The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 07, 1912, Image 3

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16 Times-Gerald
Hat The Largest Circulation Of Any
Newtpaper In Ilnrnry County.
Locnl News.
Winonn wagons nro the host,
For snlo by Hnrrinmii Moramtilo
Miss Neva Hodtlor was hi tho
city from tho Sunset homo Thurs
day. Tho Cottage Inn sorvox un ex
cellent chicken dinner Tor 85c
every Sunday afternoon from
5:30 to 7:00.
James Paul, tho Hnppy Valley
sheep man, was in tho city a few
days this week renewing acquain
tances. Those elegant moth proof
chests at CTcvoiiKor's are just
what you aro looking for. Thoy
are tho best picco of furniture
you could invest in.
Tom Jenkins stepped on a
small rock some time ago. ami
sprained his ankle quite severely.
He is able to bo about with tho
aid of crutches.
Lost Between the Hudspeatli
residence in lower Burns and tho
Simon Lewis residence, 2 yards
black chiffon veiling. Kinder
please leave at this office.
John Hoss is in tho city suffer
ing from an attack of rheumatism
He has not been in for some time
and his friends arc sorry to find
him afflicted and hope he will re
cover rapidly.
Wanted Horses and cattle to
pasture, $1.50 a month per 'head.
Would take cattle on shares from
3 to 5 years, Address,
Edwin R. Giwtin,
40-43 Narrows, Oregon.
! :
III Safe
I Sensible
III Hill
Brings You
Best Results
B-3 -, 1lM - 4-i tm 1 1 rk - I J- Hill
Proper Protection
Try Us For
" ' Business
"''' Banking
Mllll I hrlrc
Albert Johnson was over from
Silver Creek Wednesday.
Miss Eula McKinnon is at homo
after spending several weeks in
Portland and other outside points.
She accompanied the Mnrsdcns
out in June and has been absent
ever since.
Jersey Heifers For Sale-1 have
40 head of choice Jersey heifers
which I have just purchased,
ranging in age foom 1 to 3 years,
some coming fresh at once. Will
sell at reasonable prices at my
place 9 miles east of Bums-John
W. R. Garrett was in from his
Silver creek home during the
week visiting his daughter, Mrs.
Roe Buchanan, and looking after
some business. Mr. Garrett had
not been in for some time, as he
says it takes lots of work to get
a sagebrush farm in shape to
produce and he hasn't time to
Great fun is expected at the
"30 years ago Buckeroo Ball" to
be given at Tonawama next Fri
day evening, Sept. 13. Tho
"orkestra" is getting in trim for
it and Lon Richardsonris getting
his "IX'W arm" in practice on the
"hoss fiddle." The posters stato
that "horses, firewater, shooting
and branding irons must bo left
outside." There will bo an ad
missisn of SI per couple for
dancing and gentlemen spectators
will be charged 50 cents.
Cleaning and Pressing neatly
lone by Schenk & Williams. ,
Two mowing machines, a Dain
Buck and rake for sale. Sco
Geo. Fiy,
C. A
this week securing some supplies, i 11. J. Williams was among our
,,,. i visuora iroin Oliver oruuK during
Supt. Hamilton and wifo were
Best flour (guarantee) $8.50
bbl. Hnrriman Mercantile Co.
Sidney Comcgys, candidate for
nknwilT lit in n llioniln it Pikii ilniin
Sclmper was in from his -""' V "' "- v
near Diamond tho first of , u,,a yt
in the city during the week at
tending to official business and
visiting friends.
Roy Bunynrd has established a
lumber yard in Harney and is
prepared to fill orders there es
pcially for rough lumber.
Hon. Frank Davey and wife
tho week.
Clarence Cnrey and wife are
over from Crane Creek on a
visit with Mrs. Carey's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Terrill.
Pictures tonight nnd tomorrow
left yesterday for Baker county j night at Tonawamn, Good pro
whore they will spend n few, gram of thrilling drama and
weeks visiting relatives. i comedy. An illustrated song will
I be a part, of of the program.
I Mrs. James Kenedy and her
children are home from a visit to
Satisfied customers and an in
creasing business sneak for them
selves W. B. Shelley, the har
ness and saddle man.
Misses Mary and Evelyn Fry
left Tuesday for Baker to resumo
their studies at school. Mrs.
Spraguo accompanied them out
Foil Sale -Wood or posts in
the timber, or here in town.
Leave orders at Lunaburg. Dal
ton Co. or Schwnrtz'H. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Fiiank Jackson.
