The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 13, 1912, Image 3

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te Times-Jlerald
H The Lrgit ClrcuUllon Of Any
Ntwipaper In llorncy County.
Local News.
Vulcanizing nt (lomborlinH'a.
Slenning and Pressing neatly
done by Schenk & Wim.ums.
John Keller is n recent nrrivnl
from Deep River, Iown.
W. B. Johnson wns ovt from
his Silver creek home this week.
Henry Eichner was in from
Buchanan during the week.
John McMullcn was down from
his land holdings near Harney
during the week.
Piano for sale or trado for cat
tle or good gentle work horses.
Inquire of W. W. Drinkwater, of
Wanted Relinquishment near
new railroad. Stato price and
full particulars. Address this
office. 35-30
In order to meet the price of
Flour hauled in from the R. R
the Burns Flour Milling Co have
reduced flour to $7.00 bbl.
The Cottage Inn serves an ex
cellent chicken dinner for 35c
every Sunday afternoon from
5:30 to 7:00.
The crop conditions have im
proved wonderfully this week
since the weather has warmed
up and all signs indicate the
best of returns.
Ice Time Is your ice box
ready? Delivery begins Monday
you can have ice every day if
you want it See the driver or
phone Harry C. Smith, prop, the
Burns Ice Co. 29tf.
The base ball boys will hold
forth at the ball park tomorrow
afternoon in another of their con
test games between the Insur
rectos and Regulars, and every
one should turn out.
If you say something discourt
eous about a citizen in the news
paper, he declares the paper cir
culates thru a doze i states, but
the same man seldom believes in
advertising, for he says, "people
do not read the newspapers any-
OUR. ss
I Tn Yt an Growth Tn Ymtt Cttn II
we txrow
Jun. llh 190 J Jan. Ulli 1912
Lonnt and Uitcounti $30,000.07 JZB7, 307.32 -
Itll It Q n.l. nniinnn nnnnnnn III
II ".i i,m.kiv,vr uv,wuu.uu
Bondinnd Sectiritlet 4,532.37 38,443.43
Premium on U. S. DontU 531.25 2,000.00
Hem fctlatc, 1-urntturo anil Kil'i l.H&U.OU 7,JSZ.40
II I?! . !.! ., I." I M nrnn ill
mi livelier cem nvuenipuuii I unu none lou.uu III
bxpente 101.89 Nena
CASH 20,050.00 107,842.17
974,085.27 $404,255.32
Capital $25,000.00 $25,000.00
Surplus None 70.000.00
Undivided Profit. None 2.010.58
Circulation G00.0O 25,000.00
DEPOSITS 40,385.27 371,338.74
$74,985.27 $404,255.32
I III er'JLic if umi'vtzuva HP BIT K1 u.,.unfcB.aMM II I
i r-rr,rTrr. .. .nrm-,
First National Bank v
Graham Flour re
by Burns Mer-
Band Concert 1:30 tomorrow.
Water bags 0 ccntu each nt J.
C. Welcome & Son's.
Burns Flour $1.75 sack. $7.00
bbl. Sold by Burns Merchants.
Mrs. Geo. Wiley of PrinovIIlo
ia hereon n visit to her Bistor,
Mrs. A. M. Byrd.
Foil Sam:-Black PcrclieroivK Alfred Whltnoy, Thomas and
The Tonawama Band rendered
a most delightful band concert
last Wednesday on main street
to the largest number of specta
tors ever turned out. That these
concerts are proving very popu
lar is evident from the apprecia
tion shown. The band rendered
their first overture on this occa
sion and it was both well played
and received.
As you move thru life let your
influence be felt and your voice
raised in behalf of dumb animals.
They suffer like you, they hunger
and thirst and wish for kinder
treatment. They are helpless in
the hands of man. God gave us
.domain over animals that we
might protect them and be aided
and made happy by them. Be a
lover of animals and help protect
them and give them food and
Vulcanizing at Gcmbcrling's.
Florsheim Shoes are the best
we carry them.
Scuknk & Williams.
Sylvester Smith was in the
city Tuesday.
You should inspect the fine as
sortment of Wall Paper at Luna
burg. Dalton & Co's.
Rough and dressed lumber of
all kinds now on hand at the'
Crcmo and
duced. Sold
Trv a 35c chicken dinner from
5:30 to 7:00 p. m. every Sunday,
at the Cottage Inn.
Ladies of Burns nro invited to
call at the homo of Mrs. II. M.
jllorton and see samples of the
'Spirclln Corsets.
