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SATURDAY. MAY 7, 1910,
Locnl News.
lied barley at The Busy Cor-5tore.
bt Drinkwatcr is in from
ivo you seen the now Belts
irown's Satisfactory Store?
:rr Buckland was among our
icy visitors during the week.
you want protection see
lip Miller the insurance man.
io best meal in Harney corni
er 25 cents at the Overland
layor U. W. Ulevenger nas
rned from an extended visit
litside points.
few fractional sections of
inon school land for sale A.
George. v
loiiN -To Mr. and Mrs. C. II.?
ltenon Tuesday, May 3, a
ne French Hotel is saining
lopularity under the manage-
It of L. B. Culp.
vervbody attend the booster
ting Monday night at the
ft house and help boost.
m Sale Well broken work
The Pioneer Bank of Harney County
Capital and Surplus 360,000.00
United States Depositary
Absolute!)! Safe
Accounts Invited
Cremo-for sale by your grocer. , The Home Hotel is the comfor
,.m i i -i i Uiblo place to board.
;es, weight 1200 to 1400 lbs.' Schonk Bros i p. c. Dibble left Wednesday
'm TTnwntvl 19 milns smith 1 ' :.. l.:. ., rnn Vntn mi liiiuinnss.
The now breakfast food - '' iU1
Cremo-a local product j Latest styles in skirts and un-
T . . ,, , ., , , derskirts at Tlio Busy Corner
Look at -the new white goods ""a
at The Busy Corner Store. 1&l0IU .
o t i n n p rw Census Enumerator King hnb
See Lunaburg, Dalton & Co s. ,ctcd ,lis work in Burn8 and
rcmovjil sale ad n this issue. .g nm n thjj cQUntry
The Overland Hotel is the' Fott Saibi60 ncnTrclfnnuish-
placetostopwneninimrns. o nt . we of
Boun To Mr. and Mrs. C. A.vntnr 1 on nnroa fenced. Innuire
PHarlan Monday, May 2, a son. i nt tnis 0fiCOp
Improved and unimproved farm i Well cooked and served meals
and city property for sale. I arc wmt one wants and they can
Irving Miller. , i,0 found at tho Overland Hotel.
Chas. Davis was over from his ' Meals 25 cents.
Harney home a few days thisi Those having relinquishments
or real estate for sale should
Job printing at this oillco.
Crcmo tho children cry for it.
Fay Comegya was in tho city
this week.
Locations as good as tlio nest 0 car(.cl. &
a. iv. u. ucorgo.
L. H. Chnnln of Lawcn was
among our visitors this week.
Got your ordora in for incuba
tors boforo tho rush W. T.
Somo vorv nrottv waists have
just arrived at Tho Busy Corner
A nico now lino of shirt waists
now on displny at Tho Busy Cor
ner Store.
If von want to soo tho finest
display of post enrdfl in Burns go up old cronies
r.eo. Cnwlfluld was in tlio city
this week and informs us lie
now farming over near Harney
8000 acres of good land lying
along proposed railrond routes
$8 per acre. Seo A: I'. Ii.
Mrs. Grnco Cochran was in
fin. Howard, 12 miles south
)rewsey, Oregon.
f hilo our trade in Spring and
imer goods has been much
tor than ever we are still
(wing a beautuui anu new line
)ress Materials and request
to compare same with any
-rs examined. Brown, s Sat-
pfni-v Stnro
ow York papers report the
val of P. C- Peterson and
on a recent steamer. Mr.
jrsen left here last fall for a
to his old home in Denmark
I didn't say he expected to re-
with a wife. We do not
w when he is expected home.
Iied In this city last Satur-
morning S. G. Blackerby,
G6 years. Mr. Blackerby in
r.iioia.nt flio Fmnoh Hotel are! consult E. W. VnnVnlkcnburg,
provided with the best to be had . the real estato man. at his office
in Burns.
a pioneer resident of East-
Oregon having come from
tern Oregon several years
and to this place in 1895.
son Roy was here for several
but lately had located at
K Grove, near Portland. De
ed was born in Kentucky
came west by ox team in
He was married in 18G3,
widow and five children sur-
& him. The children are Roy,
Ada Bentley and Miss
ia Blackerby of Oak Grove;
ther son Howard and daugh-
Mrs. Jennie Cook of The
Pes. Roy was summoned by
and was the only relative to
tnd the funeral which was
Automobiles are becoming Mrs. a. K. ur.nKwaicr nas re
numerous adout this city at tho iceivcd an elegant lino of Spring
present time. i Millinery and myites he
',,,,.. , , of this vicinity to call and see
Good, substantial, well cooked , the g.,
meals at the Home Hotel is what y' .
the boarder likes. I Win. Harvey, the Lakcviow
T , . . n , 'horse buyer, was here several
See the Inland Empire Real-. , ... k Ho ig buyinK
ty Co. if you have anything ion
sale or exchange.
