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Have you seen those New Spring
and Summer Samples at Williams
Zoglmann Clothing Co.'s Store?
Just looking may not interest
you and you may I bink it doesn't
interest us; but well be glad to see
you here even if you just come to
We're so proud of our Spring
and Summer woolen line, that we
are anxious to have everybody see
Mirny now things in flno imported wenves in
suitings, with styles that are tlnoqualed.
We'll Look ut For Von, if Von Look In To See Us.
Clothing Company
Leading Clothiers
High Grade Tailoring
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
talked with Frank Johnson, the Hibbard, Hon. Frank Davey and
local Igtnt of the Oregon A others talked of the plans and
Western Culoimation Co., re- especially of the benefits to be
spc.-lini' iho nmttorund heHtates derived from recent legislation
pesitivrly tint his company hns and the necessity of our getting
not had a thing to nay to the 'to work at once in order to re
railroad people in ffjgafd to such ceive the early attention of such
mutters. The people who are in extension work at once in order
to look over the holdings of that to receive the early attention of
eotnpM) are Instructed to stop suck work as this legislation pro
at Redmond end they are then vidos.
brought by company machines t
I'rinovillo. This is for the pur-! Easter Sunday Baptist Church.
pose of bringing them direct I
over the land plant lands, the Special Kaster program at Sun
company having property for day school at 10 a. m. All in
ale In Crook, Harney and Mai- vitcd. Raster music and sermon
beur counties. They have never . u g, m. Special sermon to
issued a.,, instructions to any'y0linK p,0,,t, Ht,vi.n thirty a. m,
one outside I heir company agents. Come.
The shifting and changing Forest Fire Law Misrepresented
By Timber Brokers.
The following is sent for
cation by the State FercBter:
It has boon brought to the at
tention of the State Forester that
some unscrupulous timber brok
ers are misrepresenting the pro
visions of the compulsory patrol
law which was enacted by the
recent legislature and becomes
Owners of tim
been told that
f hr (TracsHctafd
SATURDAY. MAKl II 22. 1913
On. 2.00
Six MonlH. I 00
Thr.. Month. . .75
There appears to have been
some mistake made respecting
the best and most direct rout.' for
people to come to Burns ace rd
ing to reports to this office the
past few days. It has come to
the notice of those who have re
cently come in from Portland
over the Deschutes rail linos that
the O-W. R. & N. Co., has print
ed folders directing people en
route to Burns to leave the train
at Redmond as there was an auto
stage line from that
Burns. It was learnot
Dibble, who was in l'niuvilk
last Tuesday, that the Burnt
scenes ol a town or community
are emphasized and brought more
foreeably to the attention of the
country newspaper shop than any
where else. As wo pass from
day to day and from week to
week the changes are not so ap
parent to the casual observer but
are made prominent in the work
of the country newspaper Mar
riages, deaths, births, arrivals
and departures, business trans- effective Juno 2
fers. the good and had fortune of ber claims havi
ne.ght.ors pass in panoramic re- um,t.r this ,uw t wi be nece8.
view. It surely is a shifturrf. 8ary for tm,m to kecp a pjtfnjj.
changing scene and the irfWNivuanon their claims all summer
paper man realises how rapidly ..ftheV own and this
tow ns and communities change, hu8 been urged as a reason for
for the reason that it is his Work unprifli.1. Bala tnmnnt nf
j to chronicle the changes as they tnia kiml urt. made purey for tm.
where, occur. During the last fe w l)UriK.. of stimulating the sale of
weeks a number of deaths have timber claims, thus increasing
occurred, and to those to whom the business and incidentally the
the gloom of death has come, is commissions ,f timber brokers.
the realization 01 the shifting
scene, but their vision is in a
way circumscribed to their own
one story ol death only to write
another, and another, until it
knows that men come and men
go and their presence is as shift
ing as the sands of the sea shore.
BlUO Mt. Kagle.
that way is from Bend
antes have been running all win-
ter and more machines will bo
put on when traffic justifies.
