The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 05, 1912, Image 2

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(Concluded l'rom l'iist Vngc)
Teddy won with Brandy close,
time 25.
Third race was fivc-oighlhs
with three starters: Seventy by
Bedell; Jerusha by Caino; Hush,
by Mahon. Tholatter was lack
ed as a winner by many but ho
was up against some good cam
paigners and didn't make good.
Jerusha won, Hush second. Time
1:05. Seventy did not come up
in good form on this nice.
It was a very windy and disa
greeable day witli only a few
people in the grandstand to wit
ness the program and the horses
Threo sheaves of winter Wheat,
E. W. VanVnlkonburg first,
Jones & Welcome second.
Threo sheaves of spring wheat,
L. 1$. Culp first, E. W. VanVal-
enburg second.
Threo sheaves of barloy, E. W.
VnnValkonburg first, C. L. Culp
Three sheaves of oats, E. W.
VnnValkonburg first, Frank
Whiting second.
Three sheaves of rye, E. W.
VnnVnlkenburg first, D. N. Vnri
on second.
50 lbs rye, J. H. Anderson
Fifty lbs. barley, J. H. Ander
son first, L. Woodruir second.
Fifty lbs of wheat, J. H. An
derson first and second.
Best display of largest variety
of seeds in jars, D. N. Varien
first, Ralph Hibbard second.
Display of first crop alfalfa, C.
S. Johnson first, Ralph Hibbard
Second crop alfalfa, L. B. Culp,
first, C. S. Johnson second.
Alfalfa seed, J. H. Anderson
Field peas, D. N. Varien first.
didn't seem to fool like runnimr
although the races were some of Jo"" & Welcomo second.
Display of timothy, Ray Jen
nings first, E. L. Hibbard second
Display natural grasses, A. S.
Beedo first, P. Ranch second.
Display hops, D. N. Varien
Sample bromes, A. W. Howser
Display red top, Ray Jennings,
Display alfalfa seed plants, F.
Dcnstedt first
Display of flax, Dave McLaren
Three sheaves of winter wheat,
M. McGec first Frank Klitzke
Three sheaves of spring wheat,
F. L. Swcaringer first, 0. H.
Cobb second.
Three sheaves of barley, John
Marshall first, Wm. Hanley sec
ond. Three sheaves of oats, J. A.
God first, John Marshall second.
Fifty lbs. rye, I. S. Gcer first,
W. E. Gray second.
Fifty lbs. barlev, W. E. Gray
Fifty lbs. oats, W. E. Gray
first and second.
Fifty lbs. wheat I. S. Geer
first, W. E. Gray second.
Alfalfa first crop, GrantThom-
son first
Alfalfa seed plant, I. M. Davis
Field peas, J. A. Goff.
Display of greatest variety of
Murphy. They made a very apples. I. S. Geer first. W. H.
pretty and even race, each heat' Robins second.
being made in threo minutes, j Display single variety of apples,
Doc Jones taking both heats. ' I. s. Geer first and second.
Display of crab apples, I. S.
the best ever witnessed in this
Although no entries had been
made for the bucking contest and
the weather was most disagreea
ble, the people were treated to
two exhibitions the rulers boing
Ross Dollarhide and Claude Mas
ters. The mounts did not make
very big jumps but it was inter
esting. The second days racing cards
were very good. The first being
a three eighths mile dash in which
there were three starters: Red
Wings, by Caino; Teddy Roose
velt by Cavenderand Princes, by
Howard. They got away from
the post in good order Teddy
taking the lead from the jump
and held it all the way. Red
Wings came in second. Time
87$ the same time as made by
the saddle horses the day before
There were five fine horses to
face the starter in the half mile
dash. Maine, by Riley; Seventy,
by Bedell; Brandy by Caine; Blue
Mt Belle by Parker, and Hush
by Mahon. The latter was bad
at the post causing some delay
and confusion but they were sent '
away finally with not the best
start but as good as possible.
