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Shooting Tournnmcnt Oct. 5.
The local Hod nml Gun Club
has received acceptances of their
invitation to some outside clubs
to como here fair week for n
shooting tournnmcnt to be fol
lowed by a duck hunt and jianie
supper. There are at least two
clubs who will send members to
to tho shoot and possibly moVe.
The new trap recently ordered
has been received, that is por
tions of it and the boys are an
xious to set it up and try it as it
is different from tho one they
have been using.
The date for the tournament
has been set for next Saturday
at 8 o'clock in the morning. It
will bo held just over the grade
where tho old trap was situated
as it has been found impossible
to get the base ball grounds and
while the fair grounds are avail
able without is thought
the bombardment will make the
stock quartered there nervous
and interfere with the general
program and work at the grounds
Seats will be provided at the
place of shooting and the grounds
made as comfortable as possible
for those who desire to take part
or witness the contests. The
program follews:
Event 1. 10 Singles, $10 add
ed, entrance $1.00. Event 2.
15 singles, $15 added, entrance
$1.50. Event 3, 15 singles. $15
added, entrance $1.50. Event !,
20 singles, $20 added, entrance
$2.00. Event 5, 25 target, team
shoot, five men in a squad, en
trance per team $10.00. Event
6, consolation, contestants must
have participated in the previous
events, 20 singles, $20 added,
entrance $2.00 Event?, 10 pairs
doubles, $10 added, entrance
Prizes For Little Sewers
Leap Year Ball By
High School Girls.
Sunday School Convention
The first Sunday school con
vention ever held in Harney
county came to a close last Sun
day evening at tho Presbyterian
church in this city. A county
association was formed and hence
fortli annual conventions will be
held. It was a decided success
in every particular and was at
tended by several delegates from
various Sunday Schools in this
county. Rev. C. A. Phipps of
I'ortianci was nere tor the pur
pose of organizing the associa
tion and proved a most interest
ing man. He gave some of tho
best sermons ever heard from a
pulpit in this city and was a
most interesting speaker. He
certainly understood the boy
sees fit in special prizes for the question and would be a very
little needle workers of Harney valuable man in any community
county. She has not yet com-' in this respect as well as other
Christian work. This was his
first visit to this section and
should he come again it will bo
necessary to have that new
church contemplated to accomo
date those who want to go and
hear him preach.
Tho young ladies of the senior
class of the high school have nr
ranged togivo n lonp year ball at
Tonawanm during court week,
October 8. This is during
tho teachers' instituto too, and
wo presume it is intended as a
compliment to tho lady teachers
of tho county who will bo in nt
tPiulance. It is very thoughtful
of tho high school girls and wil'
surely bo appreciated by tho
teachers, especially if any of
them are wanting to tako advan
tage of leap year as it will soon
come to a close.
Tho girls have arranged,
through generous smiles and
other arts of persuasion, togivo
supper in the hall. This lias been
against tho policy of tho man
agement of Tonnwnma as it caus
es considerable work to get tho
scenery placed out of tho way of
damage on the stage to get room
for such service, but tho manage
ment has a weakness for tho high
school students especially tho
girls therefore acceded to their
wish but don't want it to be
a precedent Tho stage mana
ger is very particular about his
housekeeping and cannot always
be in the humor to make such
The dance will follow tho pic
ture show, only one show being
given on that night, therefore
tho dance may begin as early in
tho evening as is usual. They
are going to have lady floor
managers and gentleman arc
going to bo admitted free that's
once the boys are going to hnve
the best of it.
(Concluded From l'lral I'ngc)
Mrs. Chas Rohn, who has
charge of the needle work and
kindred department at the fair
next week, has been provided
with $20 to be distributed as she
pleted her list as it is not known
just what this will cover, but the
little girls who have been doing
needle work are requested to
bring it in and they will receive
consideration. This is in addi
tion to the regular prizes provid
ed in the .premium list for school
children. The printed list was
suggested by the State Superin
tendent of schools and the County
Superintendent and does not
cover such work as completely
as was desired, therefore at the
request of Mrs. Rohn this spec
ial fund has been provided
Gorrie-Withers Nuptials
I On Wednesday, September 4th,
1912, at 3 o'clock p. m. occurred
the wedding of Harry A. With-
' ers and Miss Christiana Gorrie,
the ceremony being performed
at the Bantist narsonacn in Kn
ottier special prizes are going Kene by Rev. II. W. Davis. The
to be awarded during the fair of Kroom operates a ranch a few
such nature as the exhibits just- miles east of this city and is an
ify. It is impossible to cover industrious and highly respected
the entire field of such work yoUng man. The bride is the
when making up a premium list j eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
and for that reason privileges n I. Gorrie and has irrown from
are given to cover any
gency that may arise.
