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The Biggest County In The Stnte
Of Oregon, Beit In The West
The Biggest City In The Biggest
County In The Stnte Of Orcgc
NO 34.
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I x. H i i'MTh iJt ' SwrlSfiiimMfn-iiT
Ideal Day Enjoyed by a Large Number
From Various Parts of Country
Fine Oration by Hon. N. J. Sin
nott Baseball, Fireworks
The weather seemed to be
made to order for the Fourth and
there was a largo number of vis
itors in Burns to participate. A
"number" of people were in from
other towns and this was hardly
expected as there were a number
of celebrations, one at Harney,
Drewscy, Narrows and Lawcn.
The first few innings were a lit
tle slow, but the boys finally got
down to good work and it proved
very interesting and close, and
was won by the Regulars by a
score of 4 to 5.
' The band again gaye a very
' fine concert in the evening and
! many complimentary remarks
C L. Smith, Agriculturalist of The 0. W.
R. & N. Co., Writes an Interesting
Paper on Subject of Beef
The program was carried out were heard as to the excellence
as advertised with the exception J of their playing and Tonowama
of the sports for the boys and management was congratulated,
girls on the street. The ball i However, the management of
game lasted until almost (5 o'clock Tonawanm doesn't take any
and it was impossible to get any credit for the excellence of the
other events in between that band as yet, owing to the short
time and the band concert. time it has been organized and
Earlv in the dav biff delecra- the limited snaco of time it has
tions in autos and with teams had to prepare for concert work,
began to arrive in town and by as most of the practices were de
the time the band got out the I voted in preparing for the celo
streets were lined with people. I bration. However, since this is
After an hour of music by the I over the boys will gradually be
band the people went to the I instructed to handle a higher
court house square where Hon. j grade of music and their weekly
N. J. Sinnott gave one of the open air concerts will be inter
best orations ever listened to by , mingled with standard overtures
the people of this section. Hon. and popular selections.
Frank Davoy acted as president! The fireworks were set of! on
and introduced the speaker with the hill top at the north end of
a few appropriate remarks. Air. I town, may people from the neat
A. B. Whitney offered a prayer! by country staying in to see them
and this was in turn followed by; while those living near could see
all sintrinc- Aniorimi. whilo tho! them from their homes. This
Hon. Mr. Sinnot concluded with
his address.
Early in the afternoon the
crowd went to the fair grounds
where the band gave more music
and there were two good saddle
horse races run after which the
ball game was pulled off at the
base ball grounds. The game
proved to be a very good one.
was a pleasant diversion lor me
children particularly and they
were all delighted. The big
dance at Tonawama was attend
ed by a record breaking crowd
who stayed until late. The Ton
awama orchestra gave good music
for the occasion. The Ladies
Civic Improvement Club served
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Centrally Located, Good Clean
Meals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
First Class Bar In Connection. Give Me A Call
4 Round Trips Each Week 4
Central Oregon Trucking Co.
II. ItOIIU, Ait. Ilurna
Oh! You
Get Your
Fishing Tackle, Hooks, Lines,
Prices That Are Right Here.
Gloves, Mites and Masks
Rods and Reels At
Base Ball Bats,
at Right Prices.
Ice Cream,
Soda Water, and Refreshing
Drinks, Fresh EnglishjWalnuts
Tiyv7- Our New Au of .f.U'-o-MTA IVrfuincH.
Best ForTlio .loiic,. Ihcobody I'hchH. All Iho go.
In Fact, We Are HEADQUARTERS For The Best
Lino of Drugn, Toilet ArticIcH, ('nnfeetionory,
Shoot MiiHic, Mimical IriHlnnnont, Cigai-H and
Tobacco, Rubber (JooiIhwhI Stationery.
City Drug; Store
REED BROS. Proprietors
(llfC 1- Kmltti.)
