The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 14, 1908, Image 1

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    f Cintes-Hrrnlo
Th OIHehll Ppar ol Hurnnr (' Mint
lm tin" Urtfi't circulation ntxl llONIi
tin- Im"-i ri.l .-rtis'iiK MdiMM ill Kn'"
fh Wrenl ftnrntg Cotttttru
t 'tiM'm mi nrrn n( A, 428,100 am ol
litml, 4,tUt,lM arm yet vnrmit onlijcet
nlrv nnilir tin' (ill tilic. ImimI lawi of
il I'niliil Stall.
NO. 17
It late Prof. I. C. Kiiwll-- lien
rHgatlnn In llarnrt mil
Kintrrn (Ircfun Section.
well;' can probably be
ii number of districts
r eastern Dragon and
oni Irlnho, according to
swiied by the United
1....I. .irii.u I yiirirnv ny
ipplv I'iiiltNo. 78. This
Lchich was prepared bjf
rot'. I. ('. Missel, is the
geological invostign-
arts of ( an vi in and
unties, Idaho, and of
and Harney counties.
ade with the spcn:il
discovering localities
,'ing water run M 0P
drilling wells.
lenci of artesian con-
an area is t'reiniently
y geosogi ita from a
ii'k structure. In what
termed an art.
i.vers of POOk are bent
so a: i" resenili!'' a
low plate-shaM'd dish-
iine within another.
n of the bedfl ! rock
nd allows water 0BB-
rain on its upturned
rcolate into ii. Abov
the wntorihnrgcd lav
e-teMmeii roeJa . tiki
irevent tin csoniie ol
ill the bed betv
iimiher of such BtrUCl
HI found in the re-
d bv Professor I
rs is also emphasized. Own- NEWS NOTIiSPROM PORTLAND her.
hould lie compelled by law
to case every drill hole in an ar
tesian basin that is. to placo an NEW CFOtmPHII s NVM1 UN
iron casing or tulie in the hoh ATTENTION TO ORE0ON.
fJMde sufficiently liirht to prevent
water from rising outside of it.
She had no weapon. The
ite hurried it- t-eth in her
shoulder when she caught it by
the thro At and choked it. I his SIU.M is THI si titil STIOV ol POUT
zi'NMMRiitxm-nroK arm-
is the first instance known to us
that a o'voii Marked a
human when it had a chan.'e to
should be put in Thl s""1' 'l'"i" " Sl"" ' l,or " "rln
n. . In( I'mKrn People lo the Nnrth.tM
that remains ..pen. -other vi oMtrr..t. DuritiR the past inter :o wild-
Ihe low,.,- end ot the cas, c:itshue b. , n killed IvtWtMB
should be . i iisi above the water- Professor R. S. Ton-, occuping Push and Howe's ranch, a
hl'.iriiur liiwl hi- B Kill III 1 . . t l il. i . ..
" , . , the chair of Phvs en Oeoeranhv ""' (1' "vt nines, aionn uk iwcnen its zenith ant
:z;;z:T:rz;:z .. 0,,, ,,, -- . jz -
. imiuci iini wi mvot w "fiv." i'" chfm v mi ii'iui n tin I' nm
UCatkm and
a man ol
Mi Haml
no rKRapAH.-MM'
.--- .'.'."..,r.'.:'.'.'r.''.r. I
N I If In r. lltlllt
i a t hooting umit Hit t n
1 wiiI it i In in I. mill A
St. irk c,i a itrii i iv Forbid It n
Aim pafMtl Of i- Ull found Inn '
I the cattle market alrcadv l"g or treeastitg lll li proaecutt-d
1 , In Hlr lull HI, III ul
....... , g
rkrd 0n,r Can Vol I orce Prlie Hw
M Intl. Ucrtlai. la TM
Puper kllkm Sti tv
l ii
of unusual size and without doubt
any one of them was
that food had bam plentiful.
rape of water from an ar- author of a (reography now
n basin in excess at the nat- as a text book in a vast number
urnl overflow means a decrease ol schools throughout thel'iiited
in pressure on the portions re- Slates, and in revising this book
mnining and eon-ciiiiently a low- is paying especial attention to
ering of the artesian head. In the development of I hvirtui nnd
arid regions especial!;, the pro- Washington. The Portland Torn- It i- reported that the wife of
blcm of economically using wat- nwcial Club has furnished Trtif- a business man of Canyon City
er and maintaining the artesian essor Tarr vi r.v complete data on did not want Prairie City flour,
head is a matter of public con- OragtXl, together with a number as she could not make bread o I
an. Ii should also be reiuired of thoroughly representative pic- it at all. sasihe Miner, lbi
bv law that every artesian well lures, and genuine interest on husband secured an empty flour
when not in use should be se- the part of the author is appar- sack with the Simwtlake brand.
curd, detail nnd that even ah- eni from a request for further filled it with Prairie City Hour,
andoned well in an artesian area photographs on specific subjects, and brought it home. "Now. you
she. ild be completely filled with Washington's commercial bodies see;" she said while cutting slice.-
material. An arte- Wl" ,,ui1 'he hverrreen ol a tine, snow-white light loaf.
