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That Is What You Want
Ami That
itaeasst- xrtisamjnmmH&mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm '
Wc have all kinds of plain and
fancy, in the latest correct styles. You
will find they never rip or tear with any
thing like careful laundering. Seeing is
believing. Come in and hnvo a look at
our complete stock just unpacked.
Come to us for your new hat and
we guarantee to suit both your taste and
pocket-book. - We have nil of the new
stylish shapes and shades on the market.
Our hats not only look well but wear
well, and for the price, can't be excelled
Call and See Us, Whether You Buy or Not
o Merchant Tailors & Lending Clothjcrs " jt
Main Street I. O. O. F. Building, Burns, Oregon
Ok Y..r
SU MonlL.
Tfcra Monlha
The Times-Herald man has
been out in the country more or
less this week and finds crops
are coming on in fine shape.
The backward weather of the
early spring kept vegetation
back but it seems to have been
just what it needed rather than
a detriment. Almost every field
in this vicinity shows excellent
prospects for an exceptional
crop. The fruit trees are es
pecially full and wc may expect
the finest display of fruit at the
fair this fall we have yet had.
Those who were not inclined,
and others who were prevented
by various reasons from attend
ing other celebrations on the
fourth were well pleased with
the one recently pulled off here
at home Every merchant and
citizen who donated toward this
occasion can well feel repaid, as
it was a worthy cause and one
which gave a full days enjoy
ment and pleasure to many who
could not go elsewhere and who
would have otherwise missed the
customary celebration. Consid
ering the short time in which the
celebration was gotten up, it was
all and more than expected.
T h e following paragraphs
Manager slou,l Jmve bCQn a part 0f (),0
.article published on the first page
but were overlooked in the
"makeup" of the outside pages:
Thocrojis were put in at diff
erent rates of seeding to test the
rates of seeding on rather dry
soil. The two peck seedings of
grain do not sjiow effect from
the lack of moisture as yet, but
the four and six peck seeding!,
almost invariably, are showing
drouth and can hardly be ex
pected to mature.
A fine rabbit proof fence is
now about the place. It was put
in first in July. Before the com
pletion or this fence, a great deal
of trouble came from the rabbits.
Considerable damage was done,
especially to field peas and nrti
chokes. Sub-Stations have been located
at Waverly under the care of
Mr. Duncan; Harriman under the
care of Mr. Latha; Valley View
under the care of Mr. Clyde
Schaffer; and at Sunset under
the care of Mr. Hency. Other
Sub-Stations arc to be located at
Drewsey, Silver Valley, and Cat
low Valley in the near future.
'these Sub-Station are of ten
acres each, fenced against rab
bits. They will be operated in
co-operation with and under the
same management as the Experi
ment Station. Such crops as arc
pretty well proven to bo adnptcd
to the country will be introduced
and grown. They will carry tho
work of tho Station at Burns to
the farmers.
Best canned corn $3.25 a case
Harriman Mercantile Co.
Geo Buchanan and wife were
in from the station Thursday.
S. F. Jenkins has been over
from his Calamity creek home
this week.
Lena Harkey has alfalfa hay
for sale at her place adjoining
Burns on the north. $7.00 a ton
in the field, or delivered for $8.50
The people of Burns should not
neglect the bond election to bo
held the last of the month. This
is a matter that should have care
ful consideration as it is impor
tant the charter be amended to
provide for bonds that we may
have water works and sewerage.
It will not be a burden to proper
ty owners but rather add to the
value of every home and business
property in the city.
Mrs. F. E. Dickinson was a
caller at this office Thursday and
invited Tho Times-Herald man
up to see their farm in tho hills
to tho west of this city. Mr,
Dickinson has one of the best
dry farms in this section and has
made a success. He now has
about 100 acres in alfalfa and an
unusual thing has happened, one
that seldom comes to the notice
of one on a dry farm. Thoy have
u large acreage of alfalfa that is
too thick and want to know how
to get rid of it. Tho dry season
last year had no effect upon kill
ing ft out and the plants uho up
the moisture before they get any
heighth. They also have somo
Tall Meadow Oats that aro too
thick. Wo would suggest that
somo of our dry farmers visit
this farm and get somo pointers
on how to put in crops, for it is
the usual complaint that it is im
possible to get a stand, rather
r Tlnrn Wndnnoflnv .Tnlt 10 in
Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Henry Dalton,
a son.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Swerk aro
home from a vacation trip over
in Grant county.
