The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 10, 1912, Image 3

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Local News.
:o job printing -right kind
canned corn $3.25 n cuho
an Mcrcantilo Co.
(lour (guarnnteo) $8. CO
Iarrimnn Mcrcantilo Co.
JohiiRon was among our
visitors during tho week.
cWcnger payfl tho highest
t price for hides nnd furs,
suit made by uh wo ab
ruarantoo. Sciiknk &.
(SSpi JobiiHon wan among our
Sn from Iiwon during the
ySaliotild inspect tho lino ns
Sawil of Wall Paper at Lun.i
qQpallon & Co'h.
Ijjy. McIIoflo linn fine pota-
atacd on dry land. See him
JSjjBjr Bupply.
SwMiuel Clark nnd family arc
.Tjvom tno Mann imko ranch
it to relatives and friends.
ivnto boarding Iiouho in
can accommodate a Tew
narderH. Inquire at this
Hurton. nnd old time res-
nTJjif Portland, is in tho city
cjtn templates locating here
mmentiy ami going into mm
flwhlarney County National
Hlcwill be pleased to attend
Jm payment of your tnxes
iWWccipt of your instructions.
JaMi'datcs will find a supply of
ittfSs for nomination at tho
rlilwrimnries at Tho Tinios-
nui! office. They aro pre
edfor both county and (lis-
)wJk to tho fact that a new
other alterations must
banking room of
jffftt National Hank in thin
JUjeir offices will bo located
lporarily. after Monday. Feb.
JWB the corner offices of The
M&IIcrald Building.
During tho winter bouhoii when tho
woiithor in ofton Htormy, utid tho rowta
uro fro(iionLly bad, our
Horvicu will l)g found of Hpecinl convon
ionco lo tlioHO living lit 11 diHtimco from
Capital and Surplus -$85,000.00
United States Depositary
Accounts Invited
Ira Mahon was in the city tluro
ing the week. J
Cleaning and Pressing neatly i
done by Schenk & Williams.
It. L. Hass was up from Nar
rows Thursday.
Clevenger pays the highest
market price for hides and furs.
Winona wagons aro tho best.
For snle by Ilarriman Mercantile
Five hundred score cards and
pencils at The Times-IIcrald
Vulcanizing at Gemberling's.
Archie McGowan arrived home
the first of this week from a visit
lo outside points.
Rough and dressed lumber of
all kinds now on hand at the
Williams Bros. Saw" Mill. Rough
lumber $lft per thousand.
G. W. Clevenger returned
home the first of the week from
u business trip to Drewsey and
other points.
Money to loan on Harney Coun
ty Improved Real Estate. Call
on, or write C. 0. Thomas,
Box 12 Vale, Oregon.
tmrfe in the
VMjIIanlcy nnd wife arrived
5$jhe first of the week from
Jd. Bill will remain at
feat.' Umfc, visit the various
ittlS nnd take a look around
KHRno folks. Ho expects la
uno Portland to nttedd the
fMfcn congress called for tho
t3trt of the month.
1wlro bovB gnvo n delightful
if party and luncheon at
wtyitna Tuesday night there
jjrXmiething over 100 invited
fijpresent. Carl Welkcr
lTls. Spraguc composed tho
iwtfitce having the nffairs in
rftand thoy did the thing
ijtThosc i resent were pro
frahofr praise and expressed
jfjBRinks to the fircmun for n
WMli evening.
Specinl Coat Sale. All Ladies'
A. Dunn will deliver good. , and Childrens' Coats IKli per cent
wild hay at your barn for $10.00 .ofT. Sweater coats 25 percent
Ior ton. ' ' olf and a reduction on all Winter
II. C. Albritton, of Lnwcn, coming. -a. k. iulhaiuum,
was registered at the trench W. R Dawson was in town
hotel Wednesday.
jim :.,.! ore head
ir iiiivivj ti 1 1 v. iiviu
Bill's like a bear with
his wife has been
gone several weeks on a visit to
outside points and Bill has had
to batch.
Eggs from leading varieties
standard bred poultry, express
prepaid, $2.00. Write for circu
lar. Simpson's Pheasant Farm,
Corvallis, Oregon.
.1. M. Iloffcditz and wife were
up from their Valley -View home
Thursday on land business. They
Roy Van
tho first week in company with
Archie McGowan. He will take
eharge of tho abstract business
for Mr. McGowan.
Tho Harney Saw Mill, It. L.
