The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 23, 1909, Image 1

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TIio Offlcliil Paper o( llnnu'j County
tins Hie Inrgoat ciieiilntlun ninl Isono oj
the Wet ntlvortixliiR mod In in 8 In KnMein
?Itc (Qrrnt ?inntcuioiiiiiru
Cove mi nreu of 0,428,800 item o
I it nl 1,(1.11,1)61 ncn-B yet vacant eiihii-i'l
lo.ontry under tlio nubile. lnnl ny,n of
tint United Platen.
NO. 49
. . i
dtion to $10,000,000 Loan for
Reclamation is Strong
limlcd Laslcnicrs Will Call President Tail's Hoiul
F Sectional Hill West Will Retort Tariff Hill Benefits
The Iiust'-Newspapcrs Criticise Proposed Homl Issue.
fnt Taft's proposal that of President Roosevelt, would
pshall authorize tho is-: have killed that measure not-
$10,000,000 worth
not yot become Speaker. From
that clay to this Mr. Cannon liar.
ent irrigation projeets "eon opposed to any legislation
of construction in the which would tend to perfect tho
'id ready met with tin- National reclamation law, and
Hcism in the East, and always he has been successful.
becoming moro appar- Mr. Cannon, as chairman of
2 the legislation, when me appropriations committee,
when he was lighting tho irriga
tion law, predicted that the time
would eonio when Congress would
be asked to make direct appro-,
priations for constructing irriga
tion projects, and ho declared
his purpose to light all such leg
islation. The bond issue, it is
I take the narrow view that tho
' r?!'jltmtwm t oliniil) tirt nnUti nit
vv? -i iiniiib mmum iiui viibvi ui
on a policy which will benefit
only one section of tho country.
Before tho Eastern pessimists
or objectors can bo won over or
a sufficient number of them to
make tho bond issue a possibility,
a campaign of education must bo
carried on at both ends of tho
Capitol, and these men must be
made to understand that practi
cal business methods call for tho
immediato use of moro money
than is available in tho reclama
tion fund at tho present time.
If the sectioiial lino is drawn,
Western Senators and Represen
tatives probably will mako use
of the fact that the tariff bill
Eastern Oregon Flies With It's Own
Wings, Says Journal
Grip on Trade of This Territory Diminishing for the Past Ten
Years According to Trend of Testimony Before Interstntc
Commerce Commlssioii.lobbiuj,' Houses Call in 'I heir Men.
tho present ' industrial unrest.
It is this Hint 'iwountB for the
political fermnnt. No longer
can tho discontented hope to im
prove his 'fortunes in another
longitude. Ho must remain at
home, become a tonant or a
wage-earner. It is this, too, that
explains tho coining of poverty
and distress. The alternative of
a homestead in the West, which
I for throe centuries has relieved
'tho diaposses 'd of tho world, is
now cosed foiivor. II. in lhi
that explains the change which tcriuls,
nnaciwl nf lint t'iwtitnl enuuinn uno
ot withstanding at that time ho had mmiifo8,,y a lllonBIiro 0f ffmitor
rder to raise additional notyotbecomo Speaker, rrom !,.,,.. .,. Eliat ,, in ,.
h which to complete that day to this Mr. Cannon lmr.iVl,,. m, ,..., w, .., ...
polled to bow to the demonds of
tho East beforo that measure
could be passed. Having made
that concession to tho East the
West will demand a return of
favor on this irrigation bond bill.
That argument, even such lead
ers as Senators Aldrich, Halo and
Crane can not overlook, for those
men were deeply indebted to
Western Senators for their votes
on tho tariff bill, and those same
Western Senators will, without
exception, bo demanding Eastern
:'iiext winter, will be
opposed in both Son-
IHouse of Renresenta-
Ber of influential East-
Ipapcrs have criticised
Bed bond issue as un-
1, and inadvisable. These
That for tho past ten years tho him to show what the rate
ectthe sentiments of true, is not in any sense a drain a,,w r i, ii.!uai,i,;ii
tern men in both upon tho Federal Treasury, for! H
of Congress- men who it is proposed to redeem the
ur been in sympathy bonds out of tho reclamation
Micy of reclaiming the fund. Nevortholess, Mr. Cannon
leserts by Government will enter objection, and his op-
it the proper time these position will carry much weight
jine up against what- Lined up behind
legislation may bo will be that strong
Cannon unquestion-
- oppose the Ponding
He was one of the
ermincd opponents of
nation bill when it was
house and, but for
rful counter-influence
i W. W. Brown is building a
new house on his ranch at Bear
I Crook. When completed it will
i bo one of the finest residences in
.1 ... n. Ml.. T .1
Mm utinnt-ni' l,u- couiury. i iiiiuviiiu .Juurijai.
