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Official TupiT of Harney futility
be lanret rirrnlalinn an. I in oni
it lvcrtl ng nmliuma in Kaatern
Jl -I rnrVV-V
f 1 I I 1 I I
"! rlUBrti foiintrfl
ri mi am of fl,42a,,i00 arrra of
lanil, 4,ll:M,fiAl arira yrt vat-atit SBhJl I '
lii.nlrv timliT tlio pniillr I a ml lawa of
iIm Canst) sitr.
NO. 26
' Ef "
mw m
M fca'
In ParttaaS
MK M Tit
ffJBcnllev the
the same way
k and .ther eastern
Bep an- kept on
Hhil and East
P the bllsr
Mflna. Wyoming
or nominal-
husiness in a
d sheep arr
ber- at trifling
will thrive
nd the gnw-
ihle. and the
i menswu'i side" arr
compared different
fatteninpr lamlw.
lambs from Wyoming, that were
fed 10R days on corn and clover.
made an average daily gain of
.244 pound, practically a quarter
of a pound.
It took 4.77 pounds corn and
4.5 poor, r to make a lb.
of gain. Each lot nf lambs re-
4 twice weekly U pounds of
a mixture made up of four parts
of salt and one pound sulphur.
During the experiment
rations CROSS
atiid i
one of
he oo
i that
he t'il' sheep
t r . I '. has
New York,
V there
A Washington.
i date,
is show
Hn is
tisnsYiin when it
stssnfc Multnomah
had only
Tasco ha
Lfts 8.210. while
lMjBh Ijine foun
Croek had
ftad only 684
jhflfct.l:'.:. Wash
ty bad
xinenBte determina
tes mfde known to
oil Bpwcking-hnuse
the ci
hin-ilia urart anlrlnm out rf nana
whien allowed them only a trifle Bta.'
over 7 square feet per lamb, and
they seemed to suffer no in
convenience for the close con
finement. The proposition of feeding the
ninge lambs at home is worthy
of serious consideration. The
packing-houses have got to get
Duality as well as quantity, and
the farmer- of Oregon and Idaho
can prodtn inlity as well
as the farmers of eastern states,
i astern t; m't begin
to comjK'te with the western far
mer in fattening lambs, if the
same study end intelligence are
put into the business in the west
The second pou that the
wheat and alfalfa farms of M
.illcy farms
of the Willamette need the fer
tility badly that the feeding d
at home would give them. If
unch of sheep lc fed on the
farm every winter, the furm will
very soon double up its yields.
Portland Journal.
RKHTMNO NOT 0001) em Oregon region will 1m made
more than ever tributary to San
Francisco, more than ever dis
STOCkMEN SHOfin SIUKT BREEP connected from Portland.
N STICK TO IT. But as for this kl.imath-Iake
region. Port land people art"1 to
blame as veil as H.uriman. By
acting with sufficient energy n
enterprise soMM year agv. they
could have prevented this result
and Iwund that region to Port
lnnd. But this was not done, as
fKr. M.i.i.v4imi(ino ,f l-n.l.-. II if It
,.' Spirit and written by one Roacoe. 41 , ,. ,, " . ','. i
tno tr .u r Alaska, the ( o'linile valley, Til-
t IW writer traiw nrwdlat In
M lantcaca Pratact Mwtai
AaiatalUtvcii FHac.
In the Hade of April 10th is
an article copied from the Rural
Knox on the subject of
but the animals he
i his article were mon
grel bred animals, and not cross
as he calls them. Cms-:
breed in v
pure bred animal, of one breed
to a pure bred animal of anoth-
n-ed. ! Pit. if IN
were to breed a pure bred Clyde
mar. ue bred Percheron
horse, the offspring would be a
cross bred animal. An animal
I in tlii way might be bet
ter than either sire or dam. but
would h.'.vr no )' ' power.
that is, it would not have the
own iecul
iarities i i'ring with any
ainitj The progeny almost
almook, and other regions were
not improvinl. Sometimes it
seems to be a wonder that Port
land fro ring
Indifferent it I
ending its domestic trade
area. .Journal.