Maine took the race without i
much effort Brandy being the
only contender that caused any
doubt Time 50J.
The pace for three-year-olds,
had but two starters, Doc Jones,
a colt of P. G. Smith's and a very
promising filly belonging to E. A.
Largest head cabbage, D. N.
Varien first
Pumpkins, J, L. Sltz first,
Ralph Hibbard second.
Corn, I. S. Geer first, J. L.
Sitz second.
Kahirnbl, carrot, stock beets,
etc, Ralph Hibburd first, D. N,
Varien second.
Parsnips, D. N. Varien first,
Ralph Hibbard second.
Muskmclons, J. L. Sitz first,
I. S. Geer second.
Watermelon, J. L. Sitz first
Display celery, Lnura White, D.
N. Varien second.
Squash for table, J. L. Sitz
first, Ralph Hibbard second.
Popcorn, J. L. Sitz first
Cucumbers, J. L. Sitz first,
Ralph Hibbard second.
String beans, peas, cct, I. S.
Gcer first, J. L. Sitz second.
Cauliflower, 1. S. Geer first, D.
N. Varien second.
Kale, Wm. Fnrro first, W. E.
Gray second.
Rutabagas, Ralph Hibburd
first, D. N. Varien second.
Singlo ynrioty onions, John D.
Cooper first, Mr. Klinkenbcrg
Beets Mr, Klinkcnburg first
Greatest variety potatoes, Nick
Barth first, 0. H. Cobb second.
Singlo variety potatoes, I. S.
Gcer first, Ray W. Barron sec
ond. Corn, Mr. Klinkenbcrg first
Kahlrabi, carrots, etc. Mrs. Hilton.
Parsnips, 0. H. Cobb first
Muskmclons, I. S. Geer first
Squash, Mr. Klinkenbcrg first
Cucumbers, I. S. Gcer first
String beans, peas, etc. Mr.
Klinkenbcrg first
Rutabagas. Mrs Hilton first
Best general individual exhi
bit in divisions F. G. and II., D.
N. Varien first, Ralph Hibbard
Best individual exhibit in div
isions F and G, I. S. Gcer first,
J. L. Sitz second.
There were no entries in the
roping contest and the steers
were brought out for some of the
boys to ride. This was some
thing of a failure as was the
bronco busting the day before.
The steers refused to buck.
Thursday was another bad.
windy day but the attendance
was better than the former days j
and the program very good. I
the most amusing number which
was no doubt appreciated more ,
than any other was an attempt '
to ride a bull. He threw Ross'
Dollarhide with but a few jumps.
Ross is a rider of note and some
Bay there isn'c a horse in Harney
county that can throw him.
The first race was a half
mile for saddle horses with Bolly
B, by Harry Buck; Red by Alli
Bon, and Red Bird, by Clemens,
'entered. It was a race from the
start and quite close. Bolly came
In -first and Red Bird second.
Time 55.
The three-eighths mile dash
Was a pretty race with Rowdy,
Teddy Roosevelt and Red Wings
starting. Teddy won, Red Wings
second. Time 30.
The five-eighths dash did not
fill and a special for named horses
four and a half furlongs was
made up with Blue Mt. Belle, by
Parker, Babe by Starr, Blondy
by Riley, and Pedro by Hanloy.
Blue Mt. Belle, won with Pedro
'second, time CO.
The weather was so bad yes
terday the program for the after
noon was declared off. The wind
and the dust fogged. It
Geer first, W. II. Robins second
Display of peaches, Adam
George first, I. S. Geer second.
Display greatest variety pears,
I. S. Geer first, W. H. Robins
Display single variety peara, I.
S. Geer first Wm. Farre second.
Greatest varieties of plums, J.
L. Sitz first, W. H. Robins sec
ond. Greatest variety of prunes, W.
II. Robins first J. L. Sitz second
Single variety of prunes, Wm.
Farre first.
Watermelons and citron, Myron
Blackmer, first.
