The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 24, 1910, Image 3

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cal News.
lits at Schcnk Bros.
of hay for sale in-
tis ofRce.
pio nusy uorner oiore
lith is homo from a
rip to Diamond.
liar has received a por-
fall and winter milli-
invites the ladies to
line of dry goods, fur-
fshoes, hats, etc. can
found at Hagey &
ichanan was over from '
lis week. He reports
)f grain on his place
ives and wife were up
home near the lake
lays tins weeK auenu-
ie land business.
the streets a dull
jssinian crescent shaped
with two gold bands.
fcase leave at this office.
kavmg relinquisnmenis
state for sale should!
W. VanValkenburg,
Btate man, at his ofiice
at the close of business September 1st, 1910
Loans and Discounts $279,210.97
U.S. Bonds 50,000.00
Bonds and Securities 52.7CG.S9
Premium on U. S. Bonds 2,000.00
Real Estate, Furnituro and Fixtures G, 600. 00
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,250.00
CASH ill'lL1
Capital $25,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 44,510. 02
Circulation 26,000.00
DEPOSITS 438,597.55
Capital and Surplus, 865,000.00
United States Depositary
Accounts Invited
Fresh fruit at Huston's,
W. B. Parker and wife were
, ., 11 i ,it in irom mcir warm opinion
Clothes pressed and cleaned at . ,. ,
W. E. Huston, in the Odd Fel-
lnw hnildimr. has a fine lot of
fresh fruit. See him at once.
The French Hotel serves a
fine Sunday dinner and special
IE For Sale 320 acres
ass pasture, all deeded
ity of water horses
50 tons of hay. Call
er rancn, inspect lanu
terms. Uenuu urniin,
blic schools of the coun-
vc vacation during fair
the teachers' institute
lid in Burns beginning
fey. Oct. 5. All the
liould make it a point to
McKnight, of Vale,
kneed his candidacy as
resentative for Harney
leur counties on the
ticket We under- jfor Harney county for his great
Mulkey refused to al- clothing.
moused, therefore the! M. c v xj1,(,i,nnnr is located
will write in tne
Schenk Bros.
Roswell Hamilton is able to bek
on the street after a sieg of
typhoid fever.
Good, substantial, well cooked
meals at the Home Hotel is what
the boarder likes.
Hagey & Richardson carry the
best brands of groceries. All
See the Inland Empire Real
ty Co. if you have anything for
sale or exchange.
Frank Fister, J. N. Jensen and
, Sam Mealey were all in town this
week attending to some lanu
Alfred Bonjanin of New York
has made Schenk Bros, agents
.. .N
on tne sick
of Mr. McKnight.
idies of the Catholic
fill give a New England
the Commercial Club
I the first floor of Loch-
bn Wednesday evening,
Chey will be ready to
o'clock. The general
Irdially invited to come
their appetites.
Wood, of Canyon City,
candidate for circuit
ent several days in this
vicinity this week, ar-
am the east Saturday
Ir. wood is a tnorougn
and has practiced law
Oregon for several
le iuiiy appreciates tne
se of the office to which
and would uphold the
the position. He was
yorably received by the
this section.
attention is given to family
Wm. Hanley was
list the first of this week but has
fully recovered and is now on a
tour of the interior ranches.
i J. O. Bunyard was over from
his Cow Creek homo this week.
He has not fully recovered from
his recent injury when he had
his arm broken by a vicious
Notice is hereby given that all
unnaid taxes will become delin
quent on Monday October 3,
after which interest and penalty
will attach.
! U TnMtnnAn lillllHinfT cmiirh " 1X 1 K-'1HH'.JV! ,
Main St and is prepared to do antrm'
all kinds of dress making. I J. H. Oard has returned from
r..i i. -n -i ,-,, Mian extended stay in Portland
where he had been under the
care of specialists. Mr. Oard's
it I health is very poor and while he
is improved he still looks bad.
Try the new auto stage be
tween Burns and Prairie City.
One machine at each end of the
line daily. Arrange for trans
portation at either the Burns or
French hotels-Hayes & Blew,
Born Monday, Sept. 19, to
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mothershead,
a son. Sam has become quite
chesty since the arrival of this
new addition and as he is a Mis-
send your suit back to a Phila
delnhia lawver for alteration
Thev are tailors and can do
Al Welcome and wife came in
Wednesday after loafing for ten
days at the H. C. Levens coun
try home where Al got too lazy
to get up for his meals or carry
in stove wood. He has resumed
his position in the bank.
