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The Biggest City In Tho Biggest
County In Tlio State Of Oregon
Tho Biggest County In Tho Stale
Of Oregon, Best In The West
NO 42.
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Harney County Rod And Gun Club
Preparing Program For Big Shoot
With Neighboring Clubs Followed
By Big Duck Shoot For Visitors
A meeting of the Rod and Gun I como is n big duck shoot to bo
Club was held at Tho Times
HeralU office last Wednesday
evening at which it was definitely
decided to hold a two or three
days shooting tournament in this
city during fair week and invita
tions will be sent to several out
side clubs to come and partici
pate. Details are yet to bo ar
ranged but there will be a num
ber of cash prizes besides one or
more loving cups for learn con
tests. The secretary has been in
structed to order one of the late
improved traps for this meet
and everything will bo worked,
out next week when definite
program and arrangements will
be completed and published.
Among the clubs to be invited
to take part are Canyon City,
John Day, Prairie City, Baker,
Huntington, Ontario. Boise, Nys
s.u Winnemucca. Lakeview, Bend
and Prinevil'e. One of the feat
ures that will be a strong in
ducement to the outside clubs to
had at tho closo of tho tourna
mont which will bo followed by
a game banquet at which tho lo
cal club will bo tho host This
is one of the best duck shooting
districts in all tho West and it
has a reputation which is well
known. Many sports will como in
for this and there is no doubt of
it being one of tho most enjoy
able events of the week.
Members of the local club are
very enthuiastic over tho pros
pects and ns Burns never does
anything by halves when it
conies to entertaining guests,
visitors arc assured of tho best
time possible. Tho Fair Associa
tion is taking nctivc interest in
the proposed tournament and
with the general interest mani
fested by the citizens of this city
it should bo made a success.
This is ono of several new and
interesting fentures that arc to
bo a part of the entertainment
during fair week. Others will
be announced as they are worked
out and definitely arranged.
Put Expert Of The 0. A. C. Says The
Problem Of Killing The Rodents
Is Not A Simple Task
Mr. W. S. Gunsalus, a farmer
living near Fleming, Pa., says he
has used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
in his family for fourteen years..
and that he has found it to be an
excellent remedy, and takes
pleasure in recommending it.
For sale by all Dealers.
Vulcanizing at Gembcrling's.
Bough and dressed lumber of
all kinds now on hand at the
Williams Bros. Saw Mill. Rough
lumber 15 per thousand.
i I have 500 acres of splendid
pasture with lots of water, will
pasture stock or will winter them
if desired. Hay for sale. Inquire
of J. M. Hoffeditz, one-half mile
north of the Burko Artesian well.
Centrally Located, Good Clean
Meals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
First Class Bar In Connection. Give Me A Call
ft 1
I Hhbh
4 Round Trips Each Week 4
Central Oregon Trucking Co.
W. S. LOCKWOOM Mar. - - If. HOIIU, Ant. Burns
Everybody Uses It!
Rexall Remedies
TheyVe The Best
Our Display Window, No to tho Complete Lino
Nutlilnir Hoi tor On Tho Murkot.
"Wo Carry.
Want You To Como In And Lot Uh Show You
Tho Best and Biggest Line In Burns, Try It.
Rexal Drug Store
That it is no simplo task to get
rid of gophers nml moles nml
othor rodents is tho opinion of A.
L. Lovett, post expert lit tho
Oregon Agricultural College.
Ho believes it is necessary to uso
a combination of treatments
rather than ono system.
"In most cases ono will havo
very good success during tho
early part of tho fight with the
poisoned bait. Fumigation with
carbon-si-sulfid give very good
success in newly formed burrows
of the pocket gopher. This
mothod is used extensively
through tho middle west on a
commercial scale and over largo
fields. Whero tho application
fnila it is usually duo to tho very
extended underground burrows
which occur in fields long infest
ed. Tho carbon-si-sulfid is used
at tho rate of threo to six ounces
to each pocket. Saturating dry
horse manure and working this
down into the burrow is a very
good method of application. Tho
material may be poured slowly
into tho hole direct. After treat
ing tho hole, cover it thoroughly
to hold in the fumes. Always
bear in mind that carbon-bi-sulfid
is as inflammable as gasoline.