Tho Scotch and English far
mers of Canada have alway main
tained a reputation for produc
ing heef of excellent quality, and
at the minimum feed cost. It is
gratifying to us, therefore, to
find such a hearty endorsement
of the methods we have ndvocnt
ing for the past few years as
thnt given by an old and success
ful cattle grower at n recent con
vention. Ho said:
"While proper feeding is im
portant, yet it will accomplish
nothing without being supple
mented by a judicious and gen
erous system of feeding, such as
will furnish the animal with such
full and appropriate rations as to
insure a steady and continuous
growth from tho timn the animal
is dropped until it is ready for
market at as early an ago as pos
Early maturity offers tho only
safe system of profitable beef
production; when thd animal is
young and immature its diges
tive and assimilative functions
are most active, and when wo
know that tho waste in tho ani
mal's system is much less during
tho young and active stage of
growth than when tho animal
comes nearer maturity, it be
comes evident that the earlier
wo can get ournninials ready for
tho shambles tho greater will our
profits be. Every practical feed
er knows that there is no mys
tery in tho growth and rearing
of animals; every pound of addi
tional weight placed upon the
carcass represents so much food
and it is certain cost to the owner.
In fact, whether the animal is
kept stationary, increasing or
decreasing in weight, it is cost
ing the owner so much every
day, so that the only way in
which we can be paid for the
food consumed is through the in
crease obtained; hence the great
folly of allowing our young nni
mals scant nourishment and in-
sufficient shelter during the win
ter and keeping them on the
pasture during the summer.
Such a system will not only re
tard their present growth, but
it will also contract their diges
tive system as to render them
unable to make the same good
use of their food while they are
being fattened for tho market.
If we would follow the proper
system of growing our beefing
animals this business of stall
feeding of cramming our beef
ing animals with very heavy ra
tions of meal during tho fatten
ing period is a mistake. All
through my talk I havo used the
term neeigrowcrs, anu it wo
would handle our business as we
should, wo must grow our beef
animals rather than fatten them;
this is the only wny in which wo
shall everbeablo to furnish high
class beef, and tho young grow
ing nnimal should be in condition
almost ready for tho butcher at
any time. Wo hear much nowa
days about prime quality of meat,
or what is called marbled beef
that is, beef with tho fat deposit
ed in tho lean tissues of tho meat.
bear in mind that wo cannot
get that kind of meat by feeding
tho animals one day and starv
ing them the next. That is not
the way in which this desirable
condition of carcass is brought
about; neither is it obtained by
keeping our young animals in a
half starved condition for tho
first two and a half years of their
lives and forcing them for all
they are worth for the next four
or five months, Tho only way
wo obtain this fino quality of
meat is to nourish tho calf well
and never allow it to loso its calf
flesh, but keep it growing and
thriving in such a way as to on-
ablo it to begin to doposit fat in
the lean tissuo from tho start,
and thus grow tho fat as the ani
mal Is developing. Tito finishing
process will then bo comparative
ly short and easy, and you will
havo what is called "marbled
This is in lino with a Farmers'
Instituto address wo havo given
many limes throughout tho In
land Empire under tho title of
In Portland to Attend Elks' Convention
And Tells Journal Reporter That
Railroad Development is What
This Country Needs Most
J. F. Mnhon, n prominent land
and sheep owner of Harney
county, arrived this morning to
remain for tho Elks' Grand re
better you fnrm the better crop
you get. I think the crop this
year will average easily 40 bush
els to tho acre. Uarloy nnd oats
union. Mr. Mnhon is a-momber , f rom GO to 80 bushels.
of Portland lodge of tho order, I "Some big irrigation projects
as his home town, Mule, has not 'arc under way in Harney county,
yet reached the point of develop-'and there is water enough to ir
ment warranting tho maintain-Irigato every foot of tho soil a
ancoof a lodge of its own, says foot deep. What young orchards
the Journal. ' we have there have proven to be
Asido from being a prominent wonderfully fine in quantity and
and popular Elk, Mr. Million is
also the Democratic nominee for
joint senator, with a great many
leading Republicans to boost him
for election in November. He
bus lived in Harney county .'.'
