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'he Times-J-Ierald.
Loenl News.
Blue prints of any township in
the Hums land district, showing
entries, dates of the same, topo
graphy, reserves nnd vacant land.
Price $1.00 each. Your order
Hied and 'forwarded on the fol
lowing mali-J. C. Turncy.Burns,
Dr. H. Donmnn has gone to
Portland on business.
Matt Riggs has gone to Port
land to have his eyes treated.
Sec Bros', assonment
. f Carriage heaters. Best on
Uie market. Bedrock prices.
Mrs. Robt. Irving came down
f i oin Harney Tuesday to attend
iho funeral of Mother Byrd.
Tho Harney County National
Hank has an announcement in
this issue that should bo read.
Loyd Johnson has been in tho
city since last Tuesday looking
after some business affairs.
Remember the Inland Empire.,
'ii-alty Co. furnish competent
lji free. If you need help call
n 1 see us.
U'coiver Davey of the local
, .id office has been confined to
w home for a few days from
lckness but is reported improv-
Miss Ada Thomas, of Salem, j
xpected here this evening, j
' i young lady is a cousin of
t !. J. L. Gault and comes to,
t her for an indefinite time.
GRAYED From Windy Point; Drs. Marsden and Griffith yos
ut Dec. 12, 1903, a brown gel- terday performed an operation
er, age 10 years, "weight 1000 j upon the little son of J. A. Rip
's, branded X with a bar above ley for diseaaed-glands.
d below on left sholder. Notify "g40 acre ranch for 8Bje 8Ujtable
dolivcr to W. E. Sullivan, for ry u. stock ranch. Abund
turns, Oregon and receive re- ance 0f water for irrigation and
, The first Jjksket ball game of
" season as pulled off at the
1 B. A. C. lll last night between
.. club teiui and tho "Outlaws"
" hich resulted in a score of 27 to
1 1 in fav6r oftfie latter. A social
f' co followed the game. The
rndxnce was reported good.
Hon. I. S. Geer expects to tako
hi-, dJporturc for western Ore-l
on jpr Is as soon as his partner,
Cammins, who is ill, is ame
" jk after business. Mr. Geer
J visit his wife and old home
- Silverton and will also spend
Ifewdaysat Salem during the
f--. '
rne iimes-rieraiu is iniormou
mt Adelor Racine has sold the
Ikhorn hotel in Canyon back to
3 former proprietor and will J1"" ",lD uullv-" "
,no to Burns at once and take ' JjUo no was but two days old.
fanning with his father just The bereaved ones thosym
.rth of town. Fred Racine will P1 of R Wlde c,rcl of fncmls
move to the mountain ranch Three fine registered stallions
m the saw mill where he says
wili raise mules. Fred will
ike a success.
A rather unusual sight was
itnessed here the first of the
ek when a large flock of geese
' ere seen living over Burns,
Ihese migratory birds are com- There was a sudden change in
1 on here during the spring, and the weather last night, or rather
ummer, as well as their fall sometime this morning. It was
ights, but to visit us in mid- raining last evening and later be
Mnter is quite unusual. We will gan to snow, but only a few inch
have to consult Capt. Louey, tho es fell and this morning the ther
Piute oracle to learn the signifi- momctor was below freezing,
cance of this untimely flight. . making it decidedly wintcry.
This Annual event begins Mon
day Jan. 4th, and before the month
is past we intend to closebut evry
odd and even and broken line pos
sible and reduce our Ladies' Dress
jPJoods stock to its lowest possible
'c bb. Cutting prices will do this.
Every Day here now means a
You will do well to anticipate your
future needs and come early.
Big Bargains
in left over Christmas goods.
Busy Corner Store"
Which? Words or Deeds?
Somo banks solicit business merely with tho vlaw'oi so
curing a doposit, without regatd to tho welfare of tho"
prospective customer. Rosy, but deceptive promises
are made, tho actual fulfillment of which.'at nil times,
would bo an utter impossibilty for nny. legitimate bank
to attempt
Wo solicit your hanking business, but wosolicil it pure
ly on a banking basis. Our promises are confined to tho
assuranco that you will rcceivo fair, considerate- treat
ment and bo rendered every servico consistent with Bafo
banking Our' record for protecting tho interests "of
our patrons'is most conclusive evidence that their inter
ests aro given every consideration, and that their pat
ronage has not been'sought fronrmcrcly'selfish motives.
