The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 11, 1913, Image 2

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We have just what you need
just what you have been looking
lor. An up-to-date suit with an
extra pair of pants to match, all for
Can You Beat This?
These are all hand tailored suits,
serviceable and sure to satisfy you.
Don't delay long or they may all
be gone. No bigger or better bar-
Sain was ever offered you in Burns,
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Clothing Company
Leading Clothiers
High Grade Tailoring
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
8 he tantffttxM. , Thc Mi-d bu
Om Yw 2.00
SUVW.ll. 1.00
Three Mm. 75
Mail On Regular Schedule
Burns is again in communica
tion with the outside world after
being deprived of mail for a
week, caused by Contractor Kel
Iork abandoning the routes lead
ing to the railroad. An inspec
tor of the postal department came
into Canyon last week and has
made a temporary contract withabout w minxlteB, and' at 9 sharp.
Plans and preparations for the
big masquerade ball to be given
by the Tonawama Band on Friday
evening, January 24th, are well
under way, and present indica
tions point to a most enjoyable
and amuseing evening in store
for those who wish to attend
and certainly everyone ought to
Those who do not care to dance
or mask, will be accorded seats
in the gallery, and it will be well
worth while as the entire band
will furnish music for the dance
thruout the evening and thereby
making it a grand concert and
aance ail in one ihe opening
piece on the program, one of the
band's best selections, - will be
started promptly at 8:46, lasting
L. Woldenberg, who formerly
had the contract before Mr. Kel
logg took it and now we are re
ceiving our mails regularly from
that direction and much earlier
than under the old contract. Yet
this is but a temporary arrange
ment, but it will continue until
the department can arrange for
another permanent contract.
The mail between here and
Vale is still rather uncertain, al
though several trips have been
made and the mail is coming in
occasionally from that direction.
Special Inspector Whitney came
in yesterday by way of Vale,
getting a team and bringing in
some mail as he came. Mr.
Whitney does not know just
what will be done at present.
He states he was ordered to come
here and investigate the situa
tion and make a report. Wheth
er the department will wait for
this report before making any
definite arrangements Mr. Whit
ney does not know. He assures
us, however, that we will receive
mail regurlarly.
When asked respecting what
action would be taken with the
abandonment of the contract and
whether the bondsmen would be
compelled to finish the contract.
Mr. Whitney said he knew noth
ing about it
Mr. Woldenberg has gotten
his equipment together and is
now furnishing most satisfactory
service which will be continued
until permanent arrangements
are made. So long as this ser
vice continues the people here
will not complain.
the dancing will commence. An
admission will be charged every -
txxiy ana no one ought to miss
this-as everyone will get their
money's wortn and at the same
time be assisting a most deserv
ing and worthy organization.
The boys promise those at
tending the best time of the sea
son, and with the very latest and
best music, which they are re
hearsing twice a week, we know
they will make good. The band
at present is bigger and better
than ever, and if given proper
support and encouragment this
winter, will prove themselves a
most efficient aggregation during
the coming summer, which" be
sides being a boosting and draw
ing card for Burns, will be both
a pleasure ana profit to every
citizen in town, and a pleasant
revelation to the stranger and
visitor within our city. Boost
for the band and it will boost
Burns as nothing else can.
Further particulars will be
given next week and in the col
umns of The Time3-Herald you
will find all about the several
prizes to be awarded etc. JYatch
for it.
. ----
Idh Stockmen Find It Moil
JVdjtkntageoiu And Quite Pro
filr To Replenish Home
Supply In This Way And
Range Brethern Might Do
Likewise To Their Cain
Cattlemen oF-"Ma4neHr -county
are replenishing their depleted
stock on local ranges this winter,
buying the animals rather indis
criminately wherever they can
make the best deals for the right
kind a cattle. There is lots if
grass on the range this season,
and more hay in the country than
at any tihie in the past; so much
hay, in fact, that it is a problem
what to do with it all. More
cattle to eat it, and fatten on it,
appears to bo the sanest and saf
est answer.
