The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 19, 1909, Image 3

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iv u jay m: H'.'WW.
1. ot'ul News.
kiiiirt paper and roonnjr nc
llni ',
T li i clown from his
lan homo.
i inuui una u jiuw atuuu
icx vi various kuuis nnu
s. hi w oil was up from His
'mar Iojr mountain yoster-
1V1U 4cad Bros. Woro in
t a u days miiing me
hvn .-a tho crops in
alftMu crook section nro
til' ' l Oilll.
A- I co Jnmes Smith's
o i ( -hoes before gutting I
pring and summer loot-'
to'll bo something doing
Stir, during the Develop-1
owu -s and 4 th of July,
kt.-n. '
BO i . class dry lumber
ft i ' its, nK 2nd and 3rd
b a rMlufl to 12.00 inn- M. ;
Vl.J.' Co .
Uev Adrian and little
tt " da for their Home
lei auor a few weeks'
it' folks and friends
U,ns.n of the Rims
i . - vrojwed to tur-
. hams and l.u-l !i
1 uneheir m :.'i"
' il prices t' : bitf
is perplexing Problem to Congress
to our depositors h the fixed policy of this bunk
irohaec Incrcateil our Surphi from $25,000.00 to 930,000.00
which t ix timet the maximum amount required lu tho
United States Dcposilarg
Accounts Invited
Smith ha
i in'ction
ihe laii
. , :i loat
usils, ; I
s. d :i.
(1 hack,
Pat Connolly is over from
Call on Clovcngor for building
paper and roofing"
Raw C. W. Holloman has gone
to Portland to attond a conven.
of Baptist Ministers.
Tho present rain is certainly of
yrcat benefit ovon though little
is falling.
Good vinegar for nalo by T. E.
sinru'U jfiii-uiiH hi un: urowoi.v. muuuj ,
with tho back if not as reprosonted. the
i -, ilt-
Schenk wants more
hides and other furs.
Foil Salk320 acres of
and. Inquire at this of lice.
Fred Otlcy and son Charles
were up from Lawcn last Mon
Born To Mr. and Mrs
Gulp Sunday. June 18, a daugh-
Halph Hibbard iiurcfnfted his
brother Bert's place in the moun
tains the ilrst of this week.
A. E. Murphy has boon in the
Try n meal at tho Home Hotel. I Go to tho
n. C. T.nnrlv who wna mwrntfrfUH00" monl'
on last week for tuberculous por
Itonltis Is improving daily.
line tho Hnrncy County Nnttnnnl Hank
'liicy ni Ki'lMileiitlfjIiif;.
Mrs. Martha Baker and daugh
ter, Miss Nina, have roturnod
homo from a visit over on Silver
Mrs. S. E. Drinkwatorhasgono
out and will purchaso a largo line
of millinery which she will have
on display by tho Hth.
W. 0. Howell's gasolene onuino
and pumping plant has been re
ceived and will soon ho put into
commission on his desert near
Tho Times-Herald will not pub
lish any communication without
knowing from whom it comes.
Tho name of tho writer must bo
Considerable improvement iff
homo Hotel for a
' , All kinds of bread can bo had
at Mrs. M. A. Smith tho Sum
mit llotol.
, Sheriff Richardson bus his auto
hero and It Is receiving a thor
ough overhauling.
Jones Mower and Hake, for $75
vhile they last. First come, first
.,.....,.! n TI Vrtnrrillf
qui Vl'll J, XI. vuv;h"J" 4
Miss DruBa Douson arrived
home tho first of this week from
Boise whero she hns been visit
ing for several weeks.
Just arrived: A complclo lino
of Roofing, Sheathing, water
proof Sheathing and Stringed
Harney Co. Imp. & Hdwe. Co.
Lufe Miller, tho young man
who had his upper jaw broken by
a horso kicking him has about re
covered and thoro will bo no Ber
ious deformity.