Do not open it near a hot stove,
nor smoke while making tho ap
plication. "When the number of pests
are considerable lessened they
seem to become wary of sucli
methods, and then possibly tho
trap will bo about the only way
you can catch them. After tho
trap ceases to be ofTcctivc, n
small boy with a rifle will usually
keep them down pretty well.
This pest usually appears above
ground at certain hours of the
day and can be shot very readily
"There are two methods of
preparing tho poisoned bait.
Ono consists of simply using
pieces of carrot or potato or even
raisins. Make an incision in each
piece and slip in a crystal of
strychnia sulphate. Tho burrow
should not bo left uncovered in
tho case of the pocket gopher;
simply scrape away tho surface
soil to expose the tunnel; tho
bait may then bo dropped into
tho hole and the soil replaced.
"In the case of moles, a sharp
pointed stick may bo pushed
down into the uplifted earth
around tho tunnel and the bait
dropped in. Then simply tramp
on the burrow to cut out tho light
from below.
"The other method for prepar
ing tho bait with poison is as
follews: Dissolve an ounco of
strychnia sulphate in a pint of
boiling water; add a pint of thick
syrup and stir thoroughly. Scent
this with a few drops of oil of
anise. This mixturo is sufficient
to poison a half-bushel of wheat
or corn. Simply pour it over tho
grain and stir vigorously. This
grain, of course, should not bo
scattered in exposed places
where birdB and poultry would
got at it
"In tho case of traps, I do not
know that any particular mako
is to bo recommended. All of
them have certain things which
mako them, in tho eye of their
manufacturers, a little superior
toother types."
Superintendent Cochran of La Grande
Spends Greater Part Of Week In
Hearing Applicants For Water
Rights And Giving Information
To All Interested In The Work
Tho hcaringlios begun for tho? Tho1 principles of water law aro
M'rom Our I'nrlliiml lirrniiiimleMii)
Silvies River
proofs of water rights is now
progressing. Thoso proofs can
of tho waters of easily learned but hard to apply.
and the filing of! If ono rulo could bo put in force
over tho wholo state, then tho
adjudications of rivers would bo
bo filed at any time before the easily and rapidly done. Cut
5th day of next December. If a each community has different
claimant does not filo them whilo I circumstances and conditions,
tho Superintendent is hero, ho each ditch or irrigation system
can swear to them beforo a No- has a different history and it
terior And Tells Of Many Changes
Occuring In The Harney Valley
tnry Public and mail them to
Supt. Geo. T. Cochran nt La
Grande, Oregon. Tho different
steps that aro taken in tho set
tlement of theso rights aro first,
tho filing of tho proofs. After
all theso proofs aro filed by tho
various claimants, then the so-
thcroforo requires a detailed
knowledge of theso conditions
and circumstances in order to
render an intelligent and just
decree. Tho description of land
should bo checked over bo as to
bo sure they arc accurate and tho
number of acres in each forty-
condstepis taken which is to; aero tract should be marked for
open uio proois to inspection, tho amount of water to which
When tho inspection period ar- ono is entitled dope .ds upon and
rives, tho Superintendent will i proportionate to the number
bring all of tho proofs to Hums 'of acres irrigated,
and set a time for all tho claim-' ., ,, ,. .. , ,, .,
ants to come in and examine his1 ' of all Uicbq
neighbors proof to see whether water rights has brought a larBe
or not it is right. If any proof :"UUH " "" XT"?" "V"
is found wrong, then there are" "" ? "'" """i "'"L" .".
firsr' ,u,,,uur ul Iin nuvu ucvu muu
Willi Air. locnnin uuniitf uiu
Addison Bonnet has a fine il
lustrated writcup in last Sundays
Oregonian showing some view
of this city and telling of his re
cent trip here. Ho is still as en
thuiastic a booster for Harney
county as ever only more so.