Several Malheur county stock
men are casting their eyes long
ingly In the direction of Texas
and Mexico for renewal of their
big cattle herds, but one thing
which invariably "sticks in their
craw" when Texas or Mexico is
mentioned is the question of high
freight rates. Railroad charges
for the shipment of range cattle
such a great distance is a sort of
nightmare to thc cattlemen of
Eastern Oregon, but usually they
only think so and have made little
if any personal inquiry.
A number of stockmen of the
Idaho benches, notably at Pay
ette, Parma and Weiser, have re
cently shipped in large numbers
of Mexican cattle, and say the
charges are not prohibitive. It
would seem, therefore, that if
the Idaho cattlemen can afford
to do this, their brethren here in
Malheur county might go and
do likewise -Enterprise.
Two Sleighing Parties
The High School students had
sleighing parties last night that
proved most enjoyable. Two
big sleighs were secured and
Prof. Jokisch and wife and Miss
Irwin acted as chaperones for
one, while Mr. Lcedy, Miss
Locher and Miss Witzell doing
like service for the other. The
young people made merry and
all report a fine time. One party
went out to the experiment sta
tion and took luncheon consist
ing of cookies and coffee with
These occasional diversons are
a treat to tne young people anu
help to make the school life
agreeable to those who come in
from their homes in the country
to spend the school year.
On Saloon Petition
But Not Jury List
By N. Brown & Sons
Send in your mail orders for
Clothing, Furnishing goods, Dry
goods, Dress goods Boots and
Shoes or any thing in the above
departments to Brown's Satisfac
tory Store. All orders for above
goods will be delivered free to
any Post office in Harney County
Will Lose Both Feet.
William Carroll, one of the
men who was imprisoned in the
well out in Catlow Valley for six
days and who had both legs
broken, has been brought in for
medical treatment Dr. Harrison
informs us that both feet will
have to be amputated, as they
were frozen and have become in
fected. It is verv unfortunate.
Mr. Carroll and his friend put up
a plucky fight against odds and
it was sincerely hoped they
would survive the ordeal with no
lasting effects, but it seems that
Mr. Carroll will now be a cripple
jCor life as a result of the unfor
tunate accident.
Mr. Carroll is at the Summit
hotel and Dr. Hart i son U pre
paring to operate tomorrow.
The feet are . in bad shape, re
quiring immediate attention as a
means of saving tne life of the
'Hick'ry Farm"
, Next Friday Night.
The well known and popular
comedy, "Hick'ry Farm," will
be produced, next Friday evening
by the Tonawama Stock Co. at
the usual price of admission.
The box office will be open all
the afternoon of the day of the
porformance when reservations
may be made. This production
is not new and was played here
several years ago, some of the
same cast taking part. It was
well received at that time and no
doubt will be us thoroughly en
joyed next Friday night, for but
few remember the bill other than
that it was a mighty funny one
and as it is good for the digestion
all want to laugh some more.
Some good specialties have
been arranged for the evening
to be put on between acts. De
finite announcement of these will
be made later and will appear on
the programs. Some of the liest
talent obtainable will be used for
these specialties.
The company has not yet de
cided what its next bill will be
but there will be another perfor
mance by the same aggregation
during Feburary. Tonawama is
going to keep things moving dur
ing the entire winter season in
some form of amusement. It
was not put up and equipped to
stand idle and the management
is prepared to make it a place of
amusement that will furnish
diversion for its patrons all the
time in one form or another.
Government Purchase of
Stallions for Breeding,
Irrigationists Preparing
To Go Some.
This week appears a list of 200
citizens who were drawn by the
county court for jury dutv dur
ing the year 1913. There are no
women on the list There is also
published in this issue petitions
for saloon licenses with the de
parture from past precedent of
having the names of women on
the petition. Nine women sign
ed the petions for a saloon licem e
for Dayville. Under the ruling
of the court it is now necessary
for the petitions to contain the
names of the majority of the le
gal voters within the precinct,
this including women. -Blue Mt
The Burns-Bend Consolidated
Auto Co. will issue no more
round trip tickets after this date
until further notice, and will hon-
sucJi tickets tnatmuy ue sheepman, was
-v.n days this week.
