The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 21, 1910, Image 3

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rnK tARQKirr cikqulation or
SATURDAY, MAY 21, 11110.
Local News.
Girl wanted nt tho Overland
Rolled barloy at The Busy Cor-
icr Store.
1 P. J. Connolly was over from
JDrewsey on business this week
Have you seen the new Belts
t Brown's Satisfactory Store?
If you want protection see
rving Miller the insurance man.
Tho best meal in Harney coun-
for 25 cents at tho Overland
A few fractional sections of
mmon school land for sale A.
B. George.
Miss Vera Hendricks is up from '
,wen on a visit to friends. Her
hool closed last week.
The French Hotel is training,
popularity under the manage-
ent of L. B. Culn. I
V. G. Howell is again hero.
rom rortland looking after his '
tensive interests in this coun-
Our stock of shoos is now in.
full line for men and children
tho latest styles and . colors.
e Busy Corner Store, I. Sch-
jartz. Prop.
E. P. Clark has returned. to
Grand but wo understand will
turn here later and take charge
the large farm purchased from
rs. Cowing.
We have deeded properties
from 80 to 3000 acres that at
esent prices will bo sure
U..' ft '.,
f l k ' .
,A .'v
with 'us with tho snmo case nnd safoty
as though you called upon us in person.
Wo givo especial attention to our
banking by mail business, thus insur
ing our out-of-town patrons of tho
best possiblo service
Capital and Surplus $60,000.00
United States Depositary
Accounts Invited
gffjfgjrmumimtmm i ywnniu'in imtmmnmii0WMmimm
Cremo for sale by your grocer. ' The Home Hotel is tho com for
Clothes pressed and cleaned at tabl ,lftC0 to board-
Schenk Bros.
The new breakfast -food-Cremo
- a local product.
uble within two years. Ask us
out them. Randall, Passenger
Bert Davey has finished his'
trict as census taker and is pre-
mg to enlarge the business ho
icently purchased from Ches.
rter. He is expecting a con-1
ment of goods soon. j
Geo. Hesse came in from the
berta country the first of this
k to look after his land inter-
ts in this county. He was sur-
sed to see vegetation so far
yanced in this section. ,
The Ladies' Afternoon Club
ires to express appreciation of
e interest taken in the "War
ncert" and particularly to
ank those who took part and
isted in making it a success.
hile our trade in Spring and
mmer goods has been much
ger than ever we are still
owing a beautiful and new line
Dress Materials and request
u to compare same with any
ers examined. Brown, s Sat-
'actory Store.
fA large number of our nconlo
Halley's comet last evening
t it was more or less a disan
intment It was reported that
entists were going to attempt
bottle portions of the tail when
went the earth the other rlnv
id they evidently got away with
01 it oecause no tail was seen
t night
Joe Sturtevant was a passenger
in on the stage Tuesday.
The Overland Hotel is tho
place to stop when in Burns.
Improved and unimproved farm
t and city property for sale,
Ikvwq Miller.
Guests at the French Hotel are
James Mahon was a business
visitor tho first of tho week.
For Sale 1G0 acre relinquish
ment with cabin, good well of
water, 100 acres fenced. Inquire
nt this office.
If you havo any property to
sell. See us about. We will get
results. Randall, Tasfccnger &
Geo. Buchanan and wife and
i Mrs. Geo. Gates are in from their
provided witn tne nest to do unci homes in tho castom part of t10
I county.
in the market
Mrs. Bert Parker has been
the citv for several 'day
the care of physicians.
Good, substantial, well cooked
meals at thb Home Hotel is what
the boarder Jikes.. ,
See the Inland
ty Co. if you have
sale or exchange.
Mr. and Mrs. A.
Wi'll Minimi! nnil Korvoii monls
UnilCr ryfn n'linf Annti.nllfa fillil Minir m n
. , ..i.v viiu niiiiid ..ill. iiit.j villi
bo found nt tho Overland Hotel.