Eastern ele
ment that has never understood' l quickly chock a cold, drug
or never beleivod in tho irriga- gists are dispensing everywhere
Hon policy of the Government, a clever Candy Cold Cure Tablet
Among them are men who be- called Preventics. Preventics
Hove the Government should are also fine for feverish children
have left the reclamation work, Take Preventics at tho sneezo
to the states; those who believe 'stage, to head off all colds. Box
private enterprises alone should of AH 25c. Sold by Reed Bros.
During tne next 30 days I will sell
about 15 head of horses consisting
of young stallions, brood mares,
driving horses, colts and fillies, as
Marvin Wilkes 2:12 ; dam Kitty B
545, by Sidney 2:10?. Sidney Wilkes
julc his record this fall after two
JHiths jogging and with less than a
If-dozen work outs in company.
is capable now of trotting a mile
se to 2:30. He is the fastest har
as horse in Harney County and will
like a great stock or race horse
irth twice what I will price him at.
is 15:2 hands high and weighs over
Roan colt by Dazzler 2:20; dam Psy
che by Cupid 2:18. Cupid is a full
brother to Sidney Dillon tho sire of
Ixni Dillon 1:58J, the fastest trotter
in the world. The Remitter is 3 years
old 15.1 hands high, will maken horse
about 15.3 and woigh when matured
between 1100 and 1200 lbs. Very
stylish can now trot u mile hotter than
2:50 and with three months work will
trot in better than 2:30. Can show
close to 2:30 gait now for A mile, will
make an A 1 driver and a good pros
pect for a race horse.
Two choice yearlings; one a brown colt by Dazzler 2:2GJ, dam Alkena by Kebir (2) 2:281
cod Arion to lower the world's twp-year-old record. This colt will make a good stock
1 a choice driver, is good gaited and promises to mako a raeo horse; tho other is a gray
Dazzler, dam Alice W. by Arthur Holt, tho sire of II. D. B. (2) 3. This filly will make
omo driver or choice brood man1.
IFive weanlings by Dazzler and out of tho choicest band of brood marcs in Eastern
r Three or four of my high bred trotting brood mares, all nicely broken to ride and drive
and single. One thoroughbred marc bred by the lato .Ino. Dovine and a yearling and
out of her by one of tho best Imported Percheron Stallions in this county. One good
bony, beveral choice driving mares and geldings.
have made some changes in my business
am going to sell the above horses during the
I 30 days,
Ihave always sold my horses cheaper than
have been bought from any one else and
never had a dissatisfied buyer. In
ly sold by me has made money for
jr. Hverythiny; is guaranteed to be lust
J t J c
ty one needing- a colt that will make a good
horse or a driver or brood mare or a race
ect should oome at once or miss a great chance.
BIGGS, Burns, Oregon.,
O. R. & N. company has been
gradually limiting tho territory
of Portland shippers and jobbers
until now it is practically im
possible for them to ship farther
cast than Pendleton was the
trend of tho testimony before
tho Interstate Commerce Com
mission, says the Journal.
The commission set in the con
vention hall of tho Commercial
club, Commissioners Edgar A.
Clark, F. M. Cockerel!, Judson
C. Clements, Charles A. Prouty,
Franklin K. Lane. James S. Har
lan and Chairman Martin Knapp
being present
J. G. Woodworth, traffic man
ager of the Northern Pacific, was
the first witness, his examination
being a continuance of one begun
in Seattle Saturday. Following
him Joseph N. Teal, attorney for
the transportation committco of
the Chamber of Commerce,
called L. Allen Lewis, of the firm
of Allen & Lewis, to the stand to
sliow the eiroct of tho rate
changes in the past ten or fifteen
years upon Portland jobbers.
Mr. Lewis said that his firm
has been in business in Portland
GO years. At one time they had
been able to distribute goods in
Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Cal
ifornia and Alaska. Heaaidthat
their business at present is con
fined to parts of Oregon and
Washington, mainly to that sec
tion lying west of the Cascades.
North of the Snake river, which
tne railroads nave tried to nx as
a boundry lino between Portland
nnd Spokane jobbers, he has
been able to do but little busi
ness. Ho has kept no traveling
men in western Montana and
northern Idaho for some time
and the only business done in
southern Idaho has been that of
special brands of goods sold de
spite unfavorable rates.
