The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 06, 1909, Image 3

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The Times-fcrald.l
Local News.
Frod Unities enmo over from
Hnrnoy yesterday.
Edison Phonographs and re
cords for snlu nt Lumiburg &
,loo Holcbos, who hna been suf
firinj? from dropsy nt the county
hospital is improving rapidly.
1 5. A. Collier, one of our fore
most educators who is tcachingi
on Silver creek, was a visitor bo-'
tween stages this week.
Miss Elsie Cox who was operat
ed upon v week for appendici
tis by Drs. Marsden and GrifUth,
is doing quite well and recovering
Don't forgot the mask ball at
Narrows Feb. 12. Harris &
Fitzgornld will innnngo it until
Dnrscy & Welker's orchestra will I
furnish the music. '
In purchasing real estate be
ware of the title. Demand of
the grantor an abstract of titlo
to the land conveyed. Harney'
County Land and Title Coimmnv
Harney county is now having
a siege of-March weather. The"
ground hog saw his shadow last
niesday, so we may not expect
spring at once, in fact we don't
want it until the- right time.
Geo Dunsmore came down from
the Horton & Sayer mill Tuesday
for medical treatment, having
mashed his hand quite severely
by having it caught in the logs.
There were no bones broken but'
the hit d was painfully bruised.
.Turned Fanning came very near
losing a valuable horse yesterday
b the animal cutting a large ar
Kri in the jaw on a broken bot
tle while ruling in the barn yard.
Drs. Marsden and Grillith saved
the animal from bleeding to
Stock inspector John Robinson ;
kfthcre the first of this week ,
n.r the desert where it ts report-'
d there is a band of scabby '
sheep. He will take the field at
once and make a general inspec- W. A. Ford of J. 0. Alberson,
tion of the stock throughout the Alber.son. Oregon.
county. : ,. ... ,
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Couch are
The Timcs-IIer?.ld office hns6vor from Wagon tire visiting
just reco'ved the finest assort- with friends. They will be ac-
ment of stationery it has ever comparicd out upon their return
had. its patrons will have the ,ome by James Runyard and wife.
ver best in that line as they al-i
wavs have had. Whon in newl! Messrs. Harris & Fitzgerald
of commercial printing of any
nature drop in and see us.
J. J. Lipop, of SharTottesvillc.
Va., a nephew of J. P. Dicken
son, is here on a visit to the lat
ter and to see the country. Mr.
Lipop recently resigned his cap
tainxy in the army and states he
desires to be his own boss again.
He may remiin here permanent-
Assessor D negon and cx-As-s
ssor J. E. Loggan left this
morning for Salem in response
to summons to appear before the
'ate board of equalization. Tin
c morgency law just enacted by
the legislature on state taxes has'
placed it on the old basis and no
doubt many county assessors will
be called in consultation 's to
valuations in the various counties
in order to mnko an equitable
levy for state taxes.
compare values and buy
where you can buy the
IIowc -ver, it should be borne in
mind thai nothing is cheap if
the quality is unsatisfactory, if
the style is not right. When
you are out shopping this store
will gladly submit to these com
parisons and will abide by your
jud gnient.
WViile lie do not make themer
cJuundiiie, our guarantee of ah
no lute, satisfaction to all
makes the goods ijou buy here
the rigid goods at lowest price
Complete line of
- Orders promptly filled
"ifi n tn. . - v...
8 ne DUby corner oiure
Under our system you enn open
nn account with us liy mall nml
transact your (milking business
with the same ease and safety as
though you called upon us In per
son. All biislucs Intrusted to us
by mall will receive our careful,
Intelligent attention. Inquiries
on the subject cheerfully answered
" - :
Potatoes in abundance at I his
Roy Uunynrd and wife wore in
the city yesterday to take in the
Come to the
McMullen photo
portrait on post
dozen. Agnes
gallery for your
cards $L per
... :. ... . . . vj
I W. y.. King and A. L. Hunter
left Monday morning for the P
Ranch to remain a few days
; shooting and fishing.
(10 acre ranch for sale suitable
for dairy or stock ranch. Abund
ance of water for ii rigntion and
power inquire at this office.