High School Teachers Here
Jay C, Leedy and Miss Zoa Ir
win, the new teachers in agricul
ture and domestic science for the
high school, arrived here last
Saturday and will assume their
places in the school as soon as
the necessary equipment can be
installed for the added branches.
This ha3 caused some changes in
the former routine work and
more or less confusion which will
be adjusted the coming week.
A very interesting meeting of
the teachers, student body, high
Bchool board and several others
was held Monday, at which a
general discussion of the courses
and school system was gone over.
An account of this meeting ap
pears elsewhere.
childhood in this vicinity. She
is a young lady of exceptional
high qualities and is held in high
esteem by a legion of friends.
The young people departed on
the afternoon train for Salem to
attend the fair and will go on to
Portland before returning here
to reside on the groom's ranch.
The News joins the hosts of
friends in wishing the happy
couple a long and prosperous
wedded life. Springfield News.
Suggest Suspension Of
Threshing to Attend Fair
The Times-Herald is informed
that several farmers in tho vicin
ity of Harney particularly, and
no doubt in other parts of tho
county, desire to attend the fair
next week for a day or two at
leaBt, but are handicanped by
threshing. It was suggested
that tho threshers suspend work
for at least two days during next
week and all go to tho fair. So
long as the weather is good they
could not put in two days more
profitable to themselves and all
concerned. Better do that.
Commends Gov.'s Action
Whereas, the Honorable Gov
crnor, Oswald West, of the state
of Oregon has seen fit in the ex
ecution of his official duties, to
further the cause of Christian
work, by his efforts to clean up
Oregon; by raising its moral
standard; in removing incompe
tent officials and replacing them
with men who will do their duty,
by stopping tho illegal traffic of
liquor and by causing many
other much needed reforms.
Be it resolved that tho Harney
County Sunday School Associa
tion go on record as heartily ap
proving of his course and pledg
ing ourselves to support him in
every way possible. Signed,
Mrs. L. E. Reed, Chairman,
Mrs. F. E. Nutley,
Miss Heleno Swain,
Miss Hazel Cobb.
from tho wuno source. Local
business men might profit by tho
example and Mws make tho fair
more attractive.
Tho fair board works without
compensation and neglect their
private business to mnko it go.
Tho amount of revenue is limit
ed and it take considuiablo schem
ing to make both ends meet, but
it always comes out somehow,
although frequently at tho ex
pense and inconvenience of mem
bers of tho board and the sacri
fice of friendships in somo in
stances. Tho business men of
Burns arc tho only ones to receive
any direct benefits from holding
of tho fair and they should give
tho board active support. They
should tako a greater interest in
its affairs and help in every way
possible to make it attractive and
profitable to tho farmers and visi
tors. There nro mnny demands
on the association that are unex
pected expense that has not
been calculated each season and
it is hard (o meet its obligations
from time to time. It should be
given hearty support by all good
citizens. What donations and
appropriations that aro received
by tho Association are for a spe
cific purposo and do not help in
tho general expenso of tho fair.
The only source of revenue with
out a string to it is from the gnto
receipts and the field is limited
in that respect, there being but
few people in Harney county
and fewer who attend the fair,
such improvements as aro made
and expenso incurred hnye to bo
kept within the revenue received.
During the past seven yenrs,
or rather six years this being the
seventh year of the Association,
no other factor has done more
toward the upbuilding of tho
country or stimulated the farm
ing and stockraising industries
than tho fair, yet it has not re
ceived tho consideration that it
merits. It hns not been given
credit for what it has accomplish
ed, but that other sources have
been given the praise and re
ceived the plaudis that rightfully
belongs to tho fair. This is in
tho way of explanation. The
board has worked faithfully each
year and asked no compensation
for the personal service of the
members in fact not ono of them
would do the work for n money
consideration. It is a purely
charitable undertaking that they
feel is duo the country and that
someone must do. It would be
an impossibility to pay for all
tho work attached to the holding
of these annual fairs, for the
source of revenue would not justi
fy it
The farmer who takes an in
terest in the fair and brings in
his exhibits is doing his part nnd
they are the ones who should be
given some credit for enterprise
and sacrifice They also profit
by the fair in that it gives them
new ideas, new standards of per
fection to work for. The school
children are given a part in the
fair this season that should be
made permanent. It is an edu
cation to them and brings before
them practical matters that will
result in lasting benefit.
The heading to this article is
rather misleading respecting the
band. Later information is to
the effect that tho Association
and band have not agreed on
Satisfied customers and an in
creasing business speak for them
selves - W. B. Shelley, tho har
ness and saddle man.