New froth garth n
tly's includiti
tmmmnmm lewesi eeeeeieesM
said to h w i H nenj pwperty of
CfMk CawitT Jri Otektratr II Nmri mM
ItrwiiM tR frM ! (Mlt Urn
lw Ur In IVaKmNar).
No II II m;
N o lee i" lv rci.N ivrii i bsl henl
inn hi. 'i iaeeilii up "
inrnU f iho Aejeriean Lead A I
phook 0e -h,,iiv MeWddee
n psteee or pseMM towed beat
inst or trespassing r i ! I ! .t ..-. i-til.-.l
ii. ill- toll sileM ot Ui- law
I IIm.
It oi. h Mn
-n-m ot.
i Portland Corn ponden
The Cxks Bay Harbor has jusi
issned a Woman- Edition in
the auspices of the Beautiful
American Club. The lest known
women il the stale have contn
ue and it is a suc
cess from ev l-int.
A Reddinr Calif., press dis
pateh says: Southe n l'ai
torests will build I railroad from
Goose Lake, on the Oregon line.
to Anderson, in Shasta county,
with a branch line to Vina, in
Tehama county. Articles of in
eorpenitiea of the Genet Lake
and Southern Railroad Company
I ! . I 'a!v in
William P. H.rn.. W. 11.
and J. L Wileutt. ail BouoWll
Pacific officials.
offered at two to one that if the
jury reachel a decision at all the
verdktt would be an acquittal.
This opinion was owing to the
bad reputation of Urkin Elliott,
the alleged accomplice and prin
cipal witness for the prosecu
tion, for truth and veracity, the
unreilabilitv of whose statements
The members of the Portland wa. thomrht to ho e '..I.
invariably t. r the parent Realty I lyed, in addi- lished by five responsible wit
that has the longest line of in- lion ridette the incom evidence was also offer
berttano family fixed parable Columbia, a full day's ,.,,.( i0 slow that within the
characteristic outing at Bead River, In Sat- as, year Elliott had remarked,
Mr. Knox claims that thekon- unlay, where the were enter- "We Wl have to burn Sam
. his country were 1h in a most gracious wav. smith's house and run him out
years ago than the ones we now . , , . , ,,r ,k .,,-
i ue vhi urv.i hi rviuriiiiiii. " w"m;,
Harney. Lain and Malheur conn- The ev idenci- against the le
tiee, comprising some three hun- fendant was largel.v circumstan-
dred thousand acns t. be 'i:d and but for the testimony of
opened fr settlement. Much Mrs. Larkin Elliott and Thomas
tital is Ixhind tl, rori Huston it is doubtful whether
and '-ces.s- the state would have had a case.
Another factor in the eonvictlan
thai the promise made by the
which only needs improved tinn l irict Attorney to the jury,
make it 'bat Elliott would not be grant. !
one of the mo-- productive aid immunity but would also be pun-
popular of the North- iabed for the orime admitted
west, and toe rapid settlement I he case went to the jury at
of these lands will force th Krk yesterdav evening. On
building of tra ition lines, the first ballot the vote stood sv-
en to tivc tor c .ir. ictioii. r ive
ballots were taken, when the
A special to the Oregonian
from Prineville. Ore., says:
After delileration covering more
than 1 f hours the jury in the
case of c. Sam Smith, charged v,,l '
with burning .1. N. Williamson's
shearing plant, brought in n ei Hlng aniVtU to rIts mtrpi
"lilty, at 12M5 o'clock aHsatlwa lo ins willtuiion ' ib sc
his afternoon. iouni diif hh, ihr an hvi
The verdict was a huge sur- plaesd nlth Mr. C. H Leonerd
to the people here, most of year having lapsed sleet las ii-
w hom were exiecting a disa- eslntl if eepartwerehlp a arempl
r,rement. Wagers were freely I ' lennif the en breaeestes
MIH-l I v A lit VHV.
