The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 07, 1908, Image 1

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    Tii fMftetel
I Mir Idrifxtt
of Mnrnej? OoOtitJ
ilntinii and iff mi
;mpli Mom
Vh rni Ttnrnrq fottnirg
USVSN 111 arl'il nt .. r.'N.HIHl mix
Ininl. 4,H!H,M1 MUM yd ; varnnt MibfMl
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Uf 1'nllod siata.
NO. 51
li nci
i : i
product ol
v mraMmir ami
. lay eotoi
il modern sri' nc
i h nrtlck'
10th. with (ho Linn County Ap
ple Show am the r.poninjr of a
fine now dopot as th foaturos.
As an evidence of tho enterprise
of this Albany donation each
and every MM of them bought
his round trip ticket and left Al
bany at four o'oclock in the
morning, starting to work in
Portland ut 7:15. They were
guests t a special luncheon at
the Portland ( 'mnmerrial Club.
Portland i rursionists will go
by special train and tho iwirtv
UNIT RULE FOR 1 RVV GROWTH herbs which they e
the offering to tho Croat S
being simply supplemental to
ONE INCH IN FOUR YEARS IS THE giving of medicine hut neM'rthr
SWIFTT.ST KNOWN. loss considered a necessary i
The Indian doctors also profess
l WMch AclMl Growth to he able i dream Ollt at Will . m.,k.M Tbana.fMat ProclaaMM Dl
nn una Ik ( NlSooo! WcSa--Cow-atrrctal
I'Hl M'AKHlNfl
H ilili n ujioii my
I n u I if i Trrpmft.
t i . il
il ii VOlUTLY
no iHK-r-sit,
.-w Sate! M I
of Trm Wan FmmI-Smk Varj anv problem wbidi is difficult of
Accrhif to Thir I oaM. solution during their wal
hours. After a novice succeeds
An inch in four years is the jn (,n;(T, wv ., ,-ui, i,.m oaSJaOOi
swiftest growth known in Ihe of isrffocolous .-tires to render Mm
f the trees. Farmers and fmmii: v,,, ...i.ia nrnnkv m hi
Washington dispatch says:
President issued today the
I Thanksgiving prtvlama- Ml
Southern Pacific Railway will
i'iutv ii corps of lecturer, every
one of whom stands at the top in
his particular line. This is not a
new venture, but one that is more
er model
ip clever
d, there is evi
irk such as wa-
y white
i:ty in
er) The
rhnpn 8 I
what def)
ruble hard
kon off, tl
peculiar fi
.. ,..:!.
irs w
I ptOS
is i
of how It
n the hut
ion avenue wn
h. The grave
iich Uteexsavu
f, hear outtb
waters muh'
3 in the romot.
modei low ii.
lodged, only t
titer per!
ha bemi
hich also
u :
i tiie
I u 4-ir
ii diuiiit!
be mui
furtlii up
blow St
until it lodg
eed uf
when the
u its
.. I Ftniil rnwtitinwa aavk nnil t- hai'A HA
will be 00e M the largest that i,u,v h""-" ' '.. ... curative attainments and m
has gone- from this city this fall. rp,iabl n,t ' to covert) them prwjj0(i()n.- as to events w
in knowing how long it takes tor
i ne .at min uemonscrauon , f ftn jn(. , t
train under the auspices of the : i ,,.. e a ..
They asked about m of the
country! prominent vehicle and'
w h'-i'l manufacturer'; drawing
their stock fnim territory
wlmrr birltflr vvhitp nnlt. ash
pOfRthv and d.s more good each am ,,, ,m.n)wt(, sHct and
succeeding trip. m , th,.m st,r armss Bcc.
Oregon tir never had a compli- j lions of these woods from MM
mont which meant so much as odds and ends about thoir shops.
the editorial which apjiean'd in were to be selected for the parlor matches
il hi r i t i.i . "
me American i,umn-rman oi average wmm oi gmwtn, and
last week, the world's
lumber journal.
will occur in t lie future. Dei
ver Field and Farm.
Perhaps some ol your
would be interested to know that
1 have found a simple, inexp
sivc.way to waterproof mu
into some moueu paramn ii re
being taken that it v is as nol sj
possible) 1 dipped a fen
After with
and allowing then t
sotting apart Thursday,
bar ii. as "a day of
Lafirbofl and prayer. ' '
Year by year. . ' declares the
proclamation, "this Nation grows
ngth and worldly power.