Your wifo should not be com
pelled to stand over a hot cook
stove this kind of weather. Get
her one of those fireless cookers
at Clevcngcr's. Go and see
In order not to carry over any
goods out of season, we are
now offering all our
Ladies and Gents
Goods At Big
All Ladies Dress Goods at Greatly
Reduced Prices. Come in and
we will show you things
that will interest you.
- General Merchandise -
riasonlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
her sister, Mrs. Ellis McKinnon,
who lives over in Crook county.
Sho reports the McKinnons well
and prospering.
Frank Johnson has received a
letter stating the necessary space i
for tho Harney county exhibit
had been secured by tho Oregon j
& Western Colonization Co., for
tho Northwestern Products Ex-1
position nt Minneapolis.
r E. C. Egglcston was in the
city the first of tho week accom
panied by Mrs Egglcston. He
was getting ready to makoa tour
of the southern part of the coun
ty in the interest of his candidacy
for clerk and also interview peo
ple who desire life insurance.
Wo are selling agents for tho
Harney Valley Improvement
Company lands, tho choico lands
of a 200,000 aero tract These
lands aro on the market on a ten
year payment plan. If you want
a good farm, investigate these
lands and terms. 37
Mrs. Chas. Rohn hns been se
lected as superintendent of tho
fancy necdlo work, painting,
flowers, and all exhibits by the
ladies at tho fair. Mrs. Rohn
has always taken a great inter
est in these exhibits nnd will
create more competition in thoso
lines by personally talking with
the Indies of this section and get
ting them to bring their work to
tho grounds.
Rev. Wm. Baird, Sunday School
Missionary of the Grand Rondo
Presbytery, will preach at tho
Presbyterian church next Sun
day. It is expected that Rov. D.
K. Laurie, Pastor Evangelist of
tho Grand Rondo Presbytery will
bo in Saturday, with Rov. Baird.
If ho comes ho will occupy tho
pulpit at ono servico on Sunday
in the Presbyterian church.
Tho Times-Herald has learned
that tho deed to tho blocks on
which tho now school building
has been erected was nt tho Har
ney County National Bank where
Mr. L. M. Brown loft itsomo
time ago for tho board. It seems
Goo. Sizemore, one of tho board,
called there for it but did not ask
Henry Dalton, tho nssistant
cashier, in whoso custody it had
been placed, therefore ho got tho
impression Mr. Brown had not
yet mndo out tho deed.
Mrs. Fred Onkerman was in
tho city yesterday from her homo
on Silver Creek.
Mrs. Miller is nt tho I. Schwartz
Busy Corner with n full lino of
spring millinery and is constantly
adding to tho stock which will be
kept up all during tho season.
Ernest W. Curtis of tho Oregon
Agricultural College, n special re
prcsontntivo of tho Oregon Sta
tistical Bureau, has been In this
section for sovcrnl days In con
nection with his work. He is
getting first handed information
from fnrmeis with a view of se
curing reliable statistics for- tho
benefit of tho entire country.- So '
ninny misrepresentations have '
gone out that it has resulted n
harm rather than good for tho
state. Mr. Curtis is asking re-1
spectmg crops, livestock, cost of j
conducting business, living ex
penses, equipment, otc
Mrs. Curtis Smith returned
Ii6me Inst week from a visit with
relatives nnd friends over In
Grant county.
''Mr. and Mrs. N, U. Carpenter
and their little daughter Dorothy
arrived here from their homo In
Portland last Monday and are
guests of friends in this city.
This is tho first visit for ovef
six years and their many warn)
friends are delighted to huve them
with them for a few dayB. Mr,,
and Mrs. I. H. Holland entertain
ed n small company of old time
friends in honor of tho Carpen
ters at their homo Thursday even
ing and nil present had a very
enjoyable timo. Fivo hundred
was played and tho hands were
followed by ono of thoso spreads
for which Mrs. Holland is famous.
The honors of tho evening were
awarded to Mrs. Sam Mothers
head and A. C. Welcome.
MIbs Hannah Mey was up from
Sunset Thursday and states her
school will begin next week.
