The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 01, 1909, Image 3

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    Q$$lMBmMmwmt iuimijt
Locnl News. .
jtntoes at Huston's market
wd seed potatoes for sale at
jBurns Flour Mill.
kt your garden seeds and on
sets at tne iiarney uo. imp.
dv. Co.
E. Foley, of La Grande, mado
city a hurried visit this week
fW in by the auto.
lose Knowing inemseivcs m-
d to me are requested to
and set'lc ns soon as possible.
t W Iliij.rvn
i Ui ltUJlili
m. Miller and wife left yes-
ay morning for Wagontire to
their daughter, Mrs. Ed
i tni n cnni-r fmiiv
I . HJ
r nlni f tsi Krvlttn 1i.-ttri tt1Mln1 PH
11V ITlUlfli l 11 11 LO MU1U IA..I.,V4
hgain last night and the cc-m-
y says they will continuo to
innate throughout the year
i no more shut downs.
it's. Marsuen ana uritiun per
illed nn operation on Mrs. , I
it. urny Thursday, me ia
It is doing quito well at the S
he of Mrs. H. A. Dillard in
tt n'-itn o full ofnnL" rf Vnn
Ol, II111...U l. v. ......
at Disc Seeders so before pur-1 J
ing call and see the best force i
seeder in the world, and my i
i'S and terms will bo right. i
i I. Voegtly. j
Schenk wants 5000 coyote
bob-cat hides. Will payS2.
lor an witn neaus anu ciaws
i)lete. Skins must bo prime
jring this pries. Also buys
Ir hides and furs.
ii. jcnerson, ioreman on me
j er being used to reclaim a
acreage of land by the Wm.
Iley Co., is in the city for
cal attention. He mashed
fingers on one hand quite
irviy recently.
Valerius, vice president and
"al manager of the Iiarney
'y UU ix uas Lo., took ins
jrture Wednesday for out-
i points. He will not likely
Ii n until the Standard drilling
Ihine is ready to be shipped.
hopes to have this on tho
Tho established policy of this bank is to carry n largo
cash reserve, bo satisfied witli rensonnblo earnings upon
our investment and to sacriflco profits for tho safoty of
depositors. Wo extend to our patrons ovcry courtosy
nnd ovcry consideration consistent with safo banking
and prudent business methods. Promises mado by bank
ing institutions further than this mean a forfeiture of
tho complete control which tho management of every
bank must at all times retain to insure absolute safety
to tho depositors. Wo shall steadfastly refuse to enter
into nny competition for business which means tho
slightest deviation from this policy which hns Htood tho
test of time and which hns mado conservative institu
tions strong at all times, thus enabling them to render
to their clients Invaluable nssistanco during thoso times
of financial stringency which sooner or later visit tho
country. Ranking institutions which endure perma
nently must carefully consider tho future; consequently
wo are building up a large surplus, now equal to one
hundred per cent of our capital stock, or five times tho
maximum amount required by the National Hanking
Wo do nn old fashioned banking business. The matter
contained in our advertisements will bo facts, ensily
substantiated as such, and not idle phrases, meaning
less to the intelligent, but intended lo deceive. Our
loans will bo mado with the solo view of caring for tho
conservative, legitimate needs of our patrons. It is not
the province of a bank to capitalize any interest, there
fore wo shall refrain from doing so. We have no spec
ial interests to serve, hence can be depended upon to
properly care for and protect the interests of our cus
tomers both lnrgo and small.
we invite the banking business of all those who desire
to carry bank accounts. It matters not what your oc
cupation may bo or how limited your means, this bank
will welcome an account from you, cheerfully extending
to nil, regardless the sizo of your account tlie same
courteous nnd satisfactory .service. This message ap
plies to women and men alike.
Capital. 525,000.00
Surplus, 25,000.00
a business
Schonk wants more
hides nnd other furs.
R. J, Williams camo over from
Silver Crook Thursday.