Bunvnrd proprietor, now has on
hnnd n largo amount of rough
and dressed lumber nnd can fill
orders on short notice. A good
road to tho mill. Hurry orders
ninv he 'nlioned in.
were accompanied homo by their
beverai noignnors speninn en- daughter, Miss Florence, who has
joyablo evening at the borneof1,, attending high school but is
Mr. and Mrs. A- K. Richardson i COmiiellcd to cease her studies
Wednesday. It was in the nature , on accounl of ii0r cyos.
of a leap year party- the ladies
were pitted against the gentle- C. C. Connor was in the city
men in playing Five Hundred, during the week on land business.
Mr. nnd Mrs. I fcehwartz each" Mr. Connor is a largo land holder
were awarded tho favors for! and farmer in Umatilla county
hiirhest scores, tho consolation and has acquired land here. He
prizes going to Mrs. Julian Byrd is a progressive man and believes
nd A. C. Welcome. Refresh-
Vulcanizing" at Gemberling's.
Walter Riddle la over from tho
Stcens mountain country.
Some Bargains in Fall nnd
Winter goods,
M. II. Brcnton and wife ar
rived home Saturday from a vis
it to outsido points.
S. T, Hutton and son Thomas
were in from their Wagontirc
home during tho week.
Attention is called to tho ad of
E. B. Reed & Son in this issue.
A special Bale that is worth while
is on.
Lost On the Htrect a solid gold
chatelino pin set with three
pearls. Reward. Return to this
Mrs. Simon Freiman took her
departure Sunday morning for
Los Angehs where she will visit
for an indefinite time.
Go to the White Restaurant
for Chicken Supper Wednesday.
and Sunday evenings.
J. E. Stoy, Prop.
Watch Burns Grow.
Walter Sullivan who has been "K
employed in the C. A. Haines
mercantile store at Narrows, is
in the city hobnobbing with old
time friends. He has resigned
his position down Ihere.
Wantkd A good homestead
location, not loo far from timber
for fuel. Would take a good re
linquishmcntif the price is right.
Give full particulars and price.
Address A. VanHoiin, Ryan,
The Harney County National
Bank will be pleased to attend to
the payment of your taxes upon
receipt of your instructions.
There was a prize fight at the
skating rink Thursday night the
principals being Jack Belmont
nnd Herman Theis, the latter be
ing victorious in the second
round. There was a large attendance.
Chan. Johnson' Was tin frdffi
ILawen Thursday
Three room cottage and barn
for rent. Inouire at thin office.
Schenk & Wil-Ka. a. Swain. R. It. Sitz. Fred
Otley and Bailey Hayes came up
from Lawcn yesterday.
Foil Sam:-Black Pcrcheron
Stallion, f years old in spring.
Good papers. Claude McGee.
It. .1. Williams is over from
Silver creek on a visit to his
family and nttending to some
Ladies of Burns are invited to
call at the home of Mrs. H. M.
Horton and see samples of the
Spirella Corsets.
Money to loan on Harney Coun
ty Improved Iteal Estate. Call
on, or write C. 0. Thomas.
Unv AO Vol. n.r,nr.
Get a safety Incubator of W.
T. Smith he simply guarantees
them and is here on the ground
to make them good. No oil, no
'explosion, and hatch as many of
the eggs as any machine on
John Carey and wife were in
from their Crane Creek home
during the week guests at the
home of his mother.
i M
ments woro served following the
in making land work, therefore
wo mav expect to see his hold
ings in this county developed.
We are waiting for the trucks to bring in
our new Spring Goods.
We are going to dispose o( our present
stock by means oi a Surprise Sale.
Thet goods will be changed at irequent
intervals, and the prices. will be plainly
marked on tags. Before the sale is over
every line in the store will have been re
presented. So it will
to come in every day and Jook around.
On one or more visits, you will surely see
something you need; something you can
not afford to miss. SALE BEGINS
I. Schwartz
We are having considerable
rain this week and the moisture
is penetrating the ground. This
is certainly to the advantage of
the dry land farmer and gives
excellent prospects for a bounti
ful crop season.
The Saturday Afternoon Read
ing Club, the ladies who started
and arc the main support of the
public library of Burns, are pre
paring an entertainment which
will be given at Tonawama dur
ing the first week in March as a
library 'benefit. Details are not
complete and it will be given ex
tended mention later.
We have decided to discontinue
our line of alcohols and liquors
and have some sweeping re
ductions in price. Now is the
time to lay in a supply before the
stock is exhausted. It will not
last long at the price we are mak
ing. We will sell you a good
article at $3.50 per gallon.
Bukns Department Store.
