The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 16, 1909, Image 1

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The Official Pnpcr of IInrmy County
Iim Iho largwt cltculntlon nml laono 0(
the beat fulvorttaliiR im(Huuii In I'nstcrn
Ore (ton.
(ic ttrent Itnmeg'.Comtlry
Covers an nrcit o( 0,428,800 ncirt ol
Inml, 4,0.11,051 ocrcM yet vacant mijoct
to entry tinilor tliu public land Innd of
Iho United Blatc-i.
NO. 48
I She wmt&Wtf&lb.
I " i "- ,-- . r " .-
Jrass in Meadow is Ignited and
Conflagration Threatened
ay and winter rnsturc ihrcntcncu Willi Destruction
Fire is Stopped Willi Little LossAlany Go Prom
ms to Mcipbtarts in one of . L. b. Company Nclus.
got started Tuesday in I settling up of vacant lands and
rass on what is known i tho certninity of milroad trans
portation in tho near future has
causqd tho people of Burns to
inako extensivo improvements in
order to keen apace with the de
velopment of tho country.
Elma A. Jonea vs. II. E. Felton
Foreclosure. Settled and dis
missed. LAW.
A. J. Skein vs. J. P. Dickenson
Recovory of money. Sot for
trial April term.
II. B. Symo ot nl vs. H. M.
Horton Rocovory of money.
Sot for trial April term.
E. J. Tracoy vs. A. F. B.
George Appeal from Justice
court. Sot for trial April term.
Grant Thompson vs. E. E.
McCay Attachment. ' Sottled
and dismissed.
J. II. Jenkins vs. Pat Conley
Damages. Sot for trial April
term. ...... ,'..,
fecks field belonging to
S. Co. and for a time
3 of dollars worth of
was threatened with
I Bower, who is in the
iof Wm. Hanley, was
the time the firo started,
per states that there was
; work fixing the fence
the Weeks field and soon
man left he saw tho
Bower started fighting
and was soon joined
rs. The tire got under
idwny that it jumped the
to the east side. With
ficulty the Hanley hay
saved with but little
the flames quickly
Ivor the Hanley field on
of the river and covered
scope before it was
under control. It de-
large amount of pas
about $1000 worth of
Mr. Hanley, but fortu-
other hay was burned,
the P. L. S. Co. had
tons stacked near by.
inciters had enormous
hay in the neighbor
had the fire got a start
Boss would have been the
not only the value of
kvould bo considered, but
toss of stock on
The directors of tho First Na
tional Bank held a quarterly
meeting on last Monday. The
entiro board was present and iho
affairs of the institution were
gone over thoroughly. The busi
ness of the bank is in a most
prosperous and satisfactory con
dition and the board decided to
mako some extensive improve
ments next season. The entire
front of tho building will bo torn
out and rebuilt with stone, tho
north side also being remodeled
and fitted up with large plate
glass windows and the building
will be extended back possibly
tho entire lot.
Iho interior will be htteu up
complete with new fixtures and
decorations, the wood floor torn
out and tiling take its place.
This will make tho building
modern in every respect, besides
giving more room, which is
necessitated on account of the
growing business.
In all likelihood the local Ma-
account 'sonic lodge will erect a fine two-
itcr forage being left
the damage is nominal
sired to what it might
re number ot our people
kvent out and assisted in
the flames.
Ection has been singular-
Sate in respect to prairie
here has always been
less danger from fires of
ture, especially at this
pear when there has been
le rain and the river at a
stage. It seems, how
it our ranchers cut over
idows in such a manner
Ben the danger of a gon-
lagration by leaving such
lis desired for fall pas-
itically isolated that is
inly short stubble sur-
1 story building on the corner just
across the street from the bank
next season which will bo the
forerunner of several other sub
stantial business buildings. Geo.
Young will also put up a stone
structure. Lunaburg & Dalton
will build a large stone storo ad
joining the Odd Fellow building
just being completed.
the local real estate
ring the week were some
T. Hill has purchased
Rence property of Airs.
Horton in east Burns,
io former has been living
Harlan has purchased
tS. L. Bowen residence
row of the hill in the
, part of town at the top
ftgon road grade. J. L.
rchased the H. E. Fel-
kneo property in Brown's
ind at once transferred
Faulkner, the civil
Mr. Faulkner will at
te some improvements
roperty where ho and
ill make their home.
