The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 06, 1908, Image 3

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    Times- Jlerald.
Lahokkt iRiii.ATroN or
Kl V. Ml
IocrI News.
BUBBl at Vooptly's
; and paper hanprinp-
tevia was a husinoss
his city Tin sdav.
iii-v and wife were up
mM valley the Aral f
m Plow on Earth. The
iiiarantoe Satisfaction.
fted that one of L H.
Ircii is viry sick with
rand whooping rnuph.
ry arrived home tut'
from Portland where
u to consult a special-
troulile. He lias gone
near I, a wen
milton informs this
oils weekl , thai I wo
wanted in the Denin
I would lie jrlml t"
ny availalil'' teacher.
ster McKenie came
arrows vesteiilay lo
the ciiinty court,
wliat knocked out
it a bon fall OR him.
Mrs k. n. Nalaou,
aulm. Iee Caldw.'ll,
Blld Frank QoodflaBfl
(hose from th.
the hall at Narrowa
Statement of the Condition of
The First National Bank
of Burns
At the close of business February 14, 1908
Loans and Discounts $170.. 700.92
U. S. Ponds fi0.n00.00
BOBdi and Securities .... 48,98
I'lvmium on V. S. Ponds 2.000.00
Peal I rurnituiv and Fixture- ti.000.00
I'iw pal M I.Vilniiption Fund 1. 250.11
(ah on hnnd and in Hanks 99.15ft.33
Capital $ B,600.00
Surplus and I'ndivided Profits H.1
Circulation 85,000.00
- i.i niaf ii .i
C. H. i.'i'i I v has garden saada
Allen Jones wa in
l his week on business
Job printing The Tit
W. I M the r
BOBM .March 6, to Mr. and
Sam Motharahaad, son.
Um. Knske m .'. iusi- riaiton during the wi
d merchant
other d
Painting and paper hnnffinpr
A. Horton.
W. H. Fitchett was up from
his home this week on business.
John Parker is down from
Trout Creek where he spent the
irs D. F. MoNamara and
M. F. Dickey were up from their
ranches lay.
ry Austin is assisting in
the Ran I Bfc nar barbar
shop this week durinpr Rob's
Mrs. S. D. Hill hi back from
her hoaaattaad aaar Lawaa where
i looking nfter mime
I. L Poojade was down from
Cow creek during tlic wkon
business oonnaotad with the ea-
"f the hit- c. YY. .lonea.
I he Prograaaive Mothara' club
will ftra a St. Patrick's 1ml 1 on
March 13. The receipts from
this hall will BJO toward the pur
chase of ni'w bookl for library
and should be liU-rally patron-
C. E. Kenyon and wife and
i . McCulloeli rataraad
Thuradaj from i visit to Balaa,
Mr. Kenyui; will BOOB itccI a
handsome dwetlinf on Oragoii
stm-t and WBI in Boil B Meting
plans for In ce. Demo
Ksi black BUM
led with
the city mrtle on 1. Taken up
Jn' printing Thr TlBMM Hi-ntltl
BORN To Mr. and Mrs. J. L
Lou.-at Harney Monday, Ma-vh
2. ion.
1 l'ermudis was ovar
r Warm Spring home
C R Peterson was over from
his i rane Ciaaa st.vk i
John LaaJn and son wen-up
from their ranch near the BMMN
last Tuesday.
wain has been home
the past waa on the sick list.
He improving.
P Iter hurry your order for one
of those inculwtors before the
rush W. T. Smith.
AHhti Oakerman was aaaoug
our visitors from Sdver i ..'
the first of the week.
W. . Jones is back from an
isit to eld haunts in
the Stems Mountain count
Mrs. R. E. Reed and Miss Ella
Page were up from Liwen Thuis
day. returning the following day.
V C I v i eandidate fordi I
trict attorney, will W hen- net
w.ek to meet the Ixiys and look
after his political fencea.
' F. Ml Kinney and Carrol
Cecil are expected home today
from Portland where they ban
been the last two months.
C. W. Drinkwater. Alf Paker.
i I. dinner ana .lames nicks i
made up a hunting part that
Like to fH Hint in bringing; their buaineas
ti a l;ink tliui they are helping to build it
up; in otbet words t luv iro giving some
thing for but tbe receive We wnnt vmi
to feei ( hat a .i toward um.
(.HOW 11777 IS
w a arant j orj? uci-mint witnt to tnnke ..ur
Helves useful Ilium in nnvthing rtnining
t Himn. . and wernn litllidle it with profit
i", on mid uuraaliaa.
.,,.,,. Own- ''t,i to the lake, Thurada)
r, Frank and Janx i Buck
land wen among our II.
A I (
their Worm
of the week I
little daughter i'
utnient. i iie are
onion act - Boat and
Tin !