Deeds-alone, not w6rds, protect" interests
at thoBcCtimcs when'finnncinrassistanco in tho way of
i needed loan is essentinKto tho protection of your busi
ness affairs, j,
is especially called to tho fact that our Surplus equals
amount;requiredtby. THET'UNITED STATES
GOVERNMENT, - which' fact in connection' with our
conservatism, constitutes the best guarantee .of. safety
to depositors.
- The First National Bank
of Burns
Capita! -Surplus
- --' - " -"
Albert Oftkernmn
was in tho
city yesterday.
power- inquire at this office.
V. J. Hopkins and Tom Sngers
have gone to Warm Springs to
shoot for a few days. The birds
are reported quite numerous
Noneed to be without a sew
ing machine when you have a
chance to get one at practically
vonr own terms bv seeing G. W.
ciovenirer. Standar
to ci,0030 from.
(I machines
L. H. Kenney, one of our now
settlers over on Silver Creek was
in this city yesterday disposing
of a load of potatoes at A cents
Per pound. Mr. Kenney bought
the potatoes over at Prineville.
The infant son of Mi. and Mrs.
Bert Porter died Thursday night
.,.,! innn li'ii.tnrl met rt ft fUT Plll
imported from Franco, arc ex-
pected in Burns in February or
earlier. Get up a company and
improve your siock we neeu
those excellent horses here. Call
am R 0VerIniand Em
pire Realty Co.
Painting and paper hanging
- !
A. Horton.
Got nursery stock of tho In
land Empire Realty Co.
J. E. Chandler was up from j, j. Hoi,,,. mrw up Wcdnos
his homo .the first of this week ' duy with the remains of his late
disposing of somo beef. . wife. Sho had been buried near
Mrs. J. O. Bunyard is over Saddle Bulto - but Mr. Heinz
from her homo on Cow crook the brought her up and placed her m
a-,1pBtoriiP.-fliRts. Mrs. N. Com- the Burns conetery whore she
We enn trado anything you
have for anythihg you want In
land Empire Realty Co., Burns,
Emorv Hill has been over from
his home near Alborson this
week visiting his parents nnd at-1
tending to business. j
R.J.Williams was over from
Silver creek yesterday in com
pany with Rollie Thorn. The
latter was making proof on somo
Tho add of the First National
Bank of Burns this week reveals
the secret of why it is held in
high esteem by the stockmen
and others having financial deal-1 very best in that lino as they al
ings with it. It is worthy of I ways have had. When in need
your careful reading. of commercial printing of any
Wanted -About 5000 head of
good, young breeding ewes. Ad
dress, giving ages, price, etc.,
The American Land & Livestock
Company. Denio Oregon, also
same care of the First National
Bank, Burns, Oregon.
James E. Rounseviixe,
Chas. Turner who had the mis-i
fortune to lose his right hand re-1
ccntly by the accidental discharge1
of a shot gun, is doing quite well
He has been on tho streets ex-
changing greetings with his
many friends and says this great
religious weekly should announce
to his neighbors at Andrews that
ho would be coming homo in a
short time with flying colors.
Ho is quite cheerful.
mi. numM.n..,i,i ;a in ,.n,.int
of a letter from a prominent citi -
zen of Drewsey which denies the
report published last week that
there were two cases of small
pox in that place. County Health
Officer Marsden has heard no-
thing further from Dr. Smith re-
gardlng tlv supposed cases. This
citizen says the people of Drew- land in this section, being locnt
soy knew nothing of any cases of ed by W T. Lester of the Inland
small pox until thoy road it in Empire Ilctdty Co, Both are ac
Tho Times-Herald. Wo publish- complished teachers and will
cd the statement as received mako Ilarnoy Valley their home.
from tho local doctor over there
and are pleased to .givo space to
the denial.
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets
and Balsam of Myrrh
We Carry a Complete Une c(
County court is In session.
James Bunyard and wife woro
down from Harney yesterday.
Lap robes and Blankets at
Bedrock prices at Hopkins Bros'.
Simon Lewis and wife aro down
at tho lakes visiting old time
Just recoived a consignment of
ladies and misses cloakB Luna
burg & Dnlton.
T. Scott Nisbll of Blake McFall
Co., tho paper man, is in tho city
looking after his customers.
Wo have u largo assortment of
Carriago Heaters. Sure to please
you in quality and price. Hop
kins Bros'.
Mrs. Cortes Elliott was quite
ill at tho Overland Thursday, but
her physician reports her improv
ed and not serious.
Joe Holebos was brought over
from Drewsey this week and
placed in the hospital as a county
charge. Ho is in a serious con
dition. Drs. Marsden and Griffith oper
ated on tho littlo daughter of
IMr. and Mrs. Mcllio Parker re
moving the tonsils nnd adelouls.