)wn who now occupies
knee will build u new
, 'pts in Brown's ad-
iianges, together with
improvements now
and contemplated,
ldenco in tho future
i city and will make
Brenco in the appear-
rns. uur little city is
a most satisfactory
other improvements
illy follow. Among
i a magnificent pub-
building in tho near
iio doubt a now PreB-
jrch. Tho two latter
and next season will
nth started at least
kg of now people, tho
Circuit court took n recess Mon
day night until March 28 when it
will reconvene, the present grand
jury will also be called together
at that time to finish such work
as may come before it.
The following business was
transacted by tno court since the
published report Saturday.
State vs. Charley Barker For
gery. Pleads guilty and sen
tenced to two years in tho peni
State vs. W. M. Byrd Larceny
of horses. Sot for trial second
day of April term and bond in
creased to $750 or $500 if cash
State ,vs. Elvin Marshall-
Assault with a dangerous weapon.
Not a true bill.
State vs. Wm. Tureman Lar
ceny of a colt. Not a truo bill.
State vs. Iko Trough Lewd
Cohobitation. Not a true bill.
State vs. Wm. Smith Larceny
from a barn. Not a truo bill.
State vs. Carl F. Doeriman
Larceny. No appearance. Bench
warrant issued.
State vb. Lee Carponter Two
indictments on statutory crime.
Set for trial April term.
State vs. Stove and Vernie
Kern Larceny from a dwelling.
Both plead guilty and sentenced
to ono year each in penitentiary.
Gussio Smith v. Harry Smith
Divorce. Continued for term.
W. T. VandorVeer vs. S. C.
Koyes Accounting. Referred
to ofilcial reporter.
Sophia Burkhardt yd. C. B.
Ausmus Injunction. Referred
to official reporter.
J. M. Farrcns vs. Mary J.
Farrens Divorce. Decreo for
Orah Baker vs. Alfred B. Bak
er Divorce Decreo for plaintiff.
In tho Circuit Court of tho Stoto
of Oregon for Harney County.
In the matter of tho Final Re
port of tho Grand Jury for the
October, 1909 term of tho
nbovo entitled Court
To tho Hon. Geo. E. Davis Judge
of tho nbovo named Court
Wo tho Grand Jury for tho
October term of tho nbovo nam
ed court herewith submit this
our final report and ask to bo
discharged for tho term:
Wo have been in session for a
period of six days, during which
time wo havo examined into all
matters brought to our attention
or of which wo or any of u have
had any knowledgo and have re
turned into this court, 16 truo
bills of indictment and 4 not true
bills of indictment
Having completed our labors
wo ask to bo discharged for tho
Geo. Gates
I. L. Paujado
Geo. Craddock
A. J. Johnson
J. M. McMullen
Starr Buckland
Brad Moss
J. F. Stevens Reports Oregon Ti-unk
Will be Expedited
Four Thousand Men Will be Employed and llic Road Will bo
Extended SO Allies South of Madras, Declares Engineer
Would not Talk Further of Railroad Plans When Pressed.
Tho Times-Herald gave a par
tial list of premium winners at
tho county fair last week, but
hadn't sufficient space to com
plete them. Following are more
of them:
Mrs. .1. T, uarnes, llrst on
homowoven bedspread, second
on quilts.
Mrs. Skeins, first on drawn
work skirt
Mrs. M. E. Witherspoon first
on quilt
Mrs. Buttski, first and second
on embroidcried waists, first on
crosstiteh and second on braiding.
Mrs. John Back, first on doiloy,
first on table cover, second on
hardanger, first on lounge cover.
Mrs. Chris Lackman, second
on doily.
Mrs. Frank Cole, first on em
broidered center piece, second on
baby's hood, battenburg, first on
battenburg collar, second on an
embroidcried lunch cloth, second
on crochet apron, first on hem
stitch underskirt
Mrs. Thos. Bain first on quilt.
Mrs. E. N. Nelson first on cro
chet doily.
Miss Mary Caldwell, second on
French and ovelet embroideried
waist, second on French and eye
let doily.
Mrs. Frank Cole, first on silk
bed set, first on feather quilt
Mrs. Thos. Sagers, first on
embroidered center piece, first
on embroidered cushion.
Miss Fanny Kestcrson, first on
crosstiteh sofa cushion.