Hon. Henry Blackman has been
here since early in the week
looking after some business
affairs and renewing acquaint
!hicp9. He has manv friends in
this section, being a pioneer sourian who carries a rabbit foot
resident of Eastern Oregon and i and other such accessaries, says
at one time represented this dis-lit means his re-election as county
trict in the state senate. clerk without a shadow of doubt.
"-u&WLflggan iriiMry?""'
Get an Alfred Benjamin suit
at Schenk Bros.
Grant Roynolds was in llio city
on business this week.
Get a "sheepskin lined coat at
The Busy Corner Store.
C. II. Vocgtly returned Wed
nesday from a Bhort business
trip to Baker City.
' For Sam: 25 foot business lot
on Main St, Burns. Good build
ing. Inquire nt this office.
Tlio personal attention given
guests at tho French Hotel has
given it a good reputation L. B.
Culp, Prop.
J. E. McCoy and wife, parents
of the young man who purchased
tho Bowen farm on Poison Creole,
nro here on a visit.
Uhv tho llnrnry County Nnlloiml I tank
They nrc Hi'lMitcntlfyliiK.
Captain Clay Camp, Spanish
War Veterans of Burns will give
its first annual ball on Friday,
Oct. 7.
W. W. Dickenson ami his two
sons Ray and Riley together with
their families expect to leave the
first of next week for Lane
county whero they will remain
for tho winter.
For Sale 100 acres of land
with 1,000,000 feet of standing
timber. 50 acres tillable and
can be irrigated. Adjoining for
est reserve and controls large
range, uui at mis ouicu.
Henry Lmg and II. M. bim
mons have disposed of their beef
to tho P. L. S. Co. Mr. Sim
mons informs us that ho received
$30 a head for dry cows and $14
per head for three-year-old
J. R. Jenkins came in Sunday
evening in company with Mana
ger Lauranco of the Telephone
Co. who had gone after him in
Iiis auto. Mr. Jenkins came over
on business and to see his brother
Tom who is suffering from
.tvnhoid. John says the recent
rains were very beneficial to the
range and that slock would now
do fine until snow flies.
Geo. Hagey has returned from
a pleasure trip to Portland and
Salem where he took in the fairs.
He had a fine time and saw some
fine stock and good racing. Frank
Cole was with him most of the
time. The hitler's pacer. Har
old Welcome, has developed won
derful speed and it was a disa-
pointmenl to find the animal was
lame and unable to start in any
of the speed events in which ho
was entered.
The Burns Milling Co. have
started up their new saw mill.
Owing to the high price of hay,
grain, and the general increase
cost of maintenance and opera
tion, the following prices will be
charged for ' lumber: Rough
lumber at mill $18.00 per M. at
yard in Burns $24.00 per M.
dressed lumber $2.00 per M. in
crease over old prices. Dry slab
wood $1.50 at mill.
Sent 22. '10. Burns Milling Co.
tilntd elnSH nf tlioV
ballon & Co. store
at last been put in
with the finishing
the carpenters and
firm will move in
Four of the big
"TKe Best on Earth"
40o. per pound at
Tho big
front' have
place and
touches of
painters tho
very shortly.
glass came G inches too wide and
had to be cut. This was suc
cessfully done Thursday by I. S.
Geer and tho glass put in place.
The new quarters for this firm
are up to date and tho display
front is modern in every respect.
No finer storo room can be found
in Eastern Oregon. -
Died In this city, Thursday
night, Sept 22, Leonard the 12-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Kellogg. Tho boy took
sick tho previous week with
rheumatism and other complica
tions set in which caused his
death. Ho was a manly little
fellow and attended school hero
last year. Tho family
near Vvaveriy out were in tins
city a portion of last year for
school purposes and had moved
in- again for tho same purpose.
Tho funeral will bo held this
afternoon. Tho bereaved parents
have the sympathy of this community.
Ben Roder was up from Sunset
Monday and brought The Times
Herald man somo fine vegetables
from his garden. A fow weeks
ago Ben gavo up hopo of raising
anything as ho had no water to
irrigate and it hadn't rained
sinco ho could romember, so ho
wont to tho hay field. Upon re
turning homo ho found tjuito a
surnriso. Onions, rutabagas.
cabbage and cauliflower were tho
specimens brought to thia ofllco
and thoy were fino, The onions
wero almost r no nnd with nroner
treatment would mature and keep
all winter. Visitors will see somo
fino dry farm products at tho
county fair Oct. 4-8.
4 8.
C. V. Reed wa8 up from Sun
set yesterday. vs
Born Yesterday, to Mr. mid
Mrs. Joseph Kellogg, a daughter.
Schenk Bros, have received a
case of Alfred Bonjanin clothing.
W. T. VandorVecr was over
from his Pine Creek homo this
Welcome's special is a whip that
you cant wear out. Call and see
at tho harness shop.