Hon. John Rand of Baker is
it i ... . i ii . . t
Williams Bros. Saw Mill. Rough '"; on ,CK' ousmcra, oeing one
lumber $16 per thousand. iul ine uuornoya in mo sun now
. . . , , pending touching the rights of
Strayed - Light bay work ,..tor on , Vnuv SinIlf.i,
mare branded 24 connected on
left stifle, weighs nbout 1300.
Liberal reward. J. II. Bunyard,
Burns, Oregon.
It will pay all who arc inter
ested in making their dollars do
the biggest amount of good, by
Keeping in touch with the new
NoTiiESPASSlNG-Trcspasscrsjadg in The Times-Herald. The
will be prosecuted if found on merchants who advertise are the
my premises known as the ones who can give you the best
"Miller Springs" or Lewis place bargains for your money, as they
west of Burns. -W. E. Huston, keep their goods moving, make
Buy it now. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarroea
Remedy is almost certain to be
needed before the summer is
over. Buy it now and be pre
pared for such an emergency.
For sale by all dealers.
W. M. Walker, circuit court
stenographer, arrived here Mon
day evening from his home in
Ontario to take the testimony in
the water suit now being heard
before him as referee. He will
remain here for some time per
forming such duty and later be
in attendance" upon an adjourned
term of circuit court set for July
Things Needed
Right Now
For Hot Weather Wear
Why not be comfortable (luring the Hiiminor when it
coBts no more? You know tbo reputation of our
store for giving value. You know that for every
dollur you loavo with us you got a (lollimt worth of
service and satisfaction. That means something!
Underwear and Hosiery
All Styles all hisses nil prices. Holeproof hosiery
guaranteed six months. For men (5 pairs for 31. HO
6 pairs for 2.00
For Women (5 pairs 2.00. Six pairs for $J1.00
For Tbo Children 0 pairs for 2.00
Poros Knit Underwear For Gentlemen
Shirts and Nifty Neckwear
Just received u shipment of now, nobby shirts and
ties which will please you. Our last shipment direct
from tbo factory has just been unpacked for your ap
proval. Latest styles, shades and patterns.
Select Line of Shoes
Any style, shape or sizo. If you ant going to get a
pair, don't fail to see what WIS have to offer you.
When in town, como around, and visit with us.
flasonlc Building,
Burns, Oregon
the most sales at the least profit
and give all the best satisfaction.
The base ball boys are trying
to secure a game here between
themselves and the Prineville
team, and should receive all the
encouragement and assistance
possible. This will prove an in
teresting game and well worth
the price.
r A. C. Welcome and wife and
Miss Hclene Swain left Monday
for an outing on the Mace place
up the River. They will fish and
rest for a time. Al came down
Tuesday evening to consult his
physician, his foot having be
come infected and swelled up.
His doctor told him to go back
to the camp and wash it occasionally.
Mrs. G, A. Rembold took her
departure last Monday morning
for Portland and other outside
points with the intention of
spending some weeks at various
places, a part of which will be
on the coast. Mrs. Rembold has
been very busy with her music
pupils and will now take a much
deserved rest which her many
friends hope she will enjoy to
the fullest extent.
J. II. Stinson camo over from
Prineville the first of this week.
He was accompanied by Mrs. B.
F. Johnson and little daughter,
also Mrs. Smith who is a sister
to Mrs. Johnson, Chas. McPheet-
crs and Mrs. L. B. Culp, and a
niece to Cal McPheotcrs. Mrs.
Smith recently arrived in Oregon
from Missouri and will mako her
home on the coast. It is the first
time sho has seen the relatives
here for 81 years and it is a hap
py reunion.
Ted and Bailoy Hayes were up
from Lawen the first of' this
week, accompanied by their
wives. Mrs. Ted Hayes was
looking for a house to livo in this
winter it being her intention to
move to this citv for tho school
year, their son now being ready
for high school. Sho found it
rather difficult to find a suitable
residence for rent. This is some
thing that should have attention
from our capitalists. Wo haven't
enougli houses to nccommodalo
the people who desire to move
hero for our exceptional school
privileges and it would bo a pay
ing investment in build somo
neat cottages for rent.
Stallion, 5 years old in spring,
Good papora.-Claudo McGcc.
Mrs. Gerald Griffin was a busi
ness visitor from Nnrrows dur
ing the wcok.
Foil Rknt-C. Henry's ranch
near the Narrows. For particu
lars, inquire of Scott Haley, Nar
rows. Roy Bunyard has established a
lumber yard in. Hnrney and is
prepared to fill orders there cs
pccially for rough lumber.