Bie home of Grandma il(''1 il " howiBi
a view of the saw mill.
1 ' i . i.. I n down t"
came m mom hm mwwwwim wi-i-k iiuuuik
din on business and l ms "' ,m" maKing other
.i. C. v. elcome went over "
I Mi Brown left ha i aak and la i-xiK'ct-
wn. the ue known
to visit hi: daughter.
who is attending
it call, pi nd paj
.1. W I'.: i H Ul
iii . i reiron.
Ihu. . one of Lhe prosper- . ,
ranch.; Calamity v hu?l
ingintl fall.
i it vim u ant to Liu or , . ,,
from Mr. Htuirstnch
is uov. I'liiiime i rem iiic raiuiao
R. I . ineexpect : to leave withal ahold gooda,
,pn,n .''"' I:"H,::' i ii. Voagtrj kanatfor
ton. Washington, wbereb .,,, t;n(,. ;,(, ,,,,,
wh- a Dl bt wort
J. M. Dalton and I i bo durintr tin week. You
a: lend the can bring akmg your onlers BOW,
and ranchers will
ir advantage to eith-
msult II. J. Hansen
i Meat M - he fun
a, bacon or lard.
red to take care
at right price:-.
ci home tin: evening accomjmn
iad by his little grandaon, Alfred
Mr. and lira. C. T. Millet wi re
amp home
last Tucsdaj on a visit lo friends
of and to look at i ineaa.
iaa. returned home Wedl
. id of
:' Bteera which i. a I hes to
dlapoai of this spring, provided
buyer ill oiler decent pile. .
A $50 Slit:no.Kii I i:i .i G
boar pramium In twrnnee-
tion with aewiug nun lime galea,
ur different standard
Kinnv a,,,,,.. i, j -,ioeh. com
" l",!n'- '' "' priatai tylcs, rung,:
nili: to 4.'. each
era aot n bad aAoaaaaaon the sideboard with
aid baiai pn..erl ,.Uch machine and when th.
maeliiiie is sold the luekv num.
return borne. Mm. bar gat board.
ained In Portland. ... , , , .,
es Juanita deer and leila
Bs closed his saloon
Hand moved tin
ck to Wild Horse of the form. eveniiiL'
open Up a "five Huadfad'1 Wai indulged
use ly the eoiint.v in lollowed by u dainty luncheon.
ill has the 1 rem i . I guests resiKinded to ur
gent demand of friends with
lite ;
warded to Mis.-, (ienet
Cowan and S. C. K. i Miaa
Madge kflUar and a. 0. Paull
ived the eonaolatioa prisea.
ion ai rived home last
i an extende.;
points. Ha waa ac
orn, h In (. itglltel.
ho had been attend
Thay area! on mt to
KM Valle, inline the
Hji'ssfs hei pbyaidar
ball given for tin benefit ot the
Sunset Valley acaool house.
The Austin CiMidman wimkI
saw ; nd barley roller is raad
for business and At. pn -
to any part of i;
nay oounty where work la to be
had. See him
E. B. Bead wa quiti
ill la lb w.
very BUddenl) and was foiuul
unoo bad l!
linally rallied end e BOU imp)
Ing rapidly. He mffei
and they will be given the BN
meiit by . lie who kn
i.ow. Aio i. ii kindi of repair
milton was here
i k attend
i i. t bound
lb left yea
'. here he
! and exjKfta to
i. i- Jl i
ind. Tract
Archie MaGowan and EdFloyd f,":
left i in the automo- Thl bushel kt acre
l,ju. ; but 16
nine as ' "-rea.
fur as Winnemucca and from All well wal ng of
tlmt paiai would go by rail. a prices fnm $10
Ar.he visit hi brothar "
.lames and will ! p me an inde- A large numb. , ,. th.- Ii ,.
r""u' l:M" of Mr. and Mr. W. ) White
J. Ii. Jenkins, one ,,f the big uaaembled at ine last
land owners und sheepmen of Wed . dapaata
Egli entertained a number of j Harney county, is over from In , most enjoyable time it) dancing
, iiieu oung iiieuiis ui llie nume niein s itiuuuuiiu nome. mi. ouu buiioi t-iiai. n on,ni nuoio.
V. J. Ropkini exped to leave
Monday for Mt Vernon hot
ipringa where he aad his (amily
w ill remain foi Unite time.
If you desire g.xxl sea'
i ii. proauci . of "The v
W'el." th. ah benefit bill.
b iter get th. in early Monday.
Mr. Parmer, if you are bj
Plow or Harrow move this
wa . My itoea m that line is
low, Call in before it is too late.