The Burns Commercial Club
has arranged for the printing of
10,000 pamphlets descriptive of
the resources of Harney county
which will soon be ready for dis
tribution. In this work as in all
other undertakings of the club
all parts of thn county are given
consideration and the pamphlets
will be of great benefit to the en
tire country.
Dr. W, H. Kiddand his son
W. L. arrived here last Saturday
and have been out at the A. E.
Murphy holdings near Iron
Mountain. Both nre fnvorably
impressed with the opportunities
of this big coun'ry and expect to
be closer identified with it in the
near future. They are returning
to Seattle today to so arrange
their affairs as to return here to
riimnin normnnnnllv.
Peter Clemens and wife and
son Glenn arrived home Tuesday
evening from an extended visit
to southern California and Old
Mexico. They had a delightful
time, spending several weeks in
visiting various places of interest,
being with tho Wilsons and
Millers (Chas. and Frank) a por
tion of tho time. Mr. Clemens
had mnny interesting experiences
during the trip, especially in
Tho first formal announcement
for tho coming primary election
is mnde today by E. C. Egglcs
ton who seeks tho democratic
nomination for clerk. Mr. Eggle
ston is ono of our progressive
farmers of Sunset precinct nnd
has been dovoting considerable of
his timo of late to soliciting nnd
writing life insurance. Ho is
qualified for tho position he seeks
and has an extended acquaint
ance. His friends confidently
beliovo that should .ho get tho
nomination ho will bo elected.
At the rnvitation of the Bible
class and pastor, Biil Hanley
gave a talk at the Presbyterian
church last Tuesday evening, on
his trip through the East with
the Governor's Special which
was arranged by Louis W Hill,
of the Great Northern Railway,
for the purpose of giving the
people of the East an opportun
ity of getting first hand authen
tic information respecting the
wonderful resources of the West
awaiting development
Mr. Hanley was with the
special during almost the entire
tour ' and made many observa
tions. Mr. Hanley was greeted by an
overflowing house and a very
enjoyable time was spent. Dr.
L. E. Hibbard presided and Mr.
Fellows opened the program
with a finely rendered organ solo
followed by an invocation by the
Rev. JDr. Babbidge. The ladies'
quartet, composed of Mrs. Gault,
Mrs. Farre, Mrs. Gowan and
Mrs. McHoae. sang "Annie Lau
rie" which brought forth admir
ing praise. Charles and Roland
Gowan sang a patriotic duet
Dr. C. C. Babbidge introduced
Mr. Hanley who then gave a half
hour talk of the trip in an en
tertaining manner, expressing
his belief that the result of the
tour was of great benefit to the
West and that satisfactory re
sults would certainly follow.
His observations convinced him
of the necessity of the develop
ment of this vast territory for
the benefit of mankind and that
this will be accomplished in the
immediate future.
His talk was punctuated with
humorous incidents of the trip
that made it very entertaining.
Some of his friends suggested
that even though Bill had been
brevited "Colonel" it might be
well to also extend the handle
and add D. D since it didn't
seem at all embarassing to him
to occupy the pulpit at the church
The annual election of Sunday
School ofiicers for the onsuing
year was held at the Presbyter
ian church last Sunday.
Superintendent Harry W.
McIIoso; Assistant Superintend
entA. M. Byrd;Supprindent of
Primary Department and Cradle
Roll-Wrs. Will King; Superin
tendent of Home Department
Mrs. C. C. Babbidge; Secretary
Miss Agnes Miller; Treasurer -Mrs.
C. C. Babbidge; Librarian
Miss Helen Purrington; Choris
ter Mrs. Will King; Organists
Misses Roberta Hibbard and
Chespn King.
The teachers selected were
Messrs. W. L. Blott and A. B.
Whitney. Mesdames Blott.Geary,
Loggan and Babbidge. Misess
Ellis, Hodder and Egli.
While absent Aichie MeGowniV
perfected the organization of the
Burns Consolidated Auto Co.
which will look after transporta
tion between this city and Bend.
Besides Mr. McGown, Frank
Dibble, John Collins, Jay Saltz-
man and J. H, Wenandy arc in
terested in the new company and
Uiey-nrn equipping the line with
high claHsautos of sufficient num
ber to handle the business with
out delay.
A regular schedule will be
maintaiued as soon as the affairs
arc gotten under" way and the
traveling public may lie assured
of every comfort and convenience
possible. There will be node-
lays as they will have sufficient
equipment to take care of the
business and so arrange as to ac
comodate the public. Round trip
tickets will be furnished and the
autos will make connections with
trains so there will be no delay.
