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Slc OSrcnl 3-inrnpy (f.otiinru
Cowra on iirwi ol I,I2H,V(J0 iimc ol
land, 4,(Kll.liQl flrroit jet ncnnt wiImiI
to entry mulor tho puliHc liiml .im cl
tho United HIrUm,
The Official Paper ol Harney County
haa tlio largost circulation mul Is oiu o
tho hett advertising mcdluma in Knalutn
NO. 29
X)rfiaar TPlr1iw1rf tttwl .Tllflfrn
Webster will contlnuo tho tour
Ihief Publicity Man Securing' Views by passing throuRhout tho win-
nmetto valloy, umsnitur tlio
Borics of 25 lectures which tho
former hns delivered in one
grand rally at Med ford Juno 8,
whoro tho most advanced road
spirit of tho Btato is found. Tel
and Material for Advertising
rhe More Accessible Lands Near Railroad and Under
Irrigation Will Sell First, But Company Ready to
Colonize Here in Advance of Railroad Construction.
HilVs Visit Certain to Result in State
Wide Development
I W. P. Davidson, president of
:he Oregon and Western Col-'
Inization Co., which recently;
ook over uiu v. v. cc vj. m. 1
IV. R. Co. land grant of 800,000
teres has been in this section
tor several days. He is accom
panied by Curtis L. Mosher. who
las charge of the publicity work
Ind F. S. Rieder. The party
Agreements linvo been drawn
up at ,Bcndibotvcen,a.numbcr of
I homestead locating firms hero
, for tho building and clearing of
30 miles of highway, which, when,
completed within a fow weeks,
will make Bend tho radial point of
., ., , , J n 275-milo automobile road, tho
Oregon, the Switzerland J U whIch hMtto bo found
America, where tho highest of' placo in th0 state.
industrial development is nttain-l The work in contemplation em-
ed, and to which tourists from , braces a strip 30 miles long in
"The Great Northern is Going to Open up Oregon and
I Feel ThatcThe Pconle are With Us" Interest
Shown in Better Highways Encourages Welster
Inbw route for iiarriman road.
Harney Through Darren Valley.
Not to bo outdone through the
left yesterday for Crook county
,nd points on west.
When seen yesterday by a
Iepresentative of The Tnnes
erald Mr. Mosher said they
ad made no attempt to look
iver every particular tract of
heir land holdings in Harney
alley as they had a good idea
f its general character after
eeing portions.
An inspection of each sub
ivision will follow later when
ch particular tract will be
The party went over portions
the bench lands and found
em to be even better than they
ad supposed, since some of it
s more or less timber besides
'eing of an agricultural charac-
This is certainly the most beau
ful valley I ever saw in my life, "
iaid Mr. Mosher, "and is the Dig
est valley in the west. No
her valley has such wonderful
portunities and while it seems
range at nrst glance to see so J
w people and so much rich soil
intilled, it is not such a mystery
ter all, as it is because of its
olation. Markets are necessary
farming and while I have no
icial authority, I am positive
u are to have a railroad in the
mediate future and our corn-
any will bring you the farmers,
the time of development is atj
Mr. Mosher stated that definite
ilans have not yet matured as to
e disposition of the lands in
is particular section and per-
!aps no announcement would be
ade until Mr. Davidson reached
t Paul and consulted with hus
sociates. The matter had pro-
eded far enough, however, to
y that Harney Valley would be
unit separate from Mainour
ddings and that the western
crtion of the grant would bo j.n-
her. Some of the lands in
alheur are now accessible, be-
g near the railroad and some of
under established irrigation
litches while more will be under
e Boise-Owyhee irrigation pro-
ct now under construction and
is but natural that such land
ould be first on the market.
nder such conditions it means
at the eastern and western
rtionsof the holdings will have
rst consideration.
