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IB Times-Gerald
Hat Th Urgeit Circulation Of Any (
Newipuper In lUrney County. .
Local News.
It. L. Hass wns up from Nar
rojvs during the week.
Cleaning and Pressing neatly
done by Schenk & Williams.
Second hand saddles of nil
kinds at Shelley's Shop, S12 and
The Misses Zella and Myrtlo
Irving were guests of friends in
this city last Sunday.
Rooms to let, furnished or un
furnished. Sec Mrs. 13. F. Ro
berts at the White Restaurant.
Rev. C. W. Holloman arrived
home last Wednesday from On
tario where ho had been for sev
eral weeks.
Piano for sale or trade for cat
tle or good gentle work horses.
Inquire of W. W. Drinkwator, of
Miss Ethel Haines has been
looking after the mercantile es
tablishment of her father in this
city the past week.
In order to meet the price of
Flour hauled in from the R. R.
the Burns Flour Milling Co have
reduced Hour to $7.00 bbl.
The Cottage Inn serves an ex
cellent chicken dinner for I5c
every Sunday afternoon from
5:30 to 7:00.
. , N
Assessor uonegan nas purcnas
ed a new Reo auto and now catch
es the tax payer on the run if he
isn't able to get him otherwise.
Dr. Griffith went to Diamond
the first of this week to see Bill
Ford who had been kicked in the
stomache by a horse. He was
severely hurt but is getting along
very well.
Some people may be mistaken
about the condition of the roads
between here and Bend but
they can see them. Yarns about
oil wells and burning cables, 40
feet of oil, pure stuff, etc., with
out any authority for the truth
Ice Time Is your ice box
ready? Delivery begins Monday
you can have ice every day if
you want it See the driver or
phone Harry C. Smith, prop, the
Burns Ice Co. 2'Jtf.
Born Monday, July 22, to
Mr. and Mrs. Edward South
worth, a son. The little one
passed away on Wednesday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Sweek, not having been well
from birth. The bereaved ones
have the sympathy of a wide cir
cle of friends.
Mrs. P. H. Gray arrived home
from Portland the first of this
week after a absence of several
weeks during whiclj she had two
operations perlormed and most
of the time spent in the hospital.
She returns greatly improved in
health but still weak. She was
met in this city by her husband
and, taken on down to the family
h'-me at Lawen.
Right Now
For Hot Weather Wear
"Why not bo comfort able during tho summer when i
coBts no more? You know tho imputation of our
store for giving aluc. You know that for ovory
dollar you leave with UH you got a dolIai'H worth of
service und satisfaction. That moans something!
All Styles all sizes all
guaranteed six months.
(5 pairs lor tfn.uu
For Women-0 pairs 2.00. Six pairs for ft.'J.OO
For Tho Children (5 pairs for $L00
Poros Knit UnderWcar For Gentlemen
Shirts and Nifty Neckwear
Just received a shipment of now, nobby shirts and
ties which will please you. Ouv last shipment direct
from tho factory lias just been unpacked for your ap
proval. Latest styles, shades and patterns.
Select Line of Shoes
Any style, shape or size, If you aro going to get a
pair, don't fail to see what VK have to offer you.
When in town, come around, and visit with us.
flasonlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
Fail !.j
To Us
Everything for haying at
Paul Finko was down from the
mountains yesterday.
J. C. Robinson, the Madrass
auto man, is in the city.
Florsheim Shoes are the best
we carry them.
Schenk & Williams.
You should inspect the fine as
sortment of Wall Paper at Luna
burg, Dalton & Co's.
Sidney Comegys and S. J. Mid
winter were in the city Tuesday
from Narrows, making the trip
in the former's auto.
Rough and dressed lumber of
all kinds now on hand at the
Williams Bros. Saw Mill. Rough
lumber S15 per thousand.
Strayed Light bay work
mare branded 2-1 connected on
left stifle, weighs about 1300.
Liberal reward. J. II. Bunyard,
Burns, Oregon.
J. L. Gault was over at Dia
mond the first of this week the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Smyth. He had some fishing
and returned home Wednesday.
No Trespassing Trespassers
will be prosecuted if found on
my premises known as the
"Miller Springs" or Lewis place
west of Burns. -W. E. HUSTON.
Buy it now. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarroea
Remedy is almost certain to be
needed before the summer is
over. Buy it now and be pre
pared for such an emergency.
For sale by" all dealers.
and Hosiery
prices. Holeproof hosiery
For men 0 pairs for iJl.fiO
Win. Harris was in the city yes
terday from Narrows.
Fresh home mado lard 17c. at
Hansen's Meat Market.
Deputy Clerk Irving Miller has
returned home from Portland.
