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Vfl ttltucv-fWrnlCi
TIibOiTIcIhI Paper of Hnrncy County
h tlieUrgvui circulation mulls ono Of
lha Wit RdvcrtliliiR modlums.ln Knutcrn
Ulie OSren! 3HRrneu. Country
Covers an nrcn of 0,428,800 tit'rr of
Innd, 4,031,051 acre yet vacant eubjcct
to entry under tho public land fnwa of
llio United Btatoa.
NO. 47
?ine Display of Grain, Vegetables,
Flint, Grass and Live Stock
tlila limo. Its future doponds
upon tho loynlty nnd support of
Ha citizens who must stand to
gether not only to our little city
but tho entire country ns well.
icr Kntlier Ulsnjjrccnble-to Start With and Attendance
tot up to Expectations Pavilion Well Filled With Pine
Products That Arc Revelation to Visitors and Home People.
exceptionally fine exhibit
getablcs'' and fruit have
on display at tho pavilion
g the week which truly dc
trates the productiveness
rHarney county soil. The
exhibit is not as large and
d as it should have been,
ur. It seems one farmer
1 depend upon his neighbor
mg m certain grams and
tlier fellow failed to do so.
lack of interest is not to the
t of our local people and re-
upon the community. The
f in this lino should have
I tter.
imo display of horticulture"'" Patsy R
in out most iavoraolo com
trum lair visitors ami was
agreeable surprise to
not acquainted with local
Lons. They hardly expec-
lo see such apples, pears,
Is, prunes, etc.
Kf the vegetable display
itno individual exhibits
cre magnificent James
a idled one wholo corner of
awiion with products irom
rm that shows diversified
ngin Harney county is a
This display covers a
one and was much ad-
fcter Schicltz was an
hat had a fine exhibit of
abks, as well as Fred Ra-
G 'V. Hodder, E. C. Egg-
r. Hibbard, J. O. Bun
id others.
egetable exhibit includes
thing imaginable: Potatoes,
celery, cabbage, beets,
beets, tomatoes, corn,
kins, peppers, muskmelons.
melons, cauliflower, string
, lettuce, etc. It is the
display of this nature ever
at a county fair.
ttic xruit line there were
of many varieties, crab
peaches, pears, plums,
i and ,.n unusual thing for
ason of tho year some fresh
spberrn i.
fancy nnd needlework
ments are magnificent and
uth end and almost the
south side of tho pavilion
t voted to this display.
isplav is a fine one and
s the ladies who approa
ch things. Mrs. Nelson
arge of these departments
ranged the' displays most
le considerable interest is
in tho sneed events tho
. . , . i . ...
u taction ana me oi tno
found in the pavilion, and
vostock farms. Tho ex-
f livestock this year was
reditable, yet not what it
have beon. Itseemshard
growers to take tho in
they should in exhibiting
tock. While Bomo fino nn-
wero in tho parade thero
have been at least three
as many, such lndiller-
pon the part of tho people
uraging to tho fair man-
nt and an injustice to tho
y. wo complaint should
nd with tho premiums of-
wiien it is known that
available cent is put into
cmiunn and each class
'consideration in proportion
t partiality.
thi: hacks.
racing cards at tho fair
as dunncr the week have
!..,.:.... .i -ii
-JAwmitt i;unu;ni.B mill nil
three-eighths miio dash for sad
dle horses that had never won.
Sorrel Top byCulp; Stockings by
Rye Smyth; Teddy Bear by Mace;
Kid by Allen Jones; Chub, by
Connolly. Tho last horso named
did some pretty good bucking on
the back stretch before the race
was started and furnished an at
traction not down on the pro
gram. The bunch got away
finally in good shapo and was a
horse race. Stockings won with
Chub second. Time 39J
In tho quarter milo dash free
for all Wado Hampton by Bedell,
Joe Goss by Henderson & Conley
by Connolly wore
the starters. Wade came under
tho wire first with little apparent
effort, while the other two hors
es fought hard for second place
with Joo Goss nosing out. Timo
Wednesday's racing cards
proved most exciting and good.
Tho first number was a special
half-mile dash with five entries:
Con D. by Connolly; Tom Cain
by Trowbridge; Pedro by Maco;
Colusa Boy by Connor; Evermore
by Baber. Con D. and Tom Cain
were scratched, lcavincr but
threo starters. Calusa Boy was
first, Evermore second. Time
51 J; this was faster than tho
same distance was mad tho pre
vious day.
