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"BTtlc Whiles -Jiernlft
Tho Olllclftl I'npor of Hnrmy Comity
Ima ttio largwt clrcnlfttloi! nml taonout
ho bust mlvortlnliiK inoillmnn In Knatorn
Site 0rcnt Tlnrticy CCotititt'u
(Vncnt mi imm of flia.KOO ni'i ol
IiiiiiIi 4,(V)l,(iM nctwi jet vncatit (Hihivil
tii entry imili-r tlio pulillo liiml mwfr ul
ttio United Mil! i.
NO 41.
uL'f Hit ro JH iira n
hrt Gathering of Material and
Tools for Construction Work
Paper Says Steam Shovel There and Work Train
Big Crew Expected to Begin on Oregon the
Eastern Toward Harney GO Miles This Year.
jf-way agents have been
bula'ting throughout the
.Valley south of this city
grade. Tho pupils nro to Btudy
there in tho earlier grades; they
are to talk about them, and in
tho advanced gradoa they are to
bo made tho basis of composition
work. It is especially urged that
tho teachers show tho pupils
how to correct their own errors
instead of "doing this work for
In tho first thrco grades tho
pupils arc to study tho pictures,
roproduco short stories told by
tho teachor and correct their
most common orrors in speaking.
In tho intermediate grades they
are to reproduco in writing short
narratives, to memorize a certain
amount of poetry and to write
friendship and business loiters.
Tho work in technical grammar
is given in tho sixth, seventh
and eighth grades. A careful
Mr. Miller's team was loosu
but ho had much dilliculty in get- outline lms.beon prepared so that
tiny them out of the corral finally tho teacher will not spend to
n...mwwi:.w. .. f... Mw.t i.k.ji fi.wllt. I mitnli tinwi mmIIi fliiu i'ntlr utirl
week for the purpose of , , .V. ,.i.,..i :.. ... m..:..i. i ,, ..:.
iiurncu aim win proudly Liu ruin-; ui a muiiuii-iii. tuiiuiiiii . n"-'t
the needed strips of
ho building of Hie Orc-
ern railroad out of this
the interior. A conver-
itween railroaders the
of the week revealed
that no time is to be
jndertakng the grad
c on the trans-Oread.
Railroaders nro so
the present time that
lly know how to pro-
e Oregon Eastern, es-
ince they have no time
order to hold the right
ver government laiuls
he Malheur canyon.
a big steam shovel
h landed in the local
another is in the On-
s waiting for shipment
The work is slow
Bders state that it is al
ossible to gather a work
and necessary equip
is time. Little is said
ure ot the work, but
svho have been watching
rsing with the railroad
sure that the Oregon
will be undertaken as
e local yards are placed
dition for switching
he arrival of part of
on Wednesday is an-
onger indication that
be started in a short
ed for any work. He lost his
i Resides Mr. Miller's lass the
i French hotel had a large quantity
of table and bed linens which had
been sent there to be laundiued.
Mrs. Sibert had some household
goods stored there that were also
Mr. Miller has had a rather
trying time for several years and
this loss is felt. He put in three
crops out at his Warm Springs
place in the last three years and
the grasshoppers destroyed them
He finally quit and came to Burns
to do team work and had been
quite busy up to the disabling of
his team. Friends havo ofTcrcd
him a team and as soon as his
burned horses do not require his
attention he will again be at
It was not learned whether Mr.
Fenwick carried any insurance
or not. Tho house and barn were
well constructed buildings, well
arranged and practically new.
n road will be put in
and that railroaders
actors are now making
in preparing for the
A shorter course in technical
grammar, a complete course in
drawing, naturo study, agricul
tural, industrial work and mus
ic and manual training, opening
with a course of study in nhysio-
reliablo source it has i0Ky and hygiene, in which spc-
learned that at leasti,.in nmnh.isis i laid on nrnetieal
hygiene, are some of the features
in the new course of study for
the schools which has been pre
pared by Superintendent Alder
man. The manual of tho revised
course of study will be ready for
distribution about August .'!0.
Clean finger nails, well brushed
ceed the railroad and , iajr si,jny aj,0C3 am cCim cioli,.