Meals 25 cents.
Those having relinquishment!)
or real edtalo for sale should
consult E. W. VnnVnlkenburg,
for tho real estate man, at his office
! in Burns.
Egli and Mr. ' Mrs. Byron Terril nnd little
Girl wanted nt tho Overland
Locntiona nB good as tho best
A. F. B. George.
Got your orders in for incuba
tors boforo tho rush W. T.
fcnrl Elliot has been in from
tho Mahon ranch this week on a
visit to his family.
If you want results list your
property with Irving Miller, Room
0, Odd Fellow Bld'g.
Chns. Comegys is in from
Wngontiro nnd will take his fnm-
ilv Ollt to nnnnil thn vnpnlinn
Prof. D. W. Yoder loft. W.mfI
nosddny morning to spend the
vacation in tho Willnmctto Valley.
A now lino of Stetson hats just
in direct from Stetson of Phila
delphia, Brown's Satisfactory
Somo very desirable residence
properties in Burns. Seo us about
them. Randall, Passcngorfi Maloney.
.loo uookmnnn had his arm
broken luBt Sunday by a fractious
horse he was helping to hitch up
at the, Luig place.
Tho Edison Phonograph is
gaining in popularity and should
bo in every homo Lunaburg &
Dal ton aro resident agents.
Ve the llnrnoy County Nntlonnl Ilnnk
Tliey ore oclMtk-ntlfylnir.
Frank II. Clerf and wife and
his mother, accompanied by Ora
Hill, camo over from Alvord in
his auto last Saturday.
Meats from 5c to 12ic Beat
loinstenk, 12ic; boils, 5c to 7c;
roasts from Gc to 8c; sausage,
12Jc; pork, 15c Young's Meat
Market & Grocery.
Robt Bennet is renewing ac
quaintances in our city. He has
recently returned from Baker
City where ho attended school
last winter.
Empire Rcal-
and Mrs". Ed Egli leave today for . daughter Violet, left yesterday
the Wagontire ranch for tho sum- morning for Crane Creek for a
mer. " couple of weeks visit with her
A few five quarter sections of laughter, Mrs C. T. Carey,
best timber lands. See us about' Fresh groceries of the very
them. Randall, Passenger &' best brands and a complete new
Burt Dunton, W. D. Baker and
L. Sitz were over from Drewsey
of the week on land
lino of dry goods, furnishings,
etc., may bo found nt Hngoy &
Richardson's The now stone
Walter Cross and Kemp liar-
disty came down from Trout
creek yesterday and will be ac
companied out today by Mrs.
Cross and her grandchildren
Cora and Jessio Shopard who
for alteration ,"have bcon attcndinB Bcho0"'
do it P. C. Petersen nnd undo ar
' rived homo the first of the week.
J. T. Garret and family weref-Mr. Petersen spent the winter in
down from their mountain ranch ' Denmark with his mother and re
a few days this week. They have i turns home looking well. His
gotton settled in tho new home many friends are pleased to wel
and like it fine come ho and his bride home.
tho first
Miss K. Neugebaucr is located
in the Jorgensen building south
Main St and is nrenared to do
all kinds of dress malring.
have to
Schenk Bros, do not
send your suit back to
delnhia lawyer
They are tailors and can
Come in and inspect our
We have just received ten beautiful patterns in
'Nottingham and Arabian
and have marked them at an unusually
Low Price
Allure made of a strong double twisted
thread, have bulonholcd edges and will
Wear Well and launder well
Note the following prices:
6 pair white Nottingham, U yards long, 45 inches wide, per pair
ii i w(
.1 -n-
u HI
Rcnnaiscenco style 3'y'dsi longj,4j in. "wide,.',''
..Colbert -
..3 .
t,2.. .1 ...
i titf
, " Ecru Antique .--'.-
."white Brussels Effect - 3-."