However, the company is pre-
tho ontiro world will flock dur-1 northeastern Lake county, tnro-
ing tho Spring, Summer and FWIIKh which a railway will bo cut
seasons, is Professor pjdridgo's'J0 con,lcc tho. Present Dend
word picture of this state when'?" d with the road from
:. j 't , r. Silver lako to Hums. Tho road
Ik UUVL'IU()S il ilUUCIU BVOKJlli Ul , . 1,1, 1-
highways. Roads will make it now being iised by locators for a
possible to pack into this state distance of 90 miles cost of Bend
millions of prosperous, happy I !f c of, tho "" nuto h,hwnys
people. Roads will draw the ln sla. ? d, P"??0? con
multitudeof tourists, who scek;ncct.on will afford a st.l longer
mountainondseacoastKrandeuB.'? of ""wnlliccfct highway
Roads will lead to great Summer jin Silver lake.
resort hotels, put out into the1 Wlth he completion of tho
country thousands of automobile nw roa,d. wrk which has
..: nnna 1ni.n-,n annw., already been started, autos leav-
capped peaks, make the scacoastlin& Be"d .?bI,, lr
.. ' .1.. A;.. r i; 1. I around a circuit totaling 275
ufacm;: iiivca oi rcuruuuuii suuiv- ., ,,!,, .. i
miles, i lie route lies east aim
south from here to tho north-
(Portland Correspondence. )
Of remarkable significance to
Oregon was tho journey of Louis indications That Line Will Reach The
W. Hill and party through tho
interior of tho state, when the
Great Northern magnate covered ,
1500 miles by automobile. Tho activity of tho Hill interests and
results of this trip will bo of I Jetormincd to wage just as act
great value to the state Tlio'ivo 0 compafBn apparently as
impressions President Hill gain- thcr rfvals, Uio Iiarriman Byslem
cd of tho state are certain to- hng ft larKQ crew of 8Urvey0rs
bring tremendous boosts and enincors cnBaKccl in the Jor-
urcgon is a wonaonui state, ,, vn,,.v rnlln(rv wftPkinir west
This information was today rc-
dcclarcd Mr. Hill upon his re
turn to Portland. "This is a
state that will grow anything.
My impressions of the trip would
fill a book, but thu one thing
above all others is that the Great
ceived in Boise railroad circles
and is taken to menu that there
scorns to ho a strong indication
that tho Short Lino intends to
construct another feeder across
from tho main lino at a point in
tho vicinity of Jordan valloy, then
cross tho Owyhee river west of
thoro and proceed on easy grado
across tho tablolands, avoiding
tho triangle that would bo mado
by going around by Ontario and
Vale; thon southward along tho
courso of South Malheur river;
also leaving out Malheur canyon
entirely, with its threatening
right of way troubles, and mak
ing n saving of about 100 miles.
Value ol Manure
ers, and bring into Oregon scleral
vil1isM 1nlltt0 nnnuolKr fC 4ntcif a I
liiuuuil uuiiato tiuduituj ui vwuugw .
o,l 1, li:i,Wo .!, wrawin cuinui ui iiuv.v
mm liuiilb uuiiu'io nuv , ., ... , i.
ty, inence souui anu wesi lo
Silver lake,
west to Bend,
thenco north and
seek tho beauties of nature for!
Saturday evening Portland
turned out to hear the good lee-1
ture of Professor Eldridge.deliv-,
ered at tho Masonic Temple, and '
other speakers who are giving
especial thought to road problems
TKa AminAnl- Tnlirtrrfrtn nilfhnf.
ity spoke most encouragingly I " .OOO pounds of firht
The fust wool sales day of tho
season in this state occured in
I this city on last Saturday, with
(Continued on page two.)
of Oregon prospects. There were
states with worse roads and. also
much better. But whatever
others had done or are doing, the
speaker said, a state with such
boundless resources as Oregon
should have the best roads man
could make. Then its traffic
would move smoothly, and it
would become world-famous as a
resort for tourists, like .Switzer
Using a set of stcreopticon
E.lides for his work, Professor
Eldridge was able to depict var
ious stages of good road work in
various countries and ages. From
viewpoint, no intelligent people
can even get fairly started in
civilization or industrial develop
ment without good roads. History
has so many concrete examples
that the speaker believes anyone
must be converted who will read.