Clydo Embreo was ii) tho city
tho first of tho week.
Mrs. Cnlkins is in town from
her homestead near Lawen.
Mrs. Wm. Gray litis upont tho
week in this city visiting friends.
Jnmes Smith has n now flock
of bIioob of various kinds and
For tho next !I0 days, or until
Juno 1, I will sell blanket at ac
tual cost-G. W. Clovonaer.
Somo very desirable residence
and business lots in Hums cnu bo
secured by seeing Irving Miller.
Mrs. Fral Rrown loft yestor
day for her home in Vnlo after
a pleasant visit with hom folks.
Cnll and neo Jamos Smith's
now lino of shoes before gotting
your spring and summer foot
Mrs. I. H. Holland arrived
homo Tuesday from Vale whero
she attended tho Amoral of her
G'10 acre ranch for sale suitable
for dairy or stock ranch. Abund
ance of water for irrigation and
power Inquire at this olllco.
On account of boing compelled
to move from my present location
I will give special bargains for
the next HO days.- W. E. Huston.
Um (he Iluriicy Count)- Nitllounl Hunk
tiiavi:ixi:k'h ninjiius
The) lire fti-IMilnitifyliiic.
There will be another dance n
the Sunset school house Friday
night, May 7. Music by Dawson
orchestra and a basket supper.
Every body invited.
Wantko To Ruy - 160 Acre
Improved Farm near Hums.
Must bo A Bargain for Cash.
Address, C. L. Hawthorne, Ida
ho Falls, Ida.
Don't fail lo get u Safety Incu
bator. W. T. Smith sells them.
They run without a lamp no 6x
ppnse. See him. He has one
running at the Summit Hotel.
It. R. Sltz and Wm. Graw came
up from Lawen Thursday,
Grant Thompson nnd wife wcro
in tho city tho first of the week.
Loicn Ilcmbrco and wlfo were
up from Narrows during tho
. Fresh garden seeds and onion
aotii at tho Iiarney Co. Imp. &
ITdw. Co.
Tho only and best self feed
Disc Drill Is tho Van Urunt, at
C. II. Voegtly 's.
Alva Springer and wife were
up from their Lake homo during
tho first of this week.
Land hunters continuo to be
active and a great amount of
government land is being taken
up nt this time.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Jameson
have gone lo Lawen to visit with
relatives for a while.
Good vinegar for sale by T. E.
Jenkins nt the Brewery. Money
back if not ns represented.
J. II. Culp, painting nnd paper
Hanging, Burns, Oregon.
J. J. Heinz and .lorry Dillon
wero visitors yesleiday from
The Times-Herald has received
some new stationery stock in
cluding scoro enrds, program
pehcils, etc., for its many pat
rops. Just arrived I Fresh garden
seeds and onion sots. Those
seeds have not been carried ovor.
No old seed. Harney Co. Imp.
& Hdw Co.
led themselves with great1
in -as tney can always do-
ery piece on the program
rendered in a masterful
ir and showing the effect
-d training and leadership.
iook lorwaru to some very
bo Tnnkni- linrl n miYiin with
jugy aninal yesterday even- ft.irs- "usneie nnu uaugiuers
wnile going out to the ranch - u"": ""; "
amnanvwih his little daucrli- Ianu w'iere inov nau spent me
The aninal is young, full winter. Air. u. anu ms son, wno wont expect to nave it ready lor
fo nnd i noli nod to kirk Um . remained here, were very gian ousmess next Mommy. Tho lino
rce the check rein and at once
lin a tatoo on the dash board
the buggy and before she
Id be stopped had kicked
to see them. They have gone to
tho farm.