M(Mjiihi Nf r 14 r
have. My memoi- M car-
ite that far. but 1
do know that the horses we had
.irs ago wore far infer
ior to th. at the
present time. Thai is. the hors-' in those days would
Dot the people
to (!:. ley used to
raise a good horse occasionally,
but I have seen some of tl
good horses that w ian
and balky that they could
work them after they had ra.
them. N who has mode a
the prin
ing and the laws of hereditary
FVam A rtoria
nwl fnnii I '.
imiiany will build from
ep fa-r east side of Goose Lake at a
cking nouses want
the tpiiHirtiiiit que.
connection with the Oregon
Eastern Railway to Alturas and
the ouaiitv to ibrough Modoc. Lassen and S has-
H lambs taken
i the fall and
jBut for a month
t rapidlv
Th grand ebam
of fat rang-
o. last v,ur.
and fa
were South-
Veniged I!.
in the
and utter
Mr. K
transmission, would think of
l.r.Nl. liner I., th.. ,.l.l mnnim.1 t,l tile baseball CnUW
. VMWWp w . V-. ..
scrubs that w had fifty years
I hi I something
about tbis breeding
sad experience." Forex-
ample: I had a mare that
to Ashland.
has full hold
oi the stau. and every
lot is being utilized in prep
lor later coin.
i luuh
red the
hie u t
pufp i
iiities to Anderson on the
s",i; ""u'- a diemnce rf ad new U poanoi and a fine
W miles. A branch line will ,unimal. She got fa foal
extend through M-kLk- Lassen. nU:l. g horse tiiat was
;riumasano lenama counues 10 mo8ty thoroughbred. The
urn, in me last named county,
a surveyed distance nf 79 miles.
. ... up.rai siock is et ditiU(rice ,,,- vt.r lW()
or .. una a4u,ws' hundred miles. I will
has been pa.d to the treasure ding
. ti. ludingtoii. ine uoose
rg Commercial Csnh
is after a practi anry man
to co-operate with th' pie of
Roseburg in e- ng a fruit
he greatest attractions , during the reading of the verdict.
..I' Pnu P will: 1 1 u.'! II lu. iku not even I'lmnirinir i-i.lnr ni..n
... 11 .1. . 1 " ' - '"" " ",v .- -1"
K'n.i wan biiiuii iiiart; 111..1 1
sold for $50.00 after takih
votes changed from ten to two
fem oiLni'ietii.n til reiiu i,mniriiil
vacant ' ' ' "'" ""' ''
until iLH.11 today, at which time
the jury requested the court to
repeat the instructions relative
to the law governing circum
stantial evidence. Fifteen min
utes later the jury returned a
verdict of guilty.
Smith retained his composure
Oban ii 1 bra s stM . f u
SnmUv SnniUv tchool I m, m lnl
ii'i'ihi Mri'lillK Kl 7 M M.i-I-inuii
rr hi'M in M. .ilci, .
ti.v a J Irwin will geaans i
ii.irin'v m lad Jaedei sf seek
month st tl n. in. mid T ;UI p m
Hsblinlh wcIkmiI every ssbliatb id I
p in
Th Maraey Baaday ssheel '
at '2 o'l-liH'k eeeb. Sunday mill 11
ronlinl inviUlicm i . 'Led,, I I,, ll
ant 1 m setead h ' 1 1 iih
At iIh- Praaaj U nee shared
Bares, Rev, A .1 Irwin pasesr.
irviii' srvtem ihethitJ himI haetl
Inadaye nf eaah i ibai m n .
and 10 p in 'anhaik h asal at
Ills 111 iv.iv Siililmtli iiiorniliK
Jtirtt rrceived n beautiful line of Indie'
waiata in Kmhroidrried, Ijkce and net
waists for Spring;.
Something Very Stylish in Lawn and Silk
Our Hrnvi jroodn department will show a
very attractive display of Lawns. Silk
Mulls. Mercerized Chambrays. Corrine
Suitings and Ingomars Three goods are
the .latent production for thia season.
New, Embroideries and Lace and
a beautiful line of IndiaLinons.
Our Nioc department is
complete in every way and
we can satisfy the most
Fastidious in foot wear.
Remember we carry the
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
imimmmui onasasntt:
I be l.uiic Star
'liln i.-. PfOfth tSff,
Dm Main nikI It MriU.
Bakery in eunnaetion
A Sneciallv si Short trfcrt.
TnUs furiiiii.i Hiih eeeryteiai
the market nil nix Vi.ur palrsa
agr miheileii.
The jdarney Valley Brewing Co.