On and after January 16, 1913,
our rates on freight and express
shipment!, between Bend and
Burns, will be 24 cents per pound,
express shipments being subject
to a minimum charge of 60 cents
per package. All fruit and par-
ishable goods will be transported
so risk of consignee, except where
damage and consequent loss is
due to our negligence or negli
gence on the part of our em
ployees. - FURST BROTHERS,
. ..Three principles for irrigation
procedure are before the Oregon
Irrigation Congress, in its sec
ond annual convention at the Im
perial Hotel, says the Telegram.
One is Federal Government work,
with unlimited capital and low
interest charges behind it. An
other is Federal or state aid work,
in which the government credit
la used, but more of the expidi
tion and elasticity of private en
terprises could be attained. The
third is a district plan, bonding
patented property to secure the
funds, and applying the proceeds
according to the immediate
wisni's of the district residents
bearing the burden.
We have come to assassinate
the Carey act and bury it with
appropriate celebration," Asa B
Thompson of Echo, chairman of
the executive committee of the
congress is quoted in the Journal.
' TVe shall endeavor to establish
the district plan as a better
method. It mokes a municipality
rof the people in a district It
permita them to join io. the im
provement as the people of a city
vote to bond for streets, except
that our streets are ditches. It
eliminates greed, speculation and
goverprnfent red tape. It gets
yjiick action and value for money
invested by workers.
' 'We i eek cooperation between
state and government in project
wqrk. We will demand under a
n w arrangement the 9, 000. 000
of the reclamation fund which is
Oregon's apportionment."
J ami
es Paul, the Happy Valley
n fprjwvcrar
"The Dark Town Minstrels" a
company now playing over in
Grant county, will be seen at
Tonawama next Sunday and Mon
day p'kIiU. Wajtfh for bills the
first of the coming week,
Under the provisions of the
current appropriation net for the
department of Agriculture au
thorizing the inauguration of ex
periments in the breeding of
horses for military purposes and
providing $60,000 for that pur
pose, the Secretary of Agricul
ture, with the concurrence of the
Secretary of war, has appointed
the following gentlemen as ad
visory agents in the selection of
stallions and to assist in the opera
tion of the Government's plan:
Mr. Henry Fairfax, of Virginia,
for Thoroughbreds; Mr. C. L.
Railey, of Kentucky, for Ameri
can Saddlehorses; Mr. Walter
Palmer, of Illinois, for Standard
breds; Mr. Maxwell Evarts, of
Vermont, for Morgans.
Each gentleman acts with the
offiicers of the Government in the
selection of stallions of the breed
he represents. The Secretary of
War has designated Lieut Col.
D. S. Stanley of the Quarter
master Corps to represent the
Armv, and the Secretary of Agri
culture has designated Mr. Geo
rge M. Rommel, Chief of the
Animal Husbandry Division of
the Bureau of Animal Industry,
to represent the Department of
Thirteen stallions have been
purchased to date, as follews:
Thoreughbreds: Gold Heels,
by The Bard; dam, Heel and Toe.
Charcot, by Common; dam Span
ish Match.
Saddle herses: Young Bill, by
Golden King; dam by Bourbon
Chief. Fair Acre King, by Bour
bon King; dam, Aletha Chief.
Richmond Choice, by Rex Pea-
vine; dam by King Richard.
Standardbreds: MacNunne, by
MacDougall; dam, The Nunne.
Sigler, by Red Medium; dam,
Maud Sigler. BeGue, by Wig
gins; dam, Lady Crescent Twi
light M, by Delmont Jr. ; dam,
May Fry. Lord Rion, by Arion;
dam, Madge Fullerton.
Mergans: Daniel Webster
Lambert, by Joe Allen. Madison
Lambert, by IambertB. Prince
M, by Ethan Allen 3d; dam
Topsy M.