I themselves. The IhIc
i . rivalHin thismnrkel have
enough to la) a deer or an elk .i wonderful degree of
calf. Thc wire all fat showitu' Strength to rule locally, but try
sian basin is not an inexhaustible State is proper!) taken care of. this Is not from any
reservoir, and even practicable The Urn Angles Times, the rolton Praiiii ;i,mr."
... . M ,.,. I ... I ......... I tl 1 .
tin tins should lie employed lor " I'-'i- ' ' ine mmmwmm,
nservation and legitimate
H thi y migbt. bj curtailing
shipments the lien! owers could
hot fore.' the price almve the pre
sent level. Killers stay awa
from the market when a higher
price is asked because tin
vond present Agurss the) can
not possibly do a profitable busi
ness. The low pries of meats
compared with the pine of Mock
on the hoof is the all absorbing
tpic among packers, and thai
do not hesitate to say
Being iinitMn tn tf
Hlll'lltl 'Il lo I Ii eol
SOUtHI -I tii' ii-. idr MtSM h iv BOSS
ii i silk Hi ii i -.I
yi nr liHVri ( i l.i I
-"in i ni on i'iii'mi tini it prom pi
fiili in, ni i,t ihs on.
M Ml-lo A l.l Ml
Krliiintf Scrlir
CI I AKIII OVsl $70.
$7I.7c one presenl ex-
presseil a verj enjoyable even-
sry muck pleased
ttioli ot the supposi-
waii' under pres
beneath the sur-
aivi is found in many
lie occurrence oi warm
hose with tenixratur
from 7u loloodegm
water in artesian 1...- Of COUI nnot
The dance at the N'arro..
night. March 8, was by
far tin IBOSl successful
vet in the intaresti of our new
school anil some 70 was cleared.
Tbtal No. tickets sold iKlat $1.00
each. Mi rson cht
the hall leaving77.60.
includes in its market reKirts
grain quotations for the Pacific
Coast. It is significant that only
Portland and Tacoma npenr in
mnection. This
inn rVanekwo pap
m of thi i luon sur-
tie Pacific Northwest in
tlieescellen llilic school
and On onununitJes are
n the
long as present condiltioii; piv
.iil the can stv not the slight
ird of two men on 20 1 t likehhiHMl of any cattle ad
of land near Medford, from voice. Portland Journal.
19, 1907, t" .lanuary 17.
Qardan truck sold. $2.2.V";
alfalfa hay. 10 worth ol
now on band and
not sold. From two cows they
,'lding another 1100 to
d besides the
famil.v living has been made from
Narrow anil Sun.-1 allr
MullH-rt mad
Narrow Pridaj
Miss Mary
hort st.
I Saturday.
I peoplt I the
Sin nd-
u Hall makii
' ' "i nil .... ' ill. ii oi.ini, ill. i.llli'H?
State 1 . !a1"'L J1 ::.. liv,! . that ,. has I,,,,,
il appro-
ce o
enable it to
i . , .
. 1 1 1 i . i t 1 1 1 i i
other minor expense.- amount
Ii ,,..., ,., ,, i ...i ... I Ol Utol
ing to 15.80 leaving u balance of " '
nh oi
. . in .1 1. 1 . ,. u 'hi I Ii. ii i il....... f,ril..
,..rl...ol !" "imr.. "I " in -in iMiv. ,ii,i,
rnun eigui act,
nir. rntnu t awiiieiti
11) wen dou 'i from II
n,j in . visit tin week.
