The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 24, 1909, Image 3

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, imes-pferald.
SATURDAY, ArRtlt ill, MOD.
Local News.
...... N
who were
:itntoos at Huston'B market
V. H. Morrison was in the city
luring tho week.
Good seed potatoes for salo at
lie iiurns itour Mill.
J. 0. Albcrson and
m from their homo during the
, Get your garden seeds and on-
In sets at tho Harney Co. Imp.
Hdw. Co.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Starr
luekland in this city last Tues-
liy, April 20 n son.
Those knowing themselves in-
koted to mo aro requested to
III and scttic as soon as possible.
UV. E. Huston.
I W. L. Best was over from Sil
ler creek a few days this week
linking after business. Ho was'
kcompanied by his aged father.
lIrs. Lelah Williams-Millar has
no display of millinery at tho
jrns hotel and invites tho ladies
hliis vicinity to call and sou 3
V Dickenson and his nephew
Lapop took their departure
day morning for Canada
re they expect to spend
- time. Tho gentlemen mo
rested in a washing machine
have an exclusive territory
ir wtucn to dispose oi mem.
the best guarantee of
In August, 1907, wo announced to tho public our
general banking policy under tho heading, "Our Fixed
Policy." This announcement was prompted by tho
fact that practices woro being indulged in by somo
banks which wo deemed unsafe, and moro particularly
by tho fact that a largo savings bnnk in Portland, Ore
gon, had just failed. Believing thcao practices con
trary to safe banking, wo nnnounccd clearly and posi
tively our position on certain vital banking principles.
At that time wo did not foresee tho tost our policy was
soon to bo subjected to in tho sovcro panic which occlir
ed that fall and within 00 days of that announcement,
nor tho financial depression our section was to undergo
during tho eighteen months to follow, which depression
is only now abating.
Bearing these facts in mind, wo again call attention
to that statement of "Our Fixed Policy" exactly as it
appeared in August, 1907 except as to tho amount of
our surplus, which, in tho meantime, has been increased
from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00-which statement will nj
pcar in tho next issue of this paper. Especially do wo
call attention to tho fuct that by adhering strictly to
these correct banking principles as therein sot forth,
this bank was able to protect tho interests of all its
patrons during the panic of 1907, and tho subsequent
financial depression of last year and tho past winter,
ing loans to all its customers at all times, upon good and
satisfactory security, when same were needed to pro
tect their legitimato business interests.
Capital, S25,000.00
Surplus, S25,O0O.OO
A. E. Brown la over from his
homo nt Cord.
Schcnk wants more coyoto
hides nnd other furs.
C. E. Bunn wiiB over from tho
C, C. Lundy Is auffflrliw from J, II, Culp, painting and paper
n sovero slego of grip. I Ganging, Burns, Oregon.
Al Coto was ovor from hla Tho Times-Herald has received
Warm Springs homo youterday. qome niw stationery stock in-
Fresh irarden seeds and onion ' cmuing score cams, program
W. 'V.' Brown ranches n short Rets nt tho Harney Co. Imp. &' Pencils, etc., for Its many pat
timo this week.
For tho next 80 days, or until
Juno 1, I will sell blankets at ac
tual cost G. W. Clovongcr.
Somo very desirable residence
and business lots in Burns can bo
secured by Boeing Irving Miller.
i Tho littlo son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
1 Clay Clomcns has been quite ill
this week suffering from pneu
G40 ncro ranch for salo suitablo
for dairy or stock ranch. Abund
nnco of water for irrigation and
power inquire at this office.
On account of being compolled
to move from my present location
I will give special bargains for
tho next 30 days. W. E. Huston.
Wantijd To Buv -- 100 Aero
Improved Farm near Burns.
Must bo A Bargain for Cash.
Address, C. L. Hawthorne, Ida
ho Fnlls, Ida.
Senator C. W. Pnrrish, who
has been visiting here for the
past fow weeks, loft for his home
near Izco the first part of the
week. Blue Ml. Eagle.
Don't fail to get a Safely Incu
bator. W. T. Smith sells them.
They run without a lamp no ex
pense, Seo him. Ho has one
running at the Summit Hotel.
Kcatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot.
