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The Biggest City In The Biggcit
County In The State Of Oregon
I The Diggcsl County In The State
I Of Oregon, Bct In The Wct
xaHBMHB v Jr
Provides Ways And Means For The
Farmers To Help Themselves By
Organizing Clubs And Making
Drives To Exterminate The Most
Troublesome Pest In Existence
At the last session of the
county court a numerously signed
petition was presented asking a
bounty be placed on rabbits.
This the court could find no au
thority to do but showed a dis
position to help by furnishing
the necessary wire netting to
build pens and wings. This is
right. The fanner should help
himself and with the volunteer
help of individuals much can be
accomplished toward the exter
mination of the pests.
In this connection the sugges
out making nn effort on their
part to do something for tho ox
termination of tho pests.
A Gift With a Thought in It.
There's one very simple way
out of tho Christmas shopping
preblem: don't shop, but sit
nuictly at home and subscribe
for The Youth's Companion.
The chances are, too, that no
present you could buy for the
young friend or" the family you
delight to honor could confer so
tion of The Times-Herald last 'much pleasure as this gift of The
week should be considered, j Youth's Companion for a whole
The Harney County Rod and ' round year fift-two weeks'
Gun Club has a largo member- issues, and the fifty-second as
ship extending over a large area keenly anticipated and enjoyed
of country and those members as the very first
will no doubt take an active in
terest in the work of getting rid
of rabbits.
The writer recently went over
the situation with a farmer who
had lost considerable of his crop
from rabbits and in this calcula
tion it was found that he had
lost more than enough in one
There will be stories for read
ers of eyery age; sound advice as
to athletics; suggestions for the
girl at college or making her own
way in the world; good things
for every member of tho family
-all for $2.00 less than four
cents a week. The one to whom
you give the subscription will re-
crop to fence his place against f ceive free all the remaining issues
the pests. This calculation took of 1912, as well as The Compan
into consideration the work of ion Window Transparency and
plowing, seeding, cost of seed
and all expense connected with
it. Under these conditions it is
certainly the best plan to fence
where the farmer is able and
this should be in tue majority of
case. It is shon sighted busi
ness to seed an acuMgi' knowing
the rabbits are to be dealt with
and not have a fence, before
spme active jnterest has beep
taken in getting rid of them.
Farmers should not be discour-,
Calendar for 1913, in rich, trans
lucent colors. You, too, as giver
of the presen t will receive a copy
of it.
Tur: Youth's Companion,
I'M Berkeley St., Boston Mass.
New Subscription! Received at this Office
Trappers If you want to catch
more Coyotes and Cat, than you
ever did before, order a 20 ounce
bottle of Hammersleys Animn
Bait. Sold by Curtis Utley & Co.
aged and fold their hands with-' Lakeview, Oregon.
QentraJIy Located, Good Glean
Meals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
First Class Bar In Connection. Qive Me A Call
I Can and Will Satisfy Your Wants
In The Harness and Saddle Line. My
Motto is "Right Prices and Best Quality"
and it will pay you to call and see me.
Special attention given to repair work.
Just One Word!
That Means Something!
Stearns Hair Remover banishes the hair.
Kills all those hairs you want removed from
your face, thereby improving your looks.
Stenrs' Fino Rogue, Nature's Counterpart.
For Ladies it has no equal in her toilej,
Stearns' Freckle Paste safe, sure, harmless,
Stearns' Necessity A Cream to absorb and
destroy the offensive scent caused by
Wc have juhI added a nice line of swell
new Hlulionrry SYMPHONY the best.
uRexall Drug Store
Best Production Yd Undertaken By The
Tonawama Stock Company To Present
This Big Play On Next Saturday Ere.
Nov. 23rd At The Tonawama Theatre
Owinjr to tho contemplated de
parture of Cnrl Welkor, who has
been sUitfe manager and general
booster at Tonawama sinco it
was opened to the public, tho
Tonawama Stock Co. lias advanc
ed tho dato of its first produc
tion to next Saturday, Nov. 23rd,
when tho exceptionally fine
and popular production entitled
"Tho Girl of tho Golden West"
will bo BuiRed. This is decidedly
tho best bill ever attempted by
the local players and as each
character has been well cast and
tho players well up in their lines
it will proven most enjoyable af
fair. This will bo a farewell for
Mr. Welker who has long been
identified with the theatrical
performances of this city and as
testimonial of their esteem and
appreciation of his services there
wilLbe-btir house.
Carl has a good position with
the government in Honolulu as a
special harbor guard and has a
cnancc to ndvan o as rapidly as
his services will justify. Mrs.
Welker and littledaughter will
remain here for the winter and
expect to join him next May.