'PI, ...... !,.... ....,,,, ..,.,,. it.wi mI. I
l M' I ' lliLt l 1-1,11 Uf CI tu.' l ,l,'
nisi tickets sold for the period of
March 15th to April 15th, the
destination being Central Oregon
and it is high time the matter
was adjusted and people proper
ly directed to Burns if this is
their objective point. The only
sura way to reach here is by
Bend m the regular schedule
maintained by the autos makes
quick time. They charge no
more than from other points A meeting of several who are
along the Deschutes lines, the interested was held at the high
the hotels charge the same and , school building last Thursday
there is no reason why people
should not be given the facts.
It is an injustice to Burns and
the entire country to allow such
a misunderstanding to exist re-
The law provides that every
timberland owner in the state,
mil rnubtitio u illtm nnn ntwl tino
The newspaper prints hn,f mj,e )f y, Iiroperty ,,
furnish a sufficient patrol there
for during the dry season, and
that in case he fails to do so the
State Forester shall provide the
same at u cost not to exceed B
cents per acre per annum. Any
amount so paid bv the state shall
be a lien upon the land and shall
he collected with the next taxes
It is obvious that the maximum
expeaee to the owner of a quar
ter section of timber land can not
evening to discuss the proposi- exceed $8.00 per year, an amount
tion of organizing an Agricult-. that should s are no owner into
ural Qub, the membership to disoosinir of his timber claim at
include farmers in this vicinity a sacrifice.
An Agricultural Club
Damage By Forest Fires
Now Compaitively Small
The Department of Agricul
ture has been llguring up the
losses by fires of the National
Forests for the calendar year
l!ti2, and finds that they were
the lowest of recent, years. Ix'ss
than one acre to every thousand
of timbered lands was burned
over, and the total damage is
estimated at $75, 200, or less than
one dollar to every 2,000 acres of
The good record is attributed
to, first, favorable weather con
ditions in most localities, and
m ml, the increased efficiency
of the fire-fighting organization.
As congress makes available the
means for extending the system
of communications on the Nation
al Forests, the equipment of
trails, roads, telephones, and
lookout stations is yearly enlarged
and the lires, it is said, arc dis
covered more ipiickly and fought
more rapidly.
An especially good showing
was made by the Forest officers
last year in extinguishing fires
outside the National Forests be
fore they reached tin; Forest
boundaries. Such fires constitut
ed more than one-sixth of all
fought by the Forest rangers and
guards. About nine-tenths were
extinguished before they touched
the forests. Of the (ires within
the Forest boundaries more than
1H per cent were on lands in pri
vate ownership. Nearly one
fourth of the extra oxiciiditures
due to lighting fires that is, ex
penditures outside the time of
the regular Forest force was in
curred in lighting these lires.
Lightning caused more fires
than any other agency, followed
by railroads, campers and incen
diaries, in the order given. The est losses occurred in Arizo
na, Arkansas, and California, in
which states there was also the
largest proportion of fires caused
by lightning and by incendiarism
About 27 per cent of all the fires
were started by lightning and
about :W per cent wore due to
New dress goods just arrived
including latest fabrics shown
Embroideries and Insertions
New Attractive Spring Shoes
111 ' HII 111 I --! . .. ! .I.IIM.. .,
King Tailored Waists Stylish
And Very Popular At
mil also Students of the high
point tolgardleejof any personal feeling school. Mr. Leody and Supt.
by I rank j that may exist. "Knockers" are Breithaupl of the Kxporiment
1'rineville , not confined to anv one town at Station had been contemnlntinir
the gate way to this big country, .such an organization for some
Commercial Club is credited with They're at every railway station time and therefore it was decid-
the authority to advertise such a leading to Harney Valley and we ed to invito a few together to
route but The Times-Herald limb can't avoid them. The only discuss it.