Chas. Rohn is back from the
homestead near Lawen where he
established his wife in full possession.
Miss K. Neugebauer is located
in the Jorgensen building south
Main St. and is prepared to do
all kinds of dress making.
days this week. Ho is buying
horses from local dealers for
Fresh groceries of the very
best brands and a complete new
line of dry goods, furnishings,
etc., may be found at Hagey &
Richardson's The new stone
store. h,
The recent cold snap that did
so much damage all through tho
i uiv uin.i. ! ... A iizmrt iirno im t rnm
from the Presbvtenan . .. . . i, , Srfuth nnd Minsoun River Valley
. ,7 , ,, ii xm arrows uuniiB "- ""i"",- , ,77, . l
Irch Thursday afternoon, the jan(1 i,usinesgt He is just recov- did not get all tho f nut in this
ItlnAn nirr rrvAl,nl rt1 Vltr T?Atf I i .! 1. f u! lnfitx. T ntMflntWllT Tinf CH
itc-a uitiH wmuutnu j a... ennir irom an uiuick. 01 kiiij. lattuun. " m t""iu; "w- "w
Irwin. Interment was in I , ,., . , ,, severe here as no effort was
II.O.O.F. cemetery of which i m nro . uu . ,v Uje
r Roy is a member. Mr. . f f. f to 'J J " frostay from their orchards,
emeuny tne peopie 01 uus themselves j coming on fine again.
Born To Mr. and Mrs
Hotchkiss Saturday, April 30,
Pine wood for sale, cither in
tho pilo or dolivcrcd Luto Mace,
Burns, Oregon.
If you want results list your
proporty with Irving Miller, Room
G. Odd Follow Bld'g.
A now lino of Stetson hats just
in direct from Stetson of Phila
delphia, Brown's Satisfactory
Allen Jones has returned from
tho railroad whero he drove beef
for delivery. Ho reports a suc
cessful trip.
Tho Edison Phonograph is
gaining in popularity and should
bo in every homo Lunaburg &
Dalton aro resident agents.
Mrs. K. Calkins came home
tho first of this week after an
absence of several months visit
ing relatives and frionds. She
is now at the Oregon hotel.
Uhc tho Hnrnoy County National ltnnk
They are nclMdentifyiiiK.
A. M. Kclsay the Silver Creek
ranchor and shcepraiser, was
here Thursday to attend tho
Blackerby funeral and attend to
some business.
Reatos for sale, nil sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot.
Any one desiring Reatos address
W. A. Ford of J. O. Alberson,
Albcrson. Oregon.
If you want one of those now
Fuller & Johnson Fnnn Pump
Entrines don't wait until the day
before you need it, but get your
order in now-W. T. Smith, Agt
Seo tho ad.
Among tho new improvements
started this week are additions
to the J. J. Donegan residence a
large addition to the Summit
hotel and a fine big barn on tho
G. W. Young rcBidenco property.
Lost A large, blue milch cow
branded a lazy U on the side. A
$5.00 reward will be given for
her return or information leading
to her recovery. Frank Nctizo-
bauor on Carey land southeast of
Miss Winnifred VanVnlken-
berg has purchased the Kclsay
high wheel automobile. She lias
not yet attempted to run tho ma
chine but no doubt will bo mana
ging the "criter" in a
s too well known to need an extended description
It is the leading make in the
The acme of
Style, Finish, ' Workmanship
is reached in its construction
Every garment is warranted
We have just received a nice line in
Vice $22.50 and $25 per Suit
lome in and look at them- We are the Burns Agents
I. SCHWARTZ, Proprietor J
The Times-Herald has quite an
Fino lino of Soring and Sum
mer clothing at Tho Busy Corner
Sam Mickel has boon locking
n this city during
tho week.
Sid Comocrvs lias been in tho
is city this week looking after road
matters nt court.
Tho very best accommodations
mity be obtained nt the Overland
Hotel. Meltls 25 cunts.
Burt Dunten and Harvey Mid-
dleworth wcro among our Drew
tho city this week, having just Bey visitors this week. They
eturncd from Wngontiro and on
her way to Lawen.
For real comfort, quiet and
courteous treatment tho French
Houso is tho best under tlio man
agement of L. B. Gulp.
Tho registered Jersey Bull of
C. M. Huirman will again bo at
the Cortes Elliott barn in this
city during this senson.
The weather todny is ideal and
if i.i honed it will continue for the
benefit of tho distinguished visi
tors who aro coming to seo us.
GiKjfirin Fry is suffering from
pneumonia at tho homo of her
aunt, Mrs. Win. Cummins, lier
nhvsician reports her doing quite
well and on the way to recovery.