Iways next to the situ-l03 ,irc other recommendations,
other strong indication. In commenting on the new
is to bo a lively center 'courses tho Sunerintendont says:
rery short time. It is I In cslrrvmir on tho work out-
dthat Chief O'Brien linP(i : tilis C0llrg0 0r Btudv I
!ved a full report the hope tho teachers of Oregon will,
lirst ot all, iook to tno ncaitn oi
ming to this section
past few weeks of a
townsite people, who
from his men who
inspecting the Mal-
the past few week.
ie steps coroborate all
3 made by tho Enter
e effect that the ofli
wsitive orders to build
n Eastern this Fall. -
Fenwick residence and
completely destroyed
Monday night, R. A.
family, who occupied
sustained the loss of
ery thing they had,
ut an organ and a small
bedding being saved
started at the barn
rt snlr iikI il n mt art
v-iuurw imu iwi uiiiii io
'. It has been said a
ndian had been in tho
aitering in that vicinity
bly started the fire.
8 have been found
natches and in fact one
s have been started by
i.tly but were put out
tting beyond control.
perty is situated some
ut and it was hard to
re apparatus on tho
d in working order as
Wment seems badly de-
and the engines show-
The fire spread rapid
o house caught soon
larn was discovered to
es, thercforp when tho
ere finally put to work
lato to do anything
ving these buildings
were used to protect
g buildings,
tho boys and girls. See to this
and then, if there is any time,
teach the other work offered in
this course. Tho primary object
of the study of physiology in our
schools should be to teach an in
telligent care of tho body."
Teachers nro advised to return
to the old recess of not less than
15 minutes during tho morning
session and again in tho after
noon, but it is -said that tho re
cess will do no good unless tho
teacher makes a supervision of
tho playground a serious part of
the day's work.
Tho more simple facts of san
itation are expected to bo taught.
In speaking of this Mr. Alderman
says that it is more valuable to
the boy who expects to live in
tho country to know that a wi'll
should bo dug in a place where
it will not receive tho drainage
from tho barn or tho closet than
to know tho exact number of
muscles in tho body, Tho teach
ers aro also advised to teach this
work by example as well as by
direct method. The schoolgro
unds and tho outbuilding aro to
bo cared fer: tho interior of tho
buildings sliouh bo keep clean,
and where tho buildings have no
special ventilation system, every
window is to bo provided with a
window-board, so that .the child
ren may have an abundance of
fresh air.
Tho courso in language 1ms
special emphasis placed upon
learning to uso'tho'best'formH of
exprcBsionjjn.Uwriting and in
speaking. SfAlllst of pictures,
which aro'reproductions'of mas
terpieces, is given for each
so that the pupil completing the
eight grade will understand tho
roughly tho essential elements of
a sentence.
In civil government the work
is confined to a study of the con
stitutional convention and the
Constitution itself. The work in
history, reading, spelling,' geo
graphy and writing is practically
tho same as in tho old course of
A modem course of, study in
drawing is offered and ofio that
will he very helpful to the teach
ers. In this Mr. Alderman says:
"In lato years there has been a
wonderful change in tho teach
ing of drawing. New methods
have been devo'oped, methods
which charm the child." In
speaking of the value of this
course Mr. Alderman says:
"One of the worst tendencies
of the age is towards dependence
on others for amusement, the
love of pleasures that cost. Pub
lic school drawing should work
against this; the search for beau
ty in common things should be
one of its avowed aims. Child
ren have natural ability to appre
ciate beauty in what they see.
Through drawing this apprecia
tion may be developed instead of
being allowed to die away, and
may take the place of the crav
ing for less wholsome pleasures,
Sheriff Richardson Finds Prough in
California But Leaves Him
Got Lorenzcn to. Make Affidavit Exonerating Him of
Criminal Charge on Promise of Bringing Tools so
Lnren.en Could Break Mail but Didn't Make Good.