I ir-i iiiur, I, i lio-i arli hoi i , iii
Snii.l i lit. I i w.i
m in i ,i lim ni I m.i
that as Isgi " snW In Mi Mallsn'i Sttnltn
!! I II i'l Will ili'.ll II III
II illii' Iks '-'ml sniiil i , ! ii Ii
month itt 1 1 h. in. iiml K)i in
Salilmlh S0hoo eViTV mililmlli
a. m
riir iiiuiii sm ,i ij tcbool ii" i-
M 'i o'fliK'k r;i, Ii Siiniliiv Mini I
SOHUI UivilHli' i
In, i mi attend t A with u
Al til'' l'i 'i loin I,
Hum hV -i Irwit i
l, vii,
illiil;i nl ii Ii iiiniilliiii I I
iiml , St) i ii. ii
III ii i
Jus! received a beautiful line of Indies'
waists in Kmhrniderictl. Ijtre and net
waistn'for Spring.
Something Very Stylish in Lawn md Silk
Our dress gottd department will show a
ver) at tractive j display of lawns. Silk
Mull. Mercerized (hamhrays. Corrine
Suitings and Ingomsrn -TheHe goods are
the latest production for thin neaaon.
New Embroideries and Lace and
a beautiful line of India Linons.
( )ur Shoe department is
complete in every way and
we can satisfy the most
Fastidious in loot wear.
Kemi'mher wo rnrry the
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
take all tin
centled from the sur-
i the lauperatun
ggagasj with depth,
the water bun pene-
the higher will hi
The increase n
fclture of the earth i
of about M I
regions is in generul
gree F. tor each BO
there is considerable
voring the conelusiop
gslu'i ii Itiiiiio ami ati.ia
it Oregon the rale of
approximately 1
each l.'i feet in depth.
1 of 60 feet the tein-
rcsponds to the mean
rature of the
inch in thi.-, ragion
tely 50 degrees l ,
pring in this i
rature of 98 degrees
rreea above the tem-
the stratum of no
iation, it would be
lude that the water
depth of at least !7o
hat stratum, or
the surface Such
uld therefore
lion of the depth to
I should be bored lo
e water-charged rock
Kubaell calb alten-
act that while warm
indicate the pies
alei --charged layer
apply Rowing wells,
or one having ih
of more than 100 de
so tavorable an iu-
ot springs ordinarib
pths an fsagl that
conn' from a well
r -charged layer it
vailable us a source
most purs
n water is uaed, a-
f drilling to I
referred to, which
PfjR'il free of chargi-
Hto the Director of
1 Survey at W
contains a discu.s-
urle.siuu conditions,
m diagram. . and des-K-ious
basins, whose
shown by a sketch
iled account of the
ings of the region
d suggestions are
to the size of drill
f wells, and prcs-
11 records, the im-
hich is too
Manes ami will have t" thank ear
neighi their in
terests in our children and hope
their school houses will :ioon have
t0 bl 'iilargetl that we may re
lurn the treat. Mr. (upt. QOU
an ilonuted u short but most in
ng talk on the enterprise
and liveliness of the iieople of
Sunset Valley. Beaakl that in
iibl be supp
1,'iiiteii Mates, r ranee ami ran
enc i 'he mine 'lM'1
worth of ni from i mi Naff been disturbed
ininl ol an acre ol iiern- . i. ilil- Im- tlie na-.l week n. Mime Itiiin.-
I I'i'StS.
n sod RlMatJ Smith were
i fioin am Boring fat i
iwhwt unie.
myth antl wife wen- down
Ilk l.i.ik Star
uith ,: . iiTorch.s ir-. lil"' Commercia C ub rrcenUy. inira oi an acre oi i
with our managei andorchi ,, lll(
They say they do not regret ' " ' throughout th
dollar for an i ;ilt-' " wm ta"'
i linn Itvnrgi
I 'I nil Hlli
l'r,,n i, Inr.
It m,
Din a: i : in nvik
air tej Grace Nottingham, aged 27 1
lutton of hieher learning area
1 .stern people who finntira
platl lonies here. , k.r w)lu WdS ,,
sllfornia peopk are planning rt).n known toold tone p
to return the visits made that Bum, Bfuri I in i . it
paopkt oi Oregon Denver! Harry used
tgton probably tin t,, Wl,rk , i r'
first cxcur.iions will b. in nl. at hart pre-s of last
the tune of Portland's Kose Sntunlav
InJunt "ti this Harry Ad!., :i eloihing sales
hot and
Uikou-j'acil, ion at Seat- killed I, .reed wife. Mies
. .u.