" Arabian Panel Curtains per pair
$ I -5o to 4.oo
Compare above prices, with Portland prices
Our Hole Proof Hosiery has arrived
and will be sold at New York prices
write Busy Corner Store. . .. J. Schwartz, Propt.
Rcatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot
Any one desiring Rcatos address
W. A. Ford of J. 0. Albcrson,
Albcrson, Oregon.
Mrs. A. E. Millard came in
from tho homestead yesterday
after her husband who has been
teaching in the public school at
this place.
Elbow length silk gloves in
white and blnck at especially low
prices. Wo haven't many, so
you'd better call early. Tho
Busy Corner Store. I. Schwartz,
If you want ono of thoso now
Fuller & Johnson Farm Pump
Engines don't wait until the day
before you need it, but got your
orucr in now W. T. bmith, Age.
See tho ad.
Henderson Elliot and wife and
Mrs. Fay Comegys left here the
first of the week for the Mount
Vernon Springs to remnin for an
indefinite time. They have great
faith in that health resort
You will never again bo quite
as you aro today mentally or
physically. Perhaps not ever
again will you bo nblo to got so
"young" a photograph that
looks like you as today. Visit
the Saycr Studio.
Harold Johnansen, a young
man from the Harney neighbor
hood, received a broken leg tho
first of the week by being thrown
from a horso. Ho was brought
to this city and Drs. Marsden
& Griffith set the limb. He is
now nt tho Forren home.
jlob printing nt this office.
A nico now lino of shirt- waists
now on display nt Tho Busy Cor
ner Store.
If you want to seo tho finest
display of post cards in Burns go
(o Carter & Thompson,
iho local baseball team will go
to Narrows tomorrow to play a
gamowith the team at that place.
8000 acres of good land lying
along proposed railroad routes
$8 per 'acre. Seo A. F. B.
For real comfort, quiet and
courteous treatment the French
House is tho host under tho man
ageinent of L. B. Culp.
Wo still havo a fow choice loca
tions along the survey of Hill and
Hnrriman Lines. Seo us about
them.Randal, Passenger & Ma
loney. The registered Jersey Bull of
C. M. Huirrnnn will again bo at
tho Cortes Elliott barn in this
city during this season.
Geo. James and wife wore over
from Harney yesterday and
were accompanied home by
Silvia Lewis who has been at
tending school.
jjnuics aro invited to examine
our new oxfords. High grade
goods combined with Stylo is
what wo have to offer. Brown's
Satisfactory Store.
Blue prints of any township in
Burns Land District, showing
nnmo of entrymnn, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
Shelby, the little son of P. C.
Petersen is under the care of tho
physicians. Ho is threatened with
spotted fever but tho caso has
not dovoloped sufficiently to bo
Ask your grocer for Cremo, tho
now breakfast food.
Tho very bost accommodations
may bo obtained at tho Overland
Hotel. Meals 25 conts.
Weill the comet's lail'dldn
hurt much after nil. Wo didn't
Mjven got tho salmon flics brushed
H. J. Hansen of tho Burns
Meat, Market Ib prepared to fur
nish bacon, hams and lard to
sheopmon and ranchers in any
quantity. Specinl prices for big
Persons' needing hospital ac
commodations can find them nt
my home. Confinement cases
may expect especial attention.
Call on or address Mrs. F. E.
Forren, Burns, Oregon.
C. B. McConnol nnd Leonard
Colo were in from Silver Creek
during the week. Their surveyors
are still at work on tho reservoir
site nnd it will bo a few days yet
before an estimnto can bo made
on tho cost of tho proposed irri
gation scheme.
Ono roan mare, bald face with
white legs, aged about 14 years,
weight 1050 lbs. Brand bar over
D on loft hip. One bay mare
star in forehead 12 years old
weight 1100 brand quarter circle
on left hip. Havo wintered for
mer marc two winters and latter
last winter. Owners call, prove
property, pay charges and take
Jesse Vickeks,
Harney, Oreg.
Is important,npt only for the present, but
also for the years to come.
