The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 21, 1911, Image 2

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    A now bank is to bo started in
Let us take your measure for a
They arc cheaper of you consider
quality, wearing and style
I colors rind irold. and all the issues'
mfm-tlirtvniiininiiHr weeks in 1011 Ontario at once. It will bo a
Come in and inspect our season
able line of fabrics
fterjlhing lo Vear for People Who Care.
Only High Class Tailoring
Burns, Oregon, Odd Fellows Bldg
free from the time the subserin-' state bank with
tion is received.
Onlv $1.75 now, baton January
1, 1912, the pi ice will be advaced
to $2.00.
Tun Youth's Companion,
14 1 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass.
New Subscriptions Received at
this Office.
,waWMMWMWmWiW!W.l't WWI MWWMi l111
ghc (Timcs-Cutnftl
1 III. IAN 111 1111
Ono Ycr .
Six Month
Three Month
The Bujinj; Power of SI 75
A little money sometimes buys
a good deal. For instance, take
the subscription price of The
Youth's Companion for a year ,
SI. 75. If all the good reading in
j the 52 weekly issues of the paper J
were published in book form, ac- j
cording to its kind, it would j
.make about thirty volumes of,
fiction, science, essays by famous
Billy Hudspeath and his
nephew, Roy Hindman, arrived
here Wednesday with the body
of the former's father, Greene
Hudspeath, for burial. iMr.
Hudsper. '1 was one of the re
spected pioneers of this section.
He and his estimable wife left
here last year to make their home ,
with Billy at Sumpter where he
died. It was his request that he
be brought to Burns for final in
terment and the body was ex
humed last week and the son and
grandson brought it over in a
steel casket and placed it in the
family lot in the Burns cemetery.
The family have many friends
$2T.,000 capital.
This beautiful fall weather is
certainly to the liking of all and
is one of the attractions of this
Adrian and wifo loft
for home the first of this week
after a visit with relatives and
friends in this city.
i ' Ed Stallard and wifo have been
hero the past week guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.
Cawlfield. Mrs. Stallard was
over to attend institute.
Mw. Rose Hembree McGrath
of Trenton Mo., has been visit
ing her parents over in Prineville.
She did not get in here to visit
her manv friends on account of
limited time in which she had to
tcturn to her home.
S. C. Garrett came in Thurs
day from his home in Washinton
and has been kept busy greeting
old time friends. Ras has been
m tne siock business and lias a
fine alfalfa farm. Ho may buy
I enmii potfl.i iIiim Jwir
among the pioneer people of."
this section who express satis- Mrs. Lloyd Johnson underwent
faction that the body of their old a serious operation at the hands
friend has been placed at rest of Drs. Marsden & Grillith yes
near his former home. ,terday afternoon. She was le-
moved from the operating tablo
i aiigiiiiiwinnrr"
I Jtt jiW-
on a visit to his
sister Miss
their Silver
to the home of Mrs. Win. Cum
mins where she is reported today
Wanted -Five pick and shovel' as doing very well.
writers, household management j men wanted at the Forks of the j jiar,.y Smith, J. E. Johnson
nnA pcnnnmips. snorts find nns- BlitZOll River. n,l ru,! M.n .,....:. .,1 i,.
Thursday afternoon, Octobers, ti fb tu , hjstor.. I T ,,,.. , ,, . .,. ''tw',. .m, ijsii ' u.,i,. n,i
mr tifH t.l. i -r ' u lit iiviuu ir? til Hi n uv; nvii a uvmuj nivu iui iiitiuv nt
.tills " i -vuw AtiAiifiArAc htimnt air I hn
,. nucvuuiw, "uuivii fcv ...
, the first of the week.
era! volumes. Among these is
The L. N. Society will meet on an(j
at the home of
at the usual hour.
of the society desires every mem
oer io oe present at mat ume. Raiph P.dne's great story of
as it will be the first meeting Boxer Rebellion in China. '
after the summer vacation. Cmss and the Dragpn
I he president :i ..:, i .m h ,- .. , -..
sriim aiu.ii; huuju iiii au- ti
- i
0. S. Preston was in tne city
Sidney Wilkes, the harness horses
which had been participating in
the outside fairs. The boys are
ii,ff ,u ...1. --i.,ii. i quite wen satisfied wit l tneir
The . , , . , , .,'.. i .trin and sav thev have some
,, t'i:Litiii im iiiu?.iiL'ii lui tannin iiu -
Anotner irace horses that will be heard
State Organizer W. R. Gekeler is by J. W. Schultz, who was ' "
attended the grange meeting here adopted by Blackfeet when a
October 14. .v- It is called "The Quest for
, ,',. ...... the Fish-Dog Skin." Another is
Valley View Grange will hold a dorious piris' story by C. A.
an all day session Nov. 11 so Stephens caHed "juia Syives.
come prepared to spend tne day. er It is a story of a "Mercer" '
E. R. Potter is hauling lumber Sl in the pioneer days of Ore
for the new school building. son and Washington -and that
is only part of the serials.