Any one desiring Kcatos address
W. A. Ford of J. O. Albcrson,
i Albcrson. Oregon.
Hdw. Co.
Tho only and best Bolf fccd Just nrrivcdl Fresh garden
Disc Drill Is tho Vnn Brunt, at seeds and onion Bets. These
C. II. Voegtly's. , needs have not been carried over.
Mrs. C. A. Haines and children'0 ccd. -Harney Co. Imp.
aro up from Narrows on a visit I1 IWw Co
to relatives and friends. J Poland China Hoos-1 have
Good vinegar for salo by T. E. ' fr lo u fow Poland China
Jenkins nt tho Brewery. Money I)on '(1 enough lo use. Certi
back if not as represented. i flcatc of Pedigree furnished.
Boun -Thursday, April 22, nt" J W" I5l(3GS'
tho homo of Bert Bower in this " "ansen oi tne uurns
city; to Mr. and Mrs. Burbank ' M(iat Market Is prepared to fur
CAnv ii flnuirhtpr. I n'8 bacon, hams and lurd to
.shcopmon and ranchers in nny
K00 BUCliannn atlU WHO were in nunntitv. Snticinl dhcps for Inu
tile city yesterday enrouto to Sil
vor creek on a visit to Mrs,
Buchanan's parents.
Mrs, Peter Clemens arrived
home Monday from Pendleton,
where she attended tho wedding
of her son last week.
The regular Sabbath services
Awill bo held at the Presbyterian
church Sabbath, April 25. At
11 o'clock the pastor will present
some items of the recent meet
ing of Presbytery at Baker City.
Notice is hereby given that no The subject for the evening is
stock, whatever, branded with1 "How to Know God." These
tho 24 iron can be sold without ' services are for you. Come and
tho consent of the undersigned, bring a friend with you.
Mhs. Ella Martin.
G. W. CIcvcnger must have Potatoes! Potntocsl Potatoes!
money at once and is compelled Wo ,.., ihnm . Ilft
,,w ...v V..W..., U....J ww,
Early Harvest and Burbanks. 2
and 21 cents per lb. Will take
grain in exchange nnd will allow
2 cents for oats, $1.85 for chop
Blue prints of any township in and $1.75 for barley. You can
Burns Land District, showing bring in a load and take out a
namo of cntrymnn, date and kind load. Our potatoes are clean
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00 nnd smooth, no scabs,
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns, t C. C. C. Co.
Ore. Canyon City Oregon.
to request immediate
in somo manner by
owe him. Sco him
without fnil.
those who
by May 1
-.trumental and Vocal Music- Big Dance after the Concert-Music by Entire Hand and Eight-Piece Orchestra
Number 1G.
The Bank and the School House.
Not long ago, there were many towns that'did not have a sin
gle bank. Today, batiks have become so important in everyday
life that when a now town is started the schoolhouse nnd tho bank
aro among tho first institutions.
Along with educlation goes the bank, hand in hand. Tho nno-
plo consider the service of tho bank as important and neceseary as
me scnooinouse. bach Is a part of tho community's successful ex
istence. The fathers and mothers who send their children to tho school,
house, come to the bank as regularly as the children go to school.
The bank contributes to tho future success of men and women as
the schoolhouse does to the preparation of the children for success
ful lives.
The benefits of our service add to the upbuilding of the com
munity and surrounding territory.. Our service is adjustable to
tho different needs of the people. As tho children no to their
teacher for personal nBsistanco, YOU can come to us for individual
help in financial matters.
We are as deeply interested in your business success as tho
teacher is in the advancement of the pupils. Our service and bene
fits aro as freely given to the people as instruction is to the school
Will you join our customers?
A Savings Bank Department is a feature of this Bank,
in which interest at th rate of four per cent per
annum is allowed.
The Harney County National Bank
G W CIcvcnger is again in! Leo Buchanan was down this Grant Reynolds wns over from
the 'market for hides. Highest , week and said they had just com-1 his Warm Springs home tho first
market price paid. "loted seeding 100 acres of grain of the week.