The Heryford Land & Cattle
Co. sold their California cattle to
lima, tho youngest girl in the Frank Humphrey and their Ore-
making an ugly cut on her gon herds to Miller & Lux. The
ir lip. Dr. Marsden attended price was not stated. Tho deal
lie wound and the little lady was mado by Felix Green the
soon bo well again it is hoped manager of the Company. -Lake
no bad scar. view Examiner.
is comploto from Harney to Joe
Buchanan's and from Drewsey
to the top of Stcnching wnter
Dr. W. L. Marsden nnd his
Reatos for sale, all size", and
lengths, price 20 ecnta per foot.
Any one desiring Ueatos nddrctt
V. A. Ford of J. 0. Albcrson,
Alberson, Oregon.
Chas. Johnson was up from
Lawen Sunday, .having brought
ma daughtcir, Misi Ernuitt. from
a short visit homo, to continue
her studies in the high school.
A full stock of the boBt riding
Plows in tho world, (which arc
Burt Porter and W. R. Dawson C. T. Miller was
were among our Sunset visitors visitor yesterday.
rn 1
mesuay. HOHN-Tb Mr. and Mm. C. V)
Mrs. W. R. Mitchell was here LeMay, Saturday, April 2-1. a
from Portland this week on land daughter.
( business. Ben Mutter nnd A. M. Kelsey
, G. W. Clevenger is again in wero among our Silver creek
' MliP lonrlti't fnr lilllo.s. Iliirhcat. viflitnm tltin
jnds ready for operation in' rkohnri.nni(i j ,, n
. " -. ..--.--. . ,vi ru imn inifj..iaa m ...u
JnVS. sn. a nun. uauuur . UVCT
.. , , 1 . 1. I a a
frame welcome is wiving ni irom nor uuck ureolc home on a
fie concert given by the residence moved to lots ndjoin- visit to Mrs. Tom Allen and other
I' mcr nrnninnr rhn hnvo ir. ; it. 1 .1 I-ll,,. r :.....!
-twv .....fe .., "vJtfv ujir uu ijurunuu uuiiiiciiu. iridium.
E. J. Noble has been in the A. W. Howser. the old nioneerH '? J"n Pvn) also for
city since early in tho week was ovor from Iiarney during the
wrestling with a severe attack of week oil a visit to his daughter,
grip. i .Mrs. .). i-j. Loggan.
2 Section gin. GO tooth Steel i Among those ovor from Har-
Lcvcr Harrows at$22.00 at C. II. ney to attend tho I. 0. 0. F.
rl music for our meeting of Voegtly's. See that you do not celebration wero Mrs. J. W.
Development Congress. et inch aml ony 50 tooth Har" Shown nnd Mrs. Robt. Irving,
rows, instead oi tne aoove. a ma and Ira Dnv s.
mi... , i i,
mo pnone imo irom iiarney
to Drewsey is ncaring comple-
i tion nnd tho men engnged in the
New Spring Goods
of Every Description
ress Goods, Ribbons and Rueh-
gs, Laces, Embroideries, Over-
firts, Underwear and Waistings.
r women
lothing, Hals, Overshirts, Under
ear, Ties and Shoes for men.
A full stock of staple
and fancy Groceries
for every body.
Orders promptly filled
this Country. Have always lnen
a success where others failed, at
C. II. Voegtly's.
The person who look 20 feet of
galvanized pipo lying on the
north side of Sam King's hall
not long ago, is requested by the
owner to return the name with
out delay nnd avoid trouble.
Mrs. F. J. Conrad burned her
hands quite severely with .hot
grease at tho Oregon hotel the
other evening. Sho has suffered
considerably but will have no
lasting'discomfort from it.
Chas. Comcgys was in from
his Wagontire ranch this week
for tho purpose of moving his
wife and children out. Mrs.
mother arrived home Monday , V. V .
f,.., i.: i ,,l Comcgys nnd chldren mvo been
afternoon, having been brought o!(,! ,,.. ,.:,.. , ,
. r l i i.'mk "' una tuy iui
in from Bear Valley by Ralph
Byram. Tho Dr. was called to
Whittier tho latter part of last
month by tho death of his father
months for school purposes.