'Born-Tuesday, July 32, to
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney HurIics, a
A Venator, the Crane Creek
stock man, was in tho city Thurs
day. Cremo and Graham Flour re
duced. Sold by Burns Mer
chants. F. II. Watts and wife of the
Dalles are registered at the
Try a 35c chicken dinner from
5:30 to 7:00 p. m. every Sunday,
at the Cottae Inn.
Thos. Cleveland was over from
his homo on Calamity durinj? the
week and reports crops flourish fleurish
ing: there.
Recollections of the quality of
Welcome's Harness nnd Saddles
remain lontf after the price is
'7A large force is now at work
on the new public school build
ing and rushing it to completion
as rapidly as possible.
At the Baptist church Sundny,
at 11 o'clock C. W. Holloman will
preach his farewell sermon and a
general invitation is extended to
Frank Cummins was over from
his Malheur county homo dur
ing the week visiting his father
and brother and looking after
some business.
The premium lists for the
county fair seems to have been
delayed in some manner. Tho
secretary received a portion of
the supplies last week but as yet
has not received the lists. Keep
your best for tho fair anyway
and tho premium list will bo
mailed you as soon as received.
Ira Boyce and family were
over from John Day last Satur
day returning homo Sunday eve
ning. Mr. Boyce was at ono
time a resident of this county
but has been in tho mercantile
business at John Day for a num
ber of years. Mrs. Boyce is a
sister to Mrs. J. R. Gould and they
were guests at the Gould homo
while here. Mr. Boyce has just
purchased a now auto and they
made the initial trip in the ma
chine) over here to renew ac
quaintances. Two of the daugh
ters remained here on a visit.
W. L. Best was over from his
Silver creek homo the first of tho
week. On tho road over Mr.
Best found a largo number of fir
stakes scattered along that had
been prepared for surveyors.
They had been imported from
tho outside for they had been
prepared by a hand saw and the
material and manner of their pre
paration leads to tho beliof they
aro for a railroad survey, Mr.
Best did not think much about
them until ho had passed u
large number, when ho got out
of his rig and examined them,
Wo have heard of no surveying
crew in that territory recently,
but it is evident thero is some
thing doing that will como out
in tho near future.
Thoa. Bain waB in tho city
D. R. Thorn was in tho city
Water bags 00 cents ench at J.
C. Welcome & Son's.
Frank Foster was over from
Silver Creek yesterday.
Somo choice bargains in second
hand saddles at Shelley's.
Burns Flour $L75 sack. $7.00
bbl. Sold by Burns Merchants.
Wo have overything carried in
n first class up to date Harness
shop. J. C. Welcome & Son.
. Mrs. Ed. Stallard is over, from
her homo near Drewsey on a
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Cawlfield.
Thoso elegant moth proof
chests at Clovengor's are just
what you aro looking for. They
aro tho best piece of furniture
you could invest in.
John Gilcrest, E. F. Troadwell
and little son, 1, 11. Holland nnd
wifo nnd R. D. Cooper wont to
Portland last Monday on busi
Fou Salk Wood or posts in
tho timber, or hero in town.
Leavo orders at Lunaburg, Dal
ton Co. or Schwartz's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Fiiank Jackson.
Raymond Voegtloy, son of
Chas. Voegtloy of Burns, shot
himself thru tho foot Monday at
thu home of his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Williams, on
Pine Creek. -Blue Mt. Eagle.
Tho John Parker Estate land,
one half section, midway between
Burns nnd Harney on stage toad,
for sale at a bargain. Write or
call on tho undersigned for par
ticulars. A. W. Gowan.
Commissioner Geo. A. Smyth
wns over from Diamond Satur
day to attend a meeting of the
high school board and was accom
panied homo by J. L. Gault He
brought Mr. Gault homo Wednes
day evening.
R. H. Harris and wife were in
the city yesterday from their
homo near Waverly. They are
preparing an extended vacation
trip to -Crater Lake nnd other
places of interest where they
will spend tho hot period.
Jersey Heifers For Sale I have
10 head of choice Jersey heifers
which I have just purchased,
ranging in age foorn 1 to 3 years,
some coming fresh at once. Will
sell at reasonable prices at my
place 9 miles east of Burns -John
b. W. Hamilton and wifo are
here from their home in Enter
prise, on a visit to relatives and
friends and to look after business
Mr. Hamilton slates they are do
ing well in their now location,
conducting a drug store in which
his two sons, Roswell and Ora
are both interested.
Many of tho small orchards in
this city and vicinity aro over
loaded with fruit and as wo are
so anxious to have tho fruit many
will not thin them but rather
prop up tho trees. This is not
the best plan perhaps so far as
tho future of the tree is con
cerned, but it makes us feel good
this season at least.