Tho Burns Flour Milling Co.
will pay 2J cents per pound for
wheat or barley.
J. A. Vest has about recovered
from his recent illness and is
ablo to bo out again.
Tho homo of Hart, Schaffner
and Marx clothing. Tho Busy
Corner Store.
Regular services nt the Pres
byterian church tomorrow morn
ing and evening.
A largo number of young peo
ple enjoyed a social at tho Pres
byterian manse last night.
Work 'stock fed during the
winter nt a reasonable rate.
Good timothy hay inquire at
this ofllce.
All goods at tho Hagey &
Richardson general merchandise
storo are new and up to dnte.
Good values in every purchase.
I have sonic registered Berk
shire sows, also pigs, two regis
tered Jersey bulls and some
.Russian wolf hound pups for sale.
Dr. L. E. Hiuhard.
Say have you seen that fine lot
of new whips just, received at
tho J. C. Welcome & Son har
ness shop? They're the finest
ever and prices to suit.
For Sale Black Percheron
Stallion 5 years old, weight
about 1800 lbs. Call on F. J.
Conrad in Sunset or address him
at Bums. If not sold before the
horse may be seen at the fair
ground during the fair.
Many lady friends of Mrs. A.
O. Faulkner were entertained at
Five hundred at her hospitable
homo Thursday afternoon. The
honors wero won by Mrs. Irving
Miller and Mrs. Joe Thompson.
Dainty refreshments followed
the hands.
EsTRAYOne blood bay geld
ing weight about 900, white face,
all four feet white; branded
small Z down on left shoulder.
Taken ' up in Catlow Valley.
Owner call prove property and
pay charges.
Walter Waid.
Diamond. Ore.
' Mrs. I. Schwartz entertained a
largo number of her lady friends
at her beautiful home in this
city last Saturday afteniaon.
Miss Godfrey received highest
honors in the game of Five
Hundred, Mrs. Louis Schwartz
securing the second highest score.
Refreshments wero served.
Diarrhoea is always more or
less prevalent during Septem
ber. Bo prepared for it. Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and
pDiarrhoea Remedy is prompt and
effectual. It can always bo de
pended upon and is pleasant to
lake. For sale by all good deal
ers. Mrs. W. C. Cecil and two
daughters and son Pat left Thurs
day in an auto for Prairie where
they took tho train. Mrs. Cecil
goes to rortlanu to remain lor
tho winter and tho young people
to resume their studies in tho
state university at Eugene. Pat
is taking the law course.
" The students of tho high school
have secured the hall for Tues
day night, Oct. 4, and will give
a box social in connection with n
program to start a fund for a
piano for tho school, There will
bo nn admission charge of 25
cents. Tho ladies will provide
boxes which will contain lunch
eon for two and during the even
ing these will bo nuctioned off to
tho highest bidder. This is a
worthy undertaking and should
have tho liberal patronago of all
our people.
J. C. Sovcik and Miss Lea
Robinson wore married this week
in Idaho. They left this city last
Sunday evening in an auto going
by way of Prairio City. Mr.
Sovcik has been a resident of
this section for a fow years and
has somo extensive land inter
ests near Narrows. His bride
is a nativo of Harney county and
tho only daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Robinson, She is a
general favorite amang a wido
circle of friends in. thia county
who wish her a life of contont
mont and happiness, A letter
just received from tho bride to
her mother states tho wedding
took placo in Woiser at tho homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Council, friends
of Mr. Sovcik, and have gone to
Spokane to reside.
""'Ilie Hume IIotuTis Re comlor-
tnblo placo to board.
J. P. Withers was down from
Harney tho first of this week.
Tli'iminrlilirnd Unrwul Rnnlf
cockerals for sale C. E. Mc
Pheelcrs. Fny Comegys has moved his
family to this city for the winter
whero the children will attend
Candidates in Harney ceunty:
Come to Schenk Bros, and look
in tho looking glass if you want
to be elected.
O. O. Franco and wife, Bert
Porter and I. S. Tyler were
among our Sunset visitors during
tho week.
Rcatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20:cntB per foot.
Any ono desiring Rcatos address
W. A. Ford of J. O. Alberson,
Alberson, Oregon.
Clay Clemens mill is the near
est ono to Burns where all kinds
of lumber both rough and dress
ed can bo had. Near Canyon
road. Call him by phono for
quick orders.
If you want to mnke a trade,
sell your relinquishment or other
property the Inland Empire Real
ty Co. will be of great assistance
to you. They have sold others
and can sell yours.