Four car loads consisting of
going on in bur city at present bujjijics, wagons, plows, harrows
especially In tho rcsidonco por- farm machinery, barb wire and
tion whero How homes nro build- ( nliils now on route. See C. H.
ing, yards improved etc. VtKJgtly for prices.
Williams Bros, saw mill at Mrs. Lclah Miller will remain
Cold Spring on tho Canyon road rt tho Burns hotel with her mill
is propnred to dp custom work jncry diiay untj Juy 4, Si,c
for tllOSe desiring to take ad- hnq nmno now ntlrnnMnnu in hor
vantago of thoir government per-, ijno. Drop ,-n nmi aet.
mlt. Also lumber for sale at $12 , . . n ...
per thousand. See them about , Drs. Marsden & Griffith opera
custom prices. tcd " El N' Sliu,rcr yesterbay
for a very serious case of tuber
Miss Ottio Winters and Charles culous peritonitis. Mr. Snuffer
Scribncr were married in Happy WDi$ but. recently brought over
Vnllcy on Juno 10, Justice Frank from Grant county and hiscondl
Cnwlficld performing thoForcmo- tiQn was iiuiteSbad. Ho has rai
ny. Tho brido is a daughter of H0d from too operaeion and is
Mrs. K. J. Winters, ono of tho feijling much better this morning.
r T L J.... TL ?C r.' The deep well on the II.
i k .-.. tv...L.i ... i.. Horton place 8 miles east of
. , ' " place had been sunk to a depth
of 1312 feet yesterday evening.
T. M. Fitchott was brought in Considerable interest is shown
last Wednesday suffering from a j this work as an artesian
severe attack of appondiciti. fioiv was found in what Is known
Prs. MRrsdenfi Griffith doomed nsttio "county well" at a depth
an operation necossnry at once of .between 328 and 3M foot cv.
i i.itme
.. rarni
.i tron,
U-. F.
.Tuna Tntraraoll bus been hero
- A .a-ki A.ld ! lhlltrfcC
3incla8t Saturday having just ."i ""k " ", " and removc(i tl0 uppondix tho aril vnnra nira whon it wm mink
irturniHi from a trip to California. ur some uusinosbanans. , following day. Mr. Fitchett had Thb present well is only about
Some very ddnmble rosuloncel, iessora ian nnu mu lU very bad cnno but lias nulled .two or tlirco miles from the other
from the operation and is now and a flow may be expected at
imnrovtiur. anv tnao.
. tti4iH iu rril !
All members of the ladies anx-' . . ... "" "
Ilini-ir rvf fhn firo ilnnm-imont nro' 040 acre rniiell lor 8R10 SUtmme
t1Q ior uairy or siock rancn,
.... i..winMB info in n.ifn ran lio ' just completed a well for Frnul
Vfuiwl bv seeinir Irving Miller. . Colo going down 125 feet and the
Ono of the prettirt wedding
oventa of tho Benson was that
which look place at tho homo of
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Richardson
In Burns, " Wednesday ovonlng
Junolflth when their daughter
Aims Florence was united in
marriage to Mr. Joseph Thomp
son, and Mlw Veda Nelson, sister
of A1rs. Richardson, was united
in mnrringo to Afr. H. J. Hanson.
Rev. A. J. Irwin performed the
cere monks wliich took place in
tho presence of a company of re
latives and invited friends. At
8:ifi o'clock, to the strains of a
beautiful wedding march played
by Mrs. G. A. Rembohl tho two
bridal couples entered tho parlor,
which was decorated moat taste
fully for tho occasion, and took
their places beneath a large wed
ding boll. Mr. Thomson and
Miss Richnr'1on first took (ho
marriage vowa, while Mr. Hansen
and Miss Nelson acted as best
man and bridesmaid. At the
close of the first ceremony Air.
Thompson and his brido slopped
back and allowed Mr. Hansen
and his brido to be, to lake thoir
places while Mr. and Airs.