During the century and a ijuar-
U i that has elapsed since our en-
. i- h" rclv (irn llml luinl
lii hi. 'I -lieohng iiinM !' tlicliini'il
InihI' uf thf Aiiieriodii Land A l.ixr
to i.. - nrletly hretddta
v i, a r,.in,i hunt-
K ..i ! . !!' ' cn.orcilli il
lii thi fill mo i,i of ii Inn
K. H Hiii,
Hunch Manager.
being una i.l to ri. our nertoiisl
at I nil i 'ii in i ln coll.cliiin of lh ac
blucl. a sj i-inch space across the
average si.e ol ' gn.u tl, of the K., '
even lumlierinun in the country
parsonalb penned the editorial.
win n ptfrl :
In ihimI no stain to
make it batUtlful in color, it cltM
not have to be carefully selected
for grain, it takes a fine finish
and i and as hard as
niiiiiv i t the (roods used for finer iregisb ' the total in ink there
purixMcs. Km i no racmc .oasi ,on. men tne ..mtit.-i it ho -
are iuiin In and I on ull the samples of each
magnificent office buildings in of the several kind- t timlier
pered in material things to a de
gree never known before and not
now known in any other country.
I'hi 18 colonies which straggled
along J he seacoaat of the Atlan
tic and were hemmed in but a
few miles west of tidewater by
the Indian-haunted wilderness
have Ixhmj transformed into the
might ii i Republic which the
world has over seen. Its domains
: ' ch scrota the continent from
nc to tin- other of the greatest
woillii nlwl it avaniM tr,mitii,,n
annular rings. Tluy Ihen count- ..,,,, . , ,' ' alike in the Arctic and the tropic
wl the numlM'i of rings within I . ,
. - , . , .in the usual
the inch space on each block and ; M , . mm ,'. mm ,
inim in " in tin n ti" aino, , vi'iti'l
try into the circle of independent .,.., ,u, ., ,n. ,,. h l
peoples we have grown and pros- ..i,, ,i alii Mr. (' II Ijssnsrd. A
nailing ine SMe oi eacn diock was io ne r(K,i ., ., fnnn.l ihni
.1. h. lH'lohaugh one inch lengthwise, one inch ,,rni,Pui nimrt. - Mmiu.
editor of periodica and known I and one-fourth of an inch r,,ri. K.jtlp ooatd w ith the wax
ln";K- Severnl Were held unit.
They exammiKl these blocks i ,. . , .. ,
. , , lor six or soM-n hmirs and all of
carefully and marked on each ,u. i:i.. i
lin-lll HKnoil Ufl I'lUllljr UK IH'lorO
vim having fla""'il atnes 'h1 Hia-
.liiMi.n ..f en (.ain.f rphip a prcinpl
-i.ii-iii. hi of hr hsss i ioejsjggesi
M liiKM A iiVMi
rlli..u srrii
immersion. When the match is
which this wood is used. It will
not supplant mahogany and oak,
but should be Mod dde h
with than and (tor substantially
Mr. Defebaugh urges iU
fill i.iii.'.nii'i.Mii'ii
submitted and ir the usual way
thus ascertained the average
number of years required for
each kind of tn-e to grow an
inch. An inch growth ..'
wmik i iii mi iii m iiiio:
loretaJ omu of typhoid (evor
have developed tOOUg workmen
at the llorton & Saver mill dur
ing the I Mist umtiicr and it was
feared the ciuse was from the
Dr. Mar den sent some
I prcimons to the State Board of
Health with the following result:
Portland Oat Lt, l08.
To the State Board of Health.
Portland. On OB
I bore to report exam-
iui i 1 1 : -pecimens of
. from Dr. w l ..
I irtgon.
