The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 01, 1913, Image 2

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Have you seen those New Spring
and Summer Samples at Williams
Zoglmann Clothing Co. 'a Store?
Just looking may not interest
you and you may think it doesn't
interest us; but well be glad to see
you here even if you just come to
We're so proud of our Spring
and Summer woolen line, that we
are anxious to have everybody see
Mirny new thing in tint"
raitings, with Ntylen thai are I
We'll Look (tut Tor You, if Yo
Imported waves in
n equaled.
i Look In To See I'h.
Williams- Zoglmann
Clothing Company
Leading Clothiers - - High Grade Tailoring
I. O. O. F. Building
- Burns, Oregon
( ', intuitu ,1 'i .'in I itttl 1'ilKl')
proved vt'i liciu'litial fiml the
method of feeding at the ranch
under Mm aianagemenl r .1. A.
Robertson, one f tin- host beef
null m Oregon, was Men, He
is now feeding a large number
of iicrf fa wiitl hay an I a grain
ration. Barley and wheat are
used; some being fed barley,
another bunch wheat and Nino
a mixed rat inn of the two.
Prof. Potter's evening talks illus
trated with lantern slides have
been much appreciated by the
tockmen, ,
another Important feature of
the trip to the llanley ranch was
the hog judging, The pigs were
brought Into the exhibition cor
ral in lots of four. The first
bunch was fully judged ly 1'rof.
Potter. He pointed out the ani
mal best for the butcher anil
farmer would jump for the har
row when ho saw it start from
the soil." Me instructed in till
age for this purpose, advising
deep plowing in the fall also disc
ing both fidl and spring.
This morning he discussed dry
farm crops telling the class just
what may be grown profitably
and how in grew it. We haven't
the space (his late to take it up
fully and therefore will give it
space next issue.
In all the work Supt. Broil h
aupl of the Experiment farm and
J. C. tardy of the high school
have given several good talks on
various subjects and he has bad
charge of most of the demonstra
tion and laboratory work.
The evening sessions which
consisted of illustrated lectures
have been attended by "capacity
i houses" as many could not at
tend the day sessions. The
evenings have been very in-
1 1 '--: t 1 1 .- 1 1 I ni'.l itict ivc to :ill
then the one most favorable for, ,,,-,, : ,1,. rmii.
I Tl LUIIVOUUJ - 11 tit ft ,! a 'ft'iii"
dlhf (FimfS-lwafd
Oa. Y..r
Six Month.
Tar Month.
I 00
P. S. Weittenhiller informs
The Times-Herald that l. D.
Johnson, a prominent stock man
and farmer of Curlew, Iowa, has
recently imrchasctt a section of
Innrl frnm trio flrm-nn A WpatAlfl ( 'unlet Slllo
Colonization Co., a few miles
east of Hums and will develop it
Wm. Crowder, who was here in
the fall and purchased a tract
out near the experiment farm,
was instrumental in getting his
neighbor, Mr. Johnson, to make
the purchase of this section.
Presbyterian Church Tomorrow
Morning worship at 11 a. m.
Vocal Solo "A Clean Heart"
Mr. Ludwig Johnson
Sermon will be preached by Elder
Ouier of the "Christian Advan
test Church."
Young People! gathering at
6:30 p. m. led by Mr. ChaJ. Hyrd.
Evening preaching service at
7;:;n p. m. Dr. Habbidge will oc
cupy the pulpit taking as his sub
ji i i : "The Woman has the Bal
lot; What can we Expect."
Mr. P. A. Paulsen
Accompanied by Miss Brown,
Organ and Mr. John Caldwill.
Anthem "1 Heard the Voice of
.lesus," with baritone solo by
Mr. Piatt T. Randall.
the farmer. Me explained then
was a distinct difference between
the types. The members of the
class were required "to select
what they thought the best farm
bog from other lots and then tell
why they considered the particu
lar animal better than the others.
At first opinions were widely dif
ferent, but as the men became'
more proficient they made fewer
All were appreciative of the'
efforts made by Mr. Robertson'
and William Sterling, accoutant
for the llanley Company, to give
the visitors a chance to fully
learn the cattle business better. '
The two men showed the grain
racks used to fatten the beef cat
tle ami the two types of bay,
racks the ranch is using.
Yesterday afternoon the class
judged the dairy cattle anil I'rof.