Florence Hoffeditz who is at- lt will cost you nothing to send
tending high school at Burns, for the beautiful announcement
spent the first of the week with of The Companion for 1912, and
her parents. we wjj sencj wjth jt sample copies
Mrs. Luper attended teachers" of the paper.
institute at Burns this v,eek ? nuot frget, the new
subscriber for 1912 receives a
from next season
with proper
Deputy Postmaster Will Gould
has returned from John Day
where he spent last week visit-! A reception to Rev. C. C. Bab
ing relatives and attending the I bidge and wife will be given by
Always ready for job work.
Frank Caltorson is a business
visitor from Law on.
ti,.m Am in iroiu mv
1 much today
wife and son.
Woodio Best and
Fthcl aie in from
Crook home today.
Supt. Hamilton left Thursday
for Prineville taking Prof. How
1.... nmt Pmf. flnrv out in his
it-, ,... - .
K. J. McKinnon is disposing
of his fruit crop and vegetables
and expects to take a trip to out
side points where ho will spend
the w inter.
L. M. Brown and wifo, aocom
ixinied by Miss Leila, Marie and
Elworlh Egli, went to the Egh
home at Wagontire Friday, re
turning Tuesday.
W. W. Smith and son have ar
rived from Prosser. Wash., on
their way to Wagontire whom
they each have 320 acre bonie
st, ads. They came prepared to
begin farming and expect to seed
big acreages for next year's crop
fir filn Hehrondt. the well
known optician, who has boon
making regular trips here for
several years, is at the Bums
and will remain until Oct. 2i
Dr. Behrendt may decide to
locate pcimanently in this sec
tion as she desires to get some
of Harney Valley's good land.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
window sale next Fridav will be
held in the building now occu
pied by C. B. McConnell as an
office. The sale will open at -1
o'clock and the ladies will have
pumpkin pie. brown bread, baked
beans, cottage cheese, dough
nuts, cake, cookies, rolls, salads
and meats.
miMiai 1X11
Brown's Satisfactory Storol
V arc in
price than
a position lo make you a ( fi
any quotation submitted i()Jf
by any Harney County merchant,
us the list. We will sell under it. I hjs ,(
a '
u'MiiiM'wiii'ii"''a,M',''l',''l'''p'M'w'''''"''""'''M''''''1"' ".' ' ""wfc.Q,'i
SriiimiwMrmniii ' '" ' hhmmihw " ' "' ml mJUT
ppolnlniciil ol Jtnlnlilrlor -J ci
1 H V lltirc Onctu'd OIUcch in lln v. m
-- nu t,,
H. F. Huntly made a business
trip to Harney last week
Mesdames H. C. Levens and
A. C. Welcome arrived home
Sunday from their visit to Boise
where they were the guests of
relatives and attended the state
The ice wagon is now open for
dra work and makes its stand
at the Histner corner When it
i not there leave your orders on
tne rresoytenan Lames Aiu on
Nov. 10th at S o'clock p m. at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gault.
Dr. Holt of Portland, field secre
tary for the Pacific coast district,
and one of the foremost Presby
terians in the northwest, who
was for twenty years a mission
ery 111 China, will be one of the
.J. N. Terwilliger has made a
trade of his property near liar- j
ney for land in the Yakima Val-1
ley. Wash. The trade was made (
through W. T. Lester and invol
ves a consideration of $S,000. 1
Henry Kenney. who was thei
other party of the trade, takes
immediate possession here and
Mr. Terwilliger leaves next week
for Washington. '
In ttn mnltt'r t.f tin. huiful Hurry U
Mci'lurn, HvriMMd
Noli li hervlir leii llmt by onlur
of the County Court of the HU' of Orr
'gtin for llnrno)' Conntv, Uiilv nmlo nnl
Blittirtl on the) KHhdtiy of llctolwr, 1911,
the miilf rlnel wt duly niMiiiit,l ml
nilnli.trtor ..( the KeUto of Harry It.