There were seven entries in
the three-eighths saddle horse
race, but only five starters: Red
Bird, by Crawford; Flute by Hill;
Chub by Connolly; Lark by Hnn-
son; Red Rock by Winters. Fluto
took first money, Red Bird second
Time 39J.
Threo horses started in tho
threo and one-half furlongs, Joo
Goss having been scratched on
account of being sick. The start-
era were Seventy by Cecil; Belle
Griffon by 'frowbridgo; Friar
Charm by Conner. This was a
most exciting finish and it is re
ported considerable money
changed hands. The "inside"
was playing Belle GrifTon to win
but old Seventy nosed out on her.
Time 45.
Court convened on Monday
with Judge Davis on tho bench.
Dist Atty. McCulloch, Clerk
Mothcrshcad Sheriff Richardson
and other officers in attendance.
The following wcro drawn
from tho regular panol as grand
jurers: J. M. McMullen, Brad
Moss, George Craddock, Starr
Buckland, I. L. Poujado, Geo.
Gates, Alfcd Johnson.
Tho following business has ha"d
Project Financed at West End and
Holding Company Relieved
Chief Engineer Haines and Attorney Clarke Secure a Condi
tlonal ContractProperty to Revert to The People if New
Company Fails to Make GoodBill Grimes is Still There.
... , . "l-tiii.. - -
Sam Bauer vs. J. D. Clemct
Recovery of monov. Dismissed.
Oregon Forwarding Co. vs. J.
II. Gcarhart Attachment. Set
tled and dismissed.
E. J. Tracy vs. A. F. B. George
Appeal from justice court. Set
for trial April term.
Sherk & Graham Co. vs. B. W.
Hamilton Attachment Settled
and dismissed.
Chris Berg vs. J. J. Tupkor
Attachment. Sottlod and dis
missed. J. It. Jenkins vs. Pat Connolly
Damages. Service not com
State vs. Ben Jordan Larceny
of colt. Tried nnd verdict of
not guilty.
State vs. Wm. Jordan lar
ceny of cow. Dismissed on mo
tion of Dist. Atty. for want of
State vb. Win. Jordan Lar
ceny or gelding, juismisscu on
motion of Dist. Atty. for want
of evidence.
(Continued on page two)
S. B. Parker vs. J. W. McCuo
Partition. Referees report
filed. On motion for confirma
tion of sale. Salo confirmed.
Sylvester Smith vs. J. C.
Simmons Foreclosure. Salo con
firmed. Harry Cary vs. J. D. Smith
Foreclosure. Settled nnd dis
missed. Geo. O. Neal vs. Etta Miller-
Suit to quit title. Decree quiet
ing title.
Clara Craft vs. Charles Craft
Divorce. Default of defendant
J. M. Forrens vs. Mary For-
rens - Divorce. Reporter to tako
and report testimony.
Orah Baker vs. Alfred Baker
Divorce. Default of defendant
Further court nows will bo
found on tho second page, tho
above being tho business trans
acted up to Wednesday noon
Wavcrly Happenings,
Fred Peters has been plowing
for D, A. Bmkoman.
David Williams and L. J. Gib
son have beon camping near tho
Stecns Mountain. They had a
very nice timo.
At a meeting of the Burns
Commercial Club last Tuesday
evening Rev. A. J. Irwin wns
elected secretary by a unanimous
vote. Ho will make a good one
nnd now we must get down to
real work.
Assessor Donegan was selected
as a committco of ono to bucuro
data nnd seek such assistance ns
necessary for a descriptive
pamphlet with which to adver
tise the resources of Harney
county. TJiIb is an important
work and should be given im
mediate attention. Mr. Donegan
has already begun by securing
somo excellent viewB of tho dis
plays in tho pavilion. Wounded
stand it is tho intention to have
several half-tone cuts of various
scenes and thoso of tho display
at tho fair will be valuable for
this purpose. Mr. Donegan
should be given every assistance
possiblo as tho advertising mat
ter should bo out and distributed I '""'
at an early date. With present i Stomach troubles would more
indications wo arc going to see, quickly disappear if tho idea of
very active changes in tho Hnr-1 treating tho cause, rather than
John Marshall camo through
Thursday. Mr. Marshall has
been working in the mountains.
Wo have been having heavy
Fall rains.
Somo pcoplo from Voltogo
wero trading at Wavcrly, Friday.
Tom Hallcy is back to his
homestead again.
Mrs. Orcn Thompson visited at
D. A. Brakcman's, Monday.
Tho surveyors are surveying
near Mr. Peter's place.
