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trhe hncsHnnlC
Tlio Olllclnl I'npor of llnrnoy County
hs tliojlnrgust circulation niul la ono of
thoboit advertising mediums In Knilorn
A -.--f- -4 , ,
u 05rcnt $tnrtiru Coimlrji
Covert an nrco of 0,428,800 iirir of
hind, 4,(1.11,061 Acres ytt vacant siihiicl
to entry under tliu imlillo Innd Invie of
I lio United Stoles.
NO. 23
7i then drawn up and signed by tlio
'In tho matter of tho Dry Land
Experiment Farm.
"Nov on this 22nd day of April
1009 comes in for consideration
tho matter tho Dry Land Experi
ment Farm and it appearing thn'.
Professor II. D. Scuddcr repre
senting tho Oregon Agricultural
College in conjunction with Pro
fessor C. E. Bradley represent
ing tho Agricultural Department
of tho United Slates have, in ac-
nnrilnnnn wltli thn lnw mnrln nn
Ssors II. D. Scudder and C. G. Bradley of the Agricultural j inspection of Harney County,
allege Here to investigate and meet uiuhiisiustic bupport stato of Oregon, with aviowof
mey County 's Prospects Bright for
Demonstration Farm,
People Ready to Grant Uvcry Requirement They Desire.
'", l."9"li i 1
busliels of wheat with our rain
fall properly handled. Tho same
H. D. Scudder and Prof.
Bradley, both of tho Agri-
1 College at Corvallis, ar-, is truo of alfalfa. Prof. Scuddcr necessary for semi
, , i , , , ,, , , , ,
in tins city last aaturuay , explained tno advantage oi sceu-
g lor tno purpose oi in- mg tne sou to niiaua as it en
ting conditions in con- riches tho gVound and makes it
.. ! M 1. - V T 1 A .
witn tno estamisnment oi more vniuauie. from two to
perimcntal station or rath- three tons of alfalfa can bo grown
onstration dry farm wo- on tho uplands and that is the
for by the recent legisla- proper place to grow alfalfa, and
'not on the water soaked low
. Scudder states there has lands. He also spoke of Held
o selection nor will there peas being a profitable crop.
til all sections have been , prof. Scuddcr says the dry
ned and a report handed in farm method of producing nlfnl-
proper authorities. There ftt is not a theory, as scientific
Eastern Oregon conn-' work has shown water a detri
ment to its growth that is its
long life as water precludes the
air and the tap root stops at tho
depth to which the water is'held.
On tho other hnnd when seeded
have been visited ; on dry land this tap root will go
as the gentlemen lo a great depth seeking water
feing considered, liarncy,
tw, uiinam. and bnerman.
3t threo are in a tier, each
ing on tho Columbia river
the northern part of tho
is soon
reached Corvallis they will
'data from all and will
their report setting forth
Maims of each county as
their own observations
ecommendations. It is ex-
that the station will be dc-
locatcd the first of next
Work will begin at once
ttsoon as possible after the
feon has been made. Tho
bmen are most favorably
sod witl this section and
eel confident of a very fav-
! report
gentlemen were given
opportunity to see the
; Harney Valley and its sur
ging territory, leaving here
y morning in a touring
company with I. S. Geer
Wm. Hanley, they wont to
it and Narrows, going south
ilheur Lake and around by
Point to Lawen back to
On Sunday evening a
id meeting of the Commer-
Club was held and the gen-
in discussed the matter with
present. On Monday
ring tne seme party mauo a
to Wagontire, returning
Say evening, tnus getting
of both our valley lands
le bench section.
general meeting was called
ae court nouse weunesuay
ing at wmen tne memucrs
county court were present
toll as a laree number of
ftess men of this place and
ers from various parts of
ounty. This proved a very
esting and enthusiastic mect-
)f. Scudder was asked to
ind he was not permitted to
until ho had given a most
active lecture on dry farm-
icthods and suggescd many
rs of value to local farmers.
