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A Lack of Unity.
Wo nro nil working for a com
mon cause and each wants to do
his part toward tho upbuilding of
tho country and our little city,
yet wo nro working nt cross pur
poses to some extent. Ono man
Bays thcother fellow is not doing
tho right thing, although ho is
given credit for being sincere in
hie efforts. Wouldn't it bo bet
ter to all get together and dis
cuss matters and sco if we can't
settlo on some plan of action that
will meet general approval?
That's about tho only way to ac
complish nnything worth while.
Tho Times-Herald would bo in an
awful fix if it followed the advise
of all those who suggest for there
is a great difference of opinion.
Isn't it possible that tho business
interests of Burns can be more a
unit on matters for the public
good? Think this over and see
if wo are not just a little selfish
and not giving our neighbor cred
it for what he is doing. Talk it
over with him and then some
Tho matter of sewerage and
water, for instance, is a good
subject to discuss; the weeds that
are so unsightly and which nro
going to cause us trouble is an
other; the general condition of
the country with the prospects
of great change when the rail
roads come and our oil prospects
are no longer prospects but reali
ties. There are many things in
common that should be given attention.
Tho Fat Of The Land
Assessor Doncgnn and Clerk
Waters, accompanied by Mr.
Blodgot, n recent arrival from
South Dakota, nrrlvcd homo on
Wednesday last from a tour
of tho southern part of tho
county. Mr. Donegnn brought
in somo splendid specimens of
the products of that Bcction
which had boon sent to tho man
ager of this great religious week
ly, also somo for, tho fair. Somo
lino grasses and pears hnvo ar
rived from tho Alvord ranch of
Frank Clerf ; sqUash from tho J.
C. Bcntty farm nnd melons from
tho farm of A. H. Hollis. Tho
latter were sent to tho Times
Ilcrald man as well as a pumpkin
from Frank Clerf. Wo nro cer
tainly living on tho fat of tho
land sinco tho crops have begun
to mnturo and appreciate these
gifts, but want moro of such for
tho fnir. That's tho place wo
are going to ndvertiso tho re
sources of this big country nnd
there should bo suflicicnt speci
men of each to make a good
Products nro coming in for the
exhibition nnd somo of tho finest
samples of grain any country enn
prouueo nave ocen received as
well ns grasses and vegetables,
The latter should not bo brought
in so far ahead of tho exhibition
as they will wither, but they will
be given the best care possible,
Sunday School Rally Day
The Second Annual Rally Day
of the Presbyterian Sunday
School will be held next Sunday
morning at the regular Sunday
School hour, at which time a
suitable program will be render-! found sho had tunr hut owing
Some of tho finest grain received
has been damaged by tho over
supply of rain which has visited
us since it was cut and it has
discolored tho sheaves until it is
hard to get the best samples for
exhibition purposes.
Among other samples received
from a distance during tho week
is a load from tho Wavcrly sec
tion brought up by Mr. Brake
man and somo fino dry farm
specimen from tho Welcomeville
district brought in by James Reel.
Pioneer Lady Dead.
Mrs. Mary E. Haley died at
her home near the lake last Wed
nesday afternoon, September 18,
aged 77 years. She had been in
robust health up until last Janu
ary and this spring her physician
ed by members and friends of
the school and reports of the sev
eral departments will be given as
well as an appropriate address by
the pastor. A special Rally Day
offering will be taken for thede
velopment of the Sunday School
Preceding the Sunday observ
ance of Rally Day arrangements
have been made for the enter
tainment of the school and its
friends with two socials to be
held next Friday afternoon and
evening. The afternoon will be
devoted to the children of the
school at the church and. on the
church lawn; the childern will be
entertained with suitable games
and other features and they will
be served with refreshments; the
evening will be for the recep
tion and entertainment of the
larger members and adults of
the Bchool and their friends
there will be some music, enter
tainment and refreshments.
