The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 24, 1909, Image 3

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BATORUAIf.mi.1 St. 1W.
Local News.
ehenk wants more coyoto
L'9 nnd other furs.
Liter Cross was down from
lit creek yesterday.
' you want a nice, mild drink
into tho Bums Soda Works.
(red Haines was a business I
jlor to our city tho first of the
tales Smith has a now stock
bhoes of various kinds and
jiin-To Mr. and Mrs. Ed-'
id Anderson jn this city, July!
soring Mowers, Rakes, Reap
ind Binders for salo at N.
Ivn & Sons.
lrs. li. uenman anu uiuu-
afhter wero up from Harriman j
ig the week. j
nil and see James Smith's
lino of shoes before getting
spring nnd summer foot-
J. Hansen has purchased'
adjoining Mrs. Shelley on the
Eh and will at onco erect a
Our Capitol of S2S,000.00
Our Surplus of 830,000.00
Togothov with tlio doublo liability of our stock
holder of another SS5.000.00
gives absoluto Becurlty to
our depositors
This is a featuro that is well
worth rememboring whon do
positing your funds. Besides
wo offor unoxcolled facilities
for sorvico, tho result of years
of study and oxperionco in tho
banking business.
United States Depositary
Oregon State Depositary
1,000 ft first class dry lumber
lortlenghts; also 2nd and 3rd
i from $6.00 to $12.00 per M.
irns Milling Co.
S. Radcliffo, general agent
Horticultural Fire Relief
aciation at Salem, has been in
city looking after business
lis company.
umember the farmer's msti-
Eon r.ent Monday and Tues-
You will learn something
S will benefit you by attend-
Show your interest in such
by being present.
Ittrill & Clemens have put in
st class saw mill li miles
of Cold Springs is near the
ly with good roau. in ursi
timber picked trees from
government Prepared to do
sm work. See them about
L government permit at once.
Geo. Shelley and Miss
Richardson left this morn-
ar Seattle to visit tho fair.
will later visit Willamette
ey points spending some time
lh. r daughter, Mrs. H. E.
at Corvallis. Sheriff
Get some horsefly covers
J. C. Welcome & Son's. ,
The weather has been exceed
ingly warm tho past week.
Studebaker Wagons, the "De-
jpondont" kind for sale at N.
j Brown & Sons.
John Marshall and wife are in
tho city, tho latter having some
dental work done.
P. C. Peterson spent tho past
week in this city.
Burns Soda Works can fill any
order largo or small.
C. C. Couch came over from
Wngontire Wednesdny.
J. C. Raymond was up from
his land holdings Thursday.
J. C. Welcome & son have
horsefly covers nnd nets. See
Good vinegar for sale by T. E. j them at once. J
Jenkins at tho Brewery. Money. Henry Trowbridge was over
back if not as represented. j from his Izee homo the first of
Gooseberries nnd currants for this week,
salo at Mrs. Adam George's, ( Tho comploto lino of Hamilton
three miles north of Crow Camp. . Brown's "Honest Value" Shoes
for Infants, Boys, Girls, Men
nnd Women at N. Brown & sons.
Some very desirable residence I
nnd business lots in Burns can be i
secured by seeing Irving Miller. , C. C. Lundy left Wedneaday
i morning lor rortianu wnere ne
hopes to regain his health and
rccupornte. Frank Ellis took him
ardson takes them in
far as Prairie City.
J. F. Mahon and daughter,
Mis3 Emily, were over from
their Anderson valley home yes
terday. Blue prints of any township in
Burns Land District, showing
name of entryman, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, 'Burns,
H. C. LevonB informs us he
Ir Sale Do you want a nice
b? 160 acre ranch 3 miles
Harney on Rattlesnake
, First water right, run-
water the year around,
bearing orchard, 40 acres
lltivation, fine range for cat-
orses or sheep. For further
eulars call or address Roland
rina HnrtlPV. I ll"
.hf A4M...W,, w--. .
i steel columns to ne usea in
front of the I. 0. 0. F. build-
save been received and are
put in place. The carpen-
ire making good progress on
rork and the masons are cut-
Btone for the second story
Tho pink stone to bo used
rimming is very handsome
vill add much to the attrac-
sss of the building.
fork guaranteed Salisbury's.
out to the railroad.