W. B. Parker is over from Pais
ley looking after his property in
terests In this section.
Mrs. J. P. Hill arrived hero
from Portland this week to join
her husband who has a position
in the Schwartz establishment.
James Paul, the Happy Valley
sheep man, was in tho city this
week attending to some busi
ness and greeting his old time
J. M. Parker is enjoying u vis
it from his youngest brother,
Smith Parker, who Is here from
his home in Salt Lake, Utah, It
is the first time the brothers havo
met in 88 years and they aro hav
ing a very cnjoyablo visit. Mr.
Parker has been taking hia visit
or over tho valley this week and
ho says wo havo monMigricultur.
al land than all of Utah.
Tho Times-Herald man was one
of several local people who mado
a short trip over tho country in
company with C. C. Chapman
and party yestorday afternoon.
The orchard of R. J. McKinnon
was visited and the party came
back down tho opposite sldo of
tho river and passed somo very
promising fields of grain, field
peas, garden and hay crops. A
run was mado out to tho demon-
Tho following descriptivo let
ter wus handed in by Miss Ag
nes Miller yesterdny afternoon,
u oetng into and other import
ant matter being up in typo for
this issue, her letter cannot bo
given in full and must be con
cluded next issue:
In the issue of The Times-Herald
of May, 4th, 1912, I saw a
notice stating that Mr. Bates,
publisher of the Pacific North
west of Portland was preparing
to take another party of young
ladies, one from ench county in
Oregon, on an excursion of the
East and asking for somo young
lady from this county. I at once
made up my mind to make tho
effort to go and altho the time
was short, (barely three weeks)
through the kindness and gener
osity of the people of Harney
county and other friends I Waa
ready with my subscription when
tho first of June camo and I had
to leave for Portland.
The trip to Portland was very
pleasant. I met Mr. Bates and
the arrangements for my trip
were completed. On Wednes
day June 5th, the Portland Ad
Club gave us a luncheon at the
Multnomah Hotel at which over
five hundred wore present.
There were some good speeches
and they gave us a good sendoff.
After luncheon wo were invit
ed by Mr. Frieman, Cashier of
tho Lumbermans Bank, to visit
that institution and see the work
ings of a big bank. Wo were
shown thru the vaults and per
mittcd to hold for a moment ten
thousand dollars in gold coin.
After this wo were taken for a
trip to Council Crest, one of the
great scenic resorta of Portland,
and after being photographed wo
were shown all tho wonders of
the Scenic Railway as well aa a
"Trip up tho Columbia" and
everything wc cared to see.
Tho next morning ut about ten
found us at tho depot ready to
begin our trip. Wo found our
special car beautifully decorated
with roses, tho work of the Col
lego Equal Suffrage Club of
Portland. After bidding our
friends good-bye wo were on our
We reached Chicago on Sunday
and as wo were to remain thero
three hours wo visited tho Art
museum. i'ow oi us nau over
visited so largo a museum and
wo found it very interesting.
Wo left on an nfternoon train,
reaching Detroit at 10:30 that
evening. Next morning wo were
met by friends of Mr. Batca who
showed us around tho city in
automobiles. Wc also went for
a rido around Bello Islo which is
about a milo from tho city. This
is a very beautiful place. Locat
ed at tho center of the Island Is
n conservatory, in ono depart
ment of which is an acquariam.
In this department wo Baw over
a hundred different kinds of fish
which was very interesting to
all of us.
The Le Moyno Stock Company
will ho at tho Tonawamu theatre
next week, beginning on Wed
nesday, July 17, in a high class
repertoire of comedies and
dramas. This is n very strong
company of 11 players and tho
people of Burns may feel sure
of somo good entertainment.