Attention is called to the Re
port of thi First National Bank
and ho l-nmninnrl thi.rn in nlnnmOI Bums. ni)I)OarillL' ill mother
tho business of the estato In I column of this jbsuu, which shpwa
shnpo and prevailed upon his a most satisfactory condii'on of
mother to accompany him home. tho affairs of this solid insiitu
Mrs. Marsden resided in Nevada ition- thoir deposits being larger,
in early days and finds our sec-, t,,cir rcseuir: "-eater, than
tion similar to her frontier homo ovor lof'o In their history,
and is quite well pleased with! C. W. McClain arrived hero
our big valloy, Sho will remain I from Portland last Saturday
an indefinite timo with her son, ' evening. Ho received u telegram
returning to her beautiful south-1 tho first of this week that his
orn homo when itsuits her fancy, son Harry, had his log broken in
Dr. Marsden feels encouraged
regarding tho probable exten
sion of the humptor Valloy road
as he lound considerable talk
that would indicate such a movo
and from a source thnt ho con-
a run-away at Astoria. At first
ho was cunsidered badly hurt,
but later news in to the effect
that tho broken limb is all that
is serious. "Dude" McClain is
ono of tho old timo howmeu of
siders authentic. Mr. Geddes this section and is well acquaint
acting freight agent for tho S. V.
informed tho doctor that ho ex come in hero soon.
ed throughout this flection. Ho
says It dooe him good to visit ua
The Busy Corner Store"
TJttJSTfSi, 03Ft.E3C3r03Xr.
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets
and Balsam of Myrrh
Wo Carry a Complete Line cf
IB u.xra.a Orsg'ora..
the infant daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. W. C. Brown has been quite
ill this wcok, but is reported
some belter at this timo.
Poland China Hoes-1 have
for salo a few Poland China
Boars old enough to use. Certi
ficates of Pedigree furnished.
J. W. Biggs,
Notice Is hereby given thnt no
slock, whntever, branded with
the iM iron can bo sold without
the concont of the undersigned.
Mits. E1.1.A MakTIN.
G. W. Clevenger must have
money at once nnd is compelled
to request immediate settlement
in some mnnner by those who
owe him. See him by May 1
without fail.
Blue prints of any township in
Burns l,atid District, showing
name of enlryman, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
II. J. Hansen of the Burns
Meat Market is prepared to fur
nish Imcon, hams nnd lnrd to
sheepmen nnd ranchers in nny
quantity. Special prices for big
B. F. Siler and wife expect to
leave next Monday for Palouse
Washington, where they will vis
it with relatives for several
months. They will visit the fair
during their absence.
Julian IJyrd, manager of The
Times-Herald, accompanied by
his wife and littlo daughter,
Murjorie, left this morning on
tho canyon stage for Portland
whore they will sojourn for about
three weeks attending to busi
ness with pleasure thrown in
The Fixed policy of tho First
National Bank of Burns as it ap
pears in their advertising space
this week is worthy of careful
reading and consideration by
thoso interested in bnnking as it
contains a clear, concise state
ment of their banking policy.
Tho Boise Capital News, of
Boise, has offered a prize for the
best deflnntion of tho word
"booster." It would be an easy
matter for a Harney county con
testant to give a good deflnntion
as they can seo a practical dem
onstration of the word every day.
Homer nnd Nollio Reed havo
purchased tho City Drugstore
from II. M. Horton nnd took
chnrgo Tuesday morning. The
boys have bought a fine business
and their friends wish them sue
cess. Both hnvo lived hero since
childhood and havo always been
industrious, steady boys bearing
good names. Dr. Horton hns
boon in tho drug business for
many ycrs but has such varied
interests thnt ho found it neces
sary lo dispose of this business
n order to give his other affairs
moro attention.
Diud At her homo in Harney,
Oregon, April 30 at 8 p. m., Mrs.