Miss Jenot Gowan, second on
crosstiteh sofa cushion.
Mrs. A. W. Gowan, first on
tatting, first and second oii dis
play of drawnwork.
Mrs, Leo Caldwell, first and
second on burnt work.
Mrs. A. W. Gowan, first on
knitted laco.
Mrsni. N. Nelson, first on
crosstiteh apron.
Mrs. Julian Byrd, first dn em
broidered lunch cloth, first on
embroidcried waist, first on em
broidcried center piece.
Mrs. McGcc, first on painted
pictures, first on painted cushion
Mrs. John Back, first on red
stamped tablo cover.
Mre. Frank Colo, second on
painted sofa cushion.
Mrs. Willott, first on ombroi
dorcd handbag.
(Continued on page two.) '
John F. Stevens, president of
tho Oregon Trunk, roturncd
yesterday from a thrco wcokB'
visit to Chicago and Now York
with tho rcnowed ossuranco that
his company will immediately
complete tho construction of its
road into Central Oregon, says
tho Orcgonian. Other than to
mako this announcement, Mr.
Stevens would not divulge the
plans of tho Oregon Trunk as to
tho likely extension of its lino in
to California, with San Francisco
as the ultimate terminus, or tho
building of lateral lines across
tho state, particularly a branch
which would reach and servo
long-neglected Coos Bay and
surrounding territory.
"I have only to say," said Mr.
Stevens yesterday, "that tho
Oregon Trunk will proceed with
tho completion of its projected
road into Central Oregon just as
rapidly as tho employment of
laborers and the expenditure of
money will make possible. As
to tho final destination of our
road, I havo nothing to say. We
havo started out to buna a rail
road into Central Oregon and
that is what we propose to do.
"Wo have awarded contracts
for tho construction work as
far south as Madras, and
camps have been organized for
tho employment of 4000 laborers,
who will be put io work just as
rapidly as they can bo found. It
is true that wo havo u number of
Burveying crews in the field south
of Madras. It is our purpose to
build our railroad to a point in
interior Oregon at least 50 miles
south of Madras. It has not
been decided that Bend will bo
that objective point, although
ono of the surveys extends to
that town. Tho various surveys
which havo been mado will be
considered thoroughly ns to the
practicability of tho routes pro
posed and their feasibility with
rofcrenco to possible extensions
in tho future. Wo mean busi
ness and the work contemplated
will be pushed to an early com
pletion." Saying this, Mr. Stevens
switched tho conversation to n
discussion of tho scries of cham
pionship baseball games botween
the Pittsburg and Detroit teams.
It is characteristic of Mr. Stevens,
who is Hill, s personal represen
tative, that loquacity is not ono
of his traits. Further question
ing ns to the plans of tho rail
road of which ho is thocxecutivo
head was just as productivo of
results as could bo expected from
an equally persistent interroga
tion of a sphynx. Any time Mr.
Stevens says "I havo nothing
more to Bay," ho means exactly
what he says, and that is all
thero is to it
0. History, U. S., one-fifth
from Stato Course of Study, four
fifths from Doub.
7. Orothography, Reed's
Word Lessons.
8. Physical Geography, Tnrr's
New Physical Geography.
9. Physiology, Krohn, Hutch
inson. 10. Rending, State Course of
Study, White's Art of Teaching,
Oral Reading.
11. School Law, School Laws
of Oregon, edition of 1909.
12. Theory and Practice,
White's Art of Teaching.
13. Writing. Outlook Writing
System. Tests in Writing.
14. Algebra, Wells: Algebra
for Secondary Schools.
15. Bookkeeping, Office meth
ods mid Practical Bookkeeping,
IG. Composition, Herrick &
17. Physics, Millikan & Gale:
A First Course in Physics.
18. Phychology, Buell.
19. Botany, Bergen: Ele
ments of Botany.
20. Geometry, Wontwerth:
Plane and Solid Geometry, ques
tions on Plane Geometry.
21. History, General, Myer's:
General History.
August, 1910 English Litera
ture: A. One-half from texts:
Newcomer's English Literature,
and Newcomer's American Lite
rature. B. One-half from tho
following classics: 1. Frank
lin's Autobiography. 2. Mac
bethShakespeare. 3. Ameri
can Poems Edited by Long.
The subjects from number 4
to 21 inclusive nro also included
in tho August examination.