Scudder said they were not
; struck with the immensity
Ins section but also with its
lited possibilities along tho
)f dry farming. They have
half-dozen types of soil all
Miich were good and from his
onal observation would pick
icy against all competitors
the establishment of such a
Ion irom the tact that we
such a wide range for such
in having a variety of soils,
tions, climate, etc., in fact
opportunity for dry farm
Ho explained it was not
fcuch an experiment as a dem-
ration farm that was to bo
blished and that they co-oper-
lirect with tho farmers not
but actual work.
rof Scudder stated that cereals
bo tho best crop for this sec-
and when wo get transpor-
pn wheat would bo tho main
Je. Howoy;r, ho recommend-
Ilie growing of alfalfa until
time as we could reach a
Jket for our grain. Ho stated
, there was hardly nn aero in
iney county above tho irriga-
hno but would grow 40
and thus give the plant greater
strength and an undetermined
lease of life. He recommends
thin seeding with a drill, 15 lbs
to the acre and this one-half at n
time, drilling first one way, then
across. He discourages a "nurso"
crop but says alfalfa alono and
not to pasture first year but to
cultivate with disc which splits
crowns of tho plant causing it to
spread and killing the weeds.
Alfnlfn for octftl would bo n
success hero according to Prof.
Scuddcr. For this purpose it
should be seeded very thin. Al
falfa seed gives five times as
much profit to the acre.
The gentleman closed hia re
marks by saying wo should have
eveixconsideration at their hands
and they were well pleased with
the spirit shown here in the es
tablishment of tho station. They
were in no wise prejudiced and
knew no dividing lines in coun
ties but were investigating the
entire Eastern Oregon with a
view of locating the station
wherc'it would do the most good
to the greatest number.
Prof. Bradley talked only a
short time but said it was a vast
country 'capable of producing un
told wealth. That we hardly
realized our resources. Prof.
Bradley is analytical chemist at
Corvallis and said he was well
pleased with our soil and soil
conditions. With such condi
tions together with proper con
servation of our moisture this
section can be assured of profit
able crops each year and not
have to resort to the methods
used in other, localities of allow
ing the soil to bo idle every other
Other speakers of the evening
were Wm, Hanley, Hon. Frank
Davoy, C. A. Swcek, Judge Mil
ler, Hon. A. W. Gowan, G. A.
Rembold, Rev. A. J. Irwin, all
of whom put forward good ideas
and suggestions, and each ad
vanced some good reason why
Harney County should have tho
demonstration farm.
The entiro county court con
sisting of Judge Rector and Com
missioners Geo. A. Smith and L.
N. Stallard, wero present at tho
meeting. Each of these gentle
men were asked to speak, but
only Mr. Stallard responded. Ho
did not commit himself in any re
spect as an officer
reporting upon u sultnblo loca
tion for Baid Dry Land Export
mon t Farm; and it being neccs'
sary under the lnw for tho Coun'
ty selected for tho location of
said Farm to furnish tho land
farm, to wit:
320 acres and nil buildings and
improvements to cost approxi
mately ?G0OO.O0; and
"It further appearing nt this
time that it is the sense and
wish of tho taxpayers of this
County represented at this time
as follows, viz:
"Tho W. V. & C. M. W. R. Co.
by Wm. Hanley; Henry L. Cor
bett, represented by Wm. Han
ley; tho William Hanley Com
pany, by Wm. Hanley; N. Brown
& Sons, represented by Mr. Ben
Brown; II. C. Lovens; The Har
ney County National--Bank, by
C. F. McKinnoy; Geer & Cum
mins, by I. S. Geer; W. B. Park
er; W. L. Best; and others; that
tho Court make an appropriation
of the sum of Six thousnud dol
lars or such sum as is or will be
necessary for tho purpose of said
farm should this County be se
lected as tlio location of said
farm, and
"The Court being at this time
sufficiently informed, and appre
ciating the vnluo of snid farm,
and Mr. William Hanley having
in open Court, offered to donate
tho necessary land for the use of
said farm without cost to the
State or County.
"It is thorcforo ordered that In
the event that Harney County is
selected as tho location of said
farm, there shall be and is here
by appropriated out of tho Gen
eral Fund of this County for the
use of said farm the sum of
$0000.00 or such sum as is nec
essary under tho lnw lor such
J. P. Rkctok
L. N. Stallard
G. A. Smyth."
Profs. Bradley and Scudder loft
Thursday morning by stngo via
Austin and intended lo proceed
nt once to Corvallis where they
will proparo a report. Tho court
order togcth6r with other data
being gathered by n local com
mitteo will follow at once and
make up a part of this report.
Wo all feel greatly encouraged
and that Harney's chances for
tho location are practically
Company Organised to Begin Active
Development Work Now.
Al. Valerius, Experienced Oil mid (las Alan, General Manager of
Company, Considers This jhe Best Undeveloped Field Now
Being ProspcctcdLocjl Alcn Identified Willi Enterprise.