Farmers why pay $12 to ?15
per M. for green lumber when
you can get good dry repair lum
ber at half the price and haul
twice as much nt Bums Milling
Co.'s mill.
Manager Woldenberg of tho
Bluo Mt Rapid Transit Lino was
has just disposed of 68 head of i over from Canyjjn City this week
1 1. a..IMa kiiirAwi t t 1 I.?- 1...-1 2lu
Ho retained only his broken hor- csts. He was accompanied upon
ses nnd a few brood mares. Tho hj3 return homo by Mrs. M. F.
horses will be driven to tho out-1 Williams.
side market . j. A Ebcre wifo and
BORN in this city aunuay,
July 11, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Otis
Sizemore, a boy. This impor
tant event slipped our memory
daughter, arrived here from
Albany the first of this week.
Mr. Eberle has been in this sec
tion beforo and owns some land
last issue, but it is always nee-' near this city. They will remain
essary to chronicle the arrival of for several days,
these little ones. ( iunch FOR Salh: One Bmall
EsTRAY-One roan mare brand- horse ranch, located on Malheur
ed with lazy 0 and bar over it on' river. First-class Bummer, fall
left Bhoulder, also CA on left nnd winter range Burounding it
stifle came to my place May 1. Fine location for fruit and vege
Owner please call, prove proper-. tables, also. For further parti
tv nnd nav exnense. including culnrs, write or call on E. L.
this notice. I Beede, Drcwsoy, Oregon.
Grant Thompson, The school board held a meet
Waverly, Ore. ing last Saturday afternoon and
Fine line of watches, chains, etc, n for. th ,sIxJJ WOm , in
at Salisbury's P. 0. Block. tho b"B "J?01 0r t1ho. ""
J ' year. Additional desks and
1 other necessary furnituro have
been ordered nnd Miss Lelah
McGco employed as the sixth
Wo have been handed a pros
pectus of tho Grande Rondo Min
ing and Power Co. in which
Archie McGownn and W. S.
Lathe are interested. This
seems to bo an unusual property
jry Counter a Bargain Counter!
dies' skirts, waists, underwear, i2rS,nSffi!lS5C
ieckwear, etc., will be sold at
greatly reduced price
jcial Bargains in mens summer
hats and vests.
A full stock of staple
and fancy Groceries
for every body.
Orders promptly filled
The Busy Corner Store"
nnticipato it is a good thing.
j Tho property is so situated that
it may bo cheaply operated,
theroforo results can bo secured
nt nominal cost and the mine
thoroughly tested without un
necessary outlny.
MAimiKD'-At tho Presbyteri
an mnnno Inst Saturday evening
MrC A. Harlan and Miss Ula
Drinkwator, Rov. A. J. Irwin
performing tho ceremony in the
presence of only the necessray
witnesses. Both the contracting
parties are well known in this
vicinity. Mr. Harlan is steno
grapher and book keeper in the
First National Bank and his
bride is a daughter of Mr. and
J Mrs. Robt. Drlnkwaler, They
' loft the following morning for a
short Btay in tho mountains be
foro taking up housekeeping,
The Times-Herald joins their
many friends In extending best
wishes for a happy and prosper
ous life.
Salisbury fits eyes P. 0. Meek.
Job printlng-Th Tim-HeraM
Tiy a ml at tke Home Hotel.
For Sale-320 acres of hay
bind. Inquire at this office.
Alf Baker has gone to his for
mer homo in Willamette Valley.