J. J. Tupk. i.
I, Johns.m e.ane up fnm
ii rday and
mpanied back by his
daughter. Emma, who will sNnd
Suntlay with home folks
Time Turnbiill, the pioininent
shii:pman and hanker, is in the
city fmin Oofd, Mr. Turnlndl
a.,.: ' .1 in organ i; itg the wuol
rowi ra' aMNoctation at Vale Sjii
urday. Ontario Demm-rat
I will hold regular auction sales
on the lb t and third Satunlays
of each month at theC. A. Swet'k
barn in burns. Bring in air.
thing il and get
your i lit Sm vial ut-
U) Hide, in the
W. T. Sun ii.
Mil ( I i o PI7HI.ICA1 l
..i n. i
I 1. 1
"The Woven Web" tow n t lo. k
beiietit Wednesday evenine
W K. Dawson and Mf
dan wen' up from Sun HH idlev
W e.lnesilay.
Post A black OVl
the road between the I
envk school hi llarnev.
Finder pie.
The Nan Windaor Bai undei
the managemenl "i i i
la one of the mo.-: (Hipular resorts
In. p ii
when you have a tail
x.ii.t i pam leaaaaai
III IIP llllllT ef I l lll-lil. . .-l
II, . . t-. II- Oil .--I , I , : k ,
IM Mini I.i,.., iiiin
To Ktmilili' I
VV . . . ii, ,11
MM til " I.
Notli i- i.. ml
. ...I'll .11 I . !
lln. itl,, I, - . I ii,,.,. ., . I.:i. Hlril
1,,-r ilu, I hi in. I . in,, ii i,
" Ii i.l ini-l ml (., mi
,,.,1, I , , .ll.lllli , IM III.' M
ml .iii.I II. l oi i.i I. , (il lil
...nil Jul n..i.. mil
.N.iiiliii( I I .. V i.i ,il
rk A t II ml
liuriia. ii. ,- .i. M Um i i
l..r t In- linauiij ..I, I
mi.l ll.r ri'llVini i.i I ..i... I
..n IiiivIiik r nl.i..i..i,. il,.
III.. Illlll Willi I I ,.
... I., i ... ii .i mm lei .I i ill
lii fii, II.. i. .. . mil i I . i
in . .iirl id rail in .. ..,,ii,
Me, I .il, PUIS
M XXII li.xi x ..u.r.lUn.
Iir .,1 Iii.I, i
Data el Um pabUcatloe tpril I, I
iDMINIBTI mi. ix xi.iti i
In ii.. i
f Mll . ' l. I.irl.) hikii lli.ll III.
ralguml mm ,,ii I i..
lull xii. I i. a. .1 ali, ,
train ., Hi. . t a. .1 i .i , ii..r,n
nil, I lis duly .,ii.ililli-l
a r.ijiiin-l Any an. I nil fml
ilia laiui. ana..
lo i. . in., i i j i . ni Hi., aaraa, m llli
lint inpr v.iiulirra l.iU , mil I n I.i
law in ii ir.-, I i.lai, mi in.. nil In, n, '
I tl.ip ii,,li. M Il HatfWMi
Orgnii in al Um "lln.' il ',,
L" J.r:(4k 'JaxM
L.i fr.SSB
W 1 Vtt
at Mi XwWBm WyMWw vv Fi
nB vSbbbb1 B 'mW
'M .V i
1 -M -yd
i a. a
"bbb j
Diin'l mlM sclng my
bifort yu buy Clothes
I ll iv . iheill III ill. Ku Inl .in. I
in.. ni ! iJiiimi it, I, tj i In i. .mi ihe
ii. Yea i. have a anal Imm
SIXTBBN D LUARS UP ol iraaaara b
and no mot, ti.,ul,, about them for I guarantee a lit
8HENK BROS.. The Merchant Tailors
Burnt, Oregon
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions.
Tropical and Domestic
Fruits when in Season.
Hats, Shirts, Clothing,
Underwear-Get Prices
All kind of Feah Vegatablao io Season,
Dm kin um i Building - Ni ' ti
Lv MfCee will iimn-
kilar hoatalrj for the readme- end muaie.
Ji nea and a ife
la lot i.akeiev.
tinte with rail
to Wild lb
Jenkins hm law anil varied in- tUOUB aupper wa.- aarvad t" the
n Harney county ami i- rue' I: ion wus the
aaaaaaaafal, poblie apiritad i Ir. White' tout
Barpriabui bbb, h i aa barthday.
(.ained in by i er-in-law A. O. Faulkner of the Baaaara
who la having one ., ntal work ,
iau.1 I inorr, la Hill n- II
li.ii !..,
' 11.11 ,
, I Hali-.l al I., link, Itrrrf.
1 l'
llinlil-tlallil .. ll
Ufaon .1...