An examination is required
upon tho first thirteen subjects
for a first grade County certifi
cate valid for three years; upon
the first eighteen subjects for n
State certificate valid for five
years; and upon tho twenty-ono
subjects for a State diploma valid
for life.
Wnverly Happenings.
Tho following is taken from a
circular sent out by tho Stato
Department of Public ItiBtruc
titn giving the sources of exami
nation questions for stato ,and
county papers, February 9-12 and
August 10-13, 1910:
1. Arithmetic, one-fifth from
Stato Cour?o of Study, four-fifths
from Smith.
2. Civil Government, Strong
& Schafcr.
3. English Literature: Febru
ary, 1910 A. One-half from
texts: Nowcomer's English Lit
erature, and Nowcomer's Ameri
can Literature. B. One-half
from tho following classice: 1.
Tho Gold Bug-Poo. 2. Tho An
cient Mariner Coloridgo. 3.
Silas Marnor-Eliot
4. Geography, ono-fifth from
Stato Courso of Study, four-fifths
from Redway and Hlnman,
5. Grammar, ono-fifth from
Stato Courso of Study, four-fifths
from Buehlpr,
ed liis case beforo the judge so
earnestly and with sucli force
that when tho judge pronounced !
sentenco ho lopped $100 off tho I
fine mentioned by tho district at-1
tornoy atld made tho penalty for
violating the law $400 and costs I
instead of $500 and costs.
Gilcrcst is tho manager of tho
Pacific Livestock company which
has largo holdings in Central
Oregon, with head quarters at
Burns. Recently ho was indict
ed for having maintained fences
on government land which shut
up some 18,000 acres of public
land from the use of the people.
When the indictments wcro re
turned Gilcrcst pleaded guilty to
ono of them, contending that on
tho others he had removed the
fences except such ns he was en
titled to keep up. His c.i30 came
up for sentence this morning.
In presenting tho ease of tho
government, District Attorney
McCourt said that at tho time of
entering tho plea it had been de
cided between the plaintiff and
defendant that, owing to the cir
cumstances of the case, a fine
without imprisonment would bo
sufficient punishment Mr. Mc
Court said that the fences had
been taken down. Tho object of
tho government was to get tho
fences down. This had been
dono except in a case where it
was a question of civil and not
of criminal remedy. He suggest
ed a fine of $500 and costs, and
no imprisonment.
Mr. Gilcrcst, answering the
question of Judge Wolverton,
mado a statement of his case.
He said that when the govern
ment first gave notice in 1907 for
the fences to be removed that ho
was notified by the officials of
his company to take all fences
down. Ho had tried to do this,
and had, with the exception of
tho ono fence around what was
known as Tioga meadows.
mis section ot land was a
desert and had not been used for
the past six years, Mr. Gilcrcst
Baid, while tho fence hnd been
put there some 14 years ago.
After the other fences had been
removed tho bookkeeper at Burns
had called attention to the Tiogn
meadows tract and Gilcrcst had
given orders to have the fence,
which ho had forgotten removed
at once. In the meantime, how
ever, the indictment had been re
turned through a report made by
Special Agent Stoner.
Mr. Gilcrcst contended that at
no time had he any criminal in
tent, but on tho other hand was
trying his best to observe the
law when it had been invoked
against the old time custom of
tho country.
In passing sentence the court
took tho ground that the ends of
justice would bo served with a
Blight punishment and the pay
ment of the cost of the court pro
ceedings. He therefore fixed
tho fine at $400. Portland Journal.
Boras, Oregon
unsTwifn oxTiorAOTon-j- o-rcits: oxitcje 1004.
Patron will receive Trading Stamps, during this safe.
i:mtniiUiiMiiuiiuuiimiimttxiuxttttiuutttmtnimnmiiv.ii .:tnnmttuiut
Henry Reinlmrts has
Harney where ho will
the carpenter's trade.
Oren Thompson and his two
daughters havo arrived homo
from Seattle. Thoy had n very H Cure a aid.
mstst Hrtin . .