Sheriff Richardson is back from 'rough was arrested and dotain
California whero he went to got ed nwaiting the arrest of the
Burt I'rough, wanted hero as a other Lorenzcn, 'who so far has
witness and being implicated in ovnded capture, though the
killing of cattle. Ho found his
man in San Jose but he refused
to come and ns tho sheriir didn't
have tho necessary papers to se
cure requisition he came nacK
without him. I'rough was held
hero as a witness but was allow
ed liberty and skipped out. He
seems to have told some story to
tho paper at San Jose from tho
Sheriff has every hope of captur
ing tho man within a short time
but without this man the Sheriif
has very little hope of returning
with Prough, as ho will not re
turn of his own free will and
there aro no papers to authoriz
ing his removal from this State.
The SherilT thinks that his
reason for not wishing to return
following story which was clipi- is that he is afraid to face the
ed from tho Mercury
Sheriif A. K. Richardson of
Harney County, Oregon, is in
San Jose desirous of returning to
Burns in company with Omie A.
I'rough, better known to the
Sheriif as "Burt" I'rough, who
is wanted on a charge of shoot
ing cattle maliciously and who is
in-the County Jail here awaiting
In an interview last evening
the Sheriif gave a few alleged
facts of tho case in which he des
cribed the man as a splendid ac
tor, at tho same time adding that
his wife, who issupposed to have
deserted him by running away,
music, through i'rough says no
is not.
Which ever way it is tho Sher
iif says will be satisfactory, in
one way, as Oregon will have
lost a man it can well afford to.
Sheriif Richardson has known
the man, ho says, ever since he
first landed in Oregon, when he
was first in trouble at Harney
for killing a calf belonging to a
rancher at whose ranch he stop
ped with his child wife four
years ago. In this caso when
tho rancher heard that the man
was starving and his wife, who
was dressed in men's clothes,
was suffering from exposure to
with it man who lives at Lake 'cold, he refused to prosecute.
View, from the O'Connor Sani- Tho Sheriir was then in sym
tarum last week, is also gifted I pnthy with the man and his child
with the art of acting. 'wife and dressed her in women's
I'rough'.s statement that he
mnde to tho Mercury a few days
clothing and entertained her at
his house. Other alleged details
is, according to tho Sheriff, not' f Plough's history were related
quite correct. 'I he truth of the by Richardson substantially as
Those who attended the mati
nee races last Sunday afternoon
were treated to a surprise when
two of tho best harness horses on
tho courso were beaten by a
"green one." Bill Hanlcy, Pro
gress and John fl started in the
mile and both the former went
off their feet and the little horse
won wilhout much effort. Mr.
Johnson and Phil Smith "put up
a job" on Harry Smith, who
drove John G, intending to allow
him a good lead almost tho en
tire distance and then brush up
and tako the race. They missed
their calculations when their
horses both broke. The same
thing happened in the second
heat besides Mr. Johnson lost a
tire on tho stretch and had to pull
up. The timo was '2:28 in each
heat which is considered very
good for tho little horse who hns
only been worked for six weeks.
There wero four starters in tho
saddlo horso race which was won
byBunynrd's horse. Just after
they got away from the post one
horse, ridden by Ira Davis, fell
and it looked serious until tho
dust cleared away and Ira was
seen walking by his horso and
not inirt oilier limn his nose
The colt race of half mile heats
was taken by Chns Wilson's
Wild Fire, the best timo for tho
half being f :8(5.
There will bo one more mati
nee before fair week on Sept. !1.
The Burns baso ball team will
go to Prairio City next week to
participate in tho threo days
tournament there on Aug. HI,
Sept. 1 and 2.
The boys state thero are purses
to tho amount of $000 for tho
Beries and thoy hopo to got somo
of it. Wo havo a very good team
and unless thero aro professional
players present our boys 'stand n
very good show.
Thero is going to bo a danco
tonight for tho benefit of tho
local team to assist in defraying
tho cxnenso of tho trip and noj
doubt It will bo well attended,
statement that ho gave the man
an hour to obtain bail was deni
ed. What the Sheriff did, it is
alleged, was to allow Prough to
proceed to the hotel whero his
wife was and givo her the child
that was with him when arrest
ed, on his word of promise to re
turn to the jail by 1 o.clock that
dr.y. "I ought not to havo done
this," said the Sheriif, "but
thought the man would play tho
game instead of pulling out thp
way ho (lid, as I wanted to givo
him a fair deal."