The Tonawama Stock Co., will
continuo to play stock during the
season, the management having
completed arrangements where
by some good talent will produce
at least one popular play during
each month. There will be no
attempt to fill Mr. Welker's place
at Tonawama for tho present;
the management has a good man
for the place but as he has a
good position in Ios Angeles for
tho winter ho will bo permitted
to remain during the time of his
contract. This gentlemen is one
of tho popular theatrical men of
the west ami a fine musician for
both p'cturcs and orclipstrn. and
with his wife who is a gofld act
ress, Tonawama will have a fine
team that will bo a drawing card
of exceptional merri'.
Brain Lcalcs.
Always look before you leap
then walk around it if you can.
Some men are dead along time
before they achieve success.
A symptom of indigestion
"Gone to lunch; back in tpn
The man who Ivcs for dollar
gets mighty lit lo worth while
out of life.
The man who believes only
what he sees or can understand
has a mighty small conception of
Mentioning an example of self
deception there's tho man who
dyes his whiskers. No one else
is deceived.
Wo jail the man who steals
dollars, but wo point to the finan
cial success of the man who robs
youth of its playtime.
When wo want to read fiction
we can always find it in tho ad
vertisements of furnaces that
"save one-third to one-half tho
fuel bill."
Tho easiest thing in tho world
to give is advice; tho easiest
thing in tho world to make ia
criticism; tho easiest thing in tho
world to take is ofienBe.
After working for a few
months at tho first job I over had
I conceived tho idea that the firm
couldn't get along without me.
But it could-nnd did. This
country can get along without
any one man.
Stockmen Ranchers Attention,
Guaranteed scrip $8.75 per
acre, limited amount only.
Inland Empire Realty Company.
r-uiTor'U imp ritdmqi
Modern Brick And Stone Structure To
Cost $10,000 Will Be Erected On
Site Now Occupied By Present
Church Friends Respond In Most
Liberal Manner With Donations
The Presbyterian church of 030 it is the intention to raise
this city has had under contem-. rnfire in order to have It properly
piation mo erection ot a large
modern church building for some
time and tho past summer the
matter was taken up at n meeting
or tho church people and friends.
At this meeting a building com
mittee was chosen and plans laid
for a campaign in tho future. It
seemed right to go to work at
the present time to ascertain
what the sentiment of the busi
ness men and friends in this city
would do therefore Win. I'arre
and Sam Mothershcad circulated
a subscription paper and although
they have seen comparatively
few they have met with such un
looked for success that the now
church is now an assured fact.
With what was available in the
church, Indies aid and assistance
from tho organization of the Pres
byterian church building funds
they have now in tho neighbor
hood of'$8.000 raised with many
of the church friends yet to sco
who are sure to subscribe liberal
ly. It has been decided to erect the
now building on the site now
occupied by tho church buildings
and the old ono removed or sold.
The plans are all in readiness
and no doubt a contract will be
let in tho near future to have the
building contemplated next fall.
While the building is to cost $10,-
fumished, healing plant, etc,
Tho amounts subscribed are to
be paid in five equal payments,
20 per cent on Mnrch 1, May,
July, September, and November
The building committee feels
much encouraged over tho liber
al manner in which local business
men have responded. They will
continue the work of soliciting
during the remainder of this
month and hope to have complet
ed by Dec. 1 when the list of
subscribers to tho fund will bo
The people of Burns, have ever
shown a liberal disposition in
such public matters; they have
contributed to the erection of not
only the churches of this city but
have helped to build school
houses in other district, nssisted
in roads, or whatever might tend
to the betterment of the country
in general. They have been the
only support toward exploiting
the resources of Harney county,
sent delegations to various meet
ings that had for their purpose
the upbuilding of this section;
been persistent in their eirortfl
for railroad transportation anc
promotion of irrigation projects.
Such a disposition should be pro
perly recognized and rewarded
by those who will benefit by it.
Can Raise Just As Much And Ax Good
Wheat On The Interior Land Yet To
Be Taken Up As Other Parts Of The
State Is Raising, So Says Prof. Shaw
That winter grain can be grown
with splendid results without ir
rigation on tho plateaus of con-!
tral Oregon, is tho conviction of ,
Professor Thomas Shaw, agricul- j
turista of tho Great Northern and ,
Northern Pacific railways. Prof- j
cssor Shaw has just completed
a tour of inspection of tho cen
tral Oregon country.