The "old man" says some good
things about us every time be
comes and each trip shows him
greater improvement and dcvcl-
two ways of correcting it,
bv tho parties agreeing to tho
correction or second by filing a
contest against the claim. A
contest involves a trial just like
a trial in court and tho Superin
tendent then makes a decision
on the question involved from
evidence that would bo submit
ted at the trial. In making up
the proofs of claimants, it is ne
cessary lor each claimant to be
accurate and correct in his state
ments, so as to be able to pass
this inspection. In answering
the questions, details should be
week, but a number will tako
advantage of tho 130 day limit,
since it is found they can put in
their claims in this manner be
fore a Notary and mail them to
the superintendent nt La Grande.
Mr. Cochran explained tho work
of tho board in a statement Wed
nesday and since it has been ex
plained our water users aro not
bo 'concerned. However, it is
necessary to havo the filings
quite complcto and accurato as it
thus avoids confusion and worry
acre, dog gone it. Why lie
about? And hero you will see
wheat running over GO bushels
to tho acre, barley as much or
more, oats nearly 100. Irrigate?
I am talking of dry farming now.
Why did they not do this before?
No transportation none now
but they are getting ready for
next year will .hold a lot over to
help the Harriman people outt
nnmnlll. Willi Ovnrv irwlinnlinn
that his former predictions of our ,., Wol, any sane man would et
fniiirnwpnm;n., iPn; w like me-sort of enthused-over
.. wviiiiii VI U 111 AUl T . 11 1
many of them are now a reality. !'1G liar"ey .:a".ey' because mere
In his recent article ho says in no omcr iikc it. Because tne
.u.i-M "A ml flu. iTmnM Vnii,.., others are smaller-there are
rr nnv nmti iin.i t!n,i i:.', tens of thousands of acres al
to me the change of the last 16 ways '" ?'ht near,y as good
months 1 would mv mllorl him some ot u Just as Bootl-as you
a liar. Why, the whole valley is I)a88 on to Ul8 oafit Ifc would
running over with prosperity. , tnke a coIumn ,n tho Oregonian
Wlmt wnii it T nn! wmtn fn,- ti, to ne the valleys in these
Oiegoniun about this wonderful
three interior counties. There
Threshing Has Begun.
given and if the blank furnished
by tho Board of Control docs not However, tho importance of
give space sufficient, separate " aujuuicauou m uiu irngu
shects should bo attached to tho tin water of tho Silvies River
proof, giving in detail tho his- and tributaries has not been lost
tory of your irrigation system, sight of even though tho farmers
This should bo done in every in- found it more simple than they
stance whero nossiblo and es- i" anticipated and each claim
ncciallv so when there isnonues- nnt will put in his claim feeling
tion in the blank that elicits the
information which is desired to
be given. Tho reason for this is
to cnablo tho Board of Control to
gain a knowledgo of tho irriga
tion system by which tho claim
ant irrigates his land and from
that a knowledgo of tho irriga
tion conditions of the rivor basin.
that ho is going to bo given a
fair deal and that it is tho bo
ginning of tho end of litigation
which has harassed tho people
for so many years. Tho adjudi
cations of tho State Board here
tofore on other streams have
proven very satisfactory and
with such a reputation local peo
ple can feel encouraged
Thirty Years Ago Dance
tho intention to have all tho old
1 time boys in for tho occasion, tho
Aono-ntnnnla nr-n nmv In nw. flOOr bOing managed by 80nlC 01
Arrangements arc now in pro- , I. Foster, R. J. Williams,
gross for a novel dancing party W B- Johnson, Leo Caldwell,
at Tonawama in this city on tho l. L. Pomade. Jim Mahon and
nicht of Scntcmbor 13th. It is I others will havo charge of tho
to bo a danco of thirty years ago,
with old time buckaroos in
charge and tho music of thoso
happy by-gono days. Tho gen
uine dances of thoso days will
danco which insures one of tho
particularly enjoyable events of
recent years.