Potatoes, Elbert Johnson first
Myron Blackmer second.
Squash, Charles Foley first
Potatoes, James Varien first
Cabbage, James Varien first
Onions. James Varien first
General exhibit of grain and
grasses, Ray Jennings, first
Beets, special. Wilbcr Gray
Embroidcricd pillow cases, Mrs.
Maggio Hilton first, Mrs. S. R.
Hughes second.
Embroidcricd doily, Mrs. Itohn
first, Mrs. S. R. Hughes second.
Embroidcricd child dress, Mrs.
Ralph Beery first, Mrs. S. R.
Hughes second.
Crochot work, Mrs. Win Gow
an first, Mrs. P. C. Peterson
Worked toilet cushion Mrs.
Rohn first, Miss Ida Baker second.
Dresser scarf, Mrs. M. Hilton
first, Miss Dorn Edwards second.
Tatting, Mrs. A. W. Gownn
first, Mrs. Terrill second.
Eyelot Embroidery, Mrs. P.
C. Peterson first, Mrs Terrill second.
Specimens homstitching, Mrs.
ViviunGray first, Fonnio Kester-
son second.
Embroidcricd waist, Claro
Swain first, MrH. Julian Byrd
Homemade rugs, Mrs. Nat
Hcnney first and second.
Potato yeast bread, Mrs. Geo.
Cobb first, Mrs J, C. Foloy bcc
ond. Assorted cakes. Mrs. Geo.
Cobb 1st, Mrs. LoMay second.
Mrs. R: W. Hibbard first, Mrs.
Vivian Gray second.
Assorted jellies, Mrs. LoMay
first, Mrs. McIIoso second,
Preserves, Mrs. J. C. Foley
first, Mrs. Vivian Gray second.
Pickles. Mrs. V. Gray first
Canned fruit, Miss Cecil Rob
ins first, Mrs. Androw Irwin,
Display iot plants, Mrs. Belle
Osborne first
Basket of flowers, Mrs. J. L,
Guult first, Mrs. Marion Hoddcr
Exhibition swectpcas, Mrs. J.
II. Sheppard first, Mrs. J. L.
Gault second.
Grand Officer Coming.
Worthy Grand Matron Maggio
Haytcr of tho Eastern Slur is ex
pected to visit the local chapter
on next Monday evening and the
members aro asked to bo present
It Is also desired to have as mnnv
tv. nmliAWM .in NtnnlllA imams..! .1 i .. '
special meeting called for tomor
row afternoon nt 2 o'clock when
final arrangements will bo made
to meet the Worthy Grand
Chronic Dytpepit.
Tho following unsolicited testi
monial should certainly bo suffi
cient to givo hopo and courago to
persons afflicted withchronic dys
pepsia: "I have been a chronic
dyspeptic for year, and of all tho
medicino I have taken, Chamber
Iain's Tablets have dono mo mora
good than anything olso," Bays
W. G. Mattison, No. 7 Sherman
St. Hornollsville, N. Y. Sold by
all dealers.
Browns Satisfactory Store
Shoes For School
Choice of Tan, Calf nntl Gun Metal
and Patent, heavy good wearers for
school girls and boys.
School Hosiery
Childrcns School Hose. Fine Rib
bed School Hose, and made for hard
wear. All sizes for children.
EsTitAY One Borrel horse with
strip in face, whito hind feet and
saddlo marks, branded cross on
right Btiflo and horso shoo with
bar under on jaw; one bay horse,
saddlo marked, Btar in face brand
ed cross with reverse S on left
stifle; one chestnut horse, star in
face, snip on nose, blotch brand
on left leg, came to my place
Sept 1. Ownor may have them
by paying pasturo and cost of
this ad.
J. H. Anderson,
Drowscy, Oregon,
Here Next
lbs roll butter,
Two lbs roll butter, packed,
Mrs. II. Dixon first, Mrs. G. 0.
Hendricks second.
Fresh butter, C. P. Lloyd first,
Mrs. II. Dixon second.