Miss Nina Wiseman has charge
of the entertainment for the
childred'8 party and Mrs. W. L.
Blott for the ajlults; Mrs. Geer,
Mrs. Gemberhng and Mrs. I.
Schwartz are providing the re
freshments for both socials; Mrs.
McHose and Mrs. Rohn are pre
paring the programs to be rend
ered for the several occasions in
connection with the observance
of Rally Day.
to her advanced age did not con
sider an operation advisable.
Mrs. Haley came to Harney Val
ley with her family in 1886 nnd
has resided here since. Her
husband died 19 years ago nnd
was buried at Baker. Sho was
married in Illinois and crossed
the plains in 1852 coming to Ore
gon but later they moved to Cali
fornia, living there from 18G7
until 1883 when they returned to
Monmouth, Polk county and from
that place here.
Mrs. Haley is survived by five
children, E. T. and Scott Haley
of this county, Mrs. Bart Cronin
of Ontario, Mrs. John Gardner
and Mrs. George L. Baker both
of whom reside in this county.
Deceased was highly respected by
the pioneer people of this county
who knew her. The funeral was
held in this city Thursday after
noon, services being conducted
by Rev. Dr. Babbidge of tho
Presbyterian church at the ceme
tery. Tho bereaved relatives
have tho sympathy of many
Newspapers Good Work
If .the people of any commun
ity were as loyal to the interests
of their community or town as
the newspapers, we are sure a
more congenial state of affairs
would result, and what a splen
did competition this country
would witness.
But they are not. Nor is any
considerable part of the people.
Nor are all the businessmen or
the farmers and ranchers. That
town succeeds just in propor
tion to the zeal with which its
leading citizens back up the
patriotism of its newspapers.
The true newspaper devotes
columns and pages of space to
boosting tho city in which it is
published. The most loyal and
devoted boosters of any city are
found in its newspaper offices.
There is a Bneering class of peo
ple in every city who, finding no
good in anything, decry the
.newspapers as mongers of sensa
tion and destroyers of character.
They demand the news, and
tho newspaper that is a faithful
mirror holds up to its readers the
reflection of their own doings,
if tho community is bad its nows-
paper will show it. and if it is
it good, Ml clu1 UJUiWlbU.
W. L. Best is over from Silver
Mrs. G. L. Hcmbrce is in tho
city from Riley.
OttoNystrom is up from his
farm near Princton.
J. II. Miller and P. J. Connolly
are over from Drewsey.
Brmg in your exhibits for tho
fair next week don't forget it.
Dr. Horton and S. M. Brown
spent the past week deer hunt
ing. Miss Helene Swain opened
school at Lawen last Monday
Tho weather is ideal for har
vesting and farmers are taking
advantage of it.
Tho usual picture program at
Tonawama this evening and to
morrow night,
R. A. Miller came in from tho
farm yesterday to bring his fam
ily in to reside during the school
Arthur Elliottt and wife leave
tomorrow for Idaho points where
ho has some contract work pend
ing. E. S. Fuller, a special agent of
the general land office with head
quarters in Portland is hero on
official business.
F. A. HedBtrom, formerly lo
cated at Fairbanks, Alaska, is in
tho city. Ho is looking for a lo
cation and iB quite favorablo im-
ftiuxa wMt uuiuiij urn i ni i
Ralph Beery was up from Sun
set Thursday.
II. N. Foss wna up from Ilnr
rimnn this week.
R. L. Hnss was registered at
the Burns Thursday.
J. B. Johnson, a civil e'ngincer,
is n recont nrrival from Spokane.
John Farrens was over from
his homo on Calamity this week.
Tho baso ball hoys gave a de
lightful dance at Tonnwamn last
Ben Brown, Archie McGownn
nnd Harry Smith nro buck from
their hunt in the mountains.
They secured a deer.
A "Merry-go-round" has just
boon set upon tho vacant lot back
of tho First National Bank nnd
tho little folks nro delighted.