Tho Oren Thompson school be
gan Monday with twenty pu
pils enrolled. C. B. Smith is
At a meeting of tho holders of
certificates of survoy and right
of way held at tho Marshflcld
Chamber of Commerce Tucsduy
ovening Fred Haines nnd Francis
II. Clarke, the present engineer
and tho nttornoy of tho company
secured a contract under which
they agree to complete tho sur
vey of tho road to Roseburg, be
ginning actual construction work
not later than May 1st and have
trains in operation within 21
months thereafter. Failure to
comply with any of these terms
forfeits their rights and any
money they havo put into com
pleting tho work so nobly begun
by local mon.
Thero was not a discordant
note in tho meeting. Everyone
recognized the general conces
sions of Messers Clark and
Haines and had faith in their
statement that they had money
in sight for tho immediate con
struction of the road.
This has beon the avowed pur
pose of the Coos Bay Oregon and
Idnho Railway Co. It was the
intention of the pcoplo backing
it to securo the survey and right
of way and turn this over to
capital as a bonus for construct
ing the road. Long before they
dreamed success has met tho
efforts of the citizens.
It has been through tho show
ing mado by i red names in se
curing a grado of less than one
per cent with easy curvature
through the Coast Range that
this has been accomplished.
Fred Haines did not enter Coos
Bay without tho backing of capi
tal. All that this capital desired
was to be shown that a road
could bo constructed with such a
grado at a minimum of cost
They did not nsk long tabula
ted statistics showing the re
sources of tho country, they did
not demand a 4 per cent guaran
tee, they did not demand a big
bonus, all they did demand was
that they bo shown n 1 per cent
Tho directors for the now
management are Win. Grimes,
Claudo Nasburg, L. F. Faulkcn
stein, J. C. Gray and Francis II.
Clarke. Tho new board of di
rectors hold a meeting in this
city yesterday afternoon nt which
llttlo of an official nature trans
pired it being held merely for
tho purpose of organizing before
Mr. Grimes doparturo for Port
land on tho Alliance. Coos Bay
nev country durincr tho next few
ortu could nsk for. Tho I months nnd we must bo ready to
s raco didn't fill for tho i mnKtilmm
y consequently only run-1 A resolution was adontcd di
ces wero contested, roctinir tho officers to toloerntih
first race was a half milo tho nost office denartment a iron-
r maidens for a $150 purse, oral protest relating to tho mail
ero wero threo entries: unrul nn Hi a nm-no-Aimfin
y, a sorrel stallion by 'route.
Don D. bay horso by) Tho Times-Herald hopes all
y; Calusa Boy, brown irood citizens will now nut Hmlr
y Conner. Conaway first, Bhouldors to tho wheel nnd make
Boy second. Timo 521. tho club a livo ono. Burns enn
wore five starters in tho ill afford any factional strifo at
tho efTect, would como into prac
tice. A tiny, inside, hidden
nervo, says Dr. Shoop, governs
and gives strength to tho stom
ach. A branch also goes to the
Heart, and ono to tho Kidneys.
When theso "Insido nerves" fail,
thon tho organs must falter. Dr,
Shoop's Restorativo is directed
specifically to theso failing
norves. Within 48 hours after
starting tho restorative, treat
ment patients say thoy realize a
gain. Sold by Reed Broo,
Tho horso for tho former is tho
draft-bred horso. Ho is the
horso that can bo raised by tho
common farmer with littlo trou
ble and oxponso. Ho is in reach
of almost ovory farmer in tho
country. It is a profitable busi
ness on tho farm to raise a few
good colts. I say good colts, for
it is just as easy to raise good
ones as poor ones.
It is just as easy to roiso good
horses as good cattlo or good
slicop or good hogs. It docs not
pay to raiso poor ones leave
that for tho other fellow. Tho
farmers that raiso good stock of
any kind uro tho men that select
good sLcs. Tho mon who havo
good herds and good flocks nro
tho mon that select pure-blood
sires from ono or tho othor of
the Bovoral puro breeds and stick
to tho breed of thoir choice. If
in cattlo it is Shorthorns, In a
fow years his hord is nil thosamo
typo and color.
If it is Angus or Horefords,
tho results nro tho same, If this
is truo of cattlo and sheop, it is
cortainly truo of tho horse,
Fellow fnrmors, select a sire from
ginn it matters but littlo which
It is only n matter of choice to
tho breeder himself. Be sure
that the sire Is a good individual.
urocu just such marcs as you
have. Tho better tho dam tho
better the result. Always breed
their produce to a pure-bred sire
of tho same breed.