Anyone wishing to visit Port
land can go via Prairio City at
the same rate as via Bend nnd
arrivo six hours earlier. The
pleasant auto rido combined with
tho excellent sleeper nnd dining
car accommodations provided by
tho trains will appeal to tho
traveler. If you wish any infor
mation regarding tho route you
will pursue from Baker consult
D. M. McDade.
If you are a housowifoyou can
not reasonably hopo to bo healthy
or beautiful of washing dishes,
sweeping nnd doing housework
nil day, and crawling into bed
dead tired at night. You must
got out into the open air and sun
light. If you do this every day
and keep your stomach and
bowels in good order by taking
Chamberlain's Tnblets when
needed, you should becomo both
healthy and beautiful. For salo
by all dealers.
' h telegram dated yesterday
from Mrs. Marsden at Whittier,
states that Dr. Marsden has been
dangerously ill with bronchial
pneumonia but from tho telegram
it seems ho was improving.
However Dr. Griffith is moro or
less concerned as to his condi
tion as Dr. Marsden has not been
well for somo time and not ahlo
physically to combat a severe at
tack of pneumonia. Dr. Marsden
wroto him on tho 18th stating ho
had been having a seigo of grip
but was improving and hoped to
soon bo on his way homo. Judg
ing from tho telegram ho has
gotten worse and it will bo somo
limo boforo ho will bo ablo to
como home.
Host canned corn $3.25 n caso
Hnrrimnn Mercantile Co.
Water hags 00 ccntB each nt J.
C. Welcomo & Son's.
Ben BroWn has returned from
his visit to outside points.
Best Hour (guarnntco) $8.50
bbl. Harriman Mercnntilo Co.
Adam George was in tho city
tho first of tho week.
Chop barloy for salo at ljc
Lena Harkoy. 30
Best in quality; lowest in price
at Welcomo & Son'B Harness
Winona wngons aro tho best.
For salo by Ilarrimnn Mercantile
Leonard Colo was hero the first
of this week in company with a
mining man.
Two mowing machines, a Dain
Duck and rake for sale. See
Geo. Fiy.
Work horses for sale. Good
si7.e, good workers and young.
W. II. Howard, Drewsey, Ore
gon. 37-42
Conrt Stenographer Walker
loft Monday morning for his
homo at Ontario after two weeks
in this city.
Mrs. G. W. Clevengernnd littlo
son Geary left Thursday morn
ing for Prairie City to visit with
relatives and friends for a time.
Mrs. Miller is at tho I. Schwartz
Busy Corner with a full lino of
spring millinery and is constantly
adding to the stock which will be
kept up all during the season.
Watch Bums Grow.
Any court would grant a di
vorce to tho woman whose hus
band refused to buy her ono of
those 'firclcss cookers nt Cloven
Your wifo should not be com
pelled to stand over n hot cook
stove this kind of weather. Got
her ono of thoso fireless cookers
at Clevcnger's. Go and see
MJoun Wednesday, July 2-1, to
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Mardis, a
son. Dr. Geary was the attend
ing physician and informs us the
family aro from Idaho and are
traveling through the country.
Wo are selling agents for tho
Harnov Vnllcy Improvement
Company lands, the choice Innds
of a 200,000 ncre tract. These
lands ure on the markot on a ten
year payment plan. If you want
a good farm, investigate these
lauds and terms. 37
MOTIinitSIIEAI) & Donegan.
Dr. Griffith went over to Cow
Creek yesterday whore he was
called to see J. O. Bunyard who
had evidently been bitten by n
rattle snake, at least Mr. Bun
yard thinkH it must have been a
snako hi to, although ho never
knew when it hnppened. Last
Sunday or Monday Mr. -Bunyard
was shooting rabbits and was
standing by an old log barn
peering around tho side with his
arm stretched along tho side.
Soon after he felt a pain in tho
arm and later going to tho houso
and removing tho clothing he
found tho arm swelling with
mnrks near tho shoulder and also
Inrge purplo spots. Ho at once
bound it up but wns too ill to get
out and call help. Ho was alono
and it was 30 hours before ho
was ablo to get down to tho Mn
lian place where ho secured a
quantity of liquor. When tho
doctor was finally called Mr. Bun
yard was on the road to recovery
and Dr. Griffith states ho had
every indication of being bitten
by a rattlo snako. This is vory
unusual in this section as but
few people have over been bitten.
And ho will inform you Unit) it was eiiuw'il by Mr.
Khollny, whon ho purchuHod Mint now Iiiiitipsh from
him that you hhw him driving with lntol.v. For
ha, ing and luirvoHting got your hnrnosH, i-ollurH,
pndH, whips, fly doIh otc, from him. 1 1 in prieeH uro
ronHonablo and right. If you liavo not boon m , ot
don't dolay, but cull today, and sco for youmrif.
HatiHfactory norvico rondorod and prompt atton
tion givon all kiiulu of ropairing.
Hlssner Building, Burns, Oregon
Water bags 00 cents each at J.
