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Tho Biggest County In The Stnto
Of Oregon, Bent In Tho West
N0 4G.
I &, rB' H The Biggcit City In Tho Biggcit
' mjW m County In Tho Stnto Of Oregon V
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The Company Still In The Cattle Busi
ness And Needs Malheur and Har
ney Connty Ranches In Connection
Will Neither Sell Or Use Land
For Oil or Prospecting Purposes
J. Leroy Nickle, vice-president tho Red S. field near Burns. In
of the Pacific Livestock Co., J. fact he said it was not nn oil well
F. Clyne who is connected with at all and that his company was
the Miller & Lux interests, and not hunting for oil but for water
Superintendent Gilcrest of tho for its cattle.
P. L. S. Co., wen? Vale visitors "Tho drillers aro Roinsr down
on Wednesday morning for a for water" said Mr. Clyne
short visit while on their way "Tho company wants tho water
from Burns to Ontario where worse than oil right now and
they expected to take tho. train anyway I, and others, do not
for their homo in San Francisco think that any oil well will ever
says the Vale Enterprise. be found in tho hog where this
They were making an inspec- water well is being drilled,
tion trip of the company ranches When the oil samples from this
in Harney and Malheur counties well reached San Francisco we
and were driving a large six- all know that it was not the real
cylinder Peerless automobile of stuff but a greasy substance that
the latest type with all tho mod- is always found in bogs as in the
ern electric appliances. Red S. field."
This was Mr. Nickle's first "J do not say that there is no
visit over the company's ranches oil in this Eastern Oregon country
in this section and also his first for I believe that oil will be dis
visit to Vale. He was most covered some day somewhere
agreeably surprised and was al- around here, but I do mean that
so heard to say that Vale was it will never be found in such
not only a modern little city, but places as where the drillers sank
had the making of a great busi- this water well. Our company
ness center. is paying no attention to the oil
Mr. Clyne, who is the super- talk now. but is drilling down
intendent of a vast canal system i further for a better flow of
and construction work in Cali-I water." Supt Gilcrest also em
fornia for the Miller & Lux peo-' phasized the fact that tho Pacific
pie, the owners of the cattle Live Stock Company was still in
ranches of the Pacific Livestock the cattle business and expected
Company, also prophesied a great to continue and that their Mai
Can See The Governorship Better In
The Clear Air Of Harney County
So A Knowing One Says
Because a political boo is buz
zing in the hat of William Hanlcy,
tho sage of Burns, ho refused to
ncccpt the Republican nomina
tion for presidential elector, ac
cording to tho political prognosti
catora hero today from Portland.
It was declared that tho genial
Bill did not intend to offend the
regular republicans or tho now
Bull Moosers if he could avoid it
by staying on his thousands of
acres in the interior country.
This boo is said to bo making a
noiso like tho governorship, and
it is declared that Mr. Hnnley
has oxpections that tho political
wind will blow in his direction.
Whether ho hopes it will bo a
republican wind or a bull moose
wind is not known. Journal
Training Girls for Lifework.
The Best Exhibits For Many Years, Of
Grains, Grasses, Vegetables, Fruit
Unanimous Interest and Concentrated Effort
By All Interested Makes The Drewsey
Fair A Success In Every
Way Desired By All
Band To Play At Fair Every Day
future for this section. When
asked concerning the report that
had' recently been scattered
abroad that the Pacific Livestock
Company ranches in Malheur
county were to Ue subdivided and
sold, he replied that there was
no truth in the report as the com
pany needed all their ranches
for their immense cattle busi
ness. He did not seem to have much
to say in favor of tho oil well on
hour county ranches were need
ed. Mr. Gilcrest did not go as
strong as Mr. Clyne about tho oil
proposition and was of the belief
that the samples of oil taken
from the Red S. field were of the
finest quality.
"Of course," said Mr. Gilcrest
I am not saying that we have a
commercial oil well or that we
could strike oil in paying quanti
ties, but the oil that has seeped
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Centrally Located, Good Clean
Meals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
First Class Bar In Connection, dive Me A Call
I Can and Will Satisfy Your Wants
In The Harness and Saddle Line. My
Motto is "Right Prices and Best Quality"
and it will pay you to call and see me.