Tho Harney Vnllcy Oil it- Gas tho company has under taken
Co. has been organized by good, it means much for this section
substantial men. The officers
nre: Dr. II. Dcnmnn, president;
E. II. Hnrriman will forestall
any movement for a ptato or dis
trict aided railroad from Boiso to
Coos Bay. Extensive construc
tion work is to commence on tho
Central Oregon railroad just as
soon as surveys can bo mado and
grade stakes set
No official announcement of
any such intention has been made
but during tho past week Gener
al Manager Bancroft of the Ore
gon Short Line, Division Super
intendent Jones and n'number of
Hnrriman officials visited Vale.
The following day Chiof Engin
eer McDonald m charge ot tho
survey on tho Minidoka extension
with a forco of men, dropped tho
work thffro and proceeded to Vale
whero tho corps commenced
work on a survey up tho Malheur
Tho . Central Oregon road ha8
M. Valerius, vice-president and
general manager; J. C. Turney,
secretary; and J. L. Gnult, treas
urer. Tho board of directors in
clude tho above named and Fred
L. Johnson, of Vale, Dr. II. M.
Horton of Burns, S. M. Tnlbot of
Boiso and R. B. Post of Prine
ville. The company is organized
for the purpose of developing
this great inlnnd empire in tho
line of oil, gits and minerals.
According to tho opinion of
men who are experienced and
who are capable of judging, wo
undoubtedly have one of the best
gns wells on the Pacific slope
with the result that our oil pros
pects are far superior to any oth
er undeveloped district now be
ing prospected. The gas is in
good dry, gas sand, and the vol
timo is increasing with tho two
inch casing filled to within 10
feet of tho surface, even with
over 3150 feet of solid packing
this flow is increasing. This in
dicates something of vast im
portance to men familiar with
such conditions.
We understand it is the inten
tion of the company to drill three
wells In what, is .knownua.ltli!
triangular system, lho deep
well is to be the third one, and
to tltoso familiar with tho matter
this system appeals as a very
good method scientifically and
no doubt is very practical.
Every citizen and taxpayer of
Harney should take a particular
interest in pushing tho develop
ment to tho utmost of his abili
ty, for it means to us ono of the
greatest steps toward tho ad
vancement of our mutual inter
est Let us lay aside all person
al differences, investigate this
enterprise thoroughly, and if it
has merit, put n shoulder to the
wheel of prosperity with tho
spirit that is bound to win.
A combination machine of both
standard and rotary will be in
stalled on the ground as soon
as possible. Mr. Valerius in
forms us tho Ontario pcoplo are
progressing quite rapidly and
satisfactorily . with their new
machine of this character and
nro to bo commended upon the
good substantial support receiv
ed from local people, and they
will no doubt mako a success of
their undertaking. Ho further
states that tho Ontario poeplo
were fortunate in securing good
reliable men to handle tho mach
inery. From conversation with Mr.
Valerius ono is impressed with
the iden that ho is thoroughly
familiar witli suelj, work and tho
district will have tho good for
tune to have a competent man
nt tho helm in him as ucneral
The following whs lumt from
Drewsey to the Portland Jeurnal:
"Doctor" Squash and George
Washington said lo bo two of tho
oldest Indians inllnniey County,
rcsido at Drcwscy in their tepee.
"Doctor" Squnsh to totally .blind,
but has resided hero so long that
with tho aid of his cane, he can
go to any place in tlio county
without feol'ng lost. He is tho
only Indian out of the whole
tribo hero that has ever been
known to sing. Once in a while
some of his close white friends
can pcrsuado him to sing what
they describe as an Indian chant.
A very pathetic story was re
cently related here as to his us
ual devotion lo little May Beetle,
a little white girl here, whom he
let us encourage it in every way , bad known ever since her birth
about 14 years ago. He never
Mr. Valerius informs us he
wants to contract for a 1000
cords of wood and also tho haul
ing of from 50,000 to 7G.000
pounds of freight nt onco. Ho
further states that it will take
refused to sing for her. She did
not have that fear of Indians pe
culiar to white children not used
to seeing them often but would
sit down by his side and converse
with him tho same as she would
with hcrown grandfather. Dur-
'.f vns V fVvyw
ten men to run the machinery Ul0 tyj)hoi(1 epidemic which rag-
ntii I lintwf lit f nn fiutl 'Pine mnnHtt i i . ..... ...
and handle the fuel. This means
Hint local people will derive im
mediate benefit.