tin South. . ,,,, ;,, 1 1,,. u ,i,i,,,r i.i..i
Eastern iH-ople an-alreatly be- thi rVedneed
good looks, but m ginning to arm - on the Spring and than blew kl own brains
aboowaraen(Isuppoeehataiows00,onftl coition la out Th. b . not found
maiier towns ana me juntjl today. Prom the ,osition
majority of those Im.k ..n- ,,,- ,,. ,, ,,.,. ()f
u piuces inienu i. enter iruu ,. w,,,,,,,!., n wa M..vwi for
on rmwvn and dairying, two In- a tiim. ,hai the woman had first
(tustries especially attnetlve In ,11)t the man and then committ
WashingtOO and Oregon, wle IU.;, ltl, jy, tll,.,,rv prov.
they bring greater return.- than ...j ;,.,,, ... , uU.
m any oth.r part ol Hm oountry frIn Whicn it ;i, (hat
had deterrnined to kill his former
SMOkl I'MJOKAMrlS wi(V anu
wei ni.Hiie.l in I.o. Angeles
Lakeview to to have a $11,000 Januai and the woman
flour mill. obU in Denvi
Bsdsv ( 'itv is to have a regular ' .Virar ago. H
He also complimented the ladies
mi then tlancing 'luaiities ana
most of us). In ull Mr. GoUnW'l
tulk was right from the h -art.
pt the art where the worn
i n came in. as his
I, We all thank Mr. QoW
an OJOft sincerely.
A very close game of ball was
played Sunday between the Wild
.mil ( iouajan Hm taora bauaj
S to (i in favor of the Cougars,
to the last half of the 0th inning
when errors gave the Wild Qati
four runs, niakmy 111 to K ii, fa
vor of the latter. The line ui,
was as follow
Wtl.n Cai.s. Cm i.uts.
lilackniier c N. lav
Bead p Haanor
('. IlaWSOU 1st Keeln
Younger ntl lorter
Barron 3rd Dowaon
Middaugb a s. HckIiI, i
Eggleston 1. f. Ilarmei
.inlil'ee c. f Klllbree
Nash r. t. Ilarmei
li Nottingham shot and
killed Eds ' phy, o tailroad
fireman, at Avon, Colo
oto resided with her ps
Slit pleaded self-defense and the
Baker V... will hold ahorse jury foun(j herguiltv of involun
tary manslai, for which
market day .
Prineville i- making in
Dig I elelilatioli on
show on April L I In Tilnes,-
Hodtl. i I b-t uld would suggest that local she sir...! one day in jail. Atller
horsemen do lik
anient date
iond for tuue.
I Hembree from Biley
ii' here.
A. laulkner arriveti here
toda h r the purp" irvey-
haj ditch on the
H. Elliott and J. c. aWtokpsaooa,
A. ' in ami wife made
in Minns
H.tltoii ami wife made
a pl trip to the Narrows
1 returning Saturday to
Superintendent Hamilton was
smoi . our pleasure visitors Fri
day and Saturday.
M Hannah Mey. who has
just fii bod her oahoal at Warm
Spi Mtssed through here on
her v. Ul Happ Valley where
oka will commence her spring
Mr W. J. lianlw ell antl daugh-
ti i . far from Warm Bprings
i tn.
Mi .i Ison and wife of Hums
wen ii oavra rkdaon u.t w.
Ol l the most brilliant dam
es of he season was given at
Nar.. the night of the Uth
At aarly as four o'cliK'k on I i.
day aiieri.ooii Nam alter teanJ
Bttkery in aonneetion
A Settisll y tf .Mwrt Orkrt.
'I'm1'!, fun i I,. it with im i l libig
ilia imiiki't ill "I i ir
..In i'i'.
The Hariiey Valley Brewing Co.
M.iiiiiUi turn ol
I m mil) I rati Solicited- I'rse Detlvery
T. E. JFNKIN8, Manager
.'5AM anu t i, mi
oW Ocnta
Isri s fssd. cssl llsu sf Inr si Iks
Harney Valley Brewery Saloon
0001 UUNMi K Ml. KfMM
( ium of ll a I Quality
mA r. I.A. .tlrtncigrrs. Ilurnn.
i i
ii itmrovifti
ii i .
I'iNIi '
It HKfU I'
tX 1'ruc A
1 i
o have b ' rolled in with the merr) danaam
Upon an ordinal liostcard a
Umpire, Tylei soon keeper, Pendleton man has nuoooodod In
W.Q. Hodder. writings total of 6,431 wordi I
km will be playi equired 19 hours continuous
Sunda noon until th,
On OP iitetl.
Here collie- the Wind:
to chap, tan and freckle. ' 1st
slve Carbolk like
a poultice) for cuts bums,
work and took him over thn e
hours to count the worda.
chapped skin. Sold by Tin We!
