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3E(ip (Brcnl Jlnriicu (fnun u
Couth Mi nri'ii ol lltiH.MXi m
land, 4,(i:il,li51 ncri't- jut vacant
to entry under the public law
llin United Mute
97i 9;iiitc2-tcrnld
The Offlolal Paper ol Harney County
has Ilia largest clrcillntlnn ami la ono ot
tho brat advertising mediums In Knslorn
eft Portland on
lioiild Arrive Here Sunday
Leonard Has Called Special Meetinffio,Thub,,jalQtorulaovoivMr. HnnloyjKL
Monday Afternoon Booster Meeting Thai Night.
IThe Burns Commercial Club is
receipt of a telegram from
Vm. Hanley statinjr tlmt lie
buld leave Portland with the J.
'Hill railroad party yesterday
norninjr and should arrive in
In ma SnnHnv nr Mnnrlnv.
If On account of the unccrtainity
If the arrival of the party defi-
Mte arrancements are held in
beyance at the present time but
! club is in readiness to give
lie party any information it may
esire in a statistical way and
'ill do its utmost to assist them
In any way possible.
f The Hill party includes besides
J. Hill, Louis W. Hill. Howard
Elliott. Geortre F. Baker, presi
dent of the First National Bank
' New York, and Charles Steele,
tepresentative of J. P. Morgan
. Co. It is not expected that
Ir. Hill sr. will mane tne m-
erior trip owing to his advanced
s and the hardships encount-
red on such a jaunt, but possi
bly all the rest of the party are
Ivith Mr. Hanley.
President Leonard of the Com-
nercial Club has called a special
rieeting for Monday afternoon at
o'clock to meet these gentle
f Boise & Western to Intadc Malheur Pass
Hill interests are ready to in-
ade the Malheur Canyon, m
'act they were ready to begin
:onstruction work on Boise ji
Western in the narrow pass the
of thn week, according to a
itatement made by Col. Wood
flast evening to the enterprise re
Iporter. But Wednesday we re-
Iceived word from the secretary
lof the interior that tracks built
n the canyon would interfere
vith water rights. The secret
arv claims that under an old
Garfield law the tracks would bo
torn un if constructed, but
i out of the questien: we expect
to go right on as soon as possible.
Although the eastern conncc-
Itions from Vale are not yet i
Iknown, the route west is located, i
lit is a matter of few weeks
fore Boise & Western has a crew
thn ennvnn -Vni Kntornnso. ,
WIV rllJ w - . - J-
Hill and Harriman interests
will enter central Oregon over
one line of rails through the
Deschutes canyon. The strife is
past. John F. Stevens, repre
senting Mr. Hill's interests, and
Judge Lovett, head of the Harri
man lines, met in Chicago re
cently and decided to abandon
contention and construct one lino
through tho rugged gorge, to be
used jointly by tho two roads.
This is the word that comes to
Portland from an authorativo
(source. It is tacked up uy uic
fact that the Harriman construc
tion forces along the Deschutes
Unnnnn urn hninrr rpdllRfifl and
tU4iijun M...fa
work is not being pushed as en
ergetically as before by the Har
riman people.
According to tho plans which
are to be worked out the Hill and
'Harriman magnates have entered
linto nn nirreement bv which ono
'jline is to do double duty through
.HI WilUU.lilJ ijj. . ....
lis to be constructed and main
tained in part by both companies.
It is said that tho line is not to
"be a jointly owned lino in the
full sense of tho word. Part ot
.in wnv trninn will run ovorllnr-
yiman rails, part of the way over
II 1 steel. At tho contested
points of the long gorge
the richt of way titles aro still
in tho courts undecided, tho com
pany which has possession will
finish its construction, join to the
ono joint line, and thus through
common consent harmoniously
or Monday and President
men and unless their time is too
limited thoy will bo nsked to re
main in our little city for the big
demonstration meeting for Mon
day evening at tho court house
when Tom Richardson, will be
one of tho attractions.
The coming of tho Hill party
is of vast importance to this sec
tion and wo may expect definite
announcement of tho intention
of that railroad to enter the
Great Harney Country. It is
known that the recent surveys
and rights of way selections
made by Col. Wood, Mr. Hanley
and others through tho Malheur
Canyon was for Mr. Hill and tho
only question was when actual
construction would begin. No
doubt we shall learn tin's upon
tho arrival of the party.
Just how long they will remain
here is not known, therefore it
is hoped that as many represent
ative people as possible may
meet them in Burns on Monday
and give them sucli information
and assistance as possible.