Ladies aro invited to cxamino
our now oxlonis. iiign grauo
goods combined with Stylo is
what wo have to olfer.
Satisfactory Store.
D. S. Graves and wife were up
from their lake homo a fow days
this week. Mr. Graves says tho
lako is filling up rapidly and has
covered a largo territory.
Blue prints of any township in
Burns Lind District, showing
name of entry man, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
For Sale or Trade for Horses
Three mammoth jacks, ago two,
three and six years; extra heavy
boned and good workers. In
quiro of J. W. Shepherd, White
Front Barn, Burns.
If you wnnt to make a trade,
soil your relinquishment or other
property tho Inland Empire Real
ty Co. .vill bo of great assistance
to you. Thoy have sold others
and can soil yours.
The entire stock of goods now
on displny at the new store of
Hagey & Richardson, is fresh
nnd new Patrons may find al
most anything desired there.
Mrs. W. Y. King wns a pass
enger out on the auto yesterdny
morning enroute to Eugene to
attend the Robckah grand lodge
session. She will spend some
time visiting different sections
of tho Willamette Valley and
Portland while nbsent.
V. C. Gibson has disposed of
his residence property in this
citv to Al Solinger nnd will leave
short at once with his family for Port
land. Mrs. Gibson and children
will l'o to Silvcrton for a visit
were hero on land business
II. J. Hanson of tho Burns
Meat Market is prepared to fur
nish bacon, hams and lnrd to
sheepmen nnd ranchers in any
quantity. Special prices for big
Persons needing hospital nc-
commodntiona can find them nt
my homo. Confinement cases
may expect especial attention.
Call on or address Mrs. F. E.
Forrcn, Burns, Oregon.
Ono roan marc, bald face with
whito legs, aged about 14 years,
weight 1050 lbs. Brand bar over
D on left hip. Ono bay mare
star in forehead 12 years old
weight 1100 brand quarter circle
on left hip. Have wintered for
mer maro two winters and latter
last winter. Owners call, prove
property, pay charges and take
Jessb Vickeks,
Harney, Oreg.
l-no iimeS-ticraianiiuKH . yic look(J
amount of government garden ,
Rnnd.q for free distribution. The
varieties aro beans, lettuce, par-
sloy, radishes and turnips.
Friends aro requested to call at
Mm nfficn nrwl t'ftfc n. RUnnlv.
Tho big towns are all howling
about tho census not giving them
their full nuota of population and
newspapers are saying thousands
are missed. We haven't figured
out how many thousand failed to
be counted in Burns.
You will never again be quite
as you aro today mentally or
nhvsically. Perhaps not over
again will you bo able to get so
"young" a photograplr that
looks liko you as today. Visit
tho Sayer Studio.
Roy Blackerby was hero from
Oak Grove this week to attend
the funeral of his father. Ho
had to return homo immediately
on account of sickness and press
ing business engagements, there
fore could not personally seo all
his old time friends and thank
them for their kindness during
his father's late illness and- tho
valued assistance to himself after
tho father's death. Ho takes
this means of expressing his ap
Tho baccalauerato Bcrmon to
tho graduating class of tho Har
ney County High School will bo
delivered at tho PrcJsbyterinn
church tomorrow morning at 11
o'clock by Rev. A. J. Irwin. It
iB fitting that Mr. Irwin should
preach this Bermon as no other
man iB closer to tho high school
pupils or has done more for their
welfare. Tho graduating clnss
consider him ono of their best
friends. Tho choir has arranged
somo special music for tho ser
vice, tho regular choir being aug
umonted by tho assistanco pf
other good Bingers. Tho Times
Herald hopes a largo numbor
of tho friends of tho school may
attend this service.
around the city and decides what
hn will do. Tho frionds of the
family wish them success.
Foil Salp.IGO acres irrigated
land on Rattle Snako Creek,
three miles abovo Harney. First
wnlor riirht. running water the
year round, small orchard, good
house. 40 acres in cultivation,
llm rest, irood pasture land. Fino
ranirc. Terms cash. For fur
ther particulars call on or writo
Harney, Oregon.
L. II. VnnDorn, who recently
arrived hero from Now York,
has purchased tho J. A. Maddux
place near Windy Point anu win
tnko possession at once. Mr.
Maddux had developed tho placo
and had a largo acreago cleared
nnrl in cultivation. Ho found it
To deposit your income in the bank
each month and check against it, as
to pay with cash. There is no addi
tional expense, and you are given the
bank's service-this means safety for
your funds, convenience for your
transactions, and a condensed record
of every cent of receipts and expend
itures. We ask you to try a ekeck ac-
count for one month.
Has Jast received a fresh lot of
New nnd handsome Post
Cards, Stationery, Ink,
Pens, Pencils, Novelties.