Thompson played the role of best
man and bridesmaid. The beau
tiful ring ceremony was used and
little Rcgina Schwartz was the
bearer of the rings. Following
tho congratulations tho wedding
party partook of a bountiful wed
ding repast consisting of ice
cream, cake, fruit, nut and candy.
Both couples wero the recipients
of many beautiful and useful
presents. Another pleasant fea
ture of the evening was tho sere
nade by tho Burns male quartet.
Both young couples will make
thoir homes in Burns and will be
at home to thoir many friends in
a short while.
A. J. I,
Number 22,
The Working of the Check Account
The chock account is many things, it means much to any
It is an oxpeiiBo regulator, a convenient -method of meeting
your obligntalon8, a safe way to transfer money, an accurate ac
count of everyday transactions, a record for future reference.
You deposit your money with tho bank; then with a checkbook
you can go out and issue your own money you owe. The checks
come back to tho bank and are charged to your account.
The check account is adjustable to any business. If you issue
checks amounting to $25 a month or $250 a day, tho system meets
your needs as' well in one case as tho other.
Checks are transferable any number of times. They may go a
long distance before they arc returned to tho bank upon which
tlioy are drawn. One little check for $10 may do the work of a
hundred dollars.
We render you tho check account service, and are glad that wo
can do it without any expense whatever to you.
A Savings Bank Department is a feature of tin's Bank,
in which interest at the rate of four per cent per
annum is allowed.
The Harney County National Bank
MR. mid MRS. CHAS. ANDERSON, Propts.
Wo are pleased to announce to our old-time friends
and customers that we have again taken charge of
our hotel. We just completed renovating, the en- -tiro
building and you will find the old-time home
comforts when you call. We hope to see you soon.
The old favorite Family Hotel where guests receive
Special Attention and Good Service.
SOUTH BURNS, OREOON-Near Fair Grounds.
'!&& wL-sA
ivquoated to bo present at
pieeting Alonday evening.
ance of water for irrigation unl
power inquire at this office.
N. Aleyer, tho San FranckcQ
cigar manufacturer, has been in
mill 1'. mik J Blue prints of any township in
.'iH.ngsisiiear thj B"8 Land District, showing
ud road. I,, fast "". 3T,U "'" our little city tho post week visit
nil 'wil tni'-. tiom of entry, topography, etc., $1.00 . , T .T
iMCdSS1. PItt T. Randall. Burns, .JKj Mr Leon M.
rU. See them about ura. .rur,1 . . . 1
. mmc nt permit at once.
. k
a v,.,n,. ti'.n nmminnfi Kogister l' afro 01 tno local lanu
H.r'. rn..nivQtnpiciYinii. U roc. ' office nrrivqd home Alonday from
A J. Irwin and bon Alii-',., nt. thn r.nrtor Home. Portland wberc lie Had boon cau-
t-Wednesday and Mt ,phone.g loft Blouldor is out of cd as a witness in tho federal
v. y norning to -.nn- ftmm?oa:ftn piiro. n f7,.Lni cot ron-
obstreperous, fell and rolled on I Farmers why pay $12 to $15
him. Ontario Argus. 'perAI. for green lumbor when
you can got good dry repair lum
ber nt half the price and haul
ur of tho a
I is been In
viriou.i pi . i
M.r extreme
uisnty. H
i nty.
dat s
ml tin people
alities may do
ing on time
B ui'ian spent last
laj 1 r, . He has been
As or in
it, ii c i.viiu i xor me lvvu
,v,a troubled with some-
Estuay Ono roan mnro brand-
l wun lay uuuuuar over .LOMtw.con3 much nt Burn8 MUHny
leit anoumur, aiso jt. on mil.; .-. . jii
stifle csimu to my place Alay 1. '
! n.n., Innao roll nvnvo nronor. ' t 0 largest anU DCSt display 01
ty and pay expense, including wall paper ever exhibited in Har-
this notice. nQ? County may be found at tho
Grant Thompson, g- w- Clevenger furniture store.
Waverly, Ore. designs and patterns to suit all.