New cheese, Mrs. J. II. Jcn
ings first, Mrs G. 0. Hendricks,
as quite a disappointment to
,the large number of people who
'had come in from a distance for
the first time to seo the fair.
vThe pavilion was kept opon and
'many went out to see the exhib
its anyway,
Prof. H. D. Scudder. L. R.
'TlroitViniinr nnil -I;iv (. .noiv
' were the judges of products in
. the pavilion and they spent most
all day yesterday making tho
awards. Dan Varien won tho
Great Northern silver cup, al
though Ralph Hibbard, J. L. Sitz
.and I. S. Geer were close conlen
dera. Tho awards on irrigated
Greatest variety apples, C. S.
Johnson first, J. L. Sitz second
Single variety apples, I. S.
Geer first, Jeff Cawlfield second.
Display crab apples, I. S. Geer
first, Mrs. A. Venator second.
Peaches, I. S. Geer first, Mrs.
A. Venator second.
Greatest variety pears, I. S.
Geer first J. L. Sitz second.
Single variety pears, C. S.
Johnson, first. Sam King, second.
Greatest variety plums, C. S.
Johnson first, I. S. Geer second.
Single variety plums, C. S.
Johnson first, I. S. Geer second.
Single variety plums, C. S.
Johnson first, Adam George sec
ond. Greatest variety of prunes C.
S. Johnson first, Adam George
Greatest variety of onions, I).
N. Varien first, J. L. Sitz second.
Landscape paintings, Mrs. Geo.
Cobb first, Mrs. Vivian Gray sec
ond. Marine, painting, Mrs. V. Gray
Oil painting on satin, Mrs. H.
Reed first, Miss Henrietta Rich
ardson second.
Odd collections, John IIoss
first, M. II. Brcnton second.
Pastelle painting, Mrs. Geo.
Cobb first and second.
Kathleen Jordan first,
The Annual Institute for tho
teachers of this county will bo
held in this city beginning next
Monday morning. Supt Hamil
ton has secured some exceptional
talent in the way of instructors
for the meeting and it is certain
to bo a most profitable one.
Supt. Hamilton has arranged
for two good evening sessions
for the week. Monday evening
State Supt Alderman will speak
and on Tuseday evening Dr. A.
E. Winship of Boston will lec
ture. Special music has been
arranged for the evening meet
ings. On Monday evening Mr.
A. N. Beadles will sing a solo
and on Tuesday evening a quar
tet with Mrs. Farre, Mrs. Mc
Hosc, Ludwig Johnson and A. N.
Beadles. Tho pcoplo of this city
are urged to attend not only the
evening sessions but also the day
sessions of the institute.
For Sale Wood or posts in
tho timber, or hero in town.
Lcnvo orders at Lunaburg, Dal
ton Co. or Schwartz's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Frank Jackson.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advance numbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. We can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
We can please and fit you both. Call
and get yours from the latest line.
School Suits
For Young Boys and Men at all
ages from G to 15 years. Heavy
for winter and a small price attached.
Boys Winter Wear
A Fine and Warm Line of Winter
Underwear and Ovcrshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of latest
Sweater Coats at Rockbottom Prices.
Umtkd ftiATiljiKiiOrric,
Ilium, Oifion, t.e.tcmlr U, ll 1
NulUc I. lieretirliilliIJmeiM. Giitmii.
nflUmejr. artiou. whu uu Julr,'. IMA, awl
llmnr'tr..! iCuityNu ua, lot 6f ny.l(
N! HVt HtrUuu 2. Tuwlilblp M . Ituiga
A .1V... .... I.I i . I rt I...I ...ill. .f
ailtr... ii iimmoin,i"i,i"t '- -. ,.,. ,
i. ..".... L . 1. ..... ..null I.. b.I,Ii I
iiiieiiuuii i" i uiivy-j-'. ri. .-;- i
lltlt rUlm lullia UihI nlxnu nr.crlUMl, iKifaro I
Hie ItrccWitr. l liurin. OrrKUII, i
mi Hi '"Hi !r ( l)cliikr, IVI2,
ClulUlalll nlncii Wliuruaai I
(I.I. Iluclnimn, J, II. l-)'l. ttl ul lluoli
lun.Oirimi. ' II. IUlf. J. fliowu.bulli
ut lUriivr. OlPiiUU, I
Wm. Kjiikk. Knitter
Dave Craddock was down from
Silvics Wednesday.