Robt. Drinkwater and wife
wero over from their homo near
Harney this week guests at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Rcatos for sale, all bIzcb and
cngths, prico 20 cents per foot.
Any ono desiring Rcatos address
W. A. Ford of J. 0. Albcrson,
Mbcrson, Oregon.
Thoso clcgnnt moth proof
chests nt Clovengcr's nro just
what you are looking for. They
are tho best piece of furniture
you could invest in.
C. B. McConnell took his fami
ly up to Myrtlo Park the first of
this week to camp for a time in
company with Prof. Peck and
Foil Sale Wood or posts in
tho timber, or here in town.
Leave orders at Lunaburg, Dal
ton Co. or Schwartz's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Fiiank Jackson.
The John Parker Estate land,
one half section, midway between
Bums nnd Harney on stage toad,
for sale at a bargain. Write or
call on the undersigned for par
ticulars. A. W. Gowan.
Jersey Heifers For Sale I have
10 head of choice Jersey heifers
which I have just purchased,
ranging in ago foom 1 to 3 years,
some coming fresh nt once. Will
sell at reasonable prices nt my
place 9 miles east of Burns -John
Austin Goodman returned this
week from Bend with a fine new
traction engine which ho will use
to saw wood, crush grain, etc.
Austin has been following such
business for several years and it
having outgrown his old machin
ery he at once invested in a
larger engine that will do the
work, besides add to hh business
The next open air concert to
be given by the Tonawama Band
will be tomorrow afternoon from
1:80 to 2:30 on main street in
front of the post office building.
Concerts will be given twice a
week nftcr this on Wednesday
evenings nnd Sunday afternoons,
at alternate places in the main
business blocks. This will en
able everyone to receive an equal
benefit and loavo no room for any
This paper is endeavoring to
give its patrons the best service
that is possible to give and all
that tho patronaga will permit.
Our paper is being frequently
complimented on its appearance
and the amount and kind of read
ing and ndvcrtiBcmots it contains.
Our citizens can mako this paper
still moro effective by liberal pa
tronage, both in subscriptions
and advertising. The paper will
always endeavor to merit the
It was at a danco recently Hint
a dainty little miss we all know,
was handsomely gowned in a very
pretty light material, nnd when
n very largo and moisty perspir
ing gentlemen asked to dance
with her, sho arose, but Booing
his clammy hand and no glovey,
modestly remarked: "Will you
kindly uso your handkerchlof?"
Tho big follow stared blankly for
a moment, then a light broke
over his round, sweltering face,
and hedrow his hankerchief from
his pocket and blew his nose.
County Trcnsurer Lewis nnd
R. J. Williams and wives have
returned from their vacation trip
to outside points. Thoy visited
Portland, Willamette Valley
points, Wnlla Walla and the Yak
ima sections in Washington, hav
ing a very pleasant visit with re
latives nnd old timo friends. Mr.
Lewis says the Washington sec
tions visited are great grain pro
ducers but ho is entirely content
to live in Harney Vnlloy where
wo havo just as good land and
lots of room. Thoy wero accom
panied homo by Miss'Mario Beach
of Portland, a nieco of Mr, Wil
liams, who will spend the vaca
tion period hero and Mrs. J. C.
Gnrrott, tho old pioneer lady,
who will spend tho Bummer hero
with her rolativea.
rvyJjil C iiiiijimiiiww5g55WBaiBaBB
Rend tho now nds this week.
Water hags 90 cents each at J.
C. Wolcomo & Son's. '
C. B. AuBmaa was in tho city
this week.
If you want sago brush grub
bed write K. E. Larson, Burns,
Chas. Raycraft wore among our
visitors frrm tho Valley Vlow
diatrict during the wcok.
Mrs. Miller isntthol. Schwartz
Busy Corner with a full lino of
spring millinery nnd Ih constantly
adding to tho stock which will be
kept up all during tho season.
Your wifo should not bo com
pelled to stand over a hot cook
Btovo this kind of wenlher. Get
her ono of thoso fireless cookers
at Clovengcr's. Go and Bee
Russell Smith arrived home
last Saturday evening from n
visit to outsido points. He was
with his brother Phil for a time
nt Hepner Junction, nlso took in
mi. Rose Festival at Portland.
Phil has disposed of all his beef
Btuir nnd la expected homo nt
once, having gone to Walla
Walla and. other points before
coming in.