Mrs. Geo. Sizemore, ngent, for
Victor Ladies' Tniloring Co, in
vites the Indies of Burns to call
and seo now fall and winter sam
ples." Tonawama pictures are pleas
ing a large number of patrons
nnd it is the intention of the
management to secure somo spe
cial features in the future that
will bo worth while.
Rev. C. A. Phipps, of Portland,
secretary of the Stato Sunday
School Association, is hero to
nttend tho convention of Sun
day schools which convenes this
morning nt the Presbytorinn
Judgo M. J. O'Connor, E. J.
Cntlow nnd II. W. McAllister
nre up from tho southern part of
tho county. Mr. McAllister
will leave at once for the cast
whero he will ngain take up his
Alex McDonald of the con
tracting firm of Hayles & Mc
Donald, .expects to leave tomor
row for St. Anthony whore the
firm is putting up n school build
ing. He has completed his con
tract on tho school building here.
Work is progressing at tho oil
well of the Central Oregon Oil &
Gns Co. and actual drilling will
begin in n short time. The big
derrick is completed and the
heavy machinery is being put in
place. People will watch this
work with interest.
Dr. P. A. Simmons, the Eye
Specialist of Boise, Idaho, who
makes regular trips to Burns will
be at the Burns Hotel for two
days only, Tuesday and Wednes
day, Sept. 2-ith and 25th. Dr.
Simmons has been making trips
to Burns for some time past and
has many patients who sneak
very highly of his work.
W. S. Clark, an old time friend
oi tiias. Wilson, is here on a
visit to the latter. Mr. Clark
and Mr. Wilson were in Alaskn
together and tho former enmo
here to see our oil prospects. Ho
is accompanied by his wifo and
they will go from hero to Califor
nia. Mr. Clark is quite favora
bly impressed with the oil pros
pects in this county. They nre
mnking tho trip in their auto.
The storo that sells for the
least margin and gives you the
most for your money, is the ono
that docs the most business of
course. The mnn that gets that
business is the ono that adver
tises, and tho man that advertis
es is tho one that understands
his business and wants your bus
iness. He deserves it, because
he is not afraid to . advertise his
goods and thereby builds up a
greater business.
Public School Opens Monday
Tho Bchool board has announc
ed definitely that tho public
school will open Monday without
fail. . Tho (urnituro has boon
loaded at Vale nnd is oxpected
hera today when n forco of men
will get busy nnd put it in place.
Thoro is every indication of a
much lnrger nttendnnco this year
thnn formerly ns mnny fnmilioB
hnvo moved to town to take ad
vantage of tho schools.
Tho contractors hnvo com
pleted tho building nnd it has
been turned over to tho board.
Somo of tho painting wns not
satisfactory wo undcrstnnd and
will have to bo dono over, but
this will not bo nllowed to inter
fere with tho opening of school
which lias nlrcndy been delayed
longer than was desired. By
this delay tho closing will bo
quito Into ns it is. All tho teachers
nro hero ready for tho opening
and with tho now furnituro
there will be nothing to interrupt
the schools from a most profita
ble yenr.
Has Fino Fruit This Year
Tho Times-Herald has received
a nice box of npples from tho
orchard of Mrs, Adam George
over on Rock Creek. Thrco var
ieties of npples were sent to this
ofilco nil the very bc3t of flavor,
nice color nnd good size. Mrs.
George writes thnt her trees aro
loaded this season. Ono of her
Crawford peach trees was so
loaded with fruit thnt it split in
two, one half now lying on tho
ground. Her nectarines nro im
menso nnd tho Bnrtlot and Flem
ish Benuty pears nro a full crop.
Mrs. George states thero will be
at least 200 Backs on her crab
applo trees.