Allen Jonos has moved his hay
ing crow down from Cow Crook
to the Cushing place.
Uw the Hnrnoy County Nnllonnl IlnnU
They are lelMdentlfylnir.
Frank Harrison is confined to
his homo suffering from Bcintic
rheumatism. Ho is improving
Tho Burns Soda Works are
prepared to fill airordors. Drop
in whon you have a thirst.
Everything scrupuously clean.
Ed. EgH nnd wifo enmo over
from Wagontire last Saturday
and wero accompanied upon their
return by Lulu and Agnes Miller.
J. M. Dalton nnd family aro
expected homo tho first of next
week. They havo been haying a
fine timo visiting relatives and
friends and also taking in the
fair at Seattle. Mr, Dalton's
health is very much improved,
R, H. Brown and Dick Smith,
two Steens Mountain sheep men,
were in the city Wednesday. The
boys told us they had no especial
business hero but were simply
breaking mules. Thoy left on
their return Thursday afternoon.
Albert Shaw who has just re
turned from tho Willnmotto Vnl
loy, says that crops look bettor
in general here than in that sec
tion. Ho assisted his brother to
put in a largo field of oats and
LosT'-A corduroy coat. Find
er pleaso leave at this offlc
Harry Cary and wife were in
the city from Lawen Tuesday.
See Micheal Schonk for fall and
winter suits. New samples just
C. G. Smith wns in tho city
a few days this week visiting his
Edison Phonographs and re
cords for sale nt Lunaburg &
Jones Mower nnd Rako for $75
while they last. First come, first
Borved-C. H. Voegtly.
Exchange your TradingStamps
for premiums, now ready for
distribution at N. Brown &
Tho Pnttorson Cottage, Canyon
City, Oregon. 1b open for tho
traveling public. All stages will
stop if request is made.
Dr. C. C. Griffith nnd J. L.
Gault went up to Emigrant Creek
yesterday to try their luck with
the trout for n day or two.
. 2Boction flin GO tooth Steel
Lover Harrows at $22. 00 atC. II.
Voegtly's. See that you do not
get J inch nnd only 60 tooth Har
rows, instead of tho above.
N, J. Fulop, representing Ro-
senbaum Bros, clothing and fur
nishing goods, was a business
visitor to our city tho first of tho
Just arrived: A complete line
of Roofing, Sheathing, water
proof Sheathing and Stringed
ITnrnnv Pn Imn Xr Tlihvn Hn
I Aft ua Tlfl 1 4 n 1 ft ai ffn u A
iiumy .Luiiun uuu wiii: mu
the weather had been so dry and moving into their pretty little
cold that it was thought tho crop cottage just completed opposite
wouldn't oven make good hay. the J. C. Foley residence, They
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Ringcn have one of the neatest, modern
desire us to express their sincere residences in the city,
thanks to the peoplo of this vici- j. R. Jonkins is over from his
nity who so kindly nssisted them Happy Valley homo accompanied
in their recent bereavement, by his little son. Mr, Jenkins
Altnougn tney aro strangers our says the rango is very good over
peoplo wore so sympathetic and in that section considering tho
so very kind they havo no other dry season but sheep arc too
way of expressing their appreciation.
thick on the mountain
for com-
Are Tod Witt Us?
The Harney Yalley Oil k
Gas Company
Job printing Tho Times-Herald
Go to tho home Hotel for n
good meal.
A. Schcnk carries an up-to-dato
stock of clothing on.
Brittingham & Richardson are
manufacturing nil kinds of sodas
nnd soft drinks and will do not
only a retail but a wholesale
Mrs. W. L. Barbee, recently
from Kent, Wash., has loented
some land near Harriman and
contemplates buying some lots
within that townsite. She be
lioves this section has a bright
Cottrill & Clemens nro prepar
ed to do custom work with their
II. Elliot and wife Were at
Narrows a few days this week.
Wanted Some more coyote
and bob-cat hides. A. Schcnk.