Mrs. I. II. Holland left Monday
.in company with John Gilcrest
. for Vale where she will visit a
wu"u OI WCUh8 wu '""vi.
Reatos for sale, all sizes and
lengths, price 20 cents per foot.
Any one desiring Reatos address
announce a grand mask ball at
I Narrows the evening of Febru
1 ary 12. Darsey & Welker's or
chestra will furnish the music.
j No need to be without a sew
ing machine when you have a
I chance to get one at practically
'your own tcrnm by seeing G. W.
Clevenger. Standard machines
to choose from.
J. E. Lupton and II. M. Spry,
recently from Wyoming, are here.
The young men said it was a
Hght from the time they struck
Ontario unlill they passed Drew-
sy to get here, as oven the stage
d rivers gave the Harney country
a black eye. Of course thoso
people over in Malheur county
don't knock, (?) they never did
ask Plug. Messrs. Lupton
Spry are going to remain until
spring openfj. They want to see
the country when it blooms out.
Job printing Tliu TltimH-lItintlil
Got nursery stock of the In
land Empire Realty Co.
Paul Finke was down from his
mountain homo the first of this
G. W. Clevenger is again in
iho market for hides. Highest
market price paid.
h. Horton of Diamond was
registered at the Drexel Hotel,
Monday. Vale Oriano.
Wo can trade anything you
linvc for anythihg you want In
land Empire Realty Co., Hums,
Ralph Cattcrson and Rrad Moss
j were among the boys from tawen
to take in the masquerade here
last night.
LoST-Retween Hums and the
1. S. Geer ranch a saddle. Find
er please leave at Elliott barn
and receive pay for their trouble.
The Now Windsor Bar, under
the management of Lee Caldwell,
is one of the most popular resorts
in Eastern Oregon. Drop in
when you have a thirst.
John Caldwell and wife expect'
to move up to their mountain
farm next week where they will
clear some land preparatory to
socdiug to alfalfa.
Blue prints of any township in
Hums Land District, showing'
name of entryman, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
The commercial club will hold
another meeting next Tuesdny
evening. Possibly the land leas
ing bill will be discussed. It was
brought up last meeting but did
:nnt bring out nny discussion-
Dr. Carl drillith received a
message last Monday announcing
tho death of his mother at SnlemJdnuK,,lor Miss VcVi, wn ll,,ilctl
Tho lady has been suffering from
cancer. Dr. Grillith has the
sympathy of his many friends
Fou Sai.h iiy City of Ash
land -Flouring Mill machinery
of Ashlund Flouring Mill, com
jileto in place in the mill.
Machinery in good condition,
serviceable and operated up to
time mill stopped. City wishes
to dismantle mill and clear
ifrminils-fni nnrlt Allrfs M
,. .... ...
is I'jggjesion, uny uecorucr,
Ashland. Oregon.
The Journal still insists on rais
ing the salary of our school sup
erintendent. In tho issue that
reached hero last night it says: Tho young people will mnko their
Tho senate yesterday afternoon ' homo with the bride's mother for
l of used to amend Parrish's bill tho present. Tho Times-Herald
increasing tho salary of tho force was generously rcinembcr
school superintendent of Harney ed with wedding cake and since
county by providing that the the bride and her family have
question bo submitted to the vot- been doso friends for many
ers of tho county. Tho bill, j years wo hasten to join tho many
which increases the salary from friends in extending congratula
.$500 to$ 1200, was then passed, I tioiiB and best wishes for a long,
21) to 0. hnppy and prosperous life.
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets
and Balsam of Myrrh
We Carry a Complete Line ef
jB-u.x-n.i3 OregroiTu.
istipl. Hamilton was over lrom
Harney Saturday.
SSchcnk wants nic-fro coyoto
hides mid other furs.
Carl Wolkor has returned from
hla trip to Portland.
J. II. Culi, painting and papor
hanging, Burns, Oregon.
Rhodo Island Red cochcrals for
salo$l each B. F. Siler, Burns.
Judge Rector was in tho city
tho first of tho week looking after
probato matters.