no accredited officer of the Com- thing we can do is to see that in- It was decided by those present
mercial Club has ever written tending investors and homeseek- that an organization of that
any letter or discussed such a era are given the right way to character would be of great ben
route, reach us and take our chances, efit to the community and a com
Accordidg to Mr. Dibble people 'No town should be expected to mittee consisting of H. J. Jok
wishing to come to Burns get otr be responsible for the utterances isch. I. S. Gear and J. C. taedy
at Redmond and come as far as of private people. Burns has was appointed to formulate plans
Prineville and not finding any some of the same characters and submit them at a meeting to
auto line from that point in go right at home who insist on air- be held 00 April Oth. It was
back out. This is rather a bad lg their jiersonal grievance to considered by some that a plan
state of affairs which will h,- the detriment of the best inter- of organization for the entire
remedied at once. Portland pub- osts ot the town ana country in county should be made but after
licity people have already been general but we have found no this was discussed it was finally
advised of the situation and will way to keep them from shout- thought best to make it local and ;
One of the best ways for tim
ber land owners to comply with
the law is to join county fire pe
trol associations oat have been
organized in most of the timbered
counties of the state. It is ex
pected that every timbered coun.
ty will have suchan organization
before the fire season arrives.
The experience of these associa
tions, some of which have been
in existence for four years, proves
that adequate patrol can be se
cured at a cost of from 14 to 34
cents an acre and if all the tim
ber land owners join, the acreage
cost will be materially decreased,
Protection from fire at a cost of
3.00 or $4.00 per quarter section
! should be welcomed by all timber
land owners and it is hoped that
I m ritl. ta ri. I., i. tirm a
I in i ii., or- ; en March IM, I tils.
Sttt.t , i- I., l.y nlrii Urn! .Ih.ix , R, It Inula.,
of lir..,- . i rrgiu, wlm i.n prli :l. IPlouMo'e
Mom, MM.) I on i. N I. (or I. ','.. Mi-r
::. I ." V., H In I., ami I ot I miI Urn Ooit ..
'luff nalil. I '., I:.n,-r !-.. W iiImiik-IU' Vlrr. 'in lit. I iioln - of int. nil, .i to inak- final
II. u. uai proof, to r.lal.ll.l, rlalin lo Hi. laml
alaova il,itii.,-i iit.o.l i r. ..!..i - i ot,, .
ml. alum f at hl i till',' Ml I'HW.iy, Oafgon,
oil Hi,' Hi lay of S . ill. IVI :
c. alumni naiin-a a. wltm-Mr.
Win iKIlilali I 1. Jark.oii. t rtira.i-l.att-R.
l.ralt-r i' hliiMlia, all of lir. .. OragM,
'i I tint. Ki'Rl.Irr,
in, u'ill Iw, imltlr.'if lo Mi II
directions ing" even though no one of con- that similar organizations would th h made
S a . . , i i . . t .... . lu into i.ti.mtwin .. f.lf ' l Ji.. .1
.., .,....,. w ,ollw ,,, cacn commumiy mru- liv un-aIUhl- tindier brokers for
the selfish purpose of increasing
see to it that prope
are given people who wish to i sequence pays
come to Burns from that direc-jthem. out the county
tion. The only direct line from A representave of this paper Wm. Ilanley,
ley, 1. S. Geer, Dr.
Long Enough To Investigate Why It Will Pay To Look Over
A few of the Thousands of Articles carried In stock by the Burns Dept. Store enumerated belew:
Hutu.. OrafDDi Hftfali I -, Iffll t
I.. Krunk Ii Main y of lllllilli:.. Molilalia. Cou
Inu air In ii lb nolll,,. llml i liarh'r II
iioaa iv ho Kin. Unlit, orrifon. aa hi. poll
oTIi'oaililiraa did on Mi.r. h IS, I'". I, hi.' In Oil.
1 1 111 id h la .Inly i'omoI oiali ! .. 'll. -a Hon loOOS
If. I a mt a. nri- Ho- pom i llni inn of y.nir
kti-ail h.-ilal So I .. iiia-li- Marihl,.
