The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 25, 1913, Image 3

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Mm Th Urfit Circulation Of Any
Nwppr In Hrny County.
Local News.
Frank Cummins was among
our visitors this weok.
Born Wednesday, Jan. 22, to
Mr. and Mrs. John L'ulp. a son.
Wanted Position as cook or
housekeeper. Address Box 37.
Baled hay, Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dfpt
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
supplies at The Welcome Pharm
acy. 10 tf
Bert Porter and his younger
brother, Laveane, were up from
Sunset this week.
G. W. Clevenger can please
you in wall paper. The very
latest designs are on hand and a
variety never before equalled, tf i
W. R. Dawson and wife were
in town during the week calling,
upon friends and doing some
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church is planning
for the annual Easter Sale which
will be given on Saturday,
March 22nd in Mr. McCamel's
offices. Tonawama Bldg. Full
annoncement later. Watch for
them. v
Born -Friday, Jan 17, to Mr.
and Mrs. Tin Gibson, on Silver
Creek a daughter. Dr. Harrison,
who was in attendance also re
ports the birth of a son to Mr.
and Mrs. R. F. Gibson about ten
days before that date in that vic
inity, of which he learned while
there. The latter is a brother to I
This office is in receipt of a
card from Rev. A. .1. Irwin from (
Florence Arizona, in which he
states they have taken up church
work there. Mr. Irwin states
the town is small and his work is
similar to the field work here
when he first came to this field
some twelve years ago. Friends !
of the family may address them
I'nce cocnian was in sewn hm
first of this week looking after
business. He contemplates open-,
ing a saloon at Harriman in
March and has secured the nee- j
essary petition to present to the
county court asking such privi
lege. Price has been in such ,
business before and has the rcpu- j
tation of conducting an orderly!
F. E. Smith, representative of I
the bonding house which was
surety for C. M. Kellogg, left,
here Wednesday for Canyon and
other points. Mr. Smith stated
he had not yet let a contract for
the carrying of the mails aban
doned by Mr. Kellogg but had
several bids which he had under j
consideration. He will confer;
with people over at Canyon who,
desire to bid on the contract.
Our Stock is now
complete. Come in
and see how far you
can make a dollar
go in our grocery
department. Try it!
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Coats, Mittens,
Stockings, Underwear, Etc.
- General Merchandise -
Hasonlc Building.
Your Opportunity
To Take Advantage Of Our
Special Feature
Now In Operation-That of
Banking by Mail
Is At Your Service-Use It
Safe - Satisfactory - Secure
With The
Use Nyals Rheumatic Remedy.
The Burns Ice Co. is not going
to put up any ice and takes this
means of letting their patrons
Chauncy Cummins has been
over from Westfall during the
week looking after business
Rolled wheat is the milk and
egg producer try it. Better and
cheaper than bran. Sold by W.
A. Gdman. Phone him your
We receive a little more snow
almost every day, it being much
deeper than for some time during
the winters. We will not com
plain at snow as it is what makes
the grain and grass grow.
Ry N. Brown & Sons
Send in your mail orders for
Clothing, Furnishing goods, Dry
goods, Dress goods. Boots and
Shoes or any thing in the above
departments to Brown's Satisfac
tory Store. All orders for above
goods will be delivered free to
any Post office in Harney County.
S Judge Miller telephoned in from
Riley this morning to the effect
that himself and several other
Burns people who had been held
up at Bend on account of the
heavy snow, were that far on
their way home. Quite a num
ber of Burns people are return
ing from Portland and other out
side points, but we did not learn
all who were in the party ai
Burns, Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Unlet
are up from UrWtB today.
Try Nyals Family medicine at
The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
A. S. Swain and daughter.
Miss Helene.came up from Lawen
Lena Harkey warns people
with guns to keep oil her pre
mises or they will be prosecut
ed, tf
C. A. Haines come up from
Narrows yestrrday to look after
business and visit his daughter
who is attending school.
See J. I. Cavendor at the old
stand all kinds of second hand
goods bought and sold. Same
good bargains on hand now.
Ceorge James and Roland Han
kins were down from their homes
near Harney Tuesday with a load
of apples from their orchards
which they disposed of.
If you have anything to auction
see C. P. Lloyd at Allen Jones'
place. He can be reached by
phone. Auctions held on Satur
day when anything is on hand
for sale.