J. J. Tupkor and family linvo
moved to tho farm Bouthwest of
this city. Joe will farm tho place
this year.
Tho Inland Empire Realty Co.
havo cash buyers for 10,000 grain
and hay lands. Prices must bo
right SEE US.
Tho Baptist Ladies' Aid will
hold a cooked food window salo
at tho Reed grocery next Satur
day, Feb. 13.
W. J. Sturdivan is a recent ar
rival from Washington. He is
hero to look over tho Hnrnoy
country with a view of locating.
Tho Lalcoviow Examiner says
that town is going to havo a
sugar beet factory. So are wo
some day when tho railroad
W. L. Kimble, ono of our now
sottlers near Wnvorly, spent a
few days in this city this week.
Mr. Kimble is well pleased with
his location.
G. W. Clevenger has a large
number of Bowing machines and
wants to place ono in every home
in this section needing a machine
Sold on installment plan or terms
to suit purchaser.
Will Taki: $-1000 - Widow
tired of ranching wants to sell
ranch of 200 acres bad. All
stock, a piano-organ cost $2150
goes with sale. Address Mrs.
I. Vineyard, Adel, Oregon.
There will be work in the third
degree and othor important busi
ness by the Masonic lodge this
evening. Members urged to be
piosont, visitors cordially invited.
Sam Mothorshcad, W. M.
Wantkd All kinds of hides
and furs. Top cash price paid.
First class taxidermist. Work
done to order. Tanning and fur
dressing a speciality. For full
I nai'ticul.ira address Flint) L.
Guncu, Drcwsey, Oregon.
Archio Mctlowan has recuived
a letter from Mr. Ford the gen-
Mtlemnn who proposes establish
ing nn automobile line between
this place and Vale in which he
says ho has been quite busy get
ting his cars in order, putting
up barns, etc. Ho contemplates
visiting this city soon and is con-
sidering tho advisability of muk-
ing his auto route by way of Mal
heur River in by Crane Creek as
it has been suggested as tho best
road for his machines and less
traveled by freight teams. Mr.
McGowan will advise him not to
attempt his regular schedule un
til next April.
Makriki) The home of Mrs.
A. A. Cowing was the scene of
it happy festive occasion when on
the evening of February U her
in marriage to Mr. Ernest Reyn
vaan, Rev. A. J. Irwin perform
ed the ceremony. The bride is
onn of Hnrnoy county's native
daughters, while the groom is a
young man ' ,ho has recently cast
his lot with the people of this
great county. Many of tho im
mediate friends and neighbors
were present to extend congratu
lations and best wishes to the
young people. Tho ceremony
, was followed hy a most bounti
ful and elcgaiiw wedding supper.
Mr. & Mrs Roynvann were tho
recipients of many beautiful and
also useful presents, a list of
'which wo would be pleased to
give, but want of space forbids
hides and other furs.
Waltor Gray and wife were In
tho city Sunday.
Frank Welcome was on tho
sick list but is out again.
For looso or baled hay leave
orders with Lunaborg & Dal ton.
Leo Thornburg nnd wifo wcro
down from their mountain homo
this week.
J. R. Jenkins is over from his
Hnppy Vnlloy home looking nftcr
business nffnirs.
W. W. Urown hns returned to
his homo after a short visit with
friends in this city.
E. 13. Hill and wifo aro up from
their homo in the southern part
of tho county on land business.
W. D. Cnpps and J. P. Gear
hart aro over from Cnlnmity.
They report n mild winter in
that section.
Remember tho Inland Empire
Realty Co. furnish competent
help free. If you need help call
and see us.
Tho legislature ought to puss a
bill raising sheep-herder's sala
ries from $30 to $5000 per year
with found. Blue Mt. Eagle.
Sheriff Richardson nnd Deputy
Torrill havo received the tax roll
for 1908 nnd nre now busy send
ing out notices to tax payers.
Having disposed of my livery
and feed stablo to Henderson
Elliott, all accounts duo mo should
bo settled nt once.
Simon Lewis.
A pill in time that will save
nine is Rings Little Liver Pill.