On Wednesday a balloon ascen
fiinn will take place in this city
ono of tho Lo Moyno ' company
making tho ascent. This will bo
a treat for our people who noldom
havo tho opportunity to sco an
air ship, and tho pcoplo living in
tho country should come in.
Tho company will play for a
week at tho opera houso with a
change of program each night.
Admission prices aro tho samo
ns nave prevailed at tno house
in the past. Advance snles will
begin Monday at the box office.
Tho Times-Herald has a letter
from Judgo Thompson in which
he suites tho court wishes to con
sider tho proposition of adding
agriculture and domestic science
to tho regular high school course
at an adjourned meeting of court
set for July 20. Ho invites nn
expression from tho people cither
by letter, petition or in person
This is nn excellent suggestion
that our pcoplo should take ad
vantago of and lot the court
know their feelings. Tho propo
sition of finnncing this addition
to tho present course is one that
requires attention. Mr. Saw
hill, who is one of tho C. G
Chapman party, states that tho
Crook county court has appro
priated $250 toward a special
short course for tho coming year
and it is the intention to see
other county courts in tho Inter
ior and ask for a similar appro
priation. In case this is secured
tho Agricultural College will send
out professors to spend a consid
erable time in each county, bring
ing tho usual short course given
at the college to the people. This
is nn excellent move that will
solve the problem for this season
nnd at tho January term arrange
ments may be made to put the
regular course in school.
The city council hns taken
steps to build a new side walk
from tho entrance of the fair
grounds to the new school build
ing. This will be of great con
venience to tho people living in
that portion of tho city as they
now have to come over toward
tho business portion of tho city
to get to the now school building.
Tho walk will run north from the
gate at tho fair grounds passing
in front of tho Randall and Fnrro
residences in Morrison's addi
Tho sworn statements of Life
Insurance Companies pn file at
the State Insuranco Department,
Snlem, show that In 1909, 1910,
1911, Oregon Lite the Only Life
Insuranco Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold more policies in
Oregon than nny other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its previous records.
E. C. Egolhston,
35 Agent
I want to draw the attention
of tho people to tho manner in
which the Oregon & Western
Colonization Co. offer their land
for lease. The lcaao is an in
strument drawn so ns to cover
everything for their own benefit,
and none for tho renter. But
that is not enough. You will
find a clause inserted, that, any
time during your lease on 30
dayB notice, you will havo to
movo off.
Now then gentlemon you nil
know, that this land is nil cover
ed with sago brush, and hns to
bo cleared before wo can uso it,
nlso we have to fence the land.
Can you do this in 30 days, nnd
got nny benefit from your lenso?
No. Docs tho Bo-callcd 0. & W.
C. Co agrco to pay for work? No.
Thoy simply any get off in 30
days, and by signing their form
of lease, you ngrco to do so.
Now if this is called colonizing n
country nnd giving tho pcoplo a
chance to make good thoy will
havo to show me. Again you
may havo tho land plowed in the
fall expecting to put your crop
in in the spring, but between fall
and spring you get this notice,
whnt will you do. Movo off of
course or have trouble.
To lease this company's land
is n farce, and has no weight
pertaining to good for the renter,
so beware.
Gentlemen, I had a notice from
tills company served on me tho
first day of this month to move
off in 10 days and my crop of be
tween 25 nnd 30 acres is just
heading out what do you think
oi tno gall; and they nnd no
lease signed by me either. After
such work ns this the people can
expect anything.
If the 0. &. W. C. Co. think
they can move this crop of barley
off in 10 days and it just heading
out I want to sco how they do it
But by their actions you ull can
sco what their intentions are, to
"gull" tho Oregon people if pos
sible. Take the lease and read
itjhcn tack the 30 dnys notice
clause to it, and what have you, I
call it an unfair, dirty, rotton
paper to place before the public
and nsk them to sign it.