W. E. Huston has purchased
tho M. L'. Lewis property which
joins his homestead west of this
city. The placo is what is known
as the "Miller SpringB" and one
of tho finest building sections
adjoining Burns. There is a fine
large spring which runs sufficient
water to irrigate several acres
and Mr. Huston will develop tho
plnce, possibly cut it into Btnall
tracts later and sell them for
homes. " No nicer plnce for such
purposo can be found in this vici
nity. T. J. Shields was over from
Silver creek Wednesday. He in
forms The TimcB-IIerald that
his son Ernest hns moved to
Calgary and entered into a com
pany there, which will deal ex
tensively in tho brick making
and Duiuitng material, lie is
Ball Game 2:30 tomorrow
Wm. Kilby i'h over from hia
Calamiy home.
Water bags 90 cents each at J.
C. Wclcomo & Son's.
A largo stock of wall paper nt
Lunaburg, Dalton & Co'b.
Chop barley for sale atljc
Lcna Harkcy. 30
Winona wagons nro tho best.
For sale by Harriman Mercantilo
Ib your business ml in The
Times-Herald, If not it ought to
Two mowing machines, a Dain
Buck and rake for sale. See
Geo. Fiy.
C. M. Saliabury is making pre
parations to building a residence
on his acreage cast of town.
C. F. McKinney. L: M. Brown,
C. II. Leonard and Snm Molhcrs
hend went to the Lawen section
Any court would grant a di-
vorco to tho woman whoso hus
band refused to-buy her ono of
thoso fireless cookers at Clcvcn
ger'B. For Borcness of the muscles,
whether induced by violent ex
orcise or injury, there is nothing
better than Chamberlain'B Lini
ment. This liniment also relieves
rheumatic pains. For sale by
all dealers.
Watch Burns Grow.
Anyone wishing to visit Port
land can go via Prairie City at
tho same rate as via Bend and
arrive bix hours earner, i tie
pleasant auto ride combined with
tho excellent Blccper nnd dining
car accommodations provided by
tho trains will appeal to the
traveler. If you wish any infor
mation regarding the route you
will pursue from Baker consult
D. M. McDade.
If you nre a housewife you can
not reasonably hope to be healthy
or beautiful of washing dishes,
sweeping and doing housework
nnn nt tlio linof llnrnnu ominlv all tlllV. nn(l Crawling into 1)6(1
products ever turned out nnd1 dead tired at night. You must
will mako a success. For some' get out into the open air and sun
years he was with a very sue- HRht- If y" do this every day
cessful company at Spokane in nml keep your stomach and
the same business and he knows bowels in good order by taking
what he is about. Ho is nssoci-.Chamberlnin's Tablets when
nted with good business men needed, you should become ootn
who nlso understand tho busi- healthy and beautiful, tor sale
thereforo is sure to make a go. ' by all dealers.
' "" ' ' ' " '"'in i n-M.n mmjgt
Savings Department Under
Government Supervision
We Iay 4 per cent On Savings Deposits
Write Or Call For One Of Our
Little Home Savings Banks
RESOURCES OVER $400,000.00
J General Groceries f
Select Can Goods, Fancy Groceries, Dried
Fruits, Tobacco, Confectionary, Coal
Oil, Feed, Grain and Produce
Special Inducements Given On Big Orders
v- 'J
Come To Us
Mowers, Rakes, Bucks,
Sickles, Ropes, Pulleys
Hay Forks, Extras etc.
And ho will inform you thufc it was caused by Mr.
Shclloy, when ho purchased that now harness from
him that you saw him driving with lately. For
ha iii mill harvesting got your harness, collars,
padB, whips, fly nolw etc., from him. His prieosnrn
reasonable and right. If you havo not been in yet
don't delay, but call today, and seo for yourself.
Satisfactory sorvico rendered and prompt atten
tion given all kinds of repairing.
HIssner Building, Burns, Oregon
bayles & Mcdonald
General Contractors and Builders
Burns, Ore. - Vale,, Ore
Located at the Burns Hotel
We are going to bring in 600
From the Famous Baldwin
Sheep Co., Hay Creek. Will
Be Located at Alvard Ranch
After August 1st. Wool grow
ers desiring information by
mail may address the under
signed at Alberson Postoffice.
Before Harvest
Perhaps You Need New
Binders, Threshers, Plows,
Discs, Wagons, Gas or Oil
Tractors, Belts, Oils Etc.
oar Remember The Place -xsa
Geer & Cummins
Old and neui patrons mill find best brands
Wines, ILiquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment"
DROP W Main Street Burns, Oregon
The Sawhill Transportation Co.
Will Haul Your
Heavy and Light Freight
Express and Baggage
At "Hie
And With Tho
See Us For Particulars as to Rates and Service.