Singlo variety of onions, I. M.
Davis, first, I. S. Geer second.
Turnips, D. N. Varien first
Ralph Hibbard second.
Beets, Ralph Hibbard first, I.
S. Geer second.
Sugar beets, D. N. Varien
first, Ralph Hibbard second.
Potatoes, greatest variety, D.
N. Varien first, Ralph Hibbard
Single variety potatoes, Ralph
Hibbard first and second.
Tomatoes, J. L. Sltz first, W.
T. VanderVeer second.
Cabbage, Wm. Farre first D
'1. afjiMuuiui.Li' "'
Meriam McConnell second.
Darning. Agnes Foley first.
Aprons, Rcgina Schwartz first,
Hazel Owsley second.
Fancy towels, Agnes Foley
first, Kathrine Farre "second,
Charles Welcome third.
Hemstitching, Jennie Cook
Handkerchiefs, Jennie Cook
first, Laura Thornburg second.
Canned fruit, Ilda Hayes first,
Agnes Foloy second.
Jellies, Ilda Hayes first Hazel
Hibbard second.
Pillow tops, Charles Gowan
first, Ilda Hayes second.
Swectpcas, Tressa Foley first.
Sofa cushion, Mrs. L. R. Breit
haupt first and second.
Quilt, special, Mrs. C. S. John
son llrst, Mrs. w. II. HoucJcr
Piano scarfs, special, Mrs. S.
R. Hughes first, Mrs. J. W. Van
derpool second.
Hardenger lace, Mrs. E. J,
Catlow first, Mrs. Rohn second,
Crosstitcli, Mrs. Rohn first,
Mrs C. S. Johnson second.
Embroidcricd center piece, Mrs.
A. M. Byrd, first, Mrs. Maggio
Hilton second.
Irish Crochet, Mrs, May Howe
first, Mrs E. J. Catlow.
Battenberg, Mrs. Maggio Hil
ton first, Mrs. Wm. Borg Bccond
Embroidoried lunch cloth, Mrs.
J. W. BiggB first, Mrs. J. Byrd
Drawnwork tea cloth, Miss
A Murvcloui Etctp.
"My little boy had a marvelous
escape," writes P. F. Bastlams
of Prince Albert, Capo of Good
Hope. "It occurred in tho mid
dle of the night Ho got a very
severe attack of croup. As luck
would have it I had a large bot
tle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in tho house. After fol
lowing tho directions for an hour
and twenty minutes ho was thru
all danger." Sold by all dealors.
The sworn statements of Life
Insurance Companies on file at
the Stato Insurance Department,
Salem, show that In 1909, 1910,
1911, Oregon Life tho Only Life
Insuranco Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold more policies in
Oregon than any other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its provious records.
E. C. Eggleston,
35 4. Agent.
Buy n Farm and make it
pay for itself. Tho choico farm
ing InndB of Harney County.
For salo on small payment and
ten years time at 4 per cent in
terest Tho lands of tho Harney
Valloy Improvement Company
aro on tho market on theso terms
without reservation. First ap
plicant gets his choico. 37
rSend Your
Orders For
Lumber, Lath,
Cedar Shingles,
Hardwood Plaster,
Portland Cement,
Lump Lime, Etc.
waEaKBHES TO rmww 1 1 f "'Bai
Overturf , Davis, Miller Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 30 Mill Phone 48
We have a large stock of the above
and can make quick deliveries to the
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
Welcome Pharmacy
Ice Cream, Candy, Confectionery,
" Soda Water, Cigars, Tobacco,
Toilet Articles, Rubber
Goods And Drugs
' ' " - -" ' i i
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Try Us Out
J C. WELCOME, Jr. Prop.