years, longer by a few months
than his congenial friend, Hill
Hartley of Burns, and two years
ago wns mentioned for the sena
torial toga but declined the honor
at the time. This year he was
persuaded to make the run and
many of the old Republicans are
joining the Democrats in his
wiiiio my town, mule, or
Harney county as a whole for
that matter, does not have an
Elks lodge, the prospects arc that
before long wo will have several
lodges in that part of the state,"
said Mr. Ma lion this morning.
"The railroads arc coming our
way, and that means develop
ment of the land and the natural
resources now lying dormant.
"Tl'eO. W. It. &N. Co. will
build from Vale to Dog Mountnin
quality. I have about 1000 acres
of grain myself, and it is looking
"I havo been In Harney county
'M years and always know that
Harney county would come to
the front when wo got transpor
tation. "On tho way out to Vale I mot
a whole lot of settlers going in
with their families. Some brou
ght machinery, ready to begin
work, thinking they could pur
chase land cheaper than they
could locate, which is true. Whilo
there is a great deal of govern
ment land yet open and some of
it very good, taking up tho land
requires considerable time and
red tnpe.
"The alfalfa crop is certainly
fine this year, growing from 8 to
0 tons per acre.
"Tho old stockmen have de
cided to cut down their herds
and improve their ranches, as it
is found thnt the land will pay
better for farming than for stock
raising. But this new method
Way lo Gel Big Crop of Fine Fruil Told
By Prof. Bouquet of The Oregon
Agricultural College Faculty
"Considerable trouble has been
experienced in tho past in the
ripening of tho tomato crop,"
said Prof. A. G. H. Bounuot.
vegetable garden expert of llie
O. A. C recently. "One of the
greatest drawbacks has been in
tho dropping of blossoms in the
early summer, with a resultant
meagre setting of fruit. Instead
therefore, of having ripe toma
toes the Inst of July and middle
of August, many vines do not
hegin to sot fruit early enough
to permit ripening before the
fall. As a result there is much
loss either by the cracking of the
fruit by rains, or frosted vines.
"Tho mnkc-up of tho tomato
flower is such as to make it nec
essary often to pollcnnte tho
blossoms nrteficially. The trou
ble of poor setting of fruits is
nothing more or less than non
fertilization of the female organs
of tho flower. If this organ is
not properly pollcnatcd, the
flower will fall, breaking off at
tho first joint below.
Took 46 Ballots Before a Choice Was
Made and Convention Ends Most
Harmoniously Compared to its
Strenuous Sessions at First
Iho democrats came out, of loting for Vice-President began
their mixup at Baltimore with it seemed that the Bryan-Wilson
flying colors-thnt is the ending contigentin tho convention had j
was happier than it was predict- definitely settled upon Governor
ed from the long drawn out fight. Burke, of North Dakota. I
Gov Wilson received 990 votes There was not much of a fight,
on the 46th ballott and it was however, and when two ballots ,'
In o n made unanimous. Mr. I disclosed Marshall steadily in the
Bryan Bhowcd himself to be ca(j( Governor Burk's name was
the biggest man in the coun-j withdrawn and Marshall was I
try by tho way he manipulated nraclnimml fhnnnmJnno w nnnln.
this summer, a distance of 171 farming will mean that even
miles. About 500 men are at tually tho stockraising industry
work now and the contractors' will again flourish, for where ono
to hire all the men
are trying
they can get. The only thing
holding back progress is tho large
tunnel in Malheur canyon where
only a certain number of men
can work at the time. They
work three shifts from both ends.
Tho tunnel I think will bo some-
head is now being raised there
will be 10.