Mr. Hill is the man who wants
a car load of Harney County pro
continued on page two.)
complete the road through the
Beyond the mouth of tho can
yon, however, when tho open
country is reached, the truce will
end, and each lino will branch
off along its own right of way in
whatever direction it has been
decided to build tho road.-Jour-
"Ycs, it is my opinion that the
extension of tho Sumpte'r Valley
road will be made to Prairie City
by tho time set in the bonus
agreement," was a remark
dropped by Mr. J. L. Smith
while at the county seat a few
davs aero. Mr. Smith is one of
the contractors on the road nnu
has had charge of much of the
bo-'grading. He says that they are
driving the work right along and
thfro is no nucstion OUt llial tllO
ii : i!n,, Uiil 1 1,., I
i iiic'iu i nu iiucaiiuii uuk nun
i , . , . :, i . ...i i.
o nciais oi tne roau win iihiko
good in the promises that have
been made. If the work is not
done in the time specified it will
be on account of conditions now
unforseon and over which the
men in charge could possibly
have no control.
Mr. ' Smith says that good
wages arc being paid. There is
no friction and no lost or dead
work and every stroke now
means just that much progress
in the construction.
Work on tho big bridges, there
being two of them, is now about
complete. Rails and ties are on
hand, ready to be laid. In a few
days now tho grade will be finish
ed on the worst of tho route and
tho rest of it will bo completed
more rapidly than when grading
was being done on the mountain.
-Blue Mt. Eagle.
Seven hundred miles in ten
days is tho stunt performed by
Howard Covey, local agent for a
number of well known cars, dur
inir his trin through Central Ore
gon, from which ho returned Inst
week, says tho Oregonian. Mr.
rVivnv'R face has a coal of tan
that would do credit to a school
boy who plays hpokoy to go
swimming five days out of tho
,i,nn'ww!k. bosneaking tho fact that
- c ---
ho spent the greater portion of
his time while away in tho open
While no set schedulo was fol
lowed in making tho trip, a good
deal of territory was covered.
' " ' ' " ... I - I TT -
Tho start was nindo from Slmniko
in "Bill" Ilanloy's big Pierco
Arrow, with tho owner of tho
car at tho wheel, and the road to
Prineville was covered. From
this place tho two men ran to
Burns in tho machine. After
reaching Burns, an attempt was
numerous ranches, but it failed
signally on account of tho vast
number of acres which they
"Wo rodo along ono fence for
!J0 miles," said Mr. Covey, short
ly after his return, nnd all the
land, all the way, as far as wo
could see, belonged to Mr. Han
ley. Tho country is Hat and
level, so there are few places
that an automobile cannot bo
made to go.
"Contrary to general belief,
the roads in that part of Oregon
are in very good condition, not
withstanding tho fact that they
are not given particular atten
tion. I found them in good
shape, and, in fact, could hardly
ask for anything better for tour
incr. Thev wore not like our
roads in and out of Portland, but
they will always attract people
because of tho beautiful nature
of tho surrounding country.
There arc many automobiles
owned iii that section, too, for
the farmers realize that a mach
ine is a money makei in the long
run as well as a time saver."
According to best information
received the following may be
considered pretty authentic re
garding the movement of the
May 7 Comet may be located
in the constellation of Pegasus,
five degrees from the star Gam
ma. IIav 8 -Comot rises at 2:l( in
the morning.
May 9 Comet swings across
the orbit of Venus. It is distant
from tho earth :,410,000 miles.
' May 10-Comct rises nt 2:32 a.
May 12 Comet appears at 2:37
a. m.
May M-Comot rises at 2:10 a.
m. It is beginning to swing
away from the line of the earth's
May 15 Comet rises at 2:40 a.
m. Distance from the earth but
M.880,000 miles.
May 1G Comet appears at 3:08
a. m. Distance from the earth
May 17 -Comet appears at 3:22
a. m. Only 13,020,000 miles
from the earth.
May 18 Nearest approach to
the earth; being distant 12,000,
000 miles. Comot passes across
the face of tho sun between 8:30
nnd 9 p. m., Central time.
May 19 Comet appears in the
evening sky, eacli night rising
higher in tho west.
May 20 Comet will bo enor
mous monster and will set at 8:11
p. m.
May23-Comot sets at 10:30
p. m.
May 20 Comet crosses tho
path of the earth.
May30-Comet sets at 11:30
p- m. Is growing fainter.
June 5 -Passes out of tho
rango of the naked oyc.
New Store nnd Hotel.
In addition to tho extensive im
provements that have been mado
on tho Win, Byram placo on up
per Canyon creek recently, that
enterprising gontleman now pro
poses to open a hotel at tho Stan
sell place. The placo is being
remodeled and it will bo supplied
with all of tho conveniences in
cluding baths, electric lights, etc.
Mr. Byram will also put in a
stock of goods at this place.
With tho building of tho railroad
to Prairie tho stage timoBchcdulo
will bo changed and it is likely
that this will bo mado ono of tho
most popular stations on tho
road. Bluo Mt. Eagle.