Home Ball Team
Takes First Honors
The opening game of a scries
of three, between the looal ball
team and Sumptcr was played
yesterday afternoon and witness
ed by a large crowd Up until
the seventh inning it was a fino
exhibition but from that timo on
several errors were made nnd
the home team rolled up a good
many scores, tho final being 8 to
3 in favor of Burns. Another
gamo will bo played this after
noon and the finnl gamo tomor
row afternoon. Owing to lack
of Bpaco, Tho Times-Herald is
unable to give the gamo of yes
terday in detail.
Tho Sumptcr boys Beem to bo
a fino bunch of good nntured fel
lows and a dance vvns given at
Tonawama in their honor last
evening. They proposo to show
tho homo boys a different gamo
this afternoon they state.
Tho lino up was;
Report Of Tho Harney
County High School
The following report of a moot
ing nt tho Harney County High
schoo ins been handed in:
Everyono present enjoyed nn
interesting time nt tho high school
Monday morning. Tho work in
Agriculture and Domestic Art
was munched, All tho members
of tho school board were nrcsont.
also Mr. Hanley and a number of
citizens oi Burns who nro inter
ested in tho hhrh school.
Mr. Jokisch spokcbricfly about
tho now movement in education
and introduced Mr. Ilnnloy as
tho ono to whom wo aro especi
ally indebted for tho now courses
in our high school.
Mr. Hanley responded in his
usual forceful nnd convincing
manner, dwelling especially upon
"Educntion for Efllcioncy."
Sunt. Hamilton in an inspiring
talk called attention to tho fact
that tho now work in tho High
school will surely mnrk nn epoch
in tho History of Hnrnay County.
Ho also admonished tho students
to make tho very best uso of their
timo and to appreciate tho splen
did opportunity they hnvo to got
a practical education.
Judge Thompson in a fow well
chosen remarks impressed upon
tho students tho necessity for
earnest and conscientious work
in order to attain tho grcntcst
Mr. Geer amused tho nudienco
with reminiscences of his school
days and declared his intention to
"break into" both of tho now
courses if he could.
Mr. Sizcmoro spoko concern
ing a now building for tho high
school nnd maintained that an
ndequato building could bo erect
ed for considerable less than
some of the estimates that had
been given.
Mr. Leedy the teachor of Agri
culture and Miss Irwin teacher of
Domestic Art were then introduc
ed to tho students. Thoy briefly
outlined their work nntf mndo a
very favorable impression on
The board and teachers then
had a meeting in which tho work
nnd plans for the year were fully
Judge Thompson spoke of the
fact that tho enrollment would
be larger if parents throughout
the county did not find it bo
difficult to find suitable homes
for their children here. The
members of tho Board feel that
a suitable homo ought to be
provided for all students who
como hero without their parents.
The conduct of students, out
side of school hours, was discuss
ed and tho tenchers recognized
their responsibility and were
willing to assumo their share of
of it.
It would be hard to find a more
enrnest company of young people
than is now enrolled in our high
school. Many hnve begged for
tho privilege of taking more than
tho required work, Every pupil
is planning his school work for
somo definite life work.
There arc classes in Latin nnd
German, in fact all the college
requirements are being taught
as they were before tho introduc
tion of the new courses.
English is the only subject that
every pupil is required to take,
All other subjects nre optional.
We nre informed that the
teachers will be pleased to have
visitors at any timo that tho
school work is in progress.
llurne, Uirin,HeLrabr24, mil
Sotlre ii licrdij siren that (lorr W. lxn,
il lftii,()tc(ii. who, on N.yIO, I'juT, mJe
homnli'til ctilrj No W)l. Kciltl No (t&4, for
Hh'i.occllon&l. TowlnhlpMh, Hung. MM B ,
tt llUirutlo Merl'lUn, liu fllr.l nolle of Iqtcn
lion In tnuku Kln.l Kilo Vrnr Proof, to ei
tab Ulirl.lm lo Ilia (ami atme docrllMMl, t
lore III Keif Ltd' nuil Itrrelvar. .1 llornl. Ufa.
Itoit on Ilia .'Hlh ilar oi Octolxr, lull
i laimani naiiita ai wnnrttfi
1-Ltar Urlrr. f II Annum. Harrr f.afr. Hob.
til liurkhatdt, allot l-aweii Ortfon
Uu Flam, luglilcr
The Bworn statements of Life
Insurance Companies on filo at
tho SUite Insurance Department,
Snlem, show that In 1909. 1910,
1911, Oregon Life tho Only Life
Insurance Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold more policies In
Oregon than any other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing nil its previous records.
35 Agent
Buy a Farm and mnko it
pay for itself. Tho choice farm
ing lands of Hnrnoy County.
For sale on small payment and
ten years time at 4 per cent in
terest Tho lands of tho Harney
Valley Improvement Company
aro on tho market on those terms
without reservation, rirst np
plicant gets his choice. HI
Vulcanizing at Gombcrling's,
Wm. Catterson was in town
this week.