For biliousness, sick headache,
constipation. They do not gripe.
Price 25, Sold by Tho Welcome
Pharmacy, Hums, Ore., Fred
Haines, Hnrnoy, Ore.
Pnrties coming to Hums for
medical treatment can find a
pleasant homo nnd good nursing
nt Mrs. M. F. Dickey's, first
house north of Harry Smith's.
Rates reasonable. Call on or ad
dress Mrs. M. F. Dickey.
Diui) Tuesday at the county
hospital, J. P. Courtwright, age
78 years. The old gentleman
formally lived in tho Drewsey
section and had boon n county
charge for several month?. The
immediate cause of his death was
heart trouble. The remains wero
interred in the Hums cemetery
The mask ball last night was
quite well attended and thorough
ly enjoyed by all participants.
Mrs. Myrtle King was awarded
the prize for best sustained lady
character; dies Carter for best
sustained gentleman character;
Misses Ula McKinnon and Toiley
Johnson the prizes for school
girls; Miss Jaunita Geer and Irv
ing Miller received the prizes for
best dressed characters.
Addison Bennett took his de
parture Tuesday morning for his
home at Irrigon. Mr. Bennett
spent a week looking over the
country going as far south as tho
P-Ranch and back by way of
Wavcrly, La wen and Harney.
Ho says he saw lots of fine coun
try but was not yet satisfied and
expects to return again this slim
mer. Mr. Bennett has had two
descriptive articles in the Port
land Journal since coming hero
and there will bo others. Besides
this ho has written his own pap
er regarding the wonderful pos
sibilities of the Great Harney
"I cannot tell whether Oregon
wools will bo worth 1G cents, 18
cents or 20 cents, but I do know
that the market indications nre
very favorable to tho buyer and
that the indications point to a
prico about four cents higher this
So Charles H. Green of Port
land, the most prominent wool-
buyer in this section of the coun
try said this morning, when nsk
ed about tho prices for the com
ing clips, says tho East Oregonian.
Mr. Green is stopping at tho
Pendleton while on a brief busi
ness visit to Pendleton, Ho de
clared that ho was much gratified
with tho conditions of tho wool
"Tho market is much stronger
than it was at this timo Inst year
nnd without a doubt thero will bo
considerable of nn ndvanco," he
said in discussing the situation.
"Thero aro many reasons to
which wo may contribute it but
in my estimation tho ndvanco in
prico is duo to tho restoration of
In nil tho other wool states
thero is quito a bit of wool being
contracted for nt an ndvanco of
four or five cents over last year.
"No, I do not consider tho nd
vnnco in tho prico duo to tho plan
of a notional woolgrowers ware
house, although many of tho
sheepmen attribute it to that
" Solionk wants more
met. HI My caWnullull II &'&.
ply a speculative riso in prices
duo to tho fact that a hotter de
mand may bo oxpect"d.
"Although there Is considera
ble contracting in Montana, Idaho
and Wyoming nnd also in other
alatoH, there is ns yet none in
Oregon, nnd the local conditions
nre such that I would not venture
to sny what tho price may bo
other than thnt in my opinion it
will bo bolter than last year."
1'ouruary opens Willi good
prospects for livestock values.
While thero was some dullness
in the general situation Monday,
this was merely tho usual Mon
day showing. Tho few sales re
corded wcro at $5. 25 for top stuff,
an ndvanco of 15 cents over pre
vious high mark recently.
Over Sunday there was only a
slim showing of arrivals. A
total of 130 head of cattle were
received for tho 48 hours com
pared with a nominnl number on
Saturday nnd 13G head tho day
previous and none on Thursday.
That tho cattle market will hold
very firm and prices stay at the
top is the general opinion of the
livestock trade.
The trade is making every ef
fort nt this time to induce ship
pers to send in better quality so
that a better showing of values
can bo made by tictual sales.
There is u better demand at this
lime for finished steers and cows
than during nny period of the
present season and prices are
fully as high. While of course
demand is best for Al quality,
there is always a call for ordina
ry stuff and for this reason the
small late shipments of cattle
have been eagerly snapped up by
killers' representatives. Port
land Journal.