Clarence Cary and wife were of various kinds. Pmt, Fink(5 ami jm Bun?0
.... t (i,i f,, r,!, hnnm ii.. w i. m.uhuIiiii iu (vniitcil were down from their mountain
Ulf IIWIII WIUII VHWIU V4UI.IV iuit. , lyi - - - wr..--
a few days this week on a visit home next Monday. His mother
to relatives. is coming with him and will re-
Poland China Hogs-I have mnin here an indefinite time,
for salo a few Poland China. 2 Section Bin. GO tooth Steel
Boars old enough to use. Certi-1 Lovcr Harrows at?22.00 at C. II.
ficates of Pedigree furnished. .Voeirtly's. Seo that you do not
J. W. Biggs. ,Bet J inch and only 50 tooth Hnr- Burnt Disc
J. Y. Buchanan anil wife made
a hurried visit lo this city Thurs-
denberg wero in the city the first
of this week. Mr. Woldenberg
has been improving the equip-
A full stock of the best riding1 ment on tho Blue Mt. Rapid
day. While here Mr. Buchanan
sold a 40 acre tract of land to W.
II. Morrison.
rows, instead 01 tne aoove.
Frank Metschan and L. Wol-
Schenk wants 5000 coyote
b-cat hides. Will pay $2
ior all with heads and claws
te. Skins must bo prime
ng this price. Also buys
hides and furs.
man Ruh was up from
n the first of this week and
niter for Polk county where
,iad secured some real estate.
may extend nis visit on into
lifornia before returning.
7o!in Matheson Is a recent nr-
;al her-, having come in from
Irtlan 1 to see some school land
ihrl purchased. Mr. Mathc-
found an old time friend
ro in tne person 01 r. j. ret-
en with whom he worked with
?p many years ago. tl T n,w Plmval nlso for oml Austin Thnv now lmvn
....www... -w . .u..., . ....V. t.u.... ...- -. .. ..,
has. Begg arrived here from ' this Country. Have always been, four-horse stock tho entire dis-
a success where others failed, at tance and nil covered coaches.
C. II. Voegtly's. . . Bank of
Christina Lackman, tho high.Burns rcspoctively invites nnd
school girl who disappeared from!urRC3 cvery pcrson jntorestcd in
her home here iast fall, has re- banking to read the matter con
turned. The Times-Herald has tajna ,-n its advertising space
not had an opportunity to inter-' iini. tu:q wi, nn,i nnvi na unt.
issues win coutam matter pre-
Edison Phonographs and re-
icorus ior sate at uunauurg &
homes this week.
J. II, Husers, one of the pros
perous farmers near tho lake,
was in tho city the first of this
week on business.
I will have a full stock of Van
Seeders in this com
ing week, mo oeloro purclinmnt;
call and seo tho best force feed
seeder in the world, nnd my pric
es and terms will be right. C.
II. Voegtly.
Bums Lodge, No. 97. A
P. &
Plows in tho world, (which are I Transit Stngo Lino between hero. A- M-,insi nurehased tho corner
ie inursaay evening. 110 is
Bold time friend of A. P. Hyde
having heard so much of the
Jious Sunny Brook Farm,"
property of the latter, he
tided to make the trip to seo
Mr. Begg is a stono mason
will likely remain hero for
ie time.
M. Carpenter was arrested
lraday charged with thesta-
tiry crime, (Jlinstina Lackman
ig the complaining witness.
f.vas taken before Justico Byrd
waived examination, his
Id to appear at the next term
circuit court was fixed at
rJO. Up to this morning ho
not secured the necessary
Sdsmen and the prisoner is in
view her to find what she has to
say regarding her absence or
where she has been.
John Cummings was arrested
Wednesday night charged with
hnving forged the name of Wm.
Hanley to a $G0 check which he
passed on Fred Haines at Harney.
He was taken before Justice
Byrd, waived examination and
was placed under $500 bonds.
He has not succeeded in raising
it, and is confined in the county
taining to
your own
banking history of. Such business
locality and of recent
Sheriff Richardson went to tho
'Crane Creek country Tuesday
I where ho arrested Stephen nnd
IVernicKern, two brothers, who
I had been indicted by the late
I grand jury charged with tho
crime of larceny from a dwelling.