j Mt Clare, deccntd. All wrr.n Imvii'K
cllm in rtinet tliebi)eliil,iin) Ihti
h nolitli-l to r)'Wil the Dime mtiHwI
ii by l required, t the Uhdrf(il(tiiel
At Ijiwhii Oregon h ftfiln lx Mnnitln
(ri 11) tl' Ute hereof, Kll'l till tiollie in
Itlteil Hi' .'Ut 'hi ofO. tol-er, H'll
1,1 m l"MN- in V liiilnUlruli r
guests of honor. lie comes toKgupt John Gilcroal of the P.
install Mr Babbidge as pastor of , i c. Co, suffered a Colles'
irif t of The Companion's calendar on the slate and they
for 1912, lithographed in ten tended to.
this church on Nov 12th. A
will be at-1 cordial invitation to all members
and friends of the church.
Everything" that our long exprience has found needed by peopie of
Build Up Your Own Town and Community
by trading with your home merchants
have established and will maintain an up to date department store.
A few of the thousands of articles carried in stock enumerated below
Dry Goods Wares of all kind Entertainment
fracture of the right wrist this j
morning by being thrown from a
cart. He and Chas. Cronin were ,
driving a spirited team and in
alighting to open a gate the(
latter caught the lines with hi
foot jerking them from Mr. Gil
crtst's hands and the team ran
away throwing him out. Drs. i
Marsden & Griffith reduced the
I fracture. ,
I Mrs Frank Davey and Dr.
I.habeth Ellis were join host-r--f-.
at a very enjoyable Five
Hundred party at the home of
t r . furmcr on Tuesday evening.
' irge company of friends were
pn nt and all expressed them--i.hi"
as having a delightful
time Mrs. C. F. McKinney and
Mr- A. K. Richardson were
awarded first honors among the
ladies for the highest scores.
John Gemberling and Sam
llLssnuT IJuililiiftf
.New HrunsttU-IhlU Pwl Tables
CIGARS. I01UCC0. 1'lTIS. Lie.
Irtv I inplo) Hn lit I'Unii If t'ii
Hunt a i .it loll i'aII In ml l" er
II ' u ml help mil i r ik.' llie
I li"in
lllSKIl JilflN-InS, IT...U
liuildiny in Hums, and arc Pnpt
Purnish Accurate,
and Complete AbslmR
Title to &dl Lands in HanictgJ
Buy and Sell Real Ifsis
Larje and Small Tracu.1
Write -irc Insurance i(
Strongest Old Line loitf-'
i. j.
I'nvate in-.tiuction. in
Sight singing and Health Cultu
in classed
Studio over The Turn t.tld
8,000 acre tract irrigated la
he-t in Central Oregon-'fin
class colonization projec,
i i
on i
liusincsH In I rusted To Ta Hi.. M1
Prompt and Careful At Unlit" en'c
Rooms I niiii
f MiiHonir Huildins: rorr
S toy's Restaurant
and Bakery
llilnl iliMir Miiitli sldo lllMiier lliilMlnc
J. I . MO, Pruprlctiir
Mothershead were awarded first J i.unclics. short onlcr. pies, hreml.
prizes for the men. Dainty re-1 enkw, etc. etc
fn aliments were served. ipa.milv nAtin sm n-rn.-n
-'Young's Meat Market & (3
Has a full line of
A Complete Line of Staple and
Fancy DRY GOODS including
Ladies Cloaks, Waists, Skirts, Sweat
ers, Shawls, Hand Bags, Bods and
Bedding, Undermuslins, Dres Goods,
Hosiery, Corsets and Corset Covers.
Gent's Supplies
The Most Complete and Up-to-Date
Gents' Furnishing Dep't.
Men and Boys Suits and Overcoats;
Socks, Neckties, Collars and Cuffs,
Cuff Buttons and Links, New Stock
of Working and Dress ShirK Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Underwear Suspenders,
Levi Strouss and "Boss of the Road"
Overalls, Jumpers, Linen Dusters.
Rubber foot wear, Rubber clothing.
Drugs, Oils, Etc.
We mention here a few of the very
tilings carried in this department.
Perfumery, Face Powder, Creams and
Solutions, Toilet Articles, Blue Vitro,
Formaldehide, Chloride Lime, Turpen
tine, Gasoline, Kerosene, Lubricating
Oils, Stock and Poultry Foods, Insect
Powders and all Household Remedies.