Tho company has placed a
block of stock on the local mar
ket at 5 cents a share and ex
pect the next block to bo 10
cents a share. Some of our peo
ple invested in stock nt Ontario
at Hint rate and now it seems
cd hero Inst fall, little May fell
a victim to the ravages of tho
disease and died November 2G.
The old blind Indian was absent
in Burns at the time, but as the
weather began lo grow colder
he proceeded to retrace his steps
homeward. He walked all the
way, a distance of CO miles, from
Burns lo Drcwsov. wi'Hi tlio n'u
this same stock is selling at 25 . nf Ma in vn 0i..:v
J"" " ...w. Il1, UlUIMMliK V.k-
cents n share, tho result of a
good commercial flow of gas.
With tho prospects for a larger
How here it is reasonable to be
lieve that stock at C cents a
share is not a bnd investment.
Mr. Valerius seems quite con
fident of the ultimate success of
the undertaking nnd seems to bo
a worker. Tho company is still
leasing more land.
ccpt for short rests, until he
reached the door of little May's
home, at which time he was told
that in his absence she hnd gone.
He sat down on the porch and
wept broken-heartedly, and has
never oeon persuaueu to sing
again. His answer to all inquir
ies as to why he now refuses to
sing is: "My papoose is dead;
my heart is broken.
Embroiclerlcd Linen Collars, Lace
Collars and Bows, New Ascots.
Call and see our new Waistings & Wash Materials
We arc showing the strongest
spring. line of Ruching, Neckwear,
Ladies 'Belts, Silk, Net and Lawn
waists ever brought to Eastern
Something' new in Sorosis Un
derskirts in Silks and Satines
We handle exclusive patterns in the
above and nothing shown by us is
handled in the Interior.
All Waists, Neckwear, Belts and
Underskirts are selected from
New York stocks and are Spring
rown's Satisfactory Store.
.:::::::::::::: :
The Harney Vaiiey Brewing Co.
Mni)ufa(.turi'rn of
'uoto S3ocLa, 7ThtG2?
Pnmlly Trade Solicited FreelDclivery
been constructed from Ontario
but expressed I to Vale and tho resumption of at
his personal views as being quite that point is viewed as an nssur
favorably impressed and' was anco that Hnrriman proposed to
pleased to see so many taking an
The court mot in special session
Thursday morning at tho sugges
tion of Prof. Scudder as he had
received substantial and definite
propositions from tho courts of
the other counties and ho wished
to havo!all on an equal fooling.
build lho road through to tho
coast, running across tho stato
of Oregon south of Burns,
Tho Bection of tho road through
tho Malheur canyon, whon com
pleted, will placo the Harrimnn
system in control of tho situation
and onco constructed would pro-
cludo tho possibility of n parallel
A very representative delegation lino, a8 tho right-of-way in too
or citizens ami taxpayers went ' narrow to permit a second road,
beforo tho court and tho mntter Thus tho outlet for a state-aided
was given goneral consideration, I railway would bo shut off-'-On.
Tho following journnl entry wns ' tario Argus.
Tho company
a good line of
quit-claims and
8000 acres of land near tho
sent gas well and thero
stnrts out with
holdings, both
leasos, for over
is no
doubt that a strong flow of gns
will bo reached and when the
lower rand is penetrated the
pressure should bo very strong,
accompanied by a strong flow of
Wo can hardly conccivo tho
magnitudo of a find of oil and
gas in paying quantities, and wo
should help the company as best
wo can, From thoso not nb!o to
assist by purchaso of stock, a
good word will holp a great deal.
It is Impossible for a few to
handle a proposition of this kind
ns it takes a great deal of monoy
and although wo understand thnt
a majority of tho stock will bo
taken up in tho east, whatever
holn Wo can orlvo will stinW mir
(appreciation of tho dovolop'mcnt
(i'rof.W. JT.. McDonald.)
Tho only practical method by
which tho fertility of the land
may bo maintained is the feeding
of livestock of some kind or nn
other and returning the fertility
to tho soil in tho form of manure.
When a crop is fed on tho farm
from 80 to 93 per cent of tho fer
tility which it has taken from the
soil is returned as manure and
only the small balance sold
off in tho finished product. But
in order that a profit may bo in
sured, only good stock should be
In the selection of cattlo we
should choose ono or the other of
two types, tho beef or tho dairy
typo. These two types are di
rectly positive. Tlio beef have
been bred and devoloped along
tho lino of using tho feed con
sumed for tho production of beef.