Their bond was placed nt $750
each, in default of
which they
fare confined in tho county jail.
compare values and buy
where you can buy the
However, it should be borne in
mind that nothing- is cheap if
the quality is unsatisfactory, if
the style is not right. When
you are out shopping this store
will gladly submit lo these com
parisons and will abide by your
While we do not make the mer
chandise, our guarantee of ab
solute satisfaction lo all
makes the goods you bug here
the right goods al lowest price
Complete line of
Orders promptly filled
'The Busy Corner Store"
;tjh.iws, onatEscsrOi.
G. O. Hendricks wns up from
Ills lako homo vestcrday. Mr.
Hendricks nnd wife expect to
tnke quite an extended vacation
this summer. Leaving horo in
Juno they will go to Seattle
where thoy will visit rolntives
for an indefinite time, take In
tho fair and have a geneaal good
on main street from Geo. Young
and it is tho intention to at some
timo erect a magnificent building
on tho property. This is one of
tho vast business corners in
Burns and the lodge is to bo con
gratulated upon such a selection
The Timcs-Hcrnld understands
tho lodge will not attempt to
build this year but hopes to be
able to finance it next year,
transfers show a
confidence in our littlo city nnd
mean great improvement of tho
right character. The proposed
building will bo a creditable one
and will enhance tho value of
every property in Burns.
All parties owing Lewis & Gar-
Next Friday, April 30, the Dnlton's.
Burns Concert Band will give;
its first concert and dance. A,
double bell euphonium and two
concert uorns nave oeen purcnas-j rett( or SJmon Lewig nr(J hcrcby
uuuyuiuuunu uiiuuiuuns.-u!notified that all these accounts
will be used to make a payment nro in the hands of our attorney
on tnese instruments. ine pro- a H Loonard for collection and
gram has been nrranged with tho settlement. Persons indebted to
w Inn ff ilrtniiinn nil inaAfi nit1 11m' .. .
""" " !"" "'a"-f """ us will please settle the same
arc sure that tins idea hns been .;m, Mr r..nnni ., n
MR. and MRS. CliAS. ANDERSON, Proptb.
We are pleased to announce lo our old-time friends
nnd customers that we have again taken charge of
our hotel. We just completed renovating the en
tire building and you will find the old-time home
comforts when you call. We hope to see you soon.
The old favorite Family Hotel where guests receive
5 pedal Attention and Good Service.
SOU7 H BURNS, OREGON-Near Fair Grounds.
There has been little change in
tho railroad situation since Inst
week but news of importance
may bo announced most any day.
The committee who have circul
ated the bonus subscription arc
rendy to make their report.
Grant Geddcs Btnted over the
telephone thai, ho would make
a trip to Prairie City ns soon as
possiblo to consider tho question
of extending tho railroad.
It is confidently believed hero
that when the railroad officials
mnnt thn himinp.q mnn nnil ntnfn
Dino-At tho family homo in j moro definitely what they want
Happy Valley Monday, tho littlo 1 as a bonus tho people will comply
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Corey Jv,th thcir requests which wo
Smyth. The littlo ono had been b'S"1'80 to boI,ovo wl11
suffering from pneumonia. Tho' l if, rci,ol.tod upon good au
funeralwas held Tuesday after- thoilly that contracts for railroad
noon, tho remains being laid to construction hnvo nirendy been
rest near tho family homo. Tho j let by tho Sumptcr Valley Rail-
PatfOf ii l''ffo circlo of friends. ' cuy Miner.
Biiccooafuiiy carried out. Tho
boys hnvo been practising very
diligently nnd thoy are making
extremely rapid progress. They 1
aro playing with a finish and
balance that will surprise you,
considering tho short timo they
have been rehearsing and that
several members are practically
Grand March Clossus of Col
umbia. Band
Tenor Solo-Tho Sweetest Story
Ever Told.
Ora Hill, accompanied by entire
Concert Waltzes My Lovo For
Clarionet SoloAnnie Laura,
with variations.
John Caldwell
Ovcrturo-The Sky Pilot
Recitation Ben Hur's Chnriot
Lea Robinson
Instrumental Trio Dor Sch-
wcizcrbua und sein Deandl.
Mrs. Rcmbold, piano; Mr.