"At Huntington, tho dividing
point between the O. It. & N.
and tho Oregon Short Line,"
Mr. Lewis said, "the railroads
established what was in effect a
wall, beyond which wo were un
able to do any business. Tlio
Portland shippers wore urged by
officials of tho O. R. & N. to
bring suit to secure rates boyond
Huntington, and wo thought
then and I still think that this
wall was established merely be
cause of a quarrel between the
O. It. & N. and tho Short Line
over tho division of earnings.
"For tho past fow years we
have had to draw in gradually
almost all of our men from out
side territory. I consider that
so far as our appeals to tho rail
roads for hotter distributive
rates are concerned tho cflortsof
tho past fivo years have been
wasted. They have granted us
none of our requests, but have
kept on taking away our terri
tory and limiting tho business
that Portland is able to do with
tho surrounding country."
In reply to a question from
Chairman Lane of tho commis
sion, Mr. Lewis said that Port
land jobbers, so far as ho know,
did not ship much east of Pen
dleton. Most of tho wholesalers
keep branch houses in Pendleton,
Baker and other eastern Oregon
Tho O. R. & N. company and
tho Union Pacific aro represented
in tho suit by Attorneys W. W.
Cotton of Portland and F. C.
Dillard. Tho Portland Chamber
of Commerce is represented by
Joseph N. Teal and tho Astoria
Chamber of Commerce, an in
tervener, by Frederick II. Mur
ray, ot Tacoma, and Spokano by
Attornoy Stevens.
J. G. Woodwork's testimony
was in tho samo lino aa that giv
en by him in Scattlo Saturday,
nnd rnnrnHnntwl nn nfTnrf- nn Mm
part of tho lawyers to induco '
The Stetson stump is
more than a trade mark
it in a (fiiarantce of hut
No other hat can promise
what the Stetson does, be
cause no other huts are
made like Stetson hats.
In the selection of ma-
the designing of
styles, the proportions,
earnings of tho railroads
distributive business.
Mr. Murray asked Mr. Wood
worth if it is not cheaper to haul
freight down the Spokane, Port
land & Seattle to Vancouver and
thence to Tacoma than it is to
haul it across 'he Cascado moun
tains from Spokano to Paget
sound via the Northern Pacific
main line. Mr. Woodworth said
that it is not, although the Nor
thern Pacific is diverting all tho
fi'rntrlit. Mint, if (milu nivifWiililn tn
do so via the North Bank.
has come over the spirit of Amor
ica (luring r no past ten years, jr ...
And as time goes on thl. spirit e workmanshtp-ineverp
of unrest must of necessity in- step the Stetson hut stands
crease. In thiB sense, as has alone as the result of the
ini.tit1r,ti",,:::re;r - """- ' "
ing of tho evolution of our own ' duce the best.
land ojrers a key to an under
standing of the evolution of the ,
Western world' from the begin
nmg of the migration of the
Greek colonists out of the Polo-!
ponnesus into the Western seas.
October Scribner.
K,vmrr Stetson
banra th
Station 'Nam
Has made friends ot
our customers, and custo
mers of our customers'
We tia.c lt Sltliuq Soil
Vtilr Hl, U all th hint (,li.
Wau-rly Happenings,
The west is now inclosed. Tho
free land has been taken up.
Thoro is now no homestead to be
had for the asking. The front
ier has only an historical signifi
cance. The National domain is
a thing of the past. "The pub
lic lands which now remain aro
chiefly arid in character," says
the Public Land Commission.
The opportunity for a home.
which for three centuries lias
Ed Mahcr has arrived from
'Pendleton and is now roaidinic
on his homestead.
David Williams has been sick.
Oren Thompson has gono to
Vale after supplies.
' T. B. Hill and family arrived
'Wednesday from the Pnlouse
country. Mr. Hill brought 18
work horses with him. He in
tends to build a house on his
homestead -immediately. Mr.
Hill is very favorably impressed
with this county.
C. B. Smith anil William Op
eron are attending institute.
W. II. Eritch and family loft
Tk Satisfactory Store
Burns, Oregon.
The Harney Valley Brewing Co.
.Manufacturers of
Pmnlly Trade Solicited Frce'Dellvcry
T. E. JENKINS, Manager
Miss Armstroiur.
ing school near tho Wild Horse
who is teach-
country, was a passenger on
stage, Friday.