Professor Shaw is tho man sent
to Montana a few years ago by
James J. Hill to report on the
possibilities for transforming
Orchards That Have Proper Care And
In Favored Places Do Well In
Harney County Can Raise Fruit
For Home Consumption As Well
As Outside TVIarket Demands
Since men experienced in fruit farm, or ranch rather. No one
raising havo gotlenjiold of some
of tho orchards "of this section
we begin to realize that Harney
Senator Vest's Eulogy
On The Fnithful'Dog
"Gentlemen of the Jury: The
best friend a man has in this
world may turn against him and
become his enemy. His sou and
daughter that he has reared with
loving caro may become ungrate
ful. Those who are nearest and
dearest to us, those whom wo
trust with our happiness and our
good name, may become traitors
to their faith. The money that
a man has he may lose, It (lies
away when ho may peed it most.
Man's reputation may be sacri
ficed in a momentof ill considered
action. The people who are so
prone to fall on their knees and
do us honor when success is with
us may bo the first to throw tho
stone of malice when failure set
tles its cloud upon our heads.
The ono absolutely unselfish
friend a man may have in thta
selfish world, tho ono that never
deserts him, the one that never
and tlie 25.000,000 bushels of
wheat harvested in that state
this season may bo attributed
largely to tho successful experi
ments carried on by Professor
Shaw sinco 1909. It is said that
if there over was a man who
could make two blades of grass
grow where ono grew before,
Professor Shaw is that man.
"Central Oregon, is a most
wonderful country," said Pro
fessor Shaw in tho Journal, "and
the possibilities for development
aro immense. There is no more
fertile soil to be found uny where,
for tho volcanic ash is more en
during than any other kind of
soil that wo know of nnd the en
tiro central Oregon country con
sists of volcanic ash.
"Nearly all the grain crops in
central Oregon should be winter
crops, not only winter wheat,
but winter rye, oats, barley and
vetch. Tho climate may be too
severe in a few places, but only
in a vory few.
"The advantage of winter grain
is thnt it gains enough strength
during the wet months to carry
it through before the prolonged
dry and hot weather of the sum-
" ni"r. Winter wheat should be"
man's dog stands by him inpros-jgown the last part of August and
tho land should besummerfnllow
ed. It should also be kept plowed
and clean. A splendid way to
keep tho ground clean, too, is to
grow a crop of fodder corn. As
soon as the corn is cut the ground
is ready for the wheat
that state into a grain producer 5ns.1nov.c!: bcen ,)Ul fonrd I13 a
iiuii. ruiBing hccuuii anu purnaps
never will be in the same class
as the lower altitude in this re
spect yet no better flavored fruit
can be raised in the west than in
Harney county. Instances have
been brought to mind during this
season of tho successful raising
of fruit and shows it can be
raised and at a good profit.
Another matter that is in its
favor is the firmness and good
keeping quality of homo grown
One orchard in this valley has
brought the owner over $1200
this season and this is but ono of
several that can be made to pro
duce well. Heretofore little at
tention has been given fruit in
this section as it was considered
too risky to attempt on any large
scale, but with proper care and
on tracts favorably situated we
can and will produce all tho fruit
necessary for the homo trade
right in this country.
Those who have put out trees
have not given them any care
with few exceptions and there
foie the orchards havo not been
given a fair show to
they would do. The
pertA- and poveity, in health and
in sickness. Ho will sleep on the
cold ground when tho wintry
winds blow and the snow drives
fiercely, if only he may bo near
his master's side. Ho will kiss
the hand that has no food to of
fer, he will lick the wounds and
sores thnt copio ju encounter
with the roughness of the world,
He guards tho sleep of his paup
er master as tho ho wero a prince.
When all other friends desert,
he remains. When riches take
wings and reputation falls to
nieces he is as constant in his
love as the sun in its journey
thru the heavens. If fortune
drives tho master forth an out
cast into tho world, friendless
and homeless, the faithful dog
asks no higher privilege than
that of nccompauing him, to
guard ngainst danger, to fight
against his enemies, nnd when
tho last scene of all comes nnd
death takes his master in its em
brace and his body is laid away
in tho cold ground, no matter if
all other friends pursue their
way, there hy his gravesulo will
the noble dog be found, his head
une great weaitness in cen
tral Oregon is that the people as
a rule do not seem to realize the
great importance of properly
preparing the soil for a crop. It
shouid be kept clean, above all
things, nnd then it will retain the
"Milo mnisc, corn, alfalfa and
potatoes should bo spring sown
crops. Alfalfa will soon be one
of the most important crops of
central Oregon. It will be grown
for hny and seed. Alfalfa grown ,
on non-irrigated lands produces
better seed than that grown un-1
der irrigation. Under the dry
farming system nlfalfa must bo '
grown in rows like corn and cul-1
tivated much in the same manner, i
"Observations lead me to be
lieve that in central Oregon west i
gave tho matterjany serious thot,
except in rare cases. While we
are going to lead the procession
county can raise the best. It .in grain, alfalfa and stock wo
need not fall behind in fruit?