Potter gas B a good talk which
was followed by further discus-:
ion of dairy insr. This afternoon
he svill talk hog following 4)e
Yesterday Prof. Scuddor dis-
cuased moisture losses and how
to prevent its enormous loss thru
evaporation, Me showed how it
could be presented by proper
cultivation. "The whole art and
science of dry farming is aimed
picture program at Tonawama
preceded the lectures and on
Thursday evening the High
School male quartet and Girls
Qlee Chlb rendered vocal selec
tions followed by a short concert
by the Tonawama band. These
diversions were much appreciated
by the visiting farmers.
Many of those attending did
not register during the entire
Week and it is therefore imposs
ible to give a full list. Although
it was ImpYeaBtd upon them that
registration was important as
those who did would receive ben
(its later through bulletins and
other methods of the Agricultur
al College work where they had
the name, msi otlice and kind of
farming one is engaged in, the
farmers failed to put their names
on the register. The classg at
times numbered more than 200
but the registration does not ex
ceed I fit). The evening sessions
wen attended by many, ranging
from BOO to MX). No attempt
WM made to register the even
ing attendance, it being the ob
ject to secure the names of those
who took the entire course. The
following appear on the registra
tion boek:
Bums: M. S. Bower, G. W.
Young. P. S. Weittenhiller.
at preventing this loss," said Julian Byrd. Donald Jokisch.
Prof. Scudder, "If evaporating Albert Swain, Newton Hotchkiss,
moisture was rod or blue the dry Prod Smyth, Donald Motcbkiss,
Build Up Your Own Town And Community
By Purchasing Your Goods at Home
Inasmuch as we are expected to compete with large
Eastern Houses, who sell for cash only, we are obliged to
stick pretty close to the cash system, for in no other way
can prices of houses who see your money before they
wrap up the goods, be met on equal terms. Now, you
have a big department store right at home and the rate
is much less from Burns than from Chicago. For instance
a 10 lb. package will cost $1.10 from Chicago, while from
Burns it cost you but 14 cts. Quite a difference, ain't it?
A few of the Thousands of Articles carried In stock by the Burns Dept. Store enumerated belew:
Dry Goods Dept.
A Complete Line of Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods, including Ladies Cloaks,
Waists, Shirts, Sweaters, Shawls, Hand
Bags, Beds and Bedding, I'ndermuslins,
Dress Goods, Hosiery, Corsets and Cor
set Covers. Notions, Sill; I and Ribbons.
Gentleman's Dept.
The Most Complete and Up-To-Date
Gent's Furnishing 'Department also full
line of Men and Boys Suits and Over
coats; Socks, Neckties, ( ollars and Cutis,
Underwear, New Stock of Working and
Dress Shirts, Mats, Caps, Cloves, Sus
penders, Levi Strousa and "Boss of the
Road" Overalls, Jumpers, I, men Dusters
Drugs Department
We mention here a few of the things
carried in this department: Perfumery.
Face Powder, Cream and Solutions,
Toilet Articles, Mine Vitrol, Formalde
hide, Chloride Lime, Sal Soda, Turpen
tine, Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil, White
Lead, Dry and Mixed Paint, Gasoline,
Kerosene, Lubricating Oils, Stock and
Poultry Foods, I used Powder, Squirrel
Poison. Household Remedial and Grape
Juice, Denatured and Wood Alcohol.
Wares Of All Kinds Home Entertaiment
Are so representative in character that
it is possible to furnish your home.
For family friends and yourself if you
svant a Phonograph with Records. We
handle the Famous Kdison Phonographs
Children's Dept.
WOODENWARE Brooms, It rushes,
Willow Ware, Water Bags, Barrels and
Kegs, Bowls, etc. ' ' .
Our Children s Department is so com-
QUEENSWARF Pine China, Cut Glass, PleJa that we can furnish your little
Silver Deposit Ware. Mirrors, Cooking ones from top to toe We have not
Utensils, Pottery Lamps and Lanterns, overlooked the Dolls and loys
Roy Beede, .1. C. Clemens, T.
Donovan, Wm. Stirling, Frank
Bennett, James Richardson, Dor
man Leonard, F,d Sachs, Owen
Cawlfleld, Joseph Willnecker, H.
M. Horton, Simon tawis, P. T.
Randall Henry Vulgamore, L. K.
Hibbard, Polenmn Skiens, Waldo
leer, Herman Thies, C. W.
Schumann, Frank Davey, Burt
Olliver, C. B. Foley, James Walk
up, Ora Dickenson, A. II. McLain
K. P. Sylvester, C. A. Sweek,
Henry Gcer. I. S. Geer, C. C.
Lunday, R. K. Peabody, Ora Hill,
J. A. Robertson, S. R. Bennett
J. G. Smart, A. B. Whitney, H.
Motchkiss, F. W. Triska. S. Whit
ing, Allen Jones, Chester Mace,
C Klinkenberg.Robt. Mudspeath,
Hubert Smith, C. H, Goss, Frank
King, Gail Barns, Nick Voegtly,
E. R. Dickenson. W. E. Sullivan,
Frank Bennett, ('has. Wilson.