Lottio M. Goodlow, wife of Ross
C. Goodlow. Mrs. Goodlow was
bom in Baker county, Oregon,
3) years ago. Sho was taken
sick about thrco weoks ago with
typhoid fovcr, but was thought
by her friends and physician to bo
improving, but tho silent mes
senger camo suddonly and called
her to her toward whero thero
will bo no moro sorrow or trou
ble, lo await tho coming of her
loved ones. She leaves a hus
band, two littlo boys, Dale Clif
ford aged two and one-half
years and Homer aged 7 months,
to mourn tho loss of a loving
wifu and mother. Sho also lenv
esn mother, two sisters, two
brothers, in Bnker county, Ore
gon, ono sister in Kentucky and
ono brother in Harney, with
many friends in both Bnker and
Harney counties. Funeral nr
raugomonts will not bo mado un
til distant relatives are Jieard
from. Tho bereaved relatives
havo tho sympashy of tho entire
No. 6295.
Iloi'ort of llio ruii'lltliHi ol Ilia
III tllOHUlO III Ort'Kull, nt III!) lliitl) of hllll
nun, Arll2lli, IMK)
fxn ninl JiUNnini , (h,ivh.i
()vuf(lrfl, ccurcil mill wucciirH , M.2I0 0J
If n, Hour tin m'cure clrcuUlloii r.OOOUO
V All Ii Iii miciifo V H l)i'.ullii vacmam
(Mlltir lliilhl In icrll i) I' H lClll UllJOW
ITummiitu mi I! 1,1.. . V.OK) bO
llontln, icciitillo, rto lll,V71fll
IItikliK lumiu.fiirnlturo an.1 nxturm nonOKJ
Duo from National llaulii (not ru
ero KonU) Itf.OMCS
Huo from Btale llankiaml llaiikcra S,WH
Oua from protil rrturu' ananli ?S,HN9i)
C)iuk and oilier colli Itcmi BJ5t7
Nolfnol other National llanka l.UDUO
Fractional nr currency, tikkvln,
amlcvnla. 10 !ri
I.Awri't Movuv Itmrnrr. in Iunk
Bfcclc j,i.Vico
Ial tetiilcr nolct !,am i.'i.nuh0
ltcloin.ou liiml rlih (I H. Trratur-
er(Air rent of circulation . . 1,240 00
Total Itio.Sio do
Caiiltal Hock nl,l In lift.OOOOO
'" !''" ik.WOM)
I'mllvlilvil .rolll, Ir rxpclnci ami
tacaiait dtola
National llauk Noita oiitntaiiilliiK 2J,l000
Duetortlato llanka ami Ilanana AOM
lliillMualilepiiallaiuliJccl lo I lirck !C12,371
With pardonable pride we call your attention
lo our last REPORT OF CONDITION rendered to
the Comptroller of the Currency, published in thia
issue of this paper.
This FINANCIAL TRUTH places the name of
"YOUR HOME INSTITUTION" synonymous with
the best, and is our guarantee not only of growth,
but of prosperity.
April 28, 100!), RESOURCES . .$213,875 11
April 28, 1!)07, RESOURCES.. . . 127,478 42
We cordially invite you to make this
The Harney County National Bank
Hcniaml rcrtlniatrn ol
Timo rcrtlftratoi ol OejKlt
Onldeil clieckn
t'aililcr'a (.htvka omatauilliiK
I'nllcil Htalca llci'Oilli
l)eHlt(if U 8. illnliutiliiKomcora
Nolraaml llllla rvlUrinintv.1
Malillltlre other than abotc itatcil
1,5-1) 07
7t,1i7 71
17,111 r. j
iwwi n
7.V.0 oo
1,400 00
Total liO,S0W
Uoi'NTYor IUaicY,i "
I, J. U Oault, CafhUr of llio atMivo namcJ
hank, iloaol'iiinly awrar thai tho above aiate
incut la tmo In I ho bent of my knowing am
. I. (lAtUT, Caahler.