A. 0. Faulkner came in yes- Aliss Bertha Leake, a daughter
terday with Air. Ford in his auto of John Leake, arrived liero from
j-.v .inii-M'ntm If A
pi. I I' 1' MUftHWMIU - - - , . , ., . , ,
to .. lit a physician returning from i'ortianu wnoro wicnigan mo eariy pan 01 un
ft! Howing day for ho lias necn awitnessm noui mo wren mm nuts juniuu mu iiuimj
u i s later to catch 'llanley and Uilcrestiencing cases, near uiwcn. miaa wmu iiiia
TV r ,r. ,v.rl nnviv in il 8 aSBIBUlUl. j. O. UUUjy, wuill. uum.i.vuiij' . vui.ioui.u
turn part of the counti' ' to Seattle to visit his family be-a trained nurso.
he, villl- at work for io loiurning. wiU Forrcn is hom(5 from
e. Kino line of watches, chains, etc., ' Grant County where he had boon
; guaranteed Salisbury's. ' at Salisbury's I O. Block. ' in tho employ of Forest Supervi
sor uingnnm uuuuing leiepnono
lines throughout his division of
the reserve, Will says the lines
have all been completed.
Ranch rou Salm: Ono small
horso ranch, located on AInlhcur
river. First-class summer, fall
and winter rango surounding it.
Fine location for fruit and yoge
' tables, also. For furthor parti
culars, write or call on E. L,
(k)OCls, RibbOnS and Ruch-Bde, Drewsey, Oregon.
, t- i i . ... The Narrows boys were up
LcUVS, hmbrOlCleneS, UVei-ia8tSundaynnd played with tho
Ui i .. .i-i.-mrs local ball tosscrs at tho fair
ndervvear and Vvaistings, round8. v,o result was a vh
, tory for tho homo team by a
r-r. - i i Tf 1.
ling, liars, uversnirts, unuei
Tics and Shoes ior men.
New Spring Goods
.of Every Description
th Us?
Ion f i
The Harney Valley Oil &
Gas Company
full stock of staple
md fancy Groceries
or every body.
Orders promptly filled
ie I5USV corner siore"
Bcoro of 11 to 7. It was a good
game and a return game nmy be
played nt Narrows tho latter part
of this month. Tho Bums Con
cert Bandjielpcd to make tho af
fair a success.
Old "Undo Jimmio" Campbell,
who has long been a county
charge, was examined by Drs.
Alarsilcn & Griffith before Jus
tico Byrrt tho other day and ho
was pronounced insane. Tho at
tendants at the asylum have been
, notified and will arrivo hero im
, mediately. Tho old mnn seems
I perfectly harmless and local nil
I thorlties havo not considered It
necessary to restrain him and ho
is allowed his llborty. Air. Camp
bell is nn old timer hero and was
at ono time woll fixed havingrun
sheep and had a good ranch,
Salisbury fits eyes l 0. block.
a T. Miller and daughter Ruth
woro in from the ranch tho first
of this week.
Win. Cummins is homo from a
visit to Wcstfall. Ho was ac
companied in by his mother who
had been visiting her son Frank.
Reatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot
Any ono desiring Rentes address
W. A. Ford of J. 0. Alborson,
Albcrson, Oregon.
Cottrill & Clemens arc prepar
ed to do custom work with their
portable saw mill located 1J
miles west of Cold Springs on
Poison Creek. Lumber for sale.
Got youa permit and havo them
saw your lumber. Terms are
W. B. Johnson was' over from
Silver Creek Thursday leaving
for homo yesterday. Air. John
son says crops In his neighbor
hood nro rather backward but
they havo received a few good
showers of rain recently and
with a few nu. 2 l!,o crop will bo
an average,
Parties desiring homesteads in
tho Silver Creek district should
call on E. W. VanValkenbcrg,
as ho is entirely familiar with
that section and can plnco people
on good land. Ho has somo 320
acre homestead tracts, so desig
nated by tho land department.