J. C. Welcome & Son always
' lintin Minili 4 It m M trj-ttls ireril A ttlr
their satisfied customer who nro
Dr. C. C. Bnbbidgoof the Pres
byterian church is quite busy
making preparations for the Sun
day school convention which is to
be held in this citv Sen. 21 nnd
J22. Rov. C. A. Phippsof Port
1 land will be ono of the speakers
from outside points and it is ex
pected there will bo others. At
this meeting it is the intention to
organize a Sunday school associa
tion for this county. All denomi
nations are to take part and there
Will bo delegates from all parts
of tho county. An interesting
program is being arranged and
there will be several sessions dur
ing the two days.
c FAIR gfc
OCTOBER, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
$4,000 Premiums & Purses $4,000
We Keep a Record
For You
One of the advantages of having
a bank account is the fact that every
transaction recorded on the books of the
bank in connection with your account is
a record to which you may have access
if necessary.
Such a record often proves of great
value. Let us keep this record for you.
Harney County
National Bank
"Your Home Institution"
Live Stock, Poultry, Farm, Garden and
Orchard Products, Dairying, Etc.
Cash and Many Special Prizes For School
Children's Industrial, Agricultural,
Cooking And Needle Work
Horse Racing, Bronco Busting, Roping
Contests, Fancy Roping, Trick Riding,
Trap Shooting, Farm Talks Etc.
Many New And Novel Features Will Be Added
J General Groceries
Select Can Goods, Fancy Groceries, Dried
Fruits, Tobacco, Confectionary, Coal
Oil, Feed, Grain and Produce
Special Inducements Given On Big Orders
q you I
Come To Us
Mowers, Rakes, Bucks,
Sickles, Ropes, Pulleys
Hay Forks, Extras etc.
Tuesday, October 1
Three-eighths mile dash, free for nil Harney County saddle horses, purse - - $ 25 00
One-fourth mile dash, free for all - - - - .--- 100 00
Five-eighths mile dash, freo for all ' - - - - ' -v - 250 00
Bronco busting contest, free for all no entrance fee, Association will not furnish mounts, 2T) 00
Wednesday, October 2
Throe-ciRhthB milo dash, free for all 100 00
Half-mile dash, freo for all - - .- - - - - 200 00
Milo trot or pace, two in three heats, 3 year old, owned and bred in Harney County 150 00
Steer Tying Contest, free for all ,- . - 25 00
Thursday, October 3
Half-mile dash, freo for all Ilarnoy County saddle horses - - - 25 00
Three-eighths milo dash, freo for all - - - - - - - 100 00
Five-eighths milo dash, freo for all - - - - . '. . - 250 00
Bulldogging n steer, freo for all --..... 25 00
Friday, October 4
Half-mile dash, freo for all 200 00
One-mile dash, freo for all - - - - - - - 275 00
One-milo Indian Pony Itaco - - - - ... - -10 00
Ono-fourth milo pony raco - - - - - -'- - 15 00
Rope Spinning and Trick Riding by W. B. Sholley, followed by Big Stock' Parade
Saturday, October 5
One-fourth milo dash for Harney County saddlo horses - - - - 25 00
Consolation Raco - - 100 00
Milo trot or pace, 2 in 3 heats, Harney County horses, 3 minute class - - 150 00
Wild horso race, freo for all, but Association will not furnish mounts - - 25 00
In all races 5 to enter and 3 to start. Purses in runniug races divided, 70 per cent to first
horse, 30 per cent 16 second. In harness races purses divided SO per cent to first horse 25
to second, IS to third and 10 to fourth. Entries to races close at 8 o'clock on the evening
proceeding the race. The Association reserves the right to hold a less number than five to
fill a raco by reducing the purse in proportion to the number of horses entered. Entrance
fee 1 0 per cent of purse. Saddle races without fee. No entrauce fee charged in bronco bust
ing, steer tying, bulldogging and wild horse races. Purse divided 70 per cent to first and 30
per cent to second. Harness races governed by American Trotting Association Rules. Run
ning races governed by Pacific Coast Jockey Club Rules. The Association reserves the
right to change, alter, postpone or declare off any and all races for a good and sufficient
cause. Should above races not fill properly, they will be changed to suit horses in attendance.
P. G. SMITH, President JULIAN BYRD, Secretary
' i ii i i ii i i , i i i ii i n iiiiii !! in ii iimiwiim nil iisin mum i i mini i un n i i i
Watch For Further Announcements In This Space
Before Harvest
Perhaps You Need New
Binders, Threshers, Flows,
Discs, Wagons, Gas or Oil
Tractors, Belts, Oils Etc.
ttir Remember The Place -a
Geer & Cummins
Old and new patrons mill find best brands
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP I'M Main Street Burns, Oregon
The Sawhill Transportation Co.
Will Haul Your
Heavy and Light Freight
Express and Baggage
At The
And Willi The
See Us For Particulars as to Rates and Service,