Low Fares West. Fall Colonist
Period, Daily Until Oct. 10.
To AH Central Oregon Points On
Chicago . $38.00 St Paul - $30.00
Cincinnatti - .12.85 Kansas City - 30.00
Milwaukee - 3G.70 Omaha - 30.00
St. Louis - 37.00 Des Moines - 32.83
New York - 55.00 Indianapolis - .1.C0
Detriot - -13.00 Denver - 30.00
iMmiiHirr Trrr" n i 7TH" rr ; n
Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that
thoro are Rudicient funds in tho
county treasury to redeem all
Harney County warrants rear a-
tered prior and up to November
7, 11)11. Intcrcstwillccaso on all
such warrants Scptembor 11,1012.
Simon Lewis,
Treasurer Harney County.
lliirnt, OiCfun,HoUMtrM, m'i.
Nullceli lierulijr Blvon llit tleotf W, Daii,
nl Uwm, Oregon, wlio, on iUylo. K7, maU
homciUKlentrjr No, JU7, HerUI No, OHM. lot
HKU, 4emlori l'), TuwiKbliiyt H JUoi ml K..
WIIUmHIeMiTMIsn.liiinteiluollc.of la)o'
Hun tu umku riiml Clvo-Ycur l'roof, to
Ubllili rlnlni to tit. Ubd Uiv deiorlbed,
foro tho Kvulitu .lid Itfec.lver. .t liiirm. fr.
(on uu lliuimlnUy ol October, IVU
CUIinnul litincl.l wliuimi
I'etar Urfor, V ii, Auimiu, llarrr Crr, Hob
art HiirWlinntt, all ol I nmn, Oreyon. '
New Goods? New System?
Low Prices!
Having cut out the long credit
system, we are prepared to give
E rices which will pay you to buy at
ome. Remember, when you buy
at home you create a market for
what you have to sell, no matter
what it consists of, whether it be
farm products, labor or legal ad
vise, you don't help your own com
munity, when you go outside to
trade; you don't help the farmers
when you buy outside flour. Last
'year many people sent away and
went outside to trade. What is the
result? The wheels' of industry
have been idle, no building, no bus
iness, no work, no market. Heavy
crops are being harvested and still
a large portion of the old crop is
on hand It is now time for the
people to get together if they want
prosperity at home. Trade at our
place if you can if not trade with
our competitor; but Trade at Home
urns Department Store
From Other Eastern Points In Proportion
Tell your friends in the Must of this opportunity of moving
West at low rates. Direct train service via Burlington Route,
Northern Pacific, Croat Northern, "North Bank," and Oregon
Trunk Railways Details will be furnished on request
A Book About Oregon
A fifty page illustrated book describing tho districts of Cen
tral Oregon will bo forwarded to you or your friends if you will
write W. E. Coman,. General Freight Agent, Oregon Trunk Ry.,
Details of schedules, fares, etc., will be furnished on request
W. E. COA1AN, General Freight and Passenger Agt.
The Gotziaun Shoe
for women
lit Kvcry Pair
Call and see tho Latest Styles
Just Received
General Merchandise
v c
'. eJ9i
VI o
1 f k
j' EC Ii
i ro -mfA
c iKnt
Piano for salo or trade for cat-, Fresh homo mndo lard 17c. at
tie or good gentlo work horses. Upson's Meat Market.
Inquire of W. V. Drinkwater, of
Burns. ' Any court would grant n di-
vnvprt in tlin immnn ii'linon lmo-
I Tho Cottage Inn serves an ox- i,n,i rnfllnn,i tft j.,,,. t,-
'collont chicken dinner for 35c a'l refused to buy her one of
, every Sunday afternoon f rom , thoso firo,CS3 cockers nt eleven-
- ' "" r