The right Bank connection will be a mater
ial help to your every day business.
This Bank has a successful record of safe,
conservative banking from the day of its or
. , - ' '
W. L. Best was brought over
from his Silver creek home yes
terday to get tho doctors to patch
him up. A horso fell on him nnd
Mr. Best sustained a Pott's
Samuel Kohn & Co., tho great
Ladies Tailors of Chicago have
mado Schenk Bros, their agents
for Burns and Harney County.
Thoy invito tho ladies to call and
seo a lino ot tho vory latest
sampcls. Suits from $18 up.
A drive into tho country yes-1
terday showed grain crops look
ing well. Thoso on tho John
Hogg, W. M. Stownrt, Racino,
Harkoy and Brown places aro ex
ceptionally good. Tho alfalfa is
making rapid growth and tho
next crop will bo ready for liar
vest next month.
R. J. Williams and wifo nnd
Mrs. T,. J. Shields camo in last
evening from Silver crook bring
ing tho latter's Bon to the doctor.
Ho hnd boon thrown from a
horso and badly shaken up. Up
on examination his physicians
found no bones broken but n
slight concussion. Tho patient
is improving. There havo been
a Jargo number of accidents from
horses during tho past week or
R. A. Miller was over from
Warm Spring yesterday. Ho says
they havo fine looking crops over
there but finds that tho grass
hoppers laid their eggs in that
vicinity ln3t year and aro hatch-
nn out. Mr. Miller was in for
somo dopo" recommended by
tho U, S. agucultural dopartmont
to do nwnv with tho trrnsshonnora
nnd ho hones to get rid of them
boforo tlioy do any serious
For Salo or Trade for Horses-
Throe mammoth jacks, age two,
three and six years; extra heavy
boned and good workers. In
quire of J. W. Shepherd, While
Front Barn, Burns.
RobtStoner contemplates a lay
off from tho barber shop for a
considerable time, nnd left this
morning for n visit to Indinnn and
other states to bo absent an in
definite time.
Tho entire stock of goods now
on display at the new Btoro of
Hagey it Richnrdson, is fresh
ami new. Patrons may find al
most anything desired there.
Sheriff Richnrdson went over
to Canyon this week nnd brought
back Win. Smith, -who had been
captured over there and who was
wanted in this county to answer
an indictment found against him
last term of court
Mrs. Charles Anderson wishes
to announce to her many friends
nnd patrons that she has again
opened her hotel and will bo
pleased to welcome them nt nny
time. They will find tho same
courteous treatment and rates as
mi inuepenueni teiepnonc com
pany was organized this week
with W. D. Baker, Dr. J. W. Geary
and C. W. Ellis as incorporators
Tho Times-Herald has not learned
any particulars of tho now con
cern but understands connections
will bo mado witlr tho Drewsey
lino nnd that a local excango will
be put in Burns.
Foil Sale--1G0 acres irrigated
land on Rattle Snako Creek,
threo miles abovo Harney. First
water right, running water the
year round, small orchard, good
house. 40 acres in cultivation,
'the rest good pasture land. Fino
rnngo. Terms cash. For fur
ther particulars call on or write
to Roland Hankins,
Harney, Oregon.
G. Hudspeth nnd wife, tho old
pioneer peoplo of this section will
leave today for Sumpter where
thoy go to reside with their son
William. They aro getting along
in years and Bill como over tho
other day to take them to his
homo where they will reciovo
ovcry attention. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hudspeth havo resided in this
section sinco tho early 80's and
havo many friends who wish
them contenment in their declin
ing years.
C. Stradley, tho Harriman rail
road engineer who was in charge
of tho survey across this sections
a fow years ago, was again in
this city for n short timo this
week, Ho did not stato hia bus
iness but it is understood Mr.