Can be had by ambitious young
men and ladies in the field of
"Wireless" or Railway telegra
phy. Since the 8-hour law be
came effective, and since the
Wireless companies are establish
ing stations throughout the
country there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions pay
beginers from $70 to $90 per
month, with good chanco of ad
vancement The National Tele
graph Institute of Portland, Ore
gon, operates six official institutes
in America, tinder supervision of
R. R. and Wireless Officials and
plnccs all graduates into positions.
It will pay you to write them
for full details.
I'Nitr i Statu t.ANM), lint.
IlimiM, Oregon, hoptomlior 15, lull).
Noilco In hvrrli itlvcii Dint lic K. 1 1 recur,
nl Wnvcth, ()ro(uu, wlm, on Mil roll V. 1WJ,
rnnilo linrrcilvitil cntrr, tforlsl Nu. vna, lot
Uiti 1. a, .1 anil t. hiiiI HK'.'HW!; Hvctlon l'J.
Tuwiinlil)! Ui South, llauicyai Halt., VWllumttUu
Mcrl linn, liim niril iinlli'oiif Intention to inako
Final ('oinmiiirttioii I'loof, to vitalillili rlalni
tothu lau X KlMivtMlrttrrllioil, tivforotU Ki'Kii
tor ami lu-ichur nt liiirni, Ort'Kim, mi t)io l'lli
Oar nl Uiliiher uiu.
(Malum lit Datura aa wltliuti'l"
I II. Hlllltll, It. K, Kllhy. Kil HoiclK-taul, O.
K. Ttioinain, nil nl W uvorly, Ori'k'on,
M. Kaiiiik, liciilntcr
liurna Urt'Unu, AiiKiiat I'.', lull). I
Notion l hervtiV vlvtm HiuiSarnliA Hllcni,
of Itllvr. (iriuiin, hIiu, mi Ki'iteuilK.'r v.!ih1,
Itiotl, mtiilp ileiurt liinil unlrv Nn. K'JI, Berlal No.
A'i, for Nr.'4, hiTtlun 'i. TiiHnitili'.l Bomb.
KriikvOT Itnat, Willamette Mvrlillau, hu llloil
tmtli of Intention to inultu Hlml I'roof, loci,
talillfli claim In tliu laml nlmu ilcarrltit'il, he
forn tliu Ili'glntiT nml lli'i'civcr, Ht lluriia. Ore
K'Ml, oil till! Itll ilay n( tlflolKT. IM0,
ClHlmant llnlnta na ul'ncani'a.
Inline!' llHyiiiniiil. i f Muuia. Orxito.ii. lack
Ailaini. Andrew J t-klem, Waller K fklcni,
all nl Itllejr, Orrunn,
U'm. I'aiirk, KcglUer.
U. S. Mineral Surveyor & Civil Engineer
Irrigation and Water Supply En
ginecring. Townsite, Land and
Mineral land Patent Surveys.
Drafting, Designing, Blue Print
ing, Estimate?, Etc.
Narrows, Oregon
Every worker, regardless of his
station in life, wins out by hencsT:
application. There is no room
for drones in the modern Hive.
Its an age of "busSlle." You
should make your money "husllc"
for you, too. If you haven't any
surplus, get some. Money al
work is a good silent partner.
Begin to save money. Begin
with a dollar a week if you can't
save more.
We handle a complete line of everythfng
usually sold by up to date druggists. It is
This we do by courteous treatment and
reasonable prices to afl our customers
The Welcome Pharmacy, Burns, Oregon,
Veterinary Hospital
I take in animals with nil kinds
of sickness for treatment
Calls promptly attended to
The Washington Restaurant
WONG LEE, Proprietor
Up stairs over the Capitol Saloon
The bill of faro includes every
thing the market affords. Short
orders a specialty. Bread for
sale. Give him a call.
Has just received a fresh lot of
New and handsome Post
Cards, Stationery, Ink,
Pens, Pencils, Novelties.
Fine assortment of everything
D,H. MOTE, Burns, Oregon
In a fow weekfi weeks we will move
into our new building and in order
to avoid transferring our immense
Stock of General merchandise
We Will Make Great Sacrifices
Our stock comprises nearly every
thing used for man or beast. The
quality h tho best in the land; our
prices are right; our treatment is
. , alike to all, every day, and all the
time. Faults wo have to be sure
but who hasn't?
Lunaburg, Dklton & Co.
is known by the harness he uses
A VAQUEKO by the saddle he rides.
Evere horseman should have the
best, both as to quality and price.
You can get highest quality
and lowest prices at
HsurrLess amd. Sa-d.d.les
Job Printing.
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Main Olllce, Hums, Oregon
Uranch Office, Lakcvicw, Oregon
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