The littlo patient is doing well.
In purchasing real estate, be
ware of tho title. Demand of
the grantor nn abstract of titlo
to tho land conveyed. Harney
County Land nnd Titlo Company.
Scott Haley was in town Wed
nesday looking after somo land
b'usincss. Ho purchased an iso
lated tract near his homo at the
lakes that was sold at the land
office Thursday.
WAVTTL.r, All l.-iwla nf ltwlna
. IV.W11J-.1' Jil IY..IIIO V. .II..I..J
and furs. Top cash price paid,
First class taxidermist. Work
done to order. Tanning and fur
dressing a speciality. For full
particulars address FitUD L.
GitKGG, Drewsey, Oregon.
had a daughter buried.
Estkay Came to my place a
year iiro a black marc woight
about 1160, unbroke. branded L
C connected on loft shoulder, the
L being reversed. Owner call
prove property and pay charges,
W. W. Cox, Burns, Ore.
Miss Lea Robinson took her
'departure yesterday morning for
j A. E. Brown's where she hns a
four months' term of school. The
young lady told her friends sho
would not return homo until tho
term was completed.
Tho Times-Herald ofiico has
just received tho finest assort
ment of stationery it has over
had. Its patrons will have the
nature drop in and sco us.
Sheriff Richardson returned
from Canyon City Thursday
, where he went to meot Mrs.
Richardson's mother, Mrs. John
Nelson and her daughter Miss
Veda Nelson. Tho ladies livo at
Fish Haven, Idaho and are hero
for an indefinite visit.
EsTitAY-Taken up December
1007 at my place at Egli. one
brown gelding, weigh about 1150
lbs, ago 7 years, brands quarter
circle U on left shoulder and F
on left jaw. Owner call, prove
property, pay charges,
! P- ociikan,
Grant Thompson and wife
came up from their homo last
Saturday to consult a physician
regarding Mr . Thompson's eyes
which wore troubling her quite
piously. Upon tho advice of
Dr Marsden they loft for Port-
ln.l ,4LlaB 111 ln ifinl ill llvt 1I11
"" " ""'. ' u,u, ylMX- ""
'eror will he treated by a spc-
j. A. Cavanaugh and Miss
almn Yetler, formerly of Hatton
Wash., has recontly taken up
Thoy havo many friends where
thoy formerly lived who will also
locate In this section.
L. Racine is homo from a visit
to his son Adelnr at Canyon.
J. II. Culp, painting and paper
hanging, Burns, Oregon.
Edison Phonographs and ro-
cords for salo at Lunaburg &
Dal ton's.
Mrs, C. W. Ilolloman has been
(piite sick this week but is report
cd better.
Chauncy Cummins has been
confined to his homo this week
BiilFering from an attack of grip.
A fine .isortmcnl of street
hats may be aeon at Mrs. S. E.
brinkwater's Millinery parlors.
Foil Salk Cheap if sold at
once,. one drop head sowing ma
chine. Inquire at French Hotel.
J. J. Donegnn has been sworn
in as assessor of Harney county
and nssumed the duties of that
Having disposed of my livery
and feed stable to Henderson
Elliott, all accounts due mo should
be settled at once.
Simon Lewis.
Mrs E. W. VanValkenborg,
who has been visiting her daugh
ters in this city since before the
holidays, is slightly indisposed at
their apartments in this city.
Ralph Byram and wife came
over from their Bear valley home
last Sunday and were guests at
tho Marsden home for a few
days. They have returned home.
Get Voegtly's prices on Imple
ments, etc. before purchasing.
I can do better than any house
in town. I do not have u Whole
sale House Representative with
mo nil summer, somo one has to
pay him.
Foil Sam: Four 4-year-old
thoroughbred Hcrford bulls from
tho famous Henry Gray herd of
Crook County. I have purchased
Herfords from another herd to
take tho place of these is my
icason for selling. W. E. Smith,
Burns, Oregon.
A pill in time that will save
nine is Rings Littlo Liver Pill.
For biliousness, sick headache,
constipation. They do not gripe.
Price 25, Sold by TI10 Wolrome
Pharmacy, Burns, Ore , ''rod
Haines, Harney, Ore.
J. T. Barnes expects to leave
tomorrow or next day for Arkan
sas, his former home, where he
will visit his sister and view the
rccnua of his childhood. Liter
he will return to Portland where
his wife is spending the winter.
He will visit there for nn indefi
nite time before returning home.