Personal experience with a
tube of ManZnn Pile Remedy
will convince you it is immediate
relief for all forms of Piles.
Guaranteed 50c. Sold by The
Welcome Pharmacy, Burns, Ore.,
Fred Haines, Harney, Ore.
Notice is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Har
ney County will hold the regular
examination of applicants for
state and county papers at Burns
as follews:
Commencing Wednesday, Feb.
10 at 9 o'clock a. in., and contin
uing until Saturday Feb. 13 at
4 p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, His
tory, Spelling, Physical Geog
raphy, Reading, Psychology.
Thursday Written Arithmetic
Theory of Teaching, Grammar,
Bookkeeping, Physics, Civil Gov
ernment. Friday Physiology, Geogra
phy, Composition, Algebra, Eng
lish Literature, School Law.
Saturday Botany, Plane Geo
metry, General History.
Commencing Wednesday Feb.
X0 at 9 o'clock n. m., and con
tinuing until Friday, Feb. 12 nt
4 p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship His
tory, Orthography, Reading,
Physical Geography.
Thursday Written Arithme
tic, Theory of Teaching, Gram
mar, Physiology.
Friday Geography, School
Law, Civil Government, English
L. M. Hamilton, Co. Supt.
H. DEfWAN, W. D.
CiiIIh answered promptly tillil nr ilny
'I'lionu Ilurrlmtn.
Harrlman, Oregon
W. fiownn
Archie Mcf!owui
Tin- Lmul Mini
All kinds of land business, ab
stracting and conveyancing.
The Eastern Oregon
Engineering Co.
Main Ofl'icc,', Burns, Oregon
A, O. FAUIKNt.ll, JUgl.
Branch Office, Lnkeview, Oregon
U. M FAl'l.KNI'll Mll.
Hereford Cattle
My well known herd of Prizo
winning Herofords is now located
on tho farm of Wm. P. Caviness,
in Malheur county. Will bo
pleased to havo you call and in
spect herd. If in need of bulls
or hoifers we can satisfy you in
quality and price. Write your
wants te:
Irousldt, Ore. La Qrande, Ore.
Number 4.
To The Bank, Dr.
m m
Wo arc glad to offer you our
iiciptui service, caretui management and ample resource
place- tho people in debt to the banks, But it is a debt that each
man and woman should bo glad to assume. It Is a debt that in
creases every day, that draws interest in tho shape of financial
benefits and business advantages for the people.
The people are welcome to all nvailablo facilities offered by
this bank tho convenienco of the check account, safety for funds,
personal counsel from our officers, and every banking benefit ren
dered our customers.
must depend upon tho people for business. Any service we can
render you Is in the spirit of mutual advantage.
You arc debtor to this bank whether you do busines with us or
not, because every help we give oqrv:uslomcrs is an advantage to
the community and you receive your share.
The community is aided indirectly by our service, YOU will
be helped directly if you nre one of our customers.
Wo ask you to secure direct 'assistance for your financial
The Harney County National Bank
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
For Fall and Winter Trade
i A t2ZJit.'J2Jl - a
Prepared to go to a depth of 500 feet with
various size drills. Honest measurement and ;
satisfaction guaranteed.- ""g'
For prices and terms call on me at Sunset or
address me at I
33xxx"ixs, Oregon i
Dealer i
Tropical and Domestic
Fruits when in SeasonB
Hats, Shirts, Clothing,
Underwear Get Prices
Hit kinds of Fresh Vegetables in Season,
Dork'-emier Huildiiijj.
McGEE & OWEN, Propts.
Fresh Teams, Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention given to Transcient Trade
Call orTus. Next door to French Hotel Main St.
Horses boarded by the day, week or month
Main St.,
frPPPiMiBten P JWt
Hns nil the qualities of high priced machines
Rapid, Universal key board, Simple, Cheap
Chicago Writing Machine Co.
151-153 Wabaih Ave., Chicago, 111,
. T"
service free of all charge. Wo
Main Street.
imwn nninivn
lllacksmitliing and
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns, Oregon
The Best
On the Market