Poison Creek: Chas. Gulp,
Frank Whiting, Peter Clemens,
Will McLaren, David Mctaren.
Deflated!: F. Denstedt, C. D.
Howard, C E. Howard; A. L.
Howard, A. II. Gage, I). N. Var
ien. E. H. Wallace, C. K. Mc
Pheeters. Callew: James F. Raker.
Drewsey: L. C. Rhodes, W.
T. VanderVeer.
Harney: J. W. Shown, Thos.
Bain', J. L. tawe.
Silvies: C. R. Bennett.
Fgli: A. Kgli.
Sunset: R. C. Beery, C. Reed,
W. G. Rodder, Icon Newell, Vern
J Newell. J. B. Rodder, c. E.
Beery, E. C. Eggleston. W. R.
1 Dawson.
Valley View: G. M. Cobb,
I Geo. Raycrafi, A. S. Whitney
J. M. Hoffeditz.
Buchanan: L. M. Hamilton,
Geo. Buchanan, J. W. Buchanan.
Oraville: Dick Hayes.
Princeten: D. (,uior, F. J.
Waverly: A. B. Bennett, II.
I). Craig. II. C. Van Horn, R. S.
Grant, J. R. Patjens, Frank
Thompson. (). EL Thompson,
Grant Thompson, F. M. Miller,
L. Zuiderduin.
Narrews: I. N. Hughet. C. W.
Ausman. Glen Hughet, A. C.
Volmer. 0. S. Preston. W. A., Marry Gouldin, Q. W.
Faucett, J. II. Anderson, Homer
Marriman: II. C. French, H.
Denman, I L. Sleeper, H. N.
Fosh, W. K. Gray, A. Brink, A.
H. Curry. H. J. Jokisch. J. J.
Diamend: R. II. Ilrown.
Smith: Claude Smyth.
Uwen: C T. Miller, M. B.
M ayes, a. nose.
Riley: E. W. Van Valkenberg
Daan Cabin of the Domestic
Science department was the most
encouraged one of the instructors.
She was greeted by "capacity
houses" each day during the
Week, having Over 180 ladies on
her register. Mrs. Calvin has
never witnessed more enthusiasm
in similar work covering a period
of over twelve years. She says
it is the largest attendance per
capita in her experience. In fact
she had a larger class here than
at the Agricultural College short
course last month. The interest
was marked from the beginning
and the class increased from the
first day.
Mrs. Calvin was most thorough
in her work, her talks on health,
care of children, proper food,
diet for the sick, proper dress,
etc., Were to the point The first
day Mrs. Calvin took up vegetable
cookery and demonstrated to her
class many tempting ways to
prepare dishes. She impressed
New dress goods just arrived
including latest' fabrics shown
Embroideries and Insertions
New Attractive Spring Shoes
King Tailored Waists Stylish
And Very Popular At
them with the importance of veg
etables for health and as they
are somewhat limited they should
be made to cover as much as pos
sible. She made one telling point
in discussing the food problem
when she remarked that "many
children are full but not fed."
"There are as many Btunted
children as there are stunted
colts." We need lots of food,
right kind, quantity, rightly pre
pared and eaten in the right
The ladies were instructed in
cooking the cheaper cuts of meats,
how to prepare dainty dishes
from left-over scraps, etc. She
gave an excellent talk on the
care of children and made the
jwint that with proper care con
tagious disease can be stamped
ouL "There is no disgrace in
having a contagious disease in
your home, but there is disgrace
in spreading it to others. " was
one of her expressions. Her
reasoning in proper preparation
of fowl for invalids was most
beneficial ; as she stated that not
a tissue was made by medicine
but food. Cake-, problems of
the home nurse, diet for conva
lescents, bread, rolls, diseases,
carriers of disease, flies, proper
dress, how to manage the house
hold duties without drudgery,
etc.. were discussed. The class
was given many valuable recipes
and much good advice.
Mrs. Calvin gave many hints
along the line of economy and
applying such utensils, provisions
as are to be had. She was very
practical in all her lessons and
found the ladieu prompt in taking
advantage of her suggestions.
The Times-Herald would like
to devote more space to this line
of work but cannot do it today.
More will be said of it at a later
d. e. It is impossible to get the
entire registration as some had
not registered at the time the
list was submitted. Following
are those who were registered
yesterday merning:
Burns: Mesdames C. D. How
ard, H. W. McHose, Ben Brown,
Emmet Reed, Fred Racine, Q, A.