"",g """ JJo as carclul as you can, you
Mr. Mondell arrived from Mil- will occasionally tako cold, and
ton Thursday and iB now residing when you do, get a medicine of
on his homestead. , known reliability, ono that has
Gray Kenney visited at Burns n" established reputation and
Thursday. ' "m' ,3 certam to cflcct a quick
' , , , , .. Icure. Such n medicino is Chain-
Miko Hniloy is back : to ha ;borlain's Cough Remedy. It has
homestead again. Hailoy bro-1 ffained n world wm0 reputation
thers expect to havo thirty acres . by it8 remnrkttblo cures of this
under cultivation this fall. j most common ailment, and can
William Davoy went to Burns always bo depended upon. It
Wednesday whero ho will make I acts on naturo's plan, reliovcn
final commutation proof on his, tho lungs, aids expectoration.
lint10tfonfi nnnnci ihn onrtwirmna mirl nMo '
wwt wirviiiu vttw tivwt v WW I It-) lkti4 llli3
D. A. Brukcman nnd son havo nature in restoring tho system to
The Harney Vaiiey Brewing Co.
Manufacturers of
Family Trade Solicited Free)DeIlvery
T. E. JSNKINS, Manager
Burns, - - Oregon.
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Peel Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
1 .(joiijul LY
, nnn i nnn imr i tt
Bend for
iPrlco Llot A
mimmt Mjl?
Ovni Rfln LHJIniFJtl
Boautifu! iHf i i St
Doelgna. JBlSnfc
Will be glad lo famish
To anyone deslriag
See bis Dandsese
gone to Vale after supplies.
a healthy condition.
all good druggists.
For sale by
A pain prescription is printed
John fSilprinr. mnrlnoTl of tVinl,-.. . . ... . .' . .' .
n In 1 7 1 "- -irinK rain Tablets, ask your
Pacific Livestock company, dis-, Doctoror DrUBglBtif this formu.
proved tho old adage that silence ,a , not con ,oto , Iead ,
g d h1 ,h'n rf yJT,i womn'y Nl. rains anywhere
pared $100 ofThis fine in the fed- got instant relief from a Pink
oral court this morning. Ho ' p!n Tni,w ni,i , pn,i nm
Burns, Oregon
Afford the Best Accommodations ij
to be had in Harney County j
The patronage of all guests under the old management
especially sylicited. jj
Rates $1 a day, $6 a week, $24 a month I
H -nderHon Elliott, Propt. ij
was fined $400 and costs for hav
ing maintained an illogal fence on
government land, having been
indicted on four counts nnd hav
ing pleaded guilty to ono of those
counts when brought to trial.
District Attornoy McCourt had
suggested to Judge Wolverton
that a fino of $500 added to tho
cost of tho action would bo about
all that tho ends of justico would
need to squaro tho account
Judge Wolverton asked Gil
crcst if ho had any statement to
mako and tho defendant said he
bud. For half an hour ho plead-
More than Hnouth l loo Much.
To maintain health, a mature
man or woman needs just enough
food to repair tho waste and sup
ply energy and body heat. The
habitual consumption of more
food than is necessary for these
purposes is tho prime cause of
stomach troubles, rheumatism
'" nnd disorders of tho kidneys. If
Milt Richardson nnd family of I troubled with indigestion, revise
Albany nro lato arrivals in this your diet, let reason and not np-
BCCtlon. Mr. Richardson is ClUitO Inntitn ormtrnl rml tnW n fnur
well pleased with this section.
To quickly check a cold, drug
gists aro dispensing ovorywhero
a clover Candy Cold .Curo Tnblot
called Proventics, Provontica
nro also fine for feverish children
Tako Proventics at tho sneozo
stage, to head ofr all colds. Box
of 48-25c. Sold by Reed Bros.
dosea of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets and you will
Boon bo all right again. For salo
by all good dealers.
Gouorntious of hvo, wido
awa!;o American Boya kuro
obtuinod tho right kind ot
by boing equipped with tho
uuomug, thuo-honored
All progresslM) HnrUwuro nml
Innrtitlir tiixuld Kleruhunta hiknill.i
HI HV US.S. I r you olituln.
uiwn rouolpt ot Catalog I"rl,
Rcnl 4 reiiti In itamp for
turuw lllustmtoUCatiloir,
iiopitta with
Jobprintine-The Timos-Horald
Hay For. Sale-About G00!
tons best timothy hay. Good
feeding place, open water, early
range. Koyes & VnnDorveer,
Van, Oregon,
Wr BT ( r
DI X ft "
L-t!U. a&2
nr.u ifcuertl
tlroatm In.
r. o, Ci mi
CUwum TtSt, Hut.