Mill. ,1 I HI I.I l. ll'.Kll III
t ionised map
rVier and of Harney county, Thi.- is by far
EL C. 1 purehaaad the tb mplete
( OI11C
week commerices our
f wool-mi dress snoods.
der to make room for sum-
must clear out our
nd arc offering fin
t your own Dried
d t prices betore buying
in. Ladies invited to call
Also a Full Line of
t Class Groceries
Always on hand.
he Busy Corner Store"
mold Pine I retl ix-k
i. and will take aaaaaaekMi
March 15.
did not learn ihe eonsidei.
auai men al... puraaaaad
-ek ami a ill I'li.burk in th
atoek buauM This place la
considered one of the lieut in
Eaatarn Oregon am all sit
To the Editor: A rumor has
UlU'l eained ouxulation iliat I am ii
with a ring real eatale. men in
OrCSS bum-' I wish to state that Ian,
in with no BB, QT ring of
In Burna or in Oregon. When
any man Intruatl bis busiueaa
with na l guarantee hia
ileal, and he at la wait
I until the other ! mea
A(i. w,
en, I i i
i ounty.
all the
Timea-Herald big holdini
eount) roada, ad lb-
'1'he Tin that
aoBM of our new hotneateadera
It aaaai
people cannot leave their plaeaa
for ui but what
i little things are missed. One
lad) hi bad rticlea of
due ahaaa b
1 and baa a good idea who did
Kin I
u( Ai
rirt ui
V (l,. I, ll III I I,, -.1,
luiliiiHt ruli i a ,l lln i
i .i k. r ,1.. . mail, m .Ui ,n.l
: ,ii ....: i i il
I P, Kl ' ' ui,' l.i.ltr.- lot Ham.
r,iii,i an, I nil. i. .1 ..i,
II riTIOM I 'Hi I IgUOll I 1 ' I I
V V, III- i. 1 ! ,
11,1 I I 1. i
It,, ntal. .1 l Ii .lull, !, II
llio l.,lir.,lln I "lUlili I .,lll ,1 II
tli M " ' I"' .".ii.t, iln-a-
kl at .i. ale iali .,i taali In lian.l ,,n Ui I'. K J,, He. In nil mall
ai.d a ,1 da of Ma.'l. IUUK tli an I ,li.".,' Ii,j,i,,i- In Iraa
I. ll' rtj l.'Wil llian ki..' mmII,,i Hi V it I I
I.I lln... 1 in l,..,k r d llarnc, . .ii.t . Mat. ..I m..i. I i i ,
in iI.m (it "I Barai llroji Caawl fmrUxlul ilu,- iuouiIiim u, iji
i.r.,11. Itj.l, (cm a..l l.ui ,i.,,. ill will Mt
' .l ..... I I',, una. Oli.u uli Nauiaa
ai.'l ail.r Ma,. I. Vi,. . . (i,l,l.
Ila . I .1 lluini-. i. 4 n. lai.n .i il-1, U W Vtanl
McGEE & OWEN, Propts. -
a7! ll ' i 'Ina lain on May I and bava Ulil ll
.i.i" I n a I ill Itrah, wt gaitail I, ama Wa ara lu
ll "lain lh nubile in nn narlnular with
- anil aiiirllcti taain j li I
il. .1 anil i ii) iha laadliiii Imlrla of lit
i. .ur eara raoaivaa uur (wraonal allrnlioti.
If yOU wa thi incuba
tor on earth he or write W. T.
.Smith of Burn c n gon, about
the aiifetv it run- without the
lam; no penee.
Millll I I I'll I
lui ..I Ilia ralMlr, ,1 ..l.l.
0. ,.
A ff)f aatativ c In Una khjiii b
a larxa real catate corporation . spei -iul
imlilf anta lo thuac win, wiaii lu
,nc (UtaiKiall inUrcateJ.
I be Meal biau Stxarily Ce.
Fan IMarkara Uailflat lIIICAOO. ii i
, . Marat,
Jul .
ll.fsi' Imi.imIimI Uy tu day, wwk or month
I -auH III. W.I IHk 4 A IN
J.,1,1, I
I i. .i.i,, ii)
' l,. I mi,, i U I llarna
i,.la I II 4
I AIU-ra ui
. i. I,, i
i .1 .
tiglujd w .11 ap
f ll.m.
f. r il..-
. It In .1 I .
Main St..
BlKbaJfh.a', and
Wagon Work
Burns, Oregon
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blanket addle Blankets
and Balsam of Myrrh
We Carry a Complete Line ef
Young's Meat Market and te .
All Kinds of Groceries
Meats at Cash Prices.
BSaam5' L
Ihe Heat
On the Market
Hue all the qualitiea uf high priced machinaa
I in pid, Universal key board, Simple, Cheap
Chicago Writing Machine Co.