Estkay- Ono sorrel horse with
strip in face, whito hind feet and
saddle marks, branded cross on
right stifle and horso shoo with
bar under on jnw;ono bay horse,
saddle marked, star in fnco brand
ed cross wjth reverso S on loft
stifle; one chestnut horse, star in
face, snip on nose, blotch brand
on loft log, came to my place
Sept. 1. Owner may hnvo them
by imying pasture and cost of
this ad.
J. II, Andeiison,
Drewsey, Oregon,
Caught Dad Cotd.
"Last winter my son caught n
very bad cold and tho wny he
coughed was something dread
fut." writes Mrs. Sarah E. Dun
can, of Tipton, Iowa. "We
thought-Buro ho was going into
consumption. Wo bought just
one bottlo of Chnmberlain'B
Cough Remedy nnd thnt ono bot
tle stopped his cough nnd cured
ilia cold completely." For sale
by all dealers.
Cattle Buyers Here.
Tho cattle markot scorns to be
on tho boom as several buyers
hnvo been in this county recently
nnd aro offering big prices. It is
unfortunate that so mnny young
cattlo have boon marketed in re
cont years as tho rango is almost
doplotcd. Howovor, this has
had ono beneficial effect as it has
allowed tho rango to recover from
being ovor grazed and now what
thero is loft is much better.
Tho settling of tho vast terri
tory within tho farming nren of
this intorior country has had its
effects on tho stock business nnd
tho old timo stock mnn thought
ho was put out of business en
tirely. Now men engaged in tho
business aro adjusting them
Bclves to tho conditions nnd booh
wo will bo raising as many cattle
ns ovor nnd getting better prices
for them.
Is often caused by indigestion
nnd constipation, nnd quickly
disappears when Chnmbcrlnln's
Tablets aro taken. For salo by
all dealers.
Bay a Farm and make it
pay for itself. Tho choice farm
ing lands of Harney County.
For salo on small payment and
ten years timo nt 4 per cent in
terest. Tho lands of tho Harney
Vnlloy Improvement Company
nro on tho market on these terms
without reservation. First ap
plicant gets his choice. 157
Browns Satisfactory Store
Shoes For School
Choice of Tan, Calf and Gun Metal
and Patent, heavy good wearers for
school girls and boys.
School Hosiery
Childrcns School Hose. Fine Rib
bed School Hose, and made for hard
wear. All sizes for children.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advance numbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. Wc can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
Wc can please and fit you both, Call
nnd get yours from the latest line.
School Suits ..
For Young Boys and. Men at all
ages from G to 15 years. Heavy
for winter and a small price attached.
Boys Winter Wear
A Fine and Warm Line of Winter
Underwear and Ovcrshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of latest
Sweater Coats at Rockbottom Prices.
Call for Warrant..
Notice is hereby given thnt
thero aro sufficient funds in the
county treasury to redeem all
Harney County Wnrrants regis
tered prior and up to November
7, 1911. Interest will censo on ull
such warrants September 11,1912.
Simon Lewis,
Treasurer Harney County.
The farmer who owns a farm
is tho particular person who is
well fixed. Banks may fail and
factories close, workman strike
and mines suspend, merchnnta
tail anu town burn, times may
be panicky and even crops may
bo short-but tho farmer who
owns his ncrcc will get along.
Ho will live in comfort and quiet
with plenty to cat, drink and
wear. He is the most independ
ent man on earth. Yet there aro
numbers of them who do not ap
preciate their situation.
A match race between "Wild
Cat" and "Sovcnty" was sched
uled for Thursday afternoon a
distance of three-quarters of a
mile. Tho horses sturted and
tho colt was riming fino in tho
lead but in coming around tho
first turn ho broke his nnklo of
tho hind foot, putting him out of
tho raco nnd mining him. "Wild
Cat" was n high bred horse nnd
a very promising one, belonging
to Joo Cavonder, Ho wns yet
untried so far as racing was con
cerned but had shown wonderful
speed and his owner confidently
expected n most successful ca
reer for him. It was unfortu
nate nnd u great disappointment
to his admirers and backers as
well as a financial loss to his
1 section, 640 acres, level un
improved sago brush land in
Harney Valley, ennbosubirrignt-
ed. 1(50 ncro tract, fenced, cood
house deep well nnd othcrwiso
improved. Prices mndetosuit in
tending sottlers. No speculators
need apply. Inquire at this office
Diarrhoea fljulcldy Cured.