There were six teams up from
Sunset the first of this week af
ter lumber for tho new school
building. One of the citizens of
that district wished The Timcs-
Hcrnld to assure the good people
of Burns who contributed so gen
erously towrrd raising the funds
tGyCrect this school building, that
it would bo built at once.
There has been quite an
amount of precipitation the pasl
week but tho weather has not
Builed all. It has rained consid
erable and what snow that had
fallen in the valley has been
melted by rains and chinook
winds, making it very disagree
able to those who aro feeding.
Reports of tho amount of "snow
in the mountains are conflicting,
but it is quite wet.
Tom Watson, of Burns, stoped
over in Prairie Saturday night.
Ho was taking Uncle John Wat
son to tho hospital in Roseburg.
Uncle John is eighty-seven years
old and can laugh ns hearty as a
man of thirty years his junior.
Several months ago while tear
ing down nn old barn ho got very
badly injured in the left leg. He
says lie uiu not ouject 10 uie
toaring down of tho barn, but he
was sorry that it thought ho had
a wooden leg. Prairie City Miner
Died Harry Jerro, a young
man twenty-four years of age,
died at the hospital in Burns, at
ono o'clock on tho morning of
Jan. 5th. of tuberculosis; and
was buried in tho Burns ceme
tery Jan. GUi. Services were
conducted by Rev. A. J. Irwin
at tho cemetery. Mr. Jerro
rarnn in TfnrtlCV COUlltV in Aug.
of 11)08 and made- his homo until
recontly with Mr. Loyd Culp
cast of Burns. Tho young man
leaves relatives, living in Port
land to mourn his untimely death.
If you care for stylo and lot of
people do, it can be had in any
Vohiclo on our lloor. We arc
prepared for tho fall trade. Our
stock is at its best Wo show a
remarkable- assortment of Vehic
les, including Carriages, Road
wagons and Buggies, for this
season of tho year.
Our house is a regular Savings
Bank for thoso who wish to buy.
Call in and mako ua prove it.
Ilarnoy Co. Imp. and IWw. Co.
C. 0. Couch is over from hla
homo at Wngontire.
A. M. Byrd and wife left for
the P-Ranch yesterday.
Foil Sai.k-320 acres of hay
land. Inquire at this office.
Both Commissioners Smyth
and Stallard and in attendance
upon court.
Dr. GriiTUh returned from
Salem last Sunday evening and
at look up 1ub duties in Dr.
Mai-Kden's 1 flkc
Blue prints of any township in
Hums Land District, showing
name of cnlryman, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., $1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
C. V. Smith, tho syrup and
preserve drummer, is in the city
crlling upon the merchants" Mr
Smith is a vc 1 y pleasant gentle
man and does a good business in
this territory.
Sid Comcgys and wife have
been guests of the former's
mother during this week. Mrs.
Comcgys hns been looking after
matters pertaining to the estate
of her late mother.
G. W. Clevenger has a large
number of sewing machines and
wants to place one in every homo
in this section needing a machine
Sold on installment plan or terms
to suit purchaser.
Personal experience with a
tube of ManZan Pile Remedy
will convince you it is immediate
relief for all forms of Piles.
Guaranteed 50c. Sold by The
Welcome Pharmacy, Burns, Ore.,
Fred Haines, Harney, Ore.
Hunting and fishing arc strict
ly forbidden upon any of the
Pacific Live Stock Co. ranches.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
John Gilciiest.
Application) I'or Urulng I'ennlu.
NOTICE is hereby given that
all application.', for permits to
graze cattle, horses and sheep
AL FOREST during the season
of 1900, must bo filed in my ofiico
at Prineville, Ore., on or before
February 18. 1009. Full infor
mation in regard to the grazing
fees to bo charged and blank
forms to be used in making ap
plication will be furnished upon
request. A. S. Iueland, Super
UMTKIl'TATfil-AnilOrriCC, I
lliirim, Ori'it'iu. B l' W. MWl
Nutlculi liarolimhcn Ihatlliu Statu ol Oro
iloii Ima Dint In tills nfflci. !t ni.lcalloii (Ser
ial No 11V.) tu bpIai '. until r ll rrilalomol
dip A t ul CoiiKrcaa, uiir.iifil AuiiUitSl.lMt,
noil nit aintmlAlorjr llic , tliu,
NWUH1 l. T l - , It J-i E. W M,
Mn Mxl all pemou lalmlnK ft'lvuraelj tho
lawlk ilecrltie).nr (hilrltiR'u "t.Jocl hecau'v
11I tliv mineral chnrurlcr Hi tliu lain), r lor any
otlirr reaion, lo th Olioial to appllran ,
hoiiM rile tlirlr iillliliv ta of jirotoat lu thla of
fice on or before tliu I'aiilrMluu ol tho t.-rlu'l
ol piiblnailoii.