Fine assortment of everything
I). It. MOTE, Barns, Oregon
We handle a complete line of everything
usually sold by up to date druggists. It is
This we do by courteous treatment and
reasonable prices to al our customers
The Welcome Pharmacy, Burns, Oregon.
ML Vernon Hot
Thovnro located In tlio beautiful Jo tin
Itoy Valley, 2 mlltmnorlli ol Ml Vur.
non, and Vi)i inllon not of Canyon City
In flrnnt ( ounty, Oregon. Tho 1bv
Hon Ii 3700 (vet and tlio cllirm'o Is mild
UirtniKlioutllioyoKr. Tliu prliK whlcli
ftirnUh watur for tho hath nnil awlin
mliiK pool How '.'5,000 gallons or day ol
hhdilv inlncralli-d hot water of a tern-
porntnru In the dlller. nt xprlniiH of 100
to li!2 K. Thcsu tprlnga aro without
rival or rompotlon for tho reason that
ou can lift tliu water hut tho propor
tomporaturu for bathing without artlfi
rial heating or diluting with cold water
and thereby Ueittroylng the meillonl pro
pertied. ThfiO iprlnga havo juit cono
to public notice for tho rcimon that thoy
hitvo jut been fitted up lor the comfort
nnd bunollt ot tho Invalid and thoeo
rooking recreation.
Naturu was the chouilat whocompoud
od tho water which cores, and In her
Ubratory deep in tho mysteries ol tlio
earth sho prepared .thoso curatiro
waters; and those suffering from rheu
matism, gout, skin disease, kidnoy or
bladder trouble or any catarrhal condl.
tlou of tho stomach II nd almost Instant
relief nnd in most casoa pormanont euros
in from four to eight weeks.
Our charges aro reasonable. Come
whon vou will winter or summer: wo
uro always open and ready to woloomo
1'or further Information address,
. A. MURPHY, Proprietor
Mt. Vernon, Oregog.
I rD7lfYlA H CAI C !
Preparatory to moving into our ucw building we de-
sire to clean up out- stock.
While we are continually receiving. new goods, we
I have on hand many useful ftaih ait.elcs which we
propose to sacrifice. Among them art:
I 50 Ladies' House W rarp-.f iej:iUr p.-ice S'iO tu SHO
j Your Cho&ce for 90c. j
I as long as they last less than the cost of the material
I SO Ladles' Worsted Skirts at
Half price long as they last j
t Now is the time to buy your fall cloaks. We have j
l 50 Ladies' and Children's Clocks
lO LMSpusc Ut liciu rutc
Corsets regular value $1.25, your choice 85c.
Shoes, hats nnd many other articles
will go at a big sacrifice
Lunaburg, Dalton & Co.
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Main Office, Burns, Oregon
A. O. rAULKNCK, Mgr,
necessary nfter several years to Branch Office, Lakcviow, Oregon
Baenfico somo nnd move his wifo
to n lower nltitudo on account of
her health.
P. F. Faulkner and wife left
Tuesday morning after several
wcoIch visit with their son A. O.
Faulkner in this city. They
went bv nrivato convoyanco to
wards Lakcviow and will bo met
bv their Bon Chnrles who will
convoy them in his auto to his
homo in northern California
whero they will visit a fow
weeks boforo returning to their
homo in Indiana.
W. II fSonrhnrt is over from
tho Calamity creek section ro
nowing acquaintances. Ho spent
Mm w ntoi' in Portland and as
his health is not good ho dispo.
nd of tho maior nortion ot h!B
land hoMinga 480 acres to E. J.
Bailoy of John Day and expects
toieavo soon for California in
tho hopo of benefiting his health.
Ho sold his land for $7000. Mr.
Gearhart has HO acros more In
thosamo locality but will hold
that. Ho has been n resident of
this section for 27 years,
is known by the harness he uses
A VAQUE&O by the saddle he rides.
Evere horseman should have the
best, both as to quality and price.
You can get highest quality
and lowest prices at
ZEaZaxrLess en-d. Saddles
Job Printing.
Come in And Ask About it
We want to tell you about the latest and ncvyest labor saver
for the farmer a marvel of mechanical genius a regular
"Jim Dandy" the light, handy and simple
Fits Any
Makes It
Hump I
idsv 111 JrlfL
H in i I V nl hBT
You never saw anything like it before nothing like
it has over been mado. It makes a windmill pump into
a perfect Power Pumping Plant in a few minutes, and
besides pumping, it runs separator, churn, grindstone, or
any machine ordinarily run by hand. You do the attach
ing yourself. Costs less than a windmilll It's well worth
a special trip to learn about the most wonderful invention
you ever heard of. Next time you are in town come in
sure. We want to give you a catalog ircc.
ggggarae i i.iiiiiimw
fmttntmit Junm 18,1808
T;XT.T.Sm.it3a -A-gli.
BuinfJ, Ozogrom.