This is only an explanation of
the leasing proposition. If the
readers of this paper aro interes
ted in this matter there will he
another piece in next week's is
suo calling your attention to the
manner in which this land is sold
and how thoy camo to have this
land to handle and the kind of
titlo they hold then you can judgo
for yourselves whether you are
safe in buying or not
T1103. Bain
We Claim to have onr of the Greatest Dress
Slocks of Ginghams in this part ol the state-it's
a hobby with us this season. We have a wond
erful assortment and the very best makes-we
Want You To See Them
Largo Assortment Of
Ladies Killer Tailored
Waists, the Metier Kind
And Prices Kungo From
.75 i'tH to $
Tub Dresses
OurTiil) Dresses Arc
Imperially Suited For
Su miner Wear a I very
Moderate Price
Our Display of Klaxons
Kor Summer Dresses is
Kxelusivcund tliiH is the
Dress Unit (Jives You the
clean correct appearance
a?U. House Of CTjuality
Water bags IK) cents each at J.
C. Welcome & Son's.
Dry slab and pino wood ?6.f0
and $7.00 per cord.'eash only at
Lumber yard.
Clay Clemens mill is the near
est one to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough nnd dress
ed can be had. Near Canyon
road. Call him by 'phone.
LostIn the vicinity of Nar
rows, ono bay horse, weight
1G00, one black mare weight
1500. Finder please notify R. L.
I lass, Narrows, Oregon.
1 section, CIO acres, level un
improved sage brush land in
Harney Valley, ennbesubirrigat-
ed. ICO acre tract, fenced, good
houso deep well and otherwise
improved. Prices made tosuit in
tending settlers. No speculators
need apply. Inquire nt this office.
Welcome Pharmacy
Ice Cream, Candy, Confectionery,
Soda Water, Cigars, Tobacco,
Toilet Articles, Rubber
Goods And Drugs
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Try Us Out.
J a WELCOME, Jr. Prop.
Low Round Trip
Notice is hereby given that
there aro sufficient funds in the
county treasury to redeem nil
Harney county wnrrants up to
Nov. G, 1911. Interest ceases
on all bucIi warrants July 10,
Simon Lewis,
Treasurerof Harney County.
(To bo concluded next week)
J. L. Gault received a telegram
last Monday nnnounclng tho
death of his father at his homo
in Ohio. His death was not un
expected as ho had been in poor
health for somo time. Ho was
stration farm where the visitors
wero agreeamy surprised at tno 80 veara old. Mr. Gault cmilil
than how to get rid of 'tho over Progress mado in tho short time I not leavo tho bank to uttond tho
lly order of the Common Council of
the City of Ilurni), made nnd tinted the
10th ilny of July, 101'J, notice Is hereby
Khcn that unlrin ileirnted by n remon
trance naintt the name an provided by
icctlon SO of the City Charter, the mid
Co in in un Council will order Immediate
corntructlon of n lumber sidewalk and
croi walks connecting the same, sub.
stnntlnlly conforming to the City ordi
nances and regulations txrtnlnlnfi there
to, as follows; nn and along the west
side ol Hudson street nnd Htnulfer Are
nue bcKlnnlnK at the south line of D
street nnd continuing thence south to
the southeast corner of block Hi in I'ifth
Addition to Hums, the same being a
sidcwnlk on and along the nsst side of
blocks 1(1, 17, 18 and O In Ilrown's Ad.
dltlon to Hums, and blocks .1, H, 13, 1H
(Hid 33 In Morrison's Addition lo llurnsi
and block Hi in Will addition to Hums,
nnd crosswalks connecting the same
across C, II, A, Washington, Nock,
Court, Main, Market and South streets.
Owner of properly adjacent tosald pro.
poied sidewalk are further notified that
they will hnve H days from and after one
publication hereof, to wit, from nnd after
the l.'ith day of July, 1013, in which to
make and file remonstrance with the
Hecord against snld Improvement, and
that said temonstrunce must lie in writ
ing and signed by the owner or owners
of two-thirds or more of such adjacent
A. M, IIYKl),
'IS Recorder,
Stkayed Ono BInck horso
branded JO on left shoulder, nnd
ono sorrel horso wi'h blaze face.
Mano nnd tail of both cropped,
both rough shod. Suitable re
ward for their roturn to John
Schenk, Burns. Oregon.