j I 'ill, fin III. -i n 1 1 L in -I ,ini "i i stt'.jHirtiiiii
.' rownaliili bit., HMIga.i I . VI illain.-lli Mfl
"llau, i.ti'l a' groining t m 1,1. i oiiu-at ln allvifi-a
ilii.l l f,.i . l II .11. v l iinilaiit. haa la.lla.lto
'-' "'"i. "i 'iiMuii Ihla laltil for iQiin
halt .IX l.'i '"ih. n. I -n. .'.Iliii; Ihr i-oiii
'i. m I'm. nl ..I iha lonliiit anil Ihai In liaa
iirvci ratal. ii.l.i"! a rnal.l.Mit ,' iiotim.ii la a
noli tr.i'lilil of t he Mali' of Or.'ifOn
Von an-. tti.Tiforf InrlhiT iioliflo.l thai lilt'
.ahl alli'Kiill'.ii. u III I..' taki'lt at Ihla offlod a.
hatlliK'll loiifrani'i. Iiy on, anil tut ir!
entry will h.iiiii. rlril Ihari'iimlrt M II hoot your
fnrthrr rluhl to bfl lo'af'l Oo-ti In, i llhvt Uiloro
lh!aorUi--ot on, If n tall to fl la In Ihla
.tin ullliii. I.,, in. naia all, 'i tin' nil III II
inilillrallnlt of thia ii"'" i, aa alio.. II I..
Kinir (Jeore of (.recce was as
sassinated last Tuesday while at
the head of the (Jreek army
at Salonika.
Easter Service At The
Presbyterian Church
A fine program of two parts
will be rendered by the Presby
terian Sunday School tomorrow
inorniiiK. celebrating Master and
David Livingstone Centenary,
the program to begin at 10:30.
There will be no regular preach
ing service during the morning
but in the evening the pastor will
give a sermon, "The Joy of East
er," being his subject.
The Times-Herald regrets it
has not the space to give the fine
program arranged for these ser
vices. Both are good with spec
ial music arranged for morning
and evening. The children have
the morning service entirely and
they have been well drilled in
their parts.
Warrant Call
There are sufficient funds in
the hands of the county treasur
er to pay all Harney county war
rants outstanding and registered
up to March 1st, 1912. Interest
on such warrants cease from this
date. March 15th. 1913.
R. A. Miller, Treas.
Wood Potatoes
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
Will Prepay All Charges
.i nil Dry (iuihI.s and Boots or
Boughl from him, to any postofficfl
In 1 1 ; 1 1 -1 n liitmtv Don't ForjrPt It!
He Will Also Give You
20 Per Cent Off
On all Woolon Shirts. Sve;it'i-s. Etc.
He Will Also Give You
15 Per Cent Off
On All Slieep l.ini'i Coats
He Also Carries One Of The Best
And Most Complete Lines of Fancy
And Staple Groceries In This City
ar That Means Something To Yon h
Dry Goods Dept.
A Complete Lino of Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods, Including Ladles Cloaks,
Waists, Shirts, Sweaters, Shawls, Hand
Bags, Beds anil Bedding, I'ndermuslins,
Dress Goods, Hosiery, Corsets and Cor
set Covers. Notions, Silks and Ribbons.
Gentleman's Dept.
The Most Complete and Up-To-Date
Gent's Furnishing Department also full
line of Men and Boys Suits and Over
coats; Socks, Neckties. Collars and Cuffs,
Underwear, New Stock of Working and
Dress Shirts, Hat.;. Caps, Glovc-s, Sus
penders, Levi Strouss and "Boss of the
Road" Overalls, Jumpers, Linen Dusters
Drugs Department
We mention here a few of the things
carried in this department: Perfumery,
Face Powder, Cream ami Solutions,
Toilet Articles, Blue Vltrol, Formalde
hide, Chloride Lime, Sal Soda, Turpen
tine, Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil, White
Lead, Dry and Mixed Paint, Gasoline,
Kerosene, Lubricating Oils. Stock and
Poultry Foods, Insect Powder, Squirrel
Poison, Household Remi dies and Crape
Juice, Denatured and Wood Alcohol.
yniir anawiT, tinm r iiain. -. tin any iii,-iillti,f
an. I rf.)...ti.lii.K in tin-.,, allt'itatltuiaol oonlail,
..rtl )i,u fall ttlllilti lltat mm- It, ill. in Oil.