Adam Gcorgo was in tho city
this wcok. i
Tho weather of tho past week
has boon ordered continued
through fair.
Paul Blumo was down from
tho mountain homo of Paul Finkc
tho first of this week.
Roy Bunyard and Starr Buck
lnnd were In tho city from Hnr
noy tho foro part of tho week.
Lack of Bpaco prevents tho pub
lication of tho program for Rally
Day tomorrow morning at tho
Presbyterian church.
'Mrs. H. C. Lovcns and Mrs.
A. C. Welcome left last Sunday
for Portland and other points on
a short vacation trip. Thoy will
remain out an indefinite time.
For Sale Wood or posts in
tho timber, or hore in town.
Lcayo' orders at Lunnburg, Dal
ton Co. or Schwartz's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Frank Jackson.
Estray OnoBorrel horse with
strip in face, white hind feet and
saddle marks, branded cross on
right stifle and horse shoo with
bar under on jaw; ono bay horse,
saddlo marked, star in fnco brand
ed cross with reverse S on left
stifle; ono chestnut horse, star in
face, snip on nose, blotch brand
on left leg, came to my place
Sept 1. Owner may have them
by paying pasture and cost of
this ad.
J. H. Andkiihon,
DrowBcy, Oregon,
Browns Satisfactory Store
Shoes For School
Choice of Tan, Calf nnd Gun Metal
and Patent, heavy good wearers for
school girls and boys.
School Hosiery
Childrcns School Hose. Fine
bed School Hose, and made for
wear. AH sizes for children.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advance numbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. We can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
Wc can please and fit you both. Call
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School Suits
For Young Boys and Men at all
ages from 6 to 15 yenrs. Heavy
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Boys Winter Wear
A Fine and Warm Line of Winter
Underwear and Ovcrshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of latest
Sweater Coats at Rockbottom- Prices.
llurnt, Urenou, hepttintar IS. IVU I
Notlrn In htrurlfenUialJaniM Mioii,
ol llarnrr, or.on, who on July S, IWM, inaoe entry Po urt, ful NJj MK1 Bcc a
Nt M(J, Mrtluu V . Tjiwiiihlti B . Ilanito
&V. ,Vlllamiillol'l'llaii,haaMcl nollioof
InUMIon In nuke llmr r , proof, to ;!
lull claim to tho laml aUiteilrai-llboJ, bfore
Iho ItrcolTer, al llurna, Oregon,
on His .'Mil ilar of October, lW
Claimant nainil aa wllnrtaait ....
tl.U llnrlianan.J. II. I-!'1, bolli of Until
anan.Orrion t' If fiavla, J W Hiuwn.boih
of Harney, orriton
nu, rKa. Kroner
Dave Crnddock was down from
Silvies Wednesday.
Send Your
Orders For
Cedar Shingles,
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Low Fares West. Fall Colonist
Period, Daily Until Oct. 10.
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From Other Eastern Points In Proportion -
Toll your friends in the East of this opportunity -of moving
West at low rates. Direct train service via Burlington Roiite,
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Trunk Railways Details will ho furnished on request
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Sumptcr Burns
I.ltlrell m fililllvait
Htfxldunl II) Voiiiik. l''ulkiiiir
Klnu : Mtulck
llrlluy lib Him.,1 N
Orovu if Mi'Pnrtci
Onvloy ilb Ittcd U
UliIlilurH rf Jametion
Hlatu ii Ouuld
I'otu If Ktliumann
Umpire, Allen Biggs; score
keeper, Chas. Ellis.
W. u. Ilnrris was among our
visitors from Nnrrows during tho
Call for Warrant).
Notico is hereby given that
there aro sufficient funds in tho
county trensury to redeem all
Hnrnoy county Wnrrnnts remB-
lercd prior and up to November
7, mil. interest will censo on nil
such warrants Soptombcr 11,1012.
Simon Lewis,
Treasurer Hurnoy County.
Mother of Eighteen Children.
"I nm the mother of eighteen
children nnd hnvo thonraisoof
doing more work than nny young
woman in my town," writes Mrs.
C. J. Martin, Boono Mill, Vn. "I
Huliurcd for five years with stom
ncha trouble nnd could not eat as
much as a biscuit without suffer
ing. I have taken three bottles
of Chamberlain's Tablets and am
now a well woman and weigh 168
pounds. I can cnt any tiling I
want and feel bolter than 1 havo
nt any timo in ten yenrs. I rofer
to nnyono in Boon Mill or vicinity
and tliey will vouch for what I
say." Chamborlain'a Tablets
nro for sale by nil dealors.
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vise, you don't help your own com
munity, when you go outside to
trade; you don't help the farmers
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year many people sent away and
went outside to trade. What is the
result? The wheels of industry
have been idle, no building, n'o bus
iness, no work, no market. Heavy
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a large portion of the old crop is
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