Alao Borne desirable Bchool land.
Addmu him at Riley. Oreiron. or hero Wodnoadav oveninir in their
cull at his ranch fivo miles from han&somo tourist car, having
tho poHtofllco. $b tho trip from National City,
School .Clork W. E. Huston, suburb of San 'pingo, in. the
wishes tho voters to remember machine without a m,iaup. Tho
tho annual school election noxt family used; to jiyo netr Lawen
Alonday, Juno 21. Ono director nntl'AIr. AlcCuno wns at ono timo
to servo for a term of tjireo onor of our substantial sheep
years in. J a clerk, to sorvo for , rnlsjpra. Thoy disposed of thoir
ono year are to ho elected. This interests hero several yenrs ago
la a matter that should ' receive and: moved to Welser, but later
consideration us wo must provide going to southern' California
for a now school houso in tho whore they now havo a beautiful
near fuluro-in fact wo need It homo. Air, AlcCuno is a Btock
now, Tho director to bo olected holder In tho bank at his homo
should bo a man of considerable town and Is financially able to
business ability as wuys and,taka things easy. Thoy havo
means must bo provided for this ! many "warm friends among tho
emergency and In order todo it'pipifcor people of this section
tho old bonds should bo taken ' with whom thoy aro enjoying a
care of. Clerk Huston Is still jvi&jt. They go from horo to
confined to his bed from a sovoru Wcisor whero thov will visit re.
attack of spotted fover. Ho WJU ' JX V
not likely bo present, but ho do-1 -' '
Horves re-election to tho placo. , Salisbury fixes watches P.O. block
Job printing Tho Times-Herald
A. Schenk carries an up-to-date
slock of clothing on.
Loyd Johnson and family were
among our visitors from Lawen
tho first of the week.
The party who borrowed G. W.
Clevengcr'8 crowbar will please
return it as he wisccs to use it.
Dry slab wood at mill only
$1.00 per cord.
Burns Alilling Co.
Tho many friends of Fred Onk
ermnn nro glad to learn ho is im
proving from his recent attack of
grin and lung trouble,
2'nection Bin GO tooth Steel
Lover Hnrrows at $22.00 at C, II.
Voegtly b, See that you do not
get J inch and only 50 tooth Har
rows, instead of tho above.
Paints, Oils, poors and Wind
ows, in fact everything for the
fanner or builder. Give us a
call and wo will bo glad to give
you prices. Alyers Pumps and
Sla Windmills.
HnrnoyCp. Imp. & Hdwe. Co.
School Supt. Hamilton and
wiffitook their departure Wed
nesday for Salem whero Air. II.
goes! to attend tho meeting of tho
association of county superinten
derilH. Thoy will visit tho Seattle
fair.'and other points of interest
bcWro returning homo,
J; A. AlcCuno and wife arrived
Fay Comogys and family, his
mother, Airs. C. A. Haines and
children and Airs. Robert Drink
water and son Bobbie all loft horo
the first of tho week for Freo
water whero the annual reunion
of the Rinehnrt family will be
held this year. This is one ot
the pioneer families of Oregon
and there are about 40 descen
dants living in this county. Fay
and family and others of the
Harney county relatives will
visit the Suattlo fair before re
turning home.
All persons holding receipts,
signed by any previous, city re
corder, for lota in the Burns
cemetery and who havo not re
ceived deeds for same, are re
quested to present receipts to the
undersigned without unnecessary
delay and deeds for such lots
will bo issuod.
Platt T. Randall,
Recorder City of Burns.
Hunting and fishing are strict
ly forbidden upon any of tho
Pacific Live Stock Co. ranches.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
John Gilckkst.
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
For Spring and Summer Trade
"Dady's" Cigar Stand
Tablets, Pens, Pencils, School Supplies, Extracts
Spices, Fnncy Crnckers.JPIpes, Tooth Brushes, etc.
Call and sample some of his goods
! .