BoiiN-To Mr. and Mrs. Vic
Uibson Tuesday, July 20, a
H. E. Thompson is having
quite a serious timo with an in
fected wound on his hand.
Dry slab wood at mill only
$1.00 per cord.
Burns Milling Co.
Miss Josephine Locher is home
from a visit with school friends
in tho east. She says she had a
very pleasant vacation and
Rcatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot
portable saw mill located 1J
w .. ..... JUIIULIia. UllUU A1 UL'llLft UCr 1UUL
mics west of Cold bpmiga on A,,y ono desiring Rcatos address
Poison Creek, Lumber for sale j A F U
Get youa permit and havo them Alberson. Oregon.
saw your lumuer, Terms aro
reasonable, ' H. F. Ringen expects to movo
1 to this city with his wife and son
ho hopes to
Jay Gould had a strenuous ex
perience with a vicious cow brute
Wednesday. 1 1 seems tho animal
hod gotten into his field nnd Jay
considers it hard enough to raise
grain in a dry season without al
lowing range stock to graze on
it. so ho objected, but when ho
in n short timo and
secure employment as a painter
and decorator.
C. A. Brittingham and Bert
Richardson have opened up a
sotln and bottling works in the
Young Meat Market building,
attempted to drivo her out sho T,1 bys should do a good busi
turned tho tables apd began chas- "Loa
ing him. Jay almost reachod tho The baseball gamo last Sunday
fence just as tho vicious animal afternoon between tho married
caught him and sho knocked him men and single men resulted in
against a fence post with such an easy victory for tho latter.
force that his shouldor was dls- Tho married men say "wait un
loented, Dr. Griffith went down til wo can got our proper team
and fixed him up and says Mr. together and wo'll show the
Gould was painfully hurt. young ones."
Dr. F, E. Bellinger of Council
Bluffs, Iowa, waa in tho city n
short timo the first of tho week.
He had been touring the Pacific
Northwest for tho past six weeks
and while in Seattle heard, acci
dently, of tho Hnrnoy Country.
He came to Vale and was ad
vised by some good people there
not to como in hero but he had
about all the land "Uncle gam"
would allow him to take within
twelvo hours after reaching
Burns and told the Times-Herald
man he would come to remain
prmanently within a shorj; timo,
Dr, Bellinger will not come to
practice his profusion but to
take up othr linw of business..
EaTRAYED-Ono old brown
maro, four yearling colts and one
yearling mule. Branded with a
heart on loft or right stifle, $25
reward to any ono who will hold
them for mo and let mo know.
Last seen on Emigrant creek
near J. H, Garrett's.
B. W. Paukek, Burns, Ore.
Salisbury fixes watches P.O. block
Four car loads consisting of
kiiirgieg, wagons, plows, harrows
farm machinery, barb wire and
nails now en route. Soo C. II.
Voegtly for prices.
PttintH, Oils, Doorii nnd Wind
ows, in fact everything for the
farmer or builder. Give us a
call and wo will bo glnd to give
you prices, Myers Pumps nnd
Star Windmills.
Harney Co. Imp. it I Id we. Co.
Assessor Doncgon nnd his ass
istants in classifying the lands
of Hnrnoy County havo been
working in this vicinity during
tho week. They nro making
complete plats with necessary
field notes nnd when tho work is
complete It will be quite valuable
to tho assessor's ofilce.
During tho absence of Mr. and
Mrs. Elliot to tho Narrows Bill
Jones acted as mine host at the
Overland. Ho acted in the same
capacity onco before for Mt.
Elliot and according to report it
took all the money he took in
during the proprietor's absence
to pay an expert to straighten
out tho books. Not so this timel
Bill has learned a thing or two
about running a hotel sinco and
Pcto Poterson says if a boarder
got off with paying his board
only twico ho was lucky. Bill
will be in the banking business
next if he keeps up his reputation.