High heeled boots will bo worn
whilo shirts without collars and
oven coats may uo dispensed
valley? Oh, yes; I said 'here "s ony one man wno can uo ll
hes the future granary of Ore- William Hanley, and he knows
gon." And I told the truth. A evory cow trai1 and every sluniP
vallev of 1000 square miles, al- between the Cascades and the
most every acre tillable every Snake."
Any court would grant a di
vorce to llio woman whoso bus-'
band refused to buy her one of
those fireless cookers at Clcven
ger's. Mrs. Miller is at the I. Schwartz
Busy Corner with a full line of
spring millinery and is constantly
adding to the stock which will be
k 'pt up all during the season.
Threshing machines aro now
busy on this year's crop and up
to tho present yields havo como
up to all expectations. Harney
county has a "bumper" crop of
everything this season and tho
farmers aro going to reap tho
benefit. Movements aro under
way to assist in tho disposition of
tho crops of this senson which
aro greater than over boforo and
eomo were more or less concern
ed about disposing of it at n pro
fit This will bo worked out in
tho near futuro and it is not like
ly much will havo to bo held over,
Should this bo necessary it will
no doubt find a ready market in
tho early spring as tho railroad
builders will then bo within easy
hauling distance of tho farmers
and will tako all tho grain, potn-
tvn nnA ntlinr aunh nrnlnofa nf-
bo tho order durinsr tho creator with on this occasion. It is to
part of tho evening and this will ho an exact dunlicato of tho
rivn Mm vnnnrrpr o-onoi-ntinn nn I'lpncor times of thirty years ago
g vo tho younger generation nn B,u HanIoy IInn Lovens.
idea of how their parents used Mart Brenton and other old
to enjoy life when they did not timo pioneer boys used to "Bwing
havo a modorn orchestra to play j 'em round" nnd really enjoy
for them and tho quadrillo wns.H.fc. More particulars will bo
the main dance. Wm South ? of h 1 ft Jft "ffi
will bo first fiddler, with n second country ia urged to attend as it
nuuier yoiioooscicciea, noanjo, will ndd greatly to tno enjoy
and A. K. Richardson will play mont of tho occasion and bring
double-bass. back old times, besides givo nn
Dell Dibblo will call, and it is 'opportunity for a reunion.
In 1011 tho wo il clip of Oregon
weighed 1(5,000,000 pounds, was
shorn from about 2,000,000 Hheup, .
and was sold for about $3,000,000 i
During the same period tho I X;. Ti.mj.: i TO 1
state produced 000,000 pounds of, " " uiusieauiigiy in OUnaay S Ure
mohair, worth $240,000. Goals rmnin CiC U: T . T T- T
havo been found nearly valua-, gonian Ut HlS Kecent I O In
bio for clearing brush land as
for producing mohair.
In 1011 Oregon produced 72,000
bales of hops, worth $1,000,000.
Tho production was only half that
of a few years ago, but prices
hnvo been extremely good. '
In 1011 Oregon produced poul
try to tho extent of 0,000,000
birds, having a value of 87,000,
During the same year the state
produced 32,000,000 dozens of
eggs, valued at $9,000,000. The
noultry business is still an infant
In 1911 the Oregon potato crop
was tho greatest ever known,
very nearly approaching tho G,
000,000 bushel mark, with a
value, to the growers, of over
In the snme year, onions were
grown to the amount of about
175,000 bushels, worth $212,000.
The bulk of this crop is produc
ed within a small area, beimr
grown almost exclusively on what
is known as "beaver dam" land.
In 1911 Oregon produced $3,
400,000 worth of butter, but in
order to supply the demand, at
leart three times this amount was
shipped into the state from other
In 1911 Oregon dairies produc
ed 17:000,000 gallons of milk and
cream, having a value of $4,000;
000. The product is gaid to be
tho cleanest nnd most wholesome
of that of any state.