"Wo understand down our way
that the O.-W. It. & N. company
will not only extend its enst and
west lino from Dog Mountain to
the Deschutes river lino, but that
it will also be built on to San
thing like a mile in
is about 35 miles
Bight of way men are now in
Burns buying right of way clear
to Dog Mountain. I understand
that tho people of Harney and
Mnlheur counties are very liberal
with their right of ways, as they
understand that all Harney coun
ty needs is transportation facili
ties. The railroads havo just
realized that Harney county is
one of the best grain countries
in tho west. It has always been
knocked for the reason that peo
ple thought wo could not grow
length. It ' Francisco by wny of Alturas and
from Vale. ,Chieo, through a natural pass.
The distance from Dog Mountain
to San Francisco will be COO miles
or about the samensto Portland.
This California extension will
pass through an area immensely
rich in sugar pino nnd cedar tim
ber and in spots will develop agri
culturally. "The two roads will give to
Harney valley, and it is a big
stretch of land -15 miles wide nnd
GO miles long, two big markets,
Portland to the northwest nnd
San Francisco to the southwest
"Tomato blossoms remain open
several dnys, and pollenation can
be aided greatly by the garden
er. On the briuht. sunnv davs
the pollen in the flower will
scatter readily if the vino is
shaken or tapped with a stick or
lead pencil. A high temperature,
such as that between ten and two
o'clock, will cause the pollen to
scatter much more freely nnd be
caught by tho pistil, the femnle
organ. I would suggest that
somo plants bo kept as checks
and not shnken, to compare ic
sults. "If pruning or staking of the
vines is desired tho plants should
bo put closer together in the row,
2i or 3 feet, They should be
pruned to n single stem by re
moving all tho laterals at the
bxiIb of the leaves. They should
be supported with a stake and
cutoff when six feet high. Other
wise they should be planted four
feet apart in the garden or field."
affairs and his self sacrifice to
tho principles he advocates. He
compelled the lines to be dis
tinctly drawn between progrcs-
sivencss and reactionaries, there
fore there is no "straddle of the
fence" proposition for the voters.
It is now straight up to the
Senator Chamberlain of this
state had strong endorsement of
many for second place but it was
decided by the political work
ers that lie was needed in the
senate this seems to have been
the only reason his name was
not presented to the convention.
The Associated press briefly gives
the story of the final result of
tho convention as follews:
For President Governor
Wood row Wilson, of New Jer
sey. For Vice President Governor
Thomas R. Marshall, of Indiana.
This was tho ticket completed
by the Democratic National con
The nomination of Governor
Marshall for Vice-President by
acclamation after the second bal
lot came as something of a sur
p ise, for when the night's bal-
A minute later the convention '
had adjourned sine die. (
Governor Wilson was nominat
ed on the 46th ballot and his nom-'
ination, like that of Governor'
Marshall, quickly was madeun-
animous. The best of feeling'
pervaded both sessions and the
delegates seemed to be in a happy
frame of mind.
Mr. Bryan had announced his
intention of introducing a resolu
tion in effect discharging the!
National committee from con-
ducting the coming campaign and '
allowing Governor Wilson to ap
point his own campaign com
mittee. He was dissuaded from this
course and instead of making a
strife, he made a late speech,!
which he termed his "valedic
tory" and in happy vein turned
over the mantle of his former(
leadership as a presidential can
didate to Governor Wilson.
He pledged his faithful support
to the Presidential nominee and
ended by urging that cither Gov
ernor Burke or Senator George
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tho grain but regarded it as es- u w VtlV0 wjiat for tho past 30
sentinlly a Btock country. We yCara we have been waiting
did not grow grain for tho simplo patiently. And then a great
reason thnt wo had no market, .many rich valleys empty into
"But now tho railroad sees thnt i this valley.
we can raiso anything thnt can
bo raised in tho west, that wo
havo thousands of acres in crop
this year and that there will bo
no market for it unless tho rail
road contractors buy the grain
to feed this winter.