Geo. Shcnk, a brother to A.
and M. Schcnk, the tailors of
this city, arrived here from Port
land tho first of this week. Mr.
Schcnk is a barber and has been
following his trade in Portland
but will soon take up his resi
dence in this place. Ho intends
to get some of our fine land, be
sides he has formed a partner
ship with the two brothers hero
and they will soon put in a line
of furnishing goods in connection
with the tailoring business. Mr.
Schcnk will return to Portland
shortly where he will closo up
his business affairs and bring his
wife back with him.
AlbertShaw and wifo are home
from nn extended visit to the
former's brother, Geo. Shaw, in
Linn county. Thoy arrived home
last Saturday afternoon return
ing in company with Frank Wil
linms who took several head of
horses down to sell. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Shaw are both enjoying
good health, although the latter
had quite a serious accident re
cently thatenmo noar losing' her
tho use of her arm. A window
fell on her hand breaking sever
al of tho bones and the physician
at Halsey kept it bandaged so
tight that it became quite serious.
Mrs. Shaw later went to Eugene
where sho received good treat
ment nnd.the member is improv
ing now quite satisfactorily.
Number 28.
Hunting and fishing are strict
ly forbidden upon any of the
Pacific Live Stock Co. ranches.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
John Gilchest.
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Main Oflicc, Burns, Oregon
Branch Office, Lakevicw, Oregon
"'The best Range
brains and experience
have ever produced."
They are built on BolentMo principle;
anil tiio material ubou Id bo dutriuuwu
cm to do Uio moat good.
Thoy or Just licnvy enough to uo
uuraoio umi maun,
If You WHt Tt Stt
n really beautiful
magazine, ask fu '
For sale at the City DrmrStor?
and "Daddy's" Cigar Stand,
Old Fashioned Banking
Means discretion, judicious care, elimination
of nil speculation. But it should not mean today
narrow-mindedness, failure to appreciate merit in
nny nnd all customers.
Wo do not judge any man by his bank balance.
Wo look to his ability and character; consider
his efforts in business.
We can best serve our customers and our
selves by these considerations.
I1ia Btrencthonod parta aro
where tho tuoub wear 1.
Tho wultawo Attboatoa llnod.
They are mado of utool, co neocinonUy
they bm otrong and cannot, oraok.
A Savings Bank Department tea feature of
in which interest at the rate of four per
annum is allowed.
this Bank,
cent per
The Harney County National Bank
MR. and MRS. CHAS. ANDERSON, Propts.
We are pleased to announce to our old-time friends
and customers that we have again taken charge of
our hotel. We just completed renovating the en
tire building and you will find the old-time home
comforts when you call. We hope to see you soon.
The old favorite Family Hotel where guests receive
5 pedal Attention and Good Service.
SOUTH BURNS, OREQON-Near Fair Grounds.
vsnnk- yrf y v
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
Fojr Spring and Summer Trade
? r ws-- AXv's-vks-vsr
Candy, Nuts, Stationery, Cigars, and Tobacco
Ceylon Cinnamon, Whole Pepper, all kinds of Sices
Chocolate, Cocoa, Tea, Baking Powder, Extracts, etc.
He I'uys cash and Sells Ifr cash--Customers get the benefit
If its in Leather We
it or can
get it for You
As much difference in leath
er as in people. We use
only the best in our work
Hadn'tfyou better look at your old Harness?
You've had It a long time. "Better be sure
ilian sorry."
J. W. OWEN, Propts,
Finest hearse in county
Particular attention given
To Funerals
Fresh Teams, Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention given to Transcient Trade
Horses boarded by the day, week or month
Blacksmitliing and
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns, Oregon,
HI'.VVttTAiVfrt'liA. a.
MMK T,lf I' V. I
f .iZflWrt
wTt-:-i. t
. ii ii .
. V--w . .
Main St.,
Job Printing.
... mr?0s