In a short timo your mares
arc all aliko and of thosamo typo
and disposition, all bearing a
family resemblance. You will
not hnvo tho disposition of a
broncho in ono nnd tho trotting
horse in tho other, but you will
have a class of horses that are
easily handled, easily fitted for
tho market and an ovcry-day
market at homo and abroad.
You need not spend any extra
time and expense in lookingnfter
buyers; tho buyers are always
looking after this kind. If thoy
get a wire cut or blemish they
are the kind that are useful to
keep for any kind of farm work.
A good mare with proper caro
will do just as much service on
the fnrm nnd raise a colt as will
a gelding.
Never nllow tho colt to follow
the dam when in harness at
work, as the colt will do much
better if loft in the barn, and
the dam will bo better off with
out tho colt, Give tho little fel
low somo oats and bran in its
trough; it will soon learn to eat
and forgot its dnm.
A colt is easily weaned, and if
proper caro is taken it will not
stop growing until it is matured.
Breed in this way and in a very
short timo it will bo almost im
possible to raiso a poor colt
Look at tho farmer who breeds
ono year to a draft horso and the
produce afterward bred to some
cheap mongrel. His horses in
ten years' breeding are no better
thon when ho began. Tho price
of servico fees should hardly be
considered. It is the matured
horse to bo considered. It coats
ns much to raise a low-priced
horso ns to raiso a high-priced
one. It is all in tho breeding.
Always uso a pure-bred draft
sire a bettor individual than the
dam-and then you aro suro of
gaining. Select ono breed or the
other and stick to it and you will
como out ahead and bo on the
right sido of tho road to success
in tho horse-breeding business.
J. D. Dumire, in Rural Spirit
capable of making 80,000,000 big
fir trees, will be planted within
tho coming fortnight by tho
nationnl forest servico in this
state. Fully one-third of this
will bo planted in the Bull Run
national forest. Reforestation
in tho Bull Run reserve is under
taken with a view to increasing
tho flow of Bull Run river, - tho
source of Portland's water sup
ply. Rcsecding of tho slopes
along tho river is expected to
conserve tho multure nnd prac
tically double the flow. Tho
present water supply of tho
stream is sufficient for Portland,
It is estimated, for tho next 60
years, but with double tho vol
ume of water now secured from
Bull Run, it is thought tho stream
will supply Portland for the next
years, xno lorcst scrv ce
will experiment in other forest
reserves of tho state in reforest
ing barren slopes. Officials have
been hanicapped in tho work
because of lack of seed. There
are but two people in tho west
who aro gathering Douglas fir
seed for sale. Tho crop gathered
by theso two is purchased by the
forest service, yet it is inade
quate by far. From $1.50 to
$2.60 per pound is paid for the
seed and instructions to home
steaders and others who care to
gather it will readily be fur
nished by the forest service.
The old John Dcvino ranch,
located in Harney County, and
comprising 15,000 ncres, has
been sold by J. O. El rod, a local
real estate dealer, to capitalists
of North Yakima for $300,000.
Tho ranch is one of the best
known in this state and the salo
just mado carries with it a profit
of about $100,000 for the seller,
who bought it 18 months ago at
a much less price. The coming
of railroads to Central Oregon
has resulted in increased values
for the great body of land lying
east of the Cascade Mountains
President Tnft's visit to Port
land during the week was of
courso the big event of tho Fall
that had been looked forward to
with no little anticipation for
months. Tho President was well
entertained while here, he was
heard nnd seen by thousands of
Oregon citizens and Oregonians
aro satisfied that he will have aj
better knowledge of the Coast
and its needs than beforo start
ing out on his extended trip
through tho country.
Bums, Oregon
Bnovnro gATiorAeroiiT tors exitcz: iea
Patron will receive Trading Stamps, during thii sale.
tinmr.iiivMmi::i:timtziXitaiiuanatmtmKaaimtaimtti'J. .- mxxaxuxaxm i
The Harney Valley Brewing Co.
MunulacturerH of
l&rG Soda "177"o,to3r
Family Trade Solicited FrcctDelivery
T. E. JENKINS, Manager
(Portlnnd Correspondence).
That Central Oregon will,
within a fow years, double the
cereal crop of tho wholo Pacific
Northwest is tho belief of Theo
dore B. Wilcox, president of tho
Portland Flouring Mills. When
opened up by the railroads now
uunuing, nn unmenso acreage
will bo thrown opon to wheat
"In Central Oregon," said Mr.