(1) Burns Mil-
i 1 1 i Boom
t iion eiiuunittion I have found
care- side represented. i en,
ii at- inches growth
They submitted iheouunt. pVS
it:..- and result to unquestionable
scieniilic authority. Thoir gen
eral conclusion was that it takes
from four Is live sisjtsi for a tree
to increase ore inch in diameter.
llu 1. my tns varied from 4.87
years to 5.93, according to their
location east or west of the Alle
ghanies. Oak required 4.68
years for the inch. ash. 4.91 and
poplar four years. Chicago Tribune
l I Ml IK M..KI v
A young Indian, who is auilu
tious to become a d.Klor, and fin
ally a prophet, learns from hi-.
father or other member of his
tribe the ROOM and medical pro-
portoOS of some herb. Ho eon
also, by presenting a sufficient
number uf ponies to a modidne
man, prevail upon the doctor to
unjuirt i he secret of the herbs to
him. Frequently Indians allei'e
be ver u leful on campil
canoeing trips, as they do not
aiiMrli moisture
ruhbing is required to huh'
than the OfdhsOf) BOtl I it
would be practically inqsi hie
i on tire b aocideiitaJ
dropping. Scientific Ante
MALHCUI Pass: hi vis
To the Editor:
:i!l sumns
had a chance to send in items of
irt of the Valley. Now
that 1 I k will tr
and SOI I ins.
tin liccuni of the dry aaoser.
there has not been much raised
ami the settlors all went to
they could get work. Many of
them oorhed at the saw mills to
get lumber to build with. There
an- BjOBJ SOW H houses in our
imri of the Valley.
We ha county road
it and surveyed.
Hove a stars and post office st
Win.h i'oint Wn
There has boon o great change
made si Wh sat Mr.
Brakeman lias just put up a
house anil barn also Mr. Hsaru
trichalarge dwelling and many
more have taken claims a long
the lake and putting up .substan
i year i
.1 the to iM-gin the all three are going to pui up gued ith all the strength that
Col pressat to ony of these that the secret is revealed t.. them uuil(l'nK8-
specimens and would pronounce in a dream or by a bird or an A and his f
an as saie ior iiiniKingor aomes- animal. Alter procuring it the returned iron, the saw
tic purposes.
Your r lily,
.ell C. Mai.sun m. n.
the Btote
Dr. VS. L Maisden,
ralms. The growth in wealth
and Hinilation has surpassed
"Wth in terriUry.
When I e in the world is the
average of individual comfort
and material wcllbeingas high as
in our fortunate land.
I ry reason that in
material wellbeing we have thus
'I. we owe to the Al
rnight, to show equal progress
in moral and spiritual things.
With a Nation, as with the indi
viduals who make up the na'ion.
material wellbeing is an indes
pOOSOl Ii inundation. But the
foundation avails nothing by it
self. That life is wasted and
t ban wasted which is spent
in piling heap on heap, those
things which minister meivly to
the pleasure ..f the body and to
r that rests only on
I miii material wellbeing as a
.1 ion must be raised the
n nt the lofty life of the
if this Nstion is properly
to fulfill its great mission and
accomplish all we so ardently
did desire. The things of
tin ImkI are good; the things of
i i but liest of all the
the soul, for in the Na
il the individual, in the
! ' i .ii it is character thai
us, therefore, as s people,
i luces resolutely against
1 with broad charity, with
friendliness and good will toward
but with unflinching de-
tloa to smite down wrong
Kev A J Irwin will raoh at
ll.irn.n th 2ml Similar of ach i
month at II a in. anil 7.JWp in I
Hal.halh ohosl amry aahUath al Vi
p. 09.
Tin- Ms hi. hunday ahiMii imvii.
ai n'cleck h Ooodoj anil a
SOldtal i i xIi'iiiIihI lo all
who can alleiiil In in.-. arilh u
At thr PfSSOyomaa chufoh
BotOS, Rati A J Irwin pMlnr.
DOfWSS BSFftsSS ISO 'Inrl anil fourth
HiimlavK nf SOOfe iiionliial II a. m .
anil 7 .H ' . in hali'iaiii SSSjOOl
10 a in. i-vifi " i lialh inniiuii(i
The Lsae Star
i lautfi , l'n.
Obr. Main ami II IMSSBV
Bakery in ennnoation
A Specisllj sf Ssert Orstrt
Tahln fiirt.ialifil ailh -v 1 1 i limp
I ha mark. I h ,r.U Your palnili
as -..hell. '
You Must Sleep!
3AM Awb owt sutr
II rL.oi OCtOMo-ia.