"I was taken with diarrhoea
and Mr. Yorks, tho merchant
here, persuaded me to try a bot
tle of Chamberlains Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. After
taking ono doso of it I wns cured.
It also cured others that I gave
it to," writes M. E. Gebhart,
Oriole, Pa. That is not nt all un
UBual. An ordinary attack of
diatrhoea can almost invariably
bo cured by ono or two doses of
this remedy. For salo by nil
This great institution opens its
doors for the fall semester on
September 20th. Courses of all
instruction include: General Ag
riculture, Agronomy, Animal
Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry,
Bacteriology, Botany nnd Plant
Pathology, Poultry Husbandry,
Horticulture, Entomology. Veter
inary Science, Civil Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Mechan
ical Engineering, Mining Engi
neering, Highway Engineering,
Domestic Science, Domestic Art,
Commerce, Forestry, Pharmacy,
Zoology, Chemestry. Physics,
Mathematics. English Language
nnd Literature, Public Speaking,
Modern Language. History, Art,
Architecture, Industrial Peda
gogy, Physical iiuucntion, mili
tary Science and Tactics, nnd
Catalogue and illustrated liter
ature mniled frco on implication.
Address: Registrar, Oregon Ag
ricultural College, Corvallis, Ore.
School Year Opens September 20th 1912
Stop and Remember This:
There will be a meeting of all llio.o
Interested In Sunday School Work In
Harney County, al Burn., September 21
and 22. Tlio meeting will be held In the
Presbyterian Church. The gathering it
to ba held for the purpoie of organiz
ing the Harney County Sunday School
A..ociatlon. Rev. C. A. Plilppa, Secre
tary of the Oregon State Sunday School
Ai.ociation will bo present, and It i'-
na,Kl ,lit lliapa ttl 1... ntli. nrnftll
Oregon, sold moro policies in ncnl ip,.uer. from n,a out.ido in .t.
Tho sworn statements of Lifo
Insurance Companies on fllo nt
tho Stato Insuranco Department,
Salem, show that In 1909, 1910,
1911, Oregon Life tho Only Lifo
Insuranco Company Exclusively
Welcome Pharmacy
Ice Cream, Candy, Confectionery,
Soda Water, Cigars, Tobacco,
Toilet Articles, Rubber
Goods And Drugs
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Try Us Out.
J C. WELCOME, Jr. Prop.
bayles & Mcdonald
General Contractors and Builders
urns, Ore. - - Vale, Ore
Located at tho Burns Hotel
UHiTuhTiTIaKt)Orncr, I
Iiurnt, Oregon, Hplmbr n, ilj.
Nolle oil here by given that Nalrianlal llenner
ol Huma, Oregon. who, on December 3, law,
niacin llomritcail entry No. !, Mortal No,
KHZ, for NW'i Henlnn it, Townililp 8..
nuimnelie iariiian liaa flleil
n .. .. i
urcgon uiii any uuicr cuinimny.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass-
ing all its previous records.
E. C. Egglkston,
35 A Kent,
tendance. Some fine paper, will be
read by representative, of ilia different
choolt throughout thu county. No one
hould mitt thW great treat and a gen.
eral Invitation it extended to everybody.
County President Pro-Tem.