J. Ferrigan was brought up
from Narrows the fore part of
this week suffering from pne
umonia. He is in a very critical
condition at the Burns Sanatori
um. The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Dunn, aged two
years, died at the family home
near Narrows on Sunday and
was buried in the Burns cemetery
on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Dr.
Babbidge of the Presbyterian
church conducting the funeral
service at the grave. We did
not learn the cause of death.
The bereaved parent! and rela
tives have the sympathy of a
wide circle of friends.
How Much Will You Give?
During the month of February,
we will contribute Five Per Cent
of all our CASH SALES towards
a fund to assist the unfornate
Mr. Wm. Carroll, an old settler
of Calow Valley, to purchase arti
ficial legs with. Mr. Carrol re
cently met with a sad accident
which deprived him of these
limbs and now needs help. Are
you with us? Get busy! Every
leash purchase made here means
juBt so much more in Mr. Car
roll's pocket, and will be a cher
ished gift you will nt'ver miss. -N.
Ira Mahon was married in
Portland last Sunday to Miss
Verda Wells and is expected here
soon with his bride. They will
make their home on the Cow
Creek ranch. The bride is a
cousin of Mrs. John Robinson of
this city and visits! lure a year
ago last fall with lui mother.
She is an accomplished young
lady and made many friends
while in this city. Ira in associat
ed with his father, James F.
Mahon, m the stock business and
they own valuable tracts of agri
cultural land as well as stock
ranches. The Times-Herald joins
a host of friends in extending
best wishee for a happy life.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Picturni tonifht at Tonawama.
Four reals in all two good com
diet special price, 10 ann ISc.
Use Nyals Cough medicine
for baby's cough. . 10 tf
Fresh home made lard 17c. at
Hansen's Meat Market. tf
Walter Hoddor and wife were
among those up from Sunset
his week.
LTho stages are making better
time since the snow is settled
and the roads broken some.
Dr. Burrow has fitted up offices
in the Jorgenson building where
he may be found day or night.
Hagey & Lundy chattels, small
loans, acreage city property. In
I. O. O. F. Bldg, Burns, Oregon.
Pure bred young Barred Rock
Cocherels. a new strain, for sale.
Chas. Wilson. 10 tf.
Fred Johnson, the drug man,
is in the city from Baker calling
on the trade and visiting his
many friends.
Work in First Degree at the
Mnsonic lodge on Saturday even
ing, Feb. 1. Visiting members
of the order cordially invited to
A. K. Murphy was ip from his
Iron Mountain home this week.
He invited The Times-Herald
man to come out and get warm,
the weather being quite mild in
his neighborhood.
Vera Welker will take orders
for masquerade costumes for the
14th of February dance. Orders
must be in by the 1st of the
month to guarantee their arrival
in time for the dance.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kd Kgli has been quite sick
with whooping cough but is re
ported better this morning. Ed.
came in from the ranch on learn
ing of his daughter's illness.
The "Darktown Minstrels"
lasted but one night at Tonawama
They were not as good an aggre
gation as has been seen in these
parts but were not really expect
ed to be high class.
Your order must be in early if
you want a Ford Car this year.
Only 200,000 to be manufactured
for 1!)13 and one half of them
already sold.
Exclusive Agents for Harney Co.,
l'Kf Burns, Oregon.
By N. Brown & Sons
Send in your mail orders for
Clothing, Furnishing goods, Dry
goods, Dress Goods, Boots and
Shoes or any thing in the above
departments to Brown's Satisfac
tory Store. All orders for above
goods will be delivered free to
anv Post office in Harney County.
C. A. Dc Forest, a resident of
Silver Creek but who has been
working in the" lumber camps
over at Austin, has just come in
from that point. He reports
the snow very deep in that region,
being 48 inches at Whitney, 40
inches above Austin and 26 at
the latter place. Mr. DeForest
states that David Eccles' son is
now in charge of the vast in
terests of his late father and
that he is a very progiessive
young man, up to date in busi
ness methods and has made some
decidedly advantageous changes
in things. He is reported to
have said the Sumpter Valley
would be in readiness to start
work on the extension to Burns
in the spring.
Died Mamie Isola, the infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. T.
Stoy, on Monday night, Jan. 20.