, .1,1
, AiM, i .-r o fat aaaSf
tflk to ferola tmt ko Oal
pm uafonvaato Mt. tal toarfoa at
t kiMillKlM.iMf toriap of aiHotpao
I So roaTSab Q atofcte otorteo auo
ovImm I- that rm mm a aaat T
I.I..I 1. i aaaa
:.4..:.. !....
Maaaao) TtUs a.wif wo i
oaH nnUji, HUaIiw.. fan..'
... k, Mwtol
Success in -substantial buildings, aho I i
their opinion is only possible wish r'ritch and Charl.y Ilradly an
tho Old of tl ' Spirit, and going to build good dwelling
in order to invoke the help of the houses.
ious .sac i
r or
resort to var-
ioOOO) ol iv- ,;, , ,,,,,
port mode to tl Hoard ol ,., ., Ul)(i yinj withtho
!)r- Ma , u-n-.- ;;il. ,,, ,, V.,,,U1U
uis.n ii without food or until they
oi specunons oi woioi sre completoriy exhsjaOsoi Dur-
1 1 n i -1 .
to ho
Qojsf lias 15 acres of
towed and it is coming up
Others are getting ready
re con. d , i in you
Yours eiy Iruly,
Root, i ky,
Health Officer.
here had
lie - iiuiln
n ill Lm adti
i in,-. Hi. ne tl
Italf far ev
I tiild in t
(,- ISMJ il
.,.ii:..s ami
e-u- and i
is detefmti.
doesii'l LBu l'ili withheld,
l national
I -.ii u!
gOll, W
can match
commencing i x( Monday. Mis
Augusta l! .. wiH touch.
W. IL K.
Hunting and fishing are strict-
ing this period they piofesstO
have been tauglit sosBO song, or
the great Spin areas with
than through a weed. bird, wild
anniiai or reptile. juent- b' forbidden upon any of tb
l.s allege that w ,me to Pacific Live Stock a. ranchi
them and bowl and that they un- Treapaaaers will be pro
country news- den at the aninutls nay. John (Ju.. i
;l- I li
ton State Dm
iei.- I 10th
i iwporai.
Ui a K-Vic i
: u o,-,-
legon i n
:l sOOtmu'
ajawatrtlsn a.
epoit. as i.:
piaoeaof In..
bag wuh r.
a pleasam thus
I'l : .,.
r I
treuluig a patient they
announced in the follow ng man- place tobacco in little jouchos
net. .. o York which 'they tie with clift
Tribune the acquisi ton in his d I hi ainted In Ion week f non Hsj
mestic cucie of .'.' "fair, fat and s sticks '' tou
about the if an ar- visiting old friends. Tl
"Bring out rass luind and row but somewhat lorn
ually ai ssubstitu
town. I . :s of llannel are
Sound the louu sni ... ened pa of the sticks A complete sectionhted t
let the nation rejoice; for one of and parmj ia the MoreO) at ten colors
the humbl ns of ihe com- bn I in- sticks are also gay- ing all large holdii
non wealth hath been justly ex- ly painted and inserted in the gotten out by .
alted .... rs, and we ground or en if rock 00 r. e$L00. M
have the honor to be thai fortu- tup of a bill. This id done to Sales Agt.
and moritorious individual, gain the favor with the Gn
Still I OSt proud; we yet Spirit and secure his assistance The I'avilla ( ... is
spook to our m sking their practice success- billed for fonr nights al tl
ally; but at the tone it must be ful of curing the patient under A. C. hall in tl
admitted that we feel several their charge. Tb. co or No. 11. This 00BBO0I
toller than we did a week flannel constitute, in fact, votie mot
ago. ' ' offerings and the custom is no place.
doubt of Oriental origin. They doubt will make good" with
Just n consignment of have of course in the meantime thi theatre goers in Bun
ladies and mi.saos cloaks Luna- given the patient a concoction of
burg t Dullon. medicine made from the herb or
en us for nghteousness in
i nid in private life."
HIS PISST rail noe
0 S Clark, a resident of I'a
Wallowa coonty, arrived
in 1.. Crande Saturday evening.