Mango II
uolrco uf
luleutluu tu mike dual Ore'
lroof. lo c aim to Hi. land
incrlbrit, before KegUler ami ltec.lrer, at
llurni, orcgun, oil the Wuil ilay of October,
Claimant iiainea vtlineitrt
Hen Kixtrr.KilwanK'. K(lfiton,llajr Matron,
rreil llarron,alluf lltirni, Oregon.
W.F, litglittr.
llurin, Oreguo, Heiitcmber 12, 1UI2.
Notice la hereby given that John C. Millar,
of Illlay.Orrgon'.whOi'ii October '21, 11)07, made
llomritrail Kntry No H273,KerlalNi, aau, for
for NKijHccllon In, TnwtilhlplUH., Kange.M
K., Willamette Merlillau, baa filed notice f
Intention' to'tnfke final three-year proof to
eatubllah proof lo Hie land above deaorlbeil,
before the lloiililor ami lltcelver, at llurui,
Oregon, on mo 2lat day of October, 111)2.
Claimant naniel aa trUiiCMcai
V, ii Jnlinaou, I Kmter, ilenjaiulti Mutter,
ii. ,., iivinurev, an ui uiiey, wregon,
Wm. Kmaa. Ilcgleter,
iiurnt, otegon, ttepieuiber 12, I'M,
Notire ! hereby given that Orvllle M Kelly,
of l.awen, Dragon, who, on July, 1W9 roane
Ifomeateail Knlrv No.oxms for NWW H.cilnn il.
",.,.. ., . .f - " - .. ; :...... -..--.. -:
iiiwii.iiip -.tin., jitiige
lasiKK.. Willamette Marl
a of Intention to make final
dlan.haa filed notlro
(ominutalloii proof In eatabllili claim to the
and above nctrrlbeil, before llegliler and lle
ulver, at Iiurnt, Oregon, on the V2nddayof
October, IVIlf.
Claimant iianua al wtlnraaea
Xrud I,, lllark. rinoree W. Ilrvulne. L'baa K
l.eioay, fred Y Tlinni, all of 1-awen, Oregon
WM, KanK, Itrgliler.
Mother of Eighteen Children.
"I am the mother of eighteen
children and havo tho praiso of
doinjr moro work than any younjr
woman in my town," writes Mrs.
C J. Martin, Boono Mill, Vn. "I
suffered for five years with stom
acho trouble and could not eat as
much ns a biscuit without suffer
ing. I havo taken thrco bottles
of Chnmberlain'B Tablets and am
now a well woman and wciflth 168
pounds. I can eat any thing I
want and fool bettor than 1 havo
at any timo in ten years. I refer
to nnyono in Boon Mill or vicinity
and they will vouch for what I
say," Chnmborlain's TablotB
aro for salo by all dealers.
2gwGoods! New System!
Low Prices!
Having cut out the long credit
system, we are prepared to give
E rices which will pay you to buy at
ome. Remember, when you buy
at home you create a market for
what you have to sell, no matter
what it consists of, whether it be
farm products, labor or legal ad
vise, you don't help your own com
munity, when you go outside to
trade; you don't help the farmers
when you buy outside flour. Last
year many people sent away and
went outside to trade. What is the
result? The wheels of industry
have been idle, no building, no bus
iness, no work, no market. Heavy
crops are being harvested and still
a large portion of the old crop is
on hand. It is now time for the
people to get together if they want
prosperity at home. Trade at our
place if you can if not trade with
our competitor; out Trade at Home
Burns Department Store
We are going to bring in 600
From tho Famous Baldwin"
Sheep Co,, Hay Creek. Will
Be Located at Alvard Ranch
After August 1st. Woolgrovv
ers desiring information by
mail may address the under-,
signed at Alberson Postoffice.
1 1
Jiiiiiiijff'ii j
The Golzian Shoeli
for women I lM .
Beauty-Style-Fit I (1
In Kvcry Pair I I jJ
Call nnd see the Latest Styles Iffl'V
Just Received p fe I
General l 1!
f ,-jMew'Jil II mn
. iiirfi,