Wm I'Aimr, Itcitla'or
Halo n Flint I'lilillcatlon January Uud, 1909.
Ilato of I at I'ubllcatlon February I'tli, 1909.
luiriia. Oregon, December II. lu08 I
.Sutki. la hereby slven that the Statu ol
Oregon liaa filed In thla office III application
Serial Mo OlO'Jlltnaelcct.uniler the prorlalon ol
the Actotcongrera, appioir.1 AUfuatSI. IMS,
and acta amendatory thereto, the
B 4 NMi, N i it.'i ol bee V7, T. 8 , K. 0
"aiii ami nil poriona clulmlujr mlieracly tka
laiiilaileaerlbwl, rr tit airing to object becalm
ol the mineral character ol tho land, or for any
nlliMr reninn. tn thu to AIlPltcQUt.
ahouhlflle tticlr itltblauu ol i.roteat In llila
oltlie. on or lieloro inn expiration ot me ptriuu
of publication
Wu.FAiint, Urglilar,
Klrat i.ublltatlon liotrinKrl. 1WW.
I aat publication Janiinr) H, lltw
V. Gowan
Archie McGowan
The Land Man
All kinds of land business, nb
slracting and conveyancing.
Wo are agents forpuncturo-proof
tires and all
If you want a wlieel, a
set of tires, or liavo your
bicycle repaired, come
- and see us.
Carter & Sweek
The Eastern Oregon
Engine "ring Co.
Main Ofllce, Burns, Oregon
Branch Office, Lakcview, Oregon
Hereford Cattle
My well known herd of Print
winning Ilcrofords is now located
on tho farm of Wm. P. Caviness,
in Malheur county. Will be
pleased to havo you call and in
spect hord. If in need of bulls
or heifers wo can satisfy you In
quality nnd price Write your,
wants te:
Irootldi, Ore. La lrai, trv,
Number 1.
A Contrast In Banking.
Several thousand years ago, agriculture was tho chief occupa
tion of tho people. Commercial pursuits were limited. Safety for
funds was nbout all'the people required. There were no banks
with steel tafes and thick-walled
Safety for money was had by turning jt over to tho priests
who kept tho gold and silver in tho temple's. The Greeks and Ro
mans considered that religious sentiments kept their money secure
under the protection of the priests.
Usually tho money was safe
and invaders sacked tho temples
Note'the advance in banking today. The people who deposit
their money get many material benefits aside from tho mere safety
they can issue checks, draw interest on their money, buy drafts,
borrow, come to thcin banker for ndvise on their financial matters.
This bank has modern methods in bookkeeping, means to pro
tect funds from fire and burglary are used, mechanical devices
operate to give customers promptness and accuracy.
Our service is the acme of hundreds ol years ol banking ex
perience: the best methods have been selected. The requirements
of "bur customers are studied, their needs arc met by satisfactory
The Harney County National Bank
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Fresh Groceries, etc.
For Fall and Winter Trade
Fi&ir&-r r-rt fry-- -
Prepared to ro to a depth of 500 feet with
various sizedrills.Honest measurement and
satisfaction guaranteed.x-at,a85SS&3'
For prices and terms call on me at Sunset or
addressee at
IQtlotxisi, Oregon
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions.
Tropical and Domestic
Fruits when in Season,,
Hats, Shirts, Clothing
Underwear Get Prices
fill kinds of Fresh Vegetables in Season,
mer Diiilding
McGEE & OWEN, Propts. mm
Fresh Teams,! 'Comfortable Rigs, Careful Drivers.
Particular attention-given to Transcient Trade
Call onus. Next door to French Hotel Main St.
Horses boarded by I he day, week or month
( SOU 'O
Main St..
BiytajaaJMBBBMnM.MJlM - i iWtWflMaW Kill ( '
mmmmmmT&kWlikmkX CL- U Jftc
t tMmMTMmmtniMmmwlYi!Mmw'mmmmmmmV,fiJ'
...' WA 72m
Jmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuf39KStlmlTA 1 fagm
Hns all the qualities of high priced machines
Rapid, Universal key board, Simple, Cheap
Chicago Writing Machine Co.
in tho temples, but frequent wars
of all riches.
Main Street.
Wlll.0 i . T N
Blacksmitiiing and
Wagon Work
Burn:;, Oregon
The Bt
On thc'Market
tM-153 Wnliash Ave,, Clilcnj
jsr, oEGrCKrer.
111 I ' j 1 ' 1