. SlM tlttr .riHif that y.tit lint,' ai-r k-iI a OOp "I
Mitir anartir 00 lit .nil i ..ittialanl fltlirt In
ittT.oti or I'y ri'ni.iiTt-ti mall If thla ai'rv Ira i.
in a Ii I. tin- ilrl lit' r.i of it cup) i. ( .tut a ii. tier
totlit-i.itili-.latit III . t..iti, i.r.Ml ,.f .it,-), .,-r
I MM lutl.t l.t' I'iltiiT llli aahl run!. taut a writ.
It'll a .In. I. If.ltfi'titt'iil ttf Ilia Mi,'lil ol lltr
f-tiliy. .Imwlr.if lln .lali- til l. tt't tljit urttit
nfli'li, i it ..f tin. person by whom i In' ilt'llv.ry
a.l iiiatlr .iiiliiiit Mlii'u alt. I viliiii'lh, OOpl
naa ili'llvtTt.'t. If ma. la In ii'tf l.turoil inalf,
I ... .1 ttf Milt It .it i I. t' iiiii.t t ..n.l.l .if I lie allliln
III nf On irrai.n Li m It. i in tn, . ,..y waa tnallril
.lalltiK ivliin n ii-1 On- I...-' .iftli , In ivlilt'bll
waa tiiallt'tl. and tlila afllilavtl iniiat la. aocotn
l.altli'il l.y lilt' M..liiiu.'ft .tt'i iljil Iin Hit- I fll i r
nil alniulil .tali' III i. hit an. war iiaiiii'til
tlir Hi.t.,lhi t- ti. w lilt ti i mi tli'.ltit fnttiri. niitlri .
lit 1. 1- -t-til I. I Itlll
IV, I'lUHK. Ki-,-tHtt-l
Halt til llr.l . nl, In itlliiti Mari-li I . Mil
liala nf am tittil publlt utiuti Mart-li, B3, I'M.i.
Hair ul llilrtl .itl, in nil. .ti Mnrt-li '."', Illl
Hati-1 f loartb publlt Mloa April - HI I
Catholic Church.
Church of th Holy Family
Holy Mass;
1. Sundays and Holy days of
obligation at 10:30 a. m.
2. Week days at 7:30 a. m.
Sick calls made at any time.
Those desiring instructions or re
ligious information cordially in
vited to call at residence along
side of church and always wel
come. Non-Catholics always
welcome at church services.
Services outside of the above
on Sundays and Holy days of ob-
ligation will be announced in
Rev. Pius Niermann, 0. F. M.
Spring Colonist Period
Dally March 15 to April 15, To
All Central Oregon Points
-J-IAM U -gfJP
Physician and Surgeon
Burnt, Oregon
Wares Of All Kinds Home Entertaiment
Are so representative in character that
it is possible to furnish your home.
WOODENWAKE Brooms, 15 r u s h e s,
Willow Ware, Water Bags, Barrels and
Kegs, Bowls, etc.
QUEENSWAKL Fine China, Cut Glass,
Silver Deposit Ware. Minors, Cooking
Utensils, Pottery Lamps and Lanterns.
JEWELRYWAUE Clocks, Watches,
Stickpins, Belt Buckles, Cull' ami Collar
Buttons, Etc.
HARDWARE Headquarters lor Sport
ing Goods, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
and Camping Outfits, Tents. Tarnauliuns
and Wagon Covers, Building Taper,
Roofing, Wire Netting, Nails, Garden
Tools, Rope. Cuttlery, Tine ware. Etc,
Boot And Shoe Dept.
We are proud of this departroeni and
can give satisfaction to all Men. Women
and Children. Wo carry the celebrated
Buckingham & Heeht lino. None better.
Hcst (.nods With Lowest Prices We Meet and Beat All Competion
Rtt family friends and yourself if you
I want a Phonograph with Records. We
handle the Famous Edison Phonographs
Children's Dept.
Our Children's Department is so com
plete that we can furnish your little
ones from top to toe. We have not
overlooked the Dolls and Toys
Grocery Dept.
We've all kinds Flour, Bacon, Lard,
Honey, Grain. Grass Seed and Feeds of
all kinds. Farm Produce, Fresh Fruit.