Manilla, tun r "I
lamllv Irailc SolklleU f rr Orllvery
T. E. Jff NKIN8,rMunour
. . -
Lake and Southern,
vith the will
a croes-fountry line
b9 Valley to the
'i.ohile learning his fate,
held ihjriiiK ' Wl" move for s new
thf afternoon of Thur.idav. June trial to... i row morninir If thin
. -------
11 """ 4th. ThU will be the greatest
lUll-r ...;,,. aaaaaai ..vr holil nn th
.1 i iiren ii rii i-tf i ' i i in i .. ... . .. ..... . .. ..
ramie oust; ine aourae lies eaax , win not u- reH-atii. it tin-
Kiieu uiHiui 'too puuilUA iu u
is grunieil. they say errora which
the;, regard ax vital in the
' id Pel lone.
aAnring made a mare
ueii'heil nluiiit 1 KM) nourwhs
Orsgon Short Line Railroad, tap , , u ft fu blood
run Bullion, an I
must b
i i
lumad '
an. t;i
. Bol
KsMsT 1 '-
continue to
rial to
k rapid
ant and it
n tht ground
b and e.jen
Bhe grain and
in will
and afenh available,
. ioraon verting his
This H
o anu otner
ot depend on
nf feeders
ev intend to
he henebd of mak
on it up to
the Walker timber belt, the
greatest in the Stale, and crus
in Siutheastern Qswnen
Northeastern California
greatest area in the country that
has no railroad.
BSBBBBsVl.le Mull,,. I ''' l'"1'
spriii).' kling that in good
condition will weigh 1. ''' iniundj
am! the man that has worked
sans! for the ja.-t twelve
years thinks he is a good enough
e are too many people In
ity like Mr. Knox, who
At a ii ! Utah heap think thi kind of hordes their
men Saturda afternoon, Mav i, lathers ieat.
final urrangemenls were made When 1 was a boy, I thought
for immediate shipments to Ii.- m fall. sea ware pretty
ton pi 10.000,IXMJ pounds of the good, but 1 think 1 own betu i
lyow clip, which will be stored in horses now than my father ever
bond, financial institutions at the saw.
Massachusetts city having agreed We have eatab oreedaof
to make liberal advances of mon- all the di t domee
ey on the wool, says a press re- tic anim ,an who
port. is in the stock business should
storage of the dip at Bos- select the breed that suits him
ton is the outgrowth of the de-best an I to that one breed,
termination of Utah sheepmen and not mix them up in a hap
to oppose tiie brokeraj.'e combine, hazard sort of way, as it has
inch this year offered 10 cents general; he- custom here
the pound, 12; wer than in Great county to do.
of thi- city, each lap king 14
miles, and a grandstand seating
10,000 paopk has been en ' -1 in
full view of the start and tii
of the races. No n will
bt sBewed to enter which are
not of a speed of 65 and
dies per hour. Three magnuV four
cent silver tropl
ed for each liaed at
$500 $250. ami four at
$100 each. I ourse
dition, the i 'I to
all '.i of the
M and
ineiils of the Oregon National
(Juan A te the
grandstand will In- reserved
use of any w ho may wish to
view the race:-; from aut'
or carriages, while telepho
stationed at dili nU will
aiiiiouici to
not granPil, notice will
be given to appeal to the Supreme
Court There is no question
that this case will he fought then
to the last ditch.
Later news states that Smith
i t were sentenced to
years each in the pnj
Judge Jiradshaw denied
t a new trial and
was imposed
counsel al once ,
appeal to the supreme
This serves to postpone
the B
the execution of sentence and
the defendant was allowed his
libert;. on an tnnpjnanj hsnj
owTakio luKHfctv av st aovto
-3AM wh "Nt irt.r
aaw: 4a i . , i . I
- i -Jl
UW -! Ifmmti. !. f
m-i , . .a H
Ek Oonf
leri s fanf, cssl filam si sVer $t las
Harney Valley Brewery Saloon
Cigar of Hrt Quality
V-.7..SO.V & OLIVER, lroprUrton. Iturnt. Orrgom
lftH ii a ITfltfltllt. l'r.irl.lom.
Burns, Oregon.