Stradloy is still in tho employ of
the iiarrimon lines and ho has
been looking over tho territory
to tho east of this valloy at in
tervals for eovernl weeks. Wo
may expect somo active work in
railroad extension of that lino
within a short timo,
Has fast received n fresh lot of
New and handsome Post
Cards, Stationery, Ink,
Pens, Pencils, Novelties.
Fine assortment of everything
D. K. MOTE, Darns, Oregon
We handle a complete line of everything
usually sold by up to date druggists. It is
This we do by courteous treatment and
reasonable prices to ail our customers
The Welcome Pharmacy, Burns, Oregon.
building We de-
ML Vernon Hot
Tin' ii ro Incited In tlio beautiful Jolin
I)y Viillpy, 2H mlloB north of Mt Ver
ticil, ami Vi miloa wcttof Canyon City
In (irnnt t ounty, Oregon. Tlio eleva
tion la 3700 loot ami tlio climaiu Is mild
throughout tlioyuar. Tlio i prints wlilrli
furnUh water for the bath iuiiIphIiii
inlug pool How 25,000 gallnng por day of
highly tnlnvraligfd Jiotnaturof a teni
poratnro In tlio differ, nt nprltiKH of 100
to 1'.".' K, Thfflo nprlnirs aro without
rival or ronijiotlori for tho reason that
you can get tho watur Jiift tho jiropor
tumpuruturo for uathltiK without artlfl
rlnl limtlng or diluting with cold water
utid thurohy destroying tho medical pro-
liottles. Theau etirlnus have lunt co i
to public notlco for the rrason that they I
llOVII jllSt beOII fitted Up for Ilia rnmrnrll -
and bonollt ot tho Invalid and those
reeking recreation.
Nature aa the chemist whoconippud
ed tlio water which cures, and In her
Ittbrutory deep In the inynterlcfl of the
earth alio prepared thoso curative,
waters; and tlione suffering from rheu
matism, gout, skin dlscnso, kidney or
bladdor trouble or nny catarrhal condl.
tlon of the Btomach find almost instant
relief nnd in most caeca pormunont cures
in from four to eight weeks.
Our charges are reasonable. Como
ulion you will winter or summer; wo
aro alunyB open and ready to weloomo
you. '
Tor further Information address,
. A. MURPHY, Proprietor
Mt. Vernon, Oregog.
Preparatory to moving into our uow
siro to clean up our stock.
While we are continually receiving new goods, we
have on hand many useful staple articles which we
propose to sacrifice. Among them are:
50 Ladies' House Wrappers, regular price $1.50 (o S2.C0
Your Choice for 90c.
as long as they last less than the cost of the material
i 50 Ladles' Worsted Skirts at
I Half price long as they last I
X Now is the time to buy your fall cloaks. We have
50 Ladies' and Children's Cloaks
to Dispose of Half Price
Corsets regular value $1.25, your choice 85c.
Shoes, hats and many other articles
will go at a big sacrifice
Lunaburg, Dalton & Co.
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Main Office, Burns, Oregon
A. O. rADLKNEIt, Ugr,
Branch Office, Lakeview, Oregon
is known by the harness he uses
A VAQUERO by the saddle he rides.
Evere horseman should have the
best, both as to quality and price.
You can get highest quality
and lowest prices at
ECainess a,n.d. Sa,d.d.les
Job Printing.
Come In And! Ask Ahoai
We want to tell yoy about the latest and newest labor saver
for the farmer a marvel of mechanical genius a regular
"Jim Dandy" the light, handy and simple
Fits Any
Makes It
Hump I
You never saw anything like it before nothing like
it ha9 ever been made. It makes a windmiH pump into
a perfect Power Pumping Plant in a few minutes, and
besides pumping, it runs separator, churn, grindstone, or
any machine ordinarily run by hand. You do the attach
ing yourself. Costs less than a windmill! It's well worth
a special trip to learn about the most wonderful invention
you ever heard of. Next time you are in town come in
sure. Wc want to give you a catalog free.
Patented Jum 1B,1BB
Whora Pintllng
!B"U.mF3, Oxogroro.