Pharmacy, Burn
Harney Oregon. The DOS PrineviU
Frank Johnson of Fa i
is home again from a pro- ouch examples should be follow-
longed Bta) at John Day, the . date to
Iquarters of the new forest tit.' citj Burns w
ion ot the Ulue mountains. tl,:,i ,'.,..
should r up.
Ki if ol
Gasopsr'Woo hi.
Warden (
i -lite
oiati I ntrul tod
A member of the Oklahoma that th prio nl bags
Pam ; a bill aaeh s Walla Walk.
prohibitii ,! "
seen. ill getting cents ovt when tl
sold for l
ht and 40 by Uti inc..
f. Ql Ij. Walla
Wal D iioOtl ami WW
will be turned out t.
in t using trouble.
ville Journal.
Don't cough your bead off win n
you can net aguan
m Bees Laxative Cousrfa Byruo.
80 Days' Trial 91.90 to the of- Idwell, formerly U to especially recommend
far on Pineules. Uel. ,.k- of this place, was attacked by a children as its pleasant to take.
ache. Weak Hack, Lame Back, coyote recently and she choked is a gentle laxative thus expelling
ai i the little village nidi nly I--
cuma a noisy little city. Prompt.
i, uthO P. M. tin
i I in, in that time
morning the Boor
overly crowded A. W.
h addn -. in his
ie '.i remark
i i ning the people of Sunst
. thank him heartily.
it 12 o't'1'.i r: a delicious supper
I at the Klliott HoUl
Her which dancing continued.
ry one toft det taring that the
ws was a splendid place
for a well conducted dam
vhich to have a gixxl time. Over
ekets were sold which means '
mug little sum in the treasury.
W. H. Hodder has returned toj
1 1 uns after spending some time
The Sleepine Co. ''
Tl .- IUlt ,1 IJ-VH-AND.O.
THE . i
i Bl ii I PONMAVi Psagetot
Burns, Oregon.
Mako Tl-lo Hoad.q."u.artorgf.
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Milliard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
1. 1 LEWIS
141 hi lsi It faroisl
Is ssjuee ankMg
Ssi ka laatjoai
.aLlW in
IJatncUtU 1 j ITOME
Ovur MW H 0iiO lor
U.aulilul ltfic Li.i
Uotlgiit. H 1 Circular..
i OMHAar,
u. tjia.
The Burns Flouring Mill
MOIltRN W I II Ml! PKOtliSS IS I Si.l)
PttUy 0JfUifft4 i" r,rij imrtiinlur urnl
tvitu i" .stil the country
I in ii i ml in v a luitiiuli.stn bread tujfs-
All Kinds oi Milt Feed always on Hand
Ity for legislation
te utilization, or
for Kidneys, Madder and Mood, ly now Ii r in Lake county Ku-coughs, colds, crouu. whoou-
of ten i Good for youiiK and old. Satis and the other dav she heard a imr-couuh hoarseness and all I
taction guaranteed or money re- commotion among her chicken bronchial trouble. Ciuarant.
funded. Sold by The Welcome and found a coyote alter them. Sold by The Welcome l'harn
We Sunset, both republicai
1 1 i-nwto lu ufu tflui td iuut I a
Rheumatic pains. Boat on sale the animal to death. The fami- the phlegm from the system. ' ',, Hum,i, ,..' A
. fc. inwl I II. w .yl 1 . , ,. . t. I , .. in I ., . .... L1. ... ... . l, . ,.1J,. 1 I
'iil m- . . ... .
ine runes-Herald, since me
oters of Sunset vote for the
i man Mr. Hamilton will un-
. .itv I'liiiiiin ull t lii uitti.c ir
I'harinacv. Hums. Oreuon. Frexl Mrs. Caltlwell aMemntwi tii Hriv.. Rurni n,ir.u, WA Uui..., , ,.,... r..n... ipi :..
v ' -.-.-.------.,--, vv , mt . hJ. x sm.j a. m k. iiui iiv k. . 1111 iil w am t 1 1 . 1 i 1 1 i' ii, t i t i i i
Uksurfaoe I Haines, Harney, Oregon. it awuy when the bi ule attacked Harney, Oregon. d in the advancement of ed-
.hare. Cprlagfl.ld, I:
10(1 I
r- 1
; I UK VERY iilulllM NARItl rllCC PAID I0R tiOOU MILLINi WglsT
! Good Seed Wheat for Sale
Job Printing.