Mrs. I'rough and her child,
who remained behind when the
man left, journeyed, to her par
ents' homo in Cedervillc, from
They then went to Idaho and
here the authorities compelled
the man to marry tho girl, ns they
found out that he had not pre
viously married her. From Idaho
they returned to Harney and dif
ficulties again ensued this time
with a cattle king named Ven
ator, who they tried to bribo
first by accusing him of killing a
neighbor's teor, and, failing on
this score, arranged to endtico
tho man into Mrs. Prough'a room
and carry out their dastardly
work. This later ended in gun
play, and tho Sheriff was called.
The case camo into court and
owing to complication, was
which place Prough sent for hcr.tu.0W, ()Uti umi jrollirXi wi,0
to como to San Joes to him
Tho trouble arose from tho kill
ing of cattle, tho Sheriff Raid, in
which two brothers by tho namo
of Lorenzcn, for whom Prough
was working, together with tho
latter wero implicated, whom
Prough said, killed tho cattle, ho
having no hand in the killing.
The case was in court and ono of
tho brothers made an affidavit
exonerating Prough from all!
blamo in tho matter. Ho was
sent to the penitentiary for 12
months and I'rough and tho
other brother liberated. It then
leaked out, it is said, that Prough
had got tho convicted man to
mnko tho affidavit on tho prom
iso of assisting him to get
out of jail by bringing him a
hacksaw, placing a Winchester
rifle, a pair of boots and overalls,
a plug of chowing tobacco and
nlso somo cartridges, under a
box that was sot by tho wall of
tho jail.
I'rough, howovor, failed to do
was chaiged with disturbing the
peace, liberated.
In the present case it is said
by Lorenzcn that cattle wero
killed for hides just because a
certain beast looked good skinned
and suitable for tho manufactory
of "riatas" and according to tho
Sheriff, Prough is tho guilty
The Sheriff knows nothing of
tho man who is supposed to havo
gone off with the mans wife, but
is nut at all surprised to hear the
Sheriff' Richardson is awaiting
instructions from tho District
Attorney of Harney County.
San Jose Mercury.
Portland Corespondent
Those Oregon communities
that had no delegates in attend
ance at tho recent session of the
Oregon Dovelopmont Lenguo at
as ho had promised and Loren.en i Astoria sulfored a distinct loss,
than gave tho gamo away and ' for tho meaty valuablo addresses
and discussions would havo well
repaid anyone fur the lime spent
in attending. The leaguers got
down to serious business; there
was no froth nor wasted energy.
From tho very first day, the
convention was notable for the
valuable addresses presented.
Every one was full of sugges
tions that will play an impor
tant part in the future po
licy of the League. Men of the
greatest eminence in their var
ious lines of activity were on tho
program. James J. Hill, Theo
dore B. Wilcox, Judge Robert S.
Lovott, and other of like largo
caliber where heard from, whilo
the community boosters of the
various sections camo prepared
to get the most out of the meet
ing by being on hand with good
suggestions and new ideas.
The slogan of the convention
was "Get Together," along all
the lines of co-operative pffort
that promise to accomplish so
much for the Northwest. The
placing of now arrivals on tho
soil, preparation for reaping tlfe
benefits to follow the Panama
Pacific Exposition at San Fran
cisco in 1915, and Good Roads
were some of the vital topics
thoroughly discussed. La Gra
nde will got the next convention
and every live commercial organ
ization in the state should look
forward to it and have a bigger
attendance next time.
The Portland Commercial club
is making efforts to have Presi
dent Taf t include Oregon in his
Western trin this year when he
comes to the Coast to break
ground for tho Panama-Pacific
Exposition. An invitation was
sent to him by wire to this effect
and he replied he would givo the
matter consideration when his
itinerary is made up.
The value of experimental
farms to this state is shown in a
striking way by the results at
tained by the station in Moro
County, maintained by the Ore
gon Agricultural College. Wheat
grown on this farm by Scientific
dry farming mothods went 22.0
bushels per acre, whilo grain on
adjoining land, farmed under
the old way, was either too poor
to cut or yielded only ten or
twelve bushels an acres. Other
crops grown show a correspond
ing gain when treated scientifi
cally. Medford will givo the use of
1500 acres of land to a capable
stockman who will raise goats.