Mr. McGowan found business
prospects very bright during his
visit to Portland and other points
and 8,'iys Harney county is being
well advertised and discussed.
He doesn't anticipate any parti
cular rush here during the early
spring but thinks there will be
large numbers coming in all dur
ing the season and that it will
increase rather than diminish as
the construction work on the rail
road progresses nearer to our
Tonawama Stock Co. gave an
other production last night to a
good house. "A Cheerful Liar"
has snap and was well received
by those present It is a comedy
where every part has good lines
and the cast last night se med to
make good as a whole. The
makeups were exceptionally
Ora Hill demonstrated his
popularity with the public when
he was applauded upon coming
before the footlights and sang
two songs that were well receiv
ed. The next bill in which the
Tonawama Stock Co. will appear
is "The Merry Cobbler" in which
C. A. Harlan plays the leading
roll. It has a large cast thirteen
characters, and the addition to
the cast tside from the regular
members of the company, have
been carefully selected.
Had "The Merry Cobbler"
been written with a special re
gard for the requirements of
amateur players, it could not
have been happier in its results.
There is not a poor part in the
piece, and it will please patrons
by the simplicity of its story and
the strong undercurrent of heart
interest mingled with comedy
low and high, light and broad.
It will be produced Friday night,
Feb. 23.
Political Announcements
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of county
clerk of Harney County subject
to the decision of the democratic
voters at the primary election to
be held April 19, 1912.
Oregon Life Maintains Its
Wonderful Supremacy
On the first day of January.
1U12, Oregon Life had $5,217,000
insurance in lorce every dollar
of it was Oregon business; no
other company did so much busi
ness in Oregon last year; Harney
county furnished her share in
1911. But we are not batisfied
and intend to double the produc
tion in 1912. If you are morally,
physically, mentally and financi
ally able to carry insurance we
want your business.
E. C. Egcjleston,
District Manager.
urns Sheet
Metal Works
Tin, Cupper, Sliett Iron Work of all
Camp Slopes, Tauks, Jobbing, Plumb-
iuir lo order. Ghe Us a Trial.
Proprietor. ViickII ' Old Stand,
Saving Habit
forms a constant check on expendi
tures, and the small sums saved,
though insignificant in themselves,
soon create a surplus which may be
substantially increased by judicious
One witli a little temy money to draw upon
enn take adrunlngc of opportunities when thejr
' The best preparation for opportunity i a grow
"K taingn account right here at this bank
of Burns, Oregon
United States Depositary
for Postal Savings Fund
I I juL
The New Year is here so
are we and glad for another
opportunity to present to you
the largest and most com-
of general hard
ware in Central Oregon.
Toy Wagons Electric En
gines, Sleds, Skates,
Chairs, Fine China, Cut
Class, Crockery; Vases?
Brass Goods, Cutlery,
In fact anything and everything to suit the fancy as
well as tho pocket book. Uueful goods as well as ornamental-
Call and look over our stock before 'all the
fine selections are cone.
Agents Gasoline Plants
Repair Work Plumbing &
Guns and Ammunition
H irdware Merchants
i -1 f
,i i3"5& WaCWiS
With the most optomiatic faith in the future of
BURNS and HARNEY COUNTY we enter the
New Year of
We anticipate for !ou and ourselves unexcelled
prosperity and hope you will co-operate with us
to make this possible. "United we stand,
divided we fall. "
5 The Burns Dep'm't. Store
a- .
Mail Orders will receive prompt attention.
We tulsh you a Happy and
Prosperous FJeui Year.
We want to thank you for your
past patronage and hope to be
able to serve vou In the, future.
We have a complete line
of Drugs, Patent Med
cine, Toilet Articles,
and Fine Confectionery
Prescriptions carefully com
pounded. Piano votes with every
Reed Bros., Proprietors
under new management
Jonh R. Walkup, Proprietor
Firs(Class Well Appointed House
Sample Rooms Commercial Travelers
Stkayiui From Uakerman I.ako
near Kiley, about November 15;
one red yearling heifer with
wbito face; ono roan yearling
heifer; both animals branded 0
extended T on loft side; mark
crop and split in loft ear nnd
under bit in right. Howard for
information leading to their re
covery. C, A, Ivy.
Riley, Oregon.
Stolkn -From tho John Oard
ranch a sorrel gelding between
l and f years old; small spot in
forehead and weighs between
1200 and MOO lbs.; a good road
ster; branded a lazy oil left
shoulder. Suitablo reward for
information leading to his recov
ery. Mns Mauv A. Oakd,
Lawen, Oregon.
Job printing- TheTimea-Iferald