Cornet .lilt t
II. M. Iloatox
('. A. HaiMa
John I). IiAi.y
iulcrll!l mi.) tirorii In befiiru mo Dili .th
ilay of Arll, l'W.
H. .MllLtH
fiali s tary I'uWIo for Oregon.
I'otatocs! Potatoes! Potatoes!
We have them, Early Rose,
Early Harvest and Burbanks. 2
and 21 cents per lb. Will take
grain in exchange and will allow
2 cents for oats, $1.85 for chop
and $1.75 for barley. You can
bring in a load and take out a
load. Our potatoes are clean
and smooth, no scabs.
C. C. C. Co.
Canyon City Oregon.
Edison Phonographs and re
cords for sale at Lunaburg &
All parties owing Lewis & Gar
rett, or Simon Lewis are hereby
notified that all these accounts
are in the hands of our attorney
C. II. Leonard for collection nnd
settlement. Persons indebted to
us will please settle the same
with Mr. Leonard at once.
Simon Lewis
J. T. GAiuurrT.
Hunting nnd fishing are strict
ly forbidden upon my ranch.
Alva Si'iungi:u.
Hunting nnd fishing are strict
ly forbidden upon any of tho
Pacific Live Stock Co, ranches.
Trespassers will bo prosecuted.
John Gii.cki:st.
MK. ninl AtKS. CMAS. ANDERSON, F'ropts.
We are pleased to announce to our old-time friends
and customers that we have again taken charge of
" our hotel. We just completed renovating the en
tire building and you will find the old-time home
comforts when you call. Wo hope to sec you soon.
The old favorite Family Hotel where guests receive
Special Attention and Good Service.
'SOUTH BURNS, OREGON-Near Fair Grounds.
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
For Spring and Summer Trade
"Dady's" Cigar Stand I
Tablets, I'cns, Pencils, School Supplies, Extracts
Spices, Fancy Crackers, Pipes, Tooth Brushes, etc.
Call and sample some of his goods
II. DENMflN, M. D.
Phys clan and Surgeon
nlKlit or tiny
ChIIn niiawt'itxl promptly
'1'lionu IIiirriiiiRM,
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions.
Tropical and Domestic
Fruits when in Season.
Hats, Shirts, Clothing,
Underwear Get Prices
'Mi kinds o? Fnoah Vegetables in Season,
DurkheinuT uillinj - Mn Street.
Harriman, Oregon
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Mnln OITlce.'Himiw, Oregon
A l KA11I KNPII, l;r
Branch Ofllcc, Lalccvicw, Oregon
). tl. KAUI.KNKII, ur.
In tliu County Court ol tliu Btatu ol
Oregon (or Ilnrnoy County.
IntliH inntiui of tliu Hatutiii
ol 8itn uol lliilliiy.ilccoiit-cdf
Notice U huroliy glvou thnt tlio mult r
hIkiiciI wu tl ill v iipiolnttil liyoulvrol
tluuibuvu (iiilltloil cnttit mado and on
tori'd on March Ul, 1009, tho AilinlnU
tmtor ol tho aforesaid cstutc, uud Ihu
(lunllllod, All pursoiiH IiiinIiik clnlnm
ugatuat mild oatatu mo required to pro
ont thutii to tho Administrator, at
IluriiB, OrcRnn, or to lilt uttornoy, 0, A.
Kombold, nt Ilurim, Orrcoii, "llli tliu
propor vouchers within lis monthu from
Onto of thla nntlro.
Dntod April 1,1000,
H.3B33D Ji?1'3E:.C3J"l?,
J. W. OWEN, Propts.
Particular a'ttcntlon given
to Funerals.
Fresh Teams, Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention given to Transcient Trade
Horses lmnnloil by tho day, week or month
?r'SL- y
Itlacksmitliing and
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns, Oregon,
Main St.,