In 1911 Oregon produced 5,000;-
000 pounds of cheese, valued at
$758,000. The mialitv is the verv
lest Los Angeles uses more
Oregon cheese in feeding its
tourists than of all othor kinds
Tho standing timber of Oregon
is estimated at 451,000,000,000
feet worth on the stump $080,
000,000, nnd when manufactured
into lumber it will bo worth $G,
500,000,000. The timber covers
approximately 25,000,000 acres
About one-half is in national for
ests and the balance under pri
vate ownership.
In 1911 4,123 head of livestock
was raised in Oregon, valued a'
$87,854,000. Among meat ani
mals, the production of hogs has
increased faster than that of
cattle or sheep, duo for tho most
part to tho cxrtomcly high prices
that have prevailed for the past
two years in the coast markets.
The fruit crop in Oregon in 1911
was worth over $4,000,000 in
cash. The greater part of this
sum was received for apples, this
staple commanding the highest
prices both nt homo and abroad.
Next to apples, peaches nro the
most important ft uit in tho state,
last year's crop selling for $523,-
030. Pears wero sold to the val
ue of $300,000, being an average
of nenrly $1.50 per box. Cher
ries, prunes.loganberries, grapes,
strawberries, etc., helped to swell
tho sum paid to farmers and
orchnrdists during the year.
About 300,000 pounds of English
walnuts wero produced, valued
at $45,000.
Buy a Farm and make it
pay for itsi If. The choice farm
ing lands of Harney County.
For sale on binall payment and
ten years time at 4 per cent in
terest. The lands of the Harney
Valley Improvement Company
are on.the market on these terms
without reservation. First ap
plicant gets his choice. 37
Strictly First C1&SS. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
C.mmerci&l Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
iSffffK 1
Four Woll Equipped Lines.
For Trnusporation of .Mail,
Prairie City to Hums.
Hums to Diamond
I'Xcollqat Facilities
l'A press or
Vnlc to Burns
Hums to Venator
Ono of tho most common ail
ments that hard working people
aro afllicted with is lame back.
Apply Chamberlain's Linimont
twice a day and mnssago tho
'parti thoroughly at each applica
tion, and you will get quick re
lief. For salo by nil Dealers.
Harney County Fair HTSWE
Reliable Citizen
otllaiiitu Count u
The Inland
Homestead Locations
Empire Realty
V. TrLKBTKIt, Mangor
Dl.l 1)1 I) I.AM)
Howard Kellog, Agt, Burns.
'S I
Superior Service - - Quickest Way
pli-asurij kii)u op i:inin hours to railroad
II. HOIIU, Agent, Burns Gnrng, Burns, Oregon
Wo repreiuiit that which m routed nml rollnhle. Wo handle all
klnda olHeal Kutato mutton Willc your laud Qllng papora or
othor It-gal laud paptracorrortly and ipilckiy., VK WANT YOUR
FIUH INHUIlANOIt MUBINK8B j wu ippretont twooj tho itrongoH
companies In Aroerlpn-TUK AKTNA A IIAUTKOKD CO'S.
Llatyour property with u, for aalu or trade. IN VKHTIQATB OUlt
trust you. Aek our Cllontu. Call and ice ui.
80' Acres Irrigated much In DoIm
Valley, to triido (or a kochI rimcli In
Harney county, clear of inuimhcninci-
undcr government ditch.
Let Us Hear From You What Yon
Have To Trade. We Trade Anything,
Anvwhere. SRG US NOW
Slas-ket I
Bums Nlestt
H. J. HANSEN, Proprietor
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton,
Sasuage, Holonga,
Headcheese and Weinerworst? Etc.
Wholesale and Retail
Prompt and Satisfactory Service
Your Patronge Solicited and
Orders Given Quick Attention
'good prices.