Mr. lark came to this coast in
1m. l and has been just ahead sj
iad ever since. There-1
...-. trip to La Grande gavei
bio. ins first opportunity to ride
on i railway train. Mr. Clark
says his first experience was'
pleasant, and he is not at all
sorry that the iron horse has
hi up with bun at last. Ha
the race has been a long
l.ul th engine h..d
1 a 1 ir.ihd. Ob (.. 1
To those afflicted with kidney
- bladder trouble, Iwckscho,
rheumatism, Pineules brings rs-
i.. first dose. Hundreds
;iople todoy testify to their
remarkable healing and took
. s. M days' trial $1.00.
purify the blood. Sold by
.me Pharmacy, Burns,
Ore., Fred Hsinss. Harney, Ore.
It N IBUHliail 10 OVtSUISMtt
tsi aiceur or sutr.
umm coansuio aitinjMaiu
M nn 1 10 raoouct umasht
o I '
Jianiiaiai.toH HaSarlkoU S rmmWmi
Unwo AciTTum .. IMM. aWiol Mo. Mttl
la ial Ul im ouv Ut M. vlS 000S
a utel h,. k. u. uSor. miilif aaaM
om4 oU.a, . . IU oouS a iaahi Maw
port '. io-i.i Wat aaolo. 1 o v
aota1 Hiiuiuov
The Sleepine Co.
Rom... T.uot BU .CLEVUNU.O.
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
You certainly an- interested
in the largest and most com
plete Stock of New Fall and
Winter Goods (Mined in the
We nre showing e hincj
new. no exceptions arid to huv
iriv at our place mean i
better selection Ladies cloaks
,tnd w aists I Nrect Importation
Burns, Oregon.
ii .i:iuiu4uuuu:i.-n:uitiuuuttutiiintti!in-
The Harney Valley Brewing Co.
Mmiulm ttii
l-'amily Ira.W MMM free IMIvvry
T. E. JFNKINS, Mitnacer
-:-. .
TBM0M A !' l'
Burns, - - Oregon.
o.3ro Xllo DEXota.d.q.a.artora.
vViru's. liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
l..hjiu..J IT P BITTER ilD
rRicnciuTM fi in
MMM ISTe itoue
aUinU tor
rrfco Llai
Cirt ul.iik.
aausiaruat. wus a
I. I. i WIS
ftiUss lisl u fsrsisk
Ssi kat ISSOMSa
The Burns Flouring Mill
99 mKmam :
fjfC- al IjOb
aai n yWiTLL
1 -loivi ''ts'WuM In
flOSa vMaaLar aLKaa
Ml Lnylu litUivi I
alOM TO. . iVANT, Pi opt.
iM0DEIIKII0,ikllMII.I.I,K0l.l: IMm.1)
fully fiit,
MUfh 1 1 iff, tit
fm n 1 ,i,i ,,, . , Ji i t,i"
All kinds ai Mill Feed always oi Hiod
Good Seed Wheat for Sale
-1 Laxative Couh Syrup al
bringS quick relief U SOU
m, colds, hoarseness, whooping
."Ugh and all bronchial and
throat trouble. Mothers espec
ially reccommend it for children.
Pleasant to take, gently laxative.
Suld by The Welcome Pharmacy,
iiurns, Ore., Fred Hoioos. Har
ney, Ore.
accent I) EolaurgaO
25 OC0 New Word
N 1 -3tler r Iho Wvrld
. .MS
Painting and paper hanging
Job printing-Ths Times-Herald A. Horton.
1 I'AMMuuUa
. ..1 !lu.l!uu.
lluarta fagus
. taMUaaoaau Sk r v-m
eded In Kyory Hornet
mr'.CiiSltUDkUoy I
J I 1 , Jvu i , jtlfH.-t
i'Li i 0 1 a i--fcaa. $ '-'-f-ajr I
1 I
(JiaJu I
epjajaO ,,4
. . ufeooa 'eVsaVM
iti-rials' 1I4, Mfta.
iiiniii::iiii'itiiiiti,i.i'Uiuui:Mi . ,
Iff , O eon
Afford lit. Hest A ccom moda turns
tube hud in Hanu ( ouut
I he palruitage ot ail gueU under the old
sspocialiy sylicitad.
iSmte pax day, l.S55
James A. Fanning, Manag r
- - '' . -
'-' '"
Job Printing.