All of these horses are well
bred and registered, and some
are well known individuals. Gold
Heels, for example, had a con
spicuous career on the turf;
Common, the sire of Charcot,
was by isonomy, winner or the
Berby and other important stakes
in England. All the Saddle hor
ses thus far purchased have had
winning records at the Kentucky
fairs. Of the Standardbreds,
MacMunne in that he, like Car
mon at the Colorado stud of the
Department of Agriculture, is a
grandson of Robert McGregor.
Sigler was first in two-year-old
class for Standardbred trotters
at the National Horse Show in
1911; and Lord Rion'ssire, Arion,
sold for $126,000. The Morgans
thus far purchased are excellent
representatives of the breed and
should prove useful as sires of
cavalry horses of good size and
conformation. The sire of Prince
M, Ethan Allen the 3d, has left
a remaraaDie impress on the
character of the Morgans of the
east side of Vermont.
The Department of Agricul
ture expects to make other pur
chases during the winter.
Oregon Eastern is
in Mile of Tunnel.
Monday of this week witnessed
the completion of tracklaying on
the Oregon Eastern as far as the
third crossing of tho Malheur
river at Mile post 37.6.
About Monday next, it will be
possible to cross the bridge at
this point and lay another lap of
900 feet more to the fourth cross
ing of the river, where another
watery gap in the right of way
will check the tracklayers for a
few days only.
Concrete work on the bridge I
piers is practically finished, says
Chief Engineer Osborn, and will
be only a matter of another week
or ten days before the track will
be laid clear to the east portals
of the tunnel, at Mile 38.2. The
tunnel is more than two thirds
excavated, and when operations
are resumed in April, it will be
possible to continue the track
laying many miles west from the
2600-foot tunnel. Enterprise.
Call (or Warrant.
Notice is hereby given that
there are sufficient funds in the
county treasury to redeem all
Harney County Warrants regis
tered January 10, 1912, prior to
warrant No. 95 Class U. Inter
est will cease on all such war
rants December 21, 1912.
Simon Lkwis,
Treasurer Harney County.
Clay Clemens mill is the near
est one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road. Call him by 'phone.
Browns Satisfactory Store
; I
1 1 nI
Shoes For School
Choice of Tan, Calf and Gun Metal
and Patent, heavy good wearers for
school girls and boys.
School Hosiery
Childrens School Hose. Fine Rib
bed School Hose, and made for hard
All sizes for children.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advance m mbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. We can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
We can please and fit you both. Call
and get yours from the latest line.
School Suits
For Young Boys and Men at all
ages from 6 to 15 years. Heavy
for winter and a small price attached.
Boys Winter Wear
A Fine and Warm Line of Winter
Underwear and Overshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of latest
Sweater Coats at Rock bottom Prices.
A. Dunn will have charge of
my wood business in Burns this
winter. Dry wood on hand to
any part of town P. O. Jackson.
62. tf
Chronic Constipation Cured.
"Five years ago 1 had the
worst case of chronic constipa
tion I never knew of and Cham
berlain's Tablets cured me,"
writes S. V. Fish, Brooklyn,
Mich. For sale by All Dealers.
Stockholders Meeting
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Harney County
Fair Association will be held at
the office of the secretary on
Monday, Jan. 13, 1913 at 2
o'clock p. m. The regular bus
iness of the Association will be
taken up, the election of new
directors, reports of the officers
and such other business as may
come before the meeting.
Julian Byud, Secretary.
Hi Stomach Trouble, Ovar
Mr. Dyspeptic, would you not
like to feel that your stomach
troubles were over, that you
could eat any kind of food you
desired without injury? That
may seem so unlikely to you that
you do not even hope for an end
ing of your trouble, but permit j
us to assure you that it is not
altogether impossible. If others !
can be cured permanently, and j
thousands have been, why not
you? Sohn H. Barker, of Battle
Creek, Mich., is one of them.
He says, "I was troubled with
heart-burn, indigestion, and liver
complaint until I used Chamber
lain's Tablets, then my trouble
was over." Sold by 'All Dealers.
Always ready for job printing.