Good morning! Did you have
Crcmo for breakfast?
Morning For Burns
Big Demonstration
House Next Mqndag Night
Mr. Richardson a Man of
asm and Good Fellow to
Tax Commissioner Chas.
Tho Burns Commercial Club
i,u r,M,m,i fm Mu. l.iir linosfpr
meeting next Monday night
when Tom Richardson will be
nresent to address tho people of
this section on tho development
of tho great interior of the stale.
Mr. Richardson has made a
business of boosting Oregon for
several years and his talk Mon
day evening should bo heard by
all tho enthusiastic people of this
county who desire its advance
ment. Mr. Richardson will give
us all some pointers and perhaps
tell us of some advantages that
wo do not realize. His capabil
ity to see the possibilities of a
section will no doubt bo of bene
fit to all who hear him. s
No elaborate preparations have
been made for tho entertainment
of our visitor, as ho expressed
his wishes in this respect in a
letter to President Leonard of
tho Commercial Club. Tho
speaking will bo held in the cir
cuit conrt room nt the court
houso and by way of diversion
the band has been nsked to play
a fow pieces and tho Commercial
Club Male Quartet will render a
couple of selections. Arrange
ments have been made to take
Mr. Richardson out in tho coun
try for a few hours Sunday or
Monday if he desires to make the
Assessor Doncgan has received
word that one of the members of
tho State Tax Commission, pro
bably Charley Galloway, will bo
here at the samo time and will
be asked to take part in the
Tom Richardson has been in
vited repeatedly to come to
Burns and got acquainted with
tho great possibilities of South
eastern Oregon but up to this
time ho had been unable to ac
cept. Now that ho is coming
wo should uso our best efforts to
have him got as much out of the
trip as possible. Ho is boosting
for tho entire state and it is for
our good that ho comes to us.
After he has onco seen tho Great
Harney Country ho will bo in
much better position to help de
velop this unsettled section nnd
bring it to tho attention of thous
ands of people through his meth
od of advertising. His timo is
limited and it will bo impossible
for him to got over the county,
therefore it is hoped that the
people from tho various sections
may find it convenient to bo in
Burns on Monday to meet him
and help make tho big meeting
bcnoficial to all concerned.
(Portland Correspondence).
The Portland buBinesa men re
turned from their visit to thirty
Oregon points intensely enthus
ed. Aside from tho splendid
wolcomo extended to them every
where, some of tho more homely
features appealed to them espec-ially-for
instance tho lucious
asparaKUs, toothsomo now pota
toes and strawberries which
wore Bent to tho excursion diner
by different communities. Tho
nnsthcitiu side was not overlooked.
either, and at several points tho
excursionists found upon return
..KunlnHinin fni m 1 1 HtiAn vnl IIVII
intr to their train that it had
been convorted into a bower of J
roses or other blossoms.
Business had little attention in
Portland Friday and Saturday of
OREGON, MAY 7, 191
Meeting at Court
Ideas, Energy and Enthusi
Kub Up Against btate
Galloway May be Present.
last week, for the census was tho
engrossing subject. Largo busi-
Hess interests volunteero I their
best men as special enumerators
to assist in the work without
comnonsation. and every effort
was mailo to got a fair count, tho
Unlinln t Iwi mii'iTi iUi ilinlnn
over for accuracy.
Never was tho Rose Festival
so universally recognized as this
year. Various railroaus navo is
sued wonderfully attractivo book
loUs nnd are devoting all their
advertising to the event. Roses
promiso just as heavy a crop as
the- more substantial products
such as fruit and grain.
Development meetings aro
scheduled this week at Bend nnd
Prineville, tho following Monday
at Bums. Each meeting will be
held by the commercial organi
zation and draw attendance from
miles around,
Oregon advertising in metro
politan eastern papers has
brought a flood of inquiry which
all but swamped tho head office
of the Oregon Development
League. Probably the record
breaking freeze throughout the
Middle West and East, which oc
curcd at the time this advertis
ing nnneared. had a irreat effect
(upon the number of enquiries.
The Pacific Coast Ad Men's
IiCague will meet in San Francis
co from June 22nd to 2lth, and
the Portland Ad Club will enter
tain several delegations of ad
vertising men from Washington
cities, enrouto to this convention,
including a specially largo repre
sentation from Spoknne. Presi
dent Whitomoro and Secretary
Campbell of the Portland Ad
Club will go South with their
brothers for tho convention.
That Eastern Oregon is far
from having an unnronitious cli
mate, and that nature has made
an order of seasons that is espec
ially fitted for the development
of crops aro tho showings mado
by a pamphlet on tho climntolog
ical data of that section just is
sued by tho Weather Bureau.