How lo Cure a ColJ,
Bo as careful as you can, you
will occasionally take cold, and
when you do, get a mwlicino of
known reliability, one that has
an established reputation and
that is certain to olfect quick
cure. Such a medicine is Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It has
gained a world wide reputation
by its remarkable cures of this
most common ailment, and can
always bo deponded upon. It
acts on nature's plan, relieves
tho lungs, aids expectoration,
opens tho secretions and aids
nature in restoring the system to
a healthy condition. For sale by
all good druggists.
been open to all, has finally been ' Wednesday for Yale, Oklahoma,
closed by title deeds or fraudu- We wish them u very pleasant
lenUy appropriated by individuals , tr'l'
and corporations in collusion with
tho Government.
The inclosure of tho free pub
lic domain-lernmmtus the trrait-
cst epoch in American historv. Mrs. Bennett has been sick
In a big perspective it may be'but m K0,,1 betlor ,,ow-
likened to tho fall of Rome, the. Agusta Haarstrich has been)
opening up of a new route to attending institute,
India by Vasco da Gama, or tho
discovery of America by Colum
bus. It marks the end of the
westward drift of civilization, n
drift which, with occasional in
terruptions has been going on
sinco the beginning of history.
Ever since the 17th century the
Old World has had a vont in
America. During tho centuries
Europe has been relieved of its
discontent by the broad hospit
able prairies of tho West. Amer
ica Jias been a hospital for all of
the world. Tho opportunity
which it offered has relieved the
explosive elements of other lands
and brought them back into har
mony with life.
An undertow is now setting
back upon the east. Population!
is crowding in upon our cities. A pain prescription is printed
The energetic wage-earner, who ' upon each 25c box of Dr. Shoop's
formerly followed tho westward Pink Pain Tablets. Ask your
trail, is now entering tho trades Doctor or Druggist if this formu-
uuion. llere lio will nnd ox- la is not complete. Head pains,
pression for tho energy which womanly pains, pains anywhere
formerly found an outlet in the KOt instant relief from a Pink
West. It is this that explains pain Tablet. Sold by Reed Bros.
Bums, - - Oregon.
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Peel Tables.
CI jb Rooms in Connection.
'UU. J Li
& & .
! - .. T?'i''
Ovor ooo Hisfjlq'fr
Doautlful lift' Ti
uosisns. ngf ;,i
, Mist r -i f ' t v
MONUMENT L I -;: r. C or 4NY,
rl ANY
Soncl (or
Prlco Llot A
Will be glad to furnish
To anvone desiring
S his Handsome
.!:.:.' r
5n.5kiwA tL g-' J ,v klSiS
f9 55?-5 vSWvB'S
The Harriman Mercantile Co.
Burns, Oregon
Afford the Best Accommodations
to be had in Harney County j
The patronage of all Riieats under the old management jj
especially sylicited. It
Hates SI a day, $(i a week, $24 a month
Htmiier.-on Elliott. Proot.
:mu. ;;:::::
Complete line of
Groceries and Dry Goods
Gents Furnishings
We Kitnrantco quality and prices Let us prove to von that
wo have the koocIh at right prices Call and bee uh
-rha itm Tavn t C.n create gi,y
Mori- than r.i;ou(h In too Much.
To maintain health, a mature
man or woman needs just enough
, food to ropair the waste and sup
I ply onorgy and body heat. Tho
habitual consumption of moro
food than is necessary for these
purposes is tho prime cause of
stomach troubles, rheumatism
and disorders of tho kidneys. If
troubled with indigestion, roviso
.your diet, lit reason and not np-
petito control nnd take a fow
doses of Chaniborlaiii'a Stomach
i and Livor Tablets and you will
soon bo all right again. For salo
, by all good dealers.
"tOoucnttioiw of live, avMo
uv.i!vo American Hoys havo
olit.tincil tho riylit kiml of
by being equipped with tho
unerring, time-hoiioreil
All imwvwilio H.irtlwiirfl ami
h I'll V U.Srt. It you c iiiiuit obtnln,
iih)ii rrrvipt of Cutuloir l'i u i.
Hay For SALK-About GOO
tons best timothy hay. Good
feeding place, opon wator, early
range. Keyes & VnnDorveer,
Van, Oregan.
1 Mi I 5 cent Iii stumps for
1 I UI'UKU llllKtllltwMllltllllX.
U I I,, , . Wfl,
I V .. -! ' : VIINH
LJif -