Tho relationship between indus
trial progress and roads is indis
soluble, ho says. The Oregon
scenic asset, which is now prac
tically unknown and wholly unde
veloped, will become immediately
a tremendous source of strength
l Jor the state with good roads.
Judge L. R. Webster also spoke
"briefly at the -meeting, empha
sizing tho necessity of getting
work inaugurated by organizing.
There is now need of funds.
Somo means must be provided
that will app eal to all the people
as a suitable construction plan,
and that will enlist the different
quality wool in the warehouse.
Tho largest number of wool
(buyers ever seen in eastern Ore
gon, at one time were here but
on accont of the present condi
tion of the market the growers
and their representatives thought
best not to place their clips on
the market at this time.
The next wool sales day will
be June 13; when it is estimated
about 2,000,000 pounds of wool
will be put up for sale. A larger-
number of wool buyers aro ex
pected on that date. Vale En
Northern will assist in doubling tho southcrn nart 0f idnho, a
ilk. itnlnln tmlilni!nn III tltn 1 . . -
mu oiulub iiujiuiuuuu in branch to the Buhl-Nyssa line via
next two years. And railroads wickahony. thenco to Jordan
will bo built in every direction. , va d on to tho wcst pnra.
I see room for many roads. ,e,. whatover Hm Hno s con.
lho Great Northern is going , structcd Bays the rjoiso News,
to open up Oregon and I feel that T,)0 recent movo of botll intcrest3
tho people are with us. I never nro takcn to mcan Umt who nc.
met more eiunus.nm anywiwre. tual co8truction may not start
Lvery where wo were welcomed , immc(liatelv surVcys will be made
in a way time oespoKo genuine
sympathy and deep enthusiam.
To say that tho trip was a revela
tion is puting it mildly."
Portland has now the biggest
in the Pacific Northwest. Tho
First National of this city has
lately increased its capital stock I
and ndopted along a right of way
which can be mnde uso of when
the moment for action nrrives.
This policy indicates, say railroad
men, that nothing will bo left
undone by both to control the
Idaho nnd Oregon situation.
Tho Hnrriman people evidently
from $500,000 to $1,500,000. Tho awaroof overy movo that is
stock has all been subscribed and
being made by tho Hill people.
paid for and gives the bank a Loufa H,Ui gcm of JnmM J Hll(
combined stock
$2,500,000, tho
Complaint is being mado this
spring of the dry condition, there)
having been scarcely any rain
since the first of March. Several
ranchers, who aro tho old .resi
dents of the country aro credited
with the statement that so far it
has been one of tho dryest sea
sons they have experience in
many years. It is also stated and
tho fact is now apparent that
more fruit was injured by tho
last frost than was at first
thought. Tho fruit around Can
yon City was not so bad as it
was in tho more exposed portions
of the valley. It is believed that
the crops will be somewhat short
and yet at the samo time there
will bo plenty for homo uso and
probably enough additional to
make some substantial ship
ments. Blue Mt. Eaglo.
anu surmua 01 .. ,,, i,, ,. ,.f
biggest in this . nnmln,,i n in,,v f Mlo .-,.
corner or no umtcci aiaws. Jor of Q visiU tj0H0 8CC.