Special attention given to repair work,
Illssner Building Burns, Oregon
You're Iititved
To Visit
Rexal Drug Store
REED BROS. Props. -
& During The Fair Week
Here You'll Find &
Rexall's Renowned Remedies, Foley's Famous
Family Remedies, Cosmetics, and Toilet Articles, The
Latest Popular Books, Magizines and Periodicals,
Smokers Supplies, Talcum Powder and Perfumes,
Choice Confectionery, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Make This Store Your Headquarters
"A mother who trains her
daughter for a 'society bud' will
regret it in nfter years, and most
surely tho young lady herself
will regret it in her mature years;
but the mothers who trains and
teaches her datiglitor to become
a good mother and housewife
will later be loved respected and
venerated by that daughter, as
the latter herself reaps tho bene
fit of tho training and teaching
in after years," says an editorial
in a recent number of the Myr
tle Point Enterprise.
"The mothers of the country
should think about these things
much more than they do. and thus
do better work as truo homo
builders for future generations.
In her home one woman can do
far more for tho uplift of human
ity than did a thousand sufixag
etts in London who, in smashing
windows made only material for
sensational stories for tho yellow
journals of the world, or than
could a thousand Carrie Nations
with a thousand hatchets and a
thousand votes."
The Oregon Agricultural Col
lege does not pretend to educate
young women lor careers as
Carrie Nations and suftragctts,
but it does graduate each year
large classes of young women
prepared to administer efficiently
a wholesome, happy home, and
in a most economical way. The
department of domestic science
and art opened its class work
Tuesday morning, Sept. 21. The
domestic science work includes
courses in simple food prepare -tion,
more advanced cookery, in
valid diet and refreshments,
laundering, the serving of meals,
camp cookery, food for children,
house sanitation, household ad
ministration, home nursing, mar
keting, the study of home prob
lems, a course on the evolution
of the house which gives some
thing of tho history of lionn
making, and i-pcunl training in
the theory and practice of teach
ing domestic science for those
who wish to lake instructional
positions after leaving college.
In the domestic art department
tho sewing classes learning some
thing ot spinning and weaving
and the fundamentals of the art
and then learn to make under
wear, to darn and mend, to make
simple dresses and latet more
elaborate costumes, to embroider
and crochet garments and house
hold articles, to care for their
clothing, to draft patterns, to do
tailoring and designing, to mako
their own hats and trim them
they learn basketry and rug
weaving, stenciling and different
kinds of handwork; thoy study
houso construction and decora
tion; and aro given, if thoy de
sire, special training for teach
ing these branches.
Thus tho girl who has completed
tho four-year course in house
hold economics is well prepared
to establish and carry on a home
of her own, or to teach other
girls, in the schools and colleges
of tho state, tho renuisits of a
proper education for homo mak
ing. Despondency.
Is often caused by indigestion
and constipation, and quickly
disappears when Chamberlain's
Tablets aro taken. For sale by
Quite a delegation of local peo-
And Stock One Orchard Sends!';10 wnf rve: t0 D.rcW8 '
fore part of the week to attend
33 Varieties of Fruit Tonawamai1'10, ar ",ror,fr ,!ll0,n, hfmK
Smyth; the two new teachers of
the high school, Miss Irwin and
Mr. Leedy, L. It. Hroithaupt of
the Experiment Station. Sunt.
. a . .. . ...... . .. iz ... . .. I "
1 ho fair board is the nusiesc Colonization Co. will make dis- Hamilton, Win. Ilanley and sev-
bodv of people in this section plays at various places and ex- oral candidates for office.
just now go' ting things in readi-'pect to maintain an exhibit at. In conversation with some who
ness for the fair next week. A i several of their offices. This is attended thero was a irood niton-
considerablo amount of grains an important matter that means dunce at tho fair, tho exhibits
and grasses have been received much toward tho development of were exceptionally good and all
and men have been getting tho 'tho country and tho association took particular interest in the
The First Long Tunnel Will Sure Be
Reached This Fall By The Track
Layers And Present Indications
Point Towards The Arrival Of
The Road Early Next Summer
should have tho active co-operation
and support of the people.
The Fair Association is not a
private corporation for purpose
of making money for its stock-'
holders niB is supposed by some.
There is not a salaried officer con-
necled with the Association nor
enterprise. Tuesday night some
of the visitors gave farm talks
and Miss Irwin also talked 'on
her work. Every business house
in Drewsey closed for this meet
ing, including the saloons, and
the whole population turned out
to show theii' interest and ajjpre-
spccimcns in exhibition shape.