C. Wolcomo & Son's.
Van Emhreo is in the city from
Ids Sunset home.
A largo slock of wall paper at
Lunnburg, Dalton & Co's.
Good leather harness at J. O.
Welcome & Son's for $27,00
Remember W. A. Goodman in
prepnrcd to roll your barley, hale
liay and saw wood. 37
Lee Caldwell and wifo wer
down from their mountain home
tho fore part of this week.
Paper hangers and decorators
aro nl work at tho Welcomo Phar
macy tiansforming tho interior
of tho building.
Roy Bunyard has established a
lumber yard in Harney and is
proparcd to fill oidcrs there es
pecially for rough lumber.
Robert Bennett, who is still a
government forestry ranger, was
in the citv this week Ilia ter
ritory is north of this place.
'W. II. Robins was in from his
Crow Camp farm last evening,
bringing in somo cherries. lie
will bring in more fruit in the
near future.
Clarence Carey and wifo weio
in from their Crnno Creek home
tho first of this week and they
were accompanied home by Mrs.
Byron Terrill,
Buy a Farm nnd make it
pay for itself. The choice farm
ing lnnds of Harney County.
For sale on smnll payment nnd
ten yenrs time at -1 per cent in
terest. Tho lands of tho Harney
Vnlley Improvement Company
aro on tho market on these terms
without reservation. First ap
plicant gets his choice. 37
MOTIinilSIICAD &Doni:oan.
H. J. Eggleston. tho Bend
harness nnd implement man, is
in the city on business. Ho has
recently sold abig30-horse power
traction coal oil burning engine
to A. E. Murphy and it will be
used for farm work on that place
It is a general purpose power'
and will draw an 8-gang plow '
followed by a harrow which will
clean up and plow 15 acres each t
day. ThiB iscertainly a valuable
machine for the fnrmer who can
put in such machinery and farm
on a large scale.
There will lie moving pictures
at Tonawamn tonight and to
morrow night, but not under
Tonnwama management. A
traveling picture man has ar
ranged for two nights and he ha;
some of tho finest films to bo seen
anywhere, ho suites, and the
price of ndmission will be 25 and
15 cents. Tonawamn picture
show will be put on just as soon
as the proper service can be es
tablished nnd competent people
to tnke care of the machines.
It is tho intention to give the
people of Burns just as good ser
vice as tho business will justify.
Both picture machines will be
put in the very best condition,
an absolute fire proof lamp house,
the electric wiring adequate and
according to underwriters rules,
so that there will be no possible
chance for fire or accident, then
tho pictures will bo given at le
gular intervals with established
prices so tho public will get just
what is represented and adver
nurni Oregon, July 5, HI" I
Katirtt la hereby ilvun thai M'isrrt V Tl p
nl llimia, Orrnon, win), on Man li ", twin iiiimIii
IHtorl Uml I nlry No MVcl, forHl-i l-i
J, HWIi ami HUMKU, Secllun HJ. Towiiahli. i
8., Itanfiial K Wllfamett Mi'rMUn hu fill 1
not I co n( Intention to inaVu dual proof, tort
taulUh claim lo tha lantl nboto ilracrlhcil l
fore III ItrgUlcr ami lleco cr, at lltirna.Oro
(mi, on tho mil dajrnl Auun.t 1'JU
I launanl iiamra aa wit hour.
Mailer (I lloiller, Waltnr II Hosier K
Tomlln, Ira I. Hltcper, all Hurra, Olcon
Wm Fahhic, ItfRUter
FACE? "&i
We Ask For
Because Wc Are Capable of Rendering ,
The Best of Banking Service and We Offer '
That High Measure of Security That Appeals
To The Prudent and Conservative People of
This County.
4 Per Cent 4
Paid On Savings Accounts
deposits Received By Mail
Barns - - Oregon
W. E.
3 General Groceries
Select Can Goods, Fancy Groceries, Dried
Fruits, Tobacco, Confectionary, Coal
Oil, Feed, Grain and Produce
Special Inducements Given On Big Orders
a. 2321
Come To Us
Mowers, Rakes, Bucks,
Sickles, Ropes, Pulleys
Hay Forks, Extras etc.
Before Harvest
Perhaps You Need STew
Rinders, Threshers, Plows
Discs, Wagons, Gas or Oil
Tractors, Relfs, Oils Etc.
bq- Remember The Place -a
Geer & Cummins
Old and ncui patrons tulll find best brands
Wines, X.iqiioz's, and Cigars
Good service, Gour'eous Treatment
:ROP S Main Street Burns, Oteeo
The Sawhill Transportation Co.
Heavy and Light FseSght
Express and Baggage
Al Tlio
Anil Wltlil Ho
See Us For Particulars
i fa
Haul Your
ii -vv
as to Rates and Service.