HVsi2ce Tlila I-3:oad.q.a.atrtxL
incs Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms In Connection.'
llltlMfO'. HI IIIUII
THI hlCfsiiu vt ufic. ros
lsns coansuii) uiru'.taiti
ti USUI iu raouvct nasi
Oranen authorities are in cor
ith Idaho oHicials
in regard to moving the salmon
rats of the races, hatchery from Ontario to Amer
to hf made on ican Falls and there is a strong
bulletin boaj
- .rauctioi
.- Alfalfa is
clf& there, and
jf fseBig is done on
OnBnan at Hill-
H 4o,uoii
', and hi ay he
s too ftr his alfalfa
ich mas
omplained and certa.
taanioi .ale. the highest,
offering, howe
for a limited quantity of wool.
The she each i
15th '.g that barn in
auckv .- gyo
fhose tention ;
The Utah Associat: broedinj
committee to Boston ge for a pu: go)
foi storage and the advance of ha iiii
money in order that gi utnani ifi li:ue M
A. 8 week
Boms. I '.ring in any
i have for
al at-
-ales in the
T. Sun ii,
fait. might .successfully continue I
EmH" lamb.- ? without disposing of '.lie
atiaa v C''J' at 8hna- The committee
wa highly successful and Satur
ineeting wa the culmina
tion of the light.
KAILk.AU ifO I Aki i si,
'bility tliat such action will
en as the question is hsinf
Kly agitated and auii.
balk taU;s wh' '.
ated the matter seem fav
ly impressed with nutking
At preaent Salmon cannot get
, the hatchery at Ontarhl and
many complaints are being re-
i by the state game ward n
residents along the rivers
that empty into the Snake river
f Ontario. As salmon can
not ascend the river above Sho-
Falls the fishing for that
Jib .
. A.I Jwi
- i
hgjst V. i U Unset
The Sleepine Co.
RIMr. i..lllMi.(UVKIAW,(l
( TTI11 i
. A I aWlllA
a i i i i i swsnjnnnjnnnannnjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjnnnnnnnnnnn
- . f 1 sssnm V
i Al CEirlaTIUi- ' '
luiCTlaailnsVlsnl m UiliTi i i
1 r; rAiuiuJuiio
r... UMndnU J I HOKE
I oceoo UHf efijt dllU IIUWCJ
! Dcsutllul Hnrky Llat
oo.i.,,.. mr w oircutsrs. ! Mynw ssurisi
a law. I n nn ' fir '"""
t n BTsnsnsnV t
- i ; "'""
-..-ol t. fcv.ji:
i - ,
The Burns Flouring Mill
i, tAt. oats and
te a aft of one forth
Hturued a pro
tiead. al st of
Bg purchased
Ht a pound,
ind nffl at from 4i
lion 't co id off when
you can get a guaran . monarch of the rivers is
Cough Syrup, limited to a small territory and
Mr. Han. man, it is announced, It is espee. led f ui if a hatchery is moved to Amer-
will also build a road into Lake children as . ant to take, ican Falls there would be no fur-
county, as he lias built or is i,; a gentle laxative thus expelling1 tiier cause for complaint. Capi-
building one mu Klamath, from the u from the system, ml News.
Getyoorpai bargain. to connect those great, For cougl , croup, who ,
harley 1.10 if more than rich Pre mg-cough h m and alf i'Khbl'A.SMM.
1000 lb orders. Rolled barley in 1: hand for a chial U'ouble. Guaranteed. ii .
sack $1.U5 on Davis corner, ry ing on these projects, but not Sold by The VS. Pharmacy nuJIdjoiuioBurur TrMuJas-
0ats$i.5 per 100 II,. (ha... H. a dollar for building in Oregon Burns. Oregon. Fred Haines. , re will U oroaecuted
station, Davis, Harney, Ore. 'otherwhere. That great south- Harney, Oregon C H. VOEOTLY.
Fully nuti14-il in i iiij fmrtii tttur nuA
sujiii,iit ii,i(ij i.i .-Mtpili) the country
i i i.l in ,i KHt i,
All kinds of Mill hoi always oo Hand
Ml: VtRI mm MARkfcl mitt PAII m 1001 MILLINO WMIUl
j Good Seed Wheat for Sale
6C Id
prU, :
Job Printing.