The generalities which common
ly pass for facts regarding the
habitability of tho eastern por
tion of tho state aro hero sub
mitted to tho cold test of tabulat
ed figures, which cannot bo gain
said. From tho tables made up by
the Bureau it is shown that,
whilo the rainfall is undeniably
scanty, this fact is to somo ex
tent compensated by tho season
able distribution and by tho
abundance of sunshino nnd by
tho low absoluto humidity. Tho
air, states tho report, is stimu
lating and healthful and though
temperatures of 100 degrees are
common, generally admitted to
bo disagreeable, aro of local
charactor and highly destructive
winds aro unknown. Cold waves
are unusual and seldom last more
than a week beforo Southern
winds break their force Win
ter climate is often moderated
bv Chinook winds, bringing ab-
normallv hiuh temperatures.
I IKI t 1 11.-. 1.1.
tho conciusiona reacieu uy 1110
report are based upon data from
20 stations widely distributed
over tho eastern part of tho Btnto
and two roughly demarked di
visions aro recognized, -tho Col-
umbia River Valloy and tho plat
eau section, tho latter having tho
wider rango of phenomena.
Mean annual temperature
ranges from 43 to EG degrees.
Tho highest temperature ever
readied was 119 at Pendleton,
on August 10, 1898, and the low
est 34 degrees below zero, nt La
Grande on Jcnuary 14. 1888.
Prineville lias tho least annual
range, tho cliango from liignest
to lowest mean tempcrrture be
ing only 31 degrees, whilo Mal
heur county has tho greatest, 44
In somo portions, highly favor
ed, tho growing season reaches
200 dayB, while in tho least favor
ed frost occurs every month in
the year. This condition is off
set by tho fact that, on account
of the dryness of tho climate,
frost often docs not form until
temperatures as" low as 27 de
grees are reached.
Rainfall ranges from 8 to 25
inches, while some windward
mountain slopes hnvo as much as
GO inches. Most of tho rain falls
in the winter months, but a sec
ondary rainy season occurs in
May and June, at a timo when
tho growing crops most need
moisture. The number of dayB
in tho year having .01 inch of
rain or more, ranges from 44 at
Blalock and Prineville to 108 at
Baker City.
The report finds that tho soil
of practically the entire 60,000
squnro miles of this section is of
basaltic origin and very fertile.
With irrigation and transporta
tion facilities it is capable of
producing sugar beets, alfalfa
and fruit, while without irriga
tion, under dry-farmingmethods,
wheat will continue to bo the
principal crop. The passing of
tho great cattle ranges as condi
tions improve is predicted.
A party of Short Lino survey
ors were in Ontario baturuay.
other parties aro up the Malheur
Canyon and it is amusing to
watch them on tho run. They
slept too long, undervalued tho
efforts of Wood. Hanley and
others, and now find themselves
without a right-of-way and their
enemy in tho seat. Tho Harri
man policy retarded the growth
of tho state 20 years and there
in no feeling of friendliness to
ward the company. Ontario Ar
Cream Separator
Do Lnval separators tnve immiiili over
nny Itravlty creninlnn of milk In butter
(nt, quality of cream, weel rkimmilk,
Intor, timo and trouble to pay (or llicin.
nohos every six months.
Do I.'vul HipnrMorBMVoenoHBh oor
otbor Kiparntira In cloeor reparation,
running lioavlor and smoother cream,
(iklnitnlnc cool milk, greater cupaclty,
cntilrrrleaiilnit, ounlor runnliiK and lom
repairs to pay fortlioranolven ovory )cnr
Improved Do Laval separators snvo
odoiikIi over De Laval machines of fire
to toiity'flvoy-arHso In more abso
lutely thorough reparation under all
conditions, greater capatlty, i-nsler run
ning, and greater simplicity to pay tor
lliomnohes overy two years.
De l.aval separators are not only su
perior to others bat at same time cheap
est In proportion to actual capacity, and
ihov last from five to ten times longer.
Tnese arc tho reasons why tho world's
axporUncod separator users, Including
lug 08 per cent ol all creamorymen, use
and endorso tho Da I.aval separators.
G. L. HEMBREE, Agent.
Riley, Oregon.
Job printing rno ximes-neraia
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that class of mer
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department will
very important
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&Q&MW'&(lm i
All parties owing Lewis & Gar
rett, or Simon Lewis are hereby
notified that all these accounts
are in the hands of our attorney
C. H. Leonard for collection and
settlement. Persons indebted to
us will please settle the same
with Mr. Leonard at once.
Simon Lewis
J. T. Gakkett.
Williams Bros, saw mill at
Cold Spring on the Canyon road
is prepared to do custom work
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vantage of their government per
mit. Also lumber for sale at $12
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Mercantile Co.
.t Ctaat OIl a.
i Ks3