Vegetables and Evaporated Fruits.
Special Dept.
Wall Paper. House Lining, Umbrellas;
I'arasols, Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases,
and Butterick Patterns. WhipH, Hob
bles, Half Soles and Tacks. Stationery,
School Supplies, Tobacco and Cigars,
Notions, Confeetionaries. Grain, Wool
Bags, Sacks, Binder Twine and Cord
Your Trade Respectfully Soiicted
The Burns Denartment St nrp .
Send Your
Orders For
Lumber, Lath,
Cedar Shingles,
Hardwall Plaster,
Portland Cement,
Lump Lime, Etc.
Overturf , Davis, Miller Co.
"" ' "'- ii i.nai.i i .. i .. .......iii i.iii...,.i... i. .
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 36 Mill Phone 48
We have a large stock of the above
and can make quick deliveries to the
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
St. liOuis
Little Rock
$ us 00
37 (K)
37 (K)
:; 70
42 m
12 50
St. Paul $ 30 00
Minneapolis SO oo
Duluth 30 00
Kansas City 30 00
Omaha 30 00
St. Joseph 30 00
Lincoln 30 00
NewOreleansIS OS
From other points in proportion
ieiiyour menus in mo l-,ast ol this opportunity of niovini
Westat low rates 1). root train service via Burlington Route.j
Northern Pacific, Great Northern. Spokana, Portland & Seattle
and Oregon Trunk Railways. 1
You can deposit funds with mo and west hound tickets will
furnished people in the Fast.
T fX'afi S8P??iE J- Corbett, Agt.
Traffic Mgr. Portland, Ore, Bend, Ore.
Details of schedules, laios, etc., will be furnished on request.
in tin- circuit Conn hi tlir Mat at
I.HK"H Iin Hill 111 V ..Hill 4
PaSSat II Nl'Wfll, 1'1,'lillllll.
I v.
iMWiaO Niwiii, ii.i.'ii.i.nii.
Tu Ktlwin ('. Nrwtll, lb alum' uanuil
IN Till! NAMIO OP 11IK STATi: nl
OKlCdON, you are hertbj required tu
auptar aad iinswn tn tba eoniulniul
lilril agalatl fOB in t In iiIiiim' i itiiili .1
null, iiii iii before the Uwl day ol ii
time irt'Ht'i ilinl in t lit-hi iKi nl publical
ti.ui nl lliia HUniiiiinia, tuwit, on in U-
(oiv tin' r.'tli day ul' April, hum. mi. I
data helm ""' Mfdralioo of iU weoka
I'rnili (lir liial (illlilii iitinit ul Ibiit4im
uiiiti., iiiiiI il yt'ii luil In iii'i.n mill
tuiawir, for want thereof I'liiinlill will
upl'ly lo tin Court litr llK' H-lii'l ili'inaiiil.
eil in tlir i'niiiliiiiit, to-wil, luiaibviit
druaolviug tbr lunula of taatriu.oBy novj
.aiatillir la'livi.ill I'l.llllllll Hliil I Ii I. nil. i nl
J mill llml Plaintiff have a deerw of
divorce iraolotc rVoni the Dsfcndaat t
that llir I'laiiuill Iium- lu-r in.iitU-ii nain T
TUi Mini sh .iiI.iIk', ,v i,,.,H
nl llfii r.i.'iiu Tli,iiiii,,n, Jmljjo ,, tbl
t1 n.v Cniiii ni ii.H iu x Coaaty, mu hB
iintl pull-nil .tu il,,- L'Vlli ila of IMiiVS
nil. I'.li::. ami ill,- il.ii,, ,, ,. tUsl , , r
lifatii.ii ul iiii tumntoai h Manh i
''"- m . aiaot,
iiui in i fur i'i. until).
Iini I , onnectiona aouth via
A. H. CURRY, Prop.
'" Harriman Monday and Thurad
and arrive. Wtidnvaday and Salurd. week, i.iiiii.', ii, w,, ,ouha
lino lo Drinu, Winnemucca, olc.
Those desiring thu service of
Jersey hull may liiid one at ll
R. .1. McKinnuii hum.