PROGRESS ,1459 (Rule I)
Foaled May 18, 1899, one of the
greatest bred horses in tho West
today if not the greatest- trac
ing three times to Hnmbletonian
10 on his sire's side, also once to
Pilot Jr. 12; once to Mnmbrino
Chief 11; once to Mambrino
Patchin f8; Albion; Niagara
through Stralmore, Electioneer,
George Wilkes, Bayard &!i.
On his dam's side, twice to
Hamblctoninu 10; once to Pilot
Jr.; once to Cnssius M. Clay,
John Nelson, Copperbottom, Ver- $13.30 CLATSOP BEACtI, SEASIDE and GEARIIART, Ore
mont Blnckhawk (C) through gon, on the Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect sea-shore vacation
Director, Electioneer, The Moor, j resort just south of the Columbia River, reached directly by the
Mambrino, Messenger. He has, "The North Bank Road."
tho greatest brood mnres in the $14.60 TACOMA, MONTAMARA FESTO. Tacoma's great
irouuiK uiooti looay, sucn as Annual unrnivnl. Tickets sold June 28 and July 2nd. Limit July
Bertha, the greatest of ull brood 5.
..inma. !... :r..i I,.ll OI.. I .
IIIUIV.-,, ULilUiUUI uuim, UUil,
twice to Green Mountain Maid;'
Alma Mater, Katy G. His blood
:.,. . i ...! ;.. I
io uiv Kii:.uuai. you win mill in (1I. A cpatti c rri rvr-ru r-v-ni tv-.i r, ... . , ...
vw.-u -. i v"i-ii iuiuvn,n. oeaiue s spienaia
Annual Civic Carnival. Tickets sold July 1-1, 1G, 18 Limit July 22
Oregon Trunk Railway trains run daily without change between
Central Oregon points and Portland. Train leaving Bend 6:30 a.
m., Redmond 7:15 a. m. Arrives at Portland 5:30 p. m.
Details of schedules, fares, etc., will be furnished on request.
W. IH. COAIAN, General Freight and Passenger Agt.
II. B UICOL, Agent, Redmond, Oregon.
J. II CORBETT, Agent, Bend, Oregon.
,$9.30 PORTLAND, ELKS GRAND LODGE. The greatest con
vention of the year. A solid week of public entertainment. -Tick-
.ets sold July 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Limit July 22nd
tho fast race horses today.
Progress is mnking tho season j
at tho fair grounds. Terms 15.
We are receiving new and up-to-date
Dress Goods every week; we
now have the neatest and latest
assortment ever shown in Burns
in all the latest styles and fabrics
for summer; also an elegant line of
Ladies Elkhead Shirts and
Waists New! Nobby! Nifty!
Ladies Funey Ginghams, Hose, Shoes, Side and
Hack Combs, Bonnetts, Bolts, Gloves and Ribbons
Spring And Summer Tan
iiuriii, uti'guu, July , mrj.t
Notlra li barobr given lint UuUIn If
I'liouicii, uf Ilium. Gmkou.wIiopii Jiiurryf
run ..I..J.& II..1....I...1 l.i. U. mil. ..!.! U
(Kill, fur Nttii titration '),' "iil'lp'lH,liMiiio
IM K.. WllUuictlo MrrlilUli hit Ati nullco ol
liitcullon In ninko Klvo yr roof, to enUb
lltli claim lo tho Uiiil nbovu ilricrlbed, bafort
Ilia ItcvUlnr i,rt llrnelvor l ilurni. Ortuou.
iii Ilia 1Mb iUjt uf Aimuit WW,
Iiniinnni iihiih. hi wiwn',r'i
y in mi in 1 1 la Atriilulvr MoKamlv both of
Nairuwi Wlllliiu T l.nttr ami Tatar Cariuar
Our Spring mid SiiiiitiiiM' Shoes, Slippers nnd
Oxfords un on display andgivinjrHiitisfaetion
To Old and Young. I'oino and get yours now
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uality of art that is sure to Satisfy and Please,
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No Satisfaction, No Pay
See Me
at my new location in the Mc
Gee lildK , opposite Burns hotel
nut ml l.iirim urvynii