Tho pavilion has been relined
nnd fixed up so as to show these
products to a better advantage,
the stock stalls and pens have
been repaired and increased, as
well as other additional prepara
tions made. Tho exhibits aro
superior to any heretofore ''rought over has been since it was organ- ciation. Tho example should bo
in nnd will he better-that is jm. Not one of tho more than followed by all. Mako the best
be better displayed. Some of the 70 stockholders have over recei v-' of all these matters that aro for
grain has been damaged by tho Jed one cent in dividends from the the betterment of the farm nnd
over abundance of rain, causing, investment -ami with hardly an tho upbuilding of the country,
it to discolor, but aside from that exception do not expect it. They The manager of The Times
it is fine. 1 put their money into the enter- Herald desired very much to al
Tho fruit exhibit is going to be 'prise for the purpose of stiinulat- tend tho Drewsey fair for one
tho best ever seen at tho county ! ing the industries of Ilnrnoy day at least, but found his time
fair and people are going to be county and feel amply repaid for entirely taken up with the county
surprised at the fine fruit to be' the money already. The fair is fair, 0f which he is secretary,
seen. One orchard has asked 1 just becoming tho factor it was This fair is on a larger scale and
for reservation of titt boxes in 'intended to bo with the coming' requires considerable attention
which to display as many variet-of new people who take an inter-' nnd as the other members of thf
ies of fruit. This is only one est in the fair and know from fair board .ire fnrmeiv with but
there are other orchards that will what has been accom-
do ns well no doubt. The vege-' plished through such agencies in
other countries. Mr. L. W. Hill
of the Great Northern shows his
appreciation of such by his liber
al support. This year he has
Laying of steel on the"Orego,i
Eastern Railroad, building west
across the state from Vale, is
once more progressing. The
tracklayers are workinir with the
Operations at the tunnel are
progressing rapidly. It is one
third completed and will likely
be finished by next spring, when
the engineers in charge of the
big machine 15 miles west of this Oregon eastern construction work
city, and the Harper winter ter- state tracklaying will be resumed
minal, 15 miles further west, to mile post No. 80, near River
will be reached within a few side and close to tho Malheur
wceks, says a Vale dispatch in, Harney counry boundary line.
the Telegram.
The Harper ranch will be made
the terminal for the winter
Contractor Corey and his sub
contractors aro making the dirt
fly in tho Juntura and Riversfde
tables are going to bo fine loo.
It should be remembered that
these products arc to be a part
of the big display at outside
points. The fnir board has gath
ered sufficient to mako displays
one execution', and that excep
tion working for "Uncle Sam"
and has bis regular hours at his
office, much of the detail work
falls upon the secretary, there
fore he is about as busy as he
m .
has furnished another handsome Can i,t.. Tho office force has n
cup which is now in tho hands of "boss" at this time and has to
nttho Portland land show, the Lt" secretary. This is the fourth j8,ift for itsolf to a certain ex
tent and such will be the cne un
til the county fair is over.
Remember V. A. Goodman is
prepared to roll your barley, bale
hay and saw wood. l7
lik-show in Minnennolis. the ex- cup to be given by the Ureal
hibition trains of tho Great Northern for exhibits at the
Northern and several big real ' Harney county fair, besides a
esUite people will also use these "tow number of first and second
products to attract possible in- Vthe ribbons which is furnished
vestors. The Oregon &. Western , (Continued on Second Page)
IK ' HHhiteL. a -jHHRlHftr v?3i
months, because of its location country, SO miles west of this
in the Malheur Canyon. There city. ' Some of this work is said
to be the heaviest in the canyon,
as in many places the road bed
is being cut through the solid
rock. One of the largest is a
'15-foot cut through the rocky
formation on the Cox place near
Riverside, where tho Corey head
quarters are being maintained.
Just below Riverside, within u
tho pass widens into a small val
ley and sidetracks and ware
houses may be built to receive
the supplies the work trains will
haul for the grading camps.
Thi-i will eliminate the heavy
freighting by wagons for a dis
tance of about HO miles over al
most impassable roads through
tli't winter months. The road 'short distance, three large steel
bed is completed several miles
further west, as far as the big
2000-foot tunnel at mile post No.