Rembold, Tillson Harrissn, Ira
Davis, Joe Thompson, Fred Wil
liams, Chas. Johnson, G. Barnes,
C. W. Schumann, Chip Smith,
(Continued on page three:)
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
Will Prepay All Charges
On nil Dry UooiIm and Hunts or Sinn-
Bought from him. to unv pontonicR
In ILnni's County Don't Forgot It!
He Will Also Give You
20 Per Cent Off
On ull Woolen Shirts. Sweaters. Etc
He Will Also Give You
15 Per Cent Off
(n All Sheen Lined Coats
He Also Carries One Of The Best
And Most Complete Lines of Fancy
And Staple Groceries In This City
ar That Means Something To You fji
Spring Colonist Period
Daily March 15 to April 15, To
All Central Oregon Points
Hest Goods With Lowest Prices
Grocery Dept.
JEWELRYWARK Clocks, Watches,
Stickpins, Belt Buckles, Cuff and Collar
We've all kinds Flour, Bacon, tard,
HARDWARE Headquarters for Sport-1 Honey. Grain, Grass Seed and Feeds of
ing Goods, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing fjl kinds. Farm I 'reduce, Fresh Emit,
and Camping Outfits, Tents, Tarpauliam Vegetables and Evaporated Fruits,
and Wagon Coven, Building Paper,
Roofing, Wire Netting, Nails, Garden Coial I .
Tools, Rope, Cuttlery, Tinownre. Etc. DpCCHll UvyX,
Boot And Shoe Dept.
We are proud of this department and
can give satisfaction to all Men, Women
and Children. We carry the celebrated
Buckingham & Hechl line. None better.
Wall 1'aper, House Lining, Umbrellas;
I'arasols, Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases,
and Rutterick Patterns. Whips, Hob
bles, Half Soles and TackH. Stationery,
School Supplies, Tobacco and Cigars,
Notions, ConfectionarieH. Grain, Wool
Bags, Sacks, Binder Twine and Cord
We Meet and Heat All ('ompctfon Your Trade Respectfully Solicted
- The Burns Department Store -
St. Ixwis
Little Rock
$ :w oo
87 IK)
37 00
:; 7ii
42 BO
42 ft)
Send Your
Orders For
Lumber. Lath,
Cedar Shingles.
Hardwall Plaster.
Portland Cement.
Lump Lime. Etc.
mm TO wmmm
Overturf, Davis, Miller Co,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 36 Mill Phone 48
We have a large stock of the above
and can make quick deliveries to the
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
New Oreleans 48 05
From other points in proportion
Tell your friends in the F.ast of this
West at low rates. Direct train service
St. Paul
Kansas City
St. Joseph
:jo oo
lit) 00
90 oo
.to oo
80 00
30 00
:i0 oo
Northern Pacific, Great Northern,
and Oregon Trunk Railways.
You can deposit funds with me
furnished people in the Fast.
Traffic Mgr. Portland, Ore.
opportunity oi inovnu
via Burlington Routu
Bpokana, Portland 4 Seattl
and west bound tickets will
J. H. Corbett, Agt.
Bend, Ore.
Details of schedules, lares, etc., will he furnished on request.
30-DAY SACRIFICE SALE-30 h,sy repeats itsei
I must raise money to pas for
new spring goods and during the
next 30 days I will sell for cash
everything in my big stock of
Household Furniture at actual
cost. Besides furniture of all
kinds, this includes carpets, cur
tains, rugs, bedding, blankets,
quilts, wall paper, building pa
per, roofing, dishes, granite
ware, suit eases and trunks, sew
ing machines at a great saving;
wagon sheets, tents ami tarpaul
ins etc. Everything needed in
and about the household.
G. W. Clevenger. 12
LADIES hospital. Private
and comfortable care, Mrs. W. T.
Lester. Burns, Oregon.
The sworn statements of Lit
Insurance Companies on tile i
the State Insurance Department
Salem, show that In 1!0!). 1910
1911, Oregon Life the Only Lit
Insurance Company Exclusive!
Oregon, sold more policies
wregon man any inner companl
In I !i 12 Oregon Life is surpa
Ing all its previous records.
K. C. l'!(i(;i,i;aTON, I
:t.ri Agena
Direct uomu rtion. south via
n.iiimftivrtUKr.W3 atal
A. H.CURRY, Prop.
Lrave. Monday and Tliur.
and arrivei Wednesday and SaluiJ
each week, connecting with toutlti
line lo Denio, Winnemui ia, etc.
wt":.A,.,,.,5sA- ,.:,.