"When tho railroad is onco es
tablished there will bo an induce
ment for tho farmers to farm.
Harney, Mnlheur and Grant
counties can compote with any
grain country in tho 'United
"Tho big land owners arc will
ing to cut their holdings into
small farms and as that is being
dono tho production of tho soil
Narrows, Oregon.
July, 2, 1912
Editor Times-Herald:
We, the members of Local
Narrows, Socialist Party, wish
space in your paper to correct
the report that is being spread
throughout tho county that tho
putting of a Socinlist ticket in
tho field was a move to help the
"Burns King" (whatever that
maybe.) The movement to put
out a ticket was started by Local
Narrows and was not dono to
help or injuro any certain candi
dates on tho other tickets, nor to
favor nny certain locality. Let
tho candidates on tho other tick
ets fight their own battles. We
havo no part in it. If there is
such a thing as a "Burns Iting"
it hns been elected when tho So
cialists had no tickot in tho field,
so wo can't mako it nny worse.
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
will continue to Increse. I look Tho principles of Socialism are
for tho t,imo when Harney countv far bigger than Harney County
will bo ono of tho most produc-1 nnd the ticket wns put up for
tivo sections in the entiro coun- tho principles for which wo have
try." j stood "For lo, theso many years"
. Beware comrades, you who are
During tho summer months .being led astray by theso politi
mothers of young children should clans tales of tho "Burns King,"
watch for any unnatural loose- you who aro being "worked"
btatcs. iho soil is excellently ' g of lll0 K)WCa When given nnd not tho ones who havo worked
auapieu ior an kiiiuh ui curuniH. ,)rom,)t attention at this time to got a ticket in tho field. Ro
"Dry farms aro nearly ns good aerious trouble mny be avoided, member that no man is better
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and than tho principles for which
Diarrhoea Remedy can always stands.
as those irrigated, when properly
worked. Tho majority of old
timers just scratch tho seed into
tho ground, yet thoso rich places all dealers.
produced a fair crop. But it has ' -
now been demonstrated 'that the Vulcanizing at Gcmberling'e.
bo dopended upon. For salo by
Local Narrows,
Van B. Embree, Secretnry
Wo do job printing right kind
Ilvlltibte Cttlttnt
ol Jlii nt uCountu
Tlie Inland
. Four Well Equipped Linos. Excellent Facilities
For Transporation of Mail, Express or Passengers
Prairie City to Hums.
Burns to Diamond
Vale to Burns
Burns to Venator
Howard Kellog, Agt, Burns.
Superior Service - - Quickest Way
II. ROIIU, Agent, Burns Garage, Burns, Oregon
Homestead Locations
lU!Pi;i LAND
Empire Realty Company
V. T. J.KHTKH, MaiWRor
Wo represent that which 1m runted and ntllulilu, Wo handle nil
kind of Kfiil Kelnto mutters Wilto your hind filing puperu or
otliur luvul liuul papers correctly ami ipilokly , WK WANT YOUlt
FIKK INHlMtANOJJ ItUHINKBBs warupiummt two of tlio troiiot
ronipanlun In Ainerlca-TH AKTNA .( UAMTOKD CO'H.
Lint your proporty with tin, for b1u or tnulo. INyKSTJQATIC OUlt
tnut you. Auk our Clients. Call uiul ecu un,
ran THANK 100 ncres o flno lur mill -hn llntl.or
over Sl,0oo,ooo (eotiortok mij nom) mml tliruuuli UuJ
In llie mint Northern Malm llmlxjr hell Will tifiilo
lot lCOncui ollovul llnriii) Valley lnml Hutu llil
Burns ftffleat IVIarket
tl. J. HANSEN, Proprietor
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton,
Sasuage, Boloiiga,
Headcheese and Weinerworst, Etc.
Wholesale and Retail
Prompt and Satisfactory Service
Your Patronge Solicited and
Orders Given Quick Attention
lfJnnlintw1 nn mum A