Queen Rhododcndra has ruled Uona wh,ch may ovonluaUy bo
uunng ino iiuhi wuuk u, x-.uic,,-, d by a m j prcsuma.
uro., wnere ma annua. iu. b, tiQ Bq1bq & Wostern nnd ro.
of flowers has been under way.turned to Portlandt FoIIowlnR
ine auair wuti vu-ry uui.. . h,a tractfl Attorney Zera Snow
and many attended from Eugene I of th(jShort Lin(J( w a A
and other points in the W. lam- and CarJ g ,, wolI known
ette Valley. Tho rhododendrons JtaIIste W,J0 havo bcen djnt.
in the coast country wcro never fic( with tho TIarrimim system,
more beautiful and tho fete at-.covcrcd nlmo3t tho 8amo Kround
traded much attention. nd mado it a point nccordinK to
An event of interest to tlio roports, to inspect tho work nc
wholostato is thequartercentcn- compn8he(i by Hill as well as re
nial jubilee of tho Oregon Agn- viow tho resulta of hig mlBSjon in
cultural College, to bo hold on I that BC(;tion of tho wcbfoot 8talo
tho college campus Juno iu-w. 'which, although without railroads
is decidedly prosperous.
Roports also indicate
Fow farmers fullyreali:
Note tho figures beldw.
think what a profitable by-pro
ducts manuro is. According to
carofully conducted sciontific ex
periments, tho manuro from ono
animal for a year has the follow
ing values: Horses, $25; Cows.
$28 to $35. So it will bo seen
how enormous tho loss is to
tho farmers who waste tho ma
nuro or ovon a part of it, says
an exchange.
The best method of takeing ad
vantage of tho full value of tho
manure is to haul it out immed
iately and spread it with a ma
chine. Spreading should bo done
nt onco in order to get full value
of tho liquid portion tho most
valuable part of tho manuro. The
best plan is to keep tho spreader
in tho barn, where you can shovel
tho manuro into it right from
tho stable. Then as soon as you
havo a load, you can haul it out
and spread on tho field where it
is most valuable.
New Spring and
Summer Novelties
Cremo for sale by your grocer.
Special rates have been made by
the railroads and there will be a
great ingathering of graduates
and friends of this institution.
Oregon owes n great debt of gra
titude to a college that has dono
so much for tlio advancement
and prosperity of tho state.
After ten days of campaigning
for good roads in Eastern Oregon
L.R. Webster and M. E. Eldridge,
in charge of tho work in this
state, havo returned to Portland,
encouraged at tho interest shown
in better highways. They visited
ten counties and found local or
ganization busy in improving ex
isting conditions.
thnt an
important movement of tho Iiar
riman railroad interests is. in pro
gress in the eartern part of Har
ney county nnd across Malheur
to the state line. Crews of sur
voyors havo been at work for
Bomo timo running a lino from
tho Idaho border, at Jordan val
ley, a practically straight west
ward through Barron valloy to
Venator, wncro tno intention is
to join tho formor suryoy of
tho Oregon Eastern, mado four
years ago by the Oregon Short
The intention, as near as can
Job printing-ThoTtmes-Horald ho ascertained is to enter Oregon
Business Chat for Business People
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Jwn business? We are too busy to meddle with others.
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attention to tho following deeded
properties in the heart of Harney
1G0 acres, all fenced, good house
partly improved $18.00 per acre.
117 acres, all fenced, partly
cleared, good house, & 15.50 per
80 ncres acres raw land something
extra special $15.00 per acre.
100 acres, 12 miles from Burns.
Tho best of tho Carey selection
1G.00 per acre.
5600 acres, school land, mostly
full sections for $6.00 per acre.
wo can make good terms on tho
above if sold by Juno 1 st as the
prico be ndvanccd at that time,
write us today if you nro interest
Randal), Paucngcr & Moloney
Hums, Oregon
Shown by us for the first time in
the latest sroodsTor
WdCia , t 'rr(
w-..,l i . j MlH!Wi, a&i&iL.. im
u kDisMmiy-iiU'iiiifc) feHti u eiifci-cTTfn
larger cities.
We are a ways looking for the new
swell lines Nothing1 too good to
show our patrons
Brown's Satisfactory Ston
n. brew:
Burns, Oregon.
,s69$vv vr
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Special References: Tho First National Bank and
Harney County National Bank, both of Burns, Oregon.
Office: First door south Hnrnoy County Nat'l Bank.
First door With of the JJfirneu County National Bank, Burns, Oregon
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