3!). but the canyon is so narrow
bridges over 50 feet high, will be
built. There will be 23 steel
bridges in the Malheur Canyon
when the line is completed. Sov
iet that point there is only room oral of these up to mile post 39,
for one track. are finished.
Money Founel Under Pillow
Thomas Ilutton a prominent
stockman of Wagontire Moun
tain was in Lnkeview Tuesday.
Mr. Ilutton from his own ac
knowledgement is one man who
has all tho money he needs and
which is proven by his coming
from his place to Lakeview to
deliver a putbo he found the
overling before to Mr. Lonzway
of the Colorado Cafe. Mrs.
Lonzwny's brother Ahlstrom, had
started Sunday morning on his
motorcycle to visit relatives in
Malheur, Oregon. He stopped
all nifeht at Wagontire Mountain
and on going to bed placed his
wallet containing $35.00 in bills
under the pillow, which he for
got the next morning.
The following night Mr. Hut
Ion upon retiring in the same
bed discovered the purse. Be
sides having printed on it the
owners name and address, the
purse contained a Modern Wood
man's receipt and the bills men
tioned. These identifications
were sufficient and Mr. Hutton
hastened to Lakeview to deliver
his find to Mr. Lonzway. Lake
view Herald.
Jf,H v i? WLKUI, rop.
.-.Irictly First
ervtco, Fine
, mmerci 1
CI s. Splendid
- ample Room In Conncctio , K'e isoiuible Rates
e. sassxssensiiSMXssxamsssiisisBsfis
The University Of Oregon Correspondence School
Offr, fVes, Willi lli uxcep'ion of cost of postage on papers and cost
of Ilia University cx'tmtion Hullrtin, to Citizens ot Oregon, forty Univer
sity by m '- I. Abilit) '. profit by the courses selected is the only
rsqu'rrm n. fo o tvo'lment in the Corietpondence Department. Courses
are o'loreil in t'13 Jop.irtments of Botany, Debating, Economics. Education,
Eire i icily, Hill sh lu teraturc, lglish Composition, History, Mathematics,
Mcch ncal Drawing, Physical Education, IMiysics, Physiology, Sociology,
and Survey nj. Write to the Sacrclary uf the Correspondence School,
University of Oregon, Eugene, information nnd catalogue.
Courses i i Kei'd 'nee nt the University preparo for the Professions of
I'nghteerlnj, Journ ' l.iw Medicine and Teaching. Fall semester
opens Tuesday, So) i'tli. Ac''rs tho Registrar for catalogues descrip
tive uf tho Co"ugu of Engineer , the College of Liberal Arts, the Schools
uf F'MtKV'osi C i..m 'r;o, L-w, M d'iciiu und Mus.c.
'OIS...4WK -'dTSKiiZ&tJtezii.'iii. i .iHfl!a!aiSi
At Tonawnmn Theatre During Fair Week
rns Meat SSarket
II. .1.
HANSEN, Proprietor
Jlellable Citizen
Tlie -Inland
i iiiihiiin , i .jJAiefcrusaaMrtSaaBsasacfli
,. i.
1)1.1.1)1 I) I.AM)
Homestead Locations
Empire Realty Company
W, TrliKHTKI', MiiiWKur
Wu rcprueunt Unit which is rtietvil ami reliulilu, Wu liniullo nil
MihIh of Html Kntntu nmttiTB Wild your liuiil IIIIiik pa porn or
othor li'Kul lam! iiapt-mcorrcitly and ipili kl . Wli WANTYOl'H
1'IUi; INHI'UANCI! M'rUNEKH; ho ii'IiiokuiI Uo of tho utrniiKOHt
compjiiliii lit Amoricu Till: AKTNA .c 1IAKTKOHD CO'H.
,lnt your proporty wllli iih, fnrHiilunr tnnlo. IN VKHTKIATIi OWK
trout you, Aak our Clients. Cull ami wo iih
HO Acres Irrlyrilcil rimcli In Moist
Vitlley, to trade (or kooiI rniitli in
lliirney county, clctir of Inciiiiibcrniict
tinder KovcrmiieiU ditch.
Let Us llcnr Prom Ymi What Yon
llnve To Trade. We Trade Aiiythin,r,(
Anywhere, siiii t'h now
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton,
Hoadcheese and Weierworst, Etc.
Wholesale and Retail
Prompt and Satisfactory Service
Your Patronge Solicited and
Orders Given Quick Attention
all dealers,