Pure California Wines, Grape Juice
and Liquors for household purposes.
rure, uenatureu
and wood
Sal soda. Paints and oils.
Prices Reasonable.
Are so representative in character
that it is possible to furnish jour home.
WOODENWARE Brooms, Brushes,
Willow Ware. Water Bags, Barrels
and Kegs and chopping bowls, etc.
QUEENSWARE-Fine China. Cut
Glass, Silver Deposit Ware, Mirrors,
Cooking Utensils, Pottery, Lamps.
HARDWARE-Nails, Garden Tools,
Rope, Cuttlery -Full line of Tinware
Barb wire, staples, roofing, fruit jars,
caps and rubbers; steel traps; Cold
Blast and dashboard lanterns.
JEWELRY-Clocks, Watches, Stick
Pins, Belt Buckles, Chains. Fobs.
Headquarters Sport
ing Goods, Guns, Am
m un ition Fish ing and
Camping Outfits.
Tents, Tarpaulians &
Wagon Covers.
We are proud of this department and
can give satisfaction to all iMen,
Women and Children. We carry the
celebrated Buckingham & Ilecht line.
All Honorable Competition Met.
For family, friends and jourself if
you purchase a PHONOGRAPH with
RECORDS. We have them in stock.
Children's Dep't
Our Children's Department is so
complete that we can furnish your
little ones from top to toe. We have
not overlooked the Dolls and Toys.
Of all kindsFlour, Bacon, Lard,
Honey, Grain, Grass Seed, and Feeds,
all kind of Farm Produce, Fresh Fruit
and Vegetables, Evaporated Fruits.
Special Articles
Umbrellas, Parahols, Trunks, Valises,
Suit Cases, and Mutterick Patterns.
Banquet candles, Nolious, Confeclioaaries,
Gasoline mantles and globes, Cobblers oulfifs,
lialf-soles and tacks, Tobacco and cigars.
Grain and Wool Bags, Sack and
Binder Twine
Your Business Solicited.
1 vmW
ry 1
UtLlrtAL MAKVbSltju
Get our Prices on Groceries, llarte
Is Now Reached via Deschutes Branch
Oregon-Washington Railroad S Navigation Co.
For both I'uHwcnj;(r mid Freight Tniflic to and from M,ul
das, .MoLolius, Culver, Opal City, KmIiiioikI, UoihI
other Central Oregon point,
son n i) u i,K
I.v I'oitland
I.v. 'lliu Dullm .
I.v. Di'Poliiiti-H .Ic
Ar. MadriiH
Ar, Metolltw
Ar OpiilClty
J 7 fiO
I II) 00 A.M.
I 10 I'. M
I 80 I' M.
. 5 IR I' M.
(I W) I' M
ii :to i . m
I.v. OjihI Cllv g r, a.
I.v MhIoIIiu . . h ,
I.v Mnilrai . ) 00
Ar. Duncliiitm Jc -, p
Ar, 'I Iiii Dalle ;, y
Ar. I'ortlHuil r, ij )
Auto and regular Htauo connections at La I'ino, Fort Hock.Silvorhakc
-""W "", miimui r.iiio .will oiiiur iniutiii poiiita
The Direct, Quick and Natural ante between Port
land and All Points in Central Orefon
('.ill on liny O -W It AN Kel for luf-rmiillo., ,l,l(., r ,, ,vm
WM. McMUlillA Y
(.1 M It V I 1'A H M,l - i,i si
1'OK 1 1 M) OKI.i.i s
urns Meat Marl
N. J. MAN5UN, I'ropri tor
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mu
Sausage, Bologna, Vm
Headcheese, Wienerwui
mid ti Uiiiiii" in ii rifwf ..l.iun Mi'iil W
'fi. iuantit
Wholesale and Reta
Prompt and Satisfactory Se
During Fair Week.
IIAKItlTON & STONRK, l'"i'i"tin
ffi WIlolfHIlIt' llllll l-J . yr . . . 4 I
VliolcHiili and Retail
Imported and Dornrstlc
C. A. BEDELI,, Burns, Oregon
di!iilCirttina- and J
' ""
heatoH for hiiIh. nil ui...u ...i oti, i.i.m,I,uIip ''
leiiKtliH, iirlco 20 cpiiIh K.r foot. 'diHordcml '"liuh,
jr inn- (iohiiimk Itoaiiw iwhIrogH lierluinVl .!'
W. A .'on f .1, (). All.errton, and tho lit . i1!1
Albc r i.n, Oregon. I''or Hale l '' u'
1 J&