and allowing him to rough it until
the fall term that he might avoid
losing an entire school year.
The Wm. Carrol benefit recit
al by Mrs. Dodge and her asso
ciates at Tonawama on next
Thursday night, March 27, will
begin promptly at 7:30. This is
done on account of several small
pupils who take part and it is de
sired to have the entire program
over as early as possible. The
admission price is only 25 cents,
mere trifle, but was placed at
that figure in order that a large
number might be thus able to
contribute toward the fund for
Mr. Carroll. Every 26 cent piece
will help and it is hoped to see a
large attendance. The program
will be moat entertaining as there
are some fine numbers. The big
orchestra numbers at the begin
ning of the program will be par
ticularly pleasing as there will be
more violins than has ever been
heard in an orchestra before in
Rodney Cozad is over from
Canyon City.
Geo. Cobb is suffering from a
broken thumb.
Wanted A few milk Customers.-
Inquire at this office. I'.Hf
C. W. Hill and W. A. Helt oi
Twin Falls are registered at the
French Hotel.
"A Beast at Bb.v" is a thriller
that will be seen tomorrow night
at Tonawama.
Born- At Buchanan, Saturday,
March 15, to Mr. and Mrs. I .en
Buchanan, a daughter.
A spring noet wouldn't get
much inspiration from the wea
ther of yesterday.
According to the Winnemuccn
Star, Chester Smith, formerly of
this place, is in the opera house
business down there.
Dr. L. G. Holland, recently
from Walla Walla, has decided to
open an office in Burns and prac
tice his profession. His card ap
pears in this issue.
The Portland Sunday papers
which should have reached us
lust Tuesday arrived last night.
This gives one an idea of the
mail service we are now "enjoy
ing?" R. J. McKinnon & Son have
purchased some of the horses
and equipment formerly used by
the Kellogg stage with which to
assist in stocking up for their
line between here and Vale.
"A Beast at Bay" is one of the
moat thrilling pictures ever pro
duced at Tonawama. An exciting
race between an auto and railroad
engine furnishes some very tense
moments. It will be seen tomor
row night.
A band of 175 beef cattle were
driven through Canyon City Tues
day en route for Prairie City
from where they will be shipped
to the Portland market. They
were driven from Harney county,
a distance of 86 miles and be
longed to Wm. Hanley. Eagle.
While delivering cattle last
Monday to Phil Smith, Wm.
Dunn met with a painful accident
as a result he is in town sintering
from a badly broken and dislocat
ed shoulder. Mr. Smith had
thrown down a long wire gate to
allow some of the cattle to
pass out but the entire bunch
started to getaway and Mr. Dunn
started to head them. He ran
his horse to the opening and in
turning to start quickly in an
other direction he did not notice
that one of the horse's feet had
caught in the wire lying on the
ground and when he came to the
end of it the horse was thrown
violently to the ground throwing
his rider very hard on his shoul
der. The fall stunned Mr. Dunn
somewhat but when he finally
became conscious he could move
his arm and it was thought it
was not badly injured. An ex
amination by the doctor, how
ever, proved it quite serious.
We have many big
friends among our small
depositors. Littleness
never makes an account
unimportant in our esti
mation, and we cordially
invite small as well as
large accounts.
Harney County National Bank
j The Bank Of Good Service j
United States Depositary
For Postal Savings
Depositary For The
State of Oregon
General Groceries c
Select Can Goods, Fancy Groceries, Dried
Fruits, Tobacco, Confectionary, Coal
Oil, Feed, Grain and Produce
Special Inducements Given On Big Orders
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
Tonawama Pictures.
Tonawama has received word
from the film house that a date
will soon be assigned the house
for "Lady of the Lake," the
three-reel feature which has been
requested by the high school.
Tonawama has a large assort
ment of fine pictures for tonight.
tomorrow night and the mid
week performance next Wednes
day. A further satisfying an
nouncement is that the operators
have found the secret of better
light effect and the pictures will
be improved in this respect.
The program tenight: "Tree
of Knowledge," a tine picture;
"Passion Flower," a comedy,
and "Pilgrimage," from the
poem of Henrich Heine, fine.
Tomorrow night: Foxy Cupid"
and "Good Catch" are the titles
of two rattling comedies; "Re
demption of Ben Farland" is one
of those lively Western dramas;
"Beast at Bay" is a thrilling fea
ture of merit that is interesting
and exciting. It is one of the
best pictures ever seen in Burns.
A convict compels a young lady
to aid him to escape in her auto
and the officers pursue in a rail
road engine. It is a race full of
thrills to the final capture of the
Wednesday night: "When the
Heart Calls" is a pretty Indian
picture so popular with Tona
wama patrons; "Drummer Girl
of Vicksburg" is a realistic war
story full of patriotism and sure
to please; "Very Much Engaged"
is a ripping comedy.
Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here -
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
The Mother's Favorite.
A cough medicine for children
should be harmless. It should
be pleasant to take. It should be
effectual. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is all of this and is the
mothers' favorite everywhere.
For Bale by all dealers.
We wish to announce to
the public that we have pur
chased the entire hardware
stock belonging to the firm
of Geer & Cummins. We
will continue to conduct the
business at the same stand
and ask a continuance of
your valued patronage.
As a special inducement we give
10 per cent discount on all sales.
Successors to Geer & Cummins