Especially is this true of the
small varieties. Strawberries,
raspberries, currants, gooseber
ries and such fruit do remark
ably well in this section and all
the hardy apples are a success.
Don't overlook the family or
chard when planning the farm in
the future in Harney county. It
should have a place in the calcu
lations and with proper care it
will be the best piece of ground
on the place that is it will not be
most profitable, perhaps, but will
be a source of pride and satisfaction.
, Prof. Shaw has had some very
.interesting interviews in the
I Portland papers since his last vis
it to this section and each utter
ance is more sanguine of the
greatness of interior Oregon than
former talks. He knows what
he is talking about and the grow
th pf Montana in grain producing,
to which ho refers so often
will be but a drop compared to
this big country with its 9,000,
000 acres of land yet to be put into
cultivation. This is comingmore
rapidly than we realize and what
sec what a blessing it will be to humanity
above in- what a boom to the big problem
stance is a case. Never before now confronting the people the
had this orchard ever given the high cost of living,
owner any revenue whatever, it ' The people should forget petty
was considered an incident in i jealousies and local bickerings
tho general experiment of the (Continued on Last Page)
.I'M N R WALKUP, Prop.
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
proves ungrateful or treacherous 8ad, but open in alert watchful-
is tho (log. m..S8, faithful and truo even to
"Gentlemen of the Jury: A death."
between his paws and his eyes j of tho Cascade mountains there
New Hide Buyer
In Burns!
The Baker City
Hide & Junk Co.
Has opened a Branch Office in town.
See Ed Sacks, their Agf . Here
Before selling your HIDES, PELTS and FURS,
Office on Court House St., So. of Burns Hotel. P. O. Box 141.
aro 10,000,000 acres of land rendy
for cultivation. These 10,000,
000 acres would produce 120,000,
000 bushels of wheat, or more
than twice aa much as is now
produced by tho entire Pacific
northwest section. Taking these
figures into consideration, one
can readily see the importance to
I Portland anu the stato ot Oregon
of tho rapid development of cen
I tral Oregon.
I "Central Oregon will some day
I become one of the most fnmous
I wheat producing sections of tho i
world. There aro immense areas
I that can be irrigated but by
'pursuing the proper methods,
I tho dry lands will bo made to
(yield large crops. It is all in tho
i working of the soil. This wo
hayo proven in Montana and wo
arq now proving It in central
Oregon on the sago brush land
for wo havo established an ex
perimental station near Ontario
in Malheur county."
Professor Shaw mnkoshis head
quarters in St. Paul.
Burns Meat Market
H. .1. HANSEN, Proprietor
Beef, Fork, Veal, Mutton,
Sasuage, Bolonga,
Headcheese and Weinerworst, Etc.
Wholesale and Retail
Prompt and Satisfactory Service
Your Pu rouge Solicited and
Orders Givei Quick Attention
By gaftfiWA. ?w
Itel'ablc CitlzviM
ul lilt IHIlt'ollllllJ
Th j Inland
Homestead Locations
Wn ruiri'HKiil llnil whlili IH u-xlul iiimI M'IIiiIiIii
klmlH n( Itfitl INihIii iimtliirH I" "iir IiimI II'Ihk Himth or
ullmr It'Kiil Wind nurHforriHlly ft'l ipiiU) Wi: WANT YOlUt
K in; INHUUANCK I1UHIN1H; n n iiuitnt two of tho (IriiuiiiiHt
coimmiluH In A rlcn-Tlli: AI'.'INA & I1AUTKOKD rO'ri.
l.lBtyottr propurty ullli hh, (nrtnlour Irwin
l)l!lil)l'l) I.ANI)
Empire Realty Company
W.-l' I I.H'IKU, MniiHKur
Wn llHIIlllll nil
iTiniTiMiiTinniM'i ---.
H & MMWrWH"!' JgrlQ3m y SKTrvwW !
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1 1
Iniutyoq. AekourUllonts. (toll ml wu u
Yon tniHt tin, wo
UM Afros Irrlir iti'il l-niicll 111 llolsf
V..II,.., to i-nili fur n I'linil rnncll 111
Harney county, clear of Inciinibminccj
under government uueu.
Ut Us Hear From You- What You
Haye To Trade. We Trade Anything,
Anywhere. SEB US NOW
he Best!
Line of Family Remedies
Every Remedy Is A Tried
Remedy No Disappointments
"T 'Hi'Trim.
Don't Forget If You Want A
Cough Syrup For The Baby
Ask For NYALS-The Best
The Welcome Pharmacy
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