On tho other hand, the dairy
cattlo have been developed in
such u manner that they use their
food for tho manufacture of milk
instead of the production of
beof. In form thero is a marked
distinction. Tho beef cow is
blocky and thickly fleshed, whilo
tho dairy cow is angular and
spnrccly fleshed. Because of
these opposing qualities, it is well
nigh impossible to combine n sat
isfactory degree of milk and beef
production in tho samo animal.
Tho dairy cow will produce
more for tho feed consumed than
.my other animal on tho farm, if
she is a good individual, but a
great many cows do not produco
a profit. For this reason wo
must uso tho scales and Ilnbcock
test in determining their indivi
dual merit.
In breeding horses for draft
purposes on tlio farm, wo must
lceoji in mind thnt woight is of
very great importance Confor
mation is likewise important, bo-
causo it indicates tho degree of
strength nnd utility. Tho horso
should bo well muscled, have an
intelligent hend, sloping should
ers nnd pasterns, plenty of bono
of good qunlity, and a good
In breeding livestock of any
kind, only puro blood sires should
bo used and tho sires should al
ways belong to tho samo breed.
Tho mixing of breeds almost in
varlnlly results in disaster to tho
quality of tho offspring.
For Salu Thoroughbred Red
Durham Bulls from ono to threo
years old. Cal Clemens, Burns
Official announcements of the
wool sales dates for Oregon dur
ing the season of 1909, are being
sent out by Secretary Dan I'.
Smythe of tho State Wool Grow
ers' Association. The dates have
been fixed to suit both the wool
growers as well as the wool buy
ers. A cordial invitntion is extend
ed lo all wool growers and deal
ers to attend the sales nt the
places and dates best suited.
All wool growers are .notified
that their clippings must be in
tho ware house beforo the date
of sale.
Tho wool sales dates for Ore
gon, 1909 nro as follews:
Pendleton, Mny 2-1.
Heppncr, May 2G, Juno 19 and
July 1.
Echo, May 29.
Shaniko, June 1, June 15 and
Juno 29.
Pilot Rock, June -1.
Baker City, Juno 5.
Ontario, June 7 nnd June 22.
Vale, Juno 21.
Elgin, June 21.
CHAS. BEDELL, Proprietor.
Burns, - - Oregon.
Wmes. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Peel Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
I will hold regular auction sales
on tho first and third Saturdays'
of each month at the C. A. Sweek
barn in Burns. Bring in any
thing you have for salo and got
your money lor it. special at
tention given to sales in the
W. T. Smith,
...:j lt fy
..JKT1ST3A3 d&f
lntalratikle SfeM ' 3T01IE
ovorcco lmlVa"V, So,uJ for
Uooutiful I If ft, ' in P'co Ust -1
DoslRns. ifiwijlMi' Clrouloio.
Will be glad lo furnish
To anyone desiring
See his Handsome
Personal Mention
AZINE has come back to
town on a visit, after nearly
two weeks' absence. He
says he hopes to stay quite
a while with a number of
the best families ; he brings
with him a lot of new
stories- good ones ; his
health is much improved.
For salo by II, M, Horton,
t:i:t:K: tt:tt::uit:tt:!tRum:mtuniutmnmtsn:ut:ttUR::.t:::t;
Burns, Oregon
Afford the Best Accommodations
to be had in Harney County
The patronage of all guusls under the old management
especially sylicited.
Rates $1 ii day, S6 a week, $22 a month
H mdor.son Elliott. Proot.
Tor Constipation, I
Mr. L. II. Fnrnhnm, a promi
nent druggist of Spirit Lake, Iowa, ,
says: "Chamberlain's Stomach j
nnd Liver Tablets nro certainly ,
tho best thing on tho market for
constipation." Give theso tab
ids a'trial. You are certain to
find them nnrccublo and pleasant
in efifect. Price. 26 conts. Sam
ple free. For Balo by all good
Foil SALE-,120 acres of hay
I and. Inquire at this ofilce.
Generations (,s liw, 'lc
uw.iko American llo '
obtained tho ri;j' t );" i
by boiug equipped w io
unerring, timo-luM ud
All iiroKruiiwlM) II i a . ,
Hnnrllnjr (IihkW MriMnuu . ;
8l'HVI'.NH. II. iiuamiia.
uuwIIUIiliiilim t,tmivti
Uhih iwulpl of Catulia I I
mmi I A iunl In c
kol'tuu Ulurtmti
i oi
W. T. Lester
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Empire Realty Co. if you desire a quick sale or trade I
j Employment Agency I
it tl l.t
lui. m i, i
1 1 in
J. SI .
I' n r