It was a very sad death, the little
one had been seemingly in good
health when they retired for the
night and during the night had
become fretful and the young
mother gave her a dose of Cas
toria and laid her across her
breast. Upon awakening later
the child was found to be dead.
The young people were on their
homestead near Venator and
somewhat isolated from any
neighbors and the bereaved
mother had to wash and dress
the body without aid, her hus
band going to a neighbor to se
cure a team and they left at once
for Burnt, arriving here about 6
o'clock Wednesday morning.
The funeral was held Thursday
afternoon, Dr. Babbidge conduct
ing the service at the grave.
Mrs. Stoy is the youngest daugh
ter of Mrs. Winters and her little
one was but four months old.
Dr. Harrison was called to diag
nose the cuuse of death after the
body was brought here and is of
the opinion it was heart failure.
The bereaved ones have the sym
pathy of many friends in this
Mrs. E. W. VanValkenburg
was brought in from Silver Creek
quite til Thursday.
Walter Parker came In yester
day from his home at Paisley.
He reports the family well.
Five fine new reels of pictun k
for the program tomorrow niKht
at Tonawama. Usual pric. .;.
I will pay no note drawn by
me to J. W. Loo, as sri'd note
have been paid for some time.
M. R. Alberson, 8 10.
Henry Eichner at Harney Ore
gon, is prepared to do all kinds
of rag carpet and rug weaving at
33H cents per yard and furnish
the warp. 4tf
Pictures tonight at Tonawama.
Three reels. One industrial and
educational reel, a flying machine
that will please the children and
a comedy. Prices 10 and 15
Remember the mid-week pic
ture program at Tonawama on
Wednesday evening. A good
program has been received for
that night with some comedy
that is sure to please patronB.
Admission 10 and 15 cents.
R. A. Calvert, a recent arrival
from Kansas, came in this week
from Ontario for the purpose of
looking over the country. He
intends returning to Ontario
where he is stopping temporarily
but thinks of coming to this
section in the spring.
Through the courtesy of Pho
tographer Heck. The Ladies Af
ternoon Club have 200 of the
"Booster Cards" with a fine pho
tograph of the Public School
building, which will be on sale at
the gallery all day Saturday Feb.
1st For the benefit of the
school children they will be sold
2 for 15 eta as long as they last.
Senator Stewart writeB this
office that the first bill to pass
the senate was one preventing
the deduction for grain sacks by
purchasers and he succeeded in
securing an amendment includ
ing wool sacks. This he explains
will result in a saving of $05,000
to the wool men of the state
basing the sales at twenty million
pounds per year. The senator is
well pleased with his committee
assignments as most of the bills
that in any wise afreet Eastern
Oregon must necessarily come to
one of his committees. He has
asked that his constituents in
this district feel at liberty to
write him at any time during the
session in regard to any matters
in which they ure interested.
The masked ball given by the
Tonawama Band last night was
a success and largely attended.
The affair was entirely in the
hands of the band boys and the
people of Burns had an opportuni
ty to contribute in a substantial
way toward the organization and
they responded. The boys have
been giving us some good music
all during the season and have
been making their own way. not
asking any contributions from
the business men but giving
value received for every enterain
ment or concert The prizes
were awarded to Miss Ella Crow
ley as "Soubrette," and D. D.
Van OLinda as "Faust," the
best costumed couple; Glen
Clemens, representing "Schlitz,"
and Miss Ethel Haines as a
"negro mamy," were awarded
the prizes for the most grotesque
characters. The band played
for the entire dance and delight
ed the large crowd with the
music which was un additional
attraction to the masquerade.
There were several good charact
ers represented, among them
being somu ladies who dressed
as men, imitating some of the
characters around town to good
advantage and fooling all those
Commendable Charity.
The Times-Herald wishes to
call attention to the ad of N.
Brown & Sons in this issue and
the splendid spirit shown in as
sisting an unfortunate man who
needs aid. That firm is going to
give five per cent of its cash busi
ness next month toward assisting
William Carroll, who lost both
feet recently to secure artificial
feet and pay his doctor. Should
the firm do $1000 worth of busi
ness during February $50 would
thuB go to Mr. Carroll. It is a
spirit that should be followed by
In connection with this we
might Bay in passing the Tona
wama management has tendered
the house at some time in the
near future for a benefit of Mr.
Carroll to be used for the same
inn-pose. Just when this benefit
will be given has not been de
cided by those having it in mind.