Tho Southern Oregon city wants
to build up that district as a
goat center, for it is well adap
ted to these sturdy animals that
aro so valuable in clearing up
brush land and making il ready
for orchards.
Whereas the Surpremo Grand
Master of tho Universe, has call-i
ed our beloved brother Dayi'd M.
Loggan from a life of toil and
trouble to that Grand Lodge
abovo where all is peace and
eternal rest, and by his death
this lodge has lost a worthy, ac
tivo and charitable member; his
family a devoted and loving bro
ther, tho community a useful and
law-abiding citizen.
Therefore bo it resolved, that
whilo wo sorrowfully do so. we
bow with roverenco to tho will of
Him who doeth all things well,
and who in His infinite wisdom,
this afilict us.
Resolved that our sympathy is
extended to tho bereaved family
in this hour of aflliction and sor
row, that they be furnished a
copy of these resolutions, the
same spread upon tho records of
the lodge, also furnished tho lo
cal papers for publication and
that tho lodge bo draped in
mourning for thirty days.
II. M. Horton
B. W. Hamilton
.1. W. Geary
Always ready for job printing.
Five Hundred Feet of Spvce at The
Twin City Land Show
Northwest Development League Secures Space Without
Cost for Northwest Seven States--;Exposition to be
Confined to Districts Represented by the League.
Oregon will show from
150,000 to 200,000 people
a big exhibit of her products
at tho land show at St. l'mil
Dec. 12 toL.'5.
Governor West has receiv
ed word from the North west-
i space of fifty foot long and
ten foot wide for there official
The governor had been
asked to confer with officers
of the league in this state
and secure tho interest of
era Dovelopmont Lenguo those necessary to put in an
that the business interests exhibit which will be a credit
of St. L'tul, Minneapolis and to the state. . Under this
Dulutli have agreed to a plan no jjiio community or
deal whereby this state will city will have an advantage
be furnished exhibit space over others in the state,
without cost at the land Any city, county or land
show. Tho show to begivon company desiring to make
under tho auspicis of the lea- an independent exhibit will
gue is the only ono in the be able to secure a limi
country which is not a pri- ted amount of space near
vate enterprise and will be
managed in such a way as
to furnish space for official'
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exhibits. n i
At a cost of ten thousand
dollars the business interests'
of the three .Minnesota cities I
v. i.. nr.orr
c. c. LUNDY
iivo bought tron. tiwiongueeai gsjate and Insurance
tt.oOO square feet of preferr
ed space at the show. Kach F(tir Dealing
of the seven states will have Post 0(Rco BuiIdinK BurnS( 0re
W. T. I.I'.SIUU,
AlniifiKur mit .salesman
A. A. I'I'KKY,
Secretary ami Notary Public
Homestead Locations
Wo mo
II(ipri'uiitH 'flint Which IhTihIikI iuM lUllnhh), uuil llninllo Hmwwiliilly nil Sorta of Itonl KnIhIu Uii1iior.
AkxiiIh for tho Itullaltlo
Tnlk Your Hon! Katuto MutturH Ovur With V: Your IIiibIiiokh Will " Strictly ('onflilcntlul.
iiosh, Attend To Our lluftliuw nml Want Your Dualnvaa,
Wo Know Our lliibl-
uuRNs ouaio N
Burns, Oregon.
Hardware and Crockery
Guns and Ammunition
of all kinds
Get our prices before buying1
- y -y " -yl-Sjy,
Four well equipped lines. Excellent facilities
for transportation of mail, express, passengers
Prulrle City to Burns.
Hums to Diamond
Vnlc to LHirns
Iiurivs to Venator
E. B. WATERS, Agent.
1'rcaident and Manager
Harney County Abstract Company
Modern and Complete Set of Indexes
An Abstract Copy of Evtry Instrument on Ilecord in
Ilarnoy County.
immm:immmttmtm:m::m:m:mt. i.:,.'!i;::u.::i..;m;;t:.:mni:::!.n:nmnimU
N. A. DIBBLE, Propt.
Courteous treatment, rates reason
able Give m i a caM
A First Clas Bar in Connection