Wilcox, "thero aro millions and
millions of ncres of land Avhich,
unless I nm greatly mistaken in
tho nnturo of tho soil, will be
oxcellont for grain growing with
out irrigation. Out of this vast
territory thero must bo at least
2,500,000 acres available for
wheat. Thero is ns largo an
acreage as is now in wheat in
Oregon nnd Washington. All
that is needed to opon up this
great territory is a railroad and
with two lines now ontering that
section, it will bo only a matter
of a short timo boforo tho coun
try will develop. Nor will tho
increased yield reduce prices.
With such a condition of affairs
as now oxists, thero is no danger
of lessened pricen through tho
exploitation of wheat fiolds in
How. to Cure a Cold.
Be as careful as you can, you
will occasionally take cold, and
when you do, get a medicine of
known reliability, ono that has
an established reputation nnd
that is certain to effect a quick
cure, buch a medicine is Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It has
gained n world wide reputation
by its remarkable cures of this
most common ailment, nnd can
always be depended upon. It
nets on nature's plan, relieves
tho lungs, nids expectoration,
opens tho secretions nnd aids
nnturo in restoring tho system to
a healthy condition. For salo by
ail good druggists.
Burns, - - Oregon.
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Peel Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
h 4 i
f yu.uD BY SP
Ovor coo fflKIl
Ftnni.llfnl IHxHM
Doalens. JHAfljH
whip? i
Bend (or
Prlco List &
UAMUr Arntifwn v
Will be glad to furnish
To anyose deslriag
See his Handsae
Ranch fok Sali:: One small
horse ranch, located on Mnlheur
river. First-class summer, fall
and winter rango surounding it.
Fino location for fruit and vege
tables, also. For further parti
culars, writo or call on E. L.
Bccdo, Drewsey, Oregon.
A pain prescription is printed
upon each 25c box of Dr. Shoop's
Pink Pain Tablets. Ask your!
Doctor or Druggist if this formu
la is not complete. Head pains,
womnnly pains, pains any where
got instant relief from a Pink
Pain Tablet. Sold by Reed Bros.
Burns, Oregon j
Afford the Best Accommodations i
to be had in Harney County
The patronage of all guests under the old management
especially sylici ted. U
Rates $1 a day, $6 a week, $24 a month
M -ndertfon Elliott, Propt. j
Ann nf fll1 mtA hHnnJa tP .1.... Tl- t Pini.t nAM If
horscs-Porchoron, Shiro or Bel- Ono ton of Douglas
fir seeds,
More than L'nouth l loo Much.
To maintain health, a mature
man or woman needs just enough
food to repair tho waste and sun-1
Tho Oregoniun announces tho ' J'b' energy and body heat. Tho
safe arrival of Mrs. Henry Rich-, Habitual consumption of more
nrdson in Portland and that her!"00'1 t,lftn ia necessary for theso'
littlo son James, who is suffering purposes is tho prime cause of
from typhoid fever, begnn to .stomach troubles, rheumatism
mend at once after his mother iud disorders of tho kidneys. If
came, troubled with indigestion, revise'
lycurdiot, let reason and not np-
To quickly check a cold, drug-' Ptito contl'01 "-"d tako fow
gists are dispensing overyvhero,(,030s of Chamberlain's Stomnch i
a clover Candy Cold Cure Tablet nml L,vor Tablets nnd you will
called Provontics. Proventics sonn l)e n11 ri'st "SW"1'1 For saI
nro also fino for feverish children ,hV uU Sd dealers.
Tako Provontics at tho sneezo
stage, to head off all colds, Box I
of 48-25e. Sold by Reed Bros. IlAY Fo,t SAUJ-About GOO
.tons host timothy hay, Good
Studebakor Wagons, tho "Do- Ceding place, open water, early
pondont" jdnd for salo nt N, 'ra"K Kyea & VanDerveer,
Brown & Sons, Van, Oregan. j
IfGouoraticma of Jivo, wido
awuko Ajnorican Hoys havo
obtalnod tho right kind pf
by boiug oquippod with tho
uuorring, tiiuo-honorod
All Mwrctelvo llanlnara anil
SRV.r.,.,."K A "111 McrohaiiU handlo
HVKNH. If vim njiiiiiiitiilt.nlu
uiKiu iwvlpt of UUtalotf I'rlco.
IB'ul & ronti In iliiniu (or
lul'aso UUislratcilCutaloir.
Kriiluto with
k S m HX m
I lit? t- itcucral
nrvurm in.