The sworn statements of Life
Insurance Companies on file at
the State Insurance Department,
Salem, show that In 1909, 1910,
1911, Oregon Life the Only Life
Insurance Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold more policies in
Oregon than any other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its previous records.
36 Agent.
In the I utility Court for lliirnee Gcwttjr,
stut ofOngoa.
In I In- matter of the Ratals of Xiu'Iiui mil
II. Sir. mil, DrrniM'il
The iiiiilrrmKuril lmvillK 'eeu ilulv H
pointed Atluiintstritttii of the kbOTt
liauieil estate in the ithove iiumcil
court, nil persons having claims
rtgainst laid entatr are hereby notified
to present tlirm. duly verified by law
required, to the nndri tinned ut the other
of (le.i. S. Hixcinore, in thc City ol Hunts,
Harney County, Orejon, within SUt ("
month from the date bereot.
liiitnl lliirm, Oregon. Nov. Ill, 1019
Atlmiinstmtrii of the Kstnte of Zi.clin
mill II. Stroud, Deed.
Unci S. BsnslSMMNM of the Attorney
We've Something
To Say To You
About The
Burns Dept. Store
Notice to Creditor.
of II
In the matter of the entitle
Dixon, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under
HijjtKil has been regularly appointed I'.i
eentrix of the hut Will and Tmtitincnt
of Harvey Dixon, decetiHed.
All per .Dim lutying cl.nnm agaiiiHt nid
estate are hereby nottlird to present the
same to the undersigned, duly verified
us by law required, . it lull six months
from the date ol this notice.
Dated at Hums, Oregon, November '.,
Makv lit t us Dixon,
lixecutrix of the luat Will and Testament
of Harvey Dixon, deceased
United states I.inii drrii :. i
Bums. Oregon, liecember 9fl, i'j:
Notice Is hereby glvea tail Lyman Krsukliu
Hnlth. Narrows, Oregon, who, on May It, 1W7,
maris lloiuMtesil entry Win, Serial No .OWiil, lor
NW4 Heetlou as. Township M South. Italian
at Kail. Willamette Meridian has It led
notice of Intention to make final five-year
Sroof. to establish t-lalin to the land above
escribed, before Reenter and Receiver, at
Hums, Dregou, on the .nil. day of January
I'lslmant uainsa as witnesses
llsrty II. Klllott, Hendsrsoa Klllott. Homer
Hi Ingle. Fred iiarrsn, all of Narrows, Oregon
Wc F sax, Rsgliter. ,
-:- WE SELL -:-
Winter Wear
And carry m all times a -(iiiift. line ef:
- I.
Sweaters and Sweater Coats, Underwear,
In Two-piece and Union Salts, Sheep
Lined and other Heavy Winter Coats,
Knit Caps, Night Shirts, Pajamas, Woolen
and Cotton Blankets, Woolen Socks, Ger
man Socks, Overshoes, Rubbers Etc.
We also have a large and complete line of
Mens Woolen and Heavy Winter Shirts
The Best of the Best GOTZAIN SHOES
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Orders For
Lumber. Lath,
Cedar Shingles.
Hardwall Plaster,
Portland Cement.
Lump Lime. Etc.
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Overturf , Davis, Miller Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 36 Mill Phone 48
Come and I 1 our stock ovei
prices and th' quality ani
me sure von
Get Yours
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
Every Day In The Year
Trough Train To Portland
Leaves Bend 6:30 a. m. Bedmond, 7:1 5 a m Ter
rmM Madra3. tS CIr12s0 ' " "
Direct Connections
VSSTSSSL M?e.poll,, St.
a.Vtv kVi'i".".": ""n . Mmla. Kan-
We have a large stock of the above I , and u points east and south
an w . am eiaai ssu snot ns aaBB. jm a .-
and can make quick deliveries to the 1 1 ...,.
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
V.a the North Bank Hod, No Partite
an Orajat NorUtoni
J. H. Corbrtt. Ami. Bend. Ore,
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i,I.h of scMiks. fart, rtc. will b. Mrnuh.1 ., .
furnished w request,