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co,
Alain OHice, Bums, Oregon
A. (1. rWLKNMH, M.
Branch Ollke, Lnkcview, Oregon
l' M 1'tll.K.NHH Ml.
Iiurim, iirtKuii, liny a, HKW i
Nntlt'O la lirrvl' kIioi Hint Tlmmoa .1 tllrn
( lliirnt, OrOKcm, who. on Maicli In, list,
limits l'r nil J.tlml Dtxlitrutor) Niutouuml No
aiU, Uikgvlow tvik't, SorlM Nn. , (w
HK NKU, Klf KKH ami 6W'f SKl Si-rllim II,
Toiialili'.1) Huulli, Khiil'o 21 1, Wlllunu'liH
MorUllitn, liim fllvil uoiiio nt lulMitlim In mute
I'liml I'rOiil, In fnlnbUnli rlalin in I ho laml
!iuoU'itU.uI. btfoio flip llvilon-r ami lli
ri'lvvr. Ht lluiiiH, Ou'EOil, nil tlio unl Juv nl
July, v.m.
I'UlinRiit iminri wliiu-c:
l.nno hnntur. nl Itttoy. Orwn.ii. 'ulur H.
1'ittVc, u( H ll - , rviiii Tl..iM l..ileliU,
Kro OiikiiriiiMit, huth nlttUe), itri'nn.
tM. l'kK(. iimUicr.
liurix, icis(in, Mhv w, unty.l
Notice l lioroliy lilvcn ilmt ( i.uily. (lnin,
n( lliirlit, (Irrsnii, ln, tin JiiU' 1), IJOa uiinli'
liuuiriil'llil i.iiir, n" IV..W1 nfliui nil Villi, lo
, prr.mi(iwiigiiii :n huiuii, llnhun ) Mix
miivllu MaililUu liui flUil nn lin( liilmi
ihi nimiimi nn rrooi, 'o cu
Wlllmiivllu Moil. 11
In inukt. Illlrtl I'nuimlll
titlilltlirlalut Intlio lnl nlmvi' ilvauilWil. hv
linn lo muln III
(Iji'xnn. on llui
loru thu Itriiliivt inn!
u n s- i
IJluliiiuit imiiioa aa wltiivantf
itttUrr. t llilraa,
June, VM).
I.. KtiKOin lllhl'iiril, I'm uk Kiuiuu, Auilruw
J. Irwin, all ui llurni, ilromni, llaa llluter,
ot Nnrroua, Otiun.
Will KAK'iE. I'mtltrr.
In tliu ii'tntu n( .li'lni I). CliiiiK'in
Nnllco Id hi'iuliy kIyvii Ihul llio niiilui-
rliiiil wiw mi Miiy totli, 1809 ilulj' up
nolntoil AiltiilnlNiriiUir ut thu itbuvu
ooliito by tliu Uuu rnllu Jiiclco of ( tho
comity lonrlot Hurnt!' County uml linn
duly iuulllUl iih hiu-Ji uliiiliilstritur.
Any nml all n.'r.oim liavltiK owi'in
Kgnln t talil CBtnto mo liprivhy roqulrOil
to proKint tliom iiropurly i-ortlfletl m by
law ii'cjiijivil, wltliln (I muiiUii from tho
dntoot tlila notli'u, to mo Ht IHiriin, Oru
1(011, or nt tin1 ollli'o o( in' attorney, V.
II. Leonard ut IlnriiH, Ore tfoli.
Dated May UUtli, 1000.
Bimos I.uwm, AdmlnUtiatJC
If its in Leather We have it or can
get it for You
As much difference in leath
er as in people. We use
only the best in our work
Hadn't you better look at your old Harness?
You've had it a long time. "Better be sure
than sorry."
J, W. OWEN, Propts.
Finest hearse in county
Particular attention given
To Funerals
Fresh Teams, Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention given to Transcient Trade
Horses boarded by tho day, week or month
. tt r-v-
Main St.
Blacksinitliing and
Wagon Work
AWTEED. Burns, Oregon
Job Printing.