Harry Smith has taken active
charge of the proposed benefit
and contemplates a dance. The
date will be announced later.
S. W. Hamilton was over from
Drewsey during the week.
How Much Will You Give!
During the month of February,
we will contribute Five Per Cent
of all our CASH SALES towards
a fund to assist the unfortunate
Mr. Wm. Carroll, an old settlei
of Cat low Vallev, to purchase ar
tificial legs with. Mr. Carroll re
cently mft with a sad accident
which deprived him of these
limbs and now needs help. Are
you with us? Get busy! Every
cash purchase made here means
just that much more in Mr. Car
roll's pocket, and will be a cher
ished gift you never will miss. -N.
Tonawama Ptctures.
An exceptional selection of pic
tures have been secured for To
nawnma tonight and tomorrow
night. "Jack and Jingles," the
story of a little newsboy and his
dog, will be particularly pleasing
for the children tonight as well
as an industrial and educational
reel, "Winter Logging in Main."
A wonderfully interesting film is
an air ship flying over New York
and out over the water. This
will not only interest the children
but all who are present.
Tomorrow night a strong pict
ure is entitled "Sheriff Jim's
Last Shot," one of those active,
strenuous Vitagraph films that
show so many of the well known
players that have become fami
liar to the patrons of the houBe.
Two very funny comedies will
also make a part of the program
with two excellent dramas, mak
ing in all 5000 feet of film for
the Sunday night patrons. All
are good.
Three reels will be placed on
the serene Wednesday night
which will be very attractive.
Some comedy that is advertised
as being a sure cure for the blues
as well as scenic and drama.
Don't forget the mid-week per
formance as the management in
tends making this attractive and
worth while- the usual policy of
the house the best to be had
Prominent Law Firm
Makes Business Change i
McCullough & Eckhardt is the
new firm of attorneys, who have
taken over the practice of Mc
Culloch, Soliss & Duncan. Mr.
Duncan will devote his attention
to the abstract business, which
he purchased a short time ago
from C. C. Muller, at Vale. Mr.
Soliss has not decided on his fut
ure location. Mr. Eckhardt, the
new member of the firm has
been with them some time as
assistant and is thoroughly fam
ilar with the needs of the clients.
The offices have been newly
fitted up ami they now have the
largest law library between Bak
er and Boise, over 1000 volums.
Mr. McCulloch is now prepared
to devote his entire attention to
the practice, his term as prose
cuting attorney having expired.
Caaing For The Oil WelU
Frank Shumway, the Harney
county Freighter out of Vale, left
this week with 2000 feetof 6-inch
oil-well casing, loaded in six big
wagons, for the oil fields of the
Central Oregon Oil & Gas Com
pany in Harney county. Reports
indicate that the sustained effort
of this company 's energetic mana
ger, J. C. Turney, are about to
bear fruit.
In November, Shumway frei
ghted in 1500 feet of 8-inch cas
ing, and the present shipment
indicates that there will soon be
things doing in the eastern Ore
gon oil fields. Oil indications are
strong, alike in Malheur and Har
ney counties, and it is only a
question of drilling in the right
places, say the oil men, before a
producing well will be uncovered.
- Vale Enterprise.
New Coyote Trap.
new way for catching coyotes
around sheep camps without the
use of poisoned baits, on account
of the danger to dogs, is by the
use of steel traps and snares made
out of five gallon tin cans distri
buted over the range.
The cans have a star shaped
aperture cut in the top for a coy
ote to put his head through. The
sharp points of the star are bent
downward and a bait of bacon,
eggs, chicken or dead horse plac
ed in the bottom of the can. A
coyote puts his head in the can
and the sharp points of the star
catch in his mane and the thick
hair around his neck and he is
unable to withdraw it. It is said
that a coyote caught in this man
ner will walk backward in a cir
cle with the can on his head and
will not get far from the locality
where the snare is placed. Lake
view Experience,
T-'.g y t j
R !8 if1
sajad&RjL-Ajui' 55-
Have you any private papers containing
business secrets or prized articles you would
never part with?
How to keep them is well answered by a
Safe Deposit Box, which is accessable only to
yourself or appointed agent.
Our vault custodian will be glad to show you
how secure and private your effects will be in
the vault of this bank.
Harney County National Bank
W. E.
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