Walker, flute; Mr. Wetmore,
Simon Lewis
J. T. Garkbtt.
Hunting and fishing are strict
ly forbidden upon my ranch.
Alva SritiNcnit.
Hunting nnd fishing are strict
'ly forbidden upon nny of the
j Pacific Live Stock Co. ranches.
(Trespassers will be prosecuted.
! John Gilcrest.
Object lo Slroni Mcdlclon.
Many people object to taking
, tho strong medicines usually pre
1 scribed by physicians for rheu
matism. There is no need of in
1 ternnl treatment in any case of
muscular or chronic rheumatism,
and moro than nine out of every
1 ten cases of tho disease are of
1 one or the other of these vnrie
I ties. Whon there is no fever
nnd littlo (if nny) swelling, you
I may know that it is only neces
sary to apply Chamberlain's Li-
Seronata Mexicana My Rosi-
Male Quartette My Rosary.
Messrs. Byrd, Randall, Walk
"j er, Brown.
Mnrch-Tho Exalted Ruler.
iinment freely
lief. Try it
good dealers.
to get quick
For salo by
Frank Brombaush was nt L.
E. Williams Monday.
Physician and Surgeon
iiikIiI urilit)
C'nlU umweroil jirumptly
'I'liouo lliirrimaii.
Harrlman, Oregon
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
For Spring and Summer Trade
-v'' -vrfws-.
I "Dady's" Cigar Stand !
Tablets, Pens, Pencils, School Supplies, Extracts
Spices, Fancy Crackers, Pipes, Tooth Brushes, etc.
Call and sample some of his goods
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions
Tropical and Domestic
Fruits when in Season.
Hats, Shirts, Clothing,
Underwear Get Prices
nil kinds 'of Fresh Vegetables in Season,
Durkliuimur Building
Main Street.
J'taKriSS11 lms ,md a 8leR f 1 The Eastern Oregon
passed through' Engineering Co.
tho lngrippe,
Somo hunters
going to Vale.
Mrs. Jim Paul of Happy Valloy
has boon visiting her mother,
Mrs. Hnarstrich.
Main Office,, Burns, Oregon
T. H. t-M'LKNKK, lUgr
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets 'Grant, Saturday, a seven lb. son.
and Balsam of Myrrh
We Carry a Complete Lino cf
ZBixxnis Oregon.
Ml "nillnu" Pnnnwin wna nt
Ilaarstrich's Tuesday. Mr. Cap-i Brunch Olllce, Lnkevlaw, Oregon
eron linally decided that lus
noblo Btced was "fatigued" boi
ho walked from there to Mr. '
Grant Thompson's.
Horn to tho wifo of Robert
Mr. Grant has eight acres un
(der cultivation. Ho thinks the
salt-grass land is alright.
Miss Nena Haarstrlch has been
visiting frionds in Happy Valley.
Carl Horstman Is working for
Jim Paul,
Dr. Donmancamo through Fri
day in his automobilo,
Mr. Calway and family have
nrrived from Ontario.
Mr. Ringin has hisnewrcsi
denco nearly completed.
In tho County Court of tho Sttttn cf
Oregon for Hnrnoy County.
Ill tho inuttut of tho lintulul
of Hnii uol llnllinylcceiiH'ilj
Notice Is liorohy hIvoii that tho niulni.
bIkiii'iI vua ilulv up, (ilnlul l) orilrri f
theohovo en titled couit imido und tu
torn! 011 March !U, 1000, tho AdinlnU
trntor of tho uforepnld catatv, and hni
quill Med. All poreoim lmIiK ihdina
nualmt aald oatnto aro required to pro
rent thorn to tho Administrator, at
Durn, OroRon, or to hla uttornoy, O. A.
Ilomhold, at Hume, Oregon, with tho
proper vouchors within tlx months from
date of this notice
Dated April 1,1000.
J, W. OWEN, Propts.
Finest hearse in county Ififev
Particular attention given
to Funerals.
? s&y
Fresh Teams, Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention given to Transcient Trade
Horses lumnloil by tho da.,v, week or month